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2006/1/14-17 [Uncategorized] UID:41373 Activity:nil
1/13    A special message from Uncle Sam
2006/1/14-17 [Uncategorized] UID:41374 Activity:nil
1/13    Asian girl licking glass video has been pulled from google videos.
        sad. (was:
        \_ huh?
2006/1/14-17 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:41375 Activity:low
1/13    Does anyone know a free server side HTTP parser? (In C/C++)
           \_ Yeah, none of those seem to do what I need.
        \_ speaking of which, does anyone know of commandline unix util that
           will strip all html from a text file?
           \_ lynx
           \_ sed
           \_ outsource it.
           \_ Try one of these (html2text):
        \_ What do you mean by HTTP parser? Are you looking for a request
           parser or something else? Maybe libcurl will work for you.
           \_ Yes, a request parser.  Looking at libcurl now, it may work
              for me, but I haven't yet found exactly the right code.
2006/1/14-17 [Reference/Tax] UID:41376 Activity:nil
1/13    If the government literally offered you five million dollars for
        having a foreign object shoved up your ass by IRS agents, and you knew
        it would be sterile and would not cause permanent rectal damage,
        would you do it?  Assume that the IRS agents are not hot chicks.
        \- just out of curiousity, since this is a voluntary transaction
           why are you making the govt/irs the other party. why not just
           ask "would you be willing to be medically ass probed for $5m?"
           this isnt an opening to a rant about emiment domain is it? --psb
           \_ It's a response to the ED rants.  For whatever reason anal
              probing has featured prominently in that debate(see below),
              so I thought I'd cut to the chase.
        \_ You should be asking, "Would you be happy if a government agency
           grabbed you off the street and anally raped you against your
           will for their own pleasure but gave you $5MM tax payer dollars
           after wards?".
           \_ Did I have a bonafide deal I would get the $5M before the
              anal raping?  Was it lubed, and what's the size and duration?
              \_ There's no "deal".  You're grabbed off the street at random
                 and have no choice.  And oh yeah, to recover the $5MM cost,
                 they give the tape to some private business who shows the
                 tape for cash to the public.
                 \_ My work here is done.  -op
                    \_ Whatever.  It was your analogy.  The rest of us were
                       just going along with you.
                       \_ No, it wasn't my analogy.  -OP
                          \_ Of course it was.  You're saying you're the op
                             but didn't write what you wrote?  Ok whatever.
                             Anal retentive engineer or overly clever English
                             \_ You're the one who's being an anal retentive
                                engineer here.  Obviously I wrote what I wrote;
                                the point is that the analogy originated in the
                                ED flame war below, and I was just continuing
                                \_ Ok so you're not an overly clever English
                                   major or you'd know the difference between
                                   the slang use of the word in the first ED
                                   thread below and your literal meaning in
                                   your thread.  Thanks for joining us.
                       \_ In the case of the OP, the anal probe may be
                          the same as a brain probe.
2006/1/14-17 [Consumer/TV] UID:41377 Activity:nil
1/13    Google video of Galloway acting like a cat on British TV.  Creepy.
        Actually, I find it more revolting than creepy.
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