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2005/12/24-28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:41136 Activity:kinda low
12/24   What sorts of things are more appropriate to put into .bashrc instead
        of .bash_profile?
        \_ Check the man pages for the difference between login vs non-login
           and interactive vs non-interactive shells.  Would you need to check
           your mail or start up irc or a news reader on a non-interactive
           shell?  Would you want irc to startup in every new shell or just
           the initial login?
           \_ I know what difference is, but it's not clear to me which
              environment variables are best suited for where.  PATH in
              .bash_profile?  aliases in .bashrc?  etc.
              \_ Would you need a $PATH in a non interactive shell?  Would
                 you like access to anything more than the default paths?
                 Possibly.  Would you like aliases in a non-interactive
                 shell?  Some, possibly.  This will vary by environment.
                 No one can tell you what you need in yours.
                 \_ Well, of course it will vary.  I just would like to know
                    what the conventions are and people typically do.  As for
                    interactive vs. non-interactive, that's not really an
                    issue anyway since I (and presumably most other people?)
                    gate lots of things on $PS1.
                       \_ Its probably better to check if $- includes 'i'
                          rather than $PS1.
                    \_ Seriously, people do what they need to do.  That is
                       the convention.  This is unix.  There is no one right
                       way to do most things.
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