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2006/1/15-17 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:41378 Activity:moderate
1/15    I've got a mac G4 laptop and a dell box that I want to play kernel
        hacker  with, but I don't want to keep a bulky monitor around.  Is
        it possible to get a terminal connection from the dell box to the
        laptop?  The dell has USB, serial, PS/2, and VGA (no firewire).
        Any suggestions appreciate, thanks.
        \_ VNC over ethernet.
        \_ ssh?
          \_ I'm talking about getting a console before the networking
             stack is initialized.
        \_ if you can get a hold of one, <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ uh, ssh?
           \_ thanks, good tip.  I'd still need a usb<->serial converter
              and probably some sort of OSX terminal app.  Any ideas?
        \_ a $20 2-port KVM?
           \_ The laptop screen doesn't take video in.
        \_ The realweasel, while nice is wholly unnecessary.  Turn on serial
           ttys on the Dell, get a USB to serial adapter from Keyspan for your
           Mac, and use zterm or tip for a terminal application.  Either of:
           Should work.  I have a USA28x, and use it all the time with my
           PowerBook. -dans
2006/1/15-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:41379 Activity:nil
1/15    Sorry, totally off topic from anything political or bike related:
        I want to run a small message board+mailing list.  Or maybe not
        mailist list.  Not sure if that's a requirement.  Anyway, it will
        only be used by a dozen people, I intend to at least use a .htaccess
        file, I don't want it in any search engines, etc.  I'd like it to
        be easy to setup and maintain but I'm willing to do a nightmare setup
        if I don't have to do much later.  Anything else it does is a plus.
        I have my own hardware, net, domain name, NS, MX, etc.  Any
        suggestions appreciated.  Oh yeah, it should run on *nix, in case that
        wasn't clear.  Thanks!
        \_ mailman?
        \_ <yourfavorite swiss cheese CGI/PHP bulletin board> + mailman?
2006/1/15-17 [Transportation/Car] UID:41380 Activity:low
1/15    If lane splitting is legal, then can I drive a theoretically
        little car that has the width of 1/3 of a car and split lane
        in between two other [little] cars? How about riding a bicycle
        in between cars during a completely halted traffic? I know
        that this is dangerous and foolish, I just want to know the
        legality of doing so.
        \_ As i understand the law, yes you can.  I also don't see why the
           bicycle one is foolish, except that you won't be able to keep
           up if taffic starts moving.
           \_ Lanesplitting is legal but many motorcyclists are partially in
              two lanes, which is not, or they shuttle between two lanes
              without signaling when they are riding between two columns of
              cars.  It cyclists who ignore or are unaware of the traffic
              laws, not the motorcyclists.
        \_ it is also acceptable to pass on the right if the lane is wide
2006/1/15-17 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:41381 Activity:low
1/15    The Dirty Dozen
        \_ "In the 1980s, millions of outraged Americans succeeded in bringing
           about a singular achievement -- ending South Africa's racist
           apartheid policy.  There is little debate as to how this was
           accomplished:  Where international sanctions, public condemnation
           and diplomacy fell short, a nationwide American divestment campaign
           triumphed. "  Is this true? They cite no evidence.  I recall my
           parents boycotting various products because of South Africa, but
           I don't recall ever hearing about one of those big companies
           actually divesting.  Does anyone know anything about the accuracy
           of their claims?
           \_ Google south africa apartheid divest
              This was one of many pages I found on the subject. More research
              left to you, the reader.
2006/1/15-17 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:41382 Activity:low
1/15    I'm running a Gentoo box with udev-070.  A handful of my devices
        (mouse and joystick, to name the most noticable) work fine if
        they're plugged in at boot time, but if I plug them in later they
        have some issues.  For the mouse, it doesn't detect the mouse
        wheel; for the joystick, it doesn't work at all.  I'm not exactly
        sure what to google for, as the howto I've found regarding Gentoo
        and udev just talks about setting it up, not dealing with funky
        stuff like this.  Anybody know what the issue might be or where
        I can look for help?  Thanks.
        \_ what do you mean by "mouse wheel not detected" -- in X?  Do you
           have the zaxismapping?
           \_ He probably means that X doesn't recognize mouse wheel movements
              after you unplugged and plug the mouse back in. I have basically
              the same problem with a cheapie KVM switch. It has nothing
              to do with the X server config files, AFAIK, but it's a deeper
              problem with either the motherboard, the mouse drivers in
              Linux, or the mouse itself. I'd mess around with the BIOS
              settings to see if it fixes it, but on my debian box even
              doing a cat on the psaux port does not reveal any movements
              off of the mouse wheel after you unplug/plug back in the
2006/1/15-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:41383 Activity:high
1/15    This is a computer question which photo geeks would appreciate.
        I am trying to
           extract date/time from JPEG's EXIF header and use that to
           override Windows/NTFS's filename's create time.   I need to
           do this in a batch mode involves hundreds of photographs.
           How to do this?  write a shell script in cygwin?  which library
           do you recommend to extract EXIF header?  how to modify ctime on
           NTFS?   thanks.                      kngharv
           \- i dont know anything about the windows side but i use "jhead"
              [] or tcl. ok tnx. --psb
              \_ thanks.  jhead fits that part of my need.  However, I am
                 also looking for something where I can add a field to
                 EXIF, namely "FocusLengthIn35mm."  If any of you guys
                 knows how to do this, please let me know.   OP
                 \_ Image::ExifTool --dbushong
           \_ i've used it to change the time stamps,
              not sure if it can add other exif data
        \_ Since the beginning of my digital camera days, I've adopted
           the policy of renaming my digital camera images
           YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_NNNN[_tag].jpg (where NNNN is the sequence
           number and tag can be the camera model). The time a picture
           was taken is more important to me than all the other
           attributes, and name my files this way make sure that
           information will not be lost and every file has a unique
           identification. I use my own perl script to do this, but I
           am sure you can find utilities that does rename for you. My
           script can also re-touches file timestamp based on the time
           embedded in the filename, so I can very easily adjust the
           file timestamp if necessary. The important thing is to make
           sure your camera's clock is set correctly (for the timezone
           you are in), but my script has an offset option for those
           "ops" occasions. On my last trip we used 2 cameras, and the
           file ordering allows me to dump the pictures from both
           cameras together and do slide shows in the order the
           pictures were taken across both cameras. Email me if you
           want to give it a try. -chiry
           \_ I didn't agree with "The time a picture was taken is more
              important to me than all the other attributes" until I became a
              parent.  When other people see my baby's pictures, the first
              question they ask is nearly always "how old was he?".  For those
              pictures without imprinted dates, I quite often find myself
              unable to answer.
              pictures without imprinted dates, I usually find myself unable to
           \_ unfortunately, the reason why I've asked this question at
              first place is that I am still using 35mm and other film cameras.
              and they don't have EXIF info :p
         \_ might be a bit overkill, but these should be able to do what
            you want:
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