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2005/8/20-22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:39196 Activity:kinda low
8/19    CIA releases report saying Saddam Hussein abandonded WMD program
        in 1991:,2933,146075,00.html
           ACKK - PHHHT!@!
        \_ So, does this mean the case is closed on WMD's in Iraq?
           \_ Um, where the FUCK have you been?  Ever heard of David Kay?
              UNSCOM?  ISG?  EVERYONE we have sent in to look for WMD say
              they weren't there.
        \_ Dude, didn't you get the memo? We invaded to Iraq to create an
           Islamic Republic.
                \_ Darth Saddamius
2005/8/20-22 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:39197 Activity:nil
8/19    Prius GT:
        \_ "fuel economy remains essentially unchanged... with normal driving!"
2005/8/20-22 [Uncategorized] UID:39198 Activity:nil
8/20    Hello,  when I highlight an URL under KDE in a konsole, it pops
        up this annoying window offering to open the URL up for me.
        Does anyone know how to turn this off?  I've had no luck (for
        lack of a keyword?) in finding out how to disable this..
        Thanks for any help.  --PeterM
        \_ I think Klipper does that.  Kill klipper and it should go away.
                \_ Thanks, this works!  --PeterM
2005/8/20-22 [Academia/UCLA] UID:39199 Activity:high
8/20    I'm going to grad school on the east coast and have some
        (non-sucky) hardware to sell - currently, wireless keyboard/
        laser mouse combo and high powered speakers. If interested see: -jhs
        \_ Why are you going to grad school?  Are you sure you've thought this
           through?  The vast majority of phd students do not really know why
           they're there, and find out the hard way later how much of a mistake
           grad school usually is.  There's a hell of a lot of living,
           learning, and money making you can do in the SIX FUCKING YEARS it
           takes to get a typical phd instead of sitting in the SAME FUCKING
           CHAIR living on a 20K/year stipend.  Go read all the archives of
   Everything you read in that strip is true.
            \_ a little bitter?
           \_ Actually I have been through phdcomics (and find them awesome).
              I'm going to grad school because I enjoy doing research and would
              rather do that (even when money isn't optimal) than go into
              industry. I did an internship at as well as two research
              internship (government and industry) plus a policy internship
              during my undergrad years. I'm pretty confident that grad school is
              the right place for me, but I've heard plenty of horror stories as
              well. It helps that I'm attending my first choice (MIT) and that I
              already have some connections to people at Berkeley that I can
              fall back on for research ideas & etc if stuff goes a bit sour.
              Many CSUA alums were helpful in discussing grad school (leak,
              twohey, ilyas, brg, ...). Hope this clarifies things. -op
              industry. I did an internship at as well as two
              research internship (government and industry) plus a policy
              internship during my undergrad years. I'm pretty confident that
              grad school is the right place for me, but I've heard plenty of
              horror stories as well. It helps that I'm attending my first
              choice (MIT) and that I already have some connections to people
              at Berkeley that I can fall back on for research ideas & etc if
              stuff goes a bit sour. Many CSUA alums were helpful in
              discussing grad school (leak, twohey, ilyas, brg, ...). Hope
              this clarifies things. -op
           \_ I think the key thing the op is looking for is FULFILLMENT.
              I thought the exact same way you did. I graduated in the
              mid 90s and joined the dot-com crowd with my friends. I
              did ok, but I didn't feel fulfilled. It was fun writing
              code, designing apps, writing backends, and the pay and
              stock options were awsome but I really didn't feel like
              I made a difference in people's lives. I worked for 6 years
              in the industry, started as QA->code monkey->project lead
              and even did 6 months as a PM. I think it all depends on
              the attitude and what your goals and priorities in life are.
              Most of my friends just wanted to make big money and
              retire, and two did exactly that. Many are now 30s, have
              kids, have a house, and have a big ass mortgage to pay.
              There is one I know who is depressed because of his
              sense of feeling "stuck." There were obviously a few
              who went back to law school and one even did a joint
              law/MBA (he is a 3.98 Cal guy), and took up jobs
              that they thought more more suitable to their needs. When
              I talk to them, yes, they were glad to give up a few years
              of their lives to attain something they could never get
              anywhere else. What that 'something' is, depends on who
              you are and what makes you happy. I'm in my 3rd year in
              graduate school, and I realized that I totally and
              completely wasted 6 years in the industry, where I
              constantly worked with sub-mediocre people who didn't have
              much passion for whatever they were doing. The only things
              I learned in the industry were how to deal with tough
              people and idiots, and that money you earned is pretty
              useful when you're a grad student. I like grad school. I
              always talk to new people, many who are smart or have very
              different perspectives. The girls are totally hot (I guess
              the older you get the hotter they look) and I feel
              both intellectually and physically fulfilled. The girls I
              date and fuck feel the same way.
              \_  There are a lot of ways for a person to feel stuck in life.
                  I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side of
                  the fence, but when you've wasted some of your best years
                  working on shit no one cares about for almost no money
                  in a "job" that will count for nothing whatsoever if you
                  dare to leave before your advisor/boss decrees it you're
                  pretty fucking stuck.  Abusing their position as advisor and
                  holding the degree hostage to force people to stay in
                  school longer is commong practice.  Punishing those who
                  say they want to leave academia by making it still harder
                  to get permission to graduate is also standard.  Apparently
                  you have a good life in grad school.  Good for you.  I
                  am wasting my youth doing something I hate and didn't even
                  get paid a decent wage for it.  Fuck grad school.
                  \_ I know some people who were screwed over in grad
                     school, but it works out better for a lot of people
                     to have gone. A good way to do it is to work while
                     you go. More people than I realized do this. Maybe
                     they work reduced hours (25-30) but it's possible to
                     do. This is while going to top PhD programs like Caltech
                     and UCLA, too, not just 'weak' programs.
                     \_ UCLA is what now? -- ilyas
                        \_ Not in your field.
                           \_ Honestly, what field could it be, other than
                              film?  UCLA blows, kthx. -- ilyas
                UCLA CS PhD makes it to top 20 in many rankings, which is
                still a lot higher than most of the other UCs. Yes, it's not
                a 1st tier in the top 10 list but there are tons of other
                things besides academics that one should be looking for in a
                grad school. I for one say that UCLA is a GREAT school,
                because it fits in my personal needs-- it is within 1 hour
                drive from ALL my family members, 10 min from the beach,
                3 hours from the ski slope, great restaurants, lots of
                activities, etc. There are some bad things of course, like
                the traffic, which you really can't do anything about
                anyways. The fact that you keep bashing UCLA ("it is not
                top tier->it sucks") and that you're still in UCLA, is an
                indication that you made the wrong decision to go to UCLA.
                First of all, there is life outside of academia, and UCLA
                beats many top tier schools in that respect. Secondly, anyone
                so serious about academics and school rankings would have
                waited patiently for years and years to reapply to other top
                tier schools. I know at least 2 people who did exactly that
                (one for med school, one for Stanford PhD). Sure they lost
                time/credit due to the transfer process but that's a
                compromise. The fact that you settled for something less
                than you wanted, and then complained and did nothing says
                that you're just a lazy bum. Writing motd to convey your
                frustration and disillusion is not particularly constructive
                for you and for fellow students who happen to go to
                your school.                                     -kchang
                \_ You went to UCLA so you can go to the beach or hit the
                   slopes?  Why didn't you just get a normal job?  I find
                   it interesting that people keep using 'rankings' like
                   US News, etc.  Rankings as such mean nothing.  I am not
                   having rankings in mind when I say UCLA blows.  Also I am
                   noticing that all the good things you listed about UCLA
                   aren't about UCLA itself, but other things it's close to.
                   As to whether I made the wrong decision to go to UCLA, I
                   don't think I did.  I think UCLA was literally the best
                   that I could do. -- ilyas
                   \_ if UCLA blows, then you blow even more. Seriously, this
                      is one of the most pathetic things I've ever heard.
                      You have an extremely high standard and a very low
                      self-esteem ("this sucks but it's the best I can do").
                      You remind me of this woman I met who was still single
                      in her mid-30s, no job, butt ugly, boring to talk to,
                      and complained that she couldn't marry someone smart
                      or rich. You're a beggar AND a chooser.           -kchang
                      \_ Today's Deep Thought is brought to you by Kevin
                         Chang.  Come to UCLA and sit next door to That Guy!
                         If you think I have low self esteem you haven't been
                         paying attention.  -- ilyas
                      \_ Post on the motd!  You to can participate in
                         high-quality intelligent conversations such as
                         this! -jrleek
                         \_ ^to^too. DOH!!!
                              \_ Planetary science, but way to devalue
                                 your own hard work/degree.
                                 \_ 'UCLA blows' is a statement about the
                                    school.  I would be happy to expand on this
                                    at great length if anybody wants to email
                                    me for details.  I am reasonably happy with
                                    both my advisor, and my topic.  At any rate,
                                    why should I attempt to deceive people
                                    who might be thinking of coming here?
                                    Do you really think the value of my degree
                                    is going to be affected one way or the
                                    other by my opinion?  In fact, if you are
                                    thinking of a PhD in terms of 'value of
                                    degree' you are missing the whole point.
                                    What's important is the work. -- ilyas
                                    \_ You are saying that your program is
                                       not one of the top programs and
                                       you'd probably have gone somewhere
                                       else. That has a small impact. Now
                                       when people ask for advice or I
                                       interview a candidate I will always
                                       have your opinion in mind. I'm sure
                                       I'm not the only one you've said
                                       this to. Imagine if lots of other
                                       students are saying the same things.
                                       Not enough to make/break a school,
                                       of course, but even you yourself
                                       say you want to discourage people
                                       from going there. As for value of
                                       degree, it does matter somewhat. In
                                       aerospace, for example, if your PhD
                                       is from Purdue, Michigan, Texas, or
                                       MIT you are already looking good
                                       w/o knowing anything else about
                                       you. I see the same schools pop up
                                       again and again and again in new
                                       hires. Not always, of course, but
2005/8/20-22 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:39200 Activity:nil
8/20    Anybody know if QuickBooks pro can export plain-text invoices?
        \_ What do you mean by "plain-text"?  Export for printing it, or
           exporting it using some kind of script to grab the data?  You can
           export it to a shitty PDF, or print it out as a text file.  Or you
           can set up a report that reflects only the data in that invoice, and
           export that to an Excel spreadsheet, or to a PDF, or to a text file.
           And finally, you can unlock the Debug menu and actually export an
           invoice to IIF, which is a text format of sorts.  But not sure what
           would actually suit you out of all of these, if any.  -phale
           \_ Export to plain text that I can easily paste into an email.
              \_ Probably printing it to a text file would work best then.  Try
                 printing an invoice, and then in the print dialog you should
                 be able to save it to a text file instead.  Perhaps a quicker
                 thing to do for pasting to an email is run a transaction
                 journal report for the invoice, then export that report to
                 Excel, and then copy and paste the text from the spreadsheet.
                 I'm not sure which one will be better looking.  -phale
                 \_ Thanks.
2005/8/20-22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:39201 Activity:nil
8/20    "Qualls gained attention last week when he went to Sheehan's camp,
        which has hundreds of crosses as a tribute to troops killed, and
        removed one bearing his son's name. But he said protesters keep
        replacing it; he has yanked two more crosses, saying the protesters'
        views are disrespectful to soldiers."
2005/8/20-22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:39202 Activity:moderate
8/20    Hey is it true Ms. Sheehan is claiming US used nuclear weapons in Iraq?
          -- ilyas
        \_ I found one source claiming she said:
           "We are waging a nuclear war in Iraq right now. That country is
            contaminated. It will be contaminated for practically eternity now."
            \_ Yeah... I think maybe she _is_ a nut. -- ilyas
            \_ I wonder if she's referring to depleted uranium shells?
               \_ Yah, that's the first thing that came to my mind also.  I
                  remember it being an issue of concern that was in media a
                  fair bit.  Perhaps she's having a layman's misunderstanding
                  of what it means to be using DU.    *shrug*      -mice
               \_ "waging a nuclear war" is pretty unambiguous.
                  \_ It's a commonly used reference to DU in certain circles.
                     You're being obtuse.
                     \_ Ummm... I would suggest that people who change the
                        meaning of well known terms are the ones being
                        obtuse, not the people who are confused by their
                        new usage.  Furthermore, I think her presence in
                        those circles pretty much shows her status as a kook.
           I guess maybe he _is_ the President.
           \_ Red herring for the win!
        \_ The Swift Boating of Cindy Sheehan
           \_  So it now becomes an "attack" to quote an individual
               or recite their actions.
               How about this: no Gorelick/Clinton "wall" to block
               Chinagate investigations, Clinton actually actively
               pursuing terrorists after WTC1, Kenya, Saudia Arabia,
               Cole, millenium, etc., no 9/11, no GW2.  I think her
               anger may be misplaced.
               Of course this scenario is also possible: Carter doesn't
               abandon the Shah to the Soviet backed Islamicists in
               Iran, militant Islam never takes off.
           \_  "...heroic Vietnam resumes: John McCain, Max Cleland, John
               Kerry."  Tsk tsk.
2005/8/20-22 [Science/Physics] UID:39203 Activity:nil
8/19    [ Thread deleted out of frustration.  I can't seem to explain my
          own question, so people just show up to chew the fat about QM.
          Not a single person gave me an account of what an 'observation'
          exactly is.  I know what the slit experiment is.  I know what all
          the conventional interpretations of QM say.  Doesn't it bother anybody
          that the standard interpretation of QM is based on an apparently
          undefined notion? ] -- ilyas
        \_ Re last sentence - it bothers/has bothered lots of people (including
           Bohr and Einstein). You may wish to see:
           [ and many others, you can google as well as I can ]
        \_ Also be aware that attempts to reconcile microscopic notions
           with the macroscopic world have plagued physicists for a long
           time. It boggles our minds that certain particles can be in
           many states at once. So does the wave-particle duality and some
           other issues. I think this field is still very young and a lot
           more will be learned and the model will be refined.
           \_ I think an important point is that the field is also
              *experimentally* young.  The number of physical systems in which
              quantum mechanical entanglement, decoherence, etc. are being
              tested is growing very rapidly (thanks to the fact that the NSA
              is willing to throw hundreds of millions of dollars at quantum
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