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2005/10/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:39944 Activity:nil
10/2    "Typhoon Longwang slammed into the Chinese coast late Sunday ..." -CNN
        \_ I prefer the Fark version: "Longwang penetrates Taiwan"
        \_ BTW, "Longwang" means "Dragon King."  It's severely weaken
           by the time it reaches mainland.
           \_ The cold water caused shrinkage.
2005/10/2-4 [Health/Disease/General, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:39945 Activity:nil
10/2    Scientist who saved literally millions of lives is persecuted
        by Bush Administration and convicted of mishandling of
        \_ I can't access it.
        \_ Purports to require cookies; doesn't work in IE or Firefox
        \_ Use this URL instead. It bypasses the stupid cookie detect.
        \_ Tried this in 2 browsers.  It says I need cookies on.  I do.
           \_ Works for me in Firefox.
        \_ This is way too depressing to read.
2005/10/2-4 [Uncategorized] UID:39946 Activity:nil
10/2    Mystery pic of the day. Guess the context.
        \_ Neat photo but not very hard to guess if you're up on local news.
        \_ Some kind of fake-snow skiing competition in SF?  I heard something
           like that on the radio.
2005/10/2-4 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:39947 Activity:nil
10/2    Do hybrids really save any money?
        \_ err... this is well known fact.  Even Toyota is admiting that.
           *BUT* I think there is a big psychological factor which you
           need to taken into account.  While Hybrid's price premium is a
           one-time deal, you do get Gas every week or two.  Save a bit of
           money on weekly basis does mount to this 'feel good' factor.
           Toyota know this won't last long that is why it is pushing
           hybrid to every model they got out there, hoping that economy of
           scale will eventually drive the price down.
        \_ Is it fair to compare a Prius and a low-end non-hybrid Civic?
           Buying the crappy Civic will definitely save you money, duh.
           Anyway, someone posted a comparison between a Civic and a 50 MPG
           hybrid Civic and you break even at 45K miles.
        \_ Some people also care about conserving oil besides saving money, be
           it enviromental or political reason.
        \_ Is the purchase price difference between a Prius and the comparable
           non-hybrid $8K?
           \_ it is easier to blame China for it.
           \_ Why do you care about this? Do you think some people buying
              hybrids will make a significant impact on the global oil market?
              Please justify. (Plus, hybrids don't always get the advertised
              mpg, especially for sustained highway driving, and probably cost
              more energy to produce.) I think clean diesel technology makes
              more sense right now as it has virtually no extra cost or
              practicality sacrifices.
              \_ Gasoline-only vehicles don't always get the advertised mpg
                 either.  Same thing.
              \_ It's clear that hybrids are making an impact. Toyota
                 alone is spending billions on this and other technologies
                 as a result of consumer demand. The effect now is small,
                 but it is growing.
              \_ It does cost more energy to produce the batteries, motor, and
                 the regenerative brakes, but it costs less energy to produce
                 the smaller engine, smaller frictional brakes, and maybe
                 smaller fuel tank which somewhat offsets the difference.
                 Anyway, I'm guessing that the extra energy needed to produce
                 hybrids are far less than the energy it saves during
              \_ Gasoline vehicles don't always get the advertised mpg either.
        \_ Especially not if you consider that the batteries wear out and
           need to be replaced at a cost around $20k. The price per mile
           is higher than a conventional car.
           \_ Where did you get your figure?  Toyota's warranty for the
              Prius battery (for California) is 150K/10years.  Some guy
              used the Prius as a Taxi and got over 250K on it.  The cost
              to replace the battery is more like $4-$5K.  Heck, at
              150K mileage, I would just junk the car.  When is the last
              time you kept your car over 150K/10year?
                \_ Every car I've ever owned, although the first 2 were already
                   pretty far along by the time I got them.  I hope my current
                   lasts 20 years.
                   \_ No kidding. I keep my cars that long, too. When do
                      you finally give up on them? I pretty much drive
                      them until they need a major repair (e.g. head
                      gasket blows).
                      \_ First car: 1973 Datsun 510, can't remember the mileage
                         Got rid of it around 1991 when I was a starving
                         student and couldn't afford to replace the clutch.
                         Car #2: 1989 Honda Civic.  Got rid of it in 2000 at
                         235,000 miles thx to the stock market boom.  Current
                         car: 2000 Mercedes E320 @ 60,000 miles.  I like the
                         car, it gets 30 MPG and I hope it will run until 2020.
                         \_ You're getting 30 MPG on a 2000 E320?  According to
                            rated 21/30 city/hwy, and EPA numbers are usually
                            higher than reality.
                                \_ I get 26-27 MPG overall, I was
                                   talking just highway.  I got 31 MPG for a
                                   while on a recent highway trip during
                                   favorable conditions (Interstate 5).  I
                                   don't have a lead foot, that helps.
        \_ Is it fair to compare a Prius and a non-hybrid Civic?
        \_ Some people also care about conserving oil besides saving money.
              used the Prius as a Taxi and got over 250K on it.
                                   \_ How come a E320 gets better mpg than a
                                      C320, even though a C320 has the same
                                      engine and is smaller?
2005/10/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:39948 Activity:nil
10/2    I am now getting messages like this almost daily.  Argh!!!
2005/10/2-4 [Politics/Domestic] UID:39949 Activity:nil
10/2    *BREAKING NEWS: American citizens can visit DPRK and
        mass games in October 2005- only the third opportunity in 13
        years- email us now!!
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