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2006/2/17 [Uncategorized] UID:41897 Activity:nil
2/17    Ah, punk rock humor
2006/2/17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack] UID:41898 Activity:nil
2/17    jblack, what the fuck is wrong with your obsession with
        Able Danger? Are you a bipolar? Borderline personality?
        OCD is likely. You should see a shrink. Seriously.
        \_ In ten years, I'll still be bitter about the Bush presidency, and
           I'll still be angry at the fuckers who voted for him and the
           bastards who helped him steal the elections.  I don't fault jblack
           for his passion, only for being on the wrong side.
        \_ I dunno, what is wrong with his obession?  I'm curious why you
           have such an obsession with jblack.  Is it love?
           \_ Maybe it's a Brokeback Mountain thing?
             \_ God, I wish I knew how to quit jblack!
                \_ God, I wish I knew how to make jblack quit!
                   \_ That's it, blame the victim.
                      \_ He shouldn't have snuck up from behind without
                         announcing his presence.
2006/2/17 [Recreation/Activities] UID:41899 Activity:kinda low
2/17    Amazing recovery for double figure skating Zhangs: (, Olympics footage)
        \_ They pulled the video.
        \_ hmm, three day old gay Chinese cmlee back?
           \_ The only useful thing about your post is that it fit in 80cols.
           \_ Chineses are taking over our forum!  I hate chineses so much!
        \_ Missed it, thanks for posting.
        \_ skating to the tune of "Descendants of the Dragon".
2006/2/17-20 [Transportation/Car] UID:41900 Activity:high
2/17    This week's Powerball is $365M.  Is there a CSUA Powerball group-buy?
        \_ Why, can't CSUA members do math?
           \_ Dang, you took my joke.
              \_ It depends on the value you put on different amounts of
                 money.  What is $1M worth to you relative to $1?  1Mx?
                 More?  Less?
                 \_ Agreed.  This is the same reason why people want to buy
                    insurance even though they already know the cost is higher
                    than the expected value of the return.
                    \_ Actually most people are forced to have insurance.  CA
                       requires car insurance.  My bank requires me to have
                       home insurance.  My company is required to provide me
                       with health insurnace, etc.
                       \_ True to some extent.  CA only requires liability car
                          insurance.  You can work as a contractor to get
                          higher wage and no health insurance.  I don't know of
                          anything that requires life insurance, umbrella
                          insurance, or vacation travel insurance.
                          \_ Even though sometimes the math vs the odds don't
                             work out in your favor on insurance, the real
                             world cost of replacing the item if you're
                             unlucky is too high to risk not paying for the
                             insurance which you can actually afford.  If the
                             odds of my house being destroyed by some event
                             were near zero but the insurance against that
                             event was $10/year, I'd still pay the $10 to
                             be protected against an oddball event because the
                             $10 is nothing but I'd really really really miss
                             my house if it got hit by a meteor, for example.
                             OTOH, as an insurance company, it is to their
                             benefit to allow cheap but not statistically
                             useful insurance payments because they can play
                             the odds and come out ahead anyway even if the
                             event happens, forcing the unlikely payout.  An
                             individual can't afford to lose the meteor
                             strike bet but can afford to buy the insurance.
                             (No I don't have meteor insurance).  My house is
                             in a "once per hundred year flood zone" which is
                             their way of saying I shouldn't ever get flooded
                             and they won't sell me flood insurance, but if it
                             was available and $10 a year I'd take it since
                             Shit Happens and there is a stream/river 25 yards
                             \_ Flood insurance wouldn't be $10/year, it
                                would be approximately ((replacement cost
                                of house)-(value of having your capital
                                over time)/100)+(profit margin).  That is
                                likely to work out to several hundred dollars
                                a year at least.  They don't offer the
                                insurance because no one would buy it at
                                that cost; if they could profitably offer
                                it for $10/year, they would.  -tom
                             \_ Living in a 1/100 per year flood zone means
                                that there is about a 26% chance (.99^30)
                                that it will flood before the house is even
                                paid off. -ausman
                                \_ "Once per hundred year flood zone" is
                                   insurance jargon for "it would take an
                                   act of god to flood this place since
                                   there's no place for a flood to come
                                   from".  They don't literally mean it
                                   floods every 100 years.  It hasn't flooded
                                   in the known history of this region.  So,
                                   they actually could make a profit at $10/
                                   year but things go against them because
                                   if there is an act of god, they're stuck
                                   covering it for a lousy 10 bucks.  The
                                   profit margin is too low to take the risk,
                                   even though the risk is *essentially* zero,
                                   it isn't truly zero.  Anyway, I've got a
                                   bucket and know how to swim if it goes
                                   that way.  :-)
                                   \_ You have no idea what you're talking
                                      about.  The entire insurance business
                                      is built on amortizing costs over
                                      time and across their entire customer
                                      base.  They are *very good* at
                                      computing the probabilities of claims
                                      against their policies and the
                                      cost/benefits thereof.
                                      \_ Of course I don't.  I'm only telling
                                         you what my insurance guy told me,
                                         but I'm sure you're smarter than he
                                         is and know exactly what the flood
                                         conditions are in my area.  YOU ARE
                                         PERFECT!  HOW CAN I BE YOU?!
                                         \_ 100-year floodplains are set
                                            by FEMA engineers based on
                                            historical and archaeological
                                            data, not by the insurance
                                            companies.  Is your insurance
                                            guy a water systems engineer?
                                            \_ He doesn't have to be.  Why
                                               would you think that?  Are
                                               the FEMA records top secret?
                                               I still want to always be
                                               right like you no matter how
                                               trivial and meaningless the
                                               point.  How can I achieve your
                                               absolute level of perfection?
                                               You have never been wrong about
                                               anything.  I admire that.
                                               \_ If the FEMA records say
                                                  you're in a 100-year flood
                                                  zone, that means they
                                                  believe there's about a 1%
                                                  chance per year that your
                                                  house will be flooded.
                                                  It's quite simple.  And
                                                  your entire argument that
                                                  you've spent 25-30 lines
                                                  describing is completely
                                                  meaningless as long as
                                                  that is true.  So why don't
                                                  you admit *you* are wrong
                                                  instead of being both
                                                  idiotic and smug?  -tom
                                                  \_ Why not just admit you're
                                      \_ Tom, are you a Bayesian or a
                                \_ The Russian River area has had two "100
                                   year" floods in the last decade. -ausman
                 \_ Don't forget tax.
                 \_ Well, I do value $1 I have more that $1M I'll never
        \_ can californians play? how?
           \_ I assume there would be CSUAers in Powerball states.
        \_ How do you prevent getting screwed in a group buy?
           \- [The state lottery is] a public subsidy of intelligence
              [since] it yields public income that is calculated to
              lighten the tax burden of us prudent abstainers at the
              expense of the benighted masses of wishful thinkers.
              --WVO Quine
2006/2/17 [Uncategorized] UID:41901 Activity:nil
2/17    Dick Cheney plays counterstrike:
2006/2/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41902 Activity:very high
2/17    The women reported on average 8.6 lifetime sexual partners.
        The men claimed 31.9. How about YOU?
        \_ It all depends on what the definition of "is" is.
           \_ Yermom breastfeeding you does not count
              \_ What about you dickfeeding yermom?
        \_ First one she enjoyed me sucking her breasts but no genital sex
           (Does she count?); second one being my gf and we had handjobs and
           orals but no vaginal or anal penetration; third one I penetrated her
           vagina with my fingers on two nights without her knowledge while she
           had literally wet dreams; fourth one being my wife and we do
           everything.  So a total of 4.
           \_ Wow.  Do you often molest people while they sleep?  You == broken
              in der kopf.
        \_ First one I sucked her breasts but no genital sex (Does she count?);
           second one we had handjobs and orals but no vaginal or anal
           penetration; third one I penetrated her vagina with my fingers on
           two nights without her knowledge while she had literally wet dreams;
           fourth one being my wife and we do everything.  So a total of 4.
              \_ Good enough for that FDA dude bush appointed!
              \_ No, just those two times.
           \_ That sounds like a total of 2 teen age learning encounters,
              1 very creepy and disturbing non consentual act, and 1 wife.
              \_ Two in college years, two after college.
                 \_ creepy is as creepy does.  doesnt matter what age.
                    \_ what's your problem?  his gf went to bed naked with him.
                       what's wrong with a little fingering?
                       \_ No, #3 was my friend's gf which I had a crush on.
                          She didn't sleep naked; she's wearing loose shorts.
                          \_ So you actually did commit a sex crime....  Now
                             it really truly is creepy in a "not just on the
                             motd" way.
        \_ I stopped counting at 50. It is not that many more than that though.
        \_ thou shalt not commit fornication!
        \_ I do not like to fornicate!
           \_ You can marry and divorce several times.
              \_ I do not like divorce.
                 \_ Become a mormon then.
        \_ 1
        \_ 1.1 (the .1 was for just making out)
        \_ I remember reading a study finding that people with more pre marriage
           relationships tend to have more problems maintaining a marriage.
           One of the reasons given was that these people are more quick to
           want to break up and give up.  A more fragile ego?
        \_ I remember reading a study finding that people with more pre
           marriage relationships tend to have more problems maintaining a
           marriage.  One of the reasons given was that these people are more
           quick to want to break up and give up.  A more fragile ego?
           \_ My completely non-scientific study of people I've known said
              that those who started having sex in HS or earlier were unable
              to establish LTRs and their lives were giant messes in other
              areas as well.  What does this mean?  Probably nothing.
2006/2/17-19 [Health/Skin] UID:41903 Activity:nil
2/17    Photo of Whittington.  Okay, the holes are from individual pieces of
        shot, but what about the dark red on his neck?
        \_ it's called "blood"
           \_ so you're saying the shot impacted but did not penetrate
              (shirt collar?), thus causing the bruising?
              \_ shots that penetrate can cause bruising, too.
                 \_ okay, I don't know anyone who's been hit with birdshot
                    before so I wouldn't know.  But look at his neck:
                    I count 3 holes, and for some reason there's a circle
                    of healthy-looking skin around each hole.  As for his face,
                    I see plenty of holes, but little bruising.
                    \_ There is substantial bruising. The yellowish
                       discoloration on his cheek leading to the neck is
                       evidence of bruising.  The "healthy circles" is
                       blistering where the settled blood from the bruising
                       has been forced out.
                       \_ probably suctioned out?  I see the yellow now too.
                          \_ Think more like a pimple or blister. The red
                             background makes it stand out more.
2006/2/17-19 [Recreation/Humor] UID:41904 Activity:nil
2/17    Cheney cartoon.  Pretty damn funny.
        \_ Who are you, far-left poor taste in humor guy?
           \_ f0q!
        \_ Thanks for the laugh.
2006/2/17-20 [Computer/Networking] UID:41905 Activity:nil
2/17    I have a weird Firefox/802.11b interaction problem. When I'm
        connected via the wire, Firefox works perfectly. But when I'm
        connected via 802.11b and submit HTML forms, it hangs and
        doesn't go to the next page. I'm suspecting it's buffer not
        being flushed or something, or HTTP Keep Alive bug? This
        doesn't happen on IE, which works fine on both wire & 802.11b
        \_ are you connecting through the same routers when you go via
           wireless?  One thing you might try is setting your MTU to
           something smaller than the default (1500 for ethernet)... like
           say try 1300.
2006/2/17-19 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:41906 Activity:nil
2/17    Is there a game review site this isn't basically a direct extension of
        the industry (a la gamespot and IGN) and aimed at an audience other
        than mouthbreathers?
        \_ is OLD MAN MURRAY still around?
           \_ wow.  last update was in jan 2002.  i totally forgot about that
              site after i graduated from college.
2006/2/17-19 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:41907 Activity:nil
2/17    What happened to the WEB in Evans Basement?  Where is the OCF now?
        \_ The WEB is now EMF, a Windows drop-in facility.  The OCF is
           in the MLK student union building.  -tom
           \_ what about 260 evans?
              \_ 260 Evans was subdivided; it was split into a computer
                 training facility and the WSSG office.  Now that IST has
                 moved out, it's probably temporary space for Bancroft
                 Library stuff.  -tom
           \_ thanks for the info.  tom, are you a fan of race street bikes
              or just mountain bikes?  The Tour of California is in town.
              \_ I'll probably be doing rides to see the Tour of California
                 on Monday and Tuesday.  I'm not really into mountain
                 biking at all, just mountain unicycling.  -tom
                 \_ Tom, hat do you think about PGCN stock?
                    \_ I think you should stop looking at "stock tips" which
                       arrive by email from non-existant addresses.  -tom
                       \_ good one tom.
                          \_ That's why I am asking you before I invest.
                          \_ wow, tom has his own #1 Fan.  congrats tom!
                             you've made the big time!  I think I'll be
                             tom's #1 Fan's #1 Fan.  ;-)
        \_ maybe CSUA should occasionally allow alumni to revisit
           Soda and Cory.  (it is badge protected, right?)
           Does CSUA have (board) gaming nights?
           \_ You can get into both those buildings without a card key during
              the day.
2006/2/17-20 [Uncategorized] UID:41908 Activity:nil
2/17    I don't get it, why does the victim of the shooting say he's deeply
        sorry for all the hassle that the guy who shot him had to go through?
        \_ You think Cheney wouldn't go back to finish the job?
        \_ 'Cos Cheney said he didn't mean it, and Whittington knows Cheney
           just loves him and wouldn't hurt him, and sometimes Whittington
           knows he deserves it.
        \_ Ummm.. because they're friends and it was an accident?  Are you
           an idiot?
           \_ Usually when my friend injures me grievously I am mad at
              my friend for a while.  You must be the Pope.
              \_ You seem to have a lot of experiance with your friends
                 injuring you grievously.  Maybe your "friends" are trying
                 to send you a message.  Really, once or twice is an
                 accident, but...
        \_ Because he has no other option?
        \_ We can only hope that the next time Cheney shoots someone and puts
           him in intensive care, it will be less of a hassle for Cheney.
        \_ Let's just say there was some Brokeback action going on the ranch.
           \_ And Cheney mis-fired his gun on Whittington's face.  Oooh.
           \_ And as Whittington was caressing Cheney's gun, Cheney mis-fired
              it on Whittington's face.  Oooh ...
2006/2/17-20 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:41909 Activity:nil
        \_ Weird... you didn't even read your own link.  Whatever.
           \_ Wow.  Sarcasm detectors are in full on failure today...
           \_ Weird... Mormons don't get sarcasm. Whatever.
              \_ Uh, whatever.  1) not mormon, 2) your headline has nothing
                 to do with the link.  It's non sequiter, not sarcasm.
                 \_ So... You're saying you're just stupid?
                    \_ Obviously, yes, that's exactly what I'm saying since
                       the way I read the English language is nothing like the
                       much better way you invented.  I just read it like most
                       other people.  The way you read things that aren't
                       there is truly an innovation worthy of a Bill Gates
                       company.  Have you IPO'd yet?
                       \_ I'm glad your grasp of English is better than your
                          Latin.  You're still an idiot.
                          \_ Coming from you that makes me an uber genius.  If
                             I was a Mormon would you love me more or less
                             than you do now?  I still want to invest in your
                             English language reinterpretation company.  What
                             is your stock ticker?
                             \_ I didn't make the "mormon" comment.  You still
                                seem to have a broken sarcasm detector.  I hear
                                they have pills for that.
                                \_ U R TEH KEWL D00DE!  KAN EYE B U?
             \_ I love it when idiots try to "out" people on the motd.-jrleek
                \_ Even better when they're wrong.
2006/2/17-20 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:41910 Activity:nil
2/17    What's the basic technological difference between EEPROM and
        flash? Both program and erase using electricity...
        \_ i thought eeprom erases with uv light
           \_ ee = eletrically eraseable.
              you are thinking of eprom or just plain shitty prom.
2006/2/17-19 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:41911 Activity:nil
2/17    Here's what REALLY happened. After watching Bareback Mountains
        Cheney and the attorney dude decided to go get some loving in
        the woods. The attorney dude started fondling another man and
        that got Cheney jealous, who fired towards them but not directly
        at them. Cheney totally forgot that he was using a shotgun instead
        of a rifle and a few pellets hit the dude. The above is the
        actual event and everything else we see on media is just
        peppered up by Carl Rove.
                       \- is that a cheep sweedish knock off of Karl Rove?
2006/2/17-20 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:41912 Activity:moderate
2/17    What does you use for bug tracking? Does it suck? We use Bugzilla now,
        but we'd like something that's more customizable and that provides
        better reports, of a sort we can send to customers. -gm
        \_ Siebel 2000
                \_ I use Siebel too, it sucks
        \_ We use bugzilla. Being open source, it is very customizable. We
           pull data out of it to generate some pretty good statistics
           and reports. --dim
           \_ The problem with Bugzilla is that you can either customize it
              or be able to upgrade easily; you can't have both, as far as
              I can tell. As to reports, in my experience you have to write a
              bunch of code to get customizable reports out of it. That's not
              something we can point our sales people at to get what they
              need. -gm
        \_ Bug tracking?  We don't make bugs.
        \_ We just switched from Bugzilla to Jira. It is nice. -ausman
        \_ We use Devtrack.  It's pretty good at reports and summaries, so I
           see why our PM loves it.  But speaking as a developer, it sucks.
           It is based on the idea of the admin setting up a very strict
           work flow and you must fill out all the required form fields and
           forward it to the next owner before they can then fill out their
           fields and yadda yadda.  I can see that for a PM with undisciplined
           developers and QA staff, this rigidity is quite nice.  But if you
           just want to enter a quick issue like "Was not checking for a null
           pointer in FooClass.barFunc().  Fixed." Devtrack makes it a major
           pain in the ass.
2006/2/17-19 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41913 Activity:nil
2/17    This guy and I are on different subnets in the company. How
        do I make iPod share music with him? Thanks.
        \_ It's called a router.
2006/2/17-19 [Uncategorized] UID:41914 Activity:nil
2/17    You gotta love it.  "Shooting Victim Apologizes To Vice President"
        Truly we live in strange times.
2006/2/17-19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:41915 Activity:low
        Retirement at 85 and 50-year mortgage may be common by 2050.
        \_ In Japan it takes three generations to pay off a mortgage.
           \_ And in America, it takes one generation to pay off
              three mortgages. Just look at Bill gates, the Waltons,
              the Enron executives, and the Bush Dynasty.
              \_ And Soros and the Kennedy family and the Heinz
                 family and the....  What do billionaires have to do with
        \_ Yes, if pigs had wings, they may fly.
2018/11/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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