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2005/11/20 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:40658 Activity:high
        If this is true, then who shall lead the heroic anti-BushCo forces now?
        [good idea: censoring important news because you don't like it]
        [funny that you keep deleting it because it's >80 columns but if it
        was anything else you'd leave it, hypocrite.  why do you hate
        potentially good news?  if you're truly upset at the line length,
        you'd tinyurl it instead of censoring it.  you cant kill truth]
2005/11/20 [Uncategorized] UID:40659 Activity:nil
11/20   <+80 col line deleted>
        \_ Yeah, typing that was much easier than !!fmt 78 79^M
        If this is true, then who shall lead the heroic anti-BushCo forces now?
2005/11/20-21 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:40660 Activity:low
11/20   I have an external hard disk that I connect to my PC via a USB
        port.  It's 20 Gigs, so under MyComputer it says it's total size
        18.6 GB.  And it also happens to say that there is 11.8 GB of free
        space.  On the disk itself, there are a handful of directories.  I
        right click on all of them, and click on "properties" and it says
        it takes up 5 GB.  But 18.6-11.8=6.8.  There is 1.8 GB unaccounted
        for.  Could this be in some hidden directory?  How can I free up
        more space (because I may need it some day)?
        \_ Download Treesize:
           Also, keep in mind that space available + space used != total space
           necessarily because the smallest blocks are allocated to only a
           single file, so space can be wasted.  Oh, and you can buy a 300GB
           drive at CostCo for $150 (granted, it's a maxtor).
           \_ Does Maxtor suck?
              \_ I've heard about drive failures but haven't seen one myself.
                 But two of my Maxtor drives have become *very loud* over time.
        \_ Turns out it wasa "Recycle" directory on there taking up the
           space. -op
2005/11/20-22 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:40661 Activity:nil
11/20   Suppose your property drops X percent but you're still paying
        the old property tax rate. Can you get your property reassessed
        to get a lower rate? What would it entail? Thanks.
        \_ Talk to someone at the county level.  Usually there's someone
           with the title of "Assessor" with an associated staff and office.
        \_ Yes, you can. You file a petition.
2005/11/20-22 [Science/Biology, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:40662 Activity:kinda low
11/20   Krauthammer also hates ID
        \_ What I don't understand is why this is even up for debate.  I mean,
           it's the fuckin' 21st Century.  Get with it, people.  Aren't we
           done having the Scopes Monkey Trial?  BTW, Wikipedia, for all its
           \_ Errr.. You do realize Scopes lost, right?
              \_ Indeed.  And from what I understand of the facts of the _real_
                 trial, if Scopes were trying to teach today what he was trying
                 to teach back then, he'd lose again.
                 \_ What was he teaching?
                    \_ Above poster is being disengenuous.  He's probably
                       referring to the fact that the textbook Scopes was
                       using contained references to eugenics and the
                       "superiority of the white race."  However, the
                       Tennessee law he was accused of violating read:
                       "That it shall be unlawful for any teacher in any of
                       the Universities, Normals and all other public schools
                       of the State which are supported in whole or in part by
                       the public school funds of the State, to teach any
                       theory that denies the story of the Divine Creation of
                       man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that
                       man has descended from a lower order of animals"
           faults, has a nice summary of ID and its gaping logical and
           empirical holes:
        \_ George Will doesn't like it either:
        \_ George Will can't stand it either:
2005/11/20-22 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:40663 Activity:nil
11/20   Current state of the Netherlands:,5942,17308340,00.html
        \_ "Academics and authorities in The Netherlands are trying to
           understand why, in their country, Islamic extremism has gone down
           the path of assassination, while in Britain and Spain it has
           produced bombings." they can join the club?
2005/11/20-22 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:40664 Activity:nil
11/20   Can anyone recommend a company for getting a 150 page color document
        printed and bound (some kind of reasonably robust nonhardbound binding)?
        I keep finding great deals on the web, and they keep being
        B&W only.  Thanks.
           \_ My neighbor used this to self-publish his memoirs.
2005/11/20-22 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:40665 Activity:high
11/20   Is there an easy way to map the left "alt" key to "meta" key in
        Mac OS X Tiger,  X11 (in full-screen mode).
        \_ Try: defaults write swap_alt_meta -bool true
           \_ Sweet . That did it!   Here's another question:
              Is there a similarily elegant way to have Command N
              launch a new rxvt window instead of an xterm?
              \_ 1. Applications Menu->Customize Menu
                 2. Change xterm to /usr/local/bin/rxvt (or whatever).
                 \_ Thanks again! Is there a similar way to make the
                    delete key do "backspace" in X11?
           \_ Unless I'm doing something wrong, that command doesn't do
              the trick.  Any way to debug that?
              How to get Command N to launch a new rxvt instead of xterm?
                 \_ Thanks again! How about this: is there a way
                    to set the "z" key (or some othe easily reachable
                    left-hand key) to be a "back" function in either
                    Safari or Firefox?
                    \_ Or better yet, could you just do it all for me?
                        \_ I put in my time searching the web and trying
                           all sorts of different things. Then asking the
                           friendly folks on motd, the best solutions are
                           offered in a few minutes. -op
                    \_ Try: stty erase '^H' OR stty erase '^?'
                       If this is an emacs question, put this in your
                       (keyboard-translate ?\C-h ?\C-?)
                        \_ Thanks again. I appreciate your assistance! -op
                           \_ Are you the Little Chinese?
2005/11/20-22 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:40666 Activity:nil
11/20   mac users: I just got my first mac (from a friend, wanted to check
        it out) do you recommend su'ing to root and poking around to see
        whats going on? apple "strongly advises against" it ... but just
        wondering if thats because most of their user base is not familiar
        with unix ... also, is there a default root password? the person
        I got it from did a clean install before they gave it to me (not
        sure if that process prompts for a root p-word) thx
        \_ The root account is disabled by default. But sudo works great.
           Curious why do you need to be root to see what's going on?
           \_ maybe I dont? i just feel like I should have root on my
              own machine ... but maybe thats not neccesary for working
              w/ darwin? I'm thinking like, eg, ps -a does not seem to
              be showing me all proc's
           \_ er, ok, sorry. re: the above, ps -aux is doing what I
              want ... so you're saying I dont need root to effectively
              administer this machine? thx
              \_ all you need is sudo
        \_ if you really want a root shell: sudo /bin/sh
           \_ sweet thanks. so all the passwords in etc/passwd are starred
              and there is no shadow file ... I guess that means no user
              accounts can be logged in? I was also suprised to see that
              the osX user accounts have no entries in the passwd file
              but I guess it was naive to assume they would be there...
              so its seeming to me like the unix core does less than i
              thought and there is more custom mac stuff on top ... what
              do other mac users think? is messing with my system as
              root just a surefire path toward instability? or can I
              play with things at that level. thx
              \_ osx uses netinfo to store user passwds; netinfo was
                 the next version of nis/ldap.
                 Re messing around as root: messing around as root
                 is a sure fire way to instability on any *nix system.
                 There is nothing you can't do via sudo.
        \_ There is nothing wrong with suing to root a Mac OS X system if
           you understand what root account is for. However, Apple has
           disabled the root account becuase they were afraid that some
           people would try to login as a root user into the GUI session
           which can be a very dangerous thing to do. You can enable the
           root account from the netinfo manager. Note that only the
           users who are in the admin or wheel groups can su to root
           (so if you add a non-admin account for yourself, you'll have
           to add yourself to the wheel group through the netinfo manager
           which doesn't seem to be documented well...)
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