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2005/10/8-9 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:40023 Activity:nil
10/7    putty seems to lock up on Windows about 10 minutes after I don't type
        anything ... Even with the keepalive with a "Network error: Software
        caused connection abort" ... Adding the keepalives didn't make any
        difference.  Had to switch since soda no longer supports ssh1 ...
        How do I stop this from happening?
        \_ are you implying that your previous ssh client didn't do this?
                \_ Yes teraterm + ttssh never had this problem.
        \_ Same problem here--I am behind a firewall with a timeout setting
           (haven't checked yet how long).  This is the same for OpenSSH
           3.8.1p1 on OSX, commercial SSH on XP and Mindterm.  Use spinner,
           that usually works for me.  -John
           \_ try both TCPKeepAlive and ServerAliveInterval on openssh...
              curious to know if one helps and not the other.
2005/10/8-9 [Recreation/Activities] UID:40024 Activity:high
10/8    I have never gone backpacking.  Only camping method I've experienced
        have been where you drive and park at your campsite.  I want to try
        going backpacking, but my small circle of friends don't go backpacking.
        I'd like to start reading up and garner up gears before Spring.  Any
        recommendations on where to start?  Books?  Websites?  What are some
        easy backpacking area for the first timer around the bay area?  TIA.
        \_ Go to REI and ask around... they have some of the most helpful
           staff around, particularly at the Berkeley store.  There are some
           backpacker "bible" type books, but the best way is to hook up
           with some new friends who already have experience and tag along,
           so you can learn as you go.  The range of skills and knowledge
           vary from basic first-aid and safety, planning your gear, knowing
           your limits to plan a route, and then more advanced environmental
           concerns if you go to high altitude or winter conditions. This
           is still all just "backpacking".  Mountaineering is another
           bag of tricks.  First thing to learn to enjoy backpacking:
           don't bring it all w/ you... you can get by with a lot less than
           most people think, as long as you cover safety and basic
           caloric and water requirements.
        \_ My favorite book on the subject is Beyond Backpacking, by Ray
           Jardine, the father of ultralight backpacking.
        \_ A great place near the bay area is Point Reyes - I'd recommend
           the wildcat campground.  It's hike-in, but you need to reserve
           ahead of time.  I can recommend some books as well, but you
           might also consider the Cal Hiking Club - they sometimes have
           beginner trips.  Email me if you'd like more info - mds
2005/10/8-9 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:40025 Activity:nil
10/8    In memory of the Rush, buried by Classes of '07 and '08,
        March 23, 1905. Requiescat in Pace.
2005/10/8-9 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:40026 Activity:nil
10/8    All petty inter-school rivalries aside, congrats to the Stanford
        Racing Team for winning the DARPA Grand Challenge today:
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