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2005/8/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:39311 Activity:nil
8/27    GRIZZLY MAN is even better than MURDERBALL. - danh
2005/8/28-29 [Health/Men] UID:39312 Activity:low
        Bike and ED. A special article for tom holub.
        \_ I can understand why yer mom might care about my erections,
           but why do you, kchang?  -tom
           \_ huh? uh... because... you're cute? i don't know.
        \_ What does Eminent Domain have to do w/ bikes?
2005/8/28-29 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:39313 Activity:nil
        Can you identify a housing bubble? Fox the Magnificent says
        the bubble will not be a local phenomenon, it'll be national. Also
        there will be a RECESSION.
        \_ better to overestimate the damage than underestimate it
        \_ It will necessarily be national, because interest rates are
           driving it. However, a house in Missouri which is $150K and
           falls to $125K isn't too big of a deal. The places that will
           feel it most are where the gains have been the largest and
           prices are the highest.
2005/8/28-29 [Science/Space] UID:39314 Activity:low
        Malasia to put man on the moon by 2020, with a budget of 25m.
        Eh, ok. Whatever. Are they high on opium?
        \_ I can put several men on the moon by 2020 for significantly
           less than that.  Note that, like the article, I didn't say
           anything about "alive" or "round trip".  -John
        \_ I guess they didn't mention anything about bring man back
           *FROM* the moon :p
        \_ I think they can do it if they relax some of the constraints,
           like getting the astronaut there alive.
           \_ They must have found a free rocket somewhere, because $25M
              won't even get the corpse of an astronaut there.
           \_ You don't get the dead body back either
2005/8/28-29 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:39315 Activity:kinda low
8/28    Any serious weightlifters here? does anyone have any ideas on how
        to "jumpstart" my muscles? I've been benching the same weight for
        several years without much increase in max or chest size, and
        I'm wondering what, if anything, I can do? the only thing I've
        tried is not lifting for a few weeks, and that did not help
        at all. thanks.
        \_ supplements like creatine
        \_ ask ax (or as blacks say, ax ax)
        \_ I've increased my weightlifting capacity on bench from
           say, 130 to 195 via 6-9 months or so of consistent work.
           I haven't gotten 'huge', but I've had some increase, and I've
           been eating 'healthy', with a little bit of emphasis on
           protein, but not huge.  For bench, I do 3-4 sets, with set
           1 being warmup at 115, and thereafter doing weights that
           I can lift 6-8 times, inclusive.  I lift 3 hours per week or
           so.  I do 6-8 hours of cardio exercise per week.  I am not on
           any steroids or supplements.  I do not exercise the same muscles
           2 days in a row if I can help it, except cardio/abdominals.  It
           is possible you need to do more than bench.  I do pull-ups, dips,
           incline bench, seated rows, and sometimes biceps.
           But if you haven't been doing anything wrong, you may have just
           hit your maximum without chemical enhancement.  What is your age?
                \_ Because of my schedule, I can only go to the gym 4x/week,
                   max. I do 3 days of lifting and 1 day of cardio. I do
                   one day of chest/triceps, one of back/biceps, and one of
                   shoulders/legs, and I do 2 exercises for each set of
                   muscles. I definitely do not want to try any nutrition
                   supplements (shakes, creatine, etc), but I could try
                   modifying my regular diet. And I'm 26. Thanks. -op
                   \_ consider changing your workout around a bit, it may
                      stimulate other muscles that you have not been using
                      that may be impeding improvement.  buy books that
                      have new exercise regimens you haven't tried.
                      but really, if you're serious, get a personal trainer.
        \_ Roids!
        \_ I'm a bad guy to ask- I benched 335 at age 23 at a body weight
        of 190 lbs.  I'm now 35 years old, weigh 189, and bench maybe 250.
        I have high cholesterol, so I can't eat the red meat I need to regain
        my power.  With that in mind, my best gains in bench strength came when I
        became obsessed with benching 275 for 10.  (I had been doing it for 5
        reps for years.)  I lifted as heavy as I could
        on every workout, I ate 3/4 lb hamburgers after every workout, I
        ignored my aching joints and back.  I was able to maintain that kind
        of intensity for a few months.  I got 275 for 9.  The point is that
        if you are stuck, you will have to put in a superhuman effort in
        terms of lifting heavy weights and eating high protein if you want
        to get past it.  In terms of chest size, as is most size, it's pretty
        linear with how much you weigh assuming you are working out and not
        fat.  I've found that for size increases, you don't have to do as much
        heavy lifting, but regular training is more effective- lots of pushups,
        dips, etc.  Good Luck!  Plateaus are a pain, but if you can make the
        sacrifices, you can get past them.  Eventually the cost to get past them
        will be more than you are willing to pay.  That's where I'm at.
        Cardio doesn't really help you gain size or strength, it just saps
        your bench in my experience.  My lowest bench presses are usually
        when I'm in my best cardio shape.  -ax
        \_ I have weak ankles and jogging/running is contraindicated. If I get
           my cardio through swimming (breast-stroke), will this work out the
           same muscles I'm working when I bench? --erikred
                \_ People who swim a LOT usually have great pecs, and they
                   bench more than average, but if you want a big bench
                   press, I haven't found a way better than bench pressing
                   as much weight as you can handle.  -ax
                   \_ Sorry, I mean, will swimming count as using the same
                      muscles (i.e., overworking them) as benching? --erikred
        \_ 1. Why the same weight? You should be increasing. Do fewer reps
           with more weight. 2. Work different muscles. Use free weights
           or machines. Just doing a bench all the time won't cut it. Your
           muscles are getting used to it. This is from my dad, who is
           60, weighs 160, and benches 350+. He is a personal trainer. Also,
           what ax says is true. Eat more protein/ change your diet. --dim
        \_ Your Dad is a genetic wonder, you should thank him on a daily
           basis.  I'm sure there is endless hard training involved, but
           those are truly amazing stats.  Wow.  I've only met one guy
           like that in my whole life.  And it's true, if you just
           bench all the time, eventually you will hit an impasse.  -ax
        \_ You Dad is a genetic wonder, you should thank him on a daily
           basis.  Those are truly amazing stats.  Wow.  -ax
           \_ He works out 6 days per week for hours each time. Sometimes
              it is weights and others it is cardio. He is not trying to
              bulk up. At his age it may not be possible. He was huge (like
              a bodybuilder) when was young. He weighed over 200 then,
              which is a lot since he's 5'9". No one could adhere to the
              diet he keeps and not go crazy. Personally, I find weight
              training boring and don't do it - genetics or not. The other
              funny part is that many of his clients want to look like
              he does and/or be that strong for their age. Most of them
              don't last long. It's not the best business for him, but he
              doesn't want to screw with someone who is not serious. He
              says women make better clients because they want to look
              good more than lift a lot. Young guys can lift a lot, but
              look like hell (too bulky in some places and skinny legs for
              example).  When they lift a lot they think they are fit,
              which is not really true.
              \_ I'm a bit mystified by people who are neither lifting weights
                 for looks nor for cross training for some other sport. Is it
                 about bragging rights?
                 \_ Probably. There's an emphasis on how much you can lift
                    (usually on the bench press). "Yeah, I do 550." Dad
                    says a lot of those guys can't do squats and are
                    cardiovascularly unfit. Good looks come through
                    proportion and not working out just the chest and
2005/8/28-29 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:39316 Activity:nil
8/28    What's the difference between CD[RW] + and -? What are the advantages
        and disadvantages for plus and minus? Also I've seen drives that
        claim DVD+-RW DL, but I have never seen a DVD RW DL disk sold.
        Regular DVD R DL is sold at a whopping $8/disk, I can't imagine it
        ever becoming popular.
        \_ STFW!
        \_ You may want to see Anandtech's DVD Recordable FAQ:
           I think $8/disk is an old number, Meritline was selling DVD-R DL
           at around $3-$4 per disk about a month ago.
           \_ Circuit City had Memorex DVD-R at ~$1 per disk one month ago.
              \_ And you can regularly get decent DVD-R disks for about 30
                 cents per disk. What's your point?
2005/8/28-29 [Computer/Theory] UID:39317 Activity:moderate
8/28    Did any of you take Stat 205A? Do you have to know measure theory in
        \_ I have taken a UCLA equivalent.  Usually people recognize a lot of
           engineering folks want to take such a class, so the usually teach
           it in a way that doesn't require you attenting a measure theory
           class (they review the measure theory that's needed).  I wouldn't
           be surprised if they do this at Berkeley also. -- ilyas
           \- "know measure theory" can "cover a lot of area" ... this may
              be easier to answer if you mention something about your back-
              ground. "the only upper div math class i have taken is 104"
              vs. "i have done lots of math, just not that much analysis/
              integration theory etc." i had a good background in measure
              theory but not much background in stat so i had to relearn a
              lot of vocab [e.g. the "mapping" from the lebesgue density
              lot of vocab [like the "mapping" from the lebesgue density
`             thm to the martingale density thm]. BTW, if you dont have a
              Giant Math Brain, one thing about grad math/physics classes:
              often people sort of work sort of collaboratively so it is
              helpful if your friends or officemate is in the class ... having
              to do 20hr problem set by yourself can really suck ass.
              \_ I did applied math as undergrad and took many upper div
                 stat classes but haven't done much real analysis beyond
                 math 104. -op
                 \-i'd say go for it. a lot of applied stat people dont have
                   the greatest background in the deep math of sigma algebras.
                   \_ I will. I am still worried though that prof. Pitman
                      tried to discourage me by saying that ppl who haven't
                      had measure theory usually struggly in this course.
                      had measure theory usually strugle in this course.
                      \- a friend of mine [ucb stat phd, now teaches biostat]
                         came in to stat from EE so she took 104 and 105.
                         if you have taken a lot of math classes i think
                         that more than offsets doing just 105 ... what class
                         is pitman recommending anyway? 105 is the only one
                         that seems to fit the niche. he isnt saying you
                         need 202ab is he. of course i used to get phone calls
                         at 3am from this friend asking "what is a banach
                         space" ...
                         need 202ab is he. of course i used to get 3am phone
                         calls from this friend asking "what is a banach
                         space" ... actually come to think of it i also got
                         a 3am phone call from her because she "heard a strange
                         sound" and was hiding in her closet, but that is
                         another matter.
                         \_ He says it's ok to take 205A now but ideally
                            everyone should take 105 before 205A. Another
                            possibility is to take the new Stat 204
                            which sounds like Stat 205A 'lite'.
                            \- i knew almost nobody who took 105 ... it isnt
                               always offered even is it? i think you figure
                               it all out in 202ab ... doesnt the ROYDEN book
                               cost like $5000 now? BTW, i think GREEN/PAPA
                               RUDIN is a useful book to have around.
                               The POWER of the RIESZ REPRESENTATION THEOREM.
                         \_ Sounds like she was trying to pick up on you.
                            I hope you banged her.
2005/8/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:39318 Activity:nil
8/28    Can someone please gimme Hindi translations for the following Yahoo
        International Audibles? Thanks.
        aankhen hai ki batatein...dikhta nahin kya?
        OYE! chuk de patte
        Hai Daiyya..bas bhi karo..log kya kahenge!
        Arre dil pe mat le yaar
        Kya aap mere saath coffee peene chalenge?
        abbey e..offline ho gaya kya, ya Mr.India bana baitha hai?
                Lal chasma lagaoon kya?
        e chal e shaane..hawa aane de
        Arre...yahin to dhokha kha gaya India..
2005/8/28-29 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:39319 Activity:kinda low
8/28    You know why SS Wehrmacht uniforms look really cool? Because
        Hugo Boss himself designed them. Another trivial Nazi fact
        of the week, brought to you by Heil Cherman guy.        -heil
        \_ Fuck you, you piece of shit.  I sentence you to whatever the
           nastiest goat ass link German John can come up with. John?
           \_ Erm, I thought danh was the purveyor of fine smut?  Anyway,
              he has a point (but wtf is "SS Wehrmacht"?) which doesn't change
              the fact that the guys with the snazzy uniforms always lose.
              Think WWII, Cold War, Star Wars, GI Joe... -John
              \_ But the Romans rule.
              \_ Putting the fashion back into fascism.... Remember, kids,
                 if your ideology is shallow and unappealing, spice it up
                 with clever marketing and pizzazz, and the punters will
                 line up for you.
                 \_ That, or invading Poland always works.  If you play any
                    online games, you'll see how many of the kids always join
                    the winning team.
2005/8/28-29 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:39320 Activity:nil
        Unspunnenstein -- why the Swiss are stupid.
        \_ Do remind me, how'd you make the logical leap between flooding +
           predilection towards throwing large objects + kleptomania = stupid?
2005/8/28-29 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:39321 Activity:nil
8/28    Does this mean the House cafeteria stopped calling them Freedom Fries? (Yahoo News)
2005/8/28 [Recreation/Travel/Nola] UID:39322 Activity:nil
8/28    Wow so is New Orleans gonna turn into a lake? And I wanted to see that
        \_ It would be a bay.  -tom
        \_ I'd say it's definitely worth it to spend a few days in New Orleans
           as long as they don't have hurricanes or mardi grass or similar
           parties (unless you love seeing noisy drunken college kids
2005/8/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:39323 Activity:nil
8/28    I have a lot of hits from [ucdata00.Berkeley.EDU].
        Can someone tell me what this is? Gateway from the library? Research
        lab? Or something else? ok thx.
           \_ Its also my workplace, and I do like to browse. -mrauser
2005/8/28-29 [Finance/Investment] UID:39325 Activity:low
        Personally, I think that Greenspan is doing a really lousy job.
        Everyone knows that during the crazy dot com days the rate should
        have been climbing and go much higher, but instead Greenspan failed
        to react, and finally responded in late 1999 and CRASH! Then as the
        housing sector started to go crazy in 2002, he failed to react
        again. He finally realized it in 2004 started to play a little
        bit of catch up. It seems as if Greenspan the old man can't keep up
        with the pace of modern economy. The sudden drop and gain reminds me
        of how old men drive. They brake and accelerate really fast, because
        they simply don't have the reflexes to react to the world around them
        \_ Personally, I think you know little of what you speak.
           \- IAOC, M. FRIEDMAN once analogized an active monetary policy to
              a fellow sitting in the back seat reaching over now and then and
              giving the steering wheel a yank. [this was a call-continuation
              of the metaphor used in "The Economic Steering Wheel" by
              A. LERNER]. ok tnx.
           \- in an odd coincidence, M. FRIEDMAN once analogized an active
              monetary policy to a fellow sitting in the back seat reaching
              over now and then and giving the steering wheel a yank.
              [this was in response to the metaphor used "The Economic
              Steering Wheel" by A. LERNER]. ok tnx.
        \_ I agree with you on the dot com bubble, but the housing bubble
           is happening during a period where the economy isn't doing
           that well, and he is under the constraint of not pushing it
           into recession.
           \_ "The biggest risk for his successor could turn out to be a
              collapse in housing prices after the frenetic run-up that has
              resulted in part from the Fed's policy of keeping interest rates
              so low [because the Fed was worried about the slim possibility
              of a broad deflation].  But another key principle of the
              Greenspan Fed, which most experts have come to accept, is that
              the central bank should focus on economic fundamentals and not
              try to prematurely pop a market bubble in stock prices or real
              estate prices."
              [I guess it's now ok to split infinitives.]
2018/12/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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