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2006/2/14-15 [Reference/RealEstate, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:41831 Activity:moderate
2/13    Rather than paying hotels and other expensive social programs
        that people always need, why doesn't the government simply give
        raw materials to the Katrina victims to build their own homes?
        Doing so will promote self-reliance, free-market, small
        government, and fiscal rectitude. I'm sick and tired of
        giving my tax dollars to lazy bums and immigrants.
        \_ That is what I don't understand neither.  We are dumping
           billions of dollars into this, can't we just divide those
           billions of dollars to the number of victims and ask them to
           relocate to somewhere else and prohibits flood zone to be developed?
           Each of the victims will have close to a million dollars for it,
           and I think that is good enough for most of them to get back on their
           and I think that is good enough for most of them to get back on
           their feet!
        \_ Your fucking "Do everything yourself" cowboy gunho Republican
           ideology doesn't work well for population that is either too
           sick, too old, and too young. Go fuck yourself.
           \_ It was a troll.  YHBT.  Go take a pill and relax.
        \- how about we given them weapons and transport to conquor
           another country.
        \_ how about they give supplies and a no-bid emergency reconstruction
           contract to Bechtel and Halliburton, and other politically
           connected contractors?
        \_ That will bypass the labor unions, good.  But then most residents
           don't have the skills to build a house that can survive a hurricane,
           let alone following all the local codes and regulations, bad.
           \_ Hell, I don't have the skills to build a house.
        \_ Why are we still building houses from scratch in NOLA?  Given the
           scale of the rebuilding and the government funding, they should
           just put up pre-fab houses that are pre-approved for hurricane
           conditions.  Pre-fab houses are cheaper and quicker to assemble,
           more environment friendly, and I am guessing less prone to cost
           inflation from corruption.
           \_ There's no such thing as a broken-dam safe house when you're
              down stream.  Anyway, why would we put any houses up in an
              area that is just going to get wiped out again anyway?
              \_ Agreed.  But given that we're putting up houses anyway,
                 why not do it in an efficient manner? -pp
                 \_ Because this isn't a command economy?
                    \_ Of course people can build whatever they wish.  But
                       the government can have separate application processes
                       for pre-fab and bespoke houses, and the process for
                       pre-approved, pre-inspected, pre-negotiated, pre-fab
                       houses can quite reasonably be simpler.
                       \_ Are you kidding me? Your solution is *more*
                          government 'processes'?
                          \_ Do you get whiplash when your knee jerks that
                             \_ Think about your 'solution' realistically.
                                \_ Oh, I do.  It's clear I'm too subtle for
                                \_ It's ok.  I understand you don't understand.
                                   \_ Bureaucracy never solved anything. Are
                                      you Chinese by any chance?
                                      \_ Again the knee jerk.  Now consider
                                         your previous question
                                         "why would we put any houses up?".
                                         Perhaps my solution is one that
                                         yields a favorable outcome whether
                                         it achieves its stated goal or not.
                                         \_ My last comment was "why would we".
                                            Anyway, to your question: because
                                            a solution that doesn't achieve
                                            its stated goal is a failure?  How
                                            about restating your goal to be,
                                            "create more government jobs and
                                            raise taxes"?  Then your solution
                                            and outcome would match.
2006/2/14-15 [Computer/Companies/Google, Industry/Startup] UID:41832 Activity:high
        Google to drop to $345. My prediction is coming true. I win
        the Motd Stock Prediction award.                -stock guru
        \_ Are you the same guy who shorted Google at the IPO price?
           \_ You couldn't short it at the IPO price.
              \_ So you wanted to short it at $100, but couldn't, so you
                 win the Motd Stock Prediction Award because it's $345 now?
                 \_ I wanted to short it when all of the options expired
                    and initial shareholders were able to sell. That was
                    not when it IPOed.
                    \_ so you mean, in February 2005, when it was below 200.
                       Nice prediction!  -tom
                       \_ I'm not "stock guru" but I admit my prediction
                          was wrong. I still think GOOG will fall below
                          200. It's just a matter of when. I'm sure your
                          stock picks are always 100% correct, though,
                          which is why you make the big bucks.
                          \_ No, my picks are not 100% correct, but at least
                             I give real thought to them.  -tom
                             \_ If you give "real thought" to them and
                                they miss then who cares, right? I did
                                a lot of research on GOOG and I still
                                believe it's overvalued at even 200. You
                                took one data point and concluded somehow
                                that you give more "real thought" to stock
                                picks than I do. That exhibits a lack of
                                much "real thought".
                                \_ Now I see why your login is "dim".  -tom
                                   \_ How original. I guess you took 'tom'
                                      because 'twink' was taken.
                                      \_ tom makes lots of noise but he
                                         never bought goog, as he himself
                                         admitted.  he does own berkshire
                                         which was 92000 two years ago,
                                         and 88000 now.  His best stock
                                         seems to be logitech which ain't
                                         bad but recently dropped 20%.
                                         \_ I am up 26% on BRKB.  For full
                                            AAPL (+658%)
                                            ENN (+55% plus ~5% yearly
                                            APCC (+19%)
                                            PEP (+38%)
                                            PLCM (-6%)
                                            CSCO (-37%)
                                            PIXR (+79%)
                                            \_ Sorry, forgot I just sold my
                                               PIXR.  -tom
                                            NAPS (16 shares due to spin-off,
                                            RNWK (-78%)
                                            AMZN (+175%)
                                            LOGI (+179%)
                                            FDRY (+15%)
                                            SAP (+30%)
                                            MAPTX (+23%)
                                            PHG (+32%)
                                            That's more or less the order I
                                            bought them.
                                            My time horizon is not two months
                                            or two years.  -tom
                                            \_ Interesting but percentages w/
                                               out knowing the raw dollar or
                                               at least relative value of each
                                               isn't meaningful.  Down 6% on
                                               PLCM could wipe you out if you
                                               had 99% of your money in it.
                                               \_ Now you're reaching, man.
                                            \_ how long have you owned AAPL?
                                               \_ I first bought AAPL in 1995.
                                                  I've purchased it several
                                                  times since then.  The above
                                                  percentage is based on the
                                                  combined cost basis.  -tom
                                            \_ not bad, but nothing
                                               spectacular, especially given
                                               that without apple, your
                                               performance would be very
                                               ordinary, and while apple
                                               ain't bad, it took you 10
                                               \_ I'm not looking for
                                                  spectacular returns.  -tom
                                                  \_ why not?  if you give
                                                     it some real thought,
                                                     as opposed to getting
                                                     into silly arguments
                                                     about a stock that you
                                                     didn't even buy,
                                                     you can have better
                                                     returns, like me.
                                         \_ tom is *always* right.  bow down
                                            to perfection.
                                            \_ Tom, should I buy DKDY?
                                               \_ I don't know; it depends
                                                  on your goals, risk
                                                  tolerance, and belief in
                                                  the underlying company.  I
                                                  personally wouldn't buy it.
                                                    \_ Tom, what should my
                                                       goals be?
                                                       \_ How about "die with
                                                          more twink points
                                                          than any other sodan"?
                                                       \_ start with "get
                                                          a clue."  -tom
                                                          \_ Tom -> trolled
2006/2/14-15 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:41833 Activity:moderate
2/13    So, now that Hamas is in power, is it likely they're going to change
        their military stance toward Israel?
        \_ Um, since the election they've repeatedly said their goal continues
           to be to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.  Why would you
           expect them to change anything?
           \_ Wishful thinking?
           \_ Because if they don't, they'll be broke and destitute.  The
              "Arab" community doesn't really like them, they just enjoy
              using them as an excuse for poor behavior.
              \_ I suppose after a while they might just emulate Araft by
                 saying nice things on the world stage, but supporting
                 terrorists at home.
        \_ free democratic elections in the middle east!
           as long as the people elect who we want
           \_ This is the whole thing about being responsible for your vote
              and government in a democracy.  If you elect fuckwits to office
              who your foreign sponsors hate, they'll cut your fuckit people
              off the free flow of cash.  If your people are willing to forgoe
              foreign aid in exchange for having fuckwit terrorists as your
              government, then more power to you.  I applaud the palestinian
              people for finally standing up and telling the world how they
              really feel and putting in people who best represent that
              feeling, however I'm not required to help fund their newly
              elected terrorist organization.  The sooner the rest of the
              middle east elects the same sort of terrorist psychos, the
              sooner the rest of the world will "get it".  Frankly, the
              honesty of the palestinian people is refreshing.
              \_ with all the enormous corruption in the palestinian government
                 I don't think the people even care; they probably barely
                 see a cent of it anyway.
                 \_ Fatah was corrupt.  It remains to be seen how much Hamas
                    pockets, but they have "won the hearts and minds" of the
                    people with hospitals, etc that Fatah's greedy hands
                    weren't able to run.  They're murderous scum but they're
                    not entirely stupid.  Expect more hospitals, schools, etc
                    along with more EU and UN money going directly into more
                    terrorist acts.
                    \_ Ah, but with that political capital that Hamas has with
                       the man in the street, they could probably get far more
                       popular support for a peace agreement than Fatah.
                       I'm not saying they'll do it, just that if they suddenly
                       had a change of heart, they are in a better position to
                       do it than the previous leadership.  Like Nixon in China.
        \_ Dude, I don't really know what is the big deal with Hamas?
           PLO was on Terrorist List, PKK of Iraq is *STILL*
           on the Terrorist List and we are dumping millions of dollars to
           aid their cause.  What makes Hamas so special that just because
           they are supposely a "terrorist organization" that we won't deal
           with them any more different than PLO and PKK?   *FURTHER*, what
           is the big deal about democratically elected government?  If we
           don't like them, we can always topple them.  We've done it in
           Guatemala, Iran, and Chile, and we can always do that again anytime
           we wanted.
           \_ Standard big world politics.  Our bastards vs. not-our bastards.
              \_ didn't say anything about others.  But I am just so sick of
                 hearing us having any principles.
        \_ No, they don't have any reason to change their stance.  They are
           fighting for what they believe is a legitimate cause (i.e. why
           should Palestine lose land for the creation of Israel when it
           was the Germans that commited the atrocities of WWII).  And
           honestly, Bush should put himself on the terror list.  Who else
           but him could unilaterally attack a nation over false pretense?
           Who else but him would torture others around the world?  Does
           any other nation around the world even do that anymore?  I've
           never seen anyone more morally bankrupt.  It disgusts me.
           \_ You were doing fine until you got to, "Bush should put...".
              Then you fell into whacky nut ranter territory.
           \_ Germany already lost a large amount of land which went
              to Poland and Russia, while Russia kept half of the prewar
              Poland that Stalin took in agreement with Hitler, which the
              noble allies conveniently overlooked along with his invasion
              of Finland and seizure of land there. They drove out all
              the Poles from that area and all the Germans from the other
              areas. So that land is what could have become Israel.
              But anyway... the Jews would always want the Palestinian
              Israel. Also Palestine wasn't and isn't a country so
              technically it didn't lose land.
              As for your Bush rant, it doesn't help your cause to spout
              hyperbolic bullshit.
2006/2/14 [Uncategorized] UID:41834 Activity:nil
2/14    Hamlin Woman Dies After Crash
2006/2/14-15 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:41835 Activity:moderate
2/14    Laser guns to be deployed in Iraq:
        \_ "But 10 months later . and after a prototype destroyed about 90% of
           the IEDs laid in its path during a battery of tests . not a single
           JIN has been shipped to Iraq," the Times notes.
           So, uh, I assume it doesn't magically find IEDs on its own (which
           seems like the actual problem).  Couldn't an M-16 barrage destroy
           90% of known IEDs in one's path?
           \_ We don't like to litter M-16 shells
           \_ It would drive in front of convoys and detonate any IEDs
              in the way, rather like a minesweeper of sorts. It "finds"
              them by blowing them up if they exist.
              \_ ?  How does that work?  Is it just shooting lightning all
                 over the place?
                 \_ "JIN would sweep dangerous areas clear of bombs before
                    U.S. troops entered."
                 \_ Reading more about it (in other articles) I think my
                    characterization is wrong. I wonder if they have
                    multiple products?
              \_ Kind of. The idea is to saturate a volume of space with
                 very short bursts of lightning. That should be sufficient to
                 detonate or render useless any IEDs in the area.
              \_ Watch this video:
                 Essentially, it has an extended arm that sweeps over an area.
                 The arm is shooting, straight down, the aforementioned
                 femto-second laser pulses. The end result is an explosion or
                 a shorting out of the IED. Yes, this could damage the unit.
                 a shorting out of the IED. Yes, this could damage the g-unit.
                 \_ In WW2, they had tanks with large horizontal rollers/bars
                    that had numerous heavy chains attached that spun around
                    the roller setting off mines.  How is this any different
                    except that it requires hi-tek, a lot of cleaning and will
                    break more easily?
                    \_ Some IEDs are cell-phone operated. Beating the ground
                       with chains might set off mines, but it wouldn't
                       necessarily set off an IED or disable it.
2006/2/14-15 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:41836 Activity:nil
        "Yes, Colleen and Candy, Colleen being the Atari 800 and Candy the 400
        were 2 well endowed female employees. In fact almost all the original
        hardware projects were named after well endowed Atari female
        employees. The Atari 2600 was Stella, the Atari 3600 (never came out,
        a horrible 10-bit processor design) was Sylvia and the Atari 5200 was
        PAM, ..."
        How many original hardware projects did Atari have?  Damn, it must have
        been a very pleasant place to work!  I was born too late, too bad.
        \_ The background art in the Atari games Xenophobe and
           Rampage feature very busty females.
           \_ what video game art doesn't feature busty females??
              \_ Try the Castro district in SF.
                 \_ HAHAHAH! FAG JOKES ARE FUNNY!
                    \_ Actually, I've noticed that a lot of the video game
                        art featuring MEN often feature ludicriously oversized
                        codpieces ... Either that's where sci fi soldiers
                        store a second change of clothes or ...
                        \_ Sci-fi soldiers are evolutionally superior to--
                        \_ Those are actually female soldiers on steroid
                           wearing Maxi pads.
        \_ More importantly, no apparent shortage of busty females
           working there.
2006/2/14-15 [Finance/Banking] UID:41837 Activity:low
2/14    I tried to get my free credit report from
        After being transferred to a credit bureau and told that they found
        my file, the site tried to authenticate my identity by saying that
        I "may have opened a mortage loan" around a particular year and month
        and asked me to identify the lender and the terms of the credit.  I
        never had that so I thought it was a trick question and selected none
        of the above.  Then after asking me if I want to pay for credit score +
        extra stuff, it told me I cannot get my report online.  It is not
        possible for me to request by mail right now.  So does the question
        I was asked already indicate a problem?
        \_ Multiple people with the same name?
        \_ I got reports from all 3 credit agency. The question they
           ask varies. Have you tried the other ones? If you suspect
           there are problems, it may be worth the $ to get a full
           report. In my experience, I find Transunion's report most
           professional and complete.
        \_ . I think it's 15 bucks but they jump through all the
                hoops for you. Worth it.
2006/2/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41838 Activity:high
2/14    Valentine's day must be celebrated differently south of the border:
        \_ What about these stories indicates "south of the border"? There is
           no mention of citizenship or country-of-origin in either.
2006/2/14 [Health/Disease/General] UID:41839 Activity:high 57%like:41840
2/14    Happy VD Day!
        \_ Happy Venereal Disease Day?  Well, that's true.
2006/2/14 [Uncategorized] UID:41840 Activity:high 57%like:41839
2/14    Happy VD Day! [I'll outlast you, deleter]
        \_ Happy Venereal Disease Day?  Well, that's true.
2006/2/14-15 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Security] UID:41841 Activity:moderate
2/14    Related to the gaming thread below.  What made you/inspired you to
        take CS?  Computer gaming as a kid?
        \_ Hott CS women.  I was obviously misled.
           \_ Isn't karen hot?
              \_ Note that the comment is plural.
              \_ If you're CS, yes.
        \_ I liked computers and liked the idea of controlling them.  I guess
           I got started with LOGO and a toy robot that could be given simple
           programs like "go forward, turn left, go forward, flash lights" etc.
        \_ When I was 7 years old I used a Heathkit computer that my uncle had
           bought.  Just seeing some of the retarded games on it got me
        \_ Anthro 193 survey form filled out by 200+ undergrads: all but a
           trivial number said "money" or "parents made me for money".
           \_ must have been during the boom years.  I liked CS because it
              was interesting.
              \_ Early 90s.  Definitely pre-boom.  It was a recession.
        \_ Writing really simple games in basic/pascal.
        \_ Writing really simple but cool graphics code on an old Atari.
           Pixels and sprites 4 life!
        \_ Writing machine code on Apple II with no assembler to read some
           hardware switches, and interfacing it with BASIC, was fun.
           \_ Fuckin' a.
           \_ Reminds me of when I wrote machine code to access the sectors of
              a disk directly so I could read the Ultima IV map off the disks.
              Then I remapped the character set of my dot-matrix printer to
              match the game.  The map was 256x256 squares.  Ah, those were the
              days of hand-assembled 6502.
              \_ Just goes to show that practical application is a powerful
                 motivator; I learned ResEdit just so's I screw around with
                 hex code in Prince of Persia.
              \_ We made our own maps on Ultima IV & III once we learned what
                 all the codes stood for.
        \_ My mom was a ai researcher.
2006/2/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:41842 Activity:nil
2/14    Do you think you can restrict yourself to 80 columns? I know you can.
        \_ I only see two lines in this >500-line motd that are longer than 80
           \_ I fixed a few more before getting sick of it.
2006/2/14 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:41843 Activity:high
2/14    Boredcast Message from 'danh': Tue Feb 14 09:46:50 2006
        I would so love to butt fuck her until she collapses into a puddle of
        incoherent mush.  what is it about ann coulter that elicits a desire
        for ANAL sex over other kinds of sex?  does she exude ass-hunger?
        \_ No danh, it means you're a rapist.
           \_ You realize he's quoting someone else, right?
           \_ Is that you, ilyas? Anyway, he didn't say anything about it
              being non-consensual.
        \_ It's because she's a transvestite.
        \_ She doesn't eat enough fiber.
        \_ She's already a pile of incoherent mush.
2006/2/14-15 [Reference/Military] UID:41844 Activity:high
2/14    Poll:  Do you wish that Harry Whittington would die so that Dick Cheney
        can get arrested and charged for involuntary manslaughter?
        Yes: .
        You're insane: ..
        No, and it's time for a change in your meds: ..
        You're way fucking stupidly ridiculously madly beyond belief insane: ..
        \_ No, because Whittington will suddently became a "terrorist suspect"
           and die of "natural causes" in one of those secret detention center
           somewhere in Egypt.  Cheney will get out of jail.. free.
        \_ What if he did die in the next few days?
        \_ So what's gonna happen to Dick Cheney? Basically nothing right?
           It's nice to be the vice president.
           \_ It's good to be the king.
           \_ What would happen if you accidentally shot an old friend while
              hunting? If the victim or family refuses to press charges,
              the worst that would happen is you'd lose your hunting license.
              \_ Involuntary manslaughter, maybe reckless endagerment type
                 charges if you were a dumbass.
                 \_ Only if he dies. And reckless endangerment requires
                    witnesses and cooperation from the victim.
                 \_ Probably not if the victim contributed to his own death
                    by failing to use normal rules of hunting.
                    \_ Ah, the Swift Boating begins...
                          \_ Huh? All I'm saying is that if the victim didn't
                             use ordinary care and follow the common rules of
                             safety in hunting then the VP is not at fault.
                             If however, as the post below suggests, the victim
                             was using ordinary care, then the VP is at fault
                             and should be punished accordingly.
                             Personally I think hunting is leem and that one
                             assumes the risk that people will die whenever
                             one walks around w/ a loaded gun. But it is
                             entirely possible that I don't understand the
                             importance of hunting b/c of thousands of years
                             of cultural bias towards strict vegetarianism.
                             importance of hunting due to a strong historical
                             bias towards non-violence and vegetarianism.
                             \_ If someone is hit by a hunter, it is ALWAYS
                                the hunter's fault.
                                You are responsible for where and what you
                                shoot.  Period.
                                \_ "Ultimately, I'm the guy who pulled the
                                   trigger that fired the round that hit Harry,"\
                                   "You can talk about all the other conditions
                                   trigger that fired the round that hit Harry,"
                                   "You can talk about all the other conditions
                                   that existed at the time, but that's the
                                   bottom line"  "It was not Harry's fault,"
                                   "You can't blame anybody else. I'm the guy
                                   who pulled the trigger and shot my friend.
                                   It's a day I'll never forget."
                                   -Dick Cheney, at a press conference today
                                   Now close your eyes and try to imagine
                                   George Bush ever taking responsibility for
                                   his actions like this.
                                \_ I disagree. If you are hunting and some
                                   guy jumps into the line of fire, that is
                                   not your fault. The only thing you could
                                   to was to NOT hunt. Even I think that
                                   asking people to give up hunting is too
                                   Also think of the self defense case, if
                                   the person is being attacked by a large
                                   bear or bison or some such and fires his
                                   gun at the animal but hits someone else
                                   b/c he was flustered, it is not reasonable
                                   to think that a person should not have
                                   taken means to protect themselves on the
                                   chance that someone might be hurt.
                       \_ The rules exist for a reason.  If you don't follow
                          them and get shot... shrug.
                          \_ gee, I could have sworn that one of the rules
                             is "don't shoot people."  -tom
                             \_ I don't know anything about quail hunting, and
                                I'm not ready to take a side here, but what
                                if they had been target shooting, and the
                                shooting victim had been hanging out behind the
                                target area?  Wouldn't it be his fault then?
                                I think the claim the defenders are making
                                is that this is roughly equivalent.  Personally,
                                it seems to me that their "safety rules" are
                                bunk and that quail hunting with shotguns
                                is simply a retarded activity.
                                shooting victim had been hanging out behind
                                the target area?  Wouldn't it be his fault
                                then? I think the claim the defenders are
                                making is that this is roughly equivalent.
                                Personally, it seems to me that their
                                "safety rules" are bunk and that quail
                                hunting with shotguns is simply a retarded
                                \_ From CNN: Whittington shot a bird and went
                                   to retrieve it in the tall grass, while
                                   Cheney and the third hunter walked to
                                   another spot and discovered a second covey.
                                   Whittington "came up from behind the vice
                                   president and the other hunter and didn't
                                   signal them or indicate to them or announce
                                   himself," Armstrong said. "The vice
                                   president didn't see him," she continued.
                                   "The covey flushed and the vice president
                                   picked out a bird and was following it and
                                   shot. And by God, Harry was in the line of
                                   fire and got peppered pretty good."
                                   --So it sounds like the VP turned around to
                                   shoot the bird. That suggests that the
                                   victim wasn't putting himself in the way of
                                   \_ I think this supports my claim that
                                      quail hunting with shotguns in this
                                      manner is just retarded.  The idea that
                                      you're going out with a group of people
                                      and shooting an animal that's going to
                                      move a significant distance between the
                                      time that you sight it in and the time
                                      you pull the trigger, using a weapon
                                      that sprays shot around seems destined
                                      for accidents.  This is supported by
                                      the various other quail hunters who've
                                      said that they've also gotten "peppered".
                                      What the fuck?  How many responsible deer
                                      hunters do you think would talk casually
                                      about getting "winged" by a riffle bullet
                                      from one of their hunting buddies?  None.
                                      It seems to me that the VP is really just
                                      guilty of participating in an assanine,
                                      intrinsically dangerous sport.
                                      \_ If you don't shoot quail with a
                                         shotgun then what would you do
                                         \_ What a strange question.  Read
                                            a book?  Go for a bike ride?
                                            Go shooting at a gun range?
                                            Shooting quail is pretty near the
                                            bottom of my list of things I'd
                                            like to try.  Particularly since
                                            I hate the taste of bird meat.
                                            \_ Not strange.  I think you
                                               misunderstood the question.
                                               I suspect PP was asking "if you
                                               don't use a shotgun, then what
                                               *would* you use?".
                                   \_ You miss the part about wandering around
                                      in an area where his buddies are known
                                      to be shooting and not announcing
                                      himself?  Weird how you can quote that
                                      whole thing, cherry pick a line and then
                                      flip the entire thing around to mean
                                      something entirely different from what
                                      you quoted.  Do you wish he'd killed the
                                      guy so Cheney could be up on charges?
                                      \_ First: if the guy came up behind the
                                         VP, that means the VP had to turn
                                         180 to face and shoot him; also, it
                                         is customary NOT to make noise when
                                         approaching fellow hunters from behind
                                         because you might spook the birds.
                                         Second: your line about wondering
                                         if I wanted Whittington to die reveals
                                         that you're really not interested in
                                         a serious, non-political discussion.
                                         \_ I'm not a quaill hunter and suspect
                                            you're not either, but from your
                                            quote, it appears that making
                                            noise in order to not get shot is
                                            considered more important than your
                                            buddies missing a kill.  Since this
                                            thread was started a poll asking
                                            if we wanted the guy to die so
                                            Cheney could face charges, it was
                                            completely in context and
                                            appropriate for me to ask if you
                                            wanted him to die.
                                            \_ I apologize for misunderstanding
                                               I thought we'd moved passed that
                                               silliness and were now on to
                                               whether the VP or Whit were to
                                               blame. From the way the story
                                               has been reported, Whit acted
                                               within reason for the activity.
                                               The VP did not. The ultimate
                                               responsibility for ANY hunting
                                               accident rests with the person
                                               who was holding the gun.
                                               \_ np.  Yes, pulling the trigger
                                                  is serious business but so is
                                                  going anywhere you know
                                                  triggers are being pulled.  I
                                                  wouldn't walk out in a live
                                                  fire army shooting range and
                                                  expect to live or blame the
                                                  poor private who killed me.
                                                  \_ Which is why, if Whit
                                                     doesn't die, there will
                                                     likely be no charges filed
                                                     against the VP. If he
                                                     dies, however, this
                                                     could become negligent
                                                     homocide or even involun-
                                                     tary manslaughter.
                                            \_ This is complete crap. The VP
                                               fucked up. The number two rule
                                               of firing a gun is to know
                                               what you are shooting at and
                                               what is behind it. This is a
                                               clear cut case of bad judgement.
                                               The fact that he had to turn
                                               to shoot and did not know the
                                               location of all members of the
                                               hunting party is HIS fault.
                                               This is especially important
                                               when hunting game and birds like
                                               quail which are low flyers.
                                               blame. From the way the story
                                               has been reported, Whit acted
                                               within reason for the activity.
                                               The VP did not. The ultimate
                                               responsibility for ANY hunting
                                               accident rests with the person
                                               who was holding the gun.
                                               \_ Put your shit in the right
                                                  place.  You interrupted my
                                                  response to the more
                                                  reasonable person above.
                                                  So tell us how many times
                                                  you've been quail hunting?
                                                  \_ That might be a question
                                                     worth asking as a new
                                                     thread. Has anyone here
                                                     ever hunted quail?  I know
                                                     a lot of hunters, but I
                                                     don't think I even know
                                                     anyone who's hunted quail.
                                                     Maybe it's just a southern
                                                  \_ Fixed.
        \_ Why all the fuss? If Whittington was really pissed off, he would
           have shot back. That's why everyone has guns.
           \_ GUN DUEL!
           Cheney could face charges.
2006/2/14-15 [Science/Electric, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:41845 Activity:nil
2/14    PKD droid does a runner: (Sydney Morning Herald)
        \_ Of course, there's no proof it ever existed except in photoshop.
           \_ I've seen video, so.. "except in photoshop and premiere"
2006/2/14-15 [Health] UID:41846 Activity:nil 66%like:41853
2/14    I hate Valentine's Day
        \_ Let's get drunk and screw
           \_ Drinking doesn't seem to actually kill the pain or cause total
              forgetfullnes.  Can someone recommend a drug available on the
              street that might be more effective?
        \_ When I had no SO, a bunch of us single geeks at work used to go out
           and have a nice dinner this day every year.
        \_ Beware the siren's song, it leads only to that unending nightmare
           of suffering from which death will be your only relief.
           \_ Wait, I thought that was birth.
2006/2/14-15 [Finance/Investment] UID:41847 Activity:moderate
2/14    Poll: favorite stock that you own.  Must have market cap > $200Mil:
        (ETFs okay):
        \_ GOOG: .
        \_ CRXL: .
        \_ MRVL, MSPD
        \_ WAG:  .
        \_ EFII: .
        \_ AAPL: .
        \_ EWZ: .
        \_ AMD: .
        \_ CSCO: .
        \_ Yay, its back to 1999.  Can we at least wait for the housing bubble
           to burst before ushering in the next stock one?
           \_ if you hate bubbles, you can always do the hedge fund long short
              market neutral thing.
           \_ if you hate bubbles, you can always try the hedge fund long short
              market neutral strategy.
2006/2/14-15 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:41848 Activity:nil
2/14    Wiretapping, European-Style.
        \_ The UK has one of the highest concentration of CCTV cameras in
           the world.  Things that would be looked at as horrendous in the
           US are taken for granted there; there is very little concern
           for privacy in many initiatives ranging from collecting road
           tax and issuing speeding tickets to what the yellow press is allowed
           to get away with.  This is done in the name of protecting children
           or preventing terrorism, and taken to incredible extremes.
           Interestingly enough, the UK actually has fairly strict privacy
           and data protection legislation, but I'm still trying to work out
           exactly how (and if) it really works.  -John
           \_ Yeah, it's pretty crazy the amount of information many
              Western European governments know about the people that live
              within their borders and it certainly should not be a model
              for the US to imitate.
2006/2/14 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:41849 Activity:high
2/14    Fuck you.  Do you want to fight?  I'll totally fight you.
        \_ Context--    Care to elaborate?     -- motd-2
           \_ Response to the I-want-to-get-my-ass-kicked fucking shithead
              jive ass bastard cocksucker who keeps reposting the
              "Happy V--------- day" shit.  I vowed yesterday that if anyone
              said anything like that to me today it would result in a
              real, bloody fight, and I'm willing to buy a plane ticket to
              California to live up to it.
2006/2/14-15 [Recreation/Media] UID:41850 Activity:nil
2/14    RIP, Andreas Katsulas.  Goodbye G'Kar!
2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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