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2005/9/23-27 [Health/Skin] UID:39835 Activity:kinda low
9/23    When I was younger I'd put Oxy-10 on my zits and they'd go away.
        But now most of my zits seem to come from deep inside the skin
        and Oxy-10 doesn't seem to work as well. Do other fancier
        topo creams work better? Spare me the diet part, I DO eat
        as much unprocessed food as possible, diet, exercise, etc.
        \_ Just out of curiosity, do you shave with a blade everyday?
           \_ No. Actually places I don't shave rarely get zits. -op
            \_ so places you do shave with a blade get zits ?
                \_ yer blade is unsterile
              \_ Don't shave against the grain of your hair. They sound
                 like shaving bumps. Do you have curly hair?
           \_ No. Actually places I DO shave rarely get zits.
              [sorry I meant to say the above, old line deleted]  -op
              \_ Ok, that matches my experience.  I was just curious.  You
                 probably don't want to start shaving your forehead. :P
                 (Or where ever said zits are appearing)  It suggests an
                 exfoliating wash might help though.
                 By the way the car asshole overwrote this post.
                 \_ Dear helpful Mormon dude with a hot wife and cute
                    children, I just bought St. Ive's exfoliator and
                    exfoliated my face for the first time in my entire
                    life, and HOLY SHIT my face hurts so much, it's like
                    someone sanded my face with sandpaper. Is this
                    actually normal?                            -op
                 \_ Hi, the places I shave don't get zits. However, I'm
                    a highly evolved East Asian and the percentage of my face
                    that needs to be shaved is very small anyways, hence
                    the probability of zits on my mustache is very small.
                    In fact the percentage of my face that needs to be
                    shaved is close to 1/3-1/4 of typical white men who
                    still seem to have many primitive ape features. So I
                    don't know what you're getting at but I don't think
                    shaving and exfoliating actually does anything
                    \_ why is the size of the area significant? you still
                       have the "ape features" in question. just because
                       you have a small dick doesn't mean you're not a man.
                    \_ No, you're not highly evolved.  You're a most
                       intelligently designed East Asian.  In fact I just
                       confirmed it with The Lord over lunch.
                    \_ Since you probably only shave your wimpy moustache
                       once a week, you won't get the desireable
                       exfoliating effects.
                 \_ THANK YOU! I'm going to buy exfoliators today. What
                    is a good brand? Thanks.
                    \_ Uhh... I don't know.  I just use what my wife buys.
                       Anyone else?
                       \_ Obviously, whatever she buys works well for you,
                          and may work for me. I need to find out. Can you
                          please email her? Better yet, can you give me her
                          phone number? And is she hot?
                          \_ Dude, the guy was trying to help out and
                             you want to hit on his wife?  I use L'Oreal's
                             facial wash with beads, works quite nice.
                             Look for the orange label.
        \_ der ma tolo gist
        \_ For me, I tend to break out whenever I have to use those liquid/
           facial soap(including Neutrogena.)  I just stick with using my bar
           soap and don't have any dry skin problems.
        \_ I'm not going to defend the Asian man for trying to assert
           his racial superiority but I just want to point out that
           in my country it is common to see teachers joking that the
           white men have yet fully evolved. They say things like when
           white men don't shave, they look very much like apes. And
           among other things, they say things like they're very horny,
           use looks and charm to deceive, act like barbarians, are
           stubborn, self righteous, resort to force when things don't
           go their way, etc. While much progress has been made on both
           sides in the past few decades in debunking this silly
           stereotype, your great President has once again revived the white
           ape stereotype. He seems to have all of the attributes
           I mentioned above.
           \_ Bill Clinton definitely fits in the "very horny" category
           \_ Aren't "horny" and "use looks and charm to deceive" true for men
              in all races?
              \_ No, because white people are particularly good looking.
                 (Not my argument, I just hear this a lot in Korea)
                 \_ Well, in most Asian countries, they either love whities,
                    or they really really really hate them. Obviously, you
                    married the former.
           \_ Which country did you come from?  I was born and raised in Hong
              Kong until 19, and I've never heard any of my teachers saying
              such things.  Although I've heard other people saying these in
              casual occasion.
           \_ Wait, if white men look like apes, and use looks to decieve,
              does that mean asians are attracted to apes!?!???
              \_ HAHA! :-)
              \_ You don't think our Ape in Command is sexy?
2005/9/23-27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:39836 Activity:low
9/23    In the interests of not re-inventing the wheel: anyone know of
        a simple way,inside a  perl program ,to have a command start at
         the top of the minute? Thanks
        \_ cron
        \_ on a not-busy system cron is good at starting commands at the top
           of the minute but does not guarantee your job will run at that time,
           just at *some* time during the minute.  if you really actually need
           to run at the top of each minute, you could write a check vs the
           current time and do a "sleep 1" or something equally silly in a loop
           until $current_second_in_minute = 0 or whatever your criteria is.
           on a busy system all bets are off.
           \ This is a test program that needs to send specific data
             to a device which bins data  every sixty seconds and I am
             losing bits at the beginning and ending of the test
             because the test code does pay attention to where in the
             minute its started. Its a small but noticable error
             that I would like to get rid of; if possible.
             \_ What sort of granularity do you need? Less than a second?
                Less than two seconds? Less than a tenth of a second?
             \_ I would just sleep # of secs until next minute then run command
                if you need greater precision there are probably millisec calls
                \_ I would at least like to start off with a +/- 1
                   second and go from there. The sending and receiving
                   machines both use the same ntp servers so the clocks are  in
          \_ setitimer() is what you want, but it is in C, Time-HiRes uses
             it in perl. Or you could write a few lines of C to sent your
             perl a signal every min.
             \_ I'd second this. Let us know if there are other limitations.
        \_ use a real-time language (ie not perl/java)
           \_ What does the language have to do with it being real-time or
              not? There are plenty of real-time JVMs out there. The
              OS/environment is responsible for this, not the intrinsic
2005/9/23-27 [Transportation/Car] UID:39837 Activity:nil
9/23    Stepping on the gas and make the engine reach the red line is bad. Does
        this also apply if the engine is not under load, ie. if I step on the
        gas while leaving the transmission in Neutral?  Thanks.
        \_ Reving under no load is worse for your engine than reving with
           a load.
        \_ Unless your car is old, your rev limiter will keep you from
           doing that. You can damage your car by doing something called
           a "money shift" which is to shift from 5th to 2nd under high
           speeds in which case your engine will red line and would
           probably damage your engine.
        \_ yeah. you can damage if you redline in neutral..
          i do it for fun though.. at stop signs ..
        \_ Speaking of red-lining, is there a FUCKING reason why those
           annoying wanna-be-cool biker dudes like to rev up their ear
           shattering bike engines when they're stopped? Is that suppose to
           clear up the engine or something, cuz their engines always seem
           like they're gonna choke and die when idling. Or is this one of
           those "I am loud look at me I'm cool" type of deal? I HATE bikers.
           \_ It is a bad habit I got into when I used to ride old crappy
              bikes that always had trouble idling when cold.
                \_ It appears to be even more important to do at around 3 am
                   in a quiet neighborhood.
           \_ There's no reason a well maintained Harley would have trouble
              with stalling.  It's just to look cool.  Or because they're
              bored and want to go.
           \_ "I bought a status symbol and I want everyone to know it."
              \_ "I bought a Harvey because deodorant prices are going up."
              \_ "I bought a Harley because deodorant prices are going up."
              \_ Q: What's the difference between a Hoover and a Harley?
                 A: The location of the dirt bag.
2005/9/23-27 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:39838 Activity:nil
        Anonymous source in the British Foreign Office reveals top three
        priorities in Iraq
        Priority 1:  Dubya is not embarrassed.
        Priority 2:  Iran is contained.
        Priority 3:  Iraq can take care of itself.
        Action item 1:  Bring some troops home.
        Action item 2:  Find excuses for action item 1 that support priorities.
        \_ After Bush's stuffed codpiece strut around the flight deck
           of the USS Abraham Lincoln under a "Mission Accomplished" banner,
           I would say Priority 1 is pretty much impossible at this point.
2005/9/23-26 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:39839 Activity:low
9/23    A Texan said "They're giving $10 worth of gas if you're on empty and
        $5 if you have some. That's not going to get you very far."
        I guess they're not driving Hybrids.
        \_ I think I see a rear door of a Prius behind those four SUVs.
        \_ I think it makes sesne for people to drive their gas-guzzling SUVs
           when they're escaping hurricanes, because those can ford water and
           go over debris.  For daily commute it's a different story.
           go over debris.  For daily commute it's a different story.  On the
           other hand, I realize that hybrids work very well in traffic jams
           because it burns zero "gas" when idling.
           because it burns zero "gas" when idling.  -- foo
           \_ It makes sense for the individual participants, yes. It's basic
              psychology. But look at it this way. When a society faces
              famine, hording happens everywhere. However, hording
              exacerbates food shortage for everyone else, so on and so forth.
              \_ Agreed.  The fed/state should provide more buses for
                 evacuation, and reserve the contraflow lanes for those buses
                 only.  This way they can move a lot more people much faster.
                 (Plus they can take credit like "we evacuated X number of
                 people" instead of "we told X number of people to evacuate".)
                 --- foo
                 \_ Republicans hate big governments. Maybe they should
                    privatize evacuation and emergency facilities as well.
                    They'll definitely run more efficiently and a lot more
                    cost effective than the weak government we have now.
2005/9/23 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:39840 Activity:high
9/23    Donahue vs. O'Reilly
        \_ In this video, Donahue triumphed. He was very assertive and
           did not get verbally bullied and out-screamed easily like the
           others. It was very brave of him to go to the OReilley show.
           \_ You've got to be kidding.  Donahue's "opening statment" was pure
              Sheehan spin, ignoring the (legitimate) criticism of some of her
              loony comments.
        \_ The transcript doesn't have "I want to cut your mike" part
           from O'Reilly. The transcript doesn't lie, so this must mean
           that the left wing propaganda media ADDED fake O'Reilly voice
           to make him look bad!
           \_ huh, he said that in the Donahue interview as well as Glick's?
              \_ Yes, watch the video. He like saying that when he's on the
        \_ I can never see Donahue anywhere now without seeing Phil Hartman's
           impression of him.
        \_ Bill O'Reilly is a blowhard, but Phil Donahue is a sad parody of
           himself.  Calling the war unconstitutional, telling O'Reilly that
           he just wants to appear "tough" by having a war, telling O'Reilly
           that "you wouldn't send your children to this war", and calling
           O'Reilly "Billy".  What a piece of work. -emarkp
           \_ Interesting. I consider myself an independent. It's how I
              registered. I am overall a fiscal conservative and social
              liberal. I think both guys made valid points and also
              conceded points. Neither really addressed the other's most
              important concerns. It seems that liberals think Donahue
              somehow showed up O'Reilly. Do conservatives think the
              opposite? I don't really share either opinion, which is why
              I guess I'm an "I". FWIW, I am starting to despise the left
              as much as the right and I voted for Clinton (2x), Gore,
              and Kerry. I just hate Bush that much more. However, give me
              a better choice and I'm not voting "D". --dim
              \_ Yeah, I'm an "I" (recently) too, but conservative.  I believe
                 the Iraq war was the right thing to do.  I also believe there
                 are legitimate concerns about the war, but Donahue was just
                 being nutty and condescending. -emarkp
                 \_ It's showmanship. They both probably went backstage
                    afterwards and smoked a joint and had some scotch.
                    The hosts of these shows go over-the-top to attract
                    ratings. You get the feeling they could have a really
                    interesting and insightful discussion if they wanted
                    to, but American viewers won't watch that.
2005/9/23-27 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/HW/CPU, Consumer/TV] UID:39841 Activity:nil
9/23    Anyone ever built their own TiVo/PVR? any suggestions/advice
        before I build one? I'm reading my way through
        trying  to figure out how to build one.
        \- isnt the hardware heavily subsidized? why would you want
           to build one from scratch? or is this a geek learning exercise?
                \_ definitely the latter. granted I won't have to pay a
                   monthly service fee, I'll probably pay more up front
                   if I build one.
           \_ I built mine out of mythtv because for some reason, I've
              generally been against paying for a subscription of any kind.
              You also get more features from building your own.  Another
              reason these days with TiVo adding various restrictions is
              that you're not under direct control of some corporation's
              whim.  I admit, TiVo probably is more stable, but mythtv is
              what works for me.
              \_ How much did you spend on the hardware?
                 \_ I've used parts that are just laying about few times.
                    The latest incarnation I'm working on cost me about $400
                    for the shuttle-like case, cpu, and memory, I believe.
           \_ I like to be able to watch recorded programs remotely :)
        \_ You mean like mythtv?
        \_ Decide on size of machine and noise level you find acceptable.
           \_ how about those VIA C3 chip.  I know that you can run
              800Mhz without any fans.  The newer 1GHz chip from
              xxx nm fab reportly can run without fan neither.  tried it?
2005/9/23-26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:39842 Activity:low
9/23    German flasher flashed at an off-duty female police. Germany RULES!
        \_ In other countries, crazy lunatics who pose a threat to society
           are thrown in jail. In this country, they're rewarded with
        \_ In other countries, left-wing nuts who pose a threat to society
           are thrown in jail. During the dot-coms, they're rewarded with
           nuclear launch codes and the most powerful military in the world.
           Thank goodness they lost 2 elections in a row. GOD BLESS!!!
           \_ You're mistaken. Bush thought he could get intern hummers out
              of it, then Cheney said he'd only qualify if he had a second
              term. Now Bush pissed because all of the interns are males with
              two-day stubble. He hates stubble.
2005/9/23 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:39843 Activity:nil
9/21    Emacs sucks.
emacs user was here
\- you may wish to use:
(defun next-line (arg)
  "Move cursor vertically down ARG lines.
   ... If at the end of the buffer, it will add up to
  next-line-max-inserted-newlines newline characters to
  allow moving to the next line."
  (interactive "p")
  (if (= arg 1)
      (let ((opoint (point)))
        (forward-line 1)
        (if (or (= opoint (point))
                (not (eq (preceding-char) ?\n)))
            (if (< (- (point)
                        (skip-chars-backward "\n")
                (insert ?\n))
          (goto-char opoint)
          (next-line-internal arg)))
    (next-line-internal arg))
\_ Just add (setq next-line-add-newlines nil) to your ~/.emacs.
   \- the above lets you pick how many blank-lines are ok. i set to 2.
      i find this more useful than the binary option.
2005/9/23-26 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Computer/Rants] UID:39844 Activity:nil
9/23    US homosexuals 'worth $1 trillion'  -- That is just... amazing:
        \_ I think we've already long ago established that corporate
           monopolies such as the ones created by Bill Gates exists.
           The real question is, is that a good thing or a bad thing
           for the American people.
           \_ yup, I missed the day of AT&T owes everything and that
              there is only one oil company in entire nation.
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