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2005/9/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:39582 Activity:nil
9/8     My Driver's Liscence is going to expire in less than 2 months.  I'd
        like to take care of it ASAP, because I'll be out of town/busy as
        the expiration date nears.  The DMV site says I can renew online if
        I'm eligible.  I can find out if I'm eligible by looking at my
        renewal notice.  When can I expect the renewal notice to arrive in
        the mail?
        \_ Time to slog down to the DMV. You should've received a notice
           to renew your license at least six months prior to the expiration.
           The renewal either got lost or the DMV fouled up and didn't
           send it to you. You need to either wait in line and get this
           cleared up (be prepared to wait a long time) or make an appointment
           and show up to get this cleared up. You do NOT want to take
           the driver test again.
        \_ I got my notice about 2 months before my birthday.  But you
           can always go in in person to have your driver's renewed
           without such notice.  Chances are, if you didn't have a
           moving violation in the past 3 years, you won't be asked to
           take a written test.
2005/9/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:39583 Activity:nil
9/8     Has anybody played the Japanese FFXII? Thoughts? Opinions?
2005/9/9-12 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:39584 Activity:nil
9/9     String Theory lecture at Stanford on monday:
2005/9/9 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Security] UID:39585 Activity:kinda low
9/9     Dear Park B1 (Firefox 1.5) is out:
           \_ "Deer" Park you moron.
        OpenSSH 4.2 is out as well:
        \_ fyi, that B1 means Beta 1 (didn't know myself)
2005/9/9-11 [Transportation/Car] UID:39586 Activity:low
9/9     I used to have Farmer's insurance. But they kept jacking up the
        price from $800 to 1200, so I switched to AAA. After having them
        for 3 years, they also raised their price from $800 to $1200.
        Now I'm looking for another insurance. Does anyone have a similar
        experience and what can you do about it?
        \_ I've had 21st Century for 12 years.  I've not had any problems
           like what you describe.  I've heard of GEICO doing the "bait
           and switch" thing from more than one person.  Don't know about
           AAA or anybody else.
        \_ Are you getting tickets or making claims or something? My
           insurance generally decreases a small amount each year.
           insurance generally decreases a small amount each year. I have
           21st Century Insurance and really like them. I've had AAA in
           the past. I hear good things about GEICO.
           \_ Nada! AAA jacked up my cost by like $300 this year. Then they
              mailed me a letter saying that since I've been a good boy,
              they'll give me a $100 policy holder's divident. Bullshit.
              \_ ?  That's really odd.  I use progressive, so far I've
                 been pretty happy with them.
                 \_ This used to happen to me when I was insured by AAA.
                    When I called AAA on the increases, they would come up
                    with excuses like they reclassified my car or my
                    neighborhood to be riskier.  AAA is completely inept and
                    inefficient, and they really just suck big donkey
                    balls.  I'm Allstate now.  We'll see what happens.
                    \_ Allstate is a little bit better than AAA but still sucks.
        \_ What KIND of insurance?
           \_ Automobile
        \_ USAA
           \_ YES!  USAA and NFCU have my undying gratitude for turning my
              entire financial situation around over the last 5 years.
        \_ Mercury... Mercury seems to always have the lowest rates for good
           \_ Perhaps, but when selecting insurance do consider more than
              the rate. Not that Mercury is bad. I've also heard it's
              good. However, I went with the lowest bidder once and when
              I needed to use it I was disappointed with the results. I
              have had 3 claims with 21st Century (one injury accident
              which was my fault, an accident which was not, and one in
              which I was hit by someone carrying 21st - when I had AAA
              myself) and I've always been very happy with the outcomes.
        \_ I just got a $53 check from AAA for dividen or something.
2005/9/9-11 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:39587 Activity:nil
9/9     How do I do a SELECT STDDEV(column),MEDIAN(column) FROM table? I can
        only find references to AVG. Anyone know? Thanks,
           Somehow I'm just _guessing_ you're using MySQL.
2005/9/9-12 [Finance/Investment] UID:39588 Activity:nil
9/9     Whoa.  I'm saving about 50% of my take-home.  What's the canonnical
        asset class mix for investing money to be used in 5 years?
        \_ I'm in a similar position, although I am certainly no
           investment guru.  I think for short term it's usually about 20%
           equity, 80% bonds.  This is about what I'm doing. I'm
           getting 5.5% on the bonds right now.
        \_ To be used for what? An idea of your goals would help.
           \_ world domination, duh.
        \_ 50% is a lot.  Big salary, not that much expenses?
           What are your goals with your extra money?
           \_ Yes, yes.  Marriage/house/kids.
        \_ Found this on google:
        \_ Bonds, according to SmartMoney.
2005/9/9-11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39589 Activity:nil
9/9     FEMA director Brown relieved of Hurricane Katrina duties
        \_ "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job." - gwbush
           \_ This will be transformed into "Brownie who?" in the coming
                \_ Or, "It was a sarcasm."
           \_ No need to refute that.  He was pulled off so FEMA can be ready
              with its top guy for the next disaster.  The replacement was
              always part of the plan.  (When he quietly moves on in a few
              months, it will be to spend more time with his family.)
2005/9/9-11 [Reference/Celebration] UID:39590 Activity:nil 66%like:39339
9/9     Happy Birthday ERic!
        \_ Thank you jsl for all those years! What happened between 2000-2004?
2005/9/9-11 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Computer/Blog] UID:39591 Activity:low
9/9     Most of you have probably seen this blog before (translations of
        chinese tattos) but today's top post is pretty funny.
        \_ This site has exactly the same layout as
           Interesting.  Are they related?
           \_ Are you an idiot?  They're both blogger templates.
2005/9/9-11 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:39592 Activity:nil
9/9     Crack NOLA police force in action... "[T]he police taught everyone
        around here how to loot. They were the first to bust into the
        grocery store down the street and the Wal-Mart a mile or so up
        the road. He also says they took to breaking into car lots in the
        days after the storm and driving off with brand-new Escalades. I'm
        not sure whether to believe him, until a cop car drives buy towing
        what looks like a mint-condition Corvette Stingray.
        \_ LA and NO in particular have had endemic corruption for
           decades upon decades.  Such corruption breeds incompetence.
           On the best of nights NO is out of control and lawless; throw
           in a flood and you see the result.
        \_ Just for argument's sake, it would make sense for them to heist
           SUVs in place of patrol cars, and to bust into shops to distribute
           goods to people, but it doesn't sound like that's what happened
           (although to be fair, I wasn't there...)  -John
2005/9/9-11 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:39593 Activity:nil
9/9     remember , it's going to be 911 on sunday
        \_ early happy birthday, devo
2005/9/9-13 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Reference/Military] UID:39594 Activity:kinda low Cat_by:auto
        COMPTON--... Hipolito, his wife and his 16-year-old brother had been
        looking at CDs, passing the hour it would take for their car stereo to
        be repaired. ... two assailants had asked the brothers: Where are you
        from, what gang? The Hipolitos said they were from nowhere, no gang.
        Osiel Hipolito ... told the men: I'm in the U.S. Navy. ... Sheriff's
        officials said the Hipolitos had no connection to any gang activity ...
        Then the gunman starts shooting with a semiautomatic weapon, first at
        Hipolito, who falls to the ground, and then into the abdomen of his
        wife ...                                                -jblack
        \_ Please don't ascribe posts to me I have nothing to do with.
           This seems to be happening on a daily basis.  As if I
           even read the LA Times. -jblack
           \_ Congratulations! You finally signed your name for the first
              time ever! Tell us how it feels. Come on, don't be shy...
              \_ To paraphrase John Kerry on his life-changing secret
                 mission into Cambodia on Christmas Eve, it is a life
                 changing experience.
              \_ And you're one to talk... why? -jrleek
           \_ Justin, I find it interesting that while you signed your
              name to clarify that you're not the original poster, you make
              no attempt to reject the accusation below that you're a racist.
              Now that we're clear on your stance on race, and you seem
              darn open about it, is there anything else you'd want us
              to know about you? Do you also hate Jews and fags? How
              about these damn foreigners taking our jobs? Please respond
              to this thread, otherwise I'll take your silence as yes and yes
              about these damn foreigners taking our jobs?
              \_ I've always been told that if you get into a fight with a
                 swine, you both get dirty, but the swine likes it dirty.
                 That may or may not have anything to do about jblack's
                 reluctance to engage his attacker.  - !jblack
        \_ So it makes no difference what you say, really. They just need
           to shoot someone. I'm sure you'll get shot at no matter what.
           \_ No.  This is what you say: "It is against the law for you to
              attack me, and I am calling the police."  Remember, the police
              is there to protect you.
        \_ Yes, Justin Black ( and
 , we know that you hate nigers, beaners,
                                        I hate bad spellers _/  -!jblack
           chinks, and what not. Is there anything else you want to add?
           \_ I love how you treat this like some kind of contest between
              you and jblack to see who can be the bigger butt-hole.  Even
              more amazing is that you seem to be winning.
              \_ As long as you classify him as a butthole, I don't care
                 what you call me. Thank you. I'll worker harder from now on.
                 \_ You do realize that all you're doing it to cause some of
                    feel sympathy for jblack.
                    \_ Yes, it's called the Rove tactic. jblack knows what
                       he is doing when he insults himself. Go Bush!!!
2005/9/9-13 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:39595 Activity:low
9/9     Does OSX gcc still not support weak symbol definitions?  ie, I
        can't redefine malloc or new? (In this case actually I'm defining
        something as weak, either with #pragma weak or
        __attribute__((weak)) but OSX doesn't seem to support either!)
        \- hello, have you tried __attribute__((weak_import)). what gcc
           version. i dont have access to my gcc 4/10.4 machine right now.
           i dont think this will work on gcc 2.9x either. who are you?
           \_ probably your other personality?
           \_ I'm trying weak_import right now.  So far it seems to be
              working, but I'll update when the build finishes and I can
              test it.  (Yes, it takes that long.)  The only problem with
              weak_import is that now I'm going to have to throw in an
              #ifdef DARWIN or something.  -jrleek
              \- there are a fair number of hacks to gcc/darwin, so
                 get used it it. i am supporting a bunch of mathematical
                 codes and recently added osX and now with tiger/10.4/gcc4/
                 xcode2 and osX-old, there's lots of #ifdefing to be done.
                 there is some adequate documentation on various
        WEEB sites. there is also  a code
                 snippet i can send you that give you some info on what
                 options are supported. ok tnx.
                 \_ Hmm..  weak_import didn't work for me, I still get
                    "ld: multiple definitions of symbol
                    _Hello_World__rmicast"  I hear another alternitive is
                    upgrading to 10.4 and gcc4.  That's supposed to
                    support full weak linking through gcc.  Another option
                    is to call ld straight, not through gcc. :(
                    Yes, please send me that code snippit.  Right now I'm
                    using OSX v10.3.9 and gcc3.3, but I guess I can
                    upgrade. -jrleek
                    \- you may not be specifying correct linker options
                       i have to go to dolores park now,
                       \- Leek Weak Advisory: see ~psb/MOTD/weaktest.{c,sh}
2005/9/9 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:39596 Activity:nil 62%like:39600
9/9     Pocket computer with C compiler in year 1989!

9/9/    Any recommendation for an GUI SCP client for Mac OS X?
        \_ Fugu for free, transmit if you want to pay
           \_ Great Thanks! -op
2005/9/9-13 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:39597 Activity:nil
9/10    What do I need in order to read a mini-CD in a regular CD drive?
        \_ many CD players have a special groove for smaller CDs.
           If not, you can buy an adaptor which makes it fit into CD drives.
           \_ Where can I buy this?
              \_ I spent too much time researching the web.  This is now
                 very hard to find.  Some hints:
                        Call up companies like Maxell or Memorex
                        call up companies that produce mini-DVD camcorders
2005/9/9-11 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:39598 Activity:nil
        The world's strongest beer. VAT IST IT BOUT ZIE GERMANS??
        \_ Another high bar for those Floridians.
2005/9/9-11 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:39600 Activity:nil 62%like:39596
9/9     Any recommendation for an GUI SCP client for Mac OS X?
        \_ Fugu for free, transmit if you want to pay
           \_ Great Thanks! -op
2005/9/9-11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39601 Activity:nil
9/9     At least Al Gore saved some lives in New Orleans. It is really
        too bad we didn't get the President we elected:
2005/9/9-13 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39602 Activity:nil
9/9     Bush batting average calls for new coaches (think 0.333 is good?):
2005/9/9-13 [Science/Space] UID:39603 Activity:kinda low
9/9     Looking to buy an entry-level telescope in the ~$500 range.
        Any recommendations?
        \_ I have a Meade ETX-90 (the old non-computerized version).
           Excellent optics and very portable.
           Or if you like Celestrons, this isn't too bad -- wider aperture
           but a bit bulkier:
           At any rate, go for as large an aperture as you can afford.
           \_ second that.  It's not the size, it's the apature that matters.
        \_ I have a Celestron mirror telescope with a 910mm lens.  It's
           great for starting.  Look at for some info,
           but there are many other great sites you'll find with some basic
           googling.  It's not strictly "entry-level", but I would look for
           a scope that can fit a motor with usb controller port--it's great
           to be able to just point and click on objects on some planetarium
           program on a laptop and have the scope move there, as well as to
           have it keep tracking an object.  A Russian colleague who's teh
           telescope god recommended some Russian outfit that makes super high
           quality scopes for far less than Meade or Takahashi; I can find out
           if you're interested.  Most important:  get a really good bag for
           it so you can go into the field.  -John
           \_ John, you have too many expensive hobbies.
              By the way, are those big and cheap reflectors any good
              for beginners?
              \_ Urgh, it was a present from my girlfriend.  This one wasn't
                 "cheap" per se (about $1.5k, but relatively inexpensive as
                 far as good telescopes go--remember that, like cameras, sky's
                 the limit pricewise.)  Depends on what you mean by "good"--I
                 took some time to read up on lenses, cosmic objects, whatnot,
                 but I still just like going out and looking at Jupiter/Mars.
                 It's sort of important how much you intend to get into the
                 topic.  Maybe it's best to find someone knowledgeable to go
                 stargazing with--people with good telescopes are usually
                 pretty enthusiastic about getting people into it.  I'd ask
                 Prof. Filipenko (sp?) about some pointers, if he's still
                 around.  -John
                 \_ why would you ask Filipenko about a hobby telescope?
                 \_ Why would you ask Filipenko about a hobby telescope?
                    Do you ask Econ profs for tax/investment/real estate
                    \_ Are you being difficult on purpose?  I'm trying to be
                       informative.  Filipenko might know about clubs of
                       hobby astronomers in the BA who will probably be
                       happy to help you/op get into it--he seemed pretty
                       approachable about stuff like that.  Also, I just
                       remembered that I lived next to a guy in SF who was
                       part of a club that ground their own lenses and sold
                       really nice home-made telescopes--if you ask around,
                       maybe you can get a good deal on one of those.  -John
                    \_ Why wouldn't you ask an econ prof for that sort of
                       advice? Most econ profs I met were pretty well off
                       financially. It's their expertise. Likewise, asking
                       astronomers about telescopes makes a lot of sense.
                       What's your deal?
                       \- it make a lot more sense to ask a hobbyist group
                          in the telescope case. do you ask cs profs what
                          computer you should buy? dear prof katz, which
                          raid card do you recommend. econ profs may have
                          perfectly good answers but unless you have a
                          non-standard relationship with them, i dont think
                          it would be appropriate to make an appt with one
                          to talk about your portfolio. unless filipenko in
                          particular has somehow advertised "come talk to
                          me if you are interested in buying a telescope".
                          \_ I think if you're in his class it is perfectly
                             reasonable to ask him. I'm not discussing
                             the case where one makes a totally random
                             appointment with a prof they do not know. Maybe
                             a hobbyist group would give better answers.
                             Maybe not. I found astronomy profs at
                             Berkeley to be fantastically approachable in
                             addition to extremely bright. My astronomy
                             profs were some of the only profs I had at
                             Berkeley that gave the impression they loved
                             to teach and actually cared about students.
2005/9/9-11 [Reference/Military] UID:39604 Activity:nil
9/9     Remember that cop you said would take a bullet for me? More
        likely he would put a bullet in my back:
        \_ This is my favorite part:  "Police officers in Gretna also went
           into the city's lone sporting goods store and pawn shop and removed
           more than 1,400 weapons from the shelves to ensure the public
           \_ If I were a (non-crooked) cop, I'd do the same
              \_ Ob please note "to ensure the *public* safety [emphasis
                 added]".  Hilarity ensues.
2005/9/9-11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39605 Activity:nil
        Yes! YES! Uncensored criticism to Bush and his cronies to be aired
        on US broadcast network. People, wake up, IT IS TIME to speak out,
        to protest and to fix the fabrics of our corrupt society. It is time
        to learn the truth, for it is truth that will liberate yourself from
        the shackles of the current policies and power structure. Come out
        with me. Come join Cindy Sheehan. Come join all the other brave
        citizen soldiers of truth and freedom who are about to create the
        biggest protest America has every seen. Come on yall big strong men,
        Uncle Sam needs your help again, he's got himself in a terrible jam,
        way down yonder in Iraq. So put down your books and protest. Light
        up your incense. Good sense, innocence, cripplin' and kind. Who
        cares what games we choose? Bushco has little to win, but nothing to
        lose. Beatniks and politics, nothing is new. A yardstick for lunatics,
        one point of view. Join me for harmony and understanding, sympathy and
        trust abounding, no more falsehoods or derisions, golden living dreams
        of visions. Come join me. Come join the revelation.
        \_ Nice troll, but it could use some editing.
        \_ Why do you hate America?
        \_ "He also claimed the US was not set up "to help the poor, the
            black people, the less well-off". How do they let this kind of
            crazy radical talk end up on the air? If I had my way, you'd
            all be shot!
2005/9/9-13 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:39606 Activity:moderate
9/9     Small Japanese People making a comeback:
           "In 1981, the average car got 21mpg... Jump ahead 24 years, the
            average car got... 21mpg... vehicles have gotten more fuel
            efficient. It's just that car buyers have wanted other things..."
            \_ I can pesonally attest to the advance in engine technology.
               Thirteen years ago my '84 Jeep Cherokee (115hp) reached the
               100k-mile mark and I was getting ~14mpg.  This June my '96 Jeep
               Cherokee (190hp) also reached the 100k-mile mark, and I'm
               getting ~22mpg.  Both trucks have *identical* bodies, so the
               difference in mpg is all in the drivetrain.  Actually my '96 has
               cruise control and one mandatory airbag, so it probably weights
               more than my '84.
        \_ Not gonna happen. Gas price is going down again. For this to
           happen, you either need a sustained 70s effect, where gas is
           relatively $5-6/gallon. Not gonna happen now. Americans love
           their SUVs.
           \_ The 1981 inflation-adjusted peak gas cost was $2.94.  -tom
              \_ $3.0803 for CA.
                 \_ Whatever, the point is it wasn't $5-$6/gallon back then,
                    and the price had a real effect on car buying.  -tom
           \_ SUV sales are already way down. Someday they will be
              like big station wagons of the 70s are thought of today.
           \_ Americans use far more gas than they did in the '70s.  Inflation
              adjusted price comparisons are kind of bogus.
        \_ nice try.  it won't fly.  most of these car's performance sucks.
           zero-sixty at 15 second range.   American need to have a lot of
           interior room.  None of these car has them.  The two car I know
           that has relatively roomy interior and small in size are
           1. Audi A2, and 2. Opel Melvira
           \_ Also American cities, excluding megaurbans that we know, tend
              to spread out over a large area of land, and Americans
              travel more distance with a greater speed than most of the
              other countries so they prefer big, comfortable cars. After
              getting spoiled for decades, and with loans at all time low,
              it is unlikely Americans will buy something smaller when they
              can obviously take easy loans to get something much better.
              \_ only way to resolve this issue is slap $1 per gallon of
                 federal tax on gasoline (oppose to $0.18 right now).
                 \_ Yes, the solution to any problem is to raise taxes.
                    The government knows best how to spend your money.
                    \_ Instead, we should just get rid of all our taxes
                       because the government doesn't know how to spend
                       our money. In fact, they shouldn't even be spending
                       our money. Stop spending our money to build and
                       maintain our automotive infrastructure, damnit.
                       But I still want to drive my 6000lbs SUV.
                    \_ they do if best is defined in terms of speed or
                    \_ (Note, I'm not arguing pro/con) This is not a
                       revenue-generating tax, although it inevitably turns
                       into one, it's a punitive tax to try and steer
                       peoples' behavior, much like a cigarette tax.  There's
                       a difference.  -John
                       \_ ohh my gosh, John understands me for once.
                         \_ Not really. The government is telling you not
                            to spend your money on gas in that instance.
                            They are thus telling you how to spend
                            your money. The difference is the same.
                            \_ You're an idiot.
                               \_ Insightful.
                               \_ moron would be more exact, but agreed.
2005/9/9-11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:39607 Activity:nil
9/9     Monica Lewinsky is going to grad skool at the LSE:
        \_ I guess she quit trying to suck Republican dicks.
           \- her interview with BARBARA WAWA was one of the more
              amazing things i have seen on network TV.
2005/9/9-11 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:39609 Activity:moderate
        Listen to the music to Cakewalk To Baghdad, and then read the
        lyrics. Who are they refering the "Frogs" to? I know Krauts
        are Germans.
        \_ 'Frog' commonly refers to the French.
           \_ Why?
              \_ Because "craven ingrate loser" is too much of a mouthful.
                 \_ Why do we perceive them to be losers? And what about the
                    word Kraut, where did that come from?
                    \_ Interesting that you don't ask why the frogs are
                       craven or ingrates.
           \_ I think it has to do with some swampy areas arount Paris.
              People lived there with the frogs or something.. And don't
              the French eat frog legs?
        FROG - "a Frenchman, was common in England by 1870 but became
        well known in the U.S. only during World War I. It is probably from
        the French relishing frogs as a delicacy, reinforced by the toads on
        the coat of arms of the city of Paris." From "I Hear America Talking"
        by Stuart Berg Flexner (Von Nostrand Reinhold Co., New York, 1976).
        \- isnt the paris coat of arms a sailing ship in gold with a field
           of fleur de lys above on a crimson sky all on a blue field?
           of fleur de lys above on a maroon sky all on a blue field?
           at least that was what i bought on a large towel in st. denis.
           \_ I think there's one theory that the fleur de lys was originally
              a stylized frog.  Otherwise your description of the Paris coat
              of arms sounds correct.
              \- i think the f-d-l originally being a frog is either
                 deliberate chaff or revisonism or a mistake. i thought
                 it was kind of funny the french kep losing the oriflamme.
2005/9/9-13 [Consumer/Audio] UID:39610 Activity:nil
9/9     What are you guys thoughts on the new iPod Nano?  I'm sold, my
        only complaints are the battery life (14hr) should've been better
        and the capacity (4GB), but all is forgiven based on it's minute
        \_ I have 30 gig of music. No good.
        \_ dude, why fucking bother with tinyurl if the real url is shorter?
           \_ hint: the tinyurl goes somewhere other than
        \_ my problem with Nano is that I would like to get a FM trasmitter
           so I can use it in my car.  Since they changed the location of
           headset plug, all the existing iPod accessories can't be used.
           \_ FM transmitters don't work in large metro areas like the
              bay area. At least the one I've tried for the iPod.
              \_ FM Transmitters that allow access to 87.5 should work (too
                 low for most transmissions).
2005/9/9-11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39611 Activity:nil
9/9     Bush is going to lead the Katrina inquiry. I'm sure that's going to
        turn out to be fair and balanced. Bring it on, mission accomplished,
        and God Bless.
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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