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2006/2/5-7 [Recreation/Woodworking] UID:41711 Activity:nil
2/5     Has anyone resurfaced their furnitures using wood veneer? I'm trying
        to match the color of my old desk with my new book shelves and I'm
        wondering how easy it is to use those self adhesive wood veneers. I'm
        also wondering if it's flexible enough to go around the edges of the
        desk. At $80 for a sheet of 2'x8' veneer sheet, it's quite an
        investment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
        \_ If you want it to look good, hire a professional. Also, you
           may be better off sanding and restaining depending on your
2006/2/5-7 [Recreation/Media] UID:41712 Activity:nil
2/5     more from cringely on wiretaps: (ignore steve jobs blather)
        maybe he doesnt actually know what he's talking about as a pp
        said, but at least in this episode he quotes someone who
        claims to.
2006/2/5-7 [Uncategorized] UID:41713 Activity:nil
2/4     Answering my own question about high end video cards and noise:
        Open case ATI 1900XT at 2.5 feet: 65db
        Open case NVD 7800   at 2.5 feet: 62db
        Vaccuum cleaner level noise.  With replacement fans: 34db
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