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2005/11/23-28 [Uncategorized] UID:40706 Activity:nil
        Police Hit Man in Genitals With Taser
2005/11/23-25 [Recreation/Activities] UID:40707 Activity:nil
11/22   WTF?
        \_ its extreme irony
           \_ dang I thought I would at least get a 'ha' with this
        \_ Extreme sports going to the extremes.
        \_ Yes, but is it safer than non-extreme sports?  Anyway, even though
           it's popularity isn't even clothes to that of other sports, I think
           we'll see this in crease in popularity, so starch practicing. -John
2005/11/23-28 [Reference/Celebration, Recreation/Food] UID:40708 Activity:nil
11/23   Vegetarian turkey for Thanksgiving (has sound):
2005/11/23 [Academia/GradSchool, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:40709 Activity:nil 88%like:40718
11/23   White flight in Cupertino:
2005/11/23-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:40710 Activity:low
11/23   I haven't been on campus in years.  Who's the best group to go through
        to arrange and advertise an Infosession for a tech company?  Thanks.  -steve
        \_ After the newbie amckee/mrauser/brett debacles, I'd avoid csua.
           Both HKN and UCSEE are well known since the early 90s and have
           good reputations with industries. My company sends someone to
           UCSEE every year. The whole point of the existence of CSUA in
           the early days was that HKN and UCSEE already did serious
           mentoring and support programs.  CSUA filled in the role of
           making CS more fun. The fact that new politburo members are
           trying to be more serious and less fun is a sign that these
           \_ The main problem was amckee's psychological problems
           \_ The main problem was Amckee's psychological problems
              and the rest of the poliburo being too weak to to
              much about it ("oh please dont resign amckee!").
              much about it ("Oh please dont resign Amckee!").
              Beyond the psychological complex problem, there
              was a lack of political savvy and socialization
              ("the csua is not a democracy". "we can censor anybody
              ("The csua is not a democracy". "We can censor anybody
              at will.") but those would have been solvable problems
               if not for the "brain damage" at the top. the problem
              if not for the "brain damage" at the top. The problem
              was not their desire to have serious programs like
               lectures and employeer liaision activities. that
               is laudible.
              lectures and employeer liaision activities. That
              is laudible. It's how seriously Amckee takes himself
              which is laughable.
           incompetent gen-Y kids just don't get it. And yes my company's
           been interviewing people for jobs and I'm a big opponent of
           hiring gen-Y kids. Spread the word. Just say no to Y.  -gen-X
        \_ What about the Career Center?
        \_ What about the Career Center?  I remember the COE and L&S CS
           together have their own Career Center which is separate from the
           rest of the University.
2005/11/23-26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:40711 Activity:nil
11/23   I remember I read on the motd that Cindy Sheehan was crazy
        and her family all hated her. How come her sister just
        got arrested protesting outside the Bush Ranch? Is she
        crazy, too?
        \_ Have a cookie, troll.  This one is chocolate.
           \_ You don't seem to understand what troll means
              \_ Can one be guilty of trolling if intent-to-troll cannot be
                 \_ You may wish to read up on the legal doctrine of
                    'mens trolla'
        \_ She is crazy, and it was "many in her family" not all of them.
2005/11/23-28 [Consumer/TV] UID:40712 Activity:kinda low
11/23   Noticed that tivo is now offering some sort of DVD transfer
        service. Has the time come to chuck in the VCR or is this
        stuff still too new (I have a few hundred video tapes)?
        \_ yes.  Tivo has a straight to DVD burner.  VCRs are obsolete.
           Netflix will deliver movies to Tivo eventually.
           \_ A VCR costs $25 and a rental costs a buck for a week.  I can
              get a VCR tape of almost anything.  Hooking up a VCR is no
              easier or harder than a DVD.  Inserting a tape and hitting
              play isn't hard.  Why exactly are VCRs obsolete with 300
              gazillion of them out there and every movie available on them?
                \_ I heard a story about someone's child being upset with
                   having to rewind a VCR tape.  Why don't you just hit
                   play, stupid?
                \_ Videotapes wear out with repeated use and copying, you
                   can't choose subtitles or dubbing on fruity foreign films,
                   you don't get the director going off on all the extra-gory
                   bonus material, they're clunky, they don't make great
                   coasters, they don't play well in your laptop, VCR read
                   heads get nasty and goonked up, need more?  -John
                   \_ Exactly my point.  Most people are *not* entertainment
                      fanatics, don't care about subtitles, dubbing, foreign
                      films, director babbling, laptops, or anything else.
                      Most people just want to see the movie and return it
                      a week later for a buck.  Need more?
                      \_ Totally!  Hey, the model T is easy to maintain and
                         it gets people from one to place to another -- which
                         is all any car owner really wants.  They're so totally
                         not obsolete!  Why would any car owner want any of
                         fancy modern crap anyhow?  *sheesh*
                         \_ Hi red herring person.  Are there millions of
                            model T's on the road?  No.  Can I buy one for
                            $25 and fill the tank for $1?  No.  Does your
                            response carry any weight?  No.  Did you read or
                            comprehend anything I said?  No.  Are you a baby
                            troll in training?  Yes.  Come back when you have
                            a meaningful analogy, or better yet, just don't.
                            \_ Uhm, look up obsolete.  Ubiquity is not
                               synonymous with "not obsolete".  Train harder,
                               \_ I did.  You lose.  Train harder, indeed.
                                  Perhaps you could fall back on defn #2 and
                                  claim my vcr is no longer stylish.  ;-)
                                  Or maybe you meant my VCR is vestigial as
                                  per defn #3?  Certainly "no longer in use"
                                  does not apply.
                                  \_ *sigh*  Forest for the trees, man.  I've
                                     got work, so believe whatever makes you
                                     \_ Sorry you can't score any points.  All
                                        I was saying is there's a zillion
                                        perfectly functional VCRs out there
                                        and tons of available movies for them.
                                        I believe that because it's a simple
                                        truth.  Do they hav e whiz bang and
                                        flash?  No, duh, of course not.  Most
                                        people don't give a damn about it.
                                        Anyway, you should read the dictionary
                                        entry before belittling someone else
                                        for not reading it, especially if
                                        you're wrong about the word defn.
                                        Have a nice time at work.
                                        \_ I think all that's been proven in
                                           this thread is that we're both
                                           idiots, and that John is the only
                                           smart one for letting it go.
   obsssssssolllllllete   [9] Audio pronunciation of "obsolete"
   ( P )  [10]Pronunciation Key  ( b s -l t , b s -l t )
    1. No longer in use: an obsolete word.
    2. Outmoded in design, style, or construction: an obsolete
    3. Biology. Vestigial or imperfectly developed, especially in
       comparison with other individuals or related species; not clearly
       marked or seen; indistinct. Used of an organ or other part of an
       animal or plant.

        \_ The image quality of Tivo -> DVD is not as good as straight Tivo
           because the Tivo has to convert to MPEG-2 so you can burn DVDs,
           adding a conversion step.
           \_ Uh, Tivo encodes to MPEG2 anyway.
                \_ Yup that's what I thought too ... Then I was looking for
                   a Tivo with DVD-burner and read review after review
                   complaining of shitty image quality.  Maybe I should have
                   said "convert to DVD compatible MPEG-2 levels" or
                   whatever that might be.
2005/11/23-26 [Industry/Jobs] UID:40713 Activity:nil
11/23   Miss the dot-com hiring frenzy?  Become a nurse! (
        "The shortage is expected to worsen as nurses--whose average age is
        nearing 50--retire in waves. Those retirements will be in full swing
        just as the oldest baby boomers are reaching their 70s ..."
        \_ except that nurses actually have to do real work.  -tom
           \_ so did most of us during the dotcom craze.
              \_ Except we didn't get overtime pay.  In fact we didn't even
                 get any pay for overtime.
                 \_ You could've been a nurse.  Then you'd have to work hard
                    hanging out at the nurse's station.  Maybe fill out some
                    paperwork.  Or even bring food to a patient sometimes,
                    but not too often because the union says thats not ok.
                    \_ thank gawd for Ah-nold, who is always kicking the butts
                       of nurses!
        \_ A registered nurse makes much more moeny than a nurse.
           \_ by "nurse" do you mean nursing assistant, LPN, both, or
              predominantly one or the other?
        \_ Do you want to wipe the asses of the incontinent old and terminal
           AIDS patients?
           \_ Then another option is pharmacist.  No direct contact with
              patients except when you have to man the cash register when the
              pharmacy technicians are out.
              \_ Isn't that mind-numbingly boring? Measure this, enter data
                 in computer, measure that, enter data, ad nauseam.
                 \_ heh... sorta sounds like a bartender
                    \_ Except the chances are a lot higher you'll kill
                       people if you're not so great at your job.
        \_ In the dotcom hiring frenzy they were actually paying well. The
           reason theres a shortage of nurses is because they dont pay that
        \_ I like the photo of the one guy there -op
2005/11/23-28 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:40714 Activity:low
11/23   "US to end 'catch and release' at Mexican border"
        \_ So does this mean the population of Mexicans has recovered enough
           that they are no longer endangered?  What's the per-day limit?
        \_ In other news, poor growers can't get enough cheap labor. :..(
           "There are just some jobs people don't want to do" --- gee, maybe
           you should try /paying/ them asshole.
           \_ Dang, I first read this as "There are just some Johns people
              don't want to do."
                \_ Yermom's done dozens of guys and isn't too picky, but
                   remember, she doesn't take American Express
                \_ There are no Johns that people don't want to do.  -John
                   \_ I certainly don't want to do HEIL GERMAN Johns.
                      HEIL GERMAN JOHN!!!
2005/11/23-28 [Science/Physics] UID:40715 Activity:nil
11/23   Physicists at UCR may have made positronium:
        \_ I find it hard to believe that a positron/electron atom could
           exist, and the evidence they've presented is pretty weak.
           \_ if you bothered to read the article, the positronium atoms
              are a given at this point, and have been made.  What they
              are announcing is evidence that they made Molecules out of these
              \_ reading is hard; let's play motd!
2005/11/23-26 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:40716 Activity:nil
11/23   Are there any alternatives to QuickBooks for Mac?
        \_ try MyOB.
2005/11/23-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40717 Activity:moderate
11/23   Farewell my Concubine: (
        \- good article. funny title. one point for you.
        \_ this just point out my confusion: why it's illegal to
           have more than one wives while it is ok to have mistresse
           have more than one wives while it is ok to have mistresses
           without any legal punishment?  and impose such twisted value
           over the world.
           \_ Why it's okay to willy pee at world but USA impose double
              concubine standard?  And how USA tell world it not kill but only
              for it not the same and jihadist?  It funny that USA tell world
              for it not the same and jihadist?  It funny USA tell world
              lieing and not detain prisoner after Afghanistan Saddam Hussein
              hypocrite false habeus corpses?
              hypocrite false habesus corpses?
           \_ Mistresses have no legal standing; wives do. -tom
              \_ Don't mistresses have some sort of recourse to domestic
                 partner rules under certain circumstances, or palimony
                 rights?  -John
                 \_ iirc, this was only true under common law marriage
                    which no longer exists.
                    \- concubinage has legal recognition in france.
                       but that is closer to the common law situation
                       than a mistress.
              \_ that is my point.  We might as well allow woman to have
                 some sort of legal status.  In some way, it's a protection
                 to women's right :p
        \_ "... an industry of private detectives snooping on cheating husbands
           and their paramours. One such agency, called Debang, ..."
           What a good name.
2005/11/23-28 [Academia/GradSchool, Transportation/Airplane] UID:40718 Activity:nil 88%like:40709
11/23   White flight in Cupertino: (
        \_ That article was hilarious.
2005/11/23-26 [Politics/Foreign, Computer/Theory] UID:40719 Activity:nil
        Ooooh I've always had uninflected tone that oozes authority and
        refinement and I didn't even know it. Maybe I'll impress hot
        southern belle when I go to the south.
        \_ why the sarcasm? are you telling me you can take people
           with southern accents seriously?
2005/11/23 [Uncategorized] UID:40720 Activity:nil
11/23   [URLs without comment will be deleted]
2005/11/23 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:40721 Activity:nil
11/21   Is there a way to install Mac OS 8.5 on a totally empty disk?
        It seems as though the installer has no way to format the disk,
        but I'm thinking there must be some way to start from a zeroed disk.
2005/11/23 [Politics/Domestic/California, Academia/Berkeley] UID:40722 Activity:nil
2018/08/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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