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2005/11/1-2 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:40370 Activity:low
10/31   Second homes accounted for 36 percent of all home sales last year.
        Is this historically normal?
        \_ randomn guess... no :p  how many of your parents' friends own
           more than one home 10 years ago?
           \_ dunno, that'd depend on how rich my parent's friends are.  is
              that a statistically reliable sample set?
        \_ lots of kids are also living with their parents past 30, when
           they should get off their ass and buy a house..  Is that
           normal either?  I believe it evens out.
        \_ Is it 36% of all successful sellers sold their second homes?  Or is
           it 36% of all successful buyers bought their second homes?
2005/11/1-4 [Health/Disease/General] UID:40371 Activity:moderate
11/1    Stupidity watch: Religious groups opposing usage of 100% effective
        vaccine against HPV.  One of these people has been placed on the CDC
        advisory board by Bush.
        \_ Not stupidity.  Evil.  Just call it what it is.
                \_ How about evil stupidity? Fortunately most people can see
                   this for what it is: a Taliban level of desire to put
                   religion above the well being of people.  It's truly
                   disgusting that this is even an issue in a supposedly
                   advanced country like the United States.
           \_ How about evil stupidity? Fortunately most people can see this
              for what it is: a Taliban level of desire to put religion above
              the well being of people.  It's truly disgusting that this is
              even an issue in a supposedly advanced country like the United
        \_ we live in a fundamentalist Christian government.  get used to it.
        \_ uhm ok, i think im the only one here who RTFA.  they oppose making
           it mandatory for all kids, giving parents the choice about what goes
           into their kid's drug stream.  HPV isn't a plague upon the earth
           killing millions of people every year.  It isn't going to cause an
           epidemic in school like typhoid.  they aren't trying to ban the
           shots from availability.  when everything looks like a big deal,
           nothing ends up looking like a big deal.
           \_ Do you understand anything about public health?
              Or for that matter HPV?
              \_ Yes, what about it?  Did you RTFA?  Do you have something to
                 say about it?  Glad to chat.
           \_ not gonna eradicate a disease like that.  If it can be eradicated
              then people won't need it at all, in a decade or so.  and really,
              what the religious groups are doing will only hurt the lower class
              who won't know any better.  It's too bad they didn't know any
              better when they voted in Pope Bush II.
              \_ that's correct, allowing people to choose will not lead to
                 eradication.  correct me if i'm wrong but isn't it the case
                 that we have yet to eradicate *any* disease despite having
                 active programs around the world and working vaccines for
                 decades for many things and a mandatory shot before entering
                 school?  why is that so?  once bush is out of office will all
                 these diseases suddenly become eradicated or is there some
                 other thing going on besides the bush boogey man?
                 \_ We are talking about the United States.  Smallpox &
                 \_ We are talking about the United States.  Smallpox, measles &
                    Polio seem to be pretty well under control here.
                    \_ You can't isolate a large population like 300m in the
                       US and claim you're eliminated a disease.  We're talking
                       about the entire world.  Giving mandatory shots to
                       American HS girls won't eradicate any diseases.
                        \_ Huh? When did we have control over other parts of
                           the world?
                           \_ We didn't and can't.  Thus the concept of disease
                              eradication being the reason for mandatory shots
                              is silly.  Glad you agree.
                                \_ But it has been eradicated HERE.
                                   \_ Disease is world wide.  And no, things we
                                      once thought were eradicated HERE are
                                      back and spreading again because they
                                      were not eradicated world wide.  Nothing
                                      has been eradicated HERE for that reason.
        \_ god damn it... i thought we went through this 20 years ago...
           The reason why conservatives doesn't want to make this vaccine
           mandatory is because it actually has side effect of protecting
           one from certain form of STD.  Under that logic, we need to get
           rid of condomns, and hepatitis vaccine as well, as Hepatitis
           strictly speaking a STD too!
           \_ And the reason for that is, according to the conservative and/or
              extremist Christian brain, that if you cure STDs everyone will
              sleep around nonstop and start having sex at age 8.  Dying
              from AIDS and suffering from STDs is preferable to that.
              start sleeping around and having sex at age 8.  Dying from AIDS
              and suffering from STDs is a much better than that scenario.
           \_ Some say that.  Others say vaccines have caused other medical
              problems and putting something in your body should be a choice.
              You *are* pro-choice, aren't you?
                \_ Parents should be allowed to opt-out.  It's not easily
                   contagious.  It's STUPID because the downside is increasing
                   the chances your child will die from a cancer.
                   \_ Yes, it is truly stupid and I'd get my kids the shots
                      but I wouldn't *force* another parent to do so if they
                      didn't want to.  It won't hurt my kid if their kid gets
                      cancer or HPV.  Their kid can go get the shot themself
                      later as an adult (or probably younger than 18 frankly)
                      if their parents are that extreme.  For something
                      contagious and nasty, yes, I believe enforced vaccination
                      is the right thing to do, but not HPV.
                      \_ Clearly you don't know much about HPV infection
                         statistics.  You almost certainly have it already.
                         Vaccinating after you become sexually active is
                         pretty much useless.
                         \_ So I'm going to get cervical cancer?  Uh oh....
                            HPV = STD.  A kid who is having sex is going to
                            get a lot of things.  Making a mandatory shot for
                            something you say I have and is doing nothing of
                            note to me is ridiculous.  This isn't polio.  This
                            isn't the plague.  And mandatory shots are not
                            going to eradicate anything.  Make it available,
                            make it free, whatever.  Don't make it mandatory.
                            It has nothing to do with school, education, or
                            anything like that.  It is not going to spread
                            at random by sneezing kids in the hallway.  Again,
                            I ask, aren't you pro-choice?  Shouldn't we have
                            the right to decide what does and does not go
                            into our bodies and what we do with them?  That
                            is the underlying philosophy behind the right to
                            abortion, air pollution regulations and a bunch
                            of other things.  Why are you forcing something
                            into some 9 year old's blood stream against her
                            parent's wishes?
                            \_ You're a blithering idiot.  HPV might not
                               "do anything to you," but you can pass it on
                               to any female partner who can then contract
                               cervical cancer.  Cervical cancer is one of
                               the leading causes of death in women.  Condoms
                               can't really do jack shit to stop it.  A women
                               could do the "right thing" and stay a virgin
                               until marriage, and still die because she
                               contracts the disease from her new husband (who
                               is very difficult to test for this virus and
                               likely has no idea that he has it).  This is
                               a public health issue, not an issue of "choice."
                               Or do you just want anyone who ever has sex
                               to die?
                               \_ This made me laugh, thanks.  "THE SKY IS
                                  FALLING!"  Yes, on my way to work I saw at
                                  least 3 dozen women dying by the side of the
                                  road of HPV induced cervical cancer.  Again,
                                  this is not a plague.  It is not contagious
                                  like many real killers.  It is public
                                  health issue in the way that drug use and
                                  alcohol are.  I'm glad you have such faith
                                  in the pharmceutical establishment, but
                                  they have a spotty record of selling us
                                  things that turn out later to cause birth
                                  defects, death, sterility, and pretty much
                                  anything else you can think of.  If an
                                  entire generation of little girls finds out
                                  they're sterile, you're going to say what?
                                  "At least you're safe from HPV!"
                                  \_ 250K deaths/year in the world isn't
                                     nothing.  And they are doing studies
                                     on this first.
                                     \_ Heh, so when I talked about the world,
                                        I'm told we're talking about the US.
                                        When I talked about the US, I'm told
                                        we're talking about the world.  I've
                                        said my piece and don't feel like
                                        playing catch-22 rhetorical games in
                                        place of actual topic discussion.  If
                                        you have something to actually discuss
                                        I'd be glad to continue.  I'm not at
                                        all interested in dormie-style point-
                                        scoring intellectual dishonesty.
                                        \_ You're talking to multiple people.
                                           Deal with it.
                                           \_ I already answered both the
                                              US-only and World-wide people
                                              with no real response.  Nothing
                                              to deal with.  People who want
                                              9 year olds to get mandatory
                                              drug injections for diseases
                                              that aren't spread in that
                                              environment and aren't causing
                                              polio-like problems are anti-
                                              choice.  If they're pro-choice
                                              elsewhere they're inconsistent
                                              and intellectually dishonest.
                                              Dealt with.  Done.
                                              \_ So what should be done about
                                                 the measels/mumps/rubella
                                                 shots that are mandated now?
                                                 Are you working against those
                                                 because you're so pro-choice?
                                              \_ There's a big difference
                                                 between the imposition of
                                                 being made to take a shot
                                                 and being made to give birth
                                                 against your will.  The
                                                 difference is such that
                                                 calling someone who is for
                                                 mandatory immunizations
                                                 logically inconsistent
                                                 because they also support
                                                 abortion rights is totally
                                                 ridiculous.  --PeterM
2005/11/1 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:40372 Activity:nil
11/1    What's the best tool for Mac OS X that can tell me what other
        wifi access points (including non ESSID ones) are in the area,
        and what channel they are on?
2005/11/1 [Finance/Banking] UID:40373 Activity:high 66%like:40377
11/1    This daylight savings time sucks.  Has anyone tried boycotting it by
        just moving your schedule an hour "earlier": same astronomical time?
        If so, how did it work out?
        \_ By "dalight savings time sucks", do you man that ending daylight
           saving time sucks, and that you want it all year, or do you actually
           hate daylight saving time and want to be on the winter schedule
           all year?
           \_ Not the OP, but I prefer PDT all year.
        \_ You could always move to Arizona.
                \_ Or Hawaii
        \_ You probably have more success bribing Ah-nold to change the daylight savings
           for California.
2005/11/1-3 [Uncategorized] UID:40374 Activity:nil
11/1    piss me off, people start to censoring motd again....
2005/11/1-3 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:40375 Activity:nil
11/1    Hi, I'm really new at real estate so please forgive me if this is
        stupid. I know that agents on both sides (seller/buyer) typically
        take about 3% of commissions, totally 6%. Does that mean that
        if I buy a house that is worth X, I have to spend an extra
        0.06X? On the other hand, if I buy a completely new place where
        I don't have a seller, do I still pay the other 3%?
        \_ The seller pays the commission, not the buyer. And when
           you sell the commision is negotiable. Lately commissions have
           been closer to 4% because houses sell so easily. Although the
           market is entering a downturn now so that will change.
2005/11/1-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:40376 Activity:nil
11/1    what's the name of a general login machine in berkeley cs?
        please email  -dpetrou
        \_ argus
           That is a list of everything. -mrauser
           \_ failure to read directions.
2005/11/1-4 [Finance/Banking] UID:40377 Activity:nil 66%like:40373
11/1    This daylight savings time sucks.  Has anyone tried boycotting it by
        If so, how did it work out?
        \_ Some Asian countries don't have it. Many Asians are smart. Many
           Asian girls are smart and pretty. Therefore it is smart to not
           have daylight savings.                       -asian fetish guy
           \_ Having an entire country that covers the same amount of
              longitude as the U.S. be on the same time zone is the opposite
              of smart.  Wouldn't it be great if the whole U.S. were forced to
              be on the same time zone as Washington, DC?
        \_ By "dalight savings time sucks", do you man that ending daylight
           saving time sucks, and that you want it all year, or do you actually
           hate daylight saving time and want to be on the winter schedule
           all year?
           \_ Not the OP, but I prefer PDT all year.
              \_ I guess I should have been more clear, I like PDT too. -OP
                 \_ Well, I realize that I'm being a pedantic assmonkey about
                    this, but technically you want *more* daylight saving time,
                    not less.  Also, it's daylight "saving" time, not "savings".
                    Anyway, I agree with both you and pp that it should be all
                    year round.
        \_ You could always move to Arizona.
           \_ Or Hawaii
        \_ You probably have more success bribing Ah-nold to change the daylight savings
           for California.
           \_ Except Phoenix.
        \_ You probably have more success bribing Ah-nold to change the
           daylight savings for California.
        \_ (Pls don't shoot the messenger) - the daylight savings time is
           switching to an earlier time (methinks early March?) and will go
           all the way through mid November - beginning 2007. Part of the energy
           bill recently signed by Dubya. On another note, while Europe and Aus-
           tralia observe Daylight Savings Time, their switch date actually
           differ than the U.S. I believe right now the rest of Europe does not
           switch to DST until a week after we do. STFG for details.
           \_ Supposedly this will save the US 100k barrels of oil a day during
              that period.
              \_ NO PDT FOR BIG OIL!  HALLIBURTON!
2005/11/1-4 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:40378 Activity:low
11/1    "America's badly damaged image in the Muslim world could take
         more than a generation to set right."
        I remember being roundly mocked two years ago on the motd for
        suggesting that this would be the result of the Iraq War.
        \_ right, and this has nothing to do with partisan grandstanding...
           \- lots of people said so immediately after AbuG. search wall
              archive for "for a generation"
              \_ The media storm over it almost certainly made it worse.
                 \_ That damn liberal media. Especially the liberal state
                    run media in Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia.
                    \_ nice red herring.  of course the state run media in
                       places like that blames the west, israel and everyone
                       but the dictators in charge on their countries.  duh.
                       \_ How is it a red herring? The place where it was
                          "made worse" don't read American newspapers. Do
                          you honestly think the Iraqi insurgency cares
                          about what the NYT prints? Get over yourself.
                          They care what Iraqis think.
        \_ Only a generation? The Turks and Greeks are still fighting. So
           are the Serbs, Croats, and Albanians.
           \_ Apples and oranges. Turks conquered, annexed, and then ruled
              Greece for centuries. After attaining independence, large chunks
              of historically Greek territories still remained in the hands of
              Turks who later ethnically cleansed most of their Greek
              population during WWI. Later Turkey illegally occupied about 30%
              of Cyprus, a conflict that hadn't been resolved up to this date.
        \_ I don't remember your saying that in those words at that point in
           time ... what did you write about specifically that would damage
           the U.S.'s image in the Muslim world for generations?
           \_ KAIS motd is broken and I don't know how else to search
              old posts.
        \_ hint: America never had a good image in the Muslim world. this is
           all status quo.  here's mine: I predict that if you continue to not
           give me all the money I want, the sky will still be blue some where
           in the world 2 years from now and will stay that way for
           \_ The "not good image" goes back to the time when the Muslims
              invaded and conquered the eastern Roman/Byzantine provinces.
              Followed by the Crusades and such and WW I.
              \_ If Bush had just understood their culture better, the Romans
                 and Byzantines would have stood aside while the Muslims just
                 went about their business and just doing their own thing and
                 wouldn't have attacked us on 9/11.  HALIBURTON!
                 \_ Well Britain did fuck with them quite a bit in the 20th
                    century in Iraq and stuff. Britain and US have done some
                    evil shit in the middle east and this is the most recent
                    stuff to look back on for them.
                          \_ Far more in the way of bad shit has happened in
                             history than good. The thing that alot of people
                             don't seem to realise is that they are not the
                             only one's being fucked with. Almost everyone has
                             been. Time for some people just to cut the damn
                             cord and get on with your life and stop pointing
                             fingers. [formatd]
                             \_ I found it interesting in a horrible sort of
                                way that one of bin laden's gripes is losing
                                muslim control of spain and he wants it back.
                                \_ Why Spain and not the Balkans?
                                   \_ Maybe because Arabs were in Spain, but
                                      it was I think mostly Turks in the
                                      Balkans? The Turks are trying to become
                                      European anyway. Maybe bin Laden has
                                      written them off.
                                      \_ Turkey is on a slow slide away from
                                         a secular government.  The bin laden
                                         types are patient people.
2005/11/1-4 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:40379 Activity:nil
11/1    In emacs, I'm editing a C++ header file in C++-mode.  However,
        when I tab, it only goes 2 spaces instead of 4.  Tabbing in a source
        file does work, but not a header file.  TIA.
        \_ I think the 2 spaces are for "public:/private:" lines; then another
           tab and you can get to the 4 spaces for member vars, decls, etc.
2005/11/1-3 [Reference/Military] UID:40380 Activity:low
11/1    How would one go about buying a fully-auto AK-47 in the U.S. and finding
        a range where you can get away with firing it?
        \_ You'll need be in a state that allows personal ownership of a
           machine gun or have a FFL 3 license. Finding the range is secondary.
           \_ Thanks!  I actually had assumed these weapons were flat-out
              illegal, but in my state this does not look so hard.
        \_ If I was going through the trouble of getting an FFL 3 license
           I would rather get an M16.  Much more accurate =)
        \_ My coworkers own several.  I live in Nevada.
2005/11/1-3 [Uncategorized] UID:40381 Activity:nil
11/1    Power just went out in SF Civic Center. Anyone hear a bang?
2005/11/1-3 [Uncategorized] UID:40382 Activity:nil
11/1    As a review for editing the motd:
        - Set your tabstop to 8 chars, new threads start at that indent.
        - When you reply, use \_ or \- (hi psb!) to indicate who you're
          responding to.
        - Indent \_ using spaces to consume the least whitespace possible at
          the left.
        \_ Please indent with three columns like "\_ " instead of two like
2005/11/1-4 [Uncategorized] UID:40383 Activity:nil
11/1    Besides trashing my leftover Halloween candies, what else can I do with
        them.  They are not in their original big bags, but still have their
        \_ Give 'em away to work buddies?  Eat them?  Package them up nicely
           and give 'em to your SO?
        \_ Put 'em in a big bag and drop them off at your local recreation
        \_ Put them in the fridge until the next Halloween.
           \_ When I empty my vacuum bag, what should I do with the
              contents? -OP
              \_ Sorry, I didn't know you eat dirt from your vacuum bag.
              \_ Put them in the fridge until the next Halloween.
        \_ Insert in mouth, moisten thoroughly, stick to parked cars.
2005/11/1-4 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:40384 Activity:nil
11/1    I have a technical phone interview with Google this week. The HR
        recruiter told me that it'll be 45 minutes and will be mostly
        theoretical, and that it's not a bad idea to spend a day or two
        preparing for it. What should I emphasize my preparation on,
        cs150, 152, 162, 170, etc? Thanks.
        \_ Yes you should study mostly cs150.
                \_ lol.  i recommend 170, 172, 174.
                   \- just tell them you are a person of deep faith and
                      believe in following ANSI. and rob pike is the most
                      smartest person EVER.
                      \_ ANSI?  Tell them you're up-to-date and follow ISO
                         instead.  But then they might ask you "why do you hate
        \_ Google doesn't pay that well for non-Phd non-super geniuses.
           The options/stock party is over.  They work their asses off in a
           cult-like atmosphere.  Why would you want this?  Go get a better
           paying job somewhere that won't have you working 60-80 hours a
           week and have a life away from your keyboard.
           \_ Out of curiosity, do you know how well they pay for phd super
              \_ I've read of more than one making $1 million+.  These are
                 people long established careers and big names within their
2005/11/1-3 [Computer/Theory, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:40385 Activity:nil
11/1    Anyone watch Prison Break? I caught a few episodes but I have no
        idea what this 'fibonacci' thing is people are looking for.
        \_ According to a quick google search, Fibonacci is an informant.
           ... a person, by the way...
        \_ F(0) = F(1) = 1, F(i) = F(i-1) + F(i-2) for i > 1.
2005/11/1-3 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:40386 Activity:nil
11/1 (Wash Post)
        Fitzgerald appeared prepared to indict Rove heading into last week for
        making false statements, according to three people close to the probe.
        But that changed during a private meeting last Tuesday between
        Fitzgerald and Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin. ...
        [Matthew] Cooper's attorney ... said ... "that [Fitzgerald] is going
        through each of those things [that Rove presented] and seeing if they
        can be verified or not" ...
\_ this has been posted like the 100th time. Search the f*** archiver
2005/11/1-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40387 Activity:kinda low
11/1    My lady's birthday is coming soon. All the obvious hints for gifts are
        significantly more pricey than what she bought for me on my birthday
        (we both have the same salary (within 5K). Is it still the case that
        the guy is supposed to throw money at the girl ? -- puzzled
        \_ Promise her anything, but give her the tab key.
               (point taken)
        \_ Well, your girl is giving you hints. You can: 1) Take them and
           have a happy girl, 2) Ignore them and hope she's fine with
           that, or 3) Find a low-maintenance girl. It's pretty common for
           guys to spoil girls, yes. It's the price to pay for keeping
           your ding-a-ling happy.
                \ ding-a-ling ==  sex life right ?
                \_ she's not a girl. she's a lady. -OP
                   \_ She's a lady! Whoa whoa whoa! She's a lady!
                      \_ We named the dog "lady".
                \_ she's not a girl. she's a lady. like the dog. -OP
                   \_ Arf.  -John
        \_ Obviously you chose your present poorly. Now you pay for it.
           \_ He hasn't chosen it yet.  He chose his GF poorly.
              \_ His *own* birthday gift. It's his fault he asked for crap
                 and she wants a Maserati.
        \_ A relationship shouldn't be about "scorecards".  If you love her
           that much, it shouldn't matter the price.
           \- search for "surprise" at:
              \_ We have a family policy against diamonds until I can get
                 cheap synthetics.
                 \_ Why cheap?  I'd be more than happy to pay hight prices
                 \_ Why cheap?  I'd be more than happy to pay high prices
                    for synthetic diamonds if it helped some company recover
                    their R&D expenses that made the diamonds possible.
                    Of course, I have other reasons for wanting synthetic
                    diamonds, but I think developing them is a good thing for
                    the world for several reasons.  Diamond is an amazing
                    \_ Ok, sure.  But I'm a cheapskate.  Although I
                       certainly do want to support the inventors, and I
                       don't want to support DeBeers.
                       \_  Heh. I think it's safe to assume that the DeBeers
                           are not likely to be inestors in any synthetic
                           are not likely to be investors in any synthetic
                           diamond venture.
        \_ Geez, at least she's giving you hints.  "Surpise me!" is FAR
           \_ Yeah, it means your girlfriend has a speech impediment.  -John
              \_ Out of curiosity, what did she get you and what is
                 "your lady" lobbying for?  Your use of "my lady" makes
                 me wonder about you.  I suspect you are lacking balls
                 and are looking for affirmation.
                 \_ Does not parse.  "speech impediment" was referring to
                    "surpise me (sic).  You cannot see my testicles, as
                    they are currently teabagging yermom in my search for
                    affirmation.  Sit.  -John
2005/11/1-3 [Finance/Banking, Consumer/Camera] UID:40388 Activity:moderate
11/1    A friend has his film X-rays on loan from the lab but needs to
        transfer them to digital format so's he can take them for a second
        opinion. What's a reliable method of doing this without sacrificing
        image quality (and thereby rendering the exercise worthless)? Would
        the old lamp and scanner trick work here, or would there be too many
        flaws to make it worthwhile? Since this is to document the progress
        of arthritis in his back, the level of detail must remain high.
        TIA. --erikred
        \_ Kodak PHOTO CD.  you need to find who does it though.  This would
           cost you $75 per scan.  it is probably your best option besides
           real drum scan.  I would not trust regular flat-bed scan due to
           lack of dynamic range for most of CCD scan.  do *NOT* mistaken
           "PHOTO CD" service with "Picture CD" service.   kngharv
           \_ What's the difference between the two?
              \_ *HUGE* difference.  PHOTO CD is designed for art works and
                  professionals who requires very deep (wide dynamic range)
                  scanning.  picture CD is a nice version of negative
                  scan which is relatively consistant, to JPEG files.
                  Given the fact that you are scanning a B/W X-rate
                  positive film, I would not trust regular CCD scanning
                  as your life is probably depend upon how well these various
                  degree of shades are represented.
        \_ He can just have copies made/sent to the other doctor. Why
           bother with digitizing unless this is somehow just fun for him?
           \_ His films are stored at various and sundry labs. It would be
              more time-consuming to coordinate the copy/send than to
              digitize. --erikred
              \_ He already went to the trouble to get the x-rays on loan.
                 He could've just asked for his own copy at that time.
                 \_ Thank you. I'll pass that on. Now, do you have any
                    suggestions pertaining to the original request? --erikred
                    \_ Have him ask for his x-rays in DICOM format.  There are
                       free DICOM viewers.  Typically film like this (if
                       scanned) uses a proprietary scanner (cost is thousands
                       of dollars) to scan to a standard image format (BMP or
                       JPEG2K, etc.).  -emarkp
                       \_ What ever happened to JPEG2K?  It was the next big
                          thing, woo!  woo!.. then silence.  Not being built
                          into Mozilla, that I can see, which pretty much
                          implies it's dead... unless I'm missing something.
                          \_ I guess this answers my question: legal crap:
        \_ Just out of stupid curiosity, can't you just scan them?  -John
2005/11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:40389 Activity:nil
11/1    I am zipping files from a newtwork drive and I wanted the compressed
        files to go to a local drive say /data. I can do bzip2/gzip/whatever
        -c /mounted/drive/file > /data/file.gz, but there are LOTS of files
        and I'd rather just do a gzip --dest=/data /mounted/drive/*.  What's
        the easiest way to do this?
2005/11/1-4 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:40390 Activity:low
11/1    Hello I'm a newbie shopping for a condo. I've been doing research
        lately and saw this 400 unit complex I like. According to Google's
        cache, in August they only have 50 units left. Looking at
        their current web site however, they still say they only have 50
        units left. I called them up, and sure enough, 50. What's going on?
        \_ we're not psychic. why don't you call them up again and ask?
           \_ Ok I just called them up. They said 1/2 of the units are
              "reserved" so they can't sell them. Whatever that means.
              \_ that means that they adjust the reserve over time such that
                 there are always <= 50 units left
              \_ uh, how about you ask followup questions until you're not
                 confused anymore?  i mean ask the condo people, not the
                 \_ Maybe op is afraid of condo folks thinking op is stupid.
                    Here at the motd, we assume it.
                    \_ I'm the op. Yes, after making a few stupid calls
                       the condo people started to realize how stupid and
                       desperate I seemed and raised the prices by about
                       20K for a 500K condo. This is exactly why I don't
                       want to keep calling them, because it shows how
                       badly I want their place.
        \_ maybe they're lying to you ...?
        \_ They haven't sold any more since then? They have, but some
           others fell out of escrow? What does it matter?
        \_ Housing market has cooled. Mostly people see it has topped out
           and are all selling so there is a huge amount of inventory on
           the market. Total sales are still going up but since so many houses
           are on the market prices are coming down a bit. Very very good time
           to buy.
           \_ Time to buy has passed. I wouldn't buy now.
              \_ (Pulling number out of hat): Let's say you're currently eyeing
                 a $700k house in the bay area.  What price would it have to
                 drop to before you'd buy it?  Assume you like the house, it
                 is a good location for you, etc.  Only price is the issue.
                 \_ Why is this an issue? I just need to exercise 1/2 of
                    my GOOG options and I can buy it cash next week.
                    \_ In that case, exercise all of your GOOG options,
                       and diversify.  Heck, you could easily retire if
                       you moved someplace cheaper.
                    \_ That's all you got from your options??  That's pretty
                 \_ Do I already own a house? Is this for investment?
                    \_ Your call.  What $# is the right price for you?  With
                       all these people saying the numbers are too high, there
                       must be some lower number at which they don't feel that.
                       I'm just curious what that number is.
                       \_ If I already own a house I will buy cheaper than
                          if I don't. I'd say maybe $400K for an investment
                          and $500K or more if I don't own a house already.
                          I do think the price can (but will not necessarily)
                          retreat all the way to $400K. The time to buy
                          is when prices start to rise again after they've
                          fallen for a while (at least 3-4 years). The
                          number is less important than the direction of
                          the market, which is clearly down now. Cycles
                          are about 7-10 years, so I'd reanalyze the market
                          again in maybe 5 years. However, if I am renting
                          right now then I may buy as soon as I can
                          reasonably afford to make a 30 year fixed
                          mortgage on the place.
                          \_ thanks.  that's what i was looking for.
                 \_ I think even more important than price is the interest
                    rate and terms of the loan. Even if the price comes down,
                    it could become unaffordable quickly if the interest rate
                    jumps up or the amount of down payment is increased.
                    Back in '02, every 1/10th % increase meant $200 more per
                    month for a $400k loan.
                    \_ Ok, pick any reasonable rate you want.  How much would
                       you offer and feel ok?
                       \_ The depends on income does it not? If I'm making
                          $2M/year then I buy that $700K house now. If I'm
                          making $80K/year I wait.
                          \_ He's asking what you personally would pay now.
                             \_ That's useless information, because my
                                situation isn't yours or his. *Someone*
                                would pay $2M for it and *someone*
                                wouldn't pay over $100K.
                                \_ then apply your personal situation.  the
                                   on going topic has been about housing being
                                   over priced. fine. so all im asking is what
                                   do you consider "not over priced".  it isnt
                                   that hard.  sheesh.  nevermind then.
                                   \_ It's not that it is overpriced, but
                                      that we seem to be near a top. It
                                      will some day be worth even more
                                      than it is now, but that doesn't
                                      mean the time to buy is now with
                                      interest rates rising and sales
2005/11/1-4 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:40391 Activity:low
11/1    WHAT?! Could this possibly be true? " Sarkozy says that violence
        in French suburbs is a daily fact of life. Since the start of the
        year, 9,000 police cars have been stoned and, each night, 20 to
        40 cars are torched"
        \_ French cops won't go into a lot of suburban areas--I've not seen
           anything equivalent in the US to the massive areas of highrises
           you get in Italy, France, Spain and Germany--the crime is mad, and
           there's usually fairly volatile mixtures of African/N. African/
           E. European immigrants and very poor natives.  -John
           \_ How does a place get so bad even the cops won't go there?
              That's maddness.
              \_ They allow way too many poor immigrants in and provide free
                 housing for them in concentration. Why they do this is
                 \_ cheap labor
                 \_ No, they just end up there because the housing is
                    inexpensive and many of the ethnic communities are the
                    natural place for new, poor immigrants to gravitate to.
                    Look at the the historical concentration of Russian,
                    Irish, Swedish, Mexican, Chinese, Puerto Rican, Irish,
                    Italian, &c arrivals to the US in the 19th century.  -John
                    \_ You making some kind of point about the Irish?  -mice
                       \_ Yeah, you wanna step outside for GUN DUEL, yer
                          corkie barstird?  -John
                          \_ Don't make me BLACKLIST you, ya limey barstard.
                             \_ Sigh. We need more controversial words.
                                \_ I bet you never used controversial words.
                                   \_ I bet BUD DAY doesn't appreciate your
                                      tone, son.
2005/11/1-4 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Electric] UID:40392 Activity:low
11/1    PC problem:  is it possible for a PC to crash during graphics-
        intensive operations (i.e. games) if it's not getting enough power?
        I have a new box I put together, and it locks up during some really
        big graphics "moments"--I can't think of any other reason for it (tried
        everything else I came up with.)  Is this plausible?  -John
        \_ Yes it is. HEIL JOHN!
        \_ I think the answer is "yes" ... if your power supply is too wimpy
           and everything is trying to suck down maximum juice it can crash.
        \_ Absolutely. My brother put together a machine with an ungodly
           graphics card, and his computer crashed like clockwork. Turns out
           he needed a bigger power supply. Installed it, and crash-free
           ever since.
           \_ Thanks, I would have thought a 450W Arctic PSU would be enough
              (Asus EN6800, 2GB, Athlon 64 3500+, 1 HD and a bunch of USB
              devices.)  I'll get a 500+ one.  Does a gfx card need more power
              when displaying something like, say, a big series of explosions
              in an FPS game than when showing regular gameplay?  -John
              \_ wow, 450W sounds plenty. but then again, vid cards (esp.
                 nvidia) are power whores. i have a 3200+ w/ 6600GT and a
                 400W PSU, and i don't seem to have any power issues. oh,
                 and newer MBs have multiple power connectors now (part of
                 the ATX2.0 standard). do you have all of them plugged in?
                 \_ along these lines I think a lot of graphics cards are
                    now having thier own direct power connections that you
                    can plug in for increased stability. -mrauser
                    \_ This one does.  All power connects plugged in.  My
                       colleague who postulated this as a possibility says he
                       needed a 2550W supply (!)  -John
                       \_ Uh no, he doesn't.  Unfortunately the likely answer
                          in your case is all XYZ Watt PSs don't supply that
                          much power in reality.  Get a higher quality PS.
                          Read some reviews.  And yes, high intensity graphics
                          that use more onchip features and require more on
                          board vram, etc, are going to eat more power.  Also,
                          it is possible that you have a heat problem as well.
                          You've got a micro nuclear reactor inside your case
                          being cooled by some dinky fans.  Heat can cause
                          all sorts of weirdness.
                          \_ I've got 4 120mm arctic case fans--the thing's
                             running at 59C under the CPU, and less on the GPU.
                             I may try a 450w arctic PSU, we'll see.  -John
                             I may try a 1450w arctic PSU, we'll see.  -John
        \_ I had a couple of games that moved too much data across the AGP
           or Northbridge and crashed the system regularly due to shitty
           MB/Chipset design.  Underclocking the frontside bus fixed the
           problem but is obviously sub-optimal.
        \_ I've had a problem in the past where in certain graphics intensive
           games my computer would lock up.  I called the card manufacturer
           and they told me to uninstall graphics driver and reinstall.
           Apparently you shouldn't just install them on top of each other.
           It worked for me, you may want to see if that'll help you.
2005/11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:40393 Activity:nil
11/1    Never mind, the best way is a for loop, as is often the case.
2005/11/1-2 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/Theory] UID:40394 Activity:high
11/1    Teaser: write an algorithm for finding prime numbers.
        \_ boolean isPrime(int x) { return true; }.  It correctly identifies
           any prime number as being prime.  And boy is it fast.  For
           non-prime number use boolean isPrime(int x) { return false; }
           which works JUST AS FAST!  Note that sometimes users may have
           problems with the package because they use the wrong function
           for a given piece of data.  Morons.
           \_ That doesn't answer the question. Try this instead:
              int findPrime() { return 37;};
        \_ How about an algorithm for getting other people to do your
           homework for you?
        \_ Here's a homework hint: go look up the strict definition of
           \_ Al Gore does more of that bizarre swaying thing. I don't think
              he has much rhythm at all.
        \_ Are you new to math or new to programming?
        \_ Are you new to asking homework questions on the motd?
2005/11/1-4 [Health/Eyes] UID:40395 Activity:nil
11/1    Finally, bionic eyes:
        \_ But if you implant it, you lose a little bit of your humanity.
        \_ W00t!  I want the little gold Zeiss-Ikon writing around the edge
           of the cornea.  -John
2005/11/1-4 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:40396 Activity:nil
11/1    dear motd travel agent / airline hassle advisor:
        I was scheduled and confirmed on an international flight through
        Northwest airlines that leaves less than two weeks from now. I got a
        call letting me know the flight has been cancelled. They have offered
        to reschedule me on an alternate itinerary but it's pretty crappy,
        involving an additional stopover and a long layover. Can I demand a
        flight that would work better for me (there seems to be one available)
        or do I have to put up with the alternative they gave me? any advice
        on how to bitch them out to get what I want?
        \_ You can get basically anything you can talk your way into, from
           free tickets to first class upgrades.  In fact, it is possible to
           pick up a payphone and call customer service from the airport
           the second you get fucked and go out on a flight two hours later,
           upgraded to first class, while the other suckers from the same
           flight sit in the airport and bitch.  The key is to have a written
           list of grievances against the airline to use as a crib sheet while
           you're on the phone, and to be polite but
           forcefull and consistent, always reiterating your grievances and
           pushing for compensation.
        \_ No, but the Travel Tab feature of AvantGo will help you keep track
           of your wildly changing itinerary.  Plug plug.  --dbushong
        \_ It all depends on how much of a damage you're suffering from.
           If the reschedule puts you at your destination more than 3-4 hrs
           later than the original time, you may request some kind of a con-
           sideration. This applies to both paid and award/miles travel, so
           do call NW and ask (nicely!) what they can do for you. Good luck!
           \_ NW has been good to me in the past.  They've even compensated
              me for times when I've been an idiot and missed flights.  I'd
              say to try nicely to get what you want for free (seeing how
              you've already given them money), and if they don't play nice,
              you can always talk with someone else and register a complaint.
2005/11/1-3 [Health/Men] UID:40397 Activity:low
11/2    You've heard of the Twinkie Defense?  It's got nothing on the Large
        Penis Defense:
        \_ Johnny Cochran already used "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit!"
           \_ RIP JC.
           \_ "If the dick's too big, this ain't the pig!"
        \_ I can think of a few websites that blow that defense, no pun
2005/11/1-4 [Politics/Domestic/President, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:40398 Activity:nil
11/1    Kind of ironic that the American Gulag is in Eastern Europe:
        "The CIA has been hiding and interrogating some of its most important
        al Qaeda captives at a Soviet-era compound in Eastern Europe, according
        to U.S. and foreign officials familiar with the arrangement."
        \_ while(bushinoffice())reasons_to_impeach++;
           \_ so the actual impeachment would never happen...
              \_ Of course not, you think a republican congress would ever
                 impeach a republican president?  there is no way.  It might
                 happen if democrats win the house in '06, but still unlikely.
2005/11/1-4 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:40399 Activity:nil
11/1    You know what I really hate about Yahoo email?  You can only
        make 10 'filters'.  I can add 3000 Gmail filters.  Why is
        Yahoo so lame?
        \_ Yeah no kidding. I also found that Gmail let me use "AND"
           and "OR" in the filter terms but I couldn't get Yahoo
           to do that. Yahoo's UI is also slower to get around.
           Yahoo better get with the program.
           \_ yea, you have to pay (yahoo plus) to get more filters,
              and to not have ads.
        \_ since when? last i checked (like, now), gmail claims 20.
           \_ shhh!  speak not foul words of the Holy Google or Smiteth Thee
              Holy Rankings shall fall upon thine website!
              \_ I have about 30 filters in Gmail.  works for me.
        \_ Is there in Gmail a way to tag all existings messages? When I
           search for all messages from "John" and then hit "select all" it
           only selects the first 20 messages, not the hundreds that I
           actually have.
           \_ I can send you some if you want.  -John
2020/07/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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