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2005/12/2-5 [Uncategorized] UID:40811 Activity:nil
12/2    My professor emailed a really short email asking if I like
        teaching. I do. However, if I reply yes, I may get delegated
        into long teaching tasks which may take time away from coding
        and research. If I say no, I'd be lying, which will probably
        hurt in the long run. By the way I've already fulfilled my
        TA requirements. What should I do?              -grad stud
        \_ The vaaaaaaast majority of those who go into academia hate teaching
           and lie about it, saying that they like it.  Lying the other way
           to the guy who's going to write your letter of rec seems like a
           bad idea if you have academic aspirations.  If not, than fuck it.
           He'll probably relate to you more if you hate teaching as much as
           he does.
           \_ Bullshit.  I know a hell of a lot of profs who like teaching.
              The key is to avoid the weeder/I'm just here because it is
              a major requirement courses.
        \_ Tell him yes you enjoy it but just can't fit any in right
           now because of all of the coding and research you need to do,
           so you're happy you were at least able to get in the teaching
           needed to fulfill your A requirements?  -John
2005/12/2-5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:40812 Activity:nil
12/2    Alabama National Guard finds cornstarch in Iraq:
        \_ Decoy.
           \_ If I were in Iraq, I'd give the ISG Cornstarch for $$$!
2005/12/2-5 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:40813 Activity:nil
12/2    I remember somebody posted a link to a site that compares the
        cost of electricity generation of different types of plants.  Like
        it cost $x to produce 1 megawatt using coal, $y using nuclear,
        $z using wind etc.  I can't find it in the archives anymore.  Can
        somebody repost that link.  Thanks.
        \_ I can tell that I've been doing too much perl hacking lately given
           that I saw those as variable names instead of dollar amounts.
2005/12/2-6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:40814 Activity:moderate
12/2    Can you find all 74 bands? - danh
        \_ Warning: The picture is incomplete. To the left is Cake, Pet Shop
           Boys, and oddly enough, a scorpion.
        \_ Official Game W/ Zoom in Functionality:
        \_ Neat! Got a larger image? --erikred
           \_ - danh
              \_ Perfect! Thanks. --erikred
        \_ are there answers anywhere? I have
           scissor sisters, guns n roses, smashing pumpkins, matchbox 20
           rolling stones(?) ... what else
           \_ Pixies, Zombies, Blur, Sex Pistols, Blues Brothers, B52, Led
                      \_ White zombie?
              Zeppelin, Black Flag, U2, Eagles, Beach Boys, Seal, Dead
              Kennedies(?), Radiohead, Talking Heads, Blind Melon, Red Hot
              Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains...
              Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains, Whitesnake, Monkees(?), Queen,
              Ratt, Hole, Cowboy Junkies, Garbage, Black Crows...
              \_ where are the talking heads? and dead kennedies?
              \_ where are the talking heads?
                 \_ on the tv's under u2
              \_ oh also Spoon. is that stegasaurus Dinosaur Jr? Where is
                 Seal? What's the guy in yellow? the making out chicks?
                 \_ Seal is on the poster at mid-lower left corner, next to
                    the zombie.
                 \_ Seal is on the poster at mid-left edge, next to the zombie.
                 the gymnists? the purple building?
              \_ Oh.  Iron Maiden.
                 \_ gymnists are twisted sister.
              \_ Oh.  Iron Maiden, Scorpions...
                 \_ where are scorpions?
              \_ postal service, nine inch nails, prince, the police, the
                 cranberries (dried, under fruit stand?)
                    \_ On the grill, below the 50c.
                       \_ they look more like tentacles or tree roots
                                              \_ ew!
                          \_ Vines
              \_ postal service, nine inch nails, prince, the police, 50 cent,
                 the doors, the cranberries (dried, under fruit stand?), korn?,
                 cypress hill, lemonheads, phish
              \_ crosswalk = white stripes
              \_ wonder if they intended Pavement ... also, are those
                 the monkees or the gorillas
              \_ could be 10,000 maniacs in the windows under the eagles.
                 \_ I figured they were Crowded House
              \_ 50 cent
              \_ Green day (Calendar underneath veggie cart in bottom right
                 corner) -eric
              \_ Madonna (pic right above guns & roses) -eric
              \_ how could they miss spinal tap?
              \_ Sex Pistols
        \_ running count: 47 so far (including 1 of monkees/gorillas)
           \_ I've got 53 plus three others I'm not 100% convinced on
        \_ who are the chicks making out?
           \_ Tatu? -vadim
           \_ Kiss!
        \_ bee gees (next to talking heads)
           \_ I can't locate Bee Gees.  Where in the picute is the talking
              head?  (E.g. 20% from the left, 30% down from the top.)  Thx.
              \_ look for the letters: B G G
                 \_ Got it!  Thanks.
        \_ The Cars, The Eels, Great White
        \_ Cornershop, Manic Street Preachers.
        \_ Current list: 50 Cent, Alice in Chains, B52s, Beach Boys,
           Bee Gees, Black Crows, Black Flag, Blind Melon, Blues Brothers,
           Blur, Cars, Cornershop, Cowboy Junkies, Cranberries, Crowded
           House, Cypress Hill, Dead Kennedys, Doors, Eagles, Eels, Garbage,
           Great White, Green Day, Guns N Roses, Hole, Iron Maiden, Kiss,
           Korn, Led Zepplin, Lemonheads, Madonna, Matchbox 20,
           Monkees/Gorillaz(?), Pavement, Pixies, Police, Postal Service,
           Prince, Queen, Radiohead, Ratt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rolling
           Stones, Roots, Scissor Sisters, Seal, Sex Pistols, Smashing
           Pumpkins, Spoon, Talking Heads, Twisted Sister, U2, White
           Stripes, White Zombie, Whitesnake
           \_ Add: Bush, Deep Purple.
                         \_ where's this?
                            \_ The purple building.
           \_ Carpenters, Blondie(?), the Dolls(?)
           \_ Are those Nine Inch Nails just NW of MB20?
              \_ yes.
        \_ Flash version:
           Adds Pet Shop Boys, Cake, Scorpions, and something to do with a
           little black chihuaha to the left, features a magnifying glass
           that did nothing for me. --erikred
           \_ the chihuahua is Skinny Puppy
        \_ Phish, eminem(both on the ground in the foreground)
           \_ I think the fish is more accurately Reel Big Fish
        \_ my "questionable" list is: alarm, deep purple, jane's additions,
           pink, twisted sister
           \_ What are the surfers? butthole surfers?
        \_ Traffic, Subway (Subway Sect?), Swing Out Sister(?)
2005/12/2-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:40815 Activity:kinda low
12/2    Recent movies that have not been screened early for crititcs (like
        Aeon Flux):
        5%  -- In the Mix (2005)
        8%  -- The Fog (2005)
        24% -- Cry_Wolf (2005)
        0%  -- King's Ransom (2005)
        14% -- Cursed (2005)
        \_ You're saying that if their scared to show it early to critics,
           it probably blows?
           \_ That and apparently they're already selling off the props:
        \_ I saw the preview for this, and there's a part where the 2
           assasins are attacking someplace, jumping around, etc.  Anyway,
           there's some killer grass that she almost lands on. The
           other assasin then says something like, "Keep off the grass."
           WTF? Who decides to put anachronistic groaners like that in?
           Does someone think that's funny or cool?
           \_ didn't the star of aeon flux say "i will not wear skimpy
              \_ Yes.  Basically she said she's too important to wear the
                 kinda of outfits the original character wore and screw you
                 kind of outfits the original character wore and screw you
                 fans who expect the movie to be anything like the source.
                 \_ I didn't think she had much left to hide after _2 Days in
                    the Valley_.
                    \_ The playboy spread in '99 hid even less.
        \_ And it's currently at: 11%
2005/12/2-5 [Uncategorized] UID:40816 Activity:nil
12/2    Che Ney:
2005/12/2-5 [Recreation/Activities] UID:40817 Activity:low
12/2    Any suggestions for an under $25 xmas gift for a young
        high-school-age golfer?
        \_ Buy him a skateboard.  It might not be too late for him not to turn
           into a complete fucking tool, and you could save him.  That's more
           than 25$, though.
        \_ Some balls?
           \_ Yeah, he'll never win if he keeps playing like a GIRL!
        \_ tiger wood's woodie?
        \_ I'd look for a good book about golf, its history, or players.
           There might be some nice calendars of courses, too.
        \_ A $24.50 whore and a golfball.  Or have a look at the used sports
           kit store ("Replay" or something) on W. Portal in SF.  -John
2005/12/2-5 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:40818 Activity:nil
12/2    Does anyone remember the 80s sega system 24 arcade
        game Gain Ground?  I am not talking about the sega genesis version.
        Is there an unencrypted ROM for it floating around?  Does
        it work with MAME? - danh
        \_ A quick google says it works with MAME (as of 0.96).  If sure
           you can figure out how to get a MAME rom.
2005/12/2-5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:40819 Activity:low
12/2    So much for the Gulf of Tonkin incident:
        Analysis Casts Doubt on Vietnam War Claims:
        <DEAD><DEAD> (yahoo! news)
        \_ WDYHA?
        \_ 35 years from now, analysis on early intelligence claims might
           cast doubt on whether Saddam Hussein had WMDs!
        \_ Where are you libs defending LBJ over this?
           \_ no one is defending LBJ.  If you ever read anything, you might
              want to pick up writings by McNamara on this subject.  If you
              can't read, at least watch "The Fog of War."  You will see
              interesting parallel between what we are doing to day, our
              'exit criteria,' etc and what they've being arguing 40 years
2005/12/2-5 [Recreation/Celebrity/BritneySpears] UID:40820 Activity:nil
12/2    Anyone else have this problem with pandora?  I play my station, and
        it sounds good for the first half hour or so.  I sometimes give it
        feedback.  Then I zone into work, and then later, ~1-2 hours, I realize
        that it's gone waaay off my selected type of music.  For some reason,
        without constant feedback it gets weirder and weirder. eg. it starts
        playing pop(Madonna, Britney Spears) when it started as a trance/techno
        station, or once it started playing Depeche mode, when it was originally
        indie rock.
        \_ wonder if this is a product of a limited music library and
           restrictions on repeats.  Maybe it starts with 'best matches' to your
           preferences and proceeds to lesser and lesser matches as it exhausts
           its selections.
           \_ I thought 20,000 songs was pretty extensive.  I guess not.
2005/12/2-6 [Uncategorized] UID:40821 Activity:nil
12/2    Any physics major here?  When Maxwell found that the speed of light is
        the same to all observers, did he ever consider that it contradicted
        with Newton's laws?  I read some Einstein biography and it sounded like
        Einstein was the first to consider the contradiction.
        \_ Nice overwrite.
        \_ Sounds like you are confusing Maxwell with Michelson-Morley
           They postdate Maxwell who dies in 1879 and the MM experiment
           is in 1887.
2005/12/2-6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:40822 Activity:moderate
12/2    What a shock.  Liberman's comments about Iraq were ignored after Murtha
        made front page everywhere.
        \_ it's hard to say what happened.  lieberman goes over
           there and thinks everything is rosy.  murtha goes over
           there and thinks iraq is about to dissolve into civil war.
           i read the paper today and see more news of suicide bombings.
           i think of how much the iraqi people must be in on it for
           insurgents to attack our troops with such impunity.  who is
           right?  and let me amend this, I cannot think of any reasonable
           way for america to 'win'.  I think gwbush wants to create
           a democratic magic land where the kurds, sunnis and shiites all live
           together in harmony and provide the US with cheap oil for
           the next 50 years.  he must not have noticed the sunnis and
           shiites hate each other over an event that happened almost
           2000 years ago, they're not going to start being nice to
           each other after we throw several cluster bombs at them.
           we fucked up, the sooner we're out of iraq, the sooner it
           can split into three countries.
           \_ Well, that's debatable, but not if one side of the debate is
              refused media time.  Let me amend this:  I think you're wrong.
              It's a shame those who try to voice the evidence they see of
              things getting beter are being silenced.
              \_ So if I kill someone with my barehands on national TV I
                 get equal time to "debate" my innocence?  If I am a neo-nazi
                 I should get equal time to "debate" my side of the issue?
                 What the hell.
                 \_ How's it been for you under that bridge?
                 \_ 1) yes, absolutely you are entitled to a speedy trial by
                    a jury of your peers.  uhm, duh?  and 2) you have the
                    right to say what you want, but you don't have the right
                    to force others to listen.  In this case, we're talking
                    about national issues of foreign policy as debated by
                    federal level elected officials and it is absolutely
                    necessary and critically important to hear all the facts
                    from all sides, not just the ones you want us to hear.
                    welcome to america.
           \_ Umm.. splitting into 3 countries is pretty dang unlikely.
              In case you haven't noticed, that leaves the Sunnis with no
              oil.  And it's not like the shia or sunni are cleanly
              seperated or something.
              \_ there are many examples in recent history where the only
                 way for ethnic groups that hate each to get along with
                 each other is if they are ruled by a fascist dictator
                 like tito or saddam.  notice how the egyptians
                 sort of allowed democratic elections and the muslim
                 brotherhood, a bunch of terrorist islamic fucks, are
                 winning representation.
                 \_ I don't disagree with either point, but I don't see
                    how B follows from A.
                 \_ so you think we should have left Saddam in power to keep
                    order in Iraq and prevent ethnic violence?
                    \_ since apparently the administration in charge
                       is a big believer in faith based power ("If I
                       believe in something really hard it will come true")
                       yeah, we should have left Iraq alone.
                       \_ so you're in favor of brutal dictatorships?  i was
                          \_ Are you chinese?  Do you understand the effect
                             the opium trade had on China?
                          being sarcastic and it was a rhetorical question.
                          i didnt expect anyone to actually agree with the
                          idea that saddam was doing a good job keeping the
                          majority ethnic groups in line.
                          \_ You're trolling, right?  You have to be.  I just
                             can't accept that anyone can so badly misinterpret
                             what "faith guy" was saying.
                             \_ Not at all.  He's being a twit.  I'm saying
                                what the obvious conclusions of his points
                                are.  In fact, I think he's either terribly
                                stupid or just trolling.
                       \_ So you're saying that Bush is equivalent to Saddam
                          Hussein? -not pp
                          \_ Wow, that's....that's quite a leap of logic there.
        \_ Murtha >> Lieberman
           \_ apples >> oranges
              \_ yermom >> yergf
           \_ Why?  Lieberman was the VP candidate.
                 \_ Were you planning on summarizing the video?
                    \_ No.
                 \_ What a retard.  Oil was never "supposed to pay for this
                    deployment".  Some people were saying that should be the
                    case, but it was never policy.
                    Murtha's on crack or something.  His reasoning for "Iraq
                    can take care of itself" is that the administration has
                    been wrong on other stuff.  WTF?
                    \_ "Some people"?  You mean like DoD officials TESTIFYING
                       BEFORE FUCKING CONGRESS?
                       \_ DoD people don't decide how things are funded.
                          "FUCKING CONGRESS" does that.  Those DoD people
                          were giving their opinion.  They are not financial
                          policy makers for the country in any way, shape or
                          \_ "giving their opinion", huh? They weren't
                             writing motd entries.  They were testifying
                             to congress in their official capacity, under
                             oath, before the policy makers made their
                             decision.  Your above statement "it was never
                             policy" means nothing.  It was a lie, and part
                             of the tactics employed to loosen the purse
                             \_ I shall try again: Congress decides how to
                                spend money, not the DoD.  Congress decides
                                how to fund a war, not the DoD.  Congress
                                controls the purse strings, not the DoD.
                                The brass can testify to anything they like
                                and if Congress chose to, they could follow
                                that advice and slap an oil tax on Iraq to
                                pay for the war, but Congress chose not to.
                                Who exactly lied?  Who exactly said Iraqi
                                oil dollars would be used to pay for the war?
        \_ Because someone changed their minds about the war. Lieberman has
           always supported it.
        \_ Lieberman got an OpEd in the WSJ. That hardly qualifies as being
           \_ That hardly qualifies as the MSM paying any attention especially
              compared to the incredible press Murtha got.  BTW, who was
              Murtha before they dug him up and put words in his mouth?  I've
              never heard of him before.  Have you?
              \_ Are you going to try and pretend that the pro-war position
                 does not get any press? Bush alone got more lines of newsprint
                 than Murtha did. Lieberman is just another shill for the
                 pro-war, pro-torture crowd, so naturally he has to compete
                 with the rest of you. And no, I had not heard of Murtha
                 before. But I had not heard of Wolfowitz before he started
                 a war for no good reason whatsoever either.
                 \_ I'm stating flat out that a (D) Senator with along record
                    in office who has been to Iraq 4 times in the last 1.5
                    years gets ignored by the MSM when a no name like Murtha
                    gets mega air time every day after 1 visit.  I leave it to
                    the reader to figure out why this is so.  I'm going to
                    ignore the trollish parts of your commentary that you
                    stuck in to amuse yourself.
2005/12/2-5 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:40823 Activity:nil
12/2    Zombie soldiers come back to vote Bush out of office... or
        \_ Here's Showtime's site about the show, along with some clips:
2005/12/2-5 [Uncategorized] UID:40824 Activity:nil
12/2    Read the motd.official, you hozers.  - jvarga
        \_ Why are the SSH keys changing?
           \_ Because you SSH key memorizers were getting too smug. - jvarga
        \_ Mmmm... Cake...
2005/12/2-2006/1/5 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:40825 Activity:nil
12/2    UPCOMING DOWNTIME: Weekend of 12/2
        Soda will be brought down for several hours this weekend for routine,
        or not-so-routine maintenance.  SSH keys will change.  IRC bots will
        lose their marathon uptime.  Cake will be eaten. - jvarga
2005/12/2-2006/1/5 [Uncategorized] UID:40826 Activity:nil
**/**   Ongoing quota work.  If you do not have a 25/30 mail quota and a
        200/225 home directory quota, please email root.
        \_ I reran edquota -p and everyone *should* be fixed, but there are a
           lot of user IDs that are just weird. - jvarga
2018/12/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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