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2005/7/31-8/2 [Recreation/Media] UID:38893 Activity:kinda low
7/30    Doom movie trailer:
        It looks terrible. Why is it that every movie based on a
        video game (except perhaps Street Fighter) is terrible?
        \_ I would guess it is something like Roger Ebert's definition of a
           sequel: "A filmed deal."
        \_ Because talented people don't work on mere video game movies.
        \_ Well, it looks like it might be better than D&D: The Movie.
           \_ Well, Mazes and Monsters was pretty awesome.
           \_ I tried to watch that once.  I found that I was unable to drink
              enough to make the pain go away. -geordan
2005/7/31-8/2 [Uncategorized] UID:38894 Activity:nil
7/30    Hey ranga, did you ever give a big thanks to jvarga? I'd like to
        thank jvarga too, but since I'm too lazy to drive up north I'd
        like to thank you for thanking jvarga... you close to El Camino? Do
        you like Udupi Palace?
        \_ I'm going to Berkeley this tuesday. As I'm going to be there
           all day, I'm hoping to drop by soda in the afternoon and meet
2005/7/31-8/3 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:38895 Activity:nil
7/30    Sorry to interrupt... Have anyone played Eve Online?  I looked at
        a bunch of fuzzy game play videos and read the FAQ, etc.  What's
        game play really like?  Thanks.
        \_ EVE is a good game.  Email me for a detailed response. -- ilyas
        \_ I too play this game, email me if you want more info --ERic(mehlhaff)
2005/7/31-8/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38896 Activity:kinda low
7/31    Mathematical proof that you will never have a girlfriend
        \_ if you're a pathetic geek, maybe you shouldn't be looking
           for someone who is two standard deviations above the norm in
           terms of beauty.
           \_ Pssst... I think this URL might possibly have been an attempt
              at humor?
              \_ psst: you're right, but it's not funny
                 \_ It's not funny, but if it were a parody of the Drake
                    equation, it would be somewhat funny.
        \_ You know, I did something like this once too, but for real,
           and I came up with 2500 prospective women in the Bay Area.
           And I only took top 50% for looks. -Happily Married
           \_ obviously not married over 5 years yet...
              \_ Happily married for nine years now.
                 \_ ugh!  besides BDG, all the married people here say
                    they are happily married.  so what's with the
                    high divorce rate?
                    \_ People on MOTD have few alternatives and are happy
                       with what they can get?
                    \_ Some possibilities:
                       1. A high national divorce rate does not reflect
                          the motd.
                       2. Red-neck serial-monogamists are getting divorced
                          and remarried 5 times each and screwing the
                       \_ An anomaly, but the most divorced person I know
                          is a neurosurgeon.  He's working on #5 now afaik.
                          \_ That's because surgeons are rich assholes. The
                             rich part helps attracts women. The asshole part
                             causes the divorce.
                                    \- some people buy cars and drive them
                                       "into the ground" and some people
                                       lease (and others rent). --psb
                             \_ According to some theories, the asshole part
                                also helps attract women. But then the women
                                find him screwing some nurse or whatever and
                                decide to take half his assets.
                             \_ I think you'd be surprised by how little
                                surgeons make, esp. on an hourly basis.  You
                                should vent your anger on radiologists and
                                anesthesiologists.  That said, neurosurgeon !=
                                surgeon (it's not even the same residency
                                \_ Dude, surgeons make a lot of money. I have
                                   no idea why a neurosurgeon is not a
                                   surgeon, since he cuts your head open just
                                   as well, but whatever. The name surgeon is
                                   right in the title. Do you mean neurologist?
                                   Anyway, even pediatricians are pulling down
                                   $200+K. Surgeons are making twice that. That's
                                   $200+K. Surgeons are making twice that.
                                   That's "little"?
                                   \_ URL please.  According to,
                                      the median pediatrician pulls $137k
                                      and the median surgeon $225k.  A lot for
                                      the surgeon, but not on a hourly basis,
                                      which is what I originally specified.
                                      A friend is a surgeon at Kaiser Walnut
                                      Creek, and she pulls $170k for a mere 60
                                      hr.  week (and she is *so* thankful for
                                      the relative few hours she works).  I am
                                      also quite thankful she finally has time
                                      for a life, since she is a serious babe.
                                      \_ Median pediatrician where? In urban
                                         CA? I have a friend who works for
                                         Kaiser also as a pediatrician and he
                                         makes about $250K. Your friend is
                                         getting screwed. As for surgeons, a
                                         family member had neurosurgery and
                                         the doctor got a $30K check for about
                                         3 hours of work. That's pretty good
                                         per hour. Your friend is not in
                                         surgery 60 hours per week. She is
                                         probably making rounds and the like,
                                         which granted is not being at home
                                         but still not terrible for $200K.
                                         \_ It's something you may not expect,
                                            but doctors in CA make *less* than
                                            their peers in less liveable parts
                                            of the country.  It's simple supply
                                            and demand.  Places that have
                                            trouble recruiting doctors have to
                                            pay more for them, and, once in
                                            place, those doctors have less
                                            competition.  Neurosurgeons are
                                            not the same thing as surgeons, so
                                            I don't know how your relative's
                                            neurosurgery bill applies to the
                                            pay of a surgeon.  For that matter,
                                            without knowing the neurosurgeon's
                                            other expenses and traffic, it's
                                            hard to translate the cost of a
                                            single bill into an income.  In
                                            the case of my friend who pulls
                                            $170k for a 60 hr week, that is
                                            really about the same income as
                                            many engineers I know, and she has
                                            had many more years of suffering
                                            through med school and residency.
                                            OBTW, pegs the median
                                            salary of a neurosurgeon at $314k.
                                            \_ shows the median
                                               cardiothoracic salary at
                                               $355K, but the 75%ile make
                                               $470K. So there are a lot
                                               of surgeons comfortably over
                                               $400K. As with anything else,
                                               you make less when you start.
                                               The median engineer salary is
                                               pretty darn low in comparison.
                                               As for regions, you'd better
                                               believe that doctors in urban
                                               CA make more than their
                                               counterparts in the rural
                                               Midwest, for example. By
                                               the way, what makes you
                                               think a neurosurgeon is not
                                               a surgeon? They perform
                                               surgery. Therefore they are
                                               Midwest, for example. A
                                               quick look at
                                               confirms this. A surgeon in
                                               Iowa makes 15-20% less than
                                               a surgeon in LA. By the way,
                                               what makes you think a
                                               neurosurgeon is not a surgeon?
                                               They perform surgery. Therefore
                                               they are surgeons.
                       3. I've known men who thought they were happily
                          married right up until their wives divorced
2005/7/31-8/2 [Uncategorized] UID:38897 Activity:nil
7/31    Why do Sikhs hate America?,00050001.htm
2005/7/31-8/2 [Uncategorized] UID:38898 Activity:nil
7/31    Kotex fits.  Period.
2005/7/31-8/2 [Science/Space] UID:38899 Activity:nil
7/31    New "planet" found in Kuiper belt:
        \_ They've been talking about this planet since I've been
           in high school (and if not this one, another one).
2005/7/31-8/2 [Uncategorized] UID:38900 Activity:nil
7/31    Old threads deleted, IOS exploit thread preserved b/c it is
        important and has new info about the exploit.
2005/7/31-8/3 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:38901 Activity:low
7/31    Nee how! Better start practicing Mandarin to remain competitive
        in the business world:
        \_ 1.5 billion in federal money for Chinese instruction?  Why not just
           get rid of all that time-wasting French and use *that* money to
           teach useful languages?
           \_ but speaking French make me feel high class and better than
              everyone else, and it sure impresses the hell outa hot
              looking blond chicks! And it makes me feel like John Kerry.
              \_ If someone tries to say that learning French is more useful
                 for meeting and impressing women than learning Chinese, the
                 appropriate response is to point at them and laugh.
                 \_ not everyone is an asian-loving white nerd boy.
                  \_ You got that right! Only brain washed white nerd boys
                     in the Bay Area love Asians. The pure Aryan race still
                     wants pure white blond bimbos for master domination.
                     \_ why you fail to troll.  Because you do not
                     \_ The pure Asian race still wants pure white blond bimbos
                        for masturbation.
                 \_ My (Chinese) wife was more impressed that I could speak
              \_ Troll...or do not.  There is no try.
        \_ you can try learning, but you shall fail, or at best, speak with
           a silly accent.  I suggest learning to understand indian accented
           english instead.  or try hindi.
           a silly accent.  mandarin is an inscrutable language.  I suggest
           learning to understand indian accented english instead.  or try hindi.
           learning to understand indian accented english instead.  or try
           \_ Bullshit.  In short phone conversations, I've been mistaken for
              a native speaker.  I started learning when I was young, which
              would obviously be true of kids if we taught it properly
              in the schools. -white guy
         \_ I am the Little Chinese.  I am still here!
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