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2006/3/1 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:42036 Activity:moderate
2/17    I'm cleaning up my place and I found the following items. I'm wondering
        what are some positive things I can do to get rid of these items.
        For example, paperweight, ebay, etc. Anything's better than filling
        up earth with more landfill:
        -expensive $200 mini-Aiwa walkman I bought in 1995. It has a RECORD
         feature which is rare with walkman of that time. It's POS now,
         I guess, and if I want to record I'd probably buy an iPod with
         the attachment or something.
        -noisy ATX power supply. Too noisy, don't want it.
        -fancy digital answering machine with multi-channel redirect (it says
         press X to leave voice mail for X). I don't use it because I mainly
         use the cellphone's answering machine.
        -CD-ROM. No DVD, no CD-RW. Plain CD-ROM.
        -100Mb D-Link 604 router. I use wireless now. This seems to be useless
        -2G hard drive from my 386/486 era. Not sure what to do with this.
        -expensive $200 mini-Aiwa walkman I bought in 1995. It has a RECORD
         feature which is rare with walkman of that time. It's POS now,
         I guess, and if I want to record I'd probably buy an iPod with
         the attachment or something.
        -noisy ATX power supply. Too noisy, don't want it.
        -fancy digital answering machine with multi-channel redirect (it says
         press X to leave voice mail for X). I don't use it because I mainly
         use the cellphone's answering machine.
        -CD-ROM. No DVD, no CD-RW. Plain CD-ROM.
        -100Mb D-Link 604 router. I use wireless now. This seems to be useless
        -2G hard drive from my 386/486 era. Not sure what to do with this.
         \_ If you live in the SF/BA, then maybe try
         \_ If it's really about to go to landfill, take it apart and salvage
            the magnets.  They're fun to play with.
         \_ I can use nearly all of those items! But freecycle and craigslist
            are good, too, if you want to give them away piecemeal.
        \_ You almost have enough stuff to build a firewall/router you could
           toss in the closet.
2006/3/1-4 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:42037 Activity:nil
2/28    When buying a big LCD (32"-37"), Is it worth spending an extra $300 on
        the HD decoder? I currently don't subscribe to HD and I'm guessing
        that the decoder will probably cost less than $300 by year 2008
        when HD signal is common. However, having an LCD that has a built in
        decoder sure makes everything less cluttered. What do you think?
        \_ seeing as how the HD standards are stil being hashed out, and there
           is talk about throwing away 'legacy support' for early adopters,
           I'd say no.
           \_ agree. Also might add, try to get a 40"+, prices are coming down
              again, they want to push the bigger LCD now
2006/3/1-2 [Finance] UID:42038 Activity:low
3/1     How much should I tip home improvement contractors?  I'm replacing
        all my windows and patio doors.  The company that sells me the windows
        / doors is also doing installation.  There are one foreman and two
        workers in the crew.  They're spending two full days at my house.
        According to I
        should tip $50+30+30.  Does that sound reasonable?  I have no prior
        experience.  Thanks.
        \_ Let me put this bluntly. You either have a lot of money, or you
           are an idiot, or both.
        \_ What the hell is it with you Americans and your obsession with
           exact tipping percentages? You tip when you want to and you don't
           tip when you don't need to. This is the land of the free and you
           do whatever you like. You're not gonna get special treatment for
           overtipping and you're not gonna get bad treatment for not tipping.
        \_ You have too much cash to give away? You tip to people who give you
           good service, who make LESS than minimum wage and depend on tips,
           and who you wish to see over and over again to get the same service.
           Are these contractors starving, making minimum wage, and you wish
           to see over and over again? These people are highly skilled
           PROFESSIONALS making good money. You are not obligated to tip
        \_ I have only tipped for exceptional work, but it is up to you.
           That number sounds about right.
        \_ You are crazy. I tip them if I like them. I tipped my painter
           $100, because I liked him and he did a good job. Lots of them
           I don't tip at all. Some of them I tip in the form of lunch
           and/or beer. Usually, if I tip I will give them a $20 bill
           each at most. I didn't tip my window guy at all.
        \_ Thanks for all the responses.  I just want to know the ballpark
           number.  For example, the about-right number for average service at
           a restaurant is 15%, so patrons can go higher or lower than that
           number accorder to the quality of service they receives.  So, I just
           want to know the about-right number which I can then adjust
           depending on how the crews do.  --- OP
           \_ The crews should have no expectation of being tipped. They
              appreciate it if you do it, of course. It's not the same
              as a waiter/waitress. You just paid those guys, say,
              $100/hour to tile your bathroom and then you want to *tip*
              them? Give them a case of beer unless they did an
              exceptional job. On an hourly basis they make more money
              than you do, even after expenses. The difference being that
              they don't necessarily work 8 hours per day every day. Some
              of those guys should be tipping *you*. Did you ever see
              'The Money Pit'? One of the contractors drives a Corvette.
              It's funny because it's true. One of my friends is a general
              contractor as he says 'Roofers drive Jaguars.' Sure, your
              guys are probably day laborers, but I bet you're still
              paying a lot more than the $10-15/hour they are getting in
              their pockets from the GC. And you want to tip them?!
              \_ Roofers are also completely crazy.  I met a roofer who did
                 a lot of work in Dutch Harbor, and he said that one time
                 he hired a couple crabbers, but they weren't crazy enough
                 to roof out there, so they quit.
2006/3/1-2 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:42039 Activity:high
2/28    So this new Intel Mac Mini... didn't the old one have better
        graphics and also cost less?
        \_ I think Apple is overcharging for it, since the new model is $100
           more from the last base priced model.  As components go down in
           price, so should the unit, or the specs should go up with a flat
           price.  However, keep in mind you do get 256MB more ram ($75),
           \_ $75 for 256MB!?  What country are you from?  You can get 1GB
              with that kind of money.
              \_ Where? The new mini uses DDR2 5300 ram. The cheapest I've
                 seen 1 GB is $120 or so. I agree that $75 is overpriced
                 for 256MB ram, you can get that for around $45.
                 \_ newegg (first hit, didn't continue searching) CORSAIR
                    ValueSelect 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM System Memory - Retail
                    $100... c'mon do a little searching
                    \_ The x86 mini and the x86 iMac use 200 pin DDR2 ram
                       not 240 pin DDR2 ram.
           20GB more space, 2 more USB ports, and the new Intel processor
           supposedly "delivers two times the performance of the original Mac
           mini."  The last part I don't get because it's the Intel Core Solo
           is a single 1.5Ghz chips, while the original was a single PowerPC
           G4 chip (1.42Ghz).  I thought, RISC processors allowed computers
           to get more processing out of the same raw Ghz?  At least that's
           what Apple was touting at the pinacle of the Intel vs PowerPC
           wars.  So how does a single 1.5Ghz chip double performance from a
           1.42Ghz chip, especially a RISC based one?  And yes, the new mini
           uses shared video RAM, but it is an entry level machine, even if
           it's not priced like one.
           \_ If I understand correctly RISC chips tend to get their speed
              from being superscalar (multiple piplines).  And the pentium4
              is a RISC chip BTW, just has decoders on it for x86. --jwm.
           \_ There are a couple of other changes that make the single
              proc x86 mini faster than the PPC mini. The x86 mini has a
              667MHz system bus, while the PPC had a 167MHz system bus.
              The x86 mini uses a 5400 rpm SATA2 HD, while the PPC had a
              4200 rpm laptop drive.  The x86 mini also has 2 MB L2, while
              the PPC only had 512KB L2.
           \_ There are a few other changes that make the single proc x86
              mini faster than the PPC mini:
              1. 2MB l2 v. 512KB l2
              2. 667 MHz system bus v. 167 MHz system bus
              3. PC5300 DDR2 ram v. PC2700 ram
              4. 5400 rpm sata2 HD v. 4200 rpm ata-100 hd
              Personally the attractive features for me are the upgrade to
              GigE, the 4 usb2 ports and the builtin bluetooth. I don't
              know what to make of the shared video b/c it might be faster
              than the Raedon 9200 in the PPC mini, but then again you have
              to give up around 80 MB of main memory.
              If I didn't own a PPC mini, I would probably have bought the
              single proc one by now.
              single proc one.
              \_ Fundamentally, the fact that Apple switched to Intel chips,
              \_ Fundamentally, the fact is that Apple switched to Intel chips
                 ostensibly to save money and because of better heat
                 performance in small form factors, and the best they
                 can come up with is a machine that may or may not be faster
                 than an identical-looking box they released over a year ago
                 for $100 less, is pissing a lot of people off.  -tom
                 \_ I think that the focus on the $100 price increase
                    for the base model misses something crucial.
                    The base model x86 mini has the same specs as the
                    high end PPC mini and costs almost $200 less. In
                    addition, the base x86 mini comes w/ gigE, optical
                    audio out, 4 usb ports, and builtin bt. Personally,
                    I think apple has done a good job in reducing the
                    price of the mini.
                    \_ wow, increasing the price by $100 for no clear
                       advantage in performance is "reducing the price."
                       Do you work for Bush?  (Here's a hint: in the
                       computer industry, generally computers get
                       significantly faster and cheaper in a year).  -tom
                       \_ Apparently tom not only flunked out of UCB, but
                          even basic H.S. economics. The new Mac mini base
                          is functionally comparable to the old Mac mini
                          "deluxe", not to the old Mac mini base. Since
                          the new Mac mini base costs less than the old Mac
                          mini "deluxe", there is a drop in price. You get
                          more value for your dollar, but the unsophisticated
                          buyer like yourself can only focus on the base
                          \_ Who gives a shit about that? The reality of it
                             is that the entry price went up $100. Is the
                             user getting $100 more value? Basically just
                             256MB more RAM. Considering how time works
                             in the computer world and the age of the old
                             system, this deal stinks.
                             \_ I think the user is getting more than $100
                                in value in comparison to the base model
                                PPC mini:
                                in value and performance in comparison to
                                the base model PPC mini:
                                1. 300 extra MHz - 1.5GHz x86 v. 1.2 GHz
                                   PPC [in addition, the x86 has 2MB l2,
                                   instead of the 512KB l2 in the PPC,
                                   which should make the base mini seem
                                2. 20GB extra HD - 60GB sata2 (faster) hd
                                   v. 40GB ata-100 hd (the 4200 rpm hd in
                                   the PPC can be painfully slow) In the
                                   PPC mini, the upgrade to a 60GB HD was
                                   around $40-$50.
                                3. 256MB extra (faster) RAM - in the PPC
                                   mini a 512MB Dimm was around $50.
                                   mini a 512MB Dimm was around $50. The
                                   extra ram was sorely needed b/c the
                                   mini was very slow w/ 256MB RAM.
                                4. Builtin Airport and BT - in the PPC
                                   mini these were BTO options that added
                                   about $50.
                                5. 4 USB2 ports - don't need to buy a
                                   ugly usb hub, which saves $20 or so.
                                6. gigE instead of 10/100
                                7. optical audio out
                                Even if one says that Apple's BTO prices
                                were 2x the real cost for RAM and HD and
                                NO additional price should be added for
                                the faster processor, the price difference
                                ($20-$25 HD + $25 RAM + $50 BT/Airport
                                ~ $100) is easily made up by the add'l
                                features of the base model x86 mini.
                                I still think that the correct comparision
                                is between the old deluxe PPC mini (1.42,
                                1.5 GHz) and the new base model x86 mini.
                                The PPC deluxe model cost $599 and did not
                                come w/ airport, bt, 512MB of ram, gigE or
                                optical audio out. The only feature that
                                the the deluxe PPC mini had was a bigger
                                HD. Arguably, all the extras in the x86
                                mini more than make up for these 20GBs.
                                To get a 1.5GHz PPC mini that w/ a config
                                similar to the base x86 mini, one had to
                                spend nearly $800 (I know I bought one).
                                optical audio out.
                                1.5 GHz w/o superdrive) and the new base
                                model x86 mini. The PPC deluxe model cost
                                $599 and did not come w/ airport, bt, 512MB
                                of ram, gigE or optical audio out.
                                The only feature that the deluxe PPC mini
                                had was a bigger HD. Arguably, all the
                                extras in the x86 mini more than make up
                                for the smaller HD, even if there is NO
                                performance upgrade (ie you are getting
                                a x86 mini w/ many more features today
                                than you would have if you bought a 1.5
                                GHz PPC mini on monday).
                                Furthermore, to get a 1.5GHz PPC mini
                                that w/ a config similar to the base x86
                                mini, one had to spend nearly $800 (I
                                know I bought one).
                                w/ a config similar to the base x86 mini
                                one had to spend nearly $800 (I know b/c
                                I bought one), which is why I say that
                                the base model today is $200 cheaper than
                                the comparable PPC model.
                                To me the base mini easily demonstrates
                                that every year you get more computer at
                                cheaper prices.
                                that every year you get more computer
                                at cheaper prices.
                                If you just want to focus on the cost of
                                entry, you are right it is $100 more. I
                                think that such an inquiry is basically
                                useless b/c it ignores almost all of the
                                relevant facts.
                                \_ The thing that kept me from getting
                                   an mac mini before was that I was
                                   worried the G4 would be slow.  That's
                                   corrected now, and all the extra
                                   goodies look good!
                                   \_ The old 1.4GHz PPC mini was pretty
                                      good provided you got enough ram.
                                      The new 1.5GHz core solo mini should
                                      be quite nice if you get 1 GB of ram.
                                      The addition of front row and the
                                      remote make it fairly attractive (to
                                      me) as a htpc.
                          \_ why is it that tom always seem to have a
                             stick up his arse?
                       \_ He says it's $200 less. You say it's $100 more.
                          Only one of you can be correct.
                          \_ The entry-level model is $100 more than the
                             old entry-level model.  He claims that the
                             entry-level model is now faster than the high-end
                          \_ The entry-level model is $100 more than the old
                             entry-level model.  He claims that the entry-
                             level model is now faster than the high-end
                             model was before, so it's $200 cheaper.  He
                             ignores the fact that by Moore's Law, the
                             machine should be almost twice as fast for
                             the same cost by this point, not $100 more
                             for a possible incremental speed increase.
                             And it's not like the old entry-level Mac Mini
                             was a great deal to begin with.  -tom
                             machine should be almost twice as fast for the
                             same cost by this point, not $100 more for a
                             possible incremental speed increase. And it's
                             not like the old entry-level Mac Mini was a
                             great deal to begin with.  -tom
                             \_ I'm not claiming that the entry level x86
                                system is faster than the high end PPC
                                system. I'm claiming that they are comp-
                                arable. I get the $200 savings b/c a
                                similarly spec'ed 1.5 GHz PPC mini would
                                have cost about $799.
                                Re Moore's Law - Is this your argument:
                                1. 1.2GHz/1.4GHz PPC mini released in
                                   Jan 2005
                                2. ~ 12 months have passed
                                3. The proc should be 2.4GHz/2.8GHz
                                Please note, the period for Moore's law
                                is 24 mo these days, not 18 mo or 12 mo
                                as in the past. Also note that Moore's
                                law says nothing about cooling and power.
                                There is no way Apple/Intel could pack
                                in a 2.4 GHz P4 in that form factor w/o
                                a huge ps and hideously loud fans.
                                If your argument is that the low end
                                mini ought to have had a core duo proc,
                                I think this is unrealistic, considering
                                Moore's own company cannot make these
                                chips cheap enough for this price point.
                                Re the mini not a good deal -
                                I've owned numerous SFF PC's and I never
                                had one that was as silent as the mini
                                w/ equiv power (sure you can get a 800
                                MHz via c3, but it not nearly as fast
                                as a 1.4GHz PPC G4). Personally I think
                                the PPC mini was a great deal for a
                                completely silent and totally integrated
                                package. The addition of front row make
                                this far more desirable as a HT pc than
                                a xbox or a pc running mythtv/windows
                                media center b/c it is small and quiet.
                                \_ Look, I'm glad you're happy with it.
                                   Buy one and enjoy it.  But to claim it's
                                   a good deal is ridiculous.  -tom
2006/3/1-4 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:42040 Activity:nil
3/1     Can someone point me towards any resources that would let me figure
        out how much to charge for consulting services in a given country?  I
        need to figure this out; indie IT consultants almost don't exist here,
        so there's almost no info to go on, and I think basing it on the same
        sort of percentages I can work with in the US/Europe compared to what
        big companies charge won't work, as their rates are pretty skewed
        compared to average income here.  Any sites that do comparisons
        internationally would be appreciated.  -John
2006/3/1 [Science/Electric] UID:42041 Activity:moderate
3/1     Say I have a circuit breaker that says 20A. How many watts can I load
        on it before it pops? I'm asking because every time I have a space
        heater (1500W) and hair dryer (1850W) on, the circuit breaker pops.
        \_ P = VI  where P is power in watts, V is voltage in volts, I is current
           in amps (A).  Wall socket voltage is a max of 120V in the USA and is
           220V-240V in some places elsewhere.  Can you figure it out now or do
           you need more help?
           \_ [80 column nazi-ism removed, helpful original 83 col text restored]
              So take *that* 80 col nazi!  --content quality >>> 80 cols retentive
ness and format advocacy.
        \_ P = VI where P is power in watts, V is voltage in volts, I is
           current in amps (A).  Wall socket voltage is a max of 120V in the
           USA and is 220V-240V in some places elsewhere.  Can you figure it
           out now or do you need more help?
           \_ [80 column nazi-ism removed, helpful original 83 col text
              restored] So take *that* 80 col nazi!  --content quality >>>
              80 cols retentive ness and format advocacy.
              \_ Come on 80 col nazi!  Rally, damn you, RALLY!
        \_ AS a rough estimate, and with normal US household power, you can
           say 100W = 1A, so you're trying to throw 33A through that 20
           circuit breaker.  Of course it's going to blow.
        \_ Isn't this high school physics?
2006/3/1-2 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:42042 Activity:high
3/1     great video about some georgia college students doing a speed
        limit experiment:
        anyone know the funky song thats playing at the end?
        \_ In Georgia? I'm surprised they weren't shot.
        \_ This is really interesting, and I get their point, but their
           execution, while effective and dramatic, was pretty dickish.
           I hope they weren't pulling that during a busy commute time.
           \_ Why?  I like the whole "civil obedience" thing.  If following
              the law is dangerous and pointless, then...?  -John
              \_ Have you ever been stuck in traffic and discovered that the
                 reason for the traffic was a "phantom" stop (i.e., the result
                 of someone ahead of you slowing slightly, and then the person
                 behind them slowing more, and so on until you finally stop)?
                 Well, it's bad enough when the flow of traffic is disturbed
                 by an expression of Chaos Theory; it's more annoying when it's
                 the the result of some people actively seeking to slow down
                 traffic to make a point. --erikred
                 \_ Yes, it is a well-documented phaenomenon of traffic
                    dynamics.  That has nothing to do with stupid or in-
                    appropriate laws, and with pointing this out.  -John
                    \_ I was attempting to evoke a visceral response to being
                       stuck in traffic and then trying to get you to compare
                       that feeling with the feeling you would have if the
                       latter were instead the case. But hey, if neither of
                       these bother you, more power to you. How's the traffic
                       in the Andes? --erikred
                       \_ It would bother me tremendously, natch.  I hate being
                          stuck in traffic, but it's kind of a NIMBY thing.
                          What they're doing is sort of snotty college-brat
                          hoserish, you are right, but the point they make is
                          very valid.  As for traffic in the Andes, look at
                          ~john/Temp/IMG_14{23,42,53}.JPG  :-)  -John
                          \_ vo ist ze lederhosen? HEIL GERMAN JOHN!!!
                          \_ So we agree... to agree. :) Nice pix. That's the
                             right setting for 4/AWD. --erikred
                             \_ always warms my  heart with joy
                                when some banker twat in one of the cheap
                                Chinese SUV knock-offs they love down here
                                cuts me off, to just think about where I took
                                ours last weekend... -John
                 \_ I think people are going too fast.  I like the current
                    speed limits.  I hate people who tailgates me with their
                    big fat truck and headlights when I am already driving
                    at the speed limit.  I will purposely slow down to
                    annoy them when they do that.    - Mr 55
                    \_ Mr 55 Guy, I have the answer for you from the cop who
                       did the driving class I was in for a ticket in response
                       to some woman who was seeking praise from the cop for
                       doing 55 in front of fast people, "It is not your job
                       to regulate the flow of traffic, it is my job.  If
                       you're going slower than the vehicles behind you, get
                       out of the way, you're more dangerous than they are".
                       She then proceeded to repeat herself and heap praise
                       upon herself for her high moral standards which
                       elicited the same response in much harsher tones until
                       he eventually beat the concept into her tiny brain.
                       \_ So what was her ticket for?
                          \_ No idea.  He was extremely no nonsense and had
                             zero bullshit tolerance so we didn't play the
                             'go around the room and say what our tickets are
                             for' game.  He gave this one girl the boot from
                             class for coming in 20 minutes late on the
                             second night (still wearing her cheer leader
                             high school outfit) and sent her packing in tears
                             to go sign up for a re-take.
                       \_ why were you in traffic school for?  - Mr 55
                          \_ tagged for running a yellow light.  In 20 years
                             I've had 4 tickets including that one, another
                             was "unsafe right turn on red" and one for
                             speeding.  72 in 65.  The last was a Berkeley cop
                             for something that took him 15 minutes to figure
                             out what to put on the ticket but came down to
                             something like, "crossing a highway against
                             oncoming traffic", that traffic being his idled
                             patrol car on the side of the road with his lights
                             out at night.
                       \_ I am not trying to regulate traffic.  I am just
                          trying to drive at a safe speed.  why should I
                          be subjected to dangerous tailgating or constant
                          lane changes.  It's not like I am driving at 45.
                          I am driving 55.  I've never been stopped by police
                          for driving too slow.  - Mr 55
                          \_ If you're driving 55 in California, you're still
                             driving too slow. The limit is 65 here and it's
                             generally agreed that if you're driving 55,
                             you're impeding traffic, particularly if you're
                             in the left lane. By the way, in Germany, you
                             will be pulled over if you get caught being a
                             left lane bandit or if you tailgate. I think
                             that's the way it should be here.
                             \_ Wrong. The speed limit for big rigs on every
                                highway in California is 55 or less. You are
                                allowed to drive 55 legally in the right hand
                                lane. Change the law if you don't like it.
                          \_ There is a place for you on the highway that
                             is safe for your driving speed, won't get you
                             heavily tail gated, won't piss off or endanger
                             anyone, including yourself and requires no lane
                             changes at all: the right lane.  Know it, drive
                             it, love it.
                             \_ First of all, that's bullshit.  Years ago,
                                when I used to be a car-driver like you,
                                I used to go slightly over the speed limit
                                (which was 65) and stay in the right lane
                                if there were two lanes or the middle lane
                                if there were three and frequent exits.  I
                                was continually tailgated, and occasionally
                                brighted out even when the left lane was totally
                                empty.  Face it. Most of the people on the
                                road shouldn't be given a license to operate
                                a fucking bigwheels, much less the 6000 pound
                                monsters they all feel the need to drive now.
                                And whatever speed any of you drive, you still
                                poison my air, and I still have to pay for
                                your oil subsudies and oil wars.  I don't even
                                remember where I was going with this rant
                                now.  FUCK BIRDS!!!  Let 'em die in windmills.
                                \_ You know, I find it kind of reassuring
                                   that you're not on the freeways anymore.
                                   \_ With 30,000 car related deaths a year,
                                      I'm glad you feel so safe.  Moron.
                                      \_ Heh, I never said I "felt safe".
                                         I said it was "reassuring".  Work
                                         on your reading skills, young
                                         neurotic padawan.
                                         \_ Oh, yeah, it was the other guy
                                            who said "we're all safer".
                                            Whatever.  Consider my crazed,
                                            free-floating rage to be directed
                                            at both of you.
                                            \_ Well, once again your reading
                                               skills have failed you.  The
                                               fact that we're safer thanks
                                               to your absence isn't equivalent
                                               to "we're safe".  Keep trying,
                                               neurotic grasshopper.
                                               \_ Fuck you.
                                                  \_ LOL  I haven't had this
                                                     much fun on motd in a
                                                     long time.  Keep it up
                                                     Mr. Wannabe Sociopath!
                                                     \_ Blow it out your ass,
                                                        wanker.  FUck you.
                                                        \_ Y0u r3wl, dud3!!1!
                                      \_ Someone is off their meds this
                                   \_ Heh, I was about to say something like
                                      that, too.  We're all safer.  Except the
                                      pedestrians he's going to hit with his
                                      bike at 30 mph because he doesn't walk
                                      his bike at cross walks as per the law.
                                      \_ Fuck you.
                                         \_ Back on the meds!  Down, boy! Down!
                                            \_ Just went on new medication this
                                               week.  So far I'm unimpressed.
                                               Fuck you.
                                               \_ Yeah, I'm not so impressed
                                                  with those meds either.
                                                  Maybe you should consider
                                                  going to a new doctor.
                    \_ And I'll support your right to do this. If you get some
                       friends to drive next to you and thereby block all
                       traffic, however, you're not just exercising your right,
                       you're blocking traffic, no matter how legally you're
                       doing it. --erikred
                       \- and dont do that in the "fast lane" if there is one.
                          \_ When I drive in the fast lane, I always make
                             sure that my car is faster then cars in the lane
                             to my right, but still, there will be these
                             people driving big trucks or other monster
                             vehicle tailgating me.  I mean if I get a good
                             chance, I will filter right and let them pass
                             but I don't feel I have an obligation to do that
                             in a hurry if I am already faster than cars in
                             the lane to my right.  I find these tailgaters
                             annoying, and I will slow down just to annoy
                             them back if they follow me too closely.  - Mr 55
                             \_ Yeah, see that puzzles me.  I'd think that,
                                if the guy behind you is engaging in stupid
                                of the guy behind you is engaging in stupid
                                dangerous behavior, the logical thing to do
                                would be to get out of his way and alleviate
                                the hazardous situation rather than trying
                                to get the 'last word' and exacerbate things.
                                That behavior would seem to contradict your
                                insistence that you drive slowly to be at a
                                "safer speed".   -mice
                                to get the 'last word' and exacerbate the
                                situation.  That behavior would seem to
                                things.  That behavior would seem to
                                contradict your insistence that you drive
                                slowly to be at a "safer speed".   -mice
                             \_ I usually move right to allow faster cars to
                                pass in the fast lane, but I'm with you-- I'd
                                rather slow down than give in to a tailgater.
                                \_ The proper thing to do is let the
                                   faster traffic pass. You could get a
                                   ticket if you don't.
                                   \- while i acknowledge there is obnoxious
                                      tailgating, you do have to pull up
                                      enough to convey you want to go faster.
                                      (which i usually do and then back off)
                                      and of course if there is a lot of
                                      traffic ahead of the car directly in
                                      front of you, you should back off.
                                   \_ Not if passing on the right is allowed,
                                      as it is on CA highways.
                                      \_ Do you know what "proper" means?
                                         \_ Sorry, wasn't clear: agreed with
                                            proper, disagreed with ticket.
                                      \_ When I retook my DMV exam recently
                                         this question was on it. If
                                         someone pulls up behind you and,
                                         say, flashes his lights then it
                                         is your job to get out of his
                                         way. It is not his responsibility
                                         to pass you on the right.
                                         \_ yea, the DMV booklet also says
                                            to maintain a certain distance
                                            while following.  I actually
                                            prefer people flash me instead
                                            of tailgating me, which is
                                            much more dangerous.
                                            \_ Two wrongs don't make a right.
                                               \_ Like I said if he flashes
                                                  me it's okay.  Sometimes
                                                  people do have emergencies.
                                                  But no, tailgating is not
                                                  acceptable because you
                                                  are endangering other
                                                  people's lives.  And yes,
                                                  two wrongs don't make a
                                                  right means you are not
                                                  supposed to tailgate even
                                                  if the old lady doesn't
                                                  move over.
                                                  \_ I'm not disputing that
                                                     tailgating is illegal
                                                     and dangerous. I am
                                                     pointing that that impeding
                                                     traffic in some silly
                                                     urge to be 'right' is
                                                     both unsafe and illegal.
                                                     \_ well, you said "if a
                                                        driver pulls up
                                                        behind you, it is your
                                                        job to get out of the
                                                        way".  This is not
                                                        true.  A prerequisite
                                                        for impeding traffic
                                                        is two or more vehicles
                                                        following you.  Blocking
                                                        one idiot trying to drive
                                                        faster than the
                                                        traffic flow doesn't
                                                        constitute impeding
                                                        traffic.  No police
                                                        will stop you for that.
                 \_ The point is they are adhereing to a law that should
                    ticket everyone not going that slowly anyway.
                 \_ We're not blocking traffic, we are
                    traffic! - Critical Mass
        \_ I would like to have seen the cops get involved.
           \_ And what could they do?  Ticket them for going the speed limit?
              I suppose there could be a ticket for disturbing the peace or
              or something like that.  Like willfully attempting to block
              \_ Obstructing traffic.  Misdemeanor in CA
                 \_ Would that stick if you were travelling exactly at the
                    maximum speed limit?  On what grounds?  As long as you
                    weren't blocking emergency vehicles...
                    \_ In CA, Obstructing Traffic requires a vehicle to be
                       stopped. Strangely enough, the proper charge might be
                       Reckless Driving. See:
        \_ 4 lane freeways are 55 there?  Yeesh.
        \_ I think they should invent new signs in some threatening color and
           put new "Zero Tolerance" speed limits on them, that are like the
           ones the cops actually enforce.  1mph over and you'll be ticketed
           \_ In Scottsdale, they have automatic speed ticketing cameras/radar
              \- as is common in europe. will be interesting to see if they
                 survive giving tickets to cops and judges and pols.
                 \_ Except for in the UK (where they're insane), most Euro
                    cameras have tolerance limits, and are in areas where
                    traffic is dangerous and speeding is dangerous.  Except
                    in some places like NL where they measure over distance.
                    This is pointless and lame.  -John
                        \_ I always know when we hit a camera zone in Holland
                           when my relatives are driving me somewhere because
                           for no reason they suddenly slow down a lot, and
                           then a little later speed up ...
                 \_ Are you kidding?  They'll be 'taken care of'.
                    \_ I kind of doubt that. The red light cameras in SF
                       and the speed cameras in DC are unmolested.
                       \_ You misunderstand.  PP was refering to the practice
                          of 'ticket-fixing'.
                \_ In Taiwan, they have a device that will warn you whenever
                   you approach places where there are speed ticketing
                   cameras or radars.
                \_ Russia: get jailed for having an official crash into YOU. -oj
                   \_ America: apologize when an official shoots YOU!
        \_ They should learn to spell.
2006/3/1-4 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Finance] UID:42043 Activity:nil
3/1     Private equity funds are raping people, laying off thousands
        and spreading enough misery around the people who actually
        have to work for a living before our Chinese masters
        really screw with us, and all the San Francisco Chronicle
        can do is send some dude to Google and photograph ultra rich
        nerds eating?  Fuck.
        \_ KILL THE BIRDS
        \_ Spew much?
        \_ Amusing but if you're using the SF Comical as your primary source
           of serious news you get what you pay for.  For 25 cents/day I got
           the comics and their trimmed down version of AP news on BART.
2006/3/1-2 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:42044 Activity:kinda low
        Stewardess panics in high turbulence.  Uh ... wrong job I guess?
        "She began screaming every time the plane shook. She shouted at the top
        of her voice, 'We're going to crash! We're going to crash! We're going
        to crash!'" The un-named woman - in her mid 20s - also lobbed sick bags
        across the cabin when poorly [sic] passengers screamed for more.
        \_ a friend of mine was a Stewardess for Continental.  She gets motion
           sickness if she eat anything on the plane.  So, her solution is
           not eat anything on flight... and she is on direct flight from
           Newark to Hong Kong via North Pole... 21 hours straight :p
        \_ Definitely wrong job.  I think it's a job requirement to appear calm
           in these situations.
           \- see SQ-crash* at
              \_ please send us more links to irrelevant, boring stuff
              \_ Dude, that was horrendous. Warning: do not read if you're
                 easily spooked and want to fly every again. --erikred
                 \- i was on that flight a week before! i actually think it
                    almost says more about journalists than airlines.
                    Singapore Airlines needed Scott McClellan:
                    MESERVE: A Singapore Airlines spokesman just told
                             us that he believed, at this point, there
                             were no fatalities. Was that your
                             impression as you left the aircraft?
                    DIAZ: Oh, there were tons of fatalities. There
                          were people burning on the flight. I only
                          saw about 20 people -- I only saw about 20
                          people that -- clearly I don't know -- they
                          put us in a room. But there were lots of
                          fatalities. The plane split in half.
2006/3/1-2 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:42045 Activity:nil
3/1     What is better for top coat, acrylic or polyurethane? I'm looking for
        something that's easy to paint and moderately durable. Which one
        of these is water and oil based? Thanks.
        \_ Silk, to match your top hat?
        \_ it might help if you say what you're trying to do.  polyurethane
           is often alcohol-based--i've never used the water- or oil-based
           ones, so can't say anything about them.
2006/3/1-4 [Reference/BayArea] UID:42046 Activity:nil
3/1     Because I'm insane, I took on another project.  I'll be singing
        a minor role in Tosca with SF Lyric Opera this weekend and next
        at the theatre in the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.  It should
        be a pretty good show.
        \_ wow, how long did you need to practice/rehearse for this role?
           \_ About 2 weeks...  Italian's easy to memorize, though.
2006/3/1-2 [Transportation/Car, Science/Electric] UID:42047 Activity:low
3/1     Is it more cost effective to fill up butane/propane gas from your
        local store like Home Depot and use a gas heater to heat up your
        room? My electric bill shot up last month and I'm thinking of
        switching. I don't have central AC, unfortunately.
        \_ Should be a simple calculation.  But make sure you exhaust
           the fumes properly.
        \_ If you are a homeowner, consider installing central air. I
           should get my money back in five years. -ausman
2006/3/1-4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:42048 Activity:moderate
3/1     csua minutes: "Difficulty in recruitment:
        Right now our recruitment is in severe decline, what can we do to get
        people more interested in what we are doing.  Infosessions will help,
        but will be slow to develope.  This will be an open-ended discussion
        of things we can do to boost membership and more specifically
        active/interested membership."
        \_ Advice. Leave infosession to UCSEE and SWE that have traditionally
           dominated this area for the last two decades. You guys are
           stepping into dangerous territory and this turf war really
           sucks. Leave infosessions alone, bastards. If you seriously want
           to get more members, find a niche market, not something that
           steals from other established organisations. Do something new
           and innovative, like asking karen to do a bikini car wash drive.
           Hell, we'd pay for that.                     -anon ucsee rep
           \_ I don't even know what UCSEE stands for, and I want to have
              an infosession right now just to piss you off.  What a jackass
           \_ Uh, CSUA has been doing help sessions on stuff for quite a while.
              What's the difference between "infosessions" and "help sessions"?
              \_ i think one has students teaching unix shells and the other
                 has visitors from PIXR
          \_  UCSEE and SWE have traditionally dominated Infosessions for the
              last two decades?  Bullshit.  You're engaging in some pretty
              gross revision of history.  First off I *know* that UCSEE and
              SWE (did they used to be AWICSEE, or is that a different society
              for women engineering group?  Didn't AWICSEE's membership top
              out at like 6 people back in 2002?) had basically no physical
              presence in Soda Hall prior to 2005.  I find it highly unlikely
              that there's been a sea change in the last two years.  HKN,
              which does have a presence in Soda, always did a fair number of
              Infosessions, but it's usually hurting for original thinkers,
              and thus shamelessly rips off every good one the CSUA has (nb
              movies in 306 Soda--paolo, CSUA president circa 1999, startup
              jobs fair in the ASUC ballrom, i.e. a massive
              meta-infosession--jones, president circa 1998, I can go on...).
              UPE also used to have a hand in the Infosession game, but went
              into hibernation due to lack of interest circa 2004, has it
              reawakened?  The CSUA charter is to serve all students with an
              interest in computer science, and this is simply not true for
              UCSEE (only EECS students in COE, and arguably only those with
              an EE focus) or SWE (only Women in COE).  Furthermore, the CSUA
              provides services to the community that UCSEE and SWE don't
              including Help Sessions and Mentoring, and, in the past,
              received less money from the EECS department than either UCSEE
              or SWE.  So let me get this straight.  The CSUA serves a wider
              audience and provides more community services than UCSEE and SWE
              *combined*, but it should leave infosessions, which are
              conveniently the most profitable `service' a CS student group
              may offer to UCSEE and SWE.  Hogwash.  Nonsense.  Shite.  You
              don't like that the CSUA is reigning in on `your' turf?  Try
              matching the CSUA's services then you can talk.
              All that said, the groups don't necessarily need to fight over
              this.  The infosession landscape has at least one large,
              unfulfilled niche, which are smaller and/or startup companies
              that don't have the money to go through COE's industrial
              partnership program (the precise name escapes me).  The CSUA can
              and should bring these companies to campus.  Officially, they
              can't do `recruiting' events in Soda Hall, but there are plenty
              of worthwhile InfoSessions that are not de jure recruiting
              All that said, the groups don't necessarily need to fight over
              this.  The infosession landscape has at least one large,
              unfulfilled niche, which are smaller and/or startup companies
              that don't have the money to go through COE's industrial
              partnership program (the precise name escapes me).  The CSUA can
              and should bring these companies to campus.  Officially, they
              can't do `recruiting' events in Soda Hall, but there are plenty
              of worthwhile InfoSessions that are not de jure recruiting
              events, but serve the same purpose.  I did this with VMWare back
              when they were small and Zero Knowledge Systems (may it rest in
              peace) among others when I was CSUA president.  P.S. Sign your
              name instead of making thinly veiled, weak anonymous threats.
              \_ Gee, I wondered why dans knew so much about meth.
                 \_ Gee, I wonder why the preceding passage would do anything
                    to dispell your wonder?  Have you read any of the minutes
                    I took for the CSUA? -dans
           \_ ucsee must be destroyed!
        \_ Interesting.  So what will happen to all us cranky alumni when five
           or six selfless individuals cannot be scrounged up to cater to our
           every whim?  What will we do without wall, motd, and email spools
           filled with 99.99% spam?!
           \_ We could start a fight club.
              \_ Why would anyone want to endure pain and medical bills?
                 Make it a Counter-Strike fight club.
                 \_ Every anti-social nerd dies.  Not every anti-social nerd
                    really lives.
        \_ Does the CSUA still do a lot of social activities (BBQs, RISK
           tourneys, volleyball, etc.?)  Maybe asking if any CS profs will
           let you announce that sort of thing after lectures might help. -John
           \_ CSUA used to be fun in the early 90s. From reading the minutes
              however, it seems like people there have gotten a lot more
              serious.  They're trying to do mentoring, help sessions, info
              sessions, and other serious events that many other organizations
              (like UCSEE) have been doing long before CSUA started doing the
              same thing just recently (recent as in past 5 years?).  I don't
              know why this is the case. I suspect it is probably
              the same reason why there are fewer war protests and
              peace activists on Telegraph and Sproul Hall today than a
              few decades ago.
              \_ Speaking of which, I found Rick Starr.  He now performs (but
                 mostly just begs for change) in front of the 20th St. exit
                 of 19th St. Oakland BART.  His outfits are now significantly
                 on the side of bizarre and tattered, rather than just
                 tattered, and he seems to have lost significant spark.  Poor
                 Rick Starr.
              \_ I was wondering about this--I guess it's partly due to a
                 mixture of people getting into CS for $$$ in the late 90s,
                 more competitiveness and lower wages in the industry, and
                 the decline of the labs as people got PCs in dorms and
                 apartments.  -John
              \_ The CSUA has been doing serious events like help sessions
                 since antiquity.  Although other organizations offer
                 tutoring, no other organization offers anything like the
                 mentoring program.  While the CSUA may have been light on
                 infosessions prior to 1998, its history of corporate outreach
                 goes way back.  Soda Mark VI was donated by AMD.  If you look
                 \_ Through no fault of the CSUA's.  A UCB alum was working in
                    developer relations at AMD and offered MKVI to the CSUA.
                 in the circa 1990 CSUA t-shirt in the office you'll see an
                 EDS logo in the lower-right corner.  Do you think it got
                 there because the CSUA membership at the time just really dug
                 EDS?  Going all the way back to the birth of the CSUA, Soda
                 Mark I was a donated by Apollo Computer.  What other
                 `serious' events have other student orgs done since before
                 2000?  The faculty retreat?  I know we've been involved with
                 that since 1998, probably earlier, and I largely wrote the
                 joint presentation for two years (2001-2002?) -dans
        \_ I have a question.  What actions currently seem to bring people
           into the CSUA?  I joined the CSUA because there was an arcade
           game in the lounge and I wanted to fiddle with it.  I stuck
           around because I like crazy people, and paolo and dans were
           there.  I don't think I am normal. None of my mentees joined.
           In fact, I think the only person I ever successful recruited
           was ajaffe. So, why do people join? -jrleek
           \_ Easy. Someone told me you can get a free lifetime Berkeley
              account, so I went and signed up. I still use it. It's
              great to have that "" stamp on the top of
              your resume, it says a lot and catches attention at a glance.
           \_ What is the mentee -> active member conversion rate anyway?  I
              joined because paolo showed me the glory that was the CSUA
              lounge when we were both taking 61B, and I was thus able to
              escape the pits that are the labs.  I also had hopes that I
              could find and/or recruit others to hack on projects, but, for
              the most part, this did not pan out. -dans
           \_ For 3.5 years I knew the CSUA existed, but didn't really
              know anyone in it, what they did, why they were there, etc.
              Then Paolo brought Mortal Kombat 2 into the office in an
              attempt to get his TA to spend more time there, and it
              worked swimmingly. Once I hung out there a lot and got to
              know the people, joining seemed like a good idea. You
              need to get people in there in the first place,
              in a setting where they can meet people, and that's going
              to happen with social events like BBQs, volleyball, and
              game tourneys. Heck, a weekly poker game might draw a
              crowd. -bz
           \_ I had just arrived on campus and called a high school friend. He
              happened to have root and gave me an account over the phone. It's
              been my primary account for 13 years. I've never taken a single
              computer science course. I have occasionally been an motd
              annoyance. I'm not sure which better qualifies for CSUA
              membership. People are welcome to email me about engineering
              hydraulics, though. -- ulysses
           \_ I definitely got involved with the CSUA because the people
              involved in it seemed a lot more interesting and fun than the
              drones huddled in the labs.  It might have also had something
              to do with (president at the time) Seano, who I believe just
              wanted someone around that he could beat at Netrek.  --lye
        \_ On mentoring, how is it currently advertised?  Just flyers?
           Could we get into the normal CS student orientations?  When I
           joined the CSUA was helping out with the transfer student
           orientations.  Could we get into those? (Transfer
           students generally need all the help they can get.) -jrleek
2006/3/1-4 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42049 Activity:moderate
3/1 (AP via
        Watch Dubya participate via videoconference in FEMA briefing one day
        ahead of Katrina arrival.
        fyi, note that levy "breach" != levies being "topped"
        See "Nobody anticipated ..." below
        \_ Face it, nothing is going to change the public opinion to the
           left. This includes oh so boring facts "made up" by liberal
           biased media. The only thing that'll change the mind of the
           overwhelmingly conservative dominated America is when Fox News
           shows footage of a whitehouse intern sucking GWB's dick.
           \_ or news aboot da Arabs buying our ports!
        \_ Ok. Whether it's Bush's fault or not is not relevant to the future
           of America. What's relevant is that most of the Red State folks
           believe that the New Orleans brought the disaster onto themselves
           by a series of mismanagement and corruption. The New Orleans are
           like the grasshoppers who partied at Mardi Gras while the
           ants (Red State people) worked hard because they're self-reliant
           and have moral and family values. Guess what? These Red State hicks
           are praising Bush for not wasting money on these New Orleans and
           welfare leeches who by the way are mostly colored negros that they
           despise of in the first place. And by 2008, there will be more
           conservatives bearing more conservative babies, and more aging
           folks opting for conservative politics, and even more young
           college kids opting for conservative politics. The university
           is now no longer a playground for the liberals. So you see, it
           doesn't matter what Bush does. Regardless of all the fuckups,
           what is clear in the future is that you'll see more and more car
           bumper stickers that say "Work harder. Millions of welfare
           recipients depend on you!" and "<Conservative Candidate> 2008"
           \_ Is that why Bush is at a 34% approval rating?
              \_ Yes, that's what happens when you poll 2x as many Democrats
                 as Republicans.  Go look at they poll data on that one then
                 wash the koolaid out of your mouth.
                 \_ Clearly, you're not a member of the reality-based
                    community.  Gallup had him at 39 a few weeks before
                    the latest shit hit the fan, Quinnipiac just polled him
                    at 36...but please, go on making tired kool-aid jokes.
                    \_ Seriously, go look at the poll data.  It was almost
                       2x D vs R.  Believe what you want.  I believe in facts.
                       Koolaid jokes are appropriate when the other person
                       doesn't bother to research the basis of their numbers.
                       \_ The poll was for "adults nationwide" not "registered
                          voters", and not "likely voters".  The weighted %s
                          are 37.4D 28.4R 34.2I. You'd be hard pressed to
                          refute these.  And 37.4 != 56.8.  Hell, even
                          unweighted, 40 != 53.  Your "facts" are broken.
                          \_ Hey nice of you to actually find them.  Now you
                             can do the reading comprehension part of this
                             where the word "almost" appeared in my statement
                             which is another way of saying, "your numbers are
                             so messed up it isn't even worth discussing". I
                             also note you chose to focus on the weighted
                             numbers but I'll give you a nickel's credit for
                             at least mentioning the raw numbers since we
                             have no idea how they weighted anything.  Next
                             time you post crappy poll numbers you can put
                             a "*" next to them and provide the raw data
                             instead of spewing random numbers that you think
                             support your partisanship.  Had you noted them
                             in the first place instead of tossing off your
                             cutesy one liner I wouldn't have said anything.
                             \_ The ratio of registered Democrats to
                                registered Republicans is 1.35:1.  -tom
                                \_ "registered" != "likely voters" or we'd
                                   not have a Republican controlled government.
                                   Registered voters is no more interesting
                                   than "adults nationwide".  If they don't
                                   vote, their political opinions don't
                             \_ That was my first post in the thread.  You've
                                challenged the credibility of the poll based
                                on its methodology without any evidence but
                                hand-waving.  You wanna call them crappy, fine,
                                but it's not a winning debate tactic.  What
                                would be a valid distribution in your mind?
                                Please show your work.
                                \_ applying near zero brain power to this I
                                   would say that a poll of people who are
                                   likely voters in upcoming elections based
                                   on previous voting patterns that closely
                                   matches the political demographics of the
                                   total likely voter population would be a
                                   good start for a poll.  i'm sorry if this
                                   is a difficult concept for you but very few
                                   polls even attempt to actually reflect what
                                   voters think or want about anything so
                                   spewing random numbers about what
                                   percentage of a skewed survey of "adults
                                   nationwide" is a stupid and useless
                                   information-free political act.  the poll
                                   in question in this thread is so slanted
                                   away from anything resembling a useful poll
                                   it isn't worth posting or discussing the
                                   'results'.  And I use that word very
                                   \_ If you want a "likely voters" poll, go
                                      find one.  Your claim, still unsupported,
                                      is that their methodology was bogus. You
                                      claim, also unsupported that the values
                                      are skewed.  Grow up, put up, or shut up.
                                      BTW, Fox just released theirs of
                                      Registered voters.  39/54 app/dis
                                      \_ I claim that a political poll that
                                         covers anything other than voters is
                                         useless junk produced solely for
                                         PR purposes.  If they don't vote,
                                         they don't matter.  See above for
                                         my comments on registered voters.
                                         Not interesting.  How hard is it to
                                         figure out that when I said "likely
                                         voters" I meant "people most likely
                                         to vote, thus having opinions that
                                         matter", not every asshat with a
                                         useless non-voting opinion?  Spewing
                                         at me that my claims are unsupported
                                         is ridiculous since my claims are so
                                         simple, even a motder could
                                         understand them.  Frankly, I don't
                                         care at all what the actual numbers
                                         would be in a real poll anyway.  GWB
                                         could be at 100 or at 0 and I wouldn't
                                         care, but the methodology in that poll
                                         is weak and then to spew it on the
                                         motd as if it has value is just
                                         \_ "don't vote" != "can't vote".  I'd
                                            agree with you if the president
                                            were up for election that a "likely
                                            voters" poll would be more useful.
                                            But non-voters have to live under
                                            this administration too.  And they
                                            can very well become voters.  To
                                            ignore their voice is stupid and
                                            \_ true but historically not the
                                               case.  over time the number of
                                               voters as a percentage of those
                                               eligible to register+vote has
                                               been slowly dropping over the
                                               years.  I agree that it would
                                               be nice if the opposite were
                                               true but it isn't the case.
                                               As far as elections and such
                                               go, I agree in general that
                                               doing a popularity poll on
                                               a second term President isn't
                                               useful but we're never that far
                                               from a mid-term or the start of
                                               the next general election cycle
                                               so I do believe that polls of
                                               likely voters carry some weight
                                               in regards to which way the
                                               country is going politically.
                                               \_ Why don't you get even
                                                  more pedantic and point out
                                                  that "likely voters" are
                                                  self-reported, so those
                                                  are meaningless too?  All
                                                  polls are worthless!  The
                                                  only useful information is
                                                  what some dipwad who hasn't
                                                  fashioned a survey in his
                                                  life says on the MOTD!  -tom
                                                  \_ thanks for contributing.
                                                     without you here, it just
                                                     wouldn't be the same.
                                                     glad to have you on board.
                                                     you're the best, nay! dare
                                                     i say, U r0xx0rz, tom!
                                                     if you have nothing to
                                                     say, say nothing.  you'll
                                                     look smarter.
                                                     \_ He's looking smarter
                                                        than you, and that
                                                        ain't saying much.
                                                        \_ Just coming down
                                                           to his level so he
                                                           can understand.
                                                           Anyone who uses
                                                           "dipwad" at his
        \_ Thank you. This further illustrates the fact that AP is yet
           another liberal mouth blabbering about nothing but non-sense.
        \_ At least he assured them that they were "fully prepared"
           \_ well, dubya said the federal govt was fully prepared to assist
              state govt, but it's doubtful whether that was true too
              my analysis is that pre-dubya, fema was in charge.  when dubya
              came in, he whacked fema and said the states are now in charge.
              he broke something and then expected someone else to fix it ...
              hmm, sounds like ... gimme some help here.
              \_ He didn't "whack" it.  He "privatized" it. THE FREE MARKET
                 FIXES EVERYTHING! Except that it doesn't.
                 \_ now there's a novel idea. pump all the money to the
                    government and let it do its job. Let me guess, you're
                    a socialist?
                 \_ people should put that enron movie in their netflix queue
2006/3/1-2 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:42050 Activity:nil
3/1     Every once in a while my ssh and X11 via port forwarding would get
        stuck and wouldn't respond anymore and I'd have to reconnect.
        Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? Thanks.
        \_ Does this only happen after you've been idle for a while?
2006/3/1-2 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:42051 Activity:nil
3/1     Swami is a fraud!
        \_ Those are Jan 1 - Dec 31 stats.  What about Dec 1 to Feb 28?
           \_ I hear prices dropped 50% on Feb 2.
              \_ It was 150%
2006/3/1-2 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:42052 Activity:nil
3/1     Soybean fueled car!
2006/3/1-2 [Recreation/Humor] UID:42053 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
3/1     John, is this you?
2006/3/1-4 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:42054 Activity:nil
3/1     ACM has produced a significant new report on the impact
        of offshoring/outsourcing on the IT industry:
        Executive Summary and Findings:
        Bottom line: not nearly as bad as some had thought. article
2006/3/1-4 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:42055 Activity:nil
        Caller ID is unreliable and not 100% accurate! This sucks.
        If it's not 100% accurate, it is completely useless.
        \_ Hello emarkp! KAIS MOTD is inaccurate, thus misleading and is
           therefore completely useless. Likewise, caller ID is inaccurate,
           thus misleading and is therefore completely useless. Good logic.
        \_ Umm, no.  The usefulness of caller id is knowing who is calling
           me so I don't have to do the whole "hello, who is this" dance
           at the start of each call.  If someone starts spoofing my friend's
           phone numbers that will suck, but until then just because it can
           be done, well, I really suspect anyone I know cares that much.
2006/3/1-2 [Consumer/Audio, Recreation/Humor] UID:42056 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
3/1     What if Microsoft designs the iPod package:
        I am looking for a wmv/mov/rm format of this video.  thanks.
        \_ Google video it
2006/3/1-4 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:42057 Activity:low
        Good bye Detroit! And good riddens
                                   \_ riddance
        \_ why arent the expensive cars like MBZ and Audi more reliable?
                \_ Consumer Reports had a sidebar on that last year.  Their
                   theory is that European luxury carmakers tend to stuff the
                   cars with unproven, gimmicky electronics that are prone to
                   failure, where Japanese luxury brands are more cautious.
                   \_ It's not that, it's that they do not have sufficient
                      control over their supply chains.  Especially Mercedes
                      was hit by a series of really bad quality component
                      parts, leading to recalls.  BMW and, to a lesser extent
                      Audi, have this reasonably well in hand.  -John
           \_ Isn't it obvious? They are built by Germans who are unhappy
              that the Italians, French and Austrians are always enjoying
              cigarettes, coffee and beautiful women in cafes while they
              are stuck in working in factories whose efficiency would make
              the SS proud.
        \_ Why are people who are generally pro-union, anti-Detroit?
                \_ If the cars were better, I'm sure they would be
                   "pro-Detroit".  When Hyundai cars first appeared here, they
                   were awful and Consumer Reports said the Excel was one of
                   the worst cars they ever had tested.  Maybe they are just
                   being objective?
2006/3/1-4 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Recreation/Media] UID:42058 Activity:nil
        Proof that Germans are the weirdest people in the world.
2006/3/1-4 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42061 Activity:nil
        Brown was doing a good job all along. Next on Fox News at 11, the
        blame is now on the bureaucracy in the government, setup by the
        Clinton administration. Yes, it's the democrats' fault. God Bless.
2019/09/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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