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2005/9/20 [Uncategorized] UID:39760 Activity:nil
9/20    awall, do you wall? Do you read the motd?
        \_ just filter out his emails if you don't like him
2005/9/20-22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39761 Activity:low
`9/20   Dubya is incompetent not racist (Wash Post columnist)
        \_ Maybe he is not, but that doesn't change the fact that his
           party leads racists. "...There was more than a little truth to
            this at one time. The GOP, after all, became a safe haven for
            Southern bigots who fled the Democratic Party in the civil rights
           \_ I'd also go with:  "Dubya's incompetence fucked poor blacks.
              He let them down." (my own words)
           \_ when push comes to shove, there's probably a lot more racists
              in america then people are willing to admit
              \_ "than", not "then", you stupid immigrant!
              \_ Fun story on NPR where they went with Astrodome refugees
                 offered 6 months free housing in Houston. Most rejected
                 one spot because there were too many Mexicans. They wanted
                 someplace where they felt "more comfortable."
                 \_ Are the ones rejecting the spot white?
                    \_ Nope.
           \_ The president who freed the slaves was a Republican.  The first
              African American Secretary of State is a Republican.  The second
              African American Secretary of State is a Republican.
              \_ And more Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act than
                 \_ These two comments are so abysmally stupid it makes me want
                    to cry.
                    \_ Care to elaborate?
        \_ When did you stop beating your wife?
        \_ I agree with that.  Bush/Republicans don't really care about your
           skin color as long as you're rich and/or powerful, preferably
           both.  If it happens to be that the poor people aren't white, then
           it just looks like racism when he screws them over.
           \_ That's just plain stupid.  Bush/Republicans /do/ care about you
              irrespective of color/income.  From the article: "in his first
              presidential campaign, I traveled with him and tried, as he might
              say, to look into his heart. Conveniently enough, he sometimes
              wears it on his sleeve -- never more so, as I discovered, than
              when he talks about poor kids and racial and ethnic minorities.
              His feelings for them -- especially for poor kids -- are
              genuine."  Of course, I'm no longer a Republican so I guess
              you're not talking about me, right? -emarkp
              \_ When did you shift and why?
              \_ When did you shit and why?
                \_ Bush/Republicans believe the best way to help the poor is
                   by making the rich richer.  This will grow the economy and
                   give everyone a job and then everyone will be happy.  They
                   screw the poor over not because they don't like the poor
                   but because this doesn't work.
                   \_ Sure it worked. It worked from the glorious days of
                      Reaganomics when the super tax cut for the super rich
                      shifted our economy into 6th gear and saw the housing
                      and economic boom we have never seen since the 50s and
                      ultimately caused the demise of the evil Soviet
                      Union. Why do you hate Reagan?
                      \_ "Yoda, why you gotta be a playa hatuh?"
                      \_ We'll see how an economy built on suburban sprawl
                         and financed by equity cash-out loans deals with the
                         end of the era of cheap energy.
                         \_ Reagan didn't cause the suburban sprawl and the
                            rising cost of energy. Why do you hate the man?
                \_ Recently I reregistered as "no party affiliation" because
                   the party system is as broken as unions.  Basically the R's
                   as a group are selling out the country instead of solving
                   problems.  Then again, so are the D's. -emarkp
                   \_ Join the Green Party. We recycle, buy hybrids, and
                      try to bike as often as we can. I just got a scooter
                      last year. It's really cool.
                      \_ you know scooter pollutes more than a car, right?
                      \_ The main problem I have with Greens is that they tend
                         to be very myopic and almost obsessively focused on
                         a dangerously narrow set of issues.  While I count
                         myself as an environmentalist, I think there's a much
                         bigger picture to be considered that doesn't jibe
                         very well with the narrow Green body politic.  -mice
                      \_ I agree with some of the goals of the Greens, but I
                         think too many are just nuts. -emarkp
                   \_ I used to be a Democrat and now I feel exactly the same
                      way you do. I hate both R and D. But there is nothing
                      else left.
                      \_ If all the decent rational people leave the two major
                         parties, only winguts are left to vote in both
                         major party primaries.  It's self-perpetuating.
                         It's important to pick a party and vote in its
                         primary *especially* if you hate where the parties
                         are going and want to see them go in different
                      \_ My goal of leaving the party was to remove a bias
                         based on a letter.  I want to work harder on focusing
                         on what people say and do rather than a letter next to
                         their names. -emarkp
2005/9/20-21 [Health, Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:39762 Activity:low
9/20    Simon Wiesenthal, RIP  -John
        \_ If you haven't read "Eichmann In Jerusalem" by Arendt, now is as
           good a time as any
        \_ So whatever happened to Gestapo chief Heinrich Muller and
           \_ They're living in my basement, trolling the motd.
           Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele?
           \_ They're living in my basement, trolling the motd.
        \_ it's funny that many has strong feeling toward what Nazi has
           done to Jews, yet worship those in the Yasukuni Shrine.
2005/9/20-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:39763 Activity:nil
9/20    I've had a soda account since 1993.  How come I've never received any
        e-mail from the CSUA mailing list until this month?  I didn't even know
        such a list existed.  Thanks.
        \_ Probably because until recently the mailing list was an opt-in
           list, which probably has been changed to an opt-out list.
           \_ Motd should also be an opt-out thing. It was for over 2 decades
              until an idiotic root guy changed it back because his gf on
              soda feels insulted by the trolls.
              \_ Wow, that was a total non-sequitur.
2005/9/20-21 [Computer/Theory] UID:39764 Activity:nil
9/20    UCB professors win 3 (of 25) MacArthur prizes:
        \_ I've always been impressed by Berkeley'd research and the
           brilliant people behind the research. Too bad most of them
           don't seem to give a damn about teaching or helping undergrads.
           Funny that great researchers aren't always great teachers. My
           experience shows quite the opposite.                 -grad student
           \_ This is not a coincidence.  Tenure decisions are based mostly
              on research, and at some schools they're based 100% on research.
              Doing the quality of research that gets you tenure at a place
              like Berkeley simply does not leave any time to be a decent
              teacher or to care about undergrads.  I know that my advisor
              is a great teacher from one-on-one situations where he is
              explaining stuff to grad students, but all the undergrads I've
              talked to say he totally sucks as a teacher.  He shows up for
              his classes sleep-deprived and barely prepared, and copies his
              notes onto the board, with errors, then gives a couple really
              hard exams and calls it teaching.  But he got tenure, and does
              outstanding research.  Don't hate the player, hate the game.
              outstanding research.  Don't hate the player, hate the gnome.
              \_ I agree. I had a professor in the Math Dept. who sucked
                 when I took Math 50B. When I had him later in Math 185
                 the class was small and I was often the only one in
                 office hours. He was much better then, although still a
                 bit impatient.
              \_ My advisor tells me not to worry about TAing or teaching.
                 Just concentrate on my research. Research gets you
                 everything, teaching gets you nothing. This is coming out
                 from a well respected guy in Berkeley.         -anon grad
        \_ MacArthurs analyzed.
           \_ This is hilarious, THANK YOU.
              \_ BRILLANT!
2005/9/20-21 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:39765 Activity:nil
9/20    "Airlines to Test Cell-Phone Service" - Yahoo! News:
        "... its general release in 2007 for everywhere in the world but North
        America".  Good!  At least I can still sleep on domestic flights.
        \_ YO 'SUP DOG, I'M IN A PLANE
        \_ YO 'SUP DOG, I'M IN A PLANE
2005/9/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:39766 Activity:nil
        Record keyboard sound, guess password with 90% accuracy.
2005/9/20-21 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:39767 Activity:nil
        \_ "In Soviet Russia, the car drives YOU" -- Is that you ilyas?
2005/9/20-22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:39768 Activity:low
9/20    Anti-war mother's speech cut short" ... "An organizer was
        arrested and charged with using a loudspeaker without a
        permit." So if the city wants to ban protests, just don't
        issue permit? I guess freedom of gathering in this country is
        not as free as I thought.
        \_ Feel free to gather, but your freedom to gather should not
           impinge on my freedom to have a quiet day at home away from
           peacenik numbnuts. There is no other country that protects
           individual freedoms to the extent that the USA does. None.
                \_ Are you 100% sure about that after the Patriot act? --
                   born in a country where gay marriage is legal, pot is
                   legal, prostitution is legal, porn is freely displayed
                   in stores, you have a right to die if you want, etc.
                   \_ Yeah, but I bet you don't have a right to buy an
                      enormous automobile and get cheap groceries at
                      Walmart in whatever Communist hell you're from!
2005/9/20-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:39769 Activity:kinda low
9/20    Since people don't seem to have Clue(tm) about what is going on with
        csua@csua, let me explain:
        With the transition to the new mailman-managed lists, politburo made
        the decision that a requisite of having an account on soda is being
        subjected to knowing what is going on in the organization.  Therefore
        we imported every user into the list.  There was a mistake in that
        jobs@csua was pointing at csua@csua, so everyone was getting job
        spam.  Well, maybe not a mistake, but a poor decision.  It was
        therefore decided that jobs would be an opt-out email list seperate
        from csua@csua.
        You should all be getting much less csua@csua spam, and can opt-out
        of jobs@csua at your discretion.
        - jvarga
        \_ jvarga, how about turning off all alumni accounts? They're
           annoying as hell. We can talk about this at TC Gardens. My treat.
           \_ I'll take you up on free food, but I won't fry alumni accounts.
              I am, unfortunately, out on an internship for 8 months, so I'll
              take you up on this offer you have promised to me without
              putting conditions on it when I get back. - jvarga
              \_ I remember when I was young and could be bribed into doing
                 a 150 project for this hot manipulative BITCH with a cheapo
                 TC Garden lunch that she paid for because I thought she
                 liked me. ARGH!!!!!
                 \_ I almost got dragged into that kind of situation with 162.
                    At the last second I came to my senses.
                    At the last second I came to my senses -- but yeah -- that
                    girl was put together right.  I think she ended up doing
                    *really* badly that semester since both of the people that
                    she tried to manipulate into her group bailed on her.
           \_ Cal alumni tend to bitch a lot and contribute very little.
              Look at Stanford. They have so much idling Sun Ultras
              just waiting to be used or hacked. They've always had
              an abundance. Then look at Cal. 30 years later we're
              still bickering on the lack of resources. Sad. -1980s guy
              \_ What a waste of electricity and silicon.
              \_ Are you sure you're not just describing yourself or justifying
                 your own shortcomings with "everyone else does it"?
              \_ Change begins at home. Why don't you contribute something
                 to the CSUA instead of bitching? - alum who donates
          \_ So, a few alumni are annoying, at least by one person's
             definition.  So now we should use that as reason to turn off
             all alumni accounts?  It would seem to me that alumni
             contribute more than they are annoying.  Some even contribute
           \_ and how will the newbie maggots get a job afterward without
              networking or getting input from the real world?
              \_ Like you would really help anyone besides yourself anyway?
                 \_ I had a longer response but someone stomped me.  I've asked
                    for job postings before and gotten them; I've seen jobs
                    advertised here by grads for both grads and ugrads; I bet
                    alot of the opportunities in the csua/jobs or wherever
                    are from grads.                    -mice
                 \_ I have hired several interns and at least 1 full time
                    person into my group based on reponses to job postings
                    on the motd or general csua contact.
                 \_ Go go gadget mrauser networking skills!  :-)  -John
        \_ As was surmised, and for future reference (not that you or
           the politburo should care) when you do this you should send
           out an email explaining the above.
           \_ I think it got lost in the confusion because Seidl (sp?) did
              the actual mailman configuration.  I agree it would be a good
              idea to send out notice next time (like I did with jobs@csua).
        \_ Am I allowed to opt-out of csua@csua too?
           \_ No, thanks for playing. -mrauser
              As a side note, if you want to use the CSUA server, you at
              least have to pay some attention to CSUA events (or just
              be lame and nuke them in your procmail folder, but I'm watching
        \_ Simple solution to a simple problem-- just nuke every single
           ungrateful alumni who never seem to be satisfied anyways. Why the
           hell are they still using UC resources anyways?
           \_ Opting-out a list reduces resource usage on /var/mail.
              \_ Does the current 'df' situation look like I care about
                 resource usage on /var/mail or /home?
                 - jvarga
        \_ the motd should be an opt-out thing too. Seriously!!
           \_ It already is.  Just do "touch ~/.hushlogin".
              \_ Right now, MOTD is opt-in; new accounts have .hushlogin by
                 default.  -tom
                 \_ And again this wasn't the case for 2 decades until a
                    bitch convinced her bf p**** to disable motd because
                    she was offended by trolls.
2005/9/20-22 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:39770 Activity:low
9/20    dear motd travel agent,
        My company is sending me to India for a few weeks in November. I will
        be in Bangalore but I plan to take weekends and some extra time off
        to do sightseeing. I've never been to India before and would love to
        hear any advice. Specifically I'm wondering if it's realistic to
        expect to be able to use the weekends to do sightseeing by taking
        flights within the country to see specific areas or if that's too
        crazy / wasteful.
        \- if you ask on the wall, i may be able to give you some help. --psb
           \_ Can't you just respond? There's a reason why motd works better
              \- this is simpler to answer in a two way conversation.
                 otherwise you waste time on paths that may be subject
                 to early pruning.
                 \_ Hahahaha, "path" and "early pruning", this is so
                    CS talk and so funny in this context..
        \_ I can tell you that India is a huge country, and that flying
           between big cities isn't something that can easily be done in a
           weekend without you tiring yourself out after one trip. Try
           taking some extended time off (~5 days) to be able to spend
           some time once you're in the new city. Otherwise, with the
           hectic hell that is the airport in india, you will not want
           to fly again. BTW, go with Jet Air if you fly.
           \- india is a big country by rail but not by plane. when it
              comes to travel, india offers a very pure choice between
              time an money. in general i would recemmend try to do a
              longer trip maybe at the end of your trip rather than try
              to do weekend stuff. although a weekend trip to kerela might
              be doable. but you have to pick whether you want to see
              ancient monumuents, mountains, relax at a beach resort etc.
        \_ Air travel is not exactly easy in India. Unless you are prepared
           to deal with flight cancelation and getting stranded, I would
           recommend that you stick to either bus tours or trains from
           B'lore. A day/weekend trip that is pretty safe is to travel
           to Mysore. It is about a 2 hr train ride and there are many
           trains each day.
           Mysore has some nice palaces and temples that you can visit.
           There is also KRS dam w/ fountains and a garden that is nice.
           Mysore is pretty laid back and should be safe for english only
           tourists. If you have some extra cash, you might be able to
           stay at the Laitha Mahal Palace for a couple of days.
           I agree w/ psb that a weekend trip to Kerela might be doable,
           but seeing as the train ride is nearly 1 day from B'lore it
           will be cutting it close. You might be able to fly to Cochin
           but that will be expensive and you should probably have a
           backup plan b/c there are only like 1 or 2 flights from B'lore
           to Cochin every day and the flights get canceled frequently.
           \- i suspect locals can tell you a reliable way to get to
              cochin etc. in my experience india guide books are often
              out of date or giving non-optimal advice. there are a lot
              of non-intuitive things about india travel that are
              "common knowledge" among locals. for example if you want
              to get from Kolkata to Varanasi, it is vastly superior to
              take the Howrah - Mughal Sarai Junction train than to take
              the direct train to Varanasi Cantonment. etc. more in mail.
              \- according to my india rail guide the Kaveri Express
                 leaves B'lore around 7am gets to Mysore around 10ish
                 and leave Mysore around 6pm to return to B'lore by ~9,
                 so that may be a easy weekend, but locals can tell you if
                 it would be smarter to hire a car if you have 2-4 people
                 in your tour party. it is about 400mi to cochin and the
                 b'lore - kanyakumai express [sic] goes via ernakulam but
                 i am not sure if there is a better option. unless you
                 count the really big destinations in india, india travel
                 is often about the  characters you meet on the journey
                 and the "character building" that happens rather where
                 you are going. i've always been surpised to hear people
                 liked kolkata because there isnt much to see there and
                 i am not sure what is interesting about the place if you
                 dont speak bengali.
2005/9/20-22 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:39771 Activity:low
9/20    Hypothetical question. Let's say it is year 1930 again and you are
        Adolf Hitler II. You have a dream to dominate Europe and more in
        a mere decade or two. What would you have done that's the same
        as before, and more importantly what would you have done
        differently, be it politically, militarily, economically? Please
        don't delete this thread, I'm curious what motd historian buffs
        have to say.
                         \- "I have a dream ..."
                                \_ Stop interrupting you Bengali shit
        \_ not try to invade Russia until the rest of Europe was polished off
           \_ How about "don't invade Russia, period." Winter is so cold
              there that motoroil actually freezes, rendering your highly
              mechaniszed units useless.
           \_ Yeah... Hitler underestimated the size of the Soviet army. I
              wonder if he thought he would avoid war with the US. Or maybe
              he hoped to crush the Soviets really quickly. Anyway once that
              failed and US was involved it was over. In retrospect they needed
              to knock out Britain. But they screwed up the air war there.
              Knowing what we know now, different tactics might have allowed
              them to take out either Britain or USSR quickly. In the first
              place I think Hitler hoped to get Poland without the British
              war, which would have let him focus only on the east. And when
              Barbarossa began the "fortress Europe" had been established,
              USA wasn't at war, so Hitler probably felt safe with that.
        \_ Don't trust the Italians, they're utterly incompetent.
        \_ Forget about heavy water.  Listen to the jews and go uranium
           instead.  And don't piss them off by putting them in concentration
           camps until after they've invented the A-bomb.
           \_ HAHA my thoughts exactly. Rule #1 in business-- never treat
              people badly until they give you want you want. The Jews are
              smart. Treat them well at first, concentration camp later.
                \_ Are you sure this would have worked for Hitler?  Part of
                   Hitler's route to power was by scapegoating the Jews.
                   Face it, persecuting and blaming a minority for all your
                   problems is an effective way of getting power.  --PM
                   \_ I see.  Was there another minority he could use as
                      scapegoat at that moment?
                      \_ He could have used the Poles. I mean, there are so
                         many Polish jokes to tell and they don't seem to mind
                         \_ He wouldn't have needed the whole anti-semitic
                            shpiel.  The krauts were falling apart at the
                            seams politically and screaming for stability and
                            strong leadership, and still bitter enough about
                            being stomped on militarily during and diplo-
                            matically after WWI that the nazis were a shoo-in
                            to run the joint.  Remember that WWII only came
                            along after a pretty spectacular, virtually un-
                            opposed run of aggression in the name of anti-
                            communism and reuniting all Germans into one big
                            happy fatherland.  -John
                            happy vatherland.  -John
                            \_ Apparently you flunked history. The Nazis
                               were not "shoo-ins" to run the joint. They
                               got into power with less than the majority
                               vote. It was because Hindenburg was weak
                               and the opposition was fragmented that lead
                               to Hitler's appointment to be Chancellor in
                               an attempt to create a coalition government.
                            \_ That, and also the effects of the Great
                               Depression which affected Germany as much,
                               if not worse, than the US.
        \_ Rape and plunder doesn't work well for long periods. Treat the
           stinking Frenchmen and poor Poles nicer. Give them a sense that
           they belong to something of great importance instead of just
           beating the shit out of them. After they assimilated and
           contributed, THEN beat the shit out of them. Oh and don't
           screw around with French women, most of them have STDs and
           will incapacitate your Waffen-SS Wehrmacht.
           \_ Or join it... -John
        \_ ULTRA is compromised.
           \_ More to the point, if everything goes according to your
              expectations, it means they're feeding you bad intel; it does
              NOT mean you're a genius.
              \_ You misunderstand ULTRA. If the other side knows every major
                 move you're making, it is harder for you to win.
                 \_ On the contrary, I understand ULTRA very well. However,
                    in order to keep Hitler from knowing that ULTRA was
                    compromised, the Allies waged a campaign of misinformation
                    that relied primarily on Hitler wanting to believe that
                    his predictions of enemy movement would be accurate. Cf.
                    Bodyguard of Lies by Anthony Cave Brown.
                    \_ So communicating factually through a compromised system
                       would be okay even if Hitler knew it was compromised
                       and his predictions came true. That's even more occult
                       belief than I want to deal with.
                       \_ Sigh. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm trying to keep
                          this within the realm of the knowledge that he might
                          have gained under the circumstances. If he realized
                          that things were running too impossibly close to his
                          expectations, he might have realized that he was
                          being played. He might also have been able to seed
                          ULTRA with false intel while speeding up R&D of
                          Enigma. Thank god he was a paranoid, megalomaniacal
        \_ Donate to Charles Lindberg's Presidential campaign and convince
           the Japs to hold off on Pearl Harbor until all the Carriers were
           back in port. I would have won the battle of Britain prior to
           opening the Russian front and then I would have got the Japs to
           help me take out Russia. Then I would send the Kreigsmarine to
           take out the US from the east coast while the Japs took out the
           US from the west coast.
2005/9/20-21 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:39772 Activity:kinda low
9/20    Is there a way to tell Emacs not to append an LF at the end of a C file
        if the last line doesn't end with an LF?  Thanks.
        \- i dont undersand exactly what you mean [append when?] but emacs
           can certainly do anything in this area with the approprite hook
           (which should already exist for what youa re trying to do) calling
           an appropriate function (which you may have to write). if what
           want to do is reasonable, it is probably already solved. who are
           \_ Say I have a 7-byte file foo.c like this:
                'F' 'O' 'O' <LF> 'B' 'A' 'R'
              i.e. the second line doesn't end with <LF>.
           \_ Found it: (setq require-final-newline nil).  Thanks.  -- OP
2005/9/20-21 [Transportation/Car] UID:39773 Activity:nil
9/20    Hey I just cancelled AAA automobile insurance today. I'm very very
        happy. They didn't know how to handle insurance claims I made last
        year and made a mess. My license was suspended due to multiple errors
        they wrote on the SR-1p form. Fuck AAA automobile insurance. BTW
        I just went to and got a new insurance w/ MORE coverage
        and LESS cost. Fuck AAA.
        \_  AAA cancelled my insurance when I got a fix-it ticket because
            they said I had some rate that was instantly invalid if I got
            any sort of infraction, then they charged me $50 for the
            privilege, then all sorts of other stupid shit happened. - danh
            \_ I'm the op. Here's what happened to me. Someone rear-ended
               me. The other side paid for repairs because she was at-fault.
               AAA said they'll take care of everything else, like sending
               in the SR-1p form to DMV. I drove happily for 10 months but
               one day got a call from AAA who said they're cancelling my
               renewal because I haven't had a valid driver's license for 8
               months! I went to the DMV to see why and it turns out my
               license was suspended because DMV never got an SR-1p from AAA,
               so DMV made the assumption that I was driving without a valid
               insurance. I called AAA to ask them to resend again, and they
               said they'll take care of it. Sadly, AAA typed the SR-1p with
               the WRONG date, so 2 months later, without any notification,
               my license was STILL suspended. I also couldn't get new
               insurance with other companies because DMV tagged me as a
               bag driver due to the SR-1p. That's a WHOLE YEAR without
               a license. Finally after making countless calls, and having
               to contact managers at AAA, they typed up a good SR-1p form.
               DMV changed me license for $55 penalty, but I finally got my
               license back. People at AAA are very new, clueless, and the
               turnover rate is very very fast. FUCK AAA.
        \_ Just a different data point: I've had allstate for 15+ years.
           I got into an accident about 10 years ago (my fault) and almost
           totalled my car.  Allstate was very good about taking care of
           everything, they were efficient, quick, and pleasant throughout
           the whole process.  My car was even repaired to good as new even
           though it came within like $1 of being totalled.
           \_ From my point of view it's a bad thing that they repaired
              your car when it was so wrecked. I had a bad insurer once
              who paid $8K+ to repair my $13K car and the car has never
              been the same. OTOH, one of my cars now is worth $3.5K and I'd
              really prefer it fixed than taking the cash. It depends on
              the situation. Given a choice, assuming it's a nice $20-30K
              car, I want the cash.
           \_ It's not necessarily a good thing that they fixed your
              totalled car.
                \_ It was for me. I had a working car, which I had paid for
                   with cash (2 paychecks worth).  Excellent body shop.  I'm
                   on my third car now and I've yet to take out an auto loan.
                   \_ If you have a beater it might be worth it. If you
                      have a nice car it is not. Whether you have a loan or
                      not is irrelevant.
           \- i've had my car stereo stolen something like 4 times.
              under AAA, i rec'd by far the largest settlement.
              i have also had allstate and they are ok too. swtiched
              from AAA when AAA prices went above allstate i think.
              i think the allstate agent was willing to engage in some
              "optimization" to reduce the cost ... like putting the car
              in my parent's zip code instead of my hood location etc.
2005/9/20-22 [Computer/SW] UID:39774 Activity:nil
9/20    I'm interested in incorporating a single member LLC. I work
        from home but I'd prefer not to have my home address listed
        for my business on the state website in the public record.
        Other than renting office space, what are my options?
        \_ What do you do?
           \_ computer services, web design etc.
        \_ I thought a PO box was sufficent.
           \_ That's what I do for domain names, banks, etc.
           \_ Apparently it isn't.. They need an office address
              to serve papers in case of a lawsuit.. I guess I can
              pay a company to be listed as the registered agent.
           \_ Regulation, schmegulation. If you don't plan on being served
              court papers, you can get a mailbox at The UPS Store or
              Mailboxes Etc, since they will provide you with a real
              street address and "suite number" (instead of PO Box #### from
              the Post Office)
2005/9/20-22 [Finance/Investment] UID:39775 Activity:kinda low
9/20    Two people on motd actually think Alan Greenspan's doing a good
        job. Why do you think he's done such a great job?
        \_ Why do you think he hasn't? It's partly because of his amazing
           balancing act that the country hasn't been in a deep depression so
           far. Maybe it's just buying time. History will show that.
           However, what could anyone have done better?
           \_ The crazy dot com lasted for several years, well passed the
              recession. It could have been controlled with a steady rise
              of interest rates. Greenspan instead did NOTHING till the last
              few years in a failed attempt to catch up. Now we're seeing the
              same thing. The housing boom is crazy, and has been crazy for
              the last few years. What did Greenspan do? Nothing. Now he's
              trying to catch up, once more. The man is old and his reaction
              is slow. This man fucked up TWICE and deserves no praise.
                 "But another key principle of the Greenspan Fed, which most
                 experts have come to accept, is that the central bank should
                 focus on economic fundamentals and not try to prematurely pop
                 a market bubble in stock prices or real estate prices."
                 Of course, you are entitled to your opinion.  Unfortunately,
                 it seems that the European Central Bank also disagrees with
                 you.  "For the ECB, the Maastricht treaty mandated that price
                 stability would be the primary objective. The treaty also
                 established that the ECB should support the general economic
                 policies of the European Community, aiming at growth and
                 employment but only insofar as price stability is not
                 But, again you are certainly entitled to hold your own opinion.
                 But, again you are certainly entitled to hold your own
                 \_ nytimes is charging for the article. Forget it
        \_ "While there are some negatives in the record, when the score
           is toted up, we think he [Greenspan] has a legitimate claim to
           being the greatest central banker who ever lived.  His performance
           as chairman of the Fed has been impressive, encompassing, and
           overwhelmingly beneficial--to the nation, to the institution,
           and to the practice of monetary policy."
           "Understanding the Greenspan Standard", Alan Blinder and Ricardo
           Reis, Princeton University.
           Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion and you are free
           to disagree.
           \_ I think this is one of those things that will only be correctly
              judged in at least a decade's time. --haven't made my mind
              \_ For greatest central banker who ever lived?  Sure.  Straight
                 up good/bad job?  I don't know of anyone serious who thinks
                 this is controversial.  Of course, MOTD knows better than
                 most (or in this case all) professionals.  I would love to
                 read a serious claim from a credible source (say a paper
                 published in a refereed journal) that that Greenspan has
                 done an overall bad job.
        \_ green span is overrated.  what's so hard about his job.  read
           data, read news, decide whether to lower rate or raise rate,
           don't do anything drastic so he won't get blamed.  that's about
           \_ There are 2 kinds of people who will tell you that something
              is trivial to do: someone who has never done it before, and
              someone who has done it many times.
              \_ it's similar to making a call on where the economy, market
                 is going.  Most investors have to make such calls many
                 times in their investing career.  in fact, an investor's
                 job is probably harder, since he has to look forward,
                 whereas, fed tends to make its decision based on what has
                 already happened.  it's his job important?
                 yea.  is it really hard?  no.
                 yea.  is it really hard?  no.  kind of like an airplane
                 \_ Like I said, there are two kinds of people.
        \_ He kept us from having a major recession after the dot com
           bubble collapsed. That was pretty impressive.
2005/9/20-22 [Reference/Military] UID:39776 Activity:nil
9/20    Gun people: this is a pretty interesting site to browse:
2005/9/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:39777 Activity:nil
9/20    Here comes another hurricane.
2005/9/20-22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39778 Activity:nil
9/20    Able Danger, if true, is the biggest story of the year.
        Pentagon Blocks Testimony at Senate Hearing on Terrorist
        More collective ass covering by Washington elite....                           -jblack
        \_ I agree insofar as "why bury it if it's that harmless/irrelevant/
           in the past".  Weird.  Anyway, Karl Rove (a political strategist)
           supervising Katrina reconstruction is the biggest story of the
           year. -moderate/liberal
        \_ Yeah, Katrina is SO yesterday. But Able Danger will pale next to
           rumors that that Hillary likes the occasional dirty Sanchez.
        \_ Why didn't Bush do anything about the Able Danger information?
           I have actually decided that the 9/11 Commission was probably
           mostly a coverup. The Democrats covered Clinton's ass and the
           GOP covered Bush's and neither side wanted to rock the boat. -ausman
           \_ Did you read the 911 comission report?  I think there was the
              potential for plenty of boat rocking in the report, but that
              few people read it, and most people don't have the attention
              span to get worked up about it. I did read the 911CR, and I
              certainly felt there was plenty of blame placed on both Bush
              and Clinton there--people really just don't care or notice.
                \_ If it's a flash of a tit, people notice!
              \_ I read it selectively. Chapter 8 "The System Was
                 Bliking Red" is pretty damning, I have to admit. -ausman
2005/9/20 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39779 Activity:moderate
9/20 (Yahoo news)
        Diversity (women, blacks, etc) changes the way justices see the
        world. Please don't delete this jblack. I already know what you think
        \_ never have deleted a thread, thanks.
           \_ I, on the other hand, have. Do I get freeper cookies?
        \_ I have never deleted a thread.
2005/9/20-22 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:39780 Activity:nil
        Karzai actually demands an end to US-led operations. How dare he
        talk to us like that! Looks like we need to put in a new puppet ruler
        \_ just promise Karzai that we will not 1. interfere opium production
           and 2. demand to share profit derive from opium sales should be
2005/9/20-22 [Uncategorized] UID:39781 Activity:nil
9/20    recommendation for inexpensive driving school in east bay?
        \_ A.S.W.A.D.S.
2005/9/20-21 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:39782 Activity:high
9/20    what is 'fan service' in anime?
        \_ scantily clad female characters
           \_ It has more to do with very extraneous scenery that doesn't
              enhance plot, character, etc.  Mostly yeah, it's little
              revealing clips (random upskirt shots, etc) but depending on the
              feature and subject "fan service" can refer to anything 'extra'.
           \_ I think wikipedia is pretty good here:
              \_ Wikipedia failed on the word BBFS, bare back full service
                 \_ Go in and fix it!
2020/09/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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