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2005/11/11-12 [Computer/SW, Computer/HW, Computer/Companies/Google] UID:40540 Activity:nil
11/10   "In Soviet Russia..."
        Quick notes about Soviet computer industry from a lecture --
        thought someone might be interested.  -- misha.
        \_ NGMD = Nakopitel' na Gibkix Magnitnyx Diskax
           NMD  = Nakopitelyakh Magnitnikh Diskov
           NZMD = Nakopitelyah na Zhestkix Magnitnyx Diskov
           Cool notes.  Thanks.  If you're into E. block useful appliations,
           google for POLY PLAY.  -John
2005/11/11 [Uncategorized] UID:40541 Activity:nil
11/10   Hey, I notice kchang's logger thing is working again.
2005/11/11-13 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:40542 Activity:high
11/11   Robertson to Pennsylvania town: Drop dead.
        \_ Bill O'Reilly to SF: City not worth saving:
           \_ Why do they hate America?
              \_ San Franciscans?  The ones I know don't consider themselves
                 a part of this country so I guess it's a tribal us vs. them
                 thing, but really you'd have to go there and ask.  It's only
                 a BART trip away.
                 \_ No, the obvious interpretation.
                    \_ San Franciscans?  Which "they" are you referring to?
                       SFans is the only plural.  Unless you mean the
                       Penn. town but then you're mis-indented.
           \_ Nice misleading headline, dumbass. (you and the columnist)
              \_ How's it misleading?
                 \_ He didn't say it was "not worth saving".  He said that if
                    you don't want the military recruiting, then you don't get
                    the protection of the military.  Talk about biased
                    \_ Then can I stop paying the percentage of my taxes
                       that fund the military?
                       \_ If you're willing to fund your own military, your
                          own coast guard, etc, and the other million people
                          in the area are willing to do the same, then you
                          should try to get the city to cecede.  I'm sure the
                          economics of the situtation will work in your favor.
                          Let us know how that works out for you.
        \_ Perhaps a more interesting question is, should the federal
           government do anything about SF banning military recruitment in
           SF schools?
           \_ Of course.  No federal funds for them.  Thanks for playing!
              \_ That's exactly what they threatened to do to Yale Law for
                 exactly that reason.  Yale backed down.  Of course, that
                 may have partly been a personal feud between our moron
                 in chief and his alma matter.
              \_ Ok, that's basically all O'Reilly said, he just threw in
                 a bunch of stupid hyperbole.
              \_ Hmm, maybe the rest of California should pass similar
                 measures then, since we only get back half of what we
                 pay to the federal government.
                 \_ Half?  URL please.  And what's wrong with that anyway even
                    if true?  I get back far less than half of what I pay into
                    the tax system, you don't see me or others trying to drop
                    out of the tax system.  You want less taxes?  You'll get
                    fewer services.  It isn't possible to get 100% of your
                    taxes back because the government can't be 100% efficient.
                    No organization can.  What's your beef with taxes, exactly?
                    \_ It's not half, but it is a fraction and it is a lot
                       in absolute dollar terms.
                       \_ The same is true of your state and local taxes.
                          Government tax systems can *not* be 100% efficient.
                          The moment you put a middle man in between your
                          dollar and the service it renders, you lose.
                          \_ I think you misunderstand. It is indeed a
                             zero sum game. The dollars are going to be
                             spent somewhere. It may as well be California.
                             Why should other states get out of it more
                             than they put into it? If the middle man
                             takes his share, it shouldn't be a middle man
                             somewhere other than California (like DC).
                             \_ au contraire mon frere!  I understand quite
                                well.  You send $X to the Feds.  Simply
                                employing someone to process your taxes costs
                                money (super simplified example).  Thus right
                                there at step 1 you can't get 100% back.  It
                                costs money to run the Federal government.
                                Taxes are not zero sum.  They are a minus and
                                a drag on the system but they also provide
                                services that we agree as a nation are
                                necessary so we pay up and take the hit.  So
                                instead of Federal taxes you seem to want to
                                pay only CA state taxes.  Ok, you're still
                                not getting your money back.  Some people are
                                going to get more, a lot more, money out of
                                the system than you.  So let's only pay local
                                county/town taxes.  But oh wait....  See?  You
                                can't tax people and have all the people taxed
                                get 100% of their money back out.  I don't care
                                where the middleman/waste is.  Waste is waste.
                                Certainly, the CA State Legislature has not
                                proven itself better run than the Federal
                                level House/Senate.
                                \_ I think you still misunderstand. If the
                                   person employed is a *CALIFORNIAN* then
                                   there is no loss of money to the *STATE*.
                                   Whether I, an individual, get back 100%
                                   of what I put in is rather irrelevant.
                                   I just don't want to see the money leave
                                   the State if it can be spent here. So,
                                   it is zero sum. Every tax dollar is
                                   spent on something. None is lost to
                                   'overhead' if the 'overhead' means
                                   jobs/services for Californians. Sending
                                   money off to Arkansas helps me not. Capiche?
                                   \_ So you are not willing to consider your-
                                      self a member of the "U.S. tribe" but
                                      are willing to sacrifice to the "CA
                                      tribe"?  How does money spent on someone
                                      in <random cow county in CA> help you?
                                      How does money spent in another state
                                      hurt you?  Either way you get nothing
                                      and pay the same amount.  Money spent
                                      on overhead is not productive for the
                                      economy; furthermore, the economies are
                                      so tightly intertwined that a poorly
                                      performing state will drag the others
                                      down.  I understand what you're getting
                                      at but fail to see how that philosophy
                                      actually applies to the real world.
                                      \_ If I am receiving 'federal' services
                                         I would rather receive them from
                                         my neighbor than from someone across
                                         the country. If a dam is built in
                                         Random Cow County it may benefit
                                         me more than one built in New Orleans.
                                         I would argue that spending more
                                         money in CA is more likely to get me
                                         something for my money. Or, more
                                         obviously, just refund me my 'overage'
                                         money back and I will benefit
                                         directly. I identify strongly as
                                         a Californian and I think, if
                                         anything, much of the rest of the
                                         country drags CA down. Certainly
                                         many red states are just a drag
                                         on the blue ones.
                                         \_ If Cow County, CA is wiped off the
                                            face of the map, most people won't
                                            notice.  If NO, LA is wiped off the
                                            face of the map, the effects ripple
                                            through the rest of the economy.
                                            States are no longer highly
                                            distinct entities, especially so
                                            where the economy is concerned.
                                            Your money is better invested in
                                            NO, LA than it is in Cow, CA if
                                            your concern is getting value back
                                            for your tax dollar.  If you just
                                            hate everyone outside CA, well,
                                            that's got zip to do with the way
                                            that taxes or the economy work and
                                            is a different topic.
                                            \_ If NO, LA is that important
                                               economically it should be
                                               able to pay for its own dam
                                               and not rely on CA to pay
                                               for it. It's not like CA is
                                               doing so well that we can
                                               afford that stuff for other
                                               places. What about our own
                                               dams in the Delta, for example?
                                               \_ So any part of the US that
                                                  isn't making profit should
                                                  be left to die?  Now I think
                                                  you're just trolling but I'll
                                                  respond anyway: *when* CA is
                                                  hit by The Big One, you'll
                                                  be the first one bitching
                                                  about slow FEMA response and
                                                  any delays in the National
                                                  Guard showing up to save your
                                                  ass from looters.
                                                  \_ If so, it's because I
                                                     expect our fair share
                                                     after paying for floods
                                                     and tornados elsewhere
                                                     for the last 30 years
                                                     while FEMA refuses to pay
                                                     for our landslides and
                                                     \_ A landslide is too tiny
                                                        for FEMA.  5 houses?
                                                        Oh please.  And the
                                                        wildfires aren't a Fed
                                                        issue either but we do
                                                        get help from other
                                                        states when they get
                                                        too big but really,
                                                        CO has had much bigger
                                                        fires than us.  You're
                                                        really stretching now,
                                                        troll.  Pay your damned
                                                        taxes and stop the fake
                                                        \_ Where was FEMA
                                                           in the last
                                                           couple quakes?
                                                           \_ Troll.  They
                                                              weren't needed.
                                                              1 old guy had a
                                                              heart attack.  A
                                                              few ancient bldgs
                                                              had cracks.  Go
                                                              away troll.  You
                                                              are stupid and
                                                              boring.  Pay
                                                              your taxes.
                    \_ I have no beef with taxes.  I'm merely pointing out
                       that it would be in our best interest to stop paying
                       federal taxes if, as the above post suggested, we
                       no longer are given federal funds.  In other words,
                       be careful what you wish for.
                       \_ You don't pay taxes to get federal funds.  You pay
                          taxes to get federal services such as the military,
                          the federal court system, the fbi, someone to
                          regular interstate commerce, etc.  If you wanted
                          your tax dollars back in full measure you *can't*
                          pay federal taxes or any other taxes because the
                          tax system *can't* be 100% efficient.  The government
                          is giant middle man system.
                 \_ Perhaps that might be related to the hostility to the
                    federal government exemplefied in the SF measure?
                    \_ say what?
        \_ He has also said that feminism encourages women to "kill their
           children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become
           \_ That's silly. How does it destroy capitalism?
                \_ Because women should be barefoot & pregnant in the home,
                   not part of the workforce, which ... Um ... helps
              \_ The idea is feminism would force companies to accept lesser
                 qualified women in the name of equality. Their lack of
                 experience (wink and nod about female frailities) and forced
                 quotas would destroy the Competitive Edge (i.e. capitailism).
                 And they'd all be lesbians and pick up the good ones from the
                 secretarial pool thanks to their human children sacrifice to
                 their Wiccan gods.
           \_ AND what is wrong with LESBIANS?
                 \_ Feminism doesn't force companies to do anything.  Quota
                    systems do but obviously that's not the same thing.  As
                    far as what real conservatives think about women in the
                    workforce, it is considered wasteful and stupid to scrub
                    half your country's brain power and creativity from
                    economically productive pursuits as seen in the Middle
                    East (except for Israel).
           \_ AND what is wrong with LESBOS?
               \_ Nothing BUD DAY can't fix!
               \_ The local economy has been sucking, and tourism
                  hasn't been able to pick up the slack.  Plus the
                  usual fears of terrorists attacking planes, trains,
                  and automobiles.
                  \_ In my observation, lesbians are in fact very good for the
                  \_ *laugh*  A bit off topic?
2005/11/11-12 [Finance/Shopping] UID:40543 Activity:nil
        Reality check on the housing bubble-- no bubble. The fundamentals
        are strong, immigrants still find million dollar homes to be cheap,
        and wealthy boomers are finally tapping their money to buy 2nd
        and 3rd homes. This is the age of the new economy! lalalalala
        \_ Well, now that a Newsweek columnist says it, it must be truuuuue!!!
2005/11/11 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:40544 Activity:nil
11/11   Terrorist attack in Oakland Chinatown?
        \_ Go ahead.
           \_ I mean was that what happened this morning?
              \_ A quick look a google news just says there was a big
                 fire at a supermarket at about 6am.  Maybe arson, I doubt
                 it's terrorism in the normal sense.
        \_ Are you asking for one or asking if one happened or will happen?
           The magic 8-ball says, "it can not be determined at this time".
2005/11/11-14 [Reference/BayArea] UID:40545 Activity:nil
11/11   Article in this month's California about a book about the
        1906 SF quake and how the death of the SF fire chief
        died, so the Army showed up and started mortaring
        and burning buildings in SF in a misguided effort to
        save it.
        \_ That strategy survived and was used in Fallujah many years later
2005/11/11-13 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:40546 Activity:kinda low
11/11   Make sure not to get caught in the subway train doors (work safe) (
           \_ something similar happened to a friend in nyc. her bag got
              caught in the door w/ her arm in it. she got her arm out
              but the bag kept going. some nice person at the next station
              grabbed it and waited for her. someone told MTA authority
              about it and "they did an investigation". dont think anything
              ever came of it ... she didnt bother to try and sue.
              definitely conductor negligence though
        \_ Gee.  I'll make sure I pick up my son from the stroller first when
           we board a train next time.
        \_ That woman in dark dress was a hero.  And she's fast too.
        \_ In America this would be instant lawsuit.
           \_ In Hong Kong this would be lawsuit too, since it's not equipment
              failure but train operator negligence.  The operation is supposed
              to look at the CCTV outside the train to make sure nobody gets
              caught by the doors before he starts the train.  Don't know about
              in Korea.
           \_ something similar happened to a friend in nyc. her bag got
              caught in the door w/ her arm in it. she got her arm out
              but the bag kept going. some nice person at the next station
              grabbed it and waited for her. someone told MTA authority
              about it and "they did an investigation". dont think anything
              ever came of it ... she didnt bother to try and sue.
              definitely conductor negligence though
        \_ Isn't anyone else bothered by the fact that the mother would
           just let the kid drop on the floor while trying to wrestle the
           stroller off the train door?
           \_ watch the video again
           \_ I think the audio said she was caught by the stroller.
              \_ Thanks :)  No sound card on my work PC.
2005/11/11-13 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:40547 Activity:high
11/11 (Washington Post)
        Oops, a couple bought a townhouse under construction for $796K in May,
        but equivalent places are now selling for $699K, and their house isn't
        even done yet!
        \_ Here's the full context strongly implying the eager beavers did no
   "Lynn Edmonds and his wife, Sebnem, could barely wait to sign on the dotted
   line back in May when they committed themselves to pay $796,000 for a
   three-floor townhouse under construction in Alexandria's Cameron Station.
   But since May, the sales prices for the development have fallen -- and
   units like the one the Edmonds bought are now being sold for $699,900. The
   Edmonds are facing the prospect of a $100,000 loss in value before they
   even walk through the front door."
                "Lynn Edmonds and his wife, Sebnem, could barely wait to
                 sign on the dotted line back in May when they committed
                 themselves to pay $796,000 for a three-floor townhouse
                 under construction in Alexandria's Cameron Station. But
                 since May, the sales prices for the development have
                 fallen -- and units like the one the Edmonds bought are
                 now being sold for $699,900. The Edmonds are facing the
                 prospect of a $100,000 loss in value before they even
                 walk through the front door."
                [ reformatted - formatd ]
           Even though their on paper value has dropped, they apparently plan
           to live in it so the important thing is the interest rate they're
           paying, what would their costs be to live somewhere else for the
           additional time they didn't have this house to be in the same area,
           and what will the final selling price be years from now when they
           eventually do leave that house?  Being overly concerned about a
           single number without context is like saying you're a google ipo
           millionaire based on your unsold options.  Anything can happen
           between now and the sale date.
        \_ "... Sandra Cabral, a real estate agent with Re/Max Pros ...
           'Within two or three years, there's going to be a whole lot of
           foreclosures, because with all of the interest-only loans ...'"
           \_ Axiom 1: people are stupid.
        \_ ouch! that's a fast way to throw 100k down the drain.  well,
           maybe they got a consolation prize in a lower interest rate.
        \_ For reference:
           $796k @ 5.25% for 30 years: $4,395.54/month,
           total principle + interest paid over life of the loan: $1,582,394.93
           $699k @ 6.5% for 30 years: $4,418.16/month, total P+I: $1,590,535.97
           \_ For reference:
              - average length of time americans stay at a home: 5 years
              For reference:
              - 30 year fixed interest rate: current rate - lowest rate in last
                2 years: 0.9%
              For reference:
              - The additional $20k downpayment if put in the stock market and
              assuming a return of 8% per year, in 30 years, would earn: $200,000
              assuming a return of 8% per year, in 30 years, would earn: $200k
              For reference:
                assuming a return of 8% per year, in 30 years, would earn:
              - Did you forget mortgage interest tax deduction?
              \_ between ~ June 1 and today, the difference is 0.8%
                 don't need to go back 2 years
                 not as big as the 6.5 - 5.25 = 1.25% that other guy posted
           \_ that's pretty interesting!
              \_ 8%/yr for 30 years?  Really.  Now if you had stuck $20k in
                 the stock market, say, 2 years ago...  How would that 8% be
                 \_ S&P500 was 1060 two years ago, and 1235 now, almost
                    exactly 8% per year.
              \_ None of these numbers take into account their current cost
                 of living somewhere else for 8-9 months if they had bought
                 now instead of in spring.  Are they in a house?  Probably
                 not or they'd be less desperate.  So what's their rent cost/
                 month?  Either way we just don't have enough info to know
                 if they got hosed or not.  The average person may stay in
                 a house 5 years but these people may stay 30.  And does that
                 5 year ownership number include all the speculator flips
                 which would drag the number down by some other unknown
                 number?  Basically, it looks like a scare article intro.
                 The people who are going to get hurt are those who paid $X
                 in the past and are now forced for some personal reason to
                 sell now at $X - $Y.  Everyone else can sit tight.  Anyway,
                 I wouldn't mind a huge housing crash.  I'd snap up a few
                 houses if prices dropped enough and rent em out for a few
                 years until prices recovered again but I fear they'll never
                 drop enough to fall back into my investment price range.
2005/11/11-13 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:40548 Activity:moderate
11/11   "Caltrain Ridership Up 29 Percent Since Baby Bullet Debut"
        \_ Public transit really works if it's done right.
           \_ I was in Holland and wanted to do some shopping in the small
              town where my grandmother lives ... I left at 3:30 and she
              warned me that the shops were already closed in town.  So I
              took the train to Utrecht, a major city, which took just 25
              minutes.  When I got to the train station, I noticed there was
              a mall connected to the train station.  I bought some candy &
              clothes, and then noticed a street market, where I bought
              marijuana, and then noticed a street market, where I bought
              stroopwafels (one of my favs) and other things.  I got back on
              the train and managed to get back even before the time I said
              I would (within 3 hours).  I've only driven a car once in
              Holland and I preferred the train.
              \_ one time, I was driving a car, and then I hit a train
                 and I was sad and then I saw a flower and picked it up
                 and when I stood up I saw that the engineer of the
                 train was beautiful woman and we fell in love and thats
                 why I know cars are better than trains.
        \_ also helps that the economy's picked up too.  The streets seem
           a bit busier too                                -caltrain rider
              \_ Holland is smaller than my backyard and you took 3 hours to
                 go shopping?  You think an hour of travel time just to buy
                 some candy at a train station mall is a good use of time?
                 I can walk to the store and back in less time than that in
                 my SUV ridden suburb.  If you had an hour of travel time and
                 it took 10 minutes to get a box of candy, where'd the other
                 2 hours ago?  Smoking that pot?
                 \_ Slightly less than twice the size of New Jersey, according
                    to the CIA world factbook.  New Jersey also has good
                    public transit, by the way.
           \_ Gas prices over $2 / gallon probably helps too.
2005/11/11-14 [Uncategorized] UID:40549 Activity:nil
11/11   Put on your tin foil hats.  Or not.
        \_ Yep.  That looks like a typical Media Lab project.
        \_ Note that they aren't using "tin foil", but aluminum.
           \_ I told you aluminum was the new tin foil a few weeks ago but
              you laughed me out of the Academy.  Well, I'll show you!  I'll
              show you all!!  Muahahahahhaaa!
2005/11/11-14 [Transportation/Car] UID:40550 Activity:low
11/11   Is umbrella insurance worth it?  I have a net worth of about $500k from
        appreciate home, stock, 401(k), savings, cars, etc.  I have a working
        wife and a kid.  Thx.
        \_ Not when a new umbrella is $5.  :-)
           \_ I think he's talking about the type of insurance that compensates
              the families of people who's heads get slashed off with katanas
              on the sidewalk becasuse they're using a fucking 6 foot umbrella
              to protect their short ass 5 foot 5 body from  a little drizzle
              while stabbing everyone on the sidewalk in the eye with the
              spikes on the edge of the umbrella.   Five dollars' coverage will
              be insufficient for that.
              \_ No, no -- I think he's making reference to insurance from
                 the Umbrella Corporation so when his family is ravaged by
                 flesh eating zombies in Raccoon City, he'll be able to collect
                 life insurance or something.  Personally, I'd avoid
                 transacting business with them at all, but hey -- each to his
                 own, man.
                 \_ Silly, that's Flesh Eating Zombie insurance.  Which reminds
                    me, thanks, I let mine lapse last week.  I need to go
                    renew.  Brraaaaaiiinnssss....
                    \_ Can you insure againt your wife stopping to work?
2005/11/11 [Uncategorized] UID:40551 Activity:nil
        If loading/unloading 300 passengers take X hours, how long
        does it take to load/unload 555 passengers?
2005/11/11-13 [Uncategorized] UID:40552 Activity:nil
11/11   Leia's Metal Bikini:
        \_ Bonnie has the hottest body.
2005/11/11-14 [Reference/RealEstate, Finance/Shopping] UID:40553 Activity:nil
11/11   Are mega apt complex->condo conversion units particularly bad
        to buy as homes or investments, even if you plan to own them
        for a while?  I'm asking because single family homes are
        out of my price range.
        \_ Not particularly bad, but not as good as SFRs. Find a SFR, even
           if it means a city you don't like as well.
           \_ What if the city with the cheapest affordable SFR is
              over an hour drive away? What if the city where the
              condo is has a lot of amenities, like walkable markets,
              close to the beach, etc?
              \_ Why do you think you can't afford the SFRs if those are
                 the amenities? Why do you think you *can* afford the condo?
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