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9/30    Long, ugly, stupid, racist thread censored.
                                          - LUSR censor #1 fan
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9/30    Union City to refund money for red-light tickets:
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10/1    Acupuncture: real medicine or bullshit? Does it work and if so
        how? I personally think it's bullshit, but I've never had it done.
        Does anyone think it actually works? If so, how?
        \_ I realize that this is anecdotal, but I know several people who've
           been helped by it quite a bit, and they were not new age hippie
           types who would just say that--this was in mainland china.
           I think it may be bullshit in some contexts, but for chronic back
           pain, it definitely does something when done right.
        \_ I would say it works, and the mechanism has something to do with
           creating pain in one part of the body, numbing your body to that
           sensation of pain, which happens to numb your body to the pain you
           really want to remove.  You are then able to articulate the
           afflicted limb/area of your body, increasing blood circulation and
           relieving mental stress, which is all good.
           It's kind of like when you have a back or neck ache, you take an
           Advil, you can relax again, and by the time the Advil wears off it's
           better 'cause you moved around.  Compared to having a stiff neck for
           three straight days.
           Then again I could be completely BSing you.
        \_ only reason this thing survived is the fact that it simply works.
           however, the system of credential is not well established, thus,
           you really need to get refered by someone who really knows what
           is he doing.  I know a lot of Chinese American who failed to
           get into medical school end up doing this.  Not exactly the
           best breed out there.
           \_ Definitely.  It works, but you have to find the right
           \_ Can't you use this argument (longevity) for all kinds of wacky
              stuff from tarot cards to Christianity?
        \_ It works, but only in a certain group of people. it's one of
           those phenomena/therapies where it works if you believe it
           will (as opposed to traditional western medicine where people
           believe it when it works). if you go in dead set with the
           opinion that it won't help you, then it simply won't. if you're
           open to new types of therapy, then there's a good chance it
           will. Also, accupressure is best for chronic pain (e.g. back
           pain, headaches, etc.), as opposed to acute pain (sudden
           onset stomach pain), which is why it fits in well with current
           medicine. Western medicine treats acute pain well, but fails
           miserably at chronic pain management.
        \_ I think it's real medicine, but I won't go for it because it's so
           under-regulated.  Basically I believe in acupuncture, but I don't
           believe in most of the "doctors" who practice acupuncture.
           -- Chinese
        \_ A few months ago I heard on NPR that there was a huge sample size
           (n=15000) and the results were that accupuncture had definite
           benefits when used on the knees of those who have arthritis.
2005/10/1-3 [Reference/Military] UID:39943 Activity:nil
10/1    Can someone explain what exactly the term "thirty ought six" means?
        Google does not help me since I don't know how to write that
        \_ I've found forcing wikipedia on google helps a lot.
           \_ Thanks!
        \_ Next time just call a gun store and admit you are interested in
           this non-PC (at least in CA) sport. BTW This will go thru
           most police body armor like hot knife thru butter.
           \_ just about any ammo from a rifle will go through
              any sort of body armor.
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