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2005/10/27 [Uncategorized] UID:40285 Activity:high
10/26   Boy am I glad that all the false attributions on kchang's site
        have been shut down, so that no one will ever be able to falsely
        attribute posts claiming, for example, that I am williamc and that
        I molest goats for a living.
        \_ Hello, I am German John and I molest children for a living. -john
           \_ (1) Capital "J", (2) only aryan children.  -John
        \- you are a moron. ok tnx. -tom&psb
                                            \_ is this some kind of homosexual
                                                \_ I think it's more like
                                                   saying "assholes of a
                                                   feather fart together."
2005/10/27 [Uncategorized] UID:40286 Activity:high
10/26   To kchang or similar individuals (I've never used the site nor
        do I have an inclination to): If you are indeed attributing anon
        posts to people and you do so erronously you're only opening yourself
        up to a big liability in the form of a libel suit. If you think
        that it can't happen to you, well, all I can say is that I know a
        good friend who sued someone and won about $8,500 about two years
        ago when said person sent out an email questioning said person's
        competence. All you need in a libel suit is A) Be Wrong and B)
        Communicate that to a 3rd person. I already wrote to csua@csua
        about this a couple weeks ago, which is probably why they asked
        the thing to be shut off. If you think your little disclaimer gets
        you out of liability, think again. -williamc
        \_ uh, it's already been shutdown completely as of yesterday.
           where the hell have you been? stupid.
        \_ This defies comment.  Thank you for confirming my belief that
           the Montel Williams audience demographic is alive and well.  -John
        \_ Why don't you just challenge kchang to GUN DUEL?!
2005/10/27-28 [Academia/UCLA] UID:40287 Activity:low
        The Californian on Wilshire Blvd. is a luxurious condo development.
        It is completely sold yet the building is not even done. At a
        starting price of 1.5 million dollars per unit, I wonder what
        kind of people buy these condos.
        \_ This is only a few blocks from UCLA. You can't buy a house in the
           Wilshire/UCLA area for less than 1.5 mil. A 50 year old 2000
           sq ft house 1/2 mile away from UCLA starts at 2.5 mil. So actually
           this is pretty cheap by the Westwood standard. People are rich.
           I see really REALLY nice cars on Sunset driving slowly and stopping
           and talking to really pretty young girls on Sunset and Belair all
           the time. Some of the girls are probably still in college.
        \_ I have a friend who owned a condo on Wilshire before he sold it
           to buy a $4 million house in Beverly Hills. He owns his own
           company (tax consulting) with about 100 employees. His neighbor
           was a fashion designer with 7 exotic cars down in the garage.
           Tyra Banks used to own one there. So did/does Barbara Sinatra.
           In a nutshell: wealthy people do! Duh! Lots of times as second
           homes, too.
           \_ This makes me depressed.  --- coding monkey
              \_ Why?  I know code monkeys who live in Atherton mansions
                 or own fleets of Ferraris.  (OK, they are very good code
                 monkeys.)  Being a code monkey doesn't make you not rich;
                 being not rich makes you not rich.
        \_ A friend bought a condo in Las Vegas under similar circumstances
           then sold for 3x before the project completed. It's a game of hot
           potato; sometimes you win, sometimes you get burned.
        \_ My guess is that it will get cancelled after all the people
           speculating on condos cancel their reservations and lose their
           deposit money.
2005/10/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:40288 Activity:nil
10/26   For companies that have offices in both N and S Cal and have
        equivalent positions (manager, engr, sr. engr), are the pay
        usually equivalent as well?
        \_ At Intel they have a cost of living adjustment, so if you change
           sites your pay is adjusted, I believe.  It can easily be $10K+
           living in NoCal (assuming same job title).  Interesting, huh?
           They have an entire chart listing all the sites w/multipliers.
           \_ My company reserves the biggest multiplier for people working
              in... Alaska.
           \_ It's not a cost of living adjustment.  It's a geographical
              adjustment and it's not for cost of living, it's for cost of
              /hiring/. -emarkp
        \_ I don't know for sure, but it should be. Cost of living is
           about the same.
2005/10/27-29 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:40289 Activity:moderate
10/27   Miers has WITHDRAWN!
        \- But the CSUA Politburo is asking her to reconsider!
        \_ I have to admit I am suprised by this. I thought the WH could make
           the Congress roll over. The next nominee ought to be interesting...
                \_ Apparently Republicans basically told Bush that unless there
                   is some good proof that she has a grasp of constitutional
                   issues there was no way she was getting confirmed.  Imagine
                   that, requiring someone interpreting the constitution to
                   be an expert on the constitution.
                   \_ CJ John Marshall only had about a month of legal edu
                      but is widely regarded as one of the finest justices
                      to serve on the ussc.
                      Personally I think that we should have *fewer* judges
                      and lawyers on the ussc and more intelligent regular
                      people in the ussc.
                      I opposed the Miers nomination not b/c she wasn't a
                      judge or a constitutional expert, but b/c she just
                      didn't seem bright enough to serve on the ussc.
                      Personally, I think they should nominate posner (if
                      partha is unavailable). - #10 psb fan
                      partha is unavailable).
                        \_ I have no problem with the "brain the size of
                           a planet" exception.
        \_ Nice quote on dailykos:
                It is a sad day when your choices for Supreme Court
                Justice appear to be 'unqualified hack who may do some
                damage' and 'qualified nutcase who will reap destruction a
                cross the land'
                \_ WHo's the nutcase?  Roberts?
                   \_ The Scalia clone to come.
                      \- the comment about JM's legal educ is misleading.
                         it was quite common for lawyers "back then" to
                         have more of an apprentice style of legal educ.
                         i think law is sort of different from say biology.
                         today a bio prof has bs/ms/phd/postdoc ... which
                         can easily be a decade of post-grad educ. while a
                         newly minted law prof may be 3 yrs of law school
                         and maybe two 1yr clerkships.
                   \_ The Thomas/Scalia clone to come.
                      \_ Interesting that you chose Scalia and not
                         Thomas (the argument that Thomas is a Scalia
                         clone does not hold water, ex. Scalia concu-
                         red in Raich but Thomas dissent).
                         \- this is somewhat interesting:
                         \- i dont believe SCALIA and THOMAS had the highest
                            percentage of voting the same way. Although it
                            is possible of the 7-2 decisions, they are most
                            likely to be S+T vs everbody else.
                         \_ Emphasis on the "QUALIFIED" in qualified nutcase
2005/10/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:40290 Activity:kinda low
10/27   amckee, it's okay, don't feel bad.  you will be an alumni someday
        too.  then you will be joining us, and become one of us!  yeh!
        \_ One of us! One of us!
           \_ mmmmm brains ... Send more paramedics!
              \_ gooble gobble, gooble gobble!
2005/10/27-29 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:40291 Activity:low
10/27   Okay, is ftp completely gone? I'd search the motd archives but,
        wait for it, there are none.
        \_ try sftp or scp.  most sftp clients that I've used have scp
           support for transfering multiple files or directories.
           \_ Hm, does WS_FTP do sftp?
              \_ Use Filezilla.
              \_ putty has a free command line scp binary that I use all
                 the time.  I've never tried their sftp client, but it can
                 be found here:    -sax
        \_ See section 3 of last week's minutes. -gm
2005/10/27-28 [Computer/SW/Editors, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:40292 Activity:low
10/27   My new job is completely Windoze based...anyone know of a windows
        version of TextWrangler.  I'm looking for a free text editor with
        extended capabilities.  Thanks.  -scottyg
        \_ I'm completely in love with Crimson Editor.
         \_Thanks, I downloaded SciTE and it seems to rock.  I've heard good
           things about Crimson Editor though. -scottyg
           \_ Thanks, I downloaded SciTE and it seems to rock.  I've heard
              good things about Crimson Editor though. -scottyg
        \_ a friend of mine uses visual slick edit. You could always try
           \_ most expensive dedicated code editor you can buy
              != "free text editor"
2005/10/27-29 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:40293 Activity:nil
        Exxon Mobil, Shell Post Record Profits
        \_ Exxon first U.S. company to have $100 billion in quarterly sales!
           USA USA USA!
2005/10/27-28 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:40294 Activity:nil
10/27   Are you worried that scammers will pose as job recruiters to
        steal your identity or your money?
        \_ If a scammer is tech savvy enough or is working with enough tech
           savvy people to convince me it's a real job application situation,
           he deserves my money.  OBTW, there has been at least one similar
           scam with a scholarship application.
           \_ "Please do NOT recommend any of the positions to anyone else
              that you feel is qualified for a position.  This letter is
              intended solely for the recipient."
2005/10/27-29 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:40295 Activity:nil
10/27   I want to backup from linux (RH) to DVD-writable.  Will take
        multiple DVDs to do the job.  It is just data.  Is there
        some simple/free utility that will eject the disk when it
        is full / doesn't have space for the next file and then
        continue from there when i pop in a new DVD, or will I have
        to script up something that takes care of this.  I would
        really prefer this to be command line.
2005/10/27-29 [Recreation/Activities, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:40296 Activity:kinda low
10/27   Frenchman wants to play Women's British Open - PGA - Yahoo! Sports:
        \_ This is stupid.  You can consider the different leagues like
           weight classes in boxing.  If a middle-weight wants to fight
           in the heavy weight division you *let* him, that does not mean
           you let mike tyson fight in the bantum weight division just
           because he's washed up as a heavy weight. -phuqm
           \_ Are you saying that it's okay to allow women to play in Britisn
              Open, while it's stupid to allow men to play in Women's British
              \_ I think that's exactly what he's saying.  Now, given that
                 golf is a game and not a sport, having different leagues
                 is silly... (flame shield on)  -John
              \_ I am indeed saying that; am I loosing my perspicuity? -phuqm
                 \_ it is a game, but one in which arm strength matters, which
                    requires different leagues for men/women. -phuqm
                    \_ Perhaps the Frenchman is abnormally weak?
                        \_ Excellent contribution to the thread.  thanks for
                           being so smart and relevant.
              \_ Close. It is okay to allow women to play in the British open
                 It is not o.k. to allow men to play in the Women's British Open\
                 and it is Stupid to equate one issue with the other. -phuqm.
                 It is not o.k. to allow men to play in the Women's British
                 Open and it is Stupid to equate one issue with the other.
                 \_ This is gender discrimination then.  Women can play in both
                    tournaments while men can only play in one.
                        \_ Next thing you'll tell me is that you have to be
                           "challenged" to take part in the special olympics!
                           \_ If you are equating "female" to "challenged",
                              then okay, it makes sense for you to say that
                              this is not discrimination.  Now go ahead and
                              tell those feminists who demanded open door to
                              British Open about this.
                              \_ You don't understand this issue *at all*,
                                 do you?
                                 \_ The issue is that the Frenchman doesn't
                                    really want to win the Women's British
                                    Open.  He's just trying to make a point
                                    that since women are allowed in British
                                    Open for some stupid/justified reason, men
                                    Open for some "justified" reason, men
                                    should be allowed in Women's British Open
                                    for the same reason also.
                                    \_ It sounds like you need to work on
                                       your critical thinking skills, man.
                                    \_ It's a stupid point.  -tom
                     \_ OH NO! not GENDER DISCRIMINATION!!?!! I forgot that is
                        ipso facto "BAD"!
        \_ What is wrong w/ letting a nancy cheese eating surrender
           monkey play w/ the girls? Its not like a frenchie could
           compete w/ real men(tm).
        \_ On the average, men are better than women at golf.  But there
           are many women who are better than most men at golf.  The same
           might be said of black/white basketball players.  So, if we can
           have a women-only golf tourney, it would seem that we could also
           have a white-only (or Asian only) basketball league.
           And if there is some black guy who isn't good in basketball,
           then too bad.
           \_ But assuming this is at the highest levels, almost any pro man
              will beat almost any pro woman.  So it wouldn't be very fair.
2005/10/27-28 [Industry/Startup] UID:40297 Activity:nil
10/27   Usually how long do you have to work before you're allowed to take
        an unpaid leave of absence?
        \_ Hmm..  3 days?  I told the company before I accepted the offer that
           I had a planned vacation coming up.  The company was willing to let
           me start and almost immediately go on unpaid leave for my vacation.
        \_ Depends on the company. I knew a place or two that didn't allow
           any unpaid leave without a damn good reason even after a couple
           of years. Oddly enough, they were fairly generous with sick leave.
           Ask your HR person or your manager if you need to do something.
2005/10/27-29 [Academia/UCLA] UID:40298 Activity:moderate
10/27   Appropros to an earlier conversation about SF High Schools:
        The worst of the top seven schools still rates a "7" on the
        statewide API rank, which puts it in the top 70% of high schools
        \_ Where does CA fall among other states and this country among
           other western nations?
        \_ The ranking for 2004 seems unavailable, but the 2003 API rankings
           for San Francisco are at .  Out of 16 high
           schools in San Francisco, 5 have a rank of 1, 3 have a rank of
           3, and 1 have a rank of 4.  The other 7 are ranked 7 to 10.  Ranks
           range from 1 to 10, with 1 lowest and 10 highest.
        \_ Is the API about "performance" or "improvement in performance"?
        \_ If you goal is just to get into a top US university, move to
           singapore and send your kid to raffles.  40% of 820 graduating
           students go to Ivy League schools or their equivalents, and
           that's just for the US.  Many others go to Cambridge and Oxford.
           school fees is US$8 per month.  90 of the 820 got accepted to
           Cornell.  This is according to a WSJ article:
           Of course, you cannot chew gum.
           Of course, you cannot chew gum.  I ditched raffles when I
           was in singapore cause my brother's chinese sucks and my
           parents think it's the school's fault, so I went to a second
           parents think it's the school's fault, and also because
           we hate schools named after british imperialist colonizer
           sir stamford raffles the evil one, so I went to a second
           rate high school, and ended up in second rate berkeley
           university.  but hey, at least I have good chinese, and got
           myself quite a few cute girls from taiwan.
           \- i actually think if you are not totally stupid you might be
           \- i think if you are not totally stupid you might be
              able to get into harvard by moving to say Kiribati for your
              senior year of high school so Harvard can say "we have students
              from country++ number of countries". --psb
                \_ I didn't get into UCLA because they said they were over
                   their quota of out-of-state students.  My rejection stated
                   that in an apologetic tone.
                   \_ wait, UCLA is harder to get into than UCB now??
                      \_ Yes. All the would be MIT and Caltech geeks
                         Googled and researched their chance on getting
                         laid with hot women and found that UCLA gave them
                         an advantage they wouldn't normally have in
                         other schools.
                      \_ That's the whole point, it's NOT harder yet I didn't
                         get in, but I got into Berkeley.
              \_ Should be "we have students from ++country number of
                 countries". :-)
2005/10/27-29 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:40299 Activity:low
10/27   Does anyone else believe this BULLSHIT that Miers withdrew?
        A much more likely sequence of events is Dubya's people hinting they
        would no longer mind, and actually prefer it.  Miers, ever loyal,
        obliges, and they spin it as Miers withdrawing to Dubya's opposition.
        \_ Well duh, were you born yesterday?
           \_ sorry, reading too much freerepublic
              "Withdrew herself?"
              "Yes.  Letter from her." ...
              "It was the right decision, and I respect her greatly for making
              it." ...
              "Miers took one for the team"
                \_ The surgeon general has determined that reading too much
                   freerepublic may be hazardous to your comprehension of
        \_ Actually I think Bush is stubborn enough to have kept her at least
           through the senate hearings.  Did you read Krauthammer's column?  He
           pretty much presented the scenario that happened:
           \- just out of curiosity why does it matter if she jumped or
              was pushed? i mean i can understand curious speculation but
              you seem to be OUTRAGED.
              \_ ??? It'd be better if she was pushed, i.e. GWB came to his
                 senses.  How do I appear to be OUTRAGED? -emarkp
                 \- I am referring to the OP. I dont know if you are the OP
                    or not.
                    \_ Odd.  I was responding to the OP--you responded to me.
                       I don't know why I'd respond to myself. -emarkp
              you (mr "BULLSHIT" OP) seem to be OUTRAGED.
              \_ Odd.  I was responding to the OP--you responded to me.  I
                 don't know why I'd respond to myself. [and why you keep
                 deleting this instead of fixing your followup to be to the OP
                 is a mystery] -emarkp
2005/10/27-29 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:40300 Activity:nil
10/27   Anyone know of places to find decent set of poker chips for cheap?
        I'm not looking for clay chips.  The composite kind will do.  Most
        places tend to cost about $50 after shipping.  If it's local, I can
        pay $50.  Oh, for about 500 chips.
        \_ You can probably get a 500 skittles for $20.  You could assign
           dollar values to the different colors too.
           \_ But I'd end up eating my pieces and lose.  And btw, where the
              hell are you buying your candies to pay $20 for 500 pieces? -op
              \_ You need to hire a day laborer for $5 to sort a few dozen
                 bags of them. Plus I assume you want just a few colors as
                 opposed to eight colors repesenting eight denominations.
        \_ Walmart. Just buy a bunch of cheapo sets. It's slave-labor-ific!
        \_ I have some chips to sell.  these are heavy chips, hardly used.
           Have around 500.  If you can guess who I am, I will give you
           a large discount, otherwise they are full price.
        \_ Try Costco.  I've used them and they're not bad at all.
           \_ Steal them from casinos.
                \_ it's not really stealing.  You PAY from them.
                    You know, unless you are talking about going in there
                    with a gun.
                    \_ I mean instead of cashing them in, you can just
                       bring them home and use them if you dont mind them
                       having the casino name on them.  It's like stealing
                       an ashtray from the casino hotel room ... although
                       that's why they are mostly non-smoking rooms now.
                       If you were going to hold up a casino with a GUN,
                       wouldn you just take the cash?  Just like in the
                       \_ Ummm... pp meant that if you're not cashing them in,
                          you have paid for them.  That's a pretty expensive
                          way of setting up a home game.
                                \_ Woo hoo myrtle! Sneaked me out a whole
                                   mess o chips, jus $100 a pop!
                          \_ I guess if you live near a casino you could sort
                             of treat it as borrowing them with a huge deposit.
                             \- Thank your for playing at Casino Troll.
2005/10/27 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:40301 Activity:high
10/27   Looks like the Fitzgerald indictments might not turn out the
        way the Democrats had hoped: (
           "Sources: Prosecutor focusing on Rove in CIA leak probe"
        \_ "This sounds fishy   By: Buckland"
        \_ "Pobable indictments for Vallerie Plame, Joseph Wilson and one as
            yet unknown high ranking Congressional Democrat."
           LOL. This is a classic pipedream from the party faithful. It
           only gets better if the Scooby team foils the Dems' evil schemes.
           \_ More likely a troll.  Whatever it is, it gave me a laugh.
              \_ Hey, rightwingers can have a sense of humor -- who knew?
                 \_ Erm, I'd expect more a lefty going undercover...  Do you
                    understand what a troll is?
                        \_ Yes but trolls usually aren't that funny.  The
                           original article is.
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