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2006/1/11-13 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:41333 Activity:kinda low
1/11    Anyone knows what happens to Apple's chipset design team
        now that the Intel Macs are official?
        \_ Who says Apple still wouldn't be using their own chipsets for
           Intel chips?  And wouldn't it be likely that the x86 version of
           Mac OS X would require, say, an Apple chipset to prevent it from
           running on non-Apple hardware?
           \_ It would sound like a great waste of efficiency if Apple
              plans to use its own instead of Intel. Just as with the case
              of CPUs, Intel can achieve better economies of scale in
              motherboard chipsets than about anyone and always stay on
              top in price/performance. As for Apple specific mods, I'd be
              surprised if Intel wouldn't be willing to accommodate them.
              \_ Just looking at Asus' line of motherboards, I see motherboards
                 with chipsets by VIA, SIS, Nvidia, ATI, and ULI (oh, and
                 Intel).  I wouldn't be surprised if Apple makes enough x86
                 motherboards to find it worthwhile to use a custom chipset
                 (whether they design it themselves or pay someone else to
                 do it).
        \_ I've been told some of them are doing other things, others are not
2006/1/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:41334 Activity:moderate
1/10    I love my Ionic Breeze. I can fart all I want and still clear
        up the air in 30 min.
        \_ open window.. 5 min.
        \_ How does Ionic Breeze clear up fart?  I thought it only removes
           solid airborne particles like dust and pollens from the air.
           \_ All odor is made up of particles.
              \_ Only in the sense that all matter is made up of particles.
                 Many smells are gasseous chemicals which will be unaffected
                 by something that only grabs particles over say 1 micron.
        \_ Even without the Ironic Breeze it will clear up in 30 min. ;)
        \_ The Ionic Breeze is a scam, it doesn't really do anything.  See
           consumer reports.
        \_ Can I come over to your place and help test it?
2006/1/11-12 [Finance/Investment] UID:41335 Activity:moderate
        Hello Kitty, Hello Profit!
        \_ What does "PK" in ticker symbols stand for?  I notice that when
           companies go down, their ticker symbols are appended with ".PK".
           \_ That means they're traded on "the pink sheets"; not listed on
              a major exchange.  -tom
              \_ Hmm, in Cantonese "PK" stands for "Poke Kai" which is a much
                 better description of those companies.  :-)))
2006/1/11-12 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:41336 Activity:nil
        I can read Chinese pretty well but my Taiwanese sucks. Is there
        a place like Babelfish that can translate Chinese written in
        Taiwanese tones into standard Chinese? Secondly is there a
        place that gives you proper Taiwanese pronunciation? Thanks.
        \_ what I would like is a dictionary that can map from Chinese
           characters to the different dialects (Guowu, Ping, Yue, Min,
           Hakka, etc). It's pretty irritating reading HK news papers
           especially when they "overload" words with Cantonese sounding
           Zhongwen that makes absolutely no sense to Mandarin speakers.
           Speaking of Zhongwen, which dialect was it developed with?
        \_ for Question 1, no.  For second question, there is a romanized
           pronouciation symbols invented by early missionaries for
           the MingNan dialect.  and in Taiwan, there are dictionaries which
           you can buy.  But i don't know details.  Mind you, much of these
           "Taiwanese" characters are only invented recently as part of
           "De-Sinofication" cultual movement.  Most people in Taiwan
           doesn't know themselves.  You will be better off to find a
           dictionary which uses the MingNan romanized pronouciation symbols.
           \_ one thing that makes me really sad is that Taiwanese people
              try to promote independence and their culture yet after all
              these years they can't even get their acts together to put up
              good Taiwanese classroom materials. There are tons of stuff
              using standardized Jo1Ying1Fu2Hou4 or Romanization for people
              to learn yet almost nothing on Minnan languages. Even the
              De-Cal Taiwanese class is pretty primitive compared to
              the materials that exist for learning Mandarin.
              \_ may be this entire idea of promoting MingNan (literally means
                 South of FuJian province) dialect is a silly idea.  and no,
                 there is no such thing as "Taiwanese."
2006/1/11-12 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:41337 Activity:nil
1/10    I tried iTunes when the first windows version came out, and the one
        thing that made it useless is that for the 3000 or so of my songs
        that lacked ID3 tags, it would only identify them as 'Unknown Artist'
        and made it impossible to identify the song by the file path, which
        was /Artist/Album/01 - Song.mp3   Have they fixed this problem or are
        people without proper ID3 tags still up shit creek?
        \_ This doesn't answer your stated question, but: Tag&Rename.
           Good tool for multi tag editing and getting tags from filenames.
           Free for 30 days.  -niloc
        \_ If you don't want to add id3 tags you can tell iTunes not to move
           your mp3s which helps some, but it still pretty much sucks.  There
           are lots of tools out there to quickly add id3 tags though, it
           really doesn't take that long.  And if you ever get an ipod you
           will be glad you did.
           \_ "really doesn't take that long"?  Did you read the part where I
              said 3000 songs?  Unless you know of a tool which does filesystem
              to ID3 generation, it will take several hours at least.
              \_ You can try something like - it didn't
                 work for all of my songs, but enough that the remaining set was
                 trivial.  The tagging tools in foobar2000 are also really good
                 for generating tags for files with regular names.
              \_ If you use a consistent naming scheme for your MP3 files,
                 writing a script to do this is pretty trivial; it wouldn't
                 surprise me if there were one readily available. I wrote one
                 some time ago; if I still had it, I'd post it. -gm
2006/1/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:41338 Activity:nil
1/10    Abromoff wrote and produced "RED SCORPION"
2006/1/11-13 [Health/Disease/General, Consumer/Audio] UID:41339 Activity:low
1/11    Tom on Apple (last March):
              \_ Because even with the numbers that soundly beat everyone's
                 expectations, and even if they're able to keep that level
                 of revenue coming in, the company's still not worth 45
                 times earnings.  Prospects for growth from this Q's
                 revenues are pretty small in the near term.  -tom
        \_ And what did the anonymous coward think?  Let's see where you
           projected 14 million iPods in Q4 2005.  (By the way, I still own
           My current projection for Apple's future is mixed.  I think there's
           a way that they've become a Rule Maker; they are clearly defining
           the market in digital music, and getting other companies to jump
           to their call.  (Half the MacWorld floor is music-related stuff).
           Still, I think the company has challenges in defining itself.
           Are they a computer company or a consumer electronics company?
           What's the follow-up to the iPod?  (Because iPod sales *will*
           taper off; it's only a question of when).  How much of a revenue
           and inventory write-off hit will they take in transitioning to
           Intel chips?  (Probably non-trivial; my bet on why they didn't
           announce an Intel tower is that they have too much inventory of
           G5 towers).
           Also, their CEO, the source of most of their cachet, has cancer.
           Jobs left the company once before; the results of that should
           be instructive.  -tom
           \_ oh and another thing: I believe the message you're quoting
              was responding to "why did AAPL go down even after they
              announced good earnings?"  -tom
           \_ He still has it? I thought he was "cured". I just had to
              google this, never heard of it... and I have to wonder,
              how did they find his cancer in time? Do people have
              regular screenings for stuff like that or would there
              be symptoms?
              \_ His cancer is not currently threatening his life or health;
                 it has been treated.  Still, it's something to worry
                 about as an investor.  -tom
2006/1/11 [Recreation/House] UID:41340 Activity:nil
1/11    Which store is better in terms of getting help for home improvement
        idiots?  Home Depot vs. Lowe's vs. Ace Hardware.
2006/1/11-13 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:41341 Activity:low
        In case bitter housing guy hasn't seen this --oj
        \_ Wow, there's some interesting stuff in there. Refi junkies
        \_ "This is the part that I have 100% no-doubt-in-my-mind will happen
           in this country. People will take zero responsibility for their
           actions, and look to grab a lawyer to 'save' them from the
           'investment' they were 'cheated' on."
        \_ 100% no-down loans aren't a problem.  The down is so high today
           that having 20% sitting around and then plunking it into a house
           just isn't a wise financial move anymore.  Going underwater isn't
           a problem either if we're talking about people using the home for
           their primary living space.  It could drop to whatever and as long
           as they can still make the monthly payment it doesn't matter.  A
           house is not like a stock option.  Being 'underwater' doesn't mean
           it has no value or you're financially ruined.  The ARMs aren't a
           a problem either.  All it means is they got a loan that can go up
           a fairly large amount in a fairly short period of time *IF* they
           don't refi before then to a longer term locked in rate.  The
           difference in the monthly between their ARM and a 30 year is not
           going to be so much that a lot of people will be unable to pay the
           difference and lose their home.  The problem here is the interest
           only buyers.  No one knows how many of them there are but their
           monthly is going to skyrocket when they refi from ARM to a 30 (or
           whatever more typical) year loan and the difference is going to be
           so large that these people might be unable to pay it or even be
           allowed to refi into a 30 year at all if the lender sees they can't
           pay it.  The interest-only buyers are the ones going to get hurt
           if anyone does.  Never forget that a house is a very different
           investment than a stock or a stock option and different rules
           apply.  The only thing that will truly hurt all these home buyers
           as well as the very few 20% down/30 year home buyers and everyone
           else in the country is massive jobs losses from a deep recession.
           As long as people have the same job they had when they bought the
           house and could theoretically make their monthlies, they will be
           able to continue to do so.  However, if we reach the point that
           massive job losses are causing massive home buyer wipe outs we
           have far far far worse problems on a global economic scale than
           anything going on in the housing market.
2006/1/11-13 [Transportation/Car] UID:41342 Activity:kinda low
        Why insurance companies (home) are rip offs
        \_ Just to clarify, this is about home title insurance, not home
           insurance.   --- !OP
        \_ I don't get it.  Iowa is the only state that provides title
           insurance and the costs are much lower than private title
           insurance ... I thought the gubmint was so inefficient?
           \_ Uh oh, someone needs a refill of their kool aid.
                \_ Freeper flavor?
                   \_ Mmmm. Tastes like freedom. Bitter, angry, resentful
2006/1/11-13 [Uncategorized] UID:41343 Activity:nil
1/11    So, does anyone know what's up with Canada's child care benifits
        legislation?  I'd head the conservative are throwing around
        slogans like, "Free child care for everyone!"
2006/1/11-13 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:41344 Activity:high
1/11    Wow, Ford introducing an even BIGGER SUV!
        It reportedly also comes with a brandy rack!
        \_ Not really.  It's smaller than the Excursion that Ford killed, and
           the Chevy Suburban.
        \_ Whatever.  People should be able to guzzle as much gas as they can
           afford.  On the other hand, I think they should be taxed/charged/
           whatever based on their emissions.  (including CO2)
           \_ emissions are directly proportional to fuel consumption.  -tom
              \_ Catalytic converters, diesel filters, diesel refinement tech..
                 all of this only happens when it's legislated.  If people
                 actually paid less when they had a cleaner car, we'd have
                 even better tech.
                 \_ This unlikely in my opinion.  CARB already discourages
                    many changes to cars that would improve emissions.
                    I believe that the current bureaucracy, is based more
                    on making money and expanding the empire than anything
                    else.  I'd love to see testing based just on emissions,
                    but we are far away from that. --jwm
                    \_ Reread what I put; I phrased it badly.  I agree with you.
                       \_ I see what you're saying now, in the context of
                          "I think they should be taxed/charged/whatever based
                           on their emissions", I was saying that I don't think
                           the goverment is capable of doing this.  But as you
                           say if we payed for emmisions, things would probably
                           clean up fast. --jwm
           \_ No, they should be charged based on emissions, fuel use (like
              now) and weight, with discounts for whether the above actually
              go towards some use--so Fred the gardener in his big pickup
              doesn't pay anywhere near what Bob the lawyer in his Escalade
              has to shell out.  I drive a sports car, which uses a lot of gas
              compared to, say, a small hybrid, and I'm willing to pay
              accordingly.  It also burns relatively clean for a gasoline
              engine, and does not tear up the roads nearly as much as a big
              SUV.  Although to be honest, I've never seen a formula that
              does a nice, fair and unexploitable job of actually allocating
              costs for driving where they belong... -John
              \_ people should pay for whatever the cost of driving is,
                 period. Trying to implement something that penalizes
                 people for being able to afford SUVs is like trying
                 to tax the riches a lot more in Socialism. Evil.
              \_ There is already a gas guzzler fee slapped on a car's purchase
                 price at the dealership by the state of CA.  The amount and
                 the type of vehicle's they target aren't rationally chosen,
                 but such a thing is already going on.  I paid $1400 extra for
                 my car even though the SUV next to it got worse gas mileage
                 because my car has a bigger engine.  Why would we give Fred
                 the gardener a freebie to drive his black smoke spewing truck
                 to tend your grass while Bob's cleaner burning higher gas
                 mileage Escalade gets tagged with a fee on his way to court
                 carrying several boxes of papers and his staff in an attempt
                 to save a dozen old ladies from yet another unfair ED case?
                 \_ Like I said, I've never seen a system that fairly deals
                    with this.  Wasn't there some massive tax loophole for
                    SUVs in the US, as well as a CAFE exemption, or have I
                    been living under a rock?  -John
                    \_ There was something about a tax break for buying a
                       "work" vehicle over a certain price or size or something
                       which happened to include Hummers.
        \_ gas price is going down again, of course they're gonna sell like
           hot cakes again.
           \_ I don't know about that.  Crude is still hovering around $64
              per barrel.  Granted, at these prices, Canadian oil sands
              and Brazilian style sugar cane ethanol are cost effective.
              China and India will still be trying to gobble up the next
           \_ I still think slap $1 per gallon of Federal taxes to fund
              hybrid/fuel cell technology is a good idea.  It will discourage
              people from driving cars that is excess in size, and it will
              actually cut down on our dependency on Foreign oil so we don't
              have to invade another country to control it.
              \_ Who is to decide what "excess in size" means?  Anyway, new
                 water sources and arable land are harder to find than new
                 oil and are running out faster.  Worry more about what you'll
                 eat and drink tomorrow than what car someone else drives.
                 \_ Stop watering your lawn.  If you want to enjoy green grass,
                    go to a park.
                    \_ Go look up how much water is spent by people in CA and
                       how much goes into farming silly things like alfalfa.
                       You're very flip for someone who might not have anything
                       to drink in 30 years but at least you'll get some nice
                       fluff on your burger today.
                       \_ Erm, alfalfa is a feed crop.  If you want that burger,
                          you shouldn't think alfalfa is silly.
                          \_ Farming in CA is mostly silly.  Farming what they
                             farm here where they farm it is ridiculous.  Yes,
                             alfalfa is mostly a feed crop but it isn't
                             efficient and if the central valley farmers had to
                             pay anything close to the real cost of water,
                             alfalfa wouldn't be grown by many, if any, of
                             them in CA.
2006/1/11-13 [Recreation/House] UID:41345 Activity:low
1/11    Which store is better in terms of providing help to home improvement
        idiots?  Home Depot vs. Lowe's vs. Ace Hardware.  My home needs a lot
        of small fix-ups: a shower head I bought fits onto the water pipe of
        one bathroom but not the other bathroom; I want to put braces on
        cabinets for earthquake-proofing; the drain pipe from the dishwasher to
        under the kitchen sink is leaking; I want to install motion-sensor on
        the light at the entrance; the kitchen sink faucet is dripping; my
        mailbox needs a lock.  I think it all comes down to buying the correct
        parts and accessories.  Given hundreds of variations of those things,
        I have no idea how.  Thx.
        \_ Avoid Lowe's.   In my experience Lowe's is Home Depot but with
           much less helpful staff.  They won't help you with their saw
           which you are not allowed to use for cutting lumber, they'll take
           forever to help you get a key cut, and they'll give you bogus
        \_ don't go to ace and expect them to help you with anything.  It's a
           decent store if you already know what you're doing and already know
           what you need to buy.  If you don't know the correct terms and the
           correct names for hardware, but try to explain what you need to the
           floor staff, you will probably walk out of the store with the wrong
           thing.  I've had better luck at Home Depot, but you may have to be
           lucky and find the right person on the floor.  They've gotten worse
           over time, but still tend to hire people who know what they're
           \_ I've had the exact opposite experience.  Keep in mind Ace is just
              a branding of local hw stores, so if the store sucked before they
              were an Ace, they probably won't improve much.  At the local
              Ace for us, there's like one helpful guy per (small) aisle, all
              with headsets on.  Someone (with clue!) asks you if you need
              anything like every 5 minutes, and if they don't know, they pull
              up the guy who does know on the headset and get you your answer
              right then.  I have never, ever, ever gotten a useful answer out
              of anyone at Home Depot, and I can only find someone 1 in 3 tries.
              \_ Anyone with experience at Dale Hardward in Fremont and Hayward
                 Ace Hardware?  These are the two Ace stores closest to my
                 home.  Thx.  --- OP
                 \_ The owners of Dale Hardware are friends of my family.
                    I never had any issues with them, but haven't been there
                    in about 6 years. --scotsman
                 \_ Pete's Ace Hardware in Castro Valley isn't too much futher
                    from the Hayward one, and I've been very happy (but hey,
                    just try the Hayward one.  It could be fine!)  --dbushong
              \_ Same here.  The trick is often to identify the really useful
                 employees at Ace.  Usually 1 or 2 people in a given store are
                 55-65 years old, semi-retired and have a lifetime of
                 experience in construction related fields and often know tons
                 of stuff about plumbing, wiring, etc.  I usually hone in
                 on those types of people.  They might be handymen as well.
                 The super independent stores are neat too, I've walked in
                 asking for some obscure part and have the guy give it to me
                 within 5 seconds where I would have spent an hour looking for
                 it at Home Depot. -eric
                 \_ The little stores *have* those parts. Places like Home
                    Depot, Lowe's, OSH and ACE don't even stock anything
                    but the most common stuff. I have a 1929 house and I
                    find all those stores mostly useless not only for
                    information but also for just plain finding what I
                    need. Of those, ACE and Tru-Value seem better, though,
                    followed by OSH. I avoid Home Depot and Lowe's unless
                    it's the middle of the night (HD is 24 hours) or what
                    I need is very common (e.g. weed killer, hammer). I
                    once needed a special bolt and no one had it. At least
                    the local independent hardware store guy knew the name
                    of a place that stocked only bolts, so this stuff can
                    get very specialized. I've found myself at electrical
                    supplies, plumbing houses, and commercial flooring and
                    tile places. That's where lots of the pros go,
                    although sadly even contractors are using HD and
                    Lowe's these days in order to save a few bucks.
        \_ In general, I've had pretty good luck with OSH (in case you are
           willing to consider stores other than the ones you listed).
           \_ Ah, I forgot that one.  There's one near my work.  Thx.  --- OP
           \_ Yeah, I've found OSH to be somewhere in between.  More selection
              and slightly better prices than Ace, and significantly more
              helpful than HD.  --dbushong
2006/1/11-13 [Uncategorized] UID:41346 Activity:kinda low
1/11    Wow, apparently there was a bomb threat against my Santa Clara building
        this morning. But then they let everyone go in. Maybe I'll get blown up
        \_ out of curiosity, is your bldg filled with lawyers and/or shrinks?
           \_ I think it's mostly engineers, sales, and marketing. I know one
              of the security personnel wears a terrorist hat. It's probably
              \_ ?
                 \_ Pretty much! Same age and build. But ours isn't so jovial.
        \_ which company is it?
        \_ Well, I guess since the plot to feed the engineers defective
           plans on how to build atomic bombs failed... -John
2006/1/11-13 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:41347 Activity:nil
        At least 30% to 40% of homes sold were bought by speculators. Wow
        that's a lot of wealthy people around the world.
        \_ Well, one 35-year-old speculator bought her two apartments for $110K
           and $170K, and the article says many homes are $70K or less.
           Rich for China/Taiwan/HK, I guess.
2006/1/11-13 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:41348 Activity:kinda low
1/11    Let's say I have two sql tables, A and B that both have a column
        called id. I can do "SELECT id FROM A" and "SELECT id FROM B".
        How do I merge them with one query? I'd like to do something to
        the effect of "SELECT DISTINCT id FROM A,B"
        \_ (SELECT id FROM A) UNION DISTINCT (SELECT id FROM B) --dbushong
           \_ Whoa, by default mysql is already doing DISTINCT on all the
              columns. That is exactly what I need. Thanks.
           \_ dbushong, I don't know how to thank you enough, I could have
              spent hours and hours RTFM the stupid mysql manpage. You
              really saved my life. Now, it seems a bit weird that
              one can actually mix different types in the column.
              How interesting...
2006/1/11-13 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:41349 Activity:high
        Japanese people are weird, just weird.
        \_ Japanese people do a lot of weird things, yes.  Liking to look at
           naked chicks isn't one of them.  I tend to think that a country
           that considers it to be a national crisis when a boob gets shown
           on TV during a sporting event is far weirder.
           \_ Kancho.  'nuff said.
        \_ But the Canadians who started it aren't?
        \_ Looking at the same people stripping every day for several years
           isn't that interesting.
           \_ agree... used to look at these same people for news every day.
        \_ The Russians were doing strip tease news casts 15+ years ago.
        \_ "While we have been in Tokyo, people have been very surprised to
           see us with no tops on, but they're very happy and interested in
           talking to us."  She should come to Soda and see how happy and
           interested students are in talking to her.
           \_ one big difference is that soda students have no money.
              no money no honey.
2006/1/11-13 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:41350 Activity:very high
        Why I don't backup anything on CDs and DVDs
        \_  -tom
        \_ I recently restored a lot of data from 9 track tapes that was
           between 15 and 30 years old. Much of it was no longer readable
           and much of what was readable was readable just once. The tape
           starts to crumble. These tapes were stored in a climate
           controlled environment, many in the dark. Don't expect more
           than 20 years with any media.
           \_ The scrolls of the Chinese civilization lasted over 2000
              years. The writings of the Egyptians lasted over 3000
              years. Our latest and greatest storage last less than
              30 years. Boy, have we progressed a lot or what? I guess
              the good thing about losing contents is that most of
              the stuff people store and put on the web is mostly
              trash anyways.
              \_ You forgot clay tablets.
              \_ This isn't really fair; for one thing, Egyptian writings,
                 which were mostly on papyrus, have almost all been lost.
                 For another, the CDs will not be really unreadable even if
                 they degrade; you just won't be able to stick them in a
                 PC and have it read them.  Most of the information will
                 still survive.  -tom
                 \_ Not to mention the sheer quantity of data on a CD
                    and how much that costs as opposed to hiring some
                    monks to transcribe your source code and binary data
                    files into illuminated texts and then data entry people
                    to later enter that back into a computer when needed.
                    \_ Most of the information we produce is crap anyway, so
                       it doesn't matter if it degrades.  When storing written
                       information was hard and required monks or stone masons,
                       only information worth recording (to them) would be
                       saved.  We could lose almost all information recorded
                       in digital format (cd, HD, tape, whatever) today and
                       most people wouldn't notice the loss a year later.  We'd
                       just make more garbage data.
                       \_ You sound bitter and angry, but....I'm honestly not
                          sure what you're bitter and angry about.
                          \_ There is no "sound" in text.  I'm not bitter about
                             crap data which is why you can't figure out what
                             I'm bitter about.  I'm not bitter.  That makes
                             no sense.  It's simply the case IMO that most
                             data is crap and of no use to anyone and wouldn't
                             be missed if it vanished forever because we as a
                             society produce so much crap data to begin with.
                             Honesty is not anger nor bitterness.
                             \_ Honestly, you sound bitter and angry.
                             \_ Have you never taken a high school literature
                                class? The "sound" in text is called tone,
                                and I agree with op that you did sound bitter
                                and angry. -!op
                                \_ *laugh* ok, yes, you're right, you caught me
                                   i am deeply bitter and angry about all the
                                   junk data we produce.  sheesh, weirdos.
                                   \_ Hmm.  Now you just sound like an asshole.
                                      \_ You seem really upset over such a
                                         trivial thing.  And it's kind of weird
                                         that I'm the asshole yet you're the
                                         one tossing names around.  whatever.
                                         \_ Heh, okay, fair enough.  I am being
                                            pretty damned silly.  My apologies,
           \_ I have a book on the shelf at home that was still completely
              readable, and it was printed in the 60s before I was born. :-)
           Cyanine dye    = several yeanrs
           Cyanine dye    = several years (earlier versions)
           Azo            = decades
           Phthalocyanine = hundreds of years
           German IBM guy needs to get with the program:
           "Many of the cheap burnable CDs available at discount stores have a
           life span of around two years.  Some of the better-quality discs
           offer a longer life span, of a maximum of five years."
           "Some of the better-quality discs offer a longer life span, of a
           maximum of five years."
        \_ Few people realize how big a market microfilm/microfiche are;
           most big banks & corporations store customer and transaction
           records on multiple copies of these.  -John
           \_ Not big enough for Kodak to live off it.
              \_ That part of Kodak does, however, seem to make money.  -John
2006/1/11-13 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:41351 Activity:kinda low
1/11    What's the difference between an MyISAM and an INNODB table?
        I noticed that you can do FOREIGN KEY and CASCADE on
        INNODB but not MyISAM, but that's the only difference I know.
        \_ MyISAM also doesn't do transactions or row level locking.
        \_ If you don't need those (and more) features, and your access profile
           is 99% reads, MyISAM will be much faster.
           I think the major items are:
           - transaction (commit/rollback)
           - no REPAIR TABLE needed
           - row level vs. table-level locking
           - foreign keys
2006/1/11-13 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:41352 Activity:nil
1/11    Want to learn the wonders of sql inner and outer join? Check
        out the page I uploaded:
        \_ this webpage is wider than my screen, make reading this a bit
           difficult.  anyway to override its 'width = 1240'?
2006/1/11-13 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:41353 Activity:kinda low
1/11    Has anyone ever seen a version of Joy of Cooking in metric units?
        I want to learn to cook, and that looks like a great book, but I
        refuse to use those bullshit units.  Surely there must be a UK,
        Canadian, or Indian version that has the SI units. I asked at my local
        bookstore and searched Amazon to no avail.
        \_ There are better cookbooks to learn how to cook from.
        \_ You do know that the UK doesn't use SI for everything, right?
           \_ Yes, I do.  But I also know that they make a better effort
              than the U.S.  I've gotten drawings from English companies where
              they dimension everything in "cm", but everything happens to
              be in even multiples of 2.54, which is a bit annoying.
        \_ I would love to see a cooking book measures weight of meat in
        \_ You want to learn to cook like a Brit?  What the hell do you care
           what the units are?  Oh noez!  It says 3/4 cups and your measuring
           cup has uhm... cups on it!  Panic!  If this is your biggest gripe
           in the world you're doing ok, except you're whiney.
        \_ Not bloody likely.  Only the English edition is available on
 , and a review there complains about the usage of
           spoons and measuring cups.  The review also praises the precision
           of measurements in the recipes (I guess implying French cookbooks
           are less than accurate about measurements).  If your continental
           (or other metric using area) language skills are up to par, you can
           always pick up foreign cook books.  The problem is that cuts of meat
           and incredient names, not to mention just taste, vary from region
           to region.  I'll probably pick up some french ones for myself next
           time I have the opportunity.
2018/12/09 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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