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2005/9/29-10/3 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:39921 Activity:nil
9/29    This looks pretty cool:

        for $63 at AMAZONG. But it looks like you may have to
        swap DVDs a lot ... dunno if there is a way around that.
        Anybody know?
        \_ Copy the discs to your hard drive?
2005/9/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:39922 Activity:nil
9/28    var is full, and I can't send mail, someone please fix it!
        \_ Done.  --mconst
        \_ Don't rely on soda for mail.
                \_ So you only use soda for the motd?
                   \_ I've had a soda account for a long time.  Lots of legacy
                      shit and mailing lists and so forth.  I just don't use
                      it for any mail I actually *need* to get.
           \_ Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh, duuuhhhhhhh.
2005/9/29-10/3 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:39923 Activity:nil
9/28    So the spam brigade finally found me on here in a way that
        annoys me greatly.  It was okay before, but now it sucks.
        I still use PINE. I am open to any suggestions to please
        let me I need to switch to something beside PINE?
        Spam Assassin?  What?   -maxmcc
        \_ To respond to all the posts in this thread in the laziest means
           possible: Milter plans are in place which will include global
           spamassassin and antivirus scanning.  We just lack time and
           manpower. - jvarga
        \_ You need to switch to something besides pine, but not because of
           You can configure SpamAssassin for your account and still use
           a bad mail client.  -tom
           \_ tom, if you aren't going to be helpful, you can at least not
              be a jerk. -jrleek
              \_ Come on guys give tom a break. tom is in fact being helpful.
                 Perhaps his words are overly candid and blunt but are not
                 without merits. The clueless pp obviously needs serious help
                 and as tom correctly pointed out needs to use spamassassin.
                 \_ Wouldn't it make more sense to have something more global
                    where CSUA filters out spam instead of individual users
                    configuring their own spamassassin files? My .razor and
                    .spamassassin directories are getting big.
                    \_ Are you gonna pony up the cash to pay a part time admin
                       to run this sort of thing?  People don't realize that
                       for any decent sized machine, this sort of service is
                       a full time endeavor.
                       \_ Full time to run spamassassin? Isn't this the
                          sort of experience the students who run soda
                          need? I mean, some of us can do it for free,
                          but doesn't that defeat the purpose? Teach a
                          man to fish and all that.
                          \_ Spamassassin is insufficient (perhaps IMO) for
                             what the person above suggests.  Having the CSUA
                             automatically filter spam would 1) be a time sink
                             on admins and 2) suck.  The greylisting suggestion
                             below isn't a bad one, but implementing it across
                             the board (as root of late is wont to do) would,
                             again, suck.
                    \_ Seconded.  It should also auto-forward all spams to
              \_ Tom may be able to be helpful but he can't not be a jerk.
        \_ You can configure SpamAssassin to work with pine.  I'll be
           happy to send you my configuration if you email me. -jrleek
        \_ I got same issue.  Someone please give me a pointer on how to
           configure procmail... I want to send everything with Windows-1251
           encoding to spam...
           \_ Does CSUA use greylisting?  Might be an idea, worked wonders
              for me.  -John
              \_ care to elaborate on that a bit please?
                    Advantage: stops almost all spam today.  Disadvantage:
                    sometimes delays legitimate mail, between a few minutes
                    and an hour or more.  Spammers can mostly circumvent it
                    if they try.
                    \_ Greylisting returns a 450 for every mail received and
                       enforces a delay of some small timeframe.  Generally
                       enforces a delay of a number of minutes.  Generally
                       even a short delay (1-5min) works to kill the fantastic
                       quantities of spam originating from forged addresses or
                       spam zombies.  As pp said, it delays _all_ mail as well
                       as blocking mail from misconfigured MTAs that don't
                       understand 450s.  Also what helped us was really severe
                       rate limiting of mail from all APNIC netblocks (no more
                       than x mails from a given IP to a given address within y
                       timeframe) and "cooling down" periods for IPs generating
                       too many 550s within, say, a minute.  Pp is correct
                       that greylisting does not stop determined spammers, but
                       generally it's too much effort for most of them.  -John
                       currently it's too much effort for most of them.  -John
                       \_ thanks, john.         -kngharv
                       \_ Poll: Should CSUA adopt greylisting?
                          Yes: ..
                          No : ..
                          \_ Greylisting can be rather heavy on memory usage.
                             Last I checked, soda doesn't exactly have a lot
                             of it.
                             \_ Maybe this should wait until the new soda
                                is put in place?
                             \_ How much does it have? How much does it
                                need? What will it cost?
                       \_ For me, pre-greylist = ~30 spam per day.  post-
                          grey-list = ~4 spam per day.
                    \_ Greylisting (or maybe just sendmail) pisses me off.
                       When you send a multi-recipient e-mail and one recip is
                       greylisting, all recips after that person block until
                       it goes through.  This could just be sendmail's sucky
                       sending semantics.   --dbushong
                       \_ How would sendmail's smtp greeting delay compare
                          for suck/gain tradeoff? --jon
2005/9/29-10/3 [Consumer/Audio, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:39924 Activity:nil
9/29    Apple to Replace Faulty Nano Screen
        (posted by the same guy who posted arstechnica link)
        \_ But they say the scratchiness is not new -- same material as used
           in previous iPods.  Use an iPod Nano case, they say.
                \_ Apple claims it was a manufacturing defect.
                   \_ Okay, Apple said:
                      (1) Screen crack is manufacturing defect in < 0.1% of
                          devices.  If your screen cracks, let them know.
                      (1) Screen/LCD crack is manufacturing defect in < 0.1% of
                          devices (< 1 problem unit every 1,000 Nanos).
                          If your screen cracks, let them know, and they'll
                          probably replace your Nano.
                          probably replace your Nano.  If you drop it and it
                          If your screen/LCD breaks, let them know, and they
                          might replace your Nano.  If you drop it and it
                          breaks, maybe not.  The guy who created the original
                          web site who had his LCD wig out handled his iPod
                          web site who had his LCD wig out handled his Nano
                          very gently, and this is what Apple is referring to
                          in it's < 0.1% defect rate.
                          for the < 0.1% defect rate.
                      (2) Screen scratch is user-error, since the coating/body
                          is the same as for previous iPods, so get an iPod
                          Nano case if you're worried about scratches.
                          No replacements for scratched Nanos, only cracked
                      \_ I am not siting with the buyers but I find it a
                         strange argument that it's an user error because
                         the same, weakness, if you will, existed in the
                         previous version of the product.  It's like M$
                         saying Windows XP crashes are user errors because
                         Windows 2000 crached, too.
                      \_ I am not siding with the buyers but I find it a
                         strange argument that it's a user error because
                         the same weakness existed in the previous version
                         of the product.  It's like M$ saying Windows XP
                         instabilities are user errors because Windows 98
                         and ME crashed too.
2005/9/29-10/3 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:39925 Activity:nil
9/29    I was rearended by someone, his insurance company admitted guilt
        and is going to pay, but now he wants to sue me in small claims.
        What can I do to make him go away?
        \_ Show up in court and ask for a directed verdict because the
           OP doesn't have a prima facia case.
        \_ Tell him you'll countersue for your lost wages, emotional
           distress, court fees, and the wear and tear on your vcr because
           you had to tape a few shows because you were wasting time on his
           nonsense.  If you're in school tell him you're suing for lost
           future potential because you lost study time.
        \_ countersue
           \_ For malicious prosecution?
                \_ for the pain in your back and neck..
        \_ inform your insurance company.
           \_ they know, and said they can't go with me to small claims.
              \_ AAA?
                 \_ Nope USAA.  I think the reason why is that I'm supposed
                    to represent myself in small claims.  Don't know though.
                    \_ This happened to me as well (also a USAA customer).
                       If he takes you to small claims court, you must
                       represent yourself, but USAA will help you prepare
                       your case. In my case, he threatened small claims but
                       never went through with it. When he called me at home,
                       I informed him that all communication must occur through
                       USAA  (as instructed by my agent); never heard from him
                       again. As noted below, a police report with his guilt
                       is invaluable. Email me if you have any further qs.
        \_ Sue you for what?
           \_ too hot and too sexy, he was asking for a rear-ender
           \_ I think most of the answer is that he is a retired attorney
              with problems controlling his temper, but officially for
              his insurance deductible, and the increased cost of insurance.
              \_ Uh, what?  How does that work?  That's like suing the person
                 you robbed for lost wages for the time you spend in prison.
                 \_ Maybe the other driver is betting that the OP doesn't show
                    up, which means the other driver wins the claim by default.
                    If the OP shows up, the other driver has nothing to lose,
                    I think.
                    \_ Can't the op sue for "you wasted my time, jerk."
              \_ Tell him you will see him in court.
        \_ Get a copy of the police report. Ask your insurance people for
           a copy of the paperwork from rearender's insurance admitting guilt.
           \- i think you need to decide if you would like for this to go away
              or go to court and win and then potentially smack him down for
              the frivolous proceeding. however the second plan does open up
              some risk of get a crazy judge/mediator who decides to split
              teh difference for some reason ... also it is probably a stress-
              ful process. but it will proably generate more hassle for him.
              after you win, send him a thank you note and antagonize him more.
2005/9/29-10/3 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:39926 Activity:nil
9/29    "Alaska landscape transformed by warmer climate"
        "In the cooler interior regions, buildings are slumping and roads are
        buckling as permafrost -- frozen soil -- thaws and turns into softer,
        spongy soil. The Inupiat village of Shishmaref on a narrow Chukchi Sea
        barrier island is preparing to move as the town sinks into the ground."
        \_ "Noun used as adjective."
          \_ run on?
             \_ FRAGMENT!!!
                \_ Will be used more later.
        \_ it might lower the cost of drilling in wild life refuge :p
           \_ Actually, the melting permafrost means that it's getting harder
              to build roads in the arctic, which increases costs.  There may
              be other plus sides of climate change for the oil industry, but
              this is a big minus for them.
2005/9/29-10/3 [Uncategorized] UID:39927 Activity:nil 66%like:39909
9/29    Serenity comes out Tomorrow!! Go see it!!
        \_ great!  Looking forward to it! - firefly fan
2005/9/29-10/3 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:39928 Activity:nil
        When confronted with the fact that Pat Tillman was against the war
        in Iraq (but for Afghanistan), a fan of Noam Chomsky, and a Kerry
        supporter, Hannity and Coulter just ... deny it can be true.
        \_ Was he a Kerry support when Kerry voted for the war or when he
           was against it?
           \_ probably he became a Kerry supporter when he saw how dumb Dubya
              was, and Kerry's competitors for the DNC nomination started
              dropping out in March.
              \_ Didn't Dubya do better in college than Kerry?
                 \_ Didn't Dubya lose the entire city of New Orleans?
                 \_ Yup, but his brain didn't improve much after that
                 \_ Didn't Dubya lose Osama bin Laden?
                 \_ Yup, but his brain didn't improve much after that, no
                    matter how much coke and alcohol he consumed.
        \_ Oh yeah, Media Matters.  A nice unbiased source.  I heard that Pat
           and his mom didn't agree about the war.  So unless his mom's account
           is corroborated, I wouldn't buy it either.
           \_ See the video.  See the article quoting multiple
              sources indicating what Tillman thought.
           \_ Are you channeling O'Reilley, he said "Why don't you just ask
              Castro!" when Krugman referenced media matters.  And yes this
              info comes from multiple sources, I just thought media matters
              summarized it well.
        \_ Another win for the reality based community.
        \_ This is the same Pat Tillman that the left called an idiot and
           published a lot of other nastiness about, right?  So now he's a
           hero?  What would Cindy say about Pat?  She says this country isn't
           worth fighting for.  Pat, our new hero, said it was.  This is
           "nuance"?  And no, I don't actually care either way.  I just find
           the whole "we'll believe both sides of anything twice before
           breakfast as long as it might have political agenda value" amusing.
           \_ Links, o contentious one. The Left showed you theirs, now show
              \_ Links to what?  A Cindy quote?  Sheesh, it's everywhere.  The
                 sky is still blue, don't make me find a link for that, too.
                 Anyway, like I said, I find it amusing.  I don't actually
                 care.  This is not the sort of thing elections are won and
                 lost on.  No one cares what Coulter or Hannity say.  They're
                 media figures, not policy makers.  And for certain, *no one*
                 with a pulse cares what the freepers have to say.  For kicks,
                 I went to read the freeper link.  Still the same type of
                 one-liner no-content types as years ago, the last time I read
                 it.  OTOH, no one cares what Cindy says either.  It's all a
                 big circus on both sides missing the truly important issues.
                 What color should we paint the shed?
                 \_ Yes the left was bashing Tillman for being a mindless
                    patriotic drone -- but that was the EXTREME left -- just
                    like the EXTREME right bashes Kerry and Cleland for their
                    service to this country.  I always admired Pat Tillman
                    for leaving behind a fortune and fighting for this country,
                    I didn't know what his political views were back then but
                    I'm happy to have found out they are very close to mine.
                    \_ So, I'm with you on this, but I have to say that
                       Coulter and the Freepers are EXTREME right.  Or,
                       more to the point, they're idiots. -!pp
                        \_ Well yeah, but they get a heck of a lot more media
                           coverage than any extreme left wing idiot I know.
                           \_ Really?  I always thought Micheal Moore,
                              and Tom Tommrow were doing ok.  Sheehan too.
                              \_ Never heard of Tom Tommrow, but perhaps you
                                 substitute Al Franken.        -moderate
                              \_ When was the last time either one was
                                 on the cover of Time magazine?
           \_ Ted Rall started the Pat Tillman is a stupid moron thing.
              Yes, I e-mailed him the article a few days ago.
              \_ Ah, thanks.  I was wondering how anyone could forget that
                 glob of stomach churning bile.
               \_ While Ted Rall is a moron, remember these were in response
                  the offical story, one that was quite a bit different from
                  the truth.
                  \_ I don't really see why that makes the comic less vile.
                     \_ Comics can be vile, but still be well-drawn and funny.
                        Ted Rall is neither well-drawn nor funny.
2005/9/29-10/3 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39929 Activity:nil
        Libby allows Judith Miller to testify, reporter released after 3-month
        jail stint, to appear before grand jury tomorrow
        \_ doh, she received a full release last year!  More Jayson Blair
           news from the nytimes.
           \_ Guess it took 3 months in jail before Libby could tell her, hey,
              I really said you could talk, and that was a year ago!
              \_ I guess those conjugal visits from Bolton scared her straight.
        \_ DeLay indicted, now you will see Libby and Rove. A good week for\
           the reality based community.
        \_ DeLay indicted, now you will see Libby and Rove. A good week for
           the reality based community.
        \_ Did dubya said something like whoever leaked the info shall resign
           from the post.  I am waiting for Dick Cheney's resignation...
2005/9/29-10/3 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:39930 Activity:nil
9/29    Ann Coulter and freepers have trouble processing that Pat Tillman was
        pro-Kerry, against Dubya and the Iraq War, and wanted to go after Osama
        in Afghanistan
        \_ Where's emarkp to tell us that this is all a hoax and can be easily
           done with green screen special effects?
           \_ Search your feelings. You know it to be true.
        \_ Pat Tillman is now my hero, I only admired him before all this new
        \_ I love the smell of cognitive dissonance in the morning.
        \_ GO PAT! GO!
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