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2005/12/27-30 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:41142 Activity:low
12/27   I have two subversion respositories A and B. I want to import the
        contents of A into B and get rid of A, but I don't want to lose
        the version history. Is there anyway to do this? tia.
        \_ what version control system?
           \_ dumbass - "I have two subversion respositories A and B."
              \_ not all vcs are created equal
                 \_ Have you not heard of subversion?  You're sounding stupider
                    by the post.
                    \_ And it all went quiet in the city
                       and the wind blew down the road
                       someone cried out SUBVERT
                       and the people all went cold
                    \_ never heard of it
                       \_ Who's on first?
           \_ I'm using subversion:
              In cvs/rcs days this sort of thing was easy, I'd just copy
              the ,v files, but subversion uses BerkeleyDB so I'm exactly
              sure how to go about doing this.
              \_ Around 1.1 or 1.2 SVN began to use FSFS as default.  However,
                 it's not the file format that's complicated, it's the two
                 repositories.  Do you want to retain the date of the histories
                 as well as the revisions themselves?  You may want to look at
                 the vss2svn project, which is some perl scripts for doing this
                 for vss.
                 \_ No I just wanted to revisions, not the dates. The post
                    below was basically what I was looking for. Thanks.
           \_ Thanks. I figured it out from the manual as well:
              I just had to dump the two respositories and then load
              them back into a new repository.  This preserved all of
              the version information I wanted.
              \_ a good software engineer is a good historian!
2005/12/27-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:41143 Activity:nil
12/27   Freedom of speech at its best:  Bush versus newspaper editors.
2005/12/27 [Consumer/Camera] UID:41144 Activity:nil
12/27   I am seeking recommendations for a CDMA phone with good voice quality
        and reception/transmission. I've been through a couple phones since
        attempting to replace my old Kyocera 2135 and both sucked by
        comparison. I don't care about camera and other bling.
2005/12/27-30 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:41145 Activity:nil
12/27   I recieved a music CD for a Christmas present, and though it did not
        trojan my box, it would not play normally in the CD drive.  I was able
        to do DAE on it, but is there any way to find what sort of protection
        is being used?
        \_ Usually googling for the exact title in quotes + "copy protection"
           will find you a lot of web boards with good info.  Alcohol120% and
           Daemontools should be good enough to deal with whatever
           it turns out to be.  -John
           \_ Well like I said, I was able to do DAE on it in spite of the
              protection.  Google fails me because it's an uncommon CD with a
              fairly common name.
        \_ have you tried to play it on a different OS, such as Linux/BSD?
           \_ No, I got DAE working and was satisfied.  Does Linux have a
              machanism for identifying CD corruption mechanisms?
2005/12/27-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41146 Activity:kinda low
12/27   Brokeback Mountain: Rape of the Marlboro Man
        \_ The author of this article wants it so bad in the ass
           \_ Wow, what insight.  By this single "I know you are but what am I"
              argument, you've moved the level of discourse about the topic all
              the way to 2nd -- no 3rd grade.  Kudos sir!
              \_ He's giving the author his deserved respect.
        \_ Why does Ang Lee like to make gay movies so much?
           \_ Powerful human dynamics?
        \_ gotta love right-wing fearmongering.  yeah, homosexuality is
           really going to be the end of Western civilization. uh-huh.
           \_ What I love is that all of his arguments revolve around how it
              destroys (the gay guy's) marriage.  He seems to miss the point
              that the loveless marriage is a product of the unaccepting
              society.  So he's either being a dumbass or intentionally
              deceiving his audience... almost like Hollywood.
              \_ "loveless marriage is a product of the unaccepting
                 society."  Can you explain that?
                 \_ If the guy is gay, but can't express that, he may enter
                    into a marriage because that's "what you do".  But his
                    sexual needs are being denied in such a marriage, leading
                    to resentment and unhappiness.
                    \_ Can't he just stay single?  Don't you think marrying
                       someone you don't love at all is kind of irresponsible?
                       \_ Perhaps he could.  Perhaps his family expected it
                          of him.  Perhaps he hadn't even considered the
                          possibility that he was homosexual, but wasn't happy
                          with what he had.  As for "irresponsible", people
                          do a lot of irresponsible things when they don't
                          know who they really are or what they really want.
                          \_ Perhaps he just likes a little anal on the side.
                             There are a lot of straight marriages that end
                             up like this. I don't see what homos have to do
                             with it. And don't try to excuse irresponsible
                             behavior by "people do that"... oh yeah people
                             rape others when they aren't getting enough sex,
                             quit your moralizing.
                             \_ Wow.  I'm amazed how quickly the psychos come
                                out on this issue.  Mmm..  homo sex == rape!
                                You r0x0r, duud1!!
                                \_ lol ya rly like wtf? btw learn to read.
                          \_ If you are not sure, or not ready to make a
                             commitment for life, don't get married.  Why
                             is it that people take marriage so lightly
                             these days?
                             \_ "These days"?  You haven't given this subject
                                much research or thought, have you?
                                \_ If you think you have something to say,
                                   try saying it.
                                   \_ How 'bout we give gays the option to
                                      make that commitment, and then we'll
                                      see how lightly it is taken.  Do you
                                      think kids out of high school getting
                                      married are considering it fully?
                                      Do you think that the dynamic discussed
                                      here contributes greatly to the freq
                                      of divorce?  I suggest you are laying
                                      too much blame at Ang Lee's feet.
                                      \_ Yes, if we are ready to send an
                                         18 year old to war where he needs
                                         to make life and death decisions,
                                         then he should be able to consider
                                         a marriage decision seriously.
                                         At 18 you are a grown up, have the
                                         rights and responsibilities of a
                                         grown up.
                                         \_ E_TOOSHORT.  This conversation
                                            is at an end.
                                            \_ You've been trying to branch
                                               out on irrelevant topics. I
                                               was just sticking to the
                                               original discussion.
                                               \_ E_TOOSTUPID.  Can't handle
                                                  the TOOSHORT exception.
                                                  \_ you are cute.
                                      \_ Okay, I missed this sentence:
                                         "Do you think that the dynamic
                                         discussed here contributes greatly
                                         to the freq of divorce?"
                                         Yes, too much emphasis on sexual
                                         desires, and personal fulfilment
                                         as opposed to love, commitment,
                                         loyalty and responsibility.
                                         \_ I suggest that as the stigma
                                            of homosexuality diminishes and
                                            as the acceptance of homosexual
                                            marriage/unions grow, this VERY
                                            SMALL portion of the total of
                                            failed marriages will all but
                                            vanish.  Marriages don't fail
                                            because of homosexuality.
                                            \_ Dude, it's irrelevant whether
                                               the third person is a guy or
                                               a girl.  The guy got married
                                               and had kids, and then went
                                               on adulterous "fishing trips"
                                               to Brokeback Mountain for 2
                                               \_ I agree with you here, but
                                                  if it weren't about a
                                                  homosexual couple, 1) it
                                                  wouldn't be made into a
                                                  movie and 2) you wouldn't
                                                  bother thinking about it.
                                                  \_ There are countless
                                                     movies about marriage
                                                     and affairs and love
                                                     that could not be.
                                                     \_ And you get upset
                                                        about every one of
                             No, I just don't agree that the statement,
                             "loveless marriage is a product of the
                             unaccepting society" applies here.
                             \_ The person who posted that was extrapolating.
                                I haven't seen the movie, so I can't say one
                                way or the other if that's what the movie said,
                                but I've tried to suggest scenarios that
                                expound upon his statement.  If you just
                                reject it, then fine.  I'm done walking
                                you through.
                             \_ That's "what you do".
                                \_ Honoring your marital vows is "what
                                   you do".  Loving (an action, not state
                                   of mind) your wife and children is
                                   "what you do".
                                   \_ Indeed.  Funny, though, some people,
                                      for whatever reason, don't or can't.
                                      If that's your only complaint here,
                                      then this is a long discussion about
                                      nothing.  I think you're just creeped
                                      out by homosexuality.
                                      \_ actually the long discussion is
                                         because some people here are
                                         rather presumptuous and mis-
                                         interpreted my comment.
        \_ Author was obviously disappointed by the lack of pudding eating
           scenes and lashed out in an unfulfilled, unloved crime of passion.
2005/12/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:41147 Activity:nil
12/26   Another Bush's Middleeast Democracy successful story: (
2005/12/27-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:41148 Activity:nil
12/26   Kudos to whoever rebooted! Thank you.
        \_ Directs the flow of kudos towards Jon.
2005/12/27-30 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:41149 Activity:moderate
12/27   Who would win?  Italian Mob?  Triads?  LA Gangs?
        \_ you forgot yakuza
        \_ The Russian mob already won.
           \_ I thought it's Ukrainian.
              \_ Why do you hate Ukranians?
                 \_ cause they collaborated with the Nazis to kill us Jews.
                 \_ Charles Lindberg and many famous Americans loved Hitler,
                    maybe we should have jailed them or something.
                    \_ if that is the case, you have a lot of people to hate
                        French, Italians, and Polish were all collaborated
                        with Nazis
        \_ al qaeda
        \_ Mini-Ditka, driving da Bears bus.  -John
2005/12/27-30 [Reference/Tax] UID:41150 Activity:nil
12/27   Creative Commons needs $50k in donations to maintain tax exempt status
        in the US:
        \_ Where does it say anything about tax exempt status?
        \_ Excuse my ignorance, but what does Creative Commons actually do
           other than draft up various licenses for people to use?  Where is
           this money going to go?  Why shouldn't I donate to the EFF instead?
2005/12/27-30 [Computer/HW/Drives, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41151 Activity:nil
12/27   I'm trying to help out with my mother in law's computer problems. She
        has two Windows XP computers (one desktop, one tablet pc) that she was
        using for her job before she retired. The computers themselves are old
        and her workplace doesn't want them back but they are installed with
        all this corporate Novell stuff that I don't know anything about and
        her account on the computer has very restricted permissions (she can't
        even install any new programs on it). we can't get the admin password.
        Is there a way to make these computers usable without reinstalling
        the operating system?
        \_ Obtain a copy of BART PE rescue disk. You can download this off of
           a site or emule or torrent or what-have-you. I think the complete
           ISO is about 720 megs big, so you'll have to stick it on a DVD
           or overburn a CD-R. Boot it up, if you got the full version there's
           a password recovery and regedit util on it. You can also get the
           admin password recovered through a freeware NTPassword recovery
           disk: which also works
           (I've used it many times). The computers will most likely not
           have floppies or support booting off of it, so you'll have to
           burn the CD version. No GUI though like BART PE (which is
           essentially running WindowsXP through a CD). I suppose from there
           you can see if you can revert the machine back to its original
           state before they stuck Novell Netware on it (original save
           point under system restore).
        \_ From my experience with Novell, "usable": yes. "usable without
           tearing your hair out": no.  Novell tends to, and has as long as I
           can remember, always put a lot of junk into the OS.  I'd blow the
           OS away unless you wanna play "pick the junk out of the registry"
           for the next few months.  If you want to just go with the "turn off
           Novell" option, try to recover the admin password.  There are a few
           utilities on the internet that claim to help you do this, but I have
           been largely unsuccessful in actually getting them to work. - jvarga
           \_ This is fine and all for the desktop, but you might have trouble
              finding a copy of Windows XP Tablet Edition to install on the
              tablet. I doubt you can get the restore CDs from the co.
        \_ Recover the admin password. STFW.
2005/12/27-30 [Uncategorized] UID:41152 Activity:nil
12/27   Interesting flash demonstration on photo retouch.
2018/12/10 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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