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2005/9/5-6 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Humor] UID:39496 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
9/6     Grape Scented Light Saber
        \_ totally hilarious. I can somewhat relate as I can't get laid, and
           I have a deep hatred for jocks who rock the ceiling of my
           apartment late at 4AM and get laid all the time.
2005/9/5-7 [Consumer, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:39497 Activity:low
9/6     40-Year Old Virgin-- totally funny, and very different. Go see it!
        \_ It could have been modeled after some unnamed sodalites.
        \_ It is hilarious. I also recommend it. Question. What does singing
           "The Age of Aquarius" have anything to do with getting laid?
           My history of the hippy era is pretty bad. Please explain, thx.
           \_ It was a poke in the eye to the boomers. That song is their
              anthem. That is how I read it, anyway.
              \_ Interesting. What year was the zenith of the hippy era?
                 \_ Depends who you ask.  The zenith of its visibility and
                    influence on the wider culture was probably Woodstock
                    in 1969.  If you ask those who considered themselves the
                    "true hippies," it was probably the early '60s era in
                    San Francisco - Diggers, Merry Pranksters, the
                    time the "Summer of Love" happened, most of the "true
                    hippies" felt the whole thing had gone to shit and just
                    become an excuse to get high and fuck.
                      -- had hippy parents
                    \_ lye, did your parents smoke pot? Are they still
                       liberal or have they become a lot more conservative?
                       \_ Clearly you don't know me at all if you're asking
                          what happened to my parents.  I'd rather not go into
                          it on the motd.  You can email me if you're really
                          interested.  --lye
                    \_ Isn't that it was always about? In any case, its
                       Zenith as a cultural movement was probably '68
                       "Summer of Love" or soon thereafter.
                    \_ I've seen what people looked like (especially hippies)
                       in the 60s ... I'd probably have to be high to fuck
                       anyone back then.
                       \_ I dunno. Gogo boots and minidresses are pretty rad.
                          It's the 70s that make me wanna hurl. Of course,
                          the above isn't 'hippy' attire.
2005/9/5-6 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:39498 Activity:nil
9/6     Those crazy Canadians, now they want to start using Islamic law
        in family law arbirtarion:
2005/9/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39499 Activity:nil
9/6     Why does BBC hate the Republicans?
2005/9/5-7 [Uncategorized] UID:39500 Activity:nil
9/5     Chuck E. Cheese plays Ministry of Truth
        No clue if this is for real or not, but it seemed almost too silly
        to be true.  -John
        \_ 404 Not Found.
        \_ yvan eht nioj!
2005/9/5-7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39501 Activity:low
9/3     Bush Nominates Roberts for Chief Justice
        Hey man, didn't I say this was coming ...
        "The main point is that Roberts could be the next Rehnquist, and this
        could last for decades."
        \- i did suggest on the wall 1. bush will likely nominate somebody
           "you have never heard of" [unless you are a Groupie of
           somebody "you have never heard of" [unless you are an Groupie of
           the Federal Judiciary] 2. ROBERTS was being set up to be Chief
           [over Scalia] although when the possibility existed to ask OCONNOR
           to stay on as acting CJ and then elevate ROBERTS, i thought he
           might go with that plan [I believe no extra  hearing needed to
           make OCONNOR acting CJ, and that would have been a breeze]. THOMAS'
           tribute comments are leem: "I am sad and I miss him. He was good.
           Pray." [ok maybe there was more to it?]
           make OCONNOR acting CJ, and that would have been a breeze]. It's
           interesting to note how leem THOMAS tribute is: "I was sad and I
           miss him. He was good. Pray." [ok maybe there was more to it?]
           I guess this gives STEVENS license to make his appointment a
           "life setence" too. Yeah. --psb
2005/9/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:39502 Activity:kinda low
9/3     Where is Dick Cheney hiding these days?
        \_ He just got back from his vacation in Wyoming. I hear he caught
           some nice trout.
           \- He was at Burning Man
           \_ Did he catch a bass?
2005/9/5-7 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39503 Activity:moderate
9/3     Talking POINTS on Fox,  towards the end of the talk on "The lesson
        to be learned from Hurricane Katrina" says that if you want something
        done, you do it yourself. You can't rely on the government for
        anything, you must rely on yourself. Conservatism #1! Republican #1!!!
        \_ Weird, I thought law and order was the one thing conservatives
           think government is good for.
        \_ Weird, I thought the one thing conservatives and libertarians
           thought was a valid function of government was law and order.
           \_ Conservatives believe in, first and foremost, *self-reliance*,
              the "take matters with your own hands" attitude.
              \_ oh, man, things were so much better when the states all
                 printed their own money.
              \_ So you're saying that each state and local government
                 should invest billions of dollars in their own military
                 and civil infrastructure to defend themselves and deal
                 with catastrophic terrorist acts or natural disasters?
                 That sure makes a lot of sense economically.  Why create
                 a single resource that can be shared amongst the entire
                 nation when you can just reinvent the wheel at the state
                 and local levels? Because we all need to be "self-reliant"
                 \_ I'm not saying that. It's what many Republicans believe.
                    \_ really?  got a URL for any republican saying that
                       each state and local government should spend billions
                       of state/local dollars for their own military and
                       civil infrastructure to defend themselves and deal
                       with catastrophic terrorist acts and natural
                       disasters?  oh. no.  you don't.  you just made that
                       up.  welcome to the motd.
                       \_ Republicans are defending the federal government
                          and the president while blaming state and local
                          authorities for the NOLA fiasco. If you're
                          saying that it means that either (A) the state
                          did not utilize all the resources it had in
                          an effective manner or (B) the state simply
                          did not have the resources to handle the
                          disaster in the first place. But I think it's
                          clear from the scale of the disaster that the
                          only way to deal with this disaster is to have
                          an emergency response infrastructure that is well
                          beyond the scale and budget of any state like
                          \_ The world is not that black and white.  Local and
                             state authorities have responsibilities that they
                             shirked.  They didn't even approach a minimal
                             \_ You don't have any evidence of this other than
                                the rantings of right wing blogs.  Do you still
                                believe the governor didn't declare a state of
                                \_ How many school buses were left sitting
                                   unused?  What exactly was the evacuation
                                   plan and did anyone even try to follow it?
                                   I don't read *any* blogs, thanks for trying.
                                   \_ So your evacuation plan would have been
                                      to ferry 100,000 on these school buses
                                      to be driven by all these school bus
                                      drivers who would rather take care of
                                      their own family and problems than to
                                      drive a bunch of strangers around on
                                      an already overcrowded I-10?
                                      \_ nice way to ignore the rest.  but yes
                                         if you had read the plan you'd know
                                         that the school buses they left to rot
                                         were *part* of the plan to evac those
                                         who couldn't get out on their own.
                                         look, i'm sorry if the facts are
                                         getting in the way of your agenda but
                                         the fact remains that the locals have
                                         responsibilities and failed.  here,
                                         let me save you the trouble of going
                                         on, "gwb is evil, HALIBURTON!, oil,
                                         Iraq, cheney is evil, scalia is evil,
                                         dick morris is evil, HALIBURTON!, oil,
                                         save the spotted owl, christians are
                                         evil!".  did i miss anything?
                                         \_ I've never said anything in the
                                            last 5 lines you wrote there but
                                            nice of you to make assumptions
                                            like that. I do think GWB is
                                            pretty inept. What was the *full*
                                            plan? I think the mayor calling
                                            for a mandatory evacuation and
                                            the governer requesting a state
                                            of emergency is part of the plan.
                                            I think the federal government
                                            not acting on the request is
                                            pretty criminal. If a state
                                            governer requests resources for
                                            evacuation and you don't act on
                                            it  that places the blame on
                                            the federal government, not
                                            state and local.
                             level of reasonable response or use the resources
                             they had in place prior to the event to prevent
                             a lot of the hardship we've seen in the last week.
                             Yes, of course the federal response could have
                             been better as the President already stated.  The
                             federal response was slow and somewhat inept. The
                             state/local response borders on criminal.  With
                             authority comes responsibility, something the
                             locals didn't understand and the people suffered
                             for it.  It's all fun n games being Governor or
                             Mayor until people start drowning, starving, and
                             dying of dehydration.  Then you just blame the
                             feds and start your re-election campaign early.
                             \_ How is the state and local response
                                "criminal"? The state and local govt have
                                limited resources. The federal govt has
                                much greater resources. If you exhaust your
                                state and local resources to capacity then
                                you've done everything you can. But if you're
                                a federal government with billions of dollars
                                at its disposal and you've done jack shit
                                at your disposal and you've done jack shit
                                then that's criminal
                                \_ see above.
              \_ I thought that was more of a Libertarian plank....
              \_ I think their definition of "self-reliance" meant something
                 like "give tax break to big business" and "relax
                 pollution standard so mercury is on everyone's dinner
                 like "give tax break to big business" and "relax pollution
                 standard so mercury is on everyone's dinner plate."
2005/9/5-6 [Science/Disaster, Recreation/Humor] UID:39504 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
9/6     HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA: The Fema Rap
2005/9/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:39505 Activity:nil
9/6     Did Rove have Rehnquist knocked off to disctract attention from NOLA?
        Yes: +
2005/9/5-7 [Politics/Domestic] UID:39506 Activity:nil
        Hey pot smoking LibUrals, does this news make you happy?
        \_ Well, seeing as this is likely a harbinger of difficult economic
           times, why would it?  Does it make you want to cry Mr. Bible-
           thumping Neo-Con?
        \_ Yes, I am always happy when economic reality sets in.
        \_ I sorta think pot smoking liberals would be happy solely because
           they are pot smoking. =D  -mrauser
        \_ Uhhhh whaaaaaaat ... duuuuuuuuude you said "pot"
        \_ It makes me very unhappy that lots of American workers will lose
           their jobs due to the usual braindead management obsessed with
           the next big SUV and unable to compete in the ordinary passenger
           car market.
2005/9/5-7 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:39507 Activity:nil
9/5     How is Katrina going to affect the housing market? I'd like to hear
        opinions from both sides. Thanks.
        \_ Just a wild guess, but I think you can probably get something
           in underwater New Orleas pretty cheap now.
        \_ Answer unclear. Try again later.
        \_ Sometime last week, houses and office space in Baton Rogue were
           being snatched up by speculators.
2005/9/5-6 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:39508 Activity:low
9/5     Say you're really old and you're going to die in 10 years. You don't
        care about your credit rating. Isn't it possible that you borrow a
        big sum from the bank and then declare bankrupcy later on? Or
        don't even bother with it since you're going to die?
        \_ If you die any debts are paid out of your estate, so anyone
           who lent money to you would get it back providing you didn't
           just waste it.  And I doubt they would lend to the elderly who
           didn't have money to really cover the loan. -mrauser
           \- a think a better scenario is if you have a terminal disease
              or are contemplating leaving the country ... in the leave
              the country case, after liquidating assets, i wonder if you
              can avoid your last tax bill. that could be like a million
              dollars on cap gains.
              \_ Owing the gubmint a million bucks would make it difficult
                 and dangerous to visit the States afterwards.  Obviously this
                 would not be a concern for the terminally ill.  I do know
                 people with large amounts of untaxed and unknown to the US
                 foreign investments.  They can only spend the money outside the
                 country and actually live somewhat shabbily (relative to
                 their total available means) in the US.
                 \_ It worked for Marc Rich.  -John
                 \- well i mean a scenario like an immigrant from china or
                    india sells their million dollar real estate and stock
                    portfolio and moves back home and happily settles there.
                    \_ I assumed that those Chinese or Indian immigrants who
                       might escape with the tax-free millions might still want
                       to visit the US later or to send their kids to college
                       here.  The US is quite a pleasant place to live or just
                       to visit, and it will take a bit of money to compensate
                       for the permanent inability to enter the US.
                  \_ The person would need to avoid investing with US based
                     financial institutions or those who share banking treaties
                     with the US. Frozen assets suck.
2005/9/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:39509 Activity:nil
9/5     I think we know what "a government small enough to drown in a bathtub"
        looks like now.
2005/9/5-7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39510 Activity:nil
9/5     "What I'm hearing which is sort of scary is that they all want to stay
        in Texas. Everybody is so overhwlemed by the hospitality. And so many
        of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway
        so this (chuckle)--this is working very well for them."
        -Barbara Bush
        \_ Now we see where W learned his endearing "chuckle at inappropriate
           moments" technique.
        \_ FYI
2005/9/5-6 [Recreation/Dating, Industry/Jobs, Recreation/Shopping] UID:39511 Activity:high
9/5     I patronized a Walmart for the first time, and it was a spectacular
        shopping experience.  The people there were incredibly helpful, even
        after it became obvious that I would not be buying from them.  My wife
        so appreciated their helpfulness that she kept asking me if there was
        some way to tip them or otherwise pay them for their service.  Two
        big thumbs up on Walmart from my wife and I.
        \_ No DUH!!! They are first and foremost a business. They train
           employees to be nice to everyone, and even teach them how to
           talk to liberals in such a way that even liberals will start to
           shop at Walmart. I have no problem with the way front-end clerks
           treat the people. It is the back-end of Walmart that is fucked up.
           \_ I was treated much worse at the Costco a block away, where
              the employee told me to fuck off, though he did do it politely.
              The Walmart employees (I was helped by 3 of them) were helpful
              even after it was obvious that I would not be buying from
              them.  In fact, that visit to Walmart was possibly the best
              shopping experience I've ever had.  The only other comparable
              service experience was when the concierge at my Paris hotel
              (the Hotel de Crillon, also highly recommended) got me same-day
              tapes of the World Series and delivered hot dogs room service
              (and I had to pay for the hot dogs). -op
                   \- Was the concierge hot?
              \- g'vitch: boy i sure wouldnt have predicted CRILLON to come up
                 in a WALMART thread. did you have the SUPER CALVADOS? (at the
                 Hotel Crillon, not W'mart). --bibendum
                 in a WALMART thread. did you have the super CALVADOS? at the H
                 otel Crillon, not W'mart).
                 \_ KGV > Crillon :-)  -John
        \_ it has been my experience the merchandise at walmart is
           not very high quality but i have weird shopping needs - danh
                    \- Is Walmart different from Target? I thought
                       target had some reasonably priced minor appliances.
                       I think I bought a peeler or an iron or something
                       like that there. Costco is sort of horrifying. --psb
           \_ it's definitely bad to have your beefcake boytoys breaking
              out of their cheap handcuffs.
        \_ I was in one near Sacramento for the first (and last) time last
           year.  It was like some twisted circle of hell; I kept expecting
           Mr. Kurtz to pop out of the bushes gasping "the horror, the
           horror".  Full of white & black trash, massively overweight people
           including women in stained stirrup pants with screaming children
           and carts full of horrible fatty starchy food.  Broken toys and
           torn cheap household articles / clothing everywhere; my girlfriend
           came up to me with this horrified look on her face after finding
           the size 38 dresses next to the family-sized tubs of candy.  Also
           the Marines recruiters and the morbidly obese people out front
           selling brand-knockoff jesus t-shirts out front and the staff
           resembling badly groomed zombies stumbling around wild-eyed sort
           of complemented the general atmosphere.  Shudder.  -John
                   \- You need to go to the Walmart in Hillsborough.
                   \- You need to go to the Walmart in Hillborough.
           \_ A couple of years ago i went into the Walmart in Cancun, and
              except that all the prices were in pesos, and the electronics
              section still sold NES games, the place looked the same as many
              of the Walmarts I've seen in the San Joaquin Valley
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