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2006/1/6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:41258 Activity:nil
1/6     "Starfleet-class mass-storage"
2006/1/6 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Reference/Religion] UID:41260 Activity:nil 76%like:41261
1/6     For a Christian perspective on loss and suffering, I suggest reading
        the Book of Job.
        For those who've heard the beautiful hymn "It is Well With My
        Soul", written last century by a Chicago businessman after
        he lost all five of his children, here's a link to the story:
        Here's the lyrics for the song:
2006/1/6-9 [Reference/Religion] UID:41261 Activity:moderate 76%like:41260
1/6     Since several threads touched upon this, for a Christian perspective
        on loss and suffering, I suggest starting with the Book of Job.
        Also, for those who've heard the beautiful hymn "It is Well With My
        Soul", written in the 1870s by a Chicago businessman after
        he lost all five of his children, here's a link to the story:
        Here's the lyrics for the song:
        Another related hymn is "God Hath Not Promised":
        A Chinese hymn:
        \_ The story of Job is a somewhat ironic starting place.  Job's loss
           and suffering were brought about by God in an act of what can only
           be termed vanity.
           \_ The moral I got is that while being Job sucks at least you're
              alive. Being #2 to Job from the POV of g-d meant you're just
              so much fodder.
           \_ When a person suffers from inconsolable suffering and loss,
              he may believe in one of the following:
              (1) It is all blind chance and he just had bad luck.
              (2) God is punishing him (even if he was righteous?), or the
                  person brought it upon himself.
              (3) God allowed this to happen, and God sees his suffering.
                  The suffering is temporary (either in this life, or
                  in heaven).  It is for a purpose, even if we may not
                  see it now.
               Another related chapter is John 9.
              \_ I go with the former director of the National Mine Academy:
                 (4) The Dubya administration's relaxed enforcement of mine
                     safety led to the mine not being closed (which had many
                     citations), and those miners' deaths were unnecessary.
                 \_ And, pending further investigation, I would agree with
                    you on this specific case.  Mine safety is also a big
                    issue in China, where the safety records of the coal
                    mines are just appalling.  Being irresponsible with
                    regard to the safety of others is a direct violation of
                    what Jesus teaches: "To love others as one loves thyself."
                    \_ So you'll masturbate me, too?  -tom
                       \_ "Do not grant the evil their desires" Psalm 140:8
              \_ What logical people should see is that if the end result is
                 the same, it doesn't matter if there's a God.  It doesn't
                 matter if He's capricious, apathetic, you're part of His
                 inconceivable master plan, or He doesn't exist.  If in every
                 possible tangible way the outcome is the same, then His
                 existence is irrelevant.  And since reality behaves in a manner
                 which does not correspond to an unfiltered reading of the
                 Bible, there is no reason to use the Bible as an accurate
                 description of God.  Therefore if we've got no reliable
                 description and no evidence of action, there's really no reason
                 to believe in an ancient, politically motivated fabrication
                 like God.
                 \_ This is not what the Bible says or teaches, nor should
                    it be the experience of someone who walks with God.
                    \_ The Bible doesn't teach that it's irrelevant and so is
                       God?  Surprise?
                       \_ You don't read the bible nor follow what the
                          bible teaches, and you claim that you cannot see
                          any "evidence".
                          \_ I have read the Bible cover to cover probably
                             four times.  It is full of bad advice,
                             inconsistencies, and paints God as a very "do as
                             I say, don't do as I do" sort of fellow.  Modern
                             moderate Christians only come up with a bearable
                             moral code by ignoring an awful lot of badness
                             littered all throughout the Bible.  This is what
                             moral code by cherry-picking what they like from
                             the whole of the Bible.  This is what
                             I meant about an "unfiltered reading".
                             \_ Tell me an instance of what Jesus did or said
                                that you disagreed with.  Or where he did not
                                do what he said.
                                \_ Jesus' views on slavery: Luke 12:47
                                   off the top of my head.  And why are we
                                   limiting ourselves to the NT?  Christians
                                   quote morality from the OT all the time.
                                   Hell, this whole thing started with Job.
                                   \_ The verse is about a servant who beats
                                      other servants (see 12:45) and hence
                                      deserves to be punished.  Are you
                                      saying it's okay for him to beat other
                                      servants?  Let's talk about Jesus
                                      \_ English translations of the Bible
                                         dishonestly use the term "servant".
                                         They were slaves.  This is a parable
                                         context (and 12:48 calls for "just
                                         a little beating" for the others), the
                                         point is that something that is a
                                         clear moral evil is not commented on by
                                         the omniscient son of God.
                                         \_ Clearly it's not a moral evil! The
                                            South was right.
                                         \_ I disagree.  The parable is
                                            about watchfulness, and the point
                                            is that we should not be
                                            complacent with God's teachings
                                            and commit evil thinking that
                                            judgement and punishment will not
                                            come.  The servant who knows "the
                                            master's will" (i.e. the word of
                                            God) and yet commits evil will be
                                            punished with "many blows".  The
                                            servant who does not know the
                                            master's will (presumably not following
                                            his own conscience?) will be
                                            punished with "few blows".  As for
                                            slavery, the Bible says we are all
                                            under the slavery of sin, and God
                                            wants to free us from its power
                                            through Christ.
                                            As for servant vs slave.  I don't
                                            think it's as clearly defined
                                            historically as you imply.
                                            master's will (presumably not
                                            following his own conscience?) will
                                            be punished with "few blows".  As
                                            for slavery, the Bible says we are
                                            all under the slavery of sin, and
                                            God wants to free us from its power
                                            through Christ.  As for servant vs
                                            slave.  I don't think it's as
                                            clearly defined historically as you
                                            imply.  I mentioned before that I
                                            don't believe Jesus is omniscient,
                                            not when he is on this world.  One
                                            I mentioned before that I don't
                                            believe Jesus is omniscient, not
                                            when he is on this world.  One
                                            does not have to be omniscient to
                                            lead a life without sin.
                                            \_ Does it bother you that the
                                               Bible not only condones but
                                               seems to support slavery?
                                               \_ Wasn't Exodus about how
                                                  God led the Israelites
                                                  out of slavery in Egypt?
                                                  Have you heard of the
                                                  Quaker movement to abolish
                                                  slavery, or the Society for
                                                  the Abolition of the Slave
                                                  \_ But Quakers do it in spite
                                                     of the Bible, not because
                                                     \_ I think you got it
2006/1/6-9 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:41262 Activity:nil
1/6     Microsoft Shuts Down Chinese Blog
        Commie Gates.
2006/1/6-9 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:41263 Activity:nil
1/6     Last 'Gang of Four' member dies
        \_ I don't understand: didn't the group that this group represented
           effectively "win"?  Why was he still in prison until recently?
              \_ ah hah.  thanks!  should have RTFWP.
        \_ That's too bad, they were a pretty good punk band in the 80s.
           How did they all die so young?
        \_ I knew Vlissides was dead, but I thought Gamma, Helm, and Johnson
           were all very much alive.
        \_ Good fucking riddance.  May he enjoy doing snap rolls in his
           murderous commie hell.  -John
        \_ China really should designate end of cultural revolution as a
           national holiday.
2006/1/6-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41264 Activity:nil
1/6     My sister's Windows XP is hanging on startup.  Apparently it shows
        the Windows XP logo, chugs for a bit, then hangs.  The only thing
        that's changed is that she moved to Santa Cruz.  Linux still
        boots fine for her.  Any ideas?  Is there any way to see what
        windows is doing during boot?
        \_ ob SCO joke
        \_ F8 for Safe Mode with logging, text file will be created in C:\
           For a quick test lots of times the NIC hangs things, so unplug
           the network cable
           \_ Thanks. She said removing the network cable didn't help, and
              safe mode hung too. What's the name of the log file?
              \_ Whoops, it's C:\WINDOWS\Ntbtlog.txt
                 \_ Huh, that one doesn't seem to exist.
              \_ If safe mode hangs too, maybe it's reinstall/recovery-disk
                 \_ Yeah, she's about to do so now.
              \_ I was reading on the net and people were suggesting
                 modifying C:\BOOT.INI, adding /noguiboot /sos /bootlog after
                 /fastdetect.  This will show on screen as device drivers are
        \_ Your sister has hit the Millennium-Plus-Six Bug in the XP bootstrap
        \_ Your sister has hit the Millennium-Plus-Six bug in the XP bootstrap
2006/1/6-9 [Uncategorized] UID:41265 Activity:nil
1/6     My torso is a size S (36" chest) but my arms are at 34" which is a
        size M.  With dress shirts I can get exactly what I need because it's
        fitted.  But with coats I'm having a hard time getting something
        that'll fit me.  I'm looking at wool/cashmere coats.  S is too short
        arm-wise but M is too big around my torso.  I'd imagine that
        expensive coats ($300-$500 range) would be fitted like shirts instead
        of coming in S, M, L, etc.  Anybody have the same problem?  What
        brand of coats come in fitted sizes?  This is formal wear so I can't
        look like a clown.  Thanks.
        \_ Go to a decent shop, get fitted and the coat tailored. It'll be
           worth it.  A good sportscoat will last years.
        \_ I'm a mixed size as well and tried Benetton and Zara. They have
           european cuts and I found stuff that fit me well.
        \_ Ernesto's tailoring, 860 Market St., 5th floor.  -John
           \_ definate cupping there.. definately..
              \_ "definite".  And "huh?"  -John
2006/1/6 [Uncategorized] UID:41266 Activity:nil
1/6     Walmart is apparently still sorting the bugs out
2006/1/6-9 [Politics/Domestic/SIG, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:41267 Activity:low
1/6     "The time has come that the American people know exactly what
        their Representatives are doing here in Washington. Are they
        feeding at the public trough, taking lobbyist-paid vacations,
        getting wined and dined by special interest groups? Or are they
        working hard to represent their constituents? The people, the
        American people, have a right to know." - Tom DeLay Nov 16, 1995
        \_ Well, now we know.
           Plug in Abramoff. The next few months are going to be fun
           to watch.
        \_ We've always known.  Both parties have been sucking away at every
           opportunity for decades.  There is no news here.
           \_ # of donations from Abramoff to Dems: 0
              \_ 1) That's not what the radio reporter said, 2) there hasn't
                 been an investigation or final ruling, 3) if this was purely
                 a (R) problem, I'd expect the (D)'s to be jumping all over
                 it which they're not, 4) Abramoff isn't exactly the first
                 instance of payoffs and corruption in DC and I find it
                 intellectually dishonest that you would bring up a current
                 event which isn't fully fleshed out or known and compare it
                 to a blanket statement about previous decades as if this
                 was the only event of corruption ever seen.  Try again.  You
                 are a total idiot if you think (R) = evil and (D) = good.
                 They're all just people and people are what they are no
                 matter what little letter gets printed next to their name
                 on CNN.
                 \_  Neither party is really evil or good, but I think Bill
                     Frist for instance is quite simply an evil man.  I think
                     there are several people in Congress who do not believe
                     in freedom, and whose entire ideology comes from the desire
                     for power, particuarly theocratic power.  They're all
                     \_ So there are no evil (D)'s huh?  Okey dokey!
                        \_ Name one who is as evil as Frist.
                           \_ Pretty much the entire Kennedy family but the
                              current senior Senator from MA in particular
                              has a special story.
                              \_ In a word, bullshit.  I don't think any
                                 Kennedy is a threat to the U.S. the way
                                 Frist is.  If that guy becomes president,
                                 I expect to see prison camps for political
                                 dissenters, elimination of the non-executive
                                 branches of government and bibical law within
                                 the first couple years, followed by however
                                 many years of dictatorship it takes for
                                 revolution, coup or war to bring it all down.
                                 We've already had a Kennedy in the whitehouse,
                                 and this is just not a threat from them.
                                 Just because you dislike them personally
                                 doesn't make them evil.
                                 \_ You are confusing your opinion with the
                                    historical fact.  You can expect the
                                    moon to be made of cheese.  It does not
                                    make it so.  The last Kennedy in the WH
                                    brought us to the very edge of nuclear
                                    war in a way no one else has.  Thanks.
                \_ The Democrats are jumping all over this. You are not
                   paying too much attention to the news.
                   \_ KOS isn't a news source.
2006/1/6-9 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41268 Activity:nil
1/6     I have a G2 iPod (2002). How long does the warranty last?
        \_ not this long
        \_ probably a year, like the current warranty
           hey, at least it's not creative's warranty, which is 1 year parts,
           3 months labor ($40 for labor typically)
           \_ isn't creative more durable?
2006/1/6-9 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:41269 Activity:nil
1/6     39 cent first class stamp, Jan 8, 2006.
        \_ On Sunday, when the Post Office is closed.
           \_ Score! An extra day.  Here's a question.  Why couldn't they have
              made it 40 cents and made everyone's lives a little easier?
              What's the last time the post office first class stamp was an
              easy (divisible by 5) to deal with quantity?
              \_ This is silly.  The USPS is one of the few gov. agencies to
                 consistently run in the black, and they're able to keep stamp
                 cost low because of it.  be thankful for that extra penny
                 \_ Only because federal law prohibits any private carrier from
                    competing.  Note that FedEx, etc. can't deliver a package
                    for less than the USPS.  By law!
                    \_ Right, and there are enough retarded people who enjoy
                       overpaying enough to support at least 3 major
                       commercial package delivery services.
                    \_ urlP
                          "Also vexing to USPS's competitors are the postal
                          laws, dating back to 1845, which prohibit private
                          companies from transporting and delivering letters or
                          packets in competition with the Postal Service. There
                          are some exemptions, such as those for delivering
                          newspapers, magazines, and urgent letters, but where
                          competition is allowed, as in the case of urgent
                          delivery, private carriers must charge at least $3
                          more or twice as much as the first-class postage
                          \_ yeah, I'm sure that's vexing to USPS's
                             competitors.  They're just dying to deliver
                             first-class mail across the country in two
                             days for 30 cents.  -tom
                 \_ Couldn't they up it to 40 and invest the 1cent and just
                    keep it at 40 cents longer?  I just don't like how often
                    they change it.
                 \_ The USPS is not a gov. agency now.
                 \_ actually they lost money in 2001 and 2002.
                    surplus in 2003 and '04 after that 34 -> 37 cent rate hike
                    \_ Bush underfunded them on biohazard screening funds after
                       the anthrax scares.
                    \_ As I understand it, they're on a three-year plan for
                       rate hikes. They make money the first year, break even
                       the second year, and lose money the third year (but
                       cover it with the profits from year 1). Then they raise
                       rates and do it again. This rate is coming sooner than
                       normal because of a requirement that the USPS must have
                       some billions in an escrow account or something. -gm
                    \_ And after they boosted the tree-killing junk mail
              \_ uh, I prefer 39 cent stamps to 40 cent stamps
                 \_ Why don't you buy them for 39 cents, and sell them outside
                    soda hall for 40.  Hell, I'll be you could sell them for a
                    dollar since that's even rounder.
              \_ The last time it was divisible by 5 was 1988-91, at 25 cents.
        \_ do some of you young people remember having to lick stamps?
           \_ The 60-cent stamps for overseas letters still need to be licked.
              \_ So do the little denomination stamps. I think the guy
                 above lives in a cocoon.
                 \_ I have many self-adhesive one-cent stamps.
                 \_ or only uses the mainstream stamps - above guy
                    \_ Or never has to pay off yermom in lickable stamps.
                       \_ ob it's not stamps he's licking
2006/1/6-9 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41270 Activity:nil
1/6     Does anyone know a commandline linux mp3 player that supports fast
        forward?  Skip forward and back 30 seconds would be nice.
        \_ mplayer does skip fwd/back and plays mp3's
2006/1/6-9 [Reference/RealEstate, Finance/Investment] UID:41271 Activity:low
1/6     We survived the great bear market of 2000-2002.  Congratulations.
          \_ and by the skin of our teeth.  Bears are scary!
        \_ What do you mean by survived?  My previous company went under in
           \_ though you suffered, you are still here, healthy, and
              earning a decent income (I hope).
              \_ nope, took a pay cut to find a job in 2002.  Gonna change
                 jobs soon though.
        \_ Prepare for the great housing collapse of 2006-8.
           \_ I already have lawnchairs and a case of beer, if that's what
              you mean.  I intend to bask in shadenfreude.
              you mean.  I intend to bask in schadenfreude.
           \_ didn't they say they were going to stop increasing interest
              rates soon?
              \_ Greenspam has been making noise about 1 more increase and
                 then seeing what happens.  In other news, the housing bust
                 is here.  In the last quarter the rate of increase in the
                 price of housing crashed down to 6%.
                 \_ Greenspan retired.  And, uh, the rate of increase slowing
                    to 6% annually isn't exactly a bust.  -tom
                 \_ Uh, the rate of increase slowing to 6% annually isn't
                    exactly a bust.  -tom
                    \_ Sarcasm detectors... ACTIVATE!
2006/1/6-13 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:41272 Activity:nil
1/11    In phpadmin mysql, I went into someone's schema to
        look at how they set things up. In the query, there
        are descriptions to each column. How do I access
        the descriptions using plain mysql command line, and
        where is that information kept?
        \_  --dbushong
           \_ thanks dbushong, you r3wl!!!
           \_ Thanks, I did "mysql < create_tables_mysql_4_1_2+.sql"
              to create this phpmyadmin table that contains the
              relationships and descriptions. Now, when I create new
              tables in my DDL (create table commands) do I have to manually
              populate the phpmyadmin tables with the relationships
              and descriptions, or can I embed it in my DDL? ok thx.
2006/1/6-9 [Recreation/Music] UID:41273 Activity:nil
1/6     Here's someone more stupid than Robertson:
        "Second chord sounds in world's longest lasting concert - Yahoo! News"
        \_ That is honestly retarded.  (pun intended)
           \_ I weep for you all.
              \_ That makes you weep?  Man, be glad you weren't part of the
                 philosopher pun-test.  (and if you were, then yeah -- I really
                 feel sorry for you, dude)
        \_ man, I'd hate to be the one counting off the measures. 84341642,2,
           3, 4...
        \_ I'll bet they didn't take leap seconds into account.
           \_ You don't know enough music geeks then.  I'd be willing to take
              that bet.
2006/1/6-9 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:41274 Activity:high Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2006/1/6-9 [Reference/RealEstate, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:41275 Activity:nil
        Go to "No thanks banks, I'll pay cash." Apparently 1/3 of the
        homes over 1 million dollars are paid by cash.
        \_ Why is this surprising?
        \_ The 1/3 number came from a 2003 Coldwell Banker survey of 200 of
           its agents.  It's probably not all that scientific.  Of the 15-ish
           people I know in $million+ houses (it's not hard in the Bay Area),
           everyone financed.  Of course, that's not that scientific either.
           its agents.  It's probably not all that scientific.
2006/1/6-9 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:41276 Activity:low
        Walmart halts Triumph of the Will DVD movie suggestion that was
        linked to Bush Family Fortunes DVD
        \_ what? english please??
           \_ Triump of Will was a Nazi propaganda movie made before ww2.
              \_ That was the only obvious part of this post.  What does the
                 rest mean?
                 \_ yes, and why a link to
2006/1/6-9 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/RealEstate] UID:41277 Activity:high
        Buying a home now is still easier than it was in the 80s
        \_ "in almost every place outside of New York, Washington, Miami and
           along the coast in California. ... places like New York and Los
           Angeles ... families buying their first home often must spend more
           than half of their income on mortgage payments, far more than they
           once did"
           \_ This could be read to mean exactly the opposite of what the
              article said.  Even ignoring that, you left out the next
              sentence, "But the places that have become less affordable over
              the last generation account for only a quarter of the country's
              population."  Considering the concentration of population in
              NY and CA, it's likely only a tiny number (<< 1/4) of
              municipalities have become less affordable.
              \_ It only means the exact opposite in places like NY,
                 Washington, Miami, and coastal California.
                 \_ It's your choice where you want to live and how much you
                    are willing to spend on real estate.  Fortunately, the
                    number of places with more affordable housing is growing.
                    \_ Enjoy your life in Nebraska.
                       \_ I imagine that's the difference between us.  I feel
                          no superiority over people who would find Nebraska
                          right for them.  It sounds like you do.
                       \_ I imagine that's the difference between us.  You're
                          a snob and I'm not.
                          \_ Be grateful.  Having all the people with that
                             personality want to buy houses in the same small
                             group of cities gets them out of your way.
                             I could name several really wonderful cities
                             which still have affordable houseing, but I won't,
                             because I want to keep the speculator-parasites
                             from even hearing the names.
                             \_ have fun in boonyville. It's not hard to
                                find out which cities will continue to boom
                                regardless of existing population. I'll
                                give you a hint-- where there are damn
                                jews and orientals there will always be
                                irrational housing boom.
                                \_ *laugh* Hi Wannabe-Racist Housing Troll!
                                   And that's "damned" not "damn".  Also, if
                                   you're going for the racist thing there are
                                   plenty of hard core racial slurs you could
                                   have used instead of "damn jews and
                                   orientals".  That was pretty weak.  You get
                                   a "D-".  --Troll Rating Advisory Board
                           \_ I imagine I have actually live in Nebraska
                                \_ As far as "orientals" are concerned,
                                   there are plenty of busts following
                                   booms.  Just check out HK, Spore, Tokyo,
                           \_ I imagine I have actually lived in Nebraska
                              and you have not. Enjoy the 20 below zero
                              weather with endless winds blowing off the
                              prarie while I enjoy my sunny days in the 60s
                              in January.
        \_ Yeah, but harder than it was during the 90s. At the end of the
           80s home prices took a big drop. They will soon again.
2006/1/6-9 [Politics/Foreign] UID:41278 Activity:nil
1/6     You only think you want to live in the country. Some people suffer
        from the mistaken belief that they want to live on acreage far from
        city life, a la Green Acres. Some years ago one of my Tucson, Ariz.,
        in-town neighbors did just that. She sold her home and bought
        another home in the desert. Communing with nature was fine until a
        country coyote ate her city dog that took a lot of the glamour away
        from the rural life. I've recently made friends with a couple who
        emigrated to Tucson as retirees from Florida. They, too, thought they
        wanted the romance of the rural home life away from it all. But now
        they want to move into town. There is nothing to do at home in the
        country, they say, and even as retirees, they dislike the commute
        to do fun stuff in town. They are far enough out that even grocery
        shopping is an expedition.                --Christina B. Farnsworth
        \_ I went to Tuscon once.  Living in Tucson itself is already like
           living in the country compared to the sf bay area.  Living "outside"
           a place like Tuscon might as well be the moon.
2006/1/6-9 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:41279 Activity:nil
        It's a car! It's a home! It's what GMC calls the hybrid
        car/home. Wait, isn't it just a glorified trailer home?
        \_ um, yes but it looks like its from the year 6000! so it must
           be cool. ps, what the fuck is a "teraflop of onboard memory"??
           \_ Who cares?  You're watching "The Island" on 2 screens at once!
        \_ An RV for the Burning Man crowd.
2006/1/6-9 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:41280 Activity:nil
        New economic numbers look rosey. Bush Confident About Economy
        for 2006.
2022/07/02 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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