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2005/10/9-10 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:40027 Activity:very high
10/9    Dear MOTD, I'm looking to give a bunch of windows users access to a
        filesharing solution on a unix box.  They're not terribly technical,
        and have mainly browser access.  Is there some sort of open source
        web based toy running over SSL that mimicks what they would see on a
        windows fileshare, with drag&drop/copy&paste?  -John
        \_ WebDAV on Apache might work for you. I think that recent
           versions of Windows have native support.
        \_ Do you have some objection to SAMBA?
           \_ Sorry, should have specified--this is over the Internet.  -John
              \_ SAMBA works over the internet. Just install a VPN...
                 \_ any tips on VPNs?  (anything free out there that is
                    good?) - !op
                    \_ Well, you can just buy VPN enabled routers like the
                       one from Linksys. This makes VPN very easy and it
                       offloads the service onto the router. Alternatively
                       you can just configure Linux/*BSD to run IPSec. If
                       you don't like kernel plumbing too much you can use
                       Free S/WAN to do IPSec. It's not too hard once you
                       get the hang of it. You of course need a static IP
                       to make this happen.
                       \_ M0n0wall ( is great for this,
                          especially on Soekris or PCEngines WRAP.  I can't
                          do this via VPN--has to be over a browser.   -John
2005/10/9 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:40028 Activity:high
10/7    While doing apartment hunting, I decided to have some fun and checked
        out a few waterfront 1bdrm and studio rentals. Most of them range
        from $2500/month to $6000/month!! For me, paying $1200/month rent
        is a waste of money. Who the heck would rent something for that
        price when you can just buy something, perhaps a bit farther and
        at least have complete ownership? In another word, who fits in
        the insane profile of wasting $6000/month on a frigging
        rental property?
        \_ Someone I know recently sold her small, squalid, old apartment
           overlooking Central park for about 2.5 million dollars.  What
           do you think is a reasonable rent for a 2.5 million dollar aprtment?
           If a homeowner pays about 1000/mo for their 100,000 dollar home,
           wouldn't it make sense for the rent to be 25,000 on the 2.5 million
           dollar place?  Looked at in that light, 6000/mo is cheap.
        \_ I don't know how it is in SF, but in a lot of European cities (and
           from what I've seen, in NYC) it's either wealthy single (for the
           small places) yuppies who can afford it -- traders, executives,
           etc., wealthier people who want a nice city apartment because
           their big villa is somewhere inconvenient for commuting, or, more
           significantly, expats on a company housing allowance.  A friend
           of mine is blowing $4500/mo. of his company's cash on a NY upper
           east side 1-bedroom.  Why?  Because he can.   Like many luxury
           goods, of course it's completely absurd if you have limited
           resources like most of us, and better things to spend them on. -John
        \_ The answer is: because those rents are probably a really good deal
           right now.  $2500/month is probably 1/2 of what you'd pay in
           interest + tax + maintenance - tax deductions.  Now, note that I
           didn't include principal.  So really, if the non-investment portion
           of purchase is higher than the rent, you're losing money buying
           vs. renting.  In a few years the balance will shift and it'll be
           about even, or a better deal to buy.
2005/10/9-10 [Industry/Jobs] UID:40029 Activity:moderate
10/9    Is it legal for a developer or someone to use your homeowner's
        association fee for anything other than community improvement?
        Is it possible for some of the money to go back to the developer?
        \_ It depends on what you agreed to. It might be okay for them
           to use some of the money for "administrative expenses", but
           if they are pocketing a large portion of it you might have
           something to complain about.
2005/10/9-10 [Academia/UCLA] UID:40030 Activity:very high
10/9    UCLA and thier football team can burn!!!
        Anybody else watch?  If not for thier #21 Drew they wouldn't have
        scored half thier points. -mrauser
        \_ Fuck off.  The only universities for whose football programs I have
           any respect are University of Chicago and Caltech.
        \_ Cal didn't deserve to win the game. Our QB sucks, our special teams
           sucks. And even if we did win, we still wouldn't beat USC given
           that we couldn't stop Drew who's a poor man's Reggie Bush.
           \_ Yeah, they couldn't score half the time in the red zone.
              Let's face it, Cal football just isn't up to par to the likes
              of UCLA and USC. We have never been and will never be known
              as a football school. Anyway, I don't really give a crap
              because compared to our academics both schools blow chunks.
                \_ Up to par with UCLA?! are you kidding? why don't you
                   check out our record against them for the past few years.
                   \_ Uhm, hate to burst your bubble, but in the past, what
                      forty to fifty years Cal hasn't appeared once in the
                      Rose Bowl, while UCLA has shown up about half a dozen
                      times, and they won it twice. UCLA also produced
                      Troy Aikman and also has the winningest coach in
                      Pac 10 history. Cal hasn't won a title since the
                      Pac 10 became the Pac 10 and you'd have to go back
                      to the early fifties to find Cal in a Rose Bowl
                      game. As for overall athletics, UCLA has the most
                      NCAA championships in the nation. And don't even
                      compare Cal football to USC. The whole purpose of
                      USC is to have a football program, that and I suppose
                      the medical center in downtown to serve all the poor
                      folks. Heck, Cal's record is probably worse than
                        \_ you forgot film school
                      Stanford overall. When we actually win a Rose Bowl
                      in our lifetime, that's when I would consider Cal
                      to have a football program on par with UCLA/USC.
                      BTW, Cal has NEVER won a Rose Bowl under the Pac-10.
                      You'd have to go all the way back to the 1920s to
                      find Cal winning a Bowl.
           \_ For a little historical perspective, Street & Smith's recently
              published their "50 Greatest College Football Programs of All
              Time". In the Pac-10, USC was 2, Washington 20, Cal 27, UCLA 31,
              Stanford 33. Personally, I would agree that over the past 50
              years UCLA has had a more impressive program, but our Pappy
              Waldorf and Wonder Team squads were better than anything UCLA
              has ever put on the field.
              \_ let's talk about the modern era, please.
                  \_ Well, since the modern era begins after the mid-18th
                  \_ Since 1990, Cal is 9-7 against UCLA, and 6-8-1 against
                     USC.  -tom
                     \_ yea, but before 1990, Cal had not beaten UCLA for like
                        15 years or something.  Still, the current team isn't
                        too bad.  Those two backs are superb.  All we need is
                        a good quarterback, and a little tweaking with the D.
                        Or we can try calling all run plays like the
                        Nebraska team of a few years back, and see how that
                        goes.  Tedford is a good coach, but I think he got
                        out play-called in the UCLA game.
                        \_ let's talk about the modern era, please.  -tom
                           \_ sorry young man, but my memory dates back to
                              before 1990.
2005/10/9-11 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:40031 Activity:very high
10/9    got a speeding ticket.. a while back someone posted a
        website for a school on east bay that is easy or online..
        what was it? thanks
        \_ is easy and online --dbushong
           \_ they're morons. they ask for a state first.. then
              ask for a country after you pick the state....?
              \_ ...they were relatively inexpensive, you don't have to go
                 in to a physical testing center, and the test was pretty easy.
                 I wouldn't discount them solely on suboptimal interface design.
                 \_ There's nothing wrong with the interface design. It's
                    "county" not "country" which makes sense that they ask
                    you after the state.
        \_ why do people go to traffic school? the points still appear on your
           record and raise your insurance rates. it only matters if you got
           so many you might lose your license, right?
           \_ wrong, the points don't appear.  the catch is that you can't
              attend traffic school more than twice in an 18-month period.
              \_ even then you can still appear before a judge and cry and
                 get multiple chances to keep going to TS to avoid more points
                 or having your license revoked.  there was someone in my TS
                 session a few year ago who said she was one point from losing
                 hers (8 i think to lose it) and had been to traffic school
                 *several* times in the last year alone.  fear.  stay off the
                 streets if you want to survive with people like that around.
                 \_ Getting points is different than driving dangerously. I
                    have seen people driving below the speed limit who were
                    driving more dangerously than people who exceeded the
                    limit. Case in point, German drivers tend to drive much
                    faster than Americans but suffer fewer fatalities.
                    \_ uhm, yeah....  Points are for driving dangerously.
                       Where do I mention anything about the woman's speed?
                       I said she had a lot of points.  Points are not just
                       for going over the speed limit.  *boggle*
                                                        \_ hi mudder!
                        \_ Police in the US have a lot of leeway to give
                           tickets based on subjective criteria, which is why
                           you have recourse mechanisms such as going to
                           court.  -John
                           \_ dura lex, sed lex
                              \_ OK wiseass, so where do you draw the line
                                 between the law and its application?  I.e.
                                 do you believe in a 100% literal
                                 application of the law (cop gives you a ticket
                                 even though there's a burglary down the
                                 street, because hey, you're breaking the law)?
                                 Hey, sed lex, right?  The law must always be
                                 obeyed, citizen.  Always!  -John
2005/10/9-10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:40032 Activity:nil
10/9    Bush loves it bald (warning: sound):
2005/10/9-11 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:40033 Activity:high
10/9    Should I italicize the phrase "in situ"?
        \_ BAH!  Go find a style guide, just pick one, and follow it.
           If unsure, ask or figure out which one your prof uses and just
           follow it.  You're "not allowed" to design your own style.  Once
           you start doing that you're just being random and you're
           definitely not doing the right thing.  Style isn't a matter of
           opinion as some here would have you believe.
           \_ If it's not a matter of opinion, why do the style manuals
              differ?  You, sir, are a fucking idiot.
              \_ I'll explain even though you're too dense to get it: it is
                 ok to choose and follow any particular style guide you want,
                 it is not ok to make up your own.  Was that simple enough for
        \_ yes -darin
           \_ Thanks.
        \_ I would not. I dislike it when authors reflexively italicize
           in a foreign language. Why do we italicize? Two reasons: emphasis
           (primary usage) or to mark a foreign phrase that could be confused
           in the text. ("We believe _in absentia_ voting made a big difference
           in the previous election.") When I see i.e. or e.g. or et al. or
           ad hoc italicized, I find it both distracting (because
           italics to me means _I'm emphasized_) and pompous. In general the
           typographic rule is up to the publisher but the most common
           rule is that if the phrase has been around long enough to
           feel like it's part of our language, it shouldn't be
           italicized (you wouldn't italicize "etc." for instance). I would
           put "in situ" in that category; you may not; but that begs the
           question that if you don't think it's a phrase that's part
           of our language, why are you using it?
           Example for my point of view:
           Example against:
            \_ Woah! I'm convinced, I think.  It's for a thesis, so no editor
               other than my advisor gets a say in it.  I'll go with the non
               \_ Outstanding. Another person converted to my Grammar Master
                  Plan. If you have any other need for me to tell you what you
                  should think, just lemme know. -pp
                  \_ Ok, what do you think about "Figure 5" vs. "figure 5" and
                     "Equation 1.4" vs. "equation 1.4"?
                     \_ Personally, I prefer capitalized, and I think that's
                        more common in my field, but either seems just fine
                        to me. -pp
                  \_ Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerous ways.
           \_ it may be a part of my usage, but not part of your redneck usage.
              \_ then don't condescend to us rednecks.
            \_ now if you could only learn how to use the phrase "beg the
               \- i would not put "in situ" or other "standard" latin
                  expressions in italics. if you dont have to ask yourself
                  "am i sure they will know what i mean" then you can use
                  roman type with confidence. so i would not use italics
                  with say "circa" or "et al." however i would use it with
                  say "contra bonos mores". some are hard calls like say
                  "tabula rasa" or "sui generis" "prima facie" or "a priori".
                  oh let me say "standard and unbiquitous" rather than just
                  "standard". i would put "pace" and "sic" in italics because
                  they are kind of weird.
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