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2006/1/1-4 [Uncategorized] UID:41186 Activity:low
1/1     What do you guys think about McMansions? Great? Bad? No opinion?
        \_ McMansions are usually bought by [single] working people who can
           barely afford them using interest only loans. Statistics show
           that most of the McMansions are quite empty because their owners
           are too busy with work and have no time to decorate them, let
           alone enjoy them. Since McMansions are usually built far away
           from metropolitan areas, their owners also tend to drive huge
           SUVs so that they can load up stuff they need, minimizing the
           time and frequency in which they must travel between their
           McMansions and civilization (eg. Costco).  Young McMansion owners
           are usually shocked at the $500-$1000 utility costs since
           McMansions are usually located in traditionally undesirable
           areas that are over 50-100 miles from big coastal cities, thus
           have huge temperature swings. McMansion owners love their homes
           because their homes allow them to feel like millionaires without
           actually having to be one.
        \_ I think they are fine if you have a big family, an ostentatious
           display of wealth otherwise.
           \_ Why do you think "McMansions" are an ostentatious display of
              wealth and regular (larger and more expensive) mansions are not?
              \_ I don't see how the pp implies this. The question was about
                 McMansions, not mansions in general. Anyway, I think it's a
                 given that mansions are ostentatious. -!pp
        \_ Why would you care what we think?  Is this the Great Question of
           Our Time?
2006/1/1-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41187 Activity:nil
1/1     It's 2006! May all your sodans get laid!
        \_ Done, done, and done again!  Gotta go, SO is calling me back for
           more. - alumnus
2006/1/1 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:41188 Activity:nil 88%like:41191
12/1    Wild predictions for 2006
2006/1/1-4 [Reference/RealEstate, Recreation/House] UID:41189 Activity:nil
12/1    I just bought a 2-year old condo unit. What's the best way to clean,
        seal, and polish flat marbles to semi-glossy in the kitchen and
        bathroom (which by the way has a little bit of pee stains)?
        Also the granite in the shower-room could use a bit
        of work too. I went to Home Depot but it's a bit confusing
        given that they have hundreds of solutions to use. Any
        advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Happy New Year!
        \_ ObHousingBubbleTalk
2006/1/1-4 [Uncategorized] UID:41190 Activity:nil
1/1     Any reason that spamd isn't running?
2006/1/1-4 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:41191 Activity:nil 88%like:41188
1/1     Wild predictions for 2006 (
        \_ From USAToday founder, actually:
2006/1/1-4 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:41192 Activity:nil
1/1     Anyone ever have problems with procmail inserting a '>' in front of
        the 'From' field when it forwards email?  I haven't been able to
        figure out how to prevent this, not find any web info talking about
        it.  The insertion screws up mail-reading at the forwarded end
        (thunderbird does not separate out the subject and other fields any
        more).  Thanks!
        \_ It's probably sendmail, not procmail doing that.  And the problem
           is probably that you're attaching the original headers in the
           message body, instead of in the message header, or another From
           header is being added, so sendmail is escaping the From.
           \_ Yeah, looking at an email as received at csua and at the
              remote forward destination, it looks like in the process of
              procmail forwarding it wraps a new set of headers on top of
              the email.  I thought that it used to work fine without
              changing things like this, though?  Haven't been able to
              find any documentation that shines any light on modifying the
              behavior to forward the mail with original headers, though -op
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