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2006/2/10-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41788 Activity:high
2/9     Dear married men, what do you do with your porn? Do you hide them,
        look at them openly, or throw them away? What's the best way to
        deal with the issue of um, she keeps having headache or
        just doesn't feel like it?
        \_ If those are your real life issues, your smallest concern should be
           your porn collection.  You should be worried about your failing
           marriage as well as who she is screwing if it isn't you.
        \_ Internet, dude! Hardcopy is so... lacking. And, yes, it's okay for
           married men to masturbate.
           \_ Yep, cool by me.  He should keep his cock in his hand getting
              off to net porn while someone else is banging his wife.  Good
              plan!  There's some sort of Darwin thing going on there.  I like
              \_ Your odd assumption that she's somehow not satisfied betrays
                 your lack of understanding of how Real Life with mature
                 adults actually works.
                 \_ Odd assumption?  Read the OP again.  "she keeps having
                    headache or just doesn't feel like it".  Maybe you think
                    your wife really does just have lots of headaches that
                    mysterious occur only when you're horny, but out here in
                    Real Life Land, mature adults with headaches are banging
                    the milkman.  You have betrayed your lack of understanding
                    of how English works.
                    \_ You are confusing Real World with Real Life. In Real
                       Life, having a headache or a decreased sexual appetite
                       usually has roots in issues other than cheating. If
                       your experience has invariably been otherwise, stop
                       marrying unbalanced wrecks.
                       \_ Cheating isn't the root.  Cheating is the result
                          of an unhappy sexless marriage.  You're confusing
                          cause and effect.  You continue to betray your lack
                          of understanding of the English language.
                          \_ Physician, heal thyself. OP wonders what to do
                             when wife says she has a headache or doesn't feel
                             like it. He doesn't say this happens all the time.
                             He implies that he wants advice on what to do when
                             he's horny but his wife is not. Nothing in his
                             post implies cheating. The correct response to
                             his question is, have a wank and get over it.
                             \_ I know he didn't say she's cheating.  *I* said
                                she's cheating or soon will be.  The correct
                                response is figure out what's wrong with your
                                marriage if your marriage is such a mess you
                                think you need *motd* help to figure out your
                                porn/sex-with-wife issues.  If he isn't taking
                                care of her needs, someone else will.
2006/2/10-13 [Reference/BayArea] UID:41790 Activity:nil
2/10    history of the SF BURRITO - danh
        \_ From a linked page:
            Even the legendary taquerias are changing. "In '79 and '80, Anglo
            families were chased out of taquerias. There was no way there was
            gonna be any gentrification back then," says Felipe Velez, an
            assistant teacher at Real Alternatives Program high school. But now
            even the taquerias are changing. "At El Castillito, they're wearing
            uniforms now," Velez says. "They're charging for chips and salsa. I
            will shoot my son and daughter if they ever order a green burrito."
           OK, seriously, this reminds me of "I remember back when women weren't
           allowed out of the house.  I'd beat my wife if she ever asked for
           anything"  And this is a teacher!
            Even the legendary taquerias are changing. "In '79 and '80,
            Anglo families were chased out of taquerias. There was no way
            there was gonna be any gentrification back then," says Felipe
            Velez, an assistant teacher at Real Alternatives Program high
            school. But now even the taquerias are changing. "At El
            Castillito, they're wearing uniforms now," Velez says. "They're
            charging for chips and salsa. I will shoot my son and daughter
            if they ever order a green burrito." OK, seriously, this reminds
            me of "I remember back when women weren't allowed out of the
            house.  I'd beat my wife if she ever asked for anything"
           And this is a teacher!
              "El Castillito charges for chips now too, 75 cents,
              just like El Farolito, only at least El Farolito gives
              you a fairly generous amount. El Castillito gave me a
              handful or so, wedged into the same basket as the
              burrito. Fuck that shit. If I'm paying separately for a
              burrito and chips, I want a basket for the burrito and a
              basket for a whole basketful of chips.

              Add it up: $3.48, 75c, 75c, $1.15, that's $6.13. (Same
              exact meal used to add up to $4.20 in the not-so-distant
              glory days.) Then the guy behind the cash register
              rolled his eyes when I handed him a twenty, asked all
              aggravatedly if I had anything smaller.

              Yeah, man. I did. I had a five."   -tom
2006/2/10-13 [Recreation/Humor, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:41791 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
2/10    Rave Party!  (No clue, don't ask)  -John
2006/2/10-13 [Recreation/Humor] UID:41792 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
2/10    more CHUCK
        \_ Not funny.
        \_ After that smile on their faces when Chuck returns the handbag to
           the woman in red, I fully expected the next scene to be a squeaking
           bed given what all the other Chuck Norris Fact Sheets say.  But
        \_ Sung by Jack Bauer no less!  The Bauer/Norris rivalry continues!
2006/2/10-13 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:41793 Activity:moderate
2/10    "Spyware Barely Touches Firefox"
        "Internet Explorer users can be as much as 21 times more likely to end
        up with a spyware-infected PC than people who go online with Mozilla's
        Firefox browser, academic researchers from Microsoft's backyard said in
        a recently published paper."
        \_ I hate made up statistics like "21x more likely to!!!!".  There are
           many reasons for this such as the generally higher clue level of
           people who know enough to make an active decision to install/use an
           alternative browser (or have someone smart set it up for them) which
           means the machine is better maintained in general and the user is
           less likely to download and run freeporn.exe from  Yes,
           IE is a piece of crap, but FF has it's own problems and there are
           many ways for shitware to get on a box.
           \_ yes, but.  working in IT, I've never had a problem with spyware
              on machines running firefox as the main browser.  with IE
              sometimes you don't have to click the misleading message to
              accidentally hose your system... sometimes you just need to go
              to the wrong site in your daily google searching.  no matter
              what problems FF has, it doesn't change the fact that IE is a
              total piece of crap.
              \_ Absolutely true.  But as I said above, the browser isn't the
                 only way and clue level is just as important, if not more so.
                 The loud mouthed sales moron always had porn popups but the
                 equally clueless marketing chick didn't because she didn't
                 run freeporn.exe every morning.  User behavior.
                 \_ it's the same users going to the same sites.  It's just
                    that with FF I haven't had to spend as much time fixing
                    hosed computers.  -pp
           \_ Did you actually read the article?  The study was not a survey of
              infection rates from internet ussers out there who install or
              don't install browsers themselves.  The IE and Fx test machines
              were set up by the same two professors and their two grad
              \_ A survey of infection rates would be more useful than 2 bored
                 grad students surfing the net.  At least then we could pretend
                 it was an "all else being equal" and "we used a large enough
                 sample size to..." argument.
                 \_ They didn't surf the net themselves.  They used web
                    crawlers to do the surfing.  (So they didn't get to enjoy
                    the porn while doing official work.)
                 \_ The result is pretty clear; if you go to the same set of
                    randomly-selected sites with unpatched IE and unpatched
                    Firefox, you're much more likely to get spyware on the
                    IE machine.  If you want to do a different study, do it.
                    \_ "with unpatch IE and unpatched Firefox".  What a
                       useless study.  How about a study of what happens to
                       unpatched Linux machines on the net?  Equally useless.
                       \_ A lot less happens to unpatched Linux machines than
                          unpatched Windows machines; that's the point.
                          (Typically an unpatched Windows machine will be
                          broken into within minutes of being connected to
                          the net, if it's not behind a firewall.  -tom
                          \_ And it will take about 10 minutes more for the
                             Linux box.  There's no point.  Anyone who runs
                             an unpatched anything will very quickly get hit
                             with something nasty and if by some miracle they
                             don't, they'll run freeporndialer.exe.  It does
                             not matter in the least if it takes 5 minutes or
                             15 minutes for your box to get owned if you're
                             unpatched.  A study that might have been useful
                             would have been patched boxes, but I suspect when
                             they tried that first, very little happened.  I'm
                             highly suspicious of this 'study' of unpatched
                             \_ All MS apologists are suspicious of studies
                                which show that Windows is a security risk.
                                Anyone who actually has to manage different
                                platforms already knows it.  -tom
                                \_ Yep, when you're against the wall and have
                                   nothing left to support your argument,
                                   resort to personal attack and smear.  Good
                                   \_ You have provided absolutely nothing to
                                      support your argument.  -tom
                                      \_ The sky is still blue, academic
                                         tests of unpatched boxes is still
                                         stupid and you resort to personal
                                         attack when cornered.  I'm glad the
                                         world remains predictable.  BTW, how
                                         does it feel to always be right?  I
                                         always wondered what it was like to
                                         be perfect.  Please tell us.
                                         \_ sounds like you're the one
                                            resorting to personal attack. -tom
                                            \_ Tell us about perfection and
                                               always being right, tom.
                                               \_ Step back, man.  AFAICT, tom
                                                  has been pretty technical and
                                                  succinct in expressing his
                                                  opinions.  Perhaps you should
                                                  reread the thread again, man.
                                                  reread the thread again.
                                                  Could you elucidate to a
                                                  clueless like me what exactly
                                                  it was that was said that
                                                  that upset you so much? -mice
                                                  it was that was said which
                                                  upset you so much? -mice
                                                  was said which upset you
                                                  so much? -mice
                                                  opinions. Could you elucidate
                                                  to a clueless like me what
                                                  was said which upset you so
                                                  much?               -mice
2006/2/10-13 [Recreation/House] UID:41794 Activity:kinda low Cat_by:auto
2/10    Has anyone bought tatami's to use in the living room or tea room?
        How heavy are they and what are you thought? Thanks.
        \_ one tatami
           two tatami
           three tatami
        \_ Yeah--they're not tremdously heavy (straw with rice filling if
           made the "real" way); an average person should be able to lift
           3-4 at a time without too much trouble (weight-wise; they're a bit
           clumsily sized.)  Make sure you plan it out well, as authentic
           tatamis only come in 2 sizes (full or half) and they vary a lot
           in quality and price.  Best ask someone more familiar with
           Japanese furniture for what to look for.  -John
        \_ my girlfriend sleeps in a tatami room.  I can ask her when
           she comes home sunday.
           \_ Is she a HAWT AZN CHIX0R?
              \_ My girlfriend has been sleeping like a big pig since
                 returning.  I will ask her once she awakens from her
                 jet lag induced stupor.
                 time zone switching induced stupor.
        \_ you can get real tatami's at , we actually
           use them for sleeping, though. they were actually heavier than I
           thought they would be, and are made with high quality.
           \_ do they fit on a standard futon?
        \_ you do know that all sort of parasites eventually live off
           tatami, right?
2006/2/10-13 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:41795 Activity:moderate
2/10    What was your computer configuration during your UCB years?
        \_ None.
        \_ 286, 5.25" disk drives
        \_ 486-66, upgraded to 100MHz.  Worked far better than the HPUX
           machines compiling over NFS at the time (graduated in '97).
           \_ hah, me too, except I also did the DX3 (33 MHz FSB) to
              DX2 (50 MHz FSB) hack that was all the rage back then.
        \_ 386SX-16, then a 486-66. i think i had a P133 by the end, or
           shortly after UCB.
        \_ 386SX-16, 4MB RAM, 185MB HD, 5.25" and 3.5" floppies, 2400baud
           modem, HCG monitor, serial mouse, Epson LX-810.  Worked great.
           Ironically, I had a composite color monotor for my Apple II+ in my
           high school days, so I "downgraded" my monitor when switching to PC.
           --- Class of '93
        \_ typewriter the first semester (mostly for English 1A),
           then 286, then 386DX
        \_ Mac SE, PowerBook 180 ('93); Quadra 650 ('95), Pentium 150
           running RH3 ('97) --class of '97
        \_ Mac SE -> Mac Classic II -> Mac IIcx -> Pentium II  -- Class of '98
           \_ why did you finally convert to the WINTEL world?
              \_ I went to go buy a Powermac, and decided I was willing to
                 spend about $2500 bucks.  I wanted to run UN*X, and figured
                 spend about $2500.  I wanted to run UN*X, and figured
                 I'd be stuck running Yellowdog Linux or something.  Most of
                 my friends ran FreeBSD, so I figured I'd at least _look_ at
                 what I could get for $2500 in a PC.  It turned out to be like
                 4x the machine.
        \_ P133 that I played Quake on, then a Celeron 300A @450 that I played
           Half-Life on. School? yeah I think I went to some sort of classes
           sometimes, kind of hazy.
        \_ Commodore 128, later replaced by an Amiga3000UX. -ERic
        \_ I was too poor for my own computer, so I just hung out in The Web.
           \_ In my days even people who had computers had to hang out in the
              Web, because there was no such thing as a PPP dialup or free X
              server for Windoze.  Actually, even if these two existed,
              performance would be terrible over a 2400baud connection anyway.
              --- Class of '93
              \_ I worked 'near' the guy who was responsible for the EECS modem
                 bank around then and pushed hard to get everything upgraded to
                 9600 to no avail.  He only ended up destroying half the modem
                 bank and oh nevermind... it hurts to think about it.
        \_ 486-33.  Too wimpy to even play Doom when it came out.
           \_ That was perfectly sufficient for playing doom.
              \_ With a math co-processor, yes.  Without, no. -!op
                    "Does DOOM benefit from a FPU for floating point
                     No.  All calculations in DOOM 1.1 and beyond
                     use integers."
                    ... so did doom 1.0 use fp?
                    \_ Presumably.  Either that or something like a 16.16
                       integer representation of real numbers.
        \_ First 2 years, a TI portable with 12.5MHz 286 CPU, 640KB of RAM, 40MB
           hard drive and a monorchrone screen. The following 1 year 233MHz
           Pentium MMX PC with 32MB of RAM, 2GB disk (made by Micron). The
           remaining two years (after a long perdiod out of school), 933MHz
           Dell with 512MB of RAM.
        \_ ADM-3A terminal plugged into a modem for dialup access.
        \_ TVI 925 dialup terminal with 1200 baud, later upgraded to 14.4!
2006/2/10-13 [Uncategorized] UID:41796 Activity:nil
2/10    Tom, what do you think about DKDY?
        \_ I don't invest in junk.  -tom
           \_ What do you know about DKDY?
           \_ Tom, what do you know about DKDY?
           \_ tom, would you invest in Altria?
              \_ Not directly, not.  I can't claim purity, as I do own
              \_ Not directly, no.  I can't claim purity, as I do own
                 Berkshire Hathaway, which I believe still has significant
                 MO holdings.  -tom
                 \_ Consider switching from Berkshire to LUK (the little
                    berkshire).  compare the charts since 1990.
                    berkshire, at 135B, is a little too big to find many
                    good picks, even with the old man's investment style.
                    luk, in contrast, is only 6B.
2006/2/10-13 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:41797 Activity:nil
2/10    "Gov't Budget Surplus Hits $21B for Jan."
        I'm very confused.  Haven't we be having budget deficits all these
        \_ That's the balance for the month of January only.
           See for receipts and
           outlays for the last 25 years.
           \_ Right.  Though this report is a good January, the monthly
              surpluse/deficit fluctuates.  If you look at the monthly results,
              the receipts spike every few months and really go up each April.
              Another place for information is:
        \_ don't worry, we'll spend it all by the end of the year
           \_ sweet.  can I choose which parts of the budget I want to support
              and get a refund on the rest?
              \_ run for a house seat and you even get free plane trips to
                 resorts, etc.  don't get caught with an intern, though.
2006/2/10-13 [Uncategorized] UID:41798 Activity:nil
2/10    ecchang
        \_ is the ChiCom and Big Cow Wang troller
2006/2/10-13 [Uncategorized] UID:41799 Activity:nil
2/10    David Hasslehoff at his most... err...
        \_ but then he bites a salmon...
2006/2/10-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41800 Activity:nil
        When you care enough to send a Star Wars Valentine's Day card.
2006/2/10-13 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:41801 Activity:nil
2/10    Holy crap!  I'm using Opera 9 TP 2.  I hovered over one of my tabs, and
        a mini-preview of the page for that tap popped up.  Neato!
        \_ As far as I could tell Opera doesn't support FF style extensions or
           anything similar.  I'm addicted to extensions now.  Nothing else
              \_ Opera UserJS == Firefox Greasemonkey, AFAICT.  That's just
                 one extension.  You can do _way_ more with Extensions than
                 what you can do with just UserJS.
                 \_ For example, see
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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