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2006/1/25-4/7 [Uncategorized] UID:41507 Activity:nil
1/24    Soda Temporarily Unstable.  There may be continued downtime. =(
        \_ Much of the stability issues are gone.  If you are having issues
           with quota please email root about it. -mrauser 3/8
2006/1/25-27 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:41508 Activity:nil
1/25    FreeBSD users: What's the official way to specify network
        priority when configuring wireless networks on a laptop that
        travels between multiple networks?  Some are open AP, some use
        WEP, and some use WPA.  FreeBSD Handbook only mentions the
        manual ifconfig method.
        \_ I think elite people write their own custom scripts.
           This is a definite shortcoming with FreeBSD.
           \_ I found this documentation after my post, which describes
              using wpa_supplicant.  It seems to work for me some of the
              times, but not others.  Very inconsistent. -op
2006/1/25-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:41509 Activity:nil
1/25    to root:  just curious... what might be the causes of recent
        Soda unstability?  are you guys doing something that may crash soda?
        are you guys trying to fix something?
        \_ The root of the problem is that the root used to be run by
           experienced late 20/early 30 something folks, and when the
           root was handed down by the new gen-Y 20 year old kids, they
           don't know how to run the system. In fact they prefer soda
           running on Windown XP.
           Rest assured, when Soda recovers from its Jan. 24th funk, it
           will be much happier and stable. -mrauser
           \_ I prefer the more straight-forward approach of the VP bat.
              - jvarga
2006/1/25-26 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:41510 Activity:kinda low
1/24    "Google Agrees to Censor Results in China"
        \_ "Do no evil!"
        \_ if you want to do business there, then, follow the local law.
           if you want to bring changes there... well... that tend to be
           less profitable.
           \_ So why don't they follow the "local law" here?
              \_ [learn to indent]
            \_ They do.  They have a reasonable belief that the American
               government's request for search records is illegal.  If they
               lose their court case they WILL hand over the searches.  That's
               what law is all about.
              \_ They are. Refusing to comply with a request can be done
                 within the law.
        \_ Those who would sacrifice integrity for a little temporary
           prosperity deserve neither integrity nor prosperity.
        \_ This is all a sideshow, meant to distract you.
           Someone should really be asking Sergey:
           "What will you do if the Chinese government asks you provide
           identifying information for specific searches, or the capability
           to obtain thereof, or have you done so already?"
2006/1/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:41511 Activity:nil
1/24    Culture of life!
2006/1/25-26 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:41512 Activity:nil
        Something the Iranian president would be happy to hear.
        \_ didn't our Great Leader say something about not giving comfort
           to the enemy?  Go Dubya!
2006/1/25-26 [Reference/Tax] UID:41513 Activity:nil
1/24    I am single not married no itemized deduction. My income is
        about 90K and I pay about 30.0% tax (both federal and state).
        Does that sound about right?
        \_ Buy a house, stupid.
        \_ I think at 90k, you should be itemizing.
        \_ ~ 30% is what I pay, and I made $90K and am single.
           I itemized in TurboTax, but I didn't have mortgage interest to
           \_ State tax can be itemized, at 90k it is probably worthwhile.
              \_ "I itemized"
2006/1/25-27 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food] UID:41514 Activity:nil
1/25    Porn Bread!  -John
        \_ You know, I find this vaguely disturbing, yet amusing.     -mice
2006/1/25-29 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41515 Activity:low
1/25    In the floppy diskette days, 3.5" diskettes drove 5.25" diskettes to
        extinction.  How come MiniDisc never replaced CD in popularity?
        \_ Because it was a Sony proprietary thing.  They took off in Japan.
           \_ Because Sony crippled it. They deserve what they got, go Steve!
        \_ Also note that you're comparing two computer data media types to
           audio media types.  Yes, MiniDiscs and CDs can store data too,
           but Sony didn't make data drives until it was too late.
        \_ There were a combination of factors.  MD had to compete with
           DAT, which confused consumers so both lost on a consumer
           level (internationally and commericially they had success).  Also,
           3.5 offer twice the capacity as 5.25, MD had the same capacity as
           CD.  MD was also VERY expensive when it came out and did not drop
           in price as quickly as 3.5 floppy technology.  Also, people didn't
           lose music by touching the CD data, on 5.25 floppies people did,
           they were much more subject to environmental risks.  And as the
           last poster mentioned, MD was crippled from a copying perspective
           (unlike MP3), this is due to their venture into entertainment
           (movies/ music).  Further, MD was blasted by audiophiles
           because of the compression used (although better than MP3), 3.5
           disks did not compress/ remove data.  The list goes on...
           \_ While MD got better than mp3 my memory is that early versions
              of MD were kinda bad.
           \_ Yeah I'm gonna question that "better than MP3" claim. Prove it.
              \_ Ok, the "MD sounds better than MP3" is very subjective.
                 Through my informal listening tests, I found this to be
                 true.  However, I will tell it I've been comparing apples to
                 oranges.  They both use lossy compression, however, MD by
                 default records at 285kbs, much higher than the general
                 128kbs I'm used to hearing in MP3.  I would guess a
                 320kbs MP3 sounds indistinguishable to a MD recording. -op
        \_ iirc, the death knell of MD and DAT in the US consumer mkt was
           the royalty payment provisions of the copyright act (17 USC 1001
           et. seq.) Sony had to pay some sort of royalty for ever MD sold,
           which made it basically unaffordable.
2006/1/25-27 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Academia/UCLA] UID:41516 Activity:low
        UCLA comes in 7th.
        \_ Stanford??? You've got to be kidding me. And where's Berkeley?
           The list is a fraud.
           \_ Dude, 8 out of 10 is pretty bad. And of course O of C has to
                be at the bottom.
           \_ Berkeley is home to some of the ugliest white chicks I
              ever saw. Lots of pretty "minority" women, though.
              \_ those pretty 'minority' women doesn't includes Chinese,
                 despite their sheer number.
                 \_ Berkeley has some extremely pretty African-American
                    women, in particular.
        \_ Is accurate?  I just looked, and some rather
           un-attractive women have pretty high scores.  Is it prone to
        \_ Note that it doesn't mean that UCLA is no 7 in the country. It's
           just a no7 in a sample of 10 schools, which is kind of less
           \_ i vaguely remember there is a OCF version of it.  what
                happened to that?  and where it is now if it still exist?
              \_ it was taken down due to various racist comments, and
                 probably also because the creator's picture kept getting
                 posted and he isn't exactly hot stuff.
           \_ Hotornot is strongly biased towards woman who show lots of skin.
        \_ They need to put UCSB on the list.
        \_ Are there no pictures, or am I missing something?
2006/1/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41517 Activity:very high
1/25    Hello.  Furious motd masturbator from yesterday here.
        My girlfriend gave me a blow and hand job last night
        but it over took 40 minutes because I had came at least 20 times
        since Saturday.  After she went to work I popped out the computer,
        her bottle of KY, looked at
        for a while and came again.  Now I'm pretty mellow.
        \_ not work-safe
           \_ Uh, duh?
        \_ No wonder you have to masturbate so furiously - that's some lousy
        \_ No wonder you have to masturbate so furiously - that's some lossy
        \_ 40 minutes!?  My wife would be so pissed and just left if I couldn't
           cum in 10 minutes.
        \_ Ouch!  Are those pictures taken right after an implant surgery?
2006/1/25-27 [Uncategorized] UID:41518 Activity:nil
1/25    First!
        \_ Last!
           \_ Not anymore!
              \_ Last!
                 \_ Damn it.  I wanted last.
                    \_ NOOO!!! </E3_Vader>  I *will* be Last!
2006/1/25 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:41519 Activity:very high
1/25    Transcript of radio interview with that L.A. Times columnist
        Note that probably all right-wing sites are saying this shows how
        pathetic he is
        \_ Hell, many left wing sites think he's pathetic.
           He's making a meaningless distinction to stir the publicity
           pot.  And he's falling on his face cuz he's, well, a schmuck.
           \_ "Shmuck"?  Yeah.  To be fair, the shmuck factor is in taking the
              subject way too light-heartedly when he does have at least one
              valid, very important point.
              \_ Which is?  He feels like a hypocrite because he thinks
                 soldiers have a choice about what wars they're told to
                 fight in?
                 \_ That when you sign on as a soldier, you need to take
                    responsibility for putting yourself in a position where
                    you are expected to follow orders, for good or for worse.
                    Reporter:  "And I think you're saying the average guy
                    out there who's considering recruitment is justified in
                    saying 'I don't want to serve'?"
                    Murtha:  "Exactly right."
                    \_ Stein's is a different argument from Murtha's.  Murtha
                       makes sense.  Murtha is talking about people that aren't
                       already in.  If you're already in and you try to make
                       this distinction, you are arrested.  The problem is
                       not with the men.  It's with the commanders.  Murtha
                       knows this.  Stein apparently doesn't.
                       \_ Stein knows that once you're in, you're in until
                          your term is up, and you are expected to follow
                          orders until then.
                          \_ And how long does Stein think that term is?  Does
                             Stein know that people are being stoplossed?
                             Called up on IRR?
                             \_ He would say he "sympathizes" with those
                                people.  Anyway ... I'd like to emphasize I
                                agree that his treating this in such a
                                light-hearted way was schmuck-worthy if not
        \_ Up next, transcripts of O'Reilley beating some schmuck up on TV.
           \_ This transcript isn't quite like that.  The guy is actually
              honest throughout the entire interview, and the interviewer
              calls him on everything but doesn't shoutfest him down like
              \_ The guy doesn't really address the column at all.
                 \_ What do you mean?
                    \_ The interviewer spends all of his time trying to paint
                       the guy as a pure pacifist.
                       \_ That may be true, but Stein had plenty of opportunity
                          to defend his position, IMO ...
        \_ Stein may be a schmuck but there's a point there, that he's not
           making very well however. And I'm not sure how to talk about it
           either. But basically assume you don't support the Iraq war. What
           should the mindset be regarding a parade in honor of the troops
           there? Assuming you "support the troops" like any proper American.
           I mean, are you celebrating only their service to country? Such
           a parade would necessarily also honor the goals for which they
           fought. Many might disagree with the actions and goals of the
           troops, even though they were just being good troops. It may
           be argued that besides questions of needless costs and deaths etc.,
           the whole Iraq war additionally hasn't helped matters. Or was
           immoral. That the casualties were in vain. In that case instead
           of a parade one would be sorry for them etc. But furthermore,
           not supporting the goals of the troops is not supporting the
           troops themselves. How does that affect their morale, or
           the will of the country to fully commit to their cause, as
           in Vietnam? Anyway I think everyone can agree that Stein's
           tone in the article was unwise and he makes a fool of himself.
           \_ The "goal of the troops" is to survive and complete their
              missions.  The military is a tool of the state.  This is
              by design and necessity.  To lay the blame of military use
              upon the soldiers is misplaced and wrong.
              \_ Completing their missions, exactly. So what if you disagree
                 with those missions? I'm not saying anyone should
                 blame the soldiers (except those who signed up afterwards,
                 perhaps) but it gets to the point of "supporting the troops".
                 Should someone who disagrees with a military action
                 /celebrate/ the soldiers who carried it out? He would be
                 celebrating the accomplishment of that mission.
                 \_ I would celebrate the safe return of our troops and
                    their risking their lives without having any say in
                    defining the overall mission, and take the assumption that
                    they joined up out of a selfless, genuine desire to defend
                    freedom(TM). -someone else
2006/1/25 [Politics, Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:41520 Activity:nil
1/25    is VMWare any good? have a job possibility there but
        dont want to end up in a dead ender..
        \_ From what I've seen, their server products are really taking off.
2006/1/25-27 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:41521 Activity:nil
1/25    AMD kicking INTC's ass
        \_ AMD should.  Intel used to punish AMD by hurting AMD's side
           businesses, but AMD has spun off all the major side businesses
           now.  So Intel can't hurt AMD except in cpu, and AMD has better
           technology and has not screwed up execution.  The "Intel inside"
           cachet is gone, and AMD has regular consumer acceptance.
           cachet is gone, and AMD has regular consumer acceptance.  I'm not
           sure what Intel has within the next generation or two to unfuck
           itself, and there's no way Intel can grab back the lost market
           \_ It's a bit premature to signal the death of Intel.  It used to
              be that Intel made more profit in 2 weeks than AMD cumulatively
              for its entire existance, I doubt that has radically changed.
              Intel has massively screwed up and mis-executed for a long time
              but they are still doing quite well.
              \_ all he's saying was that Intel can't grab back that lost
                 market share, and that the "Intel inside" cachet is gone.
                 Maybe he's wrong, but then again you have blogs like:
        \_ "AMD ISBETTER" (old CPUID in 1994)
        \_ don't dismiss INTC yet.  they still have control over laptop
           market and they have better OEM program in place for hardware
           cookie cutters to use their chip.   One interesting sign is that
           on the Server side, INTC is pre-integrating all the I/O onto
           their south-bridge chipset...
           \_ The bigger they are, the longer it takes to fall....
2006/1/25-27 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:41522 Activity:nil
1/25    I'm working on a program in windows which is having memory problems.
        When I allocate memory with new or malloc, it seems to reserve more
        memory than I request (using VM Valiator to monitor this).  Even if I
        delete the memory there is still a "reserved" chunk that doesn't seem
        to ever get used by other code.  I'm using VC++ 6 btw.  Anyone have an
        idea of what might be going on?
        \_ When you malloc memory it gets a page at a time.  Also freeing
           memory will rarely actually give that memory back.  You do
           understand memory pages right?
           \_ Yes.  The memory involved here is in multiples of megabytes
2006/1/25 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:41523 Activity:low
1/25    Remember the L.A. Times columnist who wrote that he didn't support the
        troops, and how the freeper reaction was pretty tame?  Well, apparently
        all the wackos are on
        "Michelle Malkin quickly nominated Stein as 'one of the most loathsome
        people in America.'" (lgf)
        "If I ever run into the a**hole, I'm going to knock his frickin' block
        "If Al-Reuters thinks theres only 1 guy who'd punch this jerk upon
        viewing him on the street, they are WAAAAY off."
        "#13 krazykounselor: And you are a stupid, chickenshit, worthless pile
        of shit. It would be worth the jail time to get my hands around your
        scrawny neck."
        \_ I'm glad you are able to express your freedom of opinion
           by holding troops in subjective respect. I'm sure you can do
           that in a theocracy/socialist paradise as well.
           \_ I'm glad you are able to express your freedom of opinion by
              holding troops with unqualified respect. I'm sure you can do
                                  \_ There's a diff. between fear and respect
              that in a theocracy/socialist paradise as well.

           Little Green Footballs or Late German Fascists?
           The funniest thing is that registration for LGF is closed.
           They are against free speech, even in practice.
           \_ 77%.  It's possible to get 100%.  There are no trick questions.
              Yes, there are Late German Fascist answers in there.
           \_ 85%  too many hints
2006/1/25 [Uncategorized] UID:41524 Activity:nil
1/25    Restored.  Go nuke somewhere else.  Use a .hushlogin if it bothers
        you so much.
        \_ I found it empty, so I added the nuke.  It seemed appropriate.
2006/1/25 [Health/Men] UID:41525 Activity:high
1/25    furious dude from below here again.  i looked at a few times, then i found
        a dark hallway in the building to masturbate in
        after grabbing a roll of paper towels from the kitchen.
        now i am even calmer.
        \_ Sheesh doesn't it start to get sore after shoot #4 or so? How
           old are you?
        \_ I call troll on Furious Masturbator.
           \_ I can use some lube, also I am able to get off by
              being horizontal, facing down, and focusing all my weight
              on my crotch by balling my fist and placing it
              at the groin level while lying down.
              \_ I can't do the last one, because my dick, although short, is
                 longer then the width of my fist.
              \_ I can't do this, because my dick, although short, is longer
                 then the width of my fist.
                 \_ I focus the weight on the area beginning at the base
                    of the penis, to an inch or two up, if you're not going
                    up the penis.  penis length is not a factor in this
2006/1/25 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:41526 Activity:nil
        Hey, regarding the above Reuters article, do you think it makes a
        gross mischaracterization of the L.A. Times column?
        It seems to me that Reuters person is saying Joel Stein said that
        /everyone/ who supports the troops is a wuss (Stein only said this
        about those who are against the war AND support the troops), and that
        Stein said that U.S. troops are "ignoring their morality".
        What do you think?
        I wrote to the Reuters reporter, and after two e-mails, he still thinks
        I'm smoking crack.
2006/1/25-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41527 Activity:nil
        Proof that Japanese men are horny
        \_ ..or that Japanese women are lazy
2006/1/25-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:41528 Activity:nil
1/25    Fuck you. Go talk about politics in freeper or radiofreeamerica.
        \_ hey man, be a little polite.  I didn't say "fuck you" or insult
           you in any way.
2006/1/25-27 [Uncategorized] UID:41529 Activity:nil
        I want to buy an Aibo now. I can't wait till moves
        like an Aibo, without the noise, and with more moans.   -geek
2006/1/25-27 [Uncategorized] UID:41530 Activity:nil
1/25    Civilization 4 addicts.
        See the "Click here to learn the truth about Civilization" video.
2006/1/25-27 [Health/Women] UID:41531 Activity:low
1/25    I think Teresa Teng (Deng4 Li4 Joon1) is one of the greatest
        singers in E Asia. However, most of the Asian women I talk to
        think she's just alright. What's up with that? Does she have a
        negative appeal for women?
        \_ No offense but with all this ethnic talk let me remind you that
           CSUA != CSA & CSU
        \_ wrong perception.  she is popular for both male and female.
        \_ Hmm, is she dead?
           \_ Died about ten years ago.
        \_ Young Asians in their twenties might not know her well.
           \_ Young people like those in politburo do not know UNIX all
              that well either. Young people are stupid and useless. Don't
              hire whiny self-righteous young gen-Y people unless you
              want to waste company resources.     -Been there done that
        \_ There was a saying about the Deng that ruled China: "By day, Deng
           Xiaoping rules China, but by night, Deng Lijun rules."
           \_ But the Dengs don't rule the whities. I mean, how many
              whities actually know who she is?
        \_ Not really related, but she was accused of spying for the KMT.
        \_ Her #1 best song ever is The Moon Represents My Heart, although my
           personal #1 favorite song is Wishing We Last Forever.
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