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2005/11/19-21 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:40654 Activity:nil
11/18   Suppose you have a CS PhD but you don't plan to go to academia
        or research. What is the expected salary range on the west coast
        for a CS PhD vs. CS MS, as a programmer IV or programmer V? Since
        most programming jobs count years and not education, does
        the time you spend getting a MS/PhD count as work experience?
        \_ At a big company like Intel, they have a base pay rate for EE Ph.D.s
           (~$80K last I heard) and M.S. degrees ($65K?) who are just
           starting out, then they adjust it based on where you live.
        \_ Where I work (JPL) every year in school is counted as a year
           of experience. An MS with 2 years is the same as a fresh-out
           PhD. Why bother with a PhD if you don't want to do research,
2005/11/19-21 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:40655 Activity:nil
11/18   Ugly images of Chinese and Koreans become best sellers in Japan. [nyt]
2005/11/19-21 [Reference/Military] UID:40656 Activity:nil
11/19   \_ Iraq Gun Porn: Which Guns Suck, Which Guns Rock
           Which commonly used weapons in Iraq do our brave soldiers give
           the thumbs up to and which do they thumb their nose at? Here is
           a review.
        \_ Yeah, this was posted a few days ago.
           \_ What is the point of saying this?
        \_ Cool.  But why is this called Porn?
2005/11/19-23 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:40657 Activity:low
11/19   Steve Levy >> Joe Ayoob
        Its funny how Tedford put him in for like two plays at the very end of
        the game (when we were up by 24 points with like 30 seconds to go).
        \_ Levy really didn't throw very well, and the offense didn't
           move very well until the game was in hand.  I'll give him
           kudos for winning his first collegiate start, but I haven't
           seen anything to indicate he's better than Ayoob.  (Ayoob has
           six wins).  -tom
           \_ Levy just doesn't have the brain freeze that Ayoob does.
              Ayoob kills the team with mistakes.
              \_ Levy fumbled deep in our own end with the score 6-3.
                 He also threw an interception when we were in field goal
                 range when the score was 13-3.  -tom
                 \_ And yet still made far fewer mistakes than Ayoob has
                    been making.
                    \_ His mistakes didn't happen to cost us, playing against
                       a weak team.  Ayoob had five victories in a row over
                       weak teams.  I don't think Ayoob is great, but Levy
                       is not a real QB, and if we go into a bowl game with
                       him at QB, any decent defense will put a spy on him
                       and he will be in trouble.  -tom
                       \_ You are right that Levy is not a 'real QB'. I
                          think he sucks. Yet, I'd still rather have him
                          out there over Ayoob. Only one turnover in the
                          entire game. Levy tries to do less than Ayoob
                          and that helps the team more.
                          \_ Ayoob has had one or fewer turnovers five times
                             this year.   -tom
                             \_ And 7 INTs in 2 games, which sent him to
                                the bench.
                                \_ He threw four INTs in the USC game.  One
                                   was when he and the receiver didn't
                                   agree on the route (if Jackson had turned
                                   the route up, it would not have been
                                   intercepted).  One hit the receiver in
                                   both hands, but went through his hands.
                                   One was a desperation play at the end
                                   of the half, and the other was on fourth
                                   down.  It's not clear that *any* of them
                                   constituted a mistake on Ayoob's part. -tom
                                   \_ You've got to be kidding me. Let me
                                      guess: Ayoob is your cousin or something.
                                      \_ let me guess; you don't understand
                                         the difference between a decision
                                         and a result.  -tom
                                         \_ Ayoob's decision-making is terrible.
                                            \_ It's at least as good as Levy's.
                                                \_ Based on what?
                                                   \_ Based on knowing a lot
                                                      about football, having
                                                      season tickets, and
                                                      watching the two of
                                                      them all year.  -tom
                                                      \_ If you're defending
                                                         Ayoob then I have
                                                         to question your
                                                         credentials as
                                                         someone who 'knows a
                                                         lot about football'.
                                                         His play is
                                                         inexcusably terrible.
                                                         \_ His play has not
                                                            been good, but he
                                                            won six games.
                                                            Levy against
                                                            Stanford never
                                                            went past his
                                                            first read, and
                                                            had serious happy
                                                            feet in the second
                                                            half.  8 of his
                                                            10 completions
                                                            were dumpoffs or
                                                            short outs, and
                                                            he telegraphed
                                                            every pass.  Even
                                                            the TD pass to
                                                            Jackson was badly
                                                            although I wouldn't
                                                            exactly call that
                                                            a mistake since
                                                            it was a good
                                                            matchup for us
                                                            in one on one
                                                            coverage.  -tom
                                   \_ What about the fumble in the USC game?
                                      And don't even get me started on the
                                      OSU game. He should have been pulled
                                      after that fiasco.
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