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2005/12/6-7 [Recreation/Humor] UID:40871 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
12/6    Boy, Dutch people are weird.  Mildy NSFW.
        \_ Ha ha ha "Pame-la" ... (la means drawer in Dutch)
        \_ Origin of the idea:
2005/12/6-7 [Reference/Religion, Recreation/Humor] UID:40872 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
        And Christians get upset about a "holiday tree"?  God I love
2005/12/6-7 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:40873 Activity:kinda low
12/6    I am going to Taiwan in January.  Haven't been there in a very long
        time.  I need to bring some gifts, but can't think of much that's
        either uniquely available here or significantly cheaper here.  I
        need to buy gifts for kids, cousins in their 20s, and also lots of
        aunts and uncles.  What do people bring when they go back to
        Asia?  Ideas and suggestions?  Please help!
        \_ Bring back nice traditional wife from rural China since most
           Taiwanese women have Westernized and modernized, meaning they
           don't cook, they don't clean, and they bitch all day.
           \_ You mean Taiwanese women are more like Hong Kong women now?
        \_ 2 months ago my sister had to bring back 150 bottles of Centrum
           Silver we bought from Costco. I really don't understand it.
        \_ Centrum vitamins.  At least my parents did 20 years ago... -oj
           \_ Hmm, my mom still does that.
        \_ Beef jerky or dried mangoes from Costco.
           \_ Also pistachios from Costco.  My dad buys a lot of this from
              Costco to bring back to Hong Kong when he visits me.
        \_ We've brought viatamins and beef jerky back to Korea.  Probably
           the most popular thing for us has been honey.  It's very
           expensive in Korea, and my father-in-law loves it.  They also
           liked Macadamia nuts.  I don't know about Taiwan, but Koreans
           don't like overly sweet candy, so even chocolate covered rasins
           didn't go over well. American alcohol can be good too, but
           check the customs regulations. -jrleek
        \_ American ginseng from Wisconsin.  In Chinese medicine and culinary,
           American ginseng serves different purpose than the ginseng from
           American ginseng serves different purpose from the ginseng from
           Korea and north China.  -- yuen
        \_ or some Polo / Calvin Kline shirts from Cosco.  I think it's more
           suitable for people in the 20s.      -live in TW.
2005/12/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:40874 Activity:nil
12/6    Why are you people so obsessed with kchang?  It's nice outside. -John
        \_ Cause he still has a cute little bubble butt that just begs for
           a rimming.
        \_ And I suppose you're out frolicking naked through some alpine
           meadow with a hot chick while you read and post to the motd?
           \_ Blackberry.  Ours still work  :-)
              \_ Unless you post a picture from said blackberry with a timestamp\
                 that proves there is really an alpine meadow and a naked hot
                 chick, I think we can all assume you're hunched over a laptop
                 in some nerdy building, just like the rest of us.
                 \_ Actually I'm hunched over a laptop in my nice living room
                    with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace watching
                    soccer, but ...  -John
        \_ It's desperation stemming from leading meaningless lives.
        \_ I'm trapped in a loveless marriage and a pointless job. It's either
           this or I become one with WoW.
           \_ I went the latter route.  You too can make your home in Azeroth.
           \_ Fair enough.
2005/12/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:40875 Activity:high
12/6    Sigh, finding my current kchang alias. -emarkp
        So now I'm "reagan".  Just so you know kchang, I've sent an email to
        root asking for your access to motd to be terminated.  I have no idea
        if it will happen or not, but I thought you'd like to know. -emarkp
        \_ Jesus christ you really are pathetic aren't you?
        if it will happen or not, but I thought you'd like to know. -emarkp
        \_ Ooh.  Now I'm hirohito!  You're so clever! -emarkp
           \_ it's random. it's clear that someone has no sense of humor.
           \_ Beats me. I'm emarkp on mine.
              \_ I realized after refreshing it a few times that my alias is
                 rotating through several choices.  It's not totally random
                 AFAICT though, because none of the aliases I'm getting are
                 neutral.  Apparently kchang's maturity level is at about 5
                 years old. -emarkp
                 \_ likewise, your intelligence is at about 5 years old.
                    It took you how long to figure out that you're not
                    being singled out?
                 \_ It's not as deterministic as that. I get mostly super
                    villain names, but so do other posters who posted
                    when I wasn't online.  So it's not a strict mapping.
                    Different users can share the same kchang identity.
                    \_ I suspect there are different classifications.  If
                       you've criticized kchang in the past, you only get names
                       that are negative in his hierarchy.  My alias of
                       "reagan" isn't evil to me, but I'll bet it is to kchang.
                       \_ And I suspect you are being paranoid. I am biased
                          though, since I am enjoying all the bad guy names
                          he's finding. He hasn't even ventured into the
                          Reagan- or Nixon-era names, yet, but admPoindexter
                          may be coming soon. Or perhaps he'll stick to the more
                          simplified comic book villains and slurs. -- megatron
                          \_ It took about 2 minutes to write a script to log
                             the names I'm given.  Here are the top 4:
                             109     reagan
                             17      redneck
                             13      miniMe
                             11      hannibalLector
                             Now I suppose kchang might simply be incompetent
                             and his use of a random number generator is
                             flawed, but the above doesn't look random to me.
                             \_ You're being a fucking idiot.  The vast
                                majority of names are some type of villain.
                                Maybe you'd rather be Stalin?  or theWickedOne?
                                How exactly are these names non-random?  What
                                could you possibly have in common with mini-me?
                                The world does not revolve around you.
                                \_ I think he wants "theHumorlessOne"
                                \_ Hi kchang!  It looks like you've changed
                                   your script since I posted this.  Now
                                   suddenly (within the last few minutes) I've
                                   been assigned many more names.  Did you fix
                                   your random number usage?  Or did you move
                                   me off your "bad" list? -emarkp
                                   \_ you are such a paranoid. and you've
                                      been trolled. congrats.
                                   \_ I'm not kchang.  For fucks sake, man,
                             \_ Cool. Would you mind posting the script so we
                                can all check it out? -- theTempter (as of
                                a minute ago)
        \_ Where is this kchang namecalling down? Is this a new KAIS MOTD
           \_ Mehlhaff has been doing it for years with cvs.  It was still
              there last time I checked.
              \_ I use RCS.  -ERic
        \_ FWIW, I like it. I think it's hilarious.  Also, I'm glad the
           archive and search functions are back.
           \_ Me too! Lighten up, dude. The mapping of name to kchang name
              seems pretty random to me. I doubt there is a line:
                 if (login == emarkp) name = something_negative;
              I bet it's just the luck of the draw. - magneto
        \_ It still seems random to me.  Are you at all sure it can tell who
           is posting what?  I'm still not even sure what my own alias is.  I
           assume we all have one or they're assigned randomly.
        \_ I'm getting positive characters, like megatron -- w00t!
           \_ Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons in the cartoon.
              Decepticon is um, evil. Megatron combines brute strength,
              military cunning, ruthlessness and terror. Aches to return to
              Cybertron to conquest after destroying all Autobots on earth.
              Plans to possess all Earth resources. Incredibly powerful and
              intelligent. Fires nuclear- charged fusion cannon. Can link up
              interdimensionally to a black hole and draw antimatter from it
              for use as a weapon. No known weakness.
                \_ He was cool though!  Turned into a gun and everything
                   \_ He got pwned by Optimus Prime.  Repeatedly.  Even
                      after he became Galvatron.                   -mice
                      \_ Acutally if you watch the the first movie very
                         closely although Optimus Prime is still "standing"
                         after the fight, he is the first one to die.
                         Megatron is still in good enough shape to talk
                         back to Unicron and doesn't ever "die" like
                         Optimus Prime. So if anyone got pwnd, it was
                         Prime. [ Yes, Galvatron was beaten by Rodimus
                         Prime, but that was only b/c Unicorn weakened
                         Megatron to the point where he could be beaten
                         by the autobots; Rodimus couldn't hope to beat
                         Megatron ] - Megatr0n #1 fan
                         \_ Oh puhLEEEAZE -- the only reason Optimus Prime
                            didn't waste megatron was because of that useless
                            interfering twit Hot Rod.  Dude, megatron got
                            tossed out on his ear by freakin' Starscream.
                            Starscream!, man -- how wussy is *that*?  At least
                            Optimus got resurrected as himself, rather than
                            absorbed like megatron.          -mice
                            \_ Optimus got resurrected? Did we watch
                               different movies? Optimus dies and turns
                               gray in the one I watched and Hot Rod
                               is given the crystal of power (or whatever).
                               Cf. Megatron who doesn't die, but is
                               repaired by Unicron. The part where
                               Megatron is tossed out by Starscream
                               is the sadest part of the movie, but
                               he makes up for any whimpyness in the
                               very next scene w/ Unicron.
                               Cf also, Megatron's battle cry "Dece-
                               pticons Attack!" to "Autobots Rollout!"
                               No comparison. Its like "Warp Speed Mr.
                               Scott!" and "Beam me up Scotty" vs.
                               "Engage" and "Energize." :-)
                               \_ Optimus eventually got resurrected (twice!)
                                  in the TV show.
                               \_ Optimus eventually got resurrected
                                  (twice!) in the TV show.
                                  \_ The original tv show? Or one of
                                     the more recent updates? I don't
                                     remember Optimus dying until the
                                     movie (but then again the last
                                     time I watched transformers was
                                     more than 15+ yrs ago).
                                     \_ Yes, the old TV show, a little while
                                        after the movie came out.  Not the
                                        new CG/anime stuff.
           \_ I'm getting Dr. Evil or Cobra Cmdr, but I'd prefer Dr. Claw!
              All in all the names are cool.
              \_ Not the kwah... the kwah!
        \_ How long do you think it will take kchang to add 'emarkp' to the
           list of supervillains?  Will emarkp have a fit when he
           randomly gets labeled with the horrible moniker emarkp?
           Why do you read the motd so much if it offends you?  Weren't
           you the guy filtering out curse words from the motd?
           \_ Hi anonymous troll! -emarkp
        \_ It's random for me ... I went from megatron to LeftWingNut to bush
           to MaoZedong.  I think kchang is just trying to identify the
           same posters without identifying the identity of the posters,
           pretty cool.  Is his degree going to be in social studies of geek
           to MaoZedong.  Is his degree going to be in social studies of geek
           \_ It now appears to be random for me as well.  The distribution was
              very much /not/ uniform before, now it appears to be. -emarkp
              \_ Uhm, welcome to the nature of randomness.
                 \_ 7 is the most random number!
        \_ Is there a way to add nicknames?
           \_ How about "moroni"
        \_ Before some politburo individual reads this and overreacts, there is
           nothing inherently wrong with kchang archiving the motd, attempting
           to guess posters' identities, and posting insulting names in their
           places (if he were doing so, which is not the case). If you don't
           like kchang's sense of humor, don't bother going to his website.
           This is not high school; hell, this is not even college. This is
           a globally editable message board which is sometimes informative,
           but often irrelevant, like most of the Internet. Get over it.
           \_ politburo should squish darthVader and Megatron the same way
              amckee squished brett.
2005/12/6-7 [Recreation/Humor, Computer/SW] UID:40876 Activity:nil
12/6    Hi kchang.  You're pretty funny:
        "This web site is filled with nothing but trolls, sarcasms, and insults
        and should NOT be used as a substitute for honest informational sources
        such as and"
        If I want political commentary from you I'll rattle your cage.
        \_ It definitely sounds tongue-in-cheek.  He's implying both sites are
           not "honest" and "informational"
2005/12/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/911, Computer/Companies/Google, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:40877 Activity:nil
12/6    GOOG is with the terrorists:
2005/12/6-7 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:40878 Activity:low
12/6    I read that the PAKI in Pakistan stands for: Pashtun, Afgan,
        Kashmiris and Iranians.  Is that true?
        \_ Yes, because all acronyms around the world are from English
           transliterations, so as to make it easy for the U.S. media market.
        \- no
        \_ Short for Pakistani.  Don't call an Indian a Paki unless you
           want to insult them.
           \_ I thought "Paki" was insulting for Pakistanis as well.
              \- i assume the quetion was about "where does the name
                 "pakistan" come from, not about the usage of the
                 epithet "paki". some people say "wog" stands for
                 western oriential gentleman but that is probably not
                 true and it is just a nasty term that ex post had
                 various faux meanings attached to it. punjab on the
                 other hand certainly is from "5+waters". "paki"
                 i think is urdu for pure or sacred or something like that.
                 i dont know the origin. but it certainly isnt like say
                 "benelux" etc. anybody claiming "kashmir is an essential
                 part of pakistan and is the k in the name" is either confused
                 or bullshitting. the P if anything would be for punjab which
                 is much more important than pashtoon. and sind is left out.
                 i note in passing, the indian national anthem does have a
                 sanskritized list of parts of india.
        \_ easy to assess the veracity of the claims made in this web site:
2005/12/6-7 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:40879 Activity:nil
12/6    After the upgrade, when I do M-x shell in emacs, the prompt has color
        and my commands are automatically highlighted.  Wow!  What change
        enabled this?
2005/12/6-7 [Transportation/Airplane, Reference/Military] UID:40880 Activity:moderate
12/6    Pesky journalists!
        "A plane loaded with Iranian journalists ... At least 128 people were
        killed -- 34 on the ground ... the plane appeared to be circling the
        airport when its tail suddenly burst into flames, leaving a smoke trail
        as it plummeted ... The C-130 is built by Lockheed ..."
        \_ Hmm,  that seems odd.  It was having engine trouble, then the
           tail burst into flames?  The C-130 doesn't have any engines in
           the tail.
           \_ Any gas tanks near the tail?
              \_ Suicide bombers always travel in economy.  -John
                 \_ That's because they get free upgrades.  "Madam, either you
                    give me that empty seat in the First Class or I'll press
                    the trigger."
                 \_ And demand free upgrades mid-flight.  "Madam, either you
                    give me that empty seat in the First Class now, or I'll
                    press the trigger."
                    \_ You mean "I demand a seat in heaven!"  <boom>
           \_ gas tanks are usually in the wings.  Tails usually have the
              power generation unit, which looks a lot like an engine.
           \_ No idea.  I only know of the ones in the wings, here's some
              info though.
        \_ Another 9/11.
        \_ I think it's CIA's work.  I mean, we are quite experienced at
           taking down Iranian planes, no?
           \_ The Iranians are quite good at crashing planes all on their own.
           \_ I'll tell you why we know the CIA wasn't behind the crash: the
              planes crashed, didn't they?
2005/12/6-7 [Consumer/PDA] UID:40881 Activity:kinda low
12/6    I have a Palm IIIc, and I got offered a free Palm Vx at work.  I
        took it assuming there would be some advantge of a V over a III.
        I can't seem to figure out the advantage. It has the same amount
        of memory in any case.  Does anyone know the difference?
        \_ Slimmer form factor?  Maybe more colors?
           \_ Definatly less colors. The Vx is B/W, the IIIc is color.  It
                        \_ fewer
          definitely _/ \_ fewer
                           \_ Are there a countable number of colors in the
                              \_ Both color sets are finite values.
                              \_ I think you meant "Is there..."
                                 and that's irrelevant.  "less color"
                                 would have been correct.  "less colors" is not.
              is slimmer/smaller, but not enough that I'd care.
        \_ Basically it's just the form factor.  And even without colors,
           its screen won't make your eyes bleed.
           \_ So, it might be easier to read books on?  Dunno, seems about
              the same to me.
        \_ Palm V runs on Palm/3.x OS has serious limitation in terms of
           multimedia capability.
2005/12/6-7 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:40882 Activity:kinda low
12/6    Giving this its own thread:
        I'm curious about other people's thoughts on this.  How strongly
        ingrained do you think the current government/military in Iraq will
        be?  I.e., when we leave, how resistant will it be to neighboring
        influences?  How incorporated are the national vs. local governing
        systems going to be?  The reason I ask is that I suspect our
        attempts at instituting a government from the top down are going
        to result in a papier-mache veneer while the religious leaders, who
        have strong, direct, authorititative local ties, gather control.
        \_ once we leave, its' kurds. vs. shia vs. sunni.  ROUUND 1, FIGHT!
           \_ I wonder if anyone's considered the strategic benefits of letting
              middle eastern states develop all the nukes they want, just not
              long-range delivery systems.
                \_ who needs a delivery system? just use a barge.  manned
                   delivery systems (ala suicide bombing) is their specialty.
                        \_ Hell, all they have to do is stick it in an oil
                \_ Neutron bombs would be better than nukes. It would be
                   to hard to get at the oil if they nuked each other.
                   Seriously, there is enough incentive to avoid control
                   by Iran or another Saddam that things in Iraq might
                   work out.  It might not be as nice as Turkey, but it
                   could be okay.  Just focusing on Iraq, I think, misses
                   the big picture and that is the democratic squeeze on
                   Iran and Pakistan.
                \_ We should give them Neutron Bombs. Regular nukes might
                   make it hard to work the oil fields.
                   Seriously though, I think that the Iraqis might make
                   this thing work b/c the alternative is oppression at
                   the hands of Iran or another Saddam. Maybe it won't
                   be as nice as Turkey, but it could still work out ok.
                   Just focusing on Iraq, I think, misses the bigger
                   picture and that is the squeeze on Iran and Pakistan.
        \_ traditionally, there is a sort of proxy ideology war between
           Shia vs. Sunni.  Traditionally, Iran is a strong Shia backer,
           but most successful of all, it's Saudi's backing of Sunni.
           Saudi used to fund Sunni dominated regime, and fund all sort of
           islamic school which teaches Sunni sect.  The problem with this
           Iraq thing is that Saudi is kind of in trouble on its own and
           can't really provide support for the Sunni in Iraq.  So, we are
           looking at Sunni will be eventually get squashed.
           \_ Nononononono!  The Saudi position remains unchanged.  They
              still fund militant wahabiism both inside and outside Saudi
              Arabia with both private and public funds from the royal family.
              Where'd you get the idea anything at all has changed in that
              regard, they're "in trouble" (whatever that means) in their
              own country or they can't support anything outside their own
              country?  If that were true, a lot of people would stop pointing
              at Saudi Arabia as a prime source of terrorist funding that
              needed a good ass kicking.  The Shia are campaigning hard for
              the elections on the 15th.  Why should they have to squash
              anyone when they're the majority population?  That makes no
              sense.  The Kurds only issue is how much oil falls under their
              regional control.  The Sunnis are the only ones with something
              to lose because they had too much before and there aren't enough
              of them insane enough to form anything more than small terrorist
              groups blowing up markets and election lines.  A country of 26MM
              people can survive with a few suicide bombers every week forever,
              however that doesn't seem to be an effective long term method if
              the government and people can hold out as Israel has shown.
              \_ In the end, it will be who controls the oil will control the
                 country. The question is will there be an actual country to
                 control or will it be nominally diced into a federation of
                 states of Kuridstan, Iraq, and Poor-Assed-Sunni-stan. There
                 is a question of how much factionalism exists. Will Iraq be
                 akin to Afghanistan?
2005/12/6-7 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:40883 Activity:high
12/6    Condi is the next Dick Cheney
        "Torture is a term that is defined by law. We rely on our law to
         govern our operations. The United States does not permit, tolerate
         or condone torture under any circumstances."
        "The United States has not transported anyone and will not transport
         anyone to a country when we believe he will be tortured. Where
         appropriate, the United States seeks assurances that transferred
         persons will not be tortured."
        \_ Translation: Torture is what we say it is; if we do it, then it
           isn't torture. What happens in Saudi Arabia, stays in Saudi Arabia.
           \_ What is torture depends oon what your definition of is is.
           \_ It all depends on what your definition of is is.
        \_ Actually this is interesting b/c it implies that the protections
           of convention 3 will be applied regardless of the person's art 4
           status. If this is the administrations official policy, it seems
           like a big change.
           \_ This how every other Geneva Convention signatory interprets it.
              Only the GWB Whitehouse claims this "enemy combatant" exemption.
              \_ Go read convention 3 and you will see that Art 4 status is
                 (1) not applicable to non-state actors and (2) only provided
                 until a competent tribunal makes a determination re Art 4
                 status if such status is in dispute. That other signatories
                 interpret it in a particular way is irrelevant b/c the admin.
                 is not obligated to follow an interpretation which is not
                 supported by the text. If the admininstration has chosen to
                 extend Art 4 protections I applaud it.
                 \_ I'm sorry, but many of these "terrorist" are state actors.
                    \_ Which state?  My understanding is that if found out of
                       uniform (no, bomb belts are not a uniform), they are
                       EC until said tribunal determines otherwise.  That is
                       the point of the tribunal, no?
                    \_ Go read Convention 3 and then tell me which part of
                       Art 4.1 applies to the terrorists. Here is a link to
                       the text:
                       \_ "armed forces"?  You mean like Army, Navy, Air
                          Force, and Marines?  (Yes, terms and words do have
                          specific meaning.)  Insurgents are not considered
                          specified meaning.)  Insurgents are not considered
                          part of the "armed forces of a Party", nor are they
                          volunteers or militias "forming part of such armed
                          forces".  Usually 4.2 is considered to apply to
                          Iraqi insurgents, especially since the Article 4.2
                          specifically mention "militias and members of other
                          volunteer corps, *including those of organized
                          resistance movements*" [emphasis added].  Problem
                          there is that Iraqi insurgents may not meet defitions
                          2 and 4 of an "organized resistance movement".
                          \_ I did not mean to imply that the insurgents
                             could be considered armed forces of a party
                             or milita (esp. since I do not think that
                             any state is directly opposed to the US).
                             I agree that only organized resistance or
                             possibly spontaneous resistance can apply
                             to the insurgents.
                             Assuming arguendo that only one of the four
                             requirments of 4.2 need to be met (in reality
                             all four are required), the insurgents can't
                             possibly qualify b/c (1) there is no identif-
                             iable chain of command, (2) they do not carry
                             insignia identifying themselves, (3) they do
                             not carry arms openly and (4) they do not
                             adhere to the customs/laws of war (ex. suicide
                             bombings are not customs of war).
                             The best bet is probably 4.6, but the problem
                             is that the insurgents don't adhere to the
                             customs/laws of war.
2005/12/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:40884 Activity:kinda low
12/6    emarkp's little fit below is a good illustration of the "true random
        doesn't seem random" problem that afflicts shuffle-play implementations
        in MP3 and CD players.
        \_ Sigh.  When one value gets 50% of the hits in 200 trials, that's not
           uniform distribution, now matter how many names you want to call me.
           \_ If this were true, you would be correct.  However, 200 trials
              from a script doesn't mean anything.  What counts is when
              kchang's code re-generates random numbers.  Looking at your
              sample below, it looks like reagan is about 6x more frequent
              than the next closest.  It's improbable, but a uniform
              distribution could have oversampled one item by 6 in the code,
              which comes up as 6/12 item generations.  That's assuming your
              script is distributed evenly across time, and so is his
              random generation code.  Assuming he varies the interval
              between regeneration, then this could be fairly probably.
              between regeneration, your results are fairly probable.
              eg. After nicknames get assigned, wait 1-100 seconds, then
              assign again.  Reagan just got assigned a long wait time, then
              your script oversampled one data point.  Or any variation off
              this procedure.  Done properly, it could give the illusion of
              semi-consistency while remaining truly random.
              -magneto (not "luck of draw" magneto, but "I am Magneto" one)
              \_ Except that several instances of "reagan" occur, then one of
                 (say) hitler or sauron, etc.  After I listed the results,
                 suddenly "reagan" went way down in frequency. -emarkp
                 \_ It's a conspiracy to call you "reagan" and not hitler!
                 \_ Ok, fine. Let's say he hardcoded something so that he
                    called you reagan. What an insult that is! What other
                    nicer villain names listed on his web site would you
                    preferred to be called?
                    \_ I'd like to be Captain Hook.  -!emarkp
                 \_ This is the CSUA. There are numerous algorithms that can
                    do this, biasing results for certain members of the
                    population for given periods of time.  -magneto
2005/12/6 [Uncategorized] UID:40885 Activity:nil 70%like:40892
12/6    Click on "Watch The TV Ad" on the bottom left corner:
        - direct:
        Also a different commercial on diesels, click on "See the Film":
        - direct:
2005/12/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:40886 Activity:kinda low
12/5    Spokane Mayor Recalled in Sex Scandal
        "Mayor James E West was recalled from office Tuesday in a special
         election over allegations he offered jobs and perks to young men he
         met in a gay Internet chat room .... West, a former Boy Scout
         executive and sheriff's deputy, was elected mayor in 2003 after
         serving more than two decades as a conservative Republican in the
         state Legislature, where he voted against gay friendly bills."
        \_ What is it with people in Spokane and the hot, gay sex?
           \_ We've got lots of snow right now. We need the hot,
              gay sex to keep warm. -bz
              \_ Bitter angry hetero sex not doing it anymore?
        \_ Yes, whenever there are homosexuals, there is evil and
           corruption.  We need to unmask all the hidden homosexuals.
2005/12/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:40887 Activity:nil
12/5    GOP Corruption Continues:
        \_ Why is a story from 18 months ago news now?
        \_ Which President gave Halliburton their first exclusive no
           competition contract?
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12/6    Most oddly disturbing thread of the week award goes to the people
        debating Megatron vs. Optimus.
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12/6    heh, emarkp provides as much entertainment as amckee. you guys
        make motd exciting again. good job and keep it up! -anon troller
        \_ Got a question for you emarkp. It's obvious that kchang has
           special statistical rules for calling names for different
           people. What made you think you're special and that he singled
           you out? More importantly, what's so bad about being called
           reagan more frequently than say, hitler or kimJongIl? Lastly,
           this is the internet and there's a lot of trash out there.
           Why are you so obsessed with his particular trash?
           \_ Sorry, my "anonymous troll" quota is filled for the week. -emarkp
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12/6    Law's Quandary Reviewed by Antonin Scalia
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