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2006/2/28 [Finance/Investment] UID:42024 Activity:nil 76%like:42030
2/28    New record in investments in foreign stock exchanges,0,5874122.story
2006/2/28-3/2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:42025 Activity:low
2/28 (Wash Post)
        Over 1,300 Iraqis dead in last weak.  It's okay, because they're
        probably mostly Sunnis / Baathist hold-outs.
        \_ Over 1,300 Americans dead in the last we*e*k as well.  And?
           \_ Bad troll.  No cookie.
              \_ It isn't a troll.  It is making a point about the op's post.
                 People die.  It happens.  More than 1300 Americans died in
                 this country just last week.  And?  What is the point of
                 the op post?  Thus, "And?"  If op had a point, they should
                 have made one.  OP is the troll here.
                 \_ You're either stupid or trolling.  That 1300 is because of
                    violent protests/clashes after the bombing of the mosque
                    in Samarrah.  OP is either sarcastic or stupid, which is
                    a step above you.
                    \_ Calm down and read the post again.  Note that the
                       poster does not mention *where* the Americans in question
                       died.   Most of them died of old age in their beds in the
                       U.S., presumably. -!pp
                       \_ That's exactly the fucking point, and exactly why that
                          poster is either a troll or stupid..  God, who's
                          putting lithium in the berkeley water supply?
                       \_ OMG, good point!  We're all going to die someday
                          so it doesn't matter if someone kills me!  You
                          just blew my mind!
                 \_ 1300 certainly did not die because of violent crime.
                    The point is that the Bush Administration is lying to
                    us (again) by minimizing the violence.
        \_ Ethnic cleansing - it's okay!
           \_ Darfur is ethnic cleansing.  You're clueless and knee jerk.
              \_ No, I'm making fun of the asshat that thinks 1300 deaths is
                 \_ I think he was being sarcastic.  No deaths are "ok" but
                    people die.  How/why they died is more important than the
                    \_ Okay, how's this?  Imagine if 16,000 Americans had died
                       in the last two days because the Italians and the Irish
                       in New York had decided to start killing each other.
                       Would that be "ok?"  I think the thrust of the article
                       is that far more people died over the weekend than
                       most media had been reporting.  Sadly it takes a certain
                       death "threshold" to get media attention these days,
                       as we seem to have gotten used to Iraq being a total
                       clusterfuck (along with most other things our
                       government is doing these days).
                       \_ If it bleeds, it leads.  You won't find me defending
                          the media but frankly what's going on in Iraq is
                          actually pretty minor compared to many situation in
                          both the distant and very recent past as well as
                          *right now* in several parts of the world.  I'm much
                          more disgusted at all the other things the media
                          ignores than their Iraq coverage.  Most people can't
                          even tell you that Darfur isn't a new brand of beer
                          or an ice cream flavor.
                             \- Darfur is trivial compared to the toll of
                                malaria. So was the tsunami. There is more
                                to it than "if it bleeds it leads" and
                                the 1300 is just a small chapter of the
                                overall iraq story.
                                \_ What?  You think the tsunami wasn't
                                   covered or we're not pumping enough
                                   cash into malaria/insect control?  And
                                   you think an act of god is worse than
                                   one people enslaving and wiping out
                                   another race with intent and malice?
                                   No.  You're just a lame troll.  D-
                                   \- i'm not trolling. my point is the that
                                      significant of a story isnt just a
                                      matter of the casualty numbers. darfur
                                      is being convered a fair amount. not
                                      much is being done about it but the
                                      coverage is there. there are a lot of
                                      aspects to the malaria story ... how
                                      foreign aid dollars for public health
                                      are spent, the stupidity of DDT usage
                                      policy etc. it is interesting to note
                                      the difference in casaulaty counts in
                                      ex-yugoslavia where the US led sig
                                     intervention and conflicts in africa
                                     with much higher casualty counts where
                                     nothing was done.
                          \_ Good point -- we'd better just sit back and let
                             them kill each other until the butcher's bill is
                             at least as bad as some of those other places.
                             Right.  Thanks for the insight, there, Tex.
                             \_ Good way to completely and intentionally miss
                                the point.
                                \_ Thanks.
2006/2/28-3/1 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:42026 Activity:nil
2/27    What apache2 directive should I use if I want apache to
        execute .cgi files that are symbolic links? Thanks.
           Look at the Options directive. -dans
2006/2/28-3/1 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:42027 Activity:moderate
2/28    Hi I'm a noob and I just installed LINUX DEBIAN for the very first
        time in my life. I did a vanilla install, then apt-get sendmail and
        pine. I tried to send myself an email on the local machine but
        my mailbox is always empty. Even setting up bad crontab -e doesn't
        email me any output. What should I do next? Thanks.
        \_ check the logfile in /var/log, probably mail.log
        \_ It's Debian GNU/Linux, not LINUX DEBIAN
           \_ Who gave rms a csua account?
              \_ He came in, filled out a form and ate the leftover
                 watermelon. How could we not give him an account?
                 \- RMS prefers CRENSHAW melon to WATERMELON.
        \_ debian doesn't shove exim onto you anymore?  exim
           not good enough for you?
           \_ As far as I know exim is still the default. op should probably
              just stick to exim
           \_ Yes, exim is still the default.  op should definitely not use
              sendmail as it deserves no place on *any* system installed after
              newer, better MTA's were written.  op should probably use
              postfix. -dans
              \_ What are some of the newer, better MTA's?  tia.
                 \_ exim, postfix, qmail in no particular order.
              \_ got milter?
                 \_ Eh.  It's fairly weak and unconfigurable compared to what
                    you can do with postfix.  Even if I thought the milter
                    offerred much value, it wouldn't come anywhere near making
                    up for the pain and suffering of configuring sendmail.
2006/2/28-3/2 [Reference/Tax, Finance/Investment] UID:42028 Activity:low
2/28    What's a good "next step up" from high-yield (4-5%) savings accounts
        if I want something to invest, say, $50k in and still keep it fairly
        liquid and still have little to no risk (i.e. I'm OK with !FDIC if
        it's a biggish institution and not too likely to fold).  By "fairly
        liquid" I mean no more than a year lock-in.
        \_ I have some I-bonds that are pulling in 6-7% a year.  I bought
           those a few years ago though, and I think they've been dropping
           the yield in recent years.
           the yield in recent years.  Oh, and they're fed tax free too.
                \_ Don't you have to pay taxes when they adjust the principal?
                   \_ Woops.  I got it the other way around.  No state tax,
                      and fed tax deferred until either bond redeemed or
                      annually--your choice--and not on adjusting the principal.
                   \_ No, that is for TIPS.
           \_ I bonds deduct 3 months interest if you sell before 5 years,
              so that's a minus for the op since he wants less than 1 year
        \_ probably more risk than you would like but I like FAX (asian bonds
           close end fund) recommended by Bill Gross (king of bonds).  It
           yields 6.87% and is currently 4.68% below its net asset value.
           \_ 6.87 taxable w/ risk vs. 6.73 state-tax free no-risk (I Bond)..
              meh.  What does "4.68% below..." mean?
              \_ well, I Bond yield is inflation dependent and may go down,
                 so it is not risk free.  4.68% below nav means that the
                 fund is trading at a value that is 4.68% below the total
                 value of the bonds it holds.  of course FAX also has
                 exchange rates risk.  you should probably only buy it
                 if you think the dollar is going to fall, or you want
                 to diversify your currency risks.  I personally think
                 the dollar will fall, so I especially like FAX.  In the
                 scenario that FAX returns to NAV, and dollar falls, I
                 could get 15% return.
                   - I bond holder who suggested I bonds on the motd
                     a few months ago.
           \_ I'm a big fan of FAX too.  I'm curious though, where are you
                getting the "*currently* 4.68% below its net asset value"?
                I know they mention it periodically, but is there some way
                to check at any given point (they have way too many holdings
                to calculate it yourself) -crebbs
                \_  it's down to 4.35% now.  I recently
                   found out that IFN is 30% above NAV.  I am going to sell
                   IFN and get MINDX or maybe IBN (ICICI) to stay exposed
                   to India.  IIF is also 15-20% above NAV so it's not much
                   \_ Funny, I was just yesterday showing a buddy of mine
                      a comment that IFN was 30% over NAV and that he should
                      short it.  How do they manage a 9% dividend at that
                      pemium? are they really holding assest that pay well
                      over 9% divedends on average??  Anyway, thanks for the
                      over 9% dividends on average??  Anyway, thanks for the
                      link.  Email me and tell me who you are if you don't
                      mind being bugged once in a while about this kind of
                      thing.  -crebbs
                      \_ feel free.  good for me to have someone to bounce
                         one's investment ideas off too.  I have a rather
                         patchy record with shorting.  I recently tried
                         shorting GM; it promptly appreciated 20% but
                         later fell back, so I am now even.  Do you think
                         I should be glad I didn't lose money and run, or
                         keep the short?  - ecchang
                         \_I would be terrified of shorting GM.  The funds
                           seem to be sticking with them.  The gubmnt could
                           come to their rescue (again).  Despite their
                           dire straights and massive debt, I think that's
                           a scary play.  But I pretty much only take
                           short positions in combo with long.  For exmple
                           I shorted 3dfx and went long with NVDA back in
                           the day. </brag> -crebbs
                           \_ my thinking with regard to GM is that there
                              is something fundamentally wrong with GM
                              that cannot be fixed without going into
                              bankruptcy.  yes there may be short term
                              gains but it won't last.  question is
                              whether one can hold through those gains.
                              But you may be right, the risks are pretty
                              high, especially given how far GM has
                              fallen already.
                              NVDA is another of my bad shorts.  I shorted
                              it around 21 and it went up to 26 at which
                              point, I gave up.  After I gave up, it
                              dropped all the way to 10.  This was in
                              mid 2004, I think, when ATI is kicking
                              NVDA's butt when NVDA is having production
                              and heat issues with their chips.  What's
                              worse is that I then missed NVDA's runup
                              from 10 to the current 48.  ugh!
                                                            - ecchang
        \_ How about T-Bills?  If I read this right, you can go in for a
           month and make > 4% state-tax free?  Am I reading that wrong?
           What's the catch?  -op
2006/2/28-3/1 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:42029 Activity:low
2/28    It switched again.  Lines from old and new motds:
        < FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE (MKVII) #0: Fri Dec 17 17:40:05 UTC 2004
        > FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE (SODA-MINIMAL) #0: Fri Dec 17 17:40:05 UTC 2004
        Although uname says we're still on soda-minimal.
        \_ I think there was a power failure.  Blame god.
        \_ Where can we see a record of the reboots and such?
           \_ man last
           \_ Bwahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
              I'm sorry.  Did you say something?  I was just struck by the
              uncontrollable urge to laugh at absurdity. -dans
              \_ Wow, you're an ass.
                 \_ A fucking ignorant ass, no less.
                    \_ No, the notion that the csua would keep records, ahem a
                       log, if you will, of system administration tasks above
                       and beyond what the system does automagically really is
                       laughable to anyone who spent enough time around the
                       csua to be even remotely familiar with its history and
                       culture.  So is the idea that requests for basic unix
                       information on the motd will be dignified with a
                       helpful response.  Though it does make me feel warm and
                       fuzzy that I can make anonymous cowards resort to
                       profanity in their ad hominem attacks. -dans
                       \_ So, given the choice between uselessly mouthing off,
                          providing an answer to a technical question, or
                          staying silent and not adding to the noise, you chose
                          to be a rude and useless jerk.  Nice.  At least tom
                          actually seems to have (and give) clue.  BTW, I don't
                          \_ tom_jerk > tom_clue
                             \_ heh
                          know which motd you've been reading, but I've seen
                          *a lot* of n00b questions get answered here without
                          empty sanctimoniuous snarkiness.
                             --does the ad hominem thing when PP's being a jerk
                          \_ When did we slip into your reality?  Why am I
                             typing with tentacles?  Where's that japanese
                             school girl?
                             Letting the days go by...
                             \_ Uhm, yeahhh....  Speaking of people with
                                reality my reality the *Japanese
                                schoolgirls* are the ones with the tentacles.
                                *sheesh*  kids these days....
                          \_ You call it noise.  I call it humor.  If you read
                             the motd regularly, then you'd know that I
                             provide helpful answers as well as deserved and
                             undeserved snarkiness.  In fact, I've got at
                             least two helpful responses in this motd alone
                             (see apache2 and sendmail threads).  Frankly, I
                             find your whole anonymous motd behaviorial critic
                             schtick to be pretty pathetic.  If it's so
                             important to you, at least have the courage to
                             sign your posts; I do. -dans
                             \_ *shrug*  Whatever floats your boat, dude.
                       \_ 'last' is what the op was looking for.  I don't think
                          they deserved to be abused for asking a question like
                          they did.  they certainly weren't asking for any
                          special logging or effort on anyone's part.
                                --doesn't do the ad hominen thing
           \_ "last | grep reboot".  I apologize in advance if this is actually
              useful info.
              \_ or "last reboot"
                 \_ Even better
                 \_ Excellent. Thanks. -op
2006/2/28-3/2 [Finance/Investment] UID:42030 Activity:nil 76%like:42024
2/28    New record of U.S. investment in foreign stock exchanges,0,5874122.story
        \_ welcome to the global economy.
        \_ Trading deficit of $900 billion in 2006 means that foreigners will
           have to buy up all of our assets unless they actually believe we
           intend to actually pay back our debts.
           \_ You're confusing the national debt and deficit with the trade
              deficit. Trade deficits do not automatically equal the U.S.
              owing foreigners money.
2006/2/28-3/1 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:42031 Activity:nil
2/28    Anyone tried running the hacked MacOS on generic wintel hardware?
        \_ I did and the Steve showed up 10sec later and yelled,
           "THIS IS MY BOOM STICK! Don't steal OSX!"
           \_ was that really a shotgun he was holding?
2006/2/28-3/2 [Science/Space, Science] UID:42032 Activity:nil
2/28    Pics of an elaborate underground weed growing facility in TN.
        \- wow, DIY hydraulic door.
           \_ I can't wait to read the details on all of this.
           \_ Doesn't look like it helped.
              \_ The cops worked on it for 5 years before the warrant was
                 served.  Which means they were probably running if for
                 10.  If they had kept their heads down and quit when
                 they were ahead.  They could've gotten away clean.
                 \- i met a fellow at a dinner party recently who was in
                    the marijuana business on a moderate scale [he isnt
                    retired but it paid the bills] in NYC and Boston and
                    his view was you pretty much have to get out soon because
                    no matter how careful you are some of the flakey people
                    who have to deal with will either be turned or will
                    slip up. i would think you could find people by applying
                    FREAKONOMICS type techniques but we probably dont care
                    enough to do that [e.g. by looking at electricity
                    consumption etc].
                    \_ Or they could spend gvt. dollars on something more
                       worthwhile than arresting people who grow a plant.
                       \_ Don't try to apply logic to the War on Drugs.
                       \_ Yeah, like catching all those music pirates!
                          \- i am not necessarily advocating more stringent
                             crackdowns on dope fiends and more than i think
                             crackdowns on dope fiends any more than i think
                             we should necessaily be more aggressive about
                             speeding or illegal immigration when i dis-
                             passionately comment on things like photo-
                             speeding tickets, speed traps, cracking
                             down on employers of illegal aliens etc.
                             if anything it is interesting to see the
                             data mining potential for things like
                             SAFETYWAY CLUB cards. years again some
                             "acquaintances" bought a mirror and some
                             razor blades at the college ave safeway
                             razor blades at the college ave 7/11
                             at something like 3am. i'm not saying that
                             should be probably cause for a search warrant
                             should be probable cause for a search warrant
                             but, it would be interesting to see the
                             empirical numbers. studies often show that
                             "intuition" is often a lot less accurate than
                             statistical decision making [e.g. from examples
                             of medical diagnosis to jury selection ... say
                             people over estimate what "body language"
                             people overestimate what "body language"
                             conveys vs say the zip code somebody lives in
                             as a predictor of prosecution/defense bias],
                             so some of this type of analysis may be much
                             better than informal/naive "profiling". like
                             the spped trap law seems to say "if i try to
                             the speed trap law seems to say "if i try to
                             measure the speed more scientifically that is
                             illegal" as opposed to letting "trained" cops
                             eyeball you. this anti-technology rules are
                             probably to preserve discretion in teh system
                             eyeball you. these anti-technology rules are
                             probably to preserve discretion in the system
                             so police/judges can get rid of tickets
                             for friends/insiders. i agree the deference
                             to the media industry and capturing of
                             public policy to private ends in this area
                             is an abomination. we have good evidence they
                             were sending theatening letters based only on
                             the "prima facie" evidence of having some
                             common p2p [ephemeral] ports open. ok tnx.
                             \_ Encore! Encore!
                                \_ psb, do you have a blog?
                                   \- i do not know how to blog but i blog
                                      about cheese and antibiotics.
2006/2/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:42033 Activity:kinda low
2/28    Wow, motd is extra snarky today, isn't it?
        \_ Just doing my part to make the motd a more interesting place to
           visit. -dans
           \_ Dan, do you need a hug? --erikred
              \_ Everyone loves hugs.  They make people feel special. -dans
                 \_ I'd think that's highly dependant on who's doing the
                    hugging.    -mice
2006/2/28-3/1 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:42034 Activity:nil
        So why would a SoCal house that zillow thinks is worth $800K sell for
        $1.41 million in March 2005?
        I mean, it sold for $452K in 2002 and $480K in 2003, the house was last
        updated in 1941, and it's only 1,072 sq ft.
        \_ Someone really wanted it.
        \- Vaughn JONES lived there. zillow needs to use the HOMFLY polynomial.
        \_ Maybe it was owned by a Congressman.
        \_ Tell me why this home, that sold for $710k in 2003, is "worth"\
           $1.4M now?
        \_ Tell me why this home, that sold for $710k in 2003, is "worth"
           $1.4M now?
           Ans: zillow is only a rough estimate.
           \_ Things are "worth" what someone will pay for them... shrug.
2006/2/28-3/2 [Science/Biology] UID:42035 Activity:nil
2/28    Anti-Darwin Bill Fails in Utah.  "[Republican majority whip Stephen
        H. Urquhart] said he thought God did not have an argument with
        \_ "life is too complicated to have evolved without an architect"
           clearly, this is the Architect mentioned in Matrix Revolutions.
           \_ This architect is clearly Einstein's god (re the universe and
              dice) and predates the Matrix.
        \_ Why oh why must everyone put this crap in terms of Darwin?  Is an
           attempted ban on dynamite "Anti-Nobel"?  Evolution is an actual
           science that has progressed far beyond the admittedly groundbreaking
           work of one man many years ago.  To ignore that and build its
           credibility off of that one man is foolhardy.
           \_ None of this has anything to do with evolution.  It's an attack
              on modernity.
                \_ evolution is a change in the gene pool of a population
                   \- so is genocide
           \_ I'm not talking about the attack itself, I'm talking about the
              idiocy in reporting. -pp
              \_ Reporters fuck up everything about science to a painful degree.
                 It's very annoying, but I wouldn't say that they single out
                 evolutionary biology in particular when they're deciding when
                 to be dumb and lazy.  It may be that they're like this on all
                 subjects, but science is the one I know enough about to notice
                 it the most, and it's the only subject on which I've personally
                 dealt with reporters.
                 \_ It's everything.  A friend of mine's little brother
                    was killed by a criminal, and the paper couldn't even
                    keep the names straight.  I've seem similar stuff in
                    every article I've known something about.
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