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2005/7/25-27 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Transportation/Car] UID:38800 Activity:nil
7/25    Krugman says new Toyota plant dumping US for Canada becuase US
        workers quality sucks and US doesn't have universal medical coverage
        which means Toyota has to pay through its nose for that.
        \_ Old news. I think this was on the motd 2 months ago.
           \_ which part is old news?  Krugman saying the Canadian health
              care system pays much less in administrative overhead per
              person than the U.S. does while providing universal health
              coverage, or Toyota selecting Ontario to build its new factory?
              \_ Toyota selecting Ontario for its new factory b/c US
                 worker quality sucks. The original Toytoa statement
                 re the choice of Ontario did not say that the reason
                 was realted to universal medical coverage.
                 \_ nono ... cost savings provided by government-financed
                    universal medical coverage at a signifcantly more
                    efficient level
              \_ Why do so many Canadians come to the US for health care?
2005/7/25-26 [Science/Disaster] UID:38801 Activity:nil
7/25    Possible location of atlantis found:
        \_ Don't they say this every couple of years?
2005/7/25-27 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:38802 Activity:low
7/25    I'm wondering what people's favorite test editors are under Windows.
        Notepad has terrible performance on very large ascii or binary files,
        (X)Emacs is very slow-loading, and Vi is not mouse-driven.  Does anyone
        know a fast-loading, mouse driven text editor which handles large
        (multi megabyte) text and binary files nimbly?
        \_ One guy at work uses something called Visual Slick Edit. My
           mom uses jEdit.
        \_ Textpad, I sent in my $30-40.
        \_ How about WordPad?  Better than Notepad but not as full-blown as
           M$ Word.
        \_ How about WordPad?  Better than Notepad but not as bloated as M$
           Word.  I use Emacs21 though.
        \_ Ultraedit32 or nedi under cygwin.  -John
        \_ Last I checked vim does have mouse support.  Googling for
           "notepad replacement" is a fruitfull search but this is a very
           religious topic and I'm not about to endorse any of them. -gabriel
        \_ Standard GNU emacs works great for me. Of course I leave it open
           all the time, but it seems quick to load when I launch it.
        \_ I use textpad, and my colleagues editplus.  I don't know if they
           are good or not, but they work for what I do.
        \_ I've been using vinvi32, which is a decent vi port to windows. Has
           a good balance of mouse/keyboard UI, and is entriely contained in
            a single .exe so installation/removal/management is easy.
            I cannot comment on its abaility to open truly huge files. -ERic
        \_ So anyone want to comment on hte performance of these with large
           files? -op
           \_ On OS X, vim is actually the only thing I've found that
              will read some very large files (even more/less won't handle
              some of them).
        \_ When you're an administrator you don't have time to install
           Cygwin or other UNIXy stuff on 1000s of machines in a 15000
           employee company, so you use whatever you can find.
           I prefer vi for configuration, but usually I use Notepad
           because that's what exists on people's machines.
        \_ Emacs -- made Windows so much more enjoyable for serious development
        \_ Crisp (vertical edits are a breeze with this text editor)
2005/7/25-27 [Uncategorized] UID:38803 Activity:nil
7/25    Motd Ascii Art of this week: South Park
         _          __________                              _,
     _.-(_)._     ."          ".      .--""--.          _.-{__}-._
   .'________'.   | .--------. |    .'        '.      .:-'`____`'-:.
  [____________] /` |________| `\  /   .'``'.   \    /_.-"`_  _`"-._\
  /  / .\/. \  \|  / / .\/. \ \  ||  .'/.\/.\'.  |  /`   / .\/. \   `\
  |  \__/\__/  |\_/  \__/\__/  \_/|  : |_/\_| ;  |  |    \__/\__/    |
  \            /  \            /   \ '.\    /.' / .-\                >/-.
  /'._  --  _.'\  /'._  --  _.'\   /'. `'--'` .'\/   '._-.__--__.-_.'
\/_   `""""`   _\/_   `""""`   _\ /_  `-./\.-'  _\'.    `""""""""`'`\
(__/    '|    \ _)_|           |_)_/            \__)|        '
  |_____'|_____|   \__________/|;                  `_________'________`;-'
  s'----------'    '----------'   '--------------'`--------------------`
     RETARD             JEW             FAG        GROTESQUELY FAT NAZI
2005/7/25-26 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:38804 Activity:nil
7/25    Does anyone know how to add personalized Audibles in
        Yahoo Messenger? I'd like their Hellos and Taunts audibles,
        but I'd like to add my own like "HEIL HITLER/BUSH" or
        something controversial and trollish for comic relief.
2005/7/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:38805 Activity:low
7/25    I don't know anything about Green Days or their lyrics. Are they
        really "green"? Like do their songs sing about environment,
        conservation, mother nature, fuck you Bush, and other things?
        \_ Maybe they'll have some information on the internets.
        \_ No, Green Day refers to smoking marijuana all day, and they're
           a punk band. They have little or nothing to do with the
           Green Party, Greenpeace, or Green Acres.
           \_ Fuck them then.
           \_ Dookie!
        \_ Why don't you ask them in person? They used to hang out near
           the dumbsters behind Safeway in Berkeley.
           |_ I thought the Berkeley dumbsters hung out on the motd.
           the dumpsters behind Safeway in Berkeley.
2005/7/25-26 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:38806 Activity:nil
7/26    I work on Mac's mostly.  I use a lot of emacs and screen.  My left
        hand is in pain due to the pinky finger constantly stretching downwards
        to reach the Ctrl key.  How do you people deal with it?
        \_ It is impossible to get pains by typing. williamc says so, and
           will prove it. He'll also prove that you're an idiot.
        \_ Tiger lets you remap the caps lock to the control key.
2005/7/25-26 [Industry/Startup] UID:38807 Activity:nil
7/25    I wanted to find the web site of the company bear stern.  Searched
        on yahoo and google with "bear stern".  Got nothing.  If the
        relevant link doesn't show up on the first page, I don't keep going.
        It turns out Lycos served up the right link as their first result.
        And the exact name of the company is Bears Sterns.  So much for
        search engine hype.  They're both crap as far as I'm concerned.
        \_ Chill, you eventually got what you want, why are you ranting?
           Are you frustrated at something? Like work not going well or
           not getting enough sex after marriage?
        \_ One of the rules in engineering is that the smarter you make
           technology, the dumber users will get. In this case, you're
           a moron to begin with, and an even bigger moron for posting
           something like this on motd.
        \- stupid troll. maybe if you stop being a vegan you'll get
           more brain cells repaired.
        \_ I googled with "bear stearn" and the first result I got is
        \_ I searched in Yahoo with "bear stern" like you said, and the first
           result was which automatically re-directed me to
   Don't know what your problem is.
                                  \- i know what his problem is, and it doesnt
                                     have to do with search engines but it is
                                     revealed above. now if somebody can
                                     explain gmail's matching, that would be
2005/7/25-28 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38808 Activity:nil
7/25    Pollution fighting concrete, &c.,2782,68282,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_6
        \_ Trees have been doing the same thing for a long long time.
           \_ Yeah, but we seem to be chopping down a LOT of them in
              favor of concrete.
        \_ "Encouraged by such results, the European Union last year earmarked
            $2.27 billion for a project to develop "smart" construction
            materials that would break down nitrogen oxides and other toxic
            substances, such as benzene."
            You think the Bush admin. would ever do something like that? It's
            a great move for both economic, environmental, and public health
            reasons.  But there's no lobby that greases their palms, so it
            would never happen in the US.
            \_ We believe in this crazy thing called the 'free market'. If
               people want this and will pay for it then it will be done.

 34 threads,  780 lines, 157 replies,  22.9 lines/thread,   4.6 replies/thread
                              stddev:  28.0                 5.9
              \_ Free market doesn't work for things like basic
                 infrastructures. Take public transit for example. The
                 benefits are great, but the public needs to spend
                 billions of dollars and wait over 1-2 decades before
                 economic paybacks. In today's world, if you can't
                 make huge profits within 2-3 years, you're out. So what
                 happens when you privatize public transit? They look
                 for things that give you immediate paybacks, like
                 cutting back on the frequency of trains, automation,
                 etc. However, they are reluctant to expand more areas
                 because the investment is enormous, and there is
                 no immediate payback. Sure, free market makes everything
                 more efficient and more profitable, but what about the
                 original long term goals, which is infrastructure for
                 everyone to benefit from?
                 \_ Funny how people equate our car-based system with the
                    free market.  I sure didn't choose to have my tax dollars
                    used to either pay for excess roads and suburban sprawl
                    or to bail out shitty car companies again and again.
                    This car-centered nightmare we have turned our society into
                    has nothing to do with the free market.  It's socialism,
                    with the government doling out welfare to the auto
                    manufacturers and their minions.  A true free market
                    solution *or* a socialist solution for the general public
                    instead of for Detroit would be preferable to the current
                    \_ What exactly would a true free market or complete
                       socialist solution entail? Please elaborate.
                       \_ The true free market solution would involve privately
                          owned toll roads maintained with no help from the
                          government competing with privately owned rail lines
                          with no help or intereference from the government.
                          A socialist solution that benefits humans instead
                          of bloodsucking billionaires from detroit would
                          be based mostly on mass transit, with emphasis on
                          encouraging developement in a walking and biking
                          friendly way.  Both of these sound better than the
                          "we're all happy whores for detroit" system we
                          presently have.  I think that car culture is wrongly
                          associated with the free market as a red herring to
                          decieve people into supporting their automotive
                          \_ Free market works when there is a plethora of
                             sources to choose from. If apple is really
                             expensive, then people can always buy oranges.
                             In the case of infrastructures like eletric
                             power, EVERYONE needs electricity and there
                             isn't enough competition to lower the price.
                             Didn't you take basic econ or experienced the
                             power crisis a few years ago? Free market works
                             for some things and doesn't for others
                             \_ Did I say the free market solution is always
                                the right choice? No, I didn't.  My point
                                is not about free market vs. collective
                                sollutions, my point is about the evil of
                                car culture.  No matter what economic system
                                you have, it still sucks to get kicked in the
                                balls, and car culture is still stupid.
                             \_ I don't know why we're talking about
                                transportation and other infrastructure, but I
                                believe the free market  will provide better
                                building materials if people want them. Witness
                                what has happened with the supply/demand for
                                organic farming.
2005/7/25-27 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:38809 Activity:nil
7/25    Max Boot thinks China can produce earthquakes
        it's a reprint of a LA Times editorial from
        July 20th that I don't feel like making you all
        get a login from bugmenot. - danh
        \_ I've heard that if a billion men jump up and down at the
           same time the evil nation on the other side of the globe may
           feel it.
        \_ hmmm ... isn't the things he is accusing china of doing the same
           ones the US and the west have been perceived as doing to other
           countries through history?  Let's see:
           financial warfare - asian financial crisis triggered by soros
           drug warfare - opium war, alcohol for the indians
           psychological and media warfare - pro-US propaganda radio stations
                all over the world
           resource warfare - countless examples of this.
           ecological warfare - okay, this one is debatable.  but here's
                Jack London's biological warfare proposal against china:
2005/7/25-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38810 Activity:moderate
7/25    A hypothetical question for you motd STRAIGHT MEN (gay men need not
        reply). Suppose the population of eligible women in America decrease
        say, by 30%. Suppose you already have a good degree, have
        a house, a decent job, and you groom every day unlike most of
        the Soda Hall geeks. Suppose you're 30, still a virgin, and still
        can't find a decent mate because of fierce competition. How would
        you feel, and what would you do? I'll start:
        \_ Hypothetically speaking, are you that same guy who keeps bitching
           about how his "friends" don't have time for him anymore?
        \_ Learn some social skills.  Start treating women as people not as
           things you just want to fuck.  Culitvate a few hobbies that involve
           other people, and enjoy them as hobbies not as ways to try to get
           your cock sucked.  You know, these things really do work.  That
           being said at 30% less, well, shit, that's a pretty huge margin.
           But in that kind of environment society is going to be a lot
           different.  Even China is only something like 52-53% male.
        \_ I'll download a lot of porns to relieve myself. When that fails
           I'll go to the shrink. Then maybe go into alcohol or drugs. Then
           finally I'll go to a Catholic church to relieve my sexual
           frustration like the Popes have done.
        \_ Remember that crappy Kevin Costner movie "The Postman?"
           \_ Hey, that movie was Teh Bomb!!!  What the hell is wrong with
              you?!?   "You're really weird!"  Oh man, I that's a *great*
              quote from an even greater movie!  Only Waterworld can compete,
              man -- seriously.
        \_ do a lot of soda geeks commit suicide?
        \_ Join a church, there are usually more women than men at church.
           \_ Haha. This is ridiculous if you aren't a believer already.
              We need atheist social philosophy groups.
              \_ Apparently you do not understand women.  This is not a
                 \_ I don't want those kind of women.
                    \_ Ok, so, in post context, if you are desperate for a
                       woman in an overly competitive society... you will
                       go hang out with a bunch of guys in a social
                       philosophy group.  Okie dokie.
                       \_ Well duh, you wouldn't call them that. And actually
                          there are a good number of chicks out there that
                          don't fit your standard notions.
                          \_ Sure, but if there were tons of chicks
                             hanging out in your normal environment, would
                             you be a 30 year old virgin?
                          \_ Maybe you should look into the Unitarian
                             Church.  (NOT the Unification church, totally
                             \_ I have a friend who's in school to become a
                                unitarian minister.  They go to school for
                                five years(post undergrad) and can basically
                                study any religious subject they want, as
                                long as they learn the history of the Unitarian
                                church.  Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim,
                                and eastern religions are all studied.  If you
                                want to know something about religion from
                                an unbiased source ask a Unitarian minister.
           \_ That's the excuse my real Christian friends used to drag me to
              church.  I didn't go because I didn't like the idea of going
              there for women.
           \_ I second that, my friends and I used to go to this church
              near El Cerrito and the girls there were all very hot, most
              from Berkeley. It turned out that most people there were like
              us, not very religious and were just "looking." My buddy
              scored 2 very very hot girls there. I got none, because he
              was better looking and taller so I acted as a wingman.
              Here is something important I learned from him. If you're
              going to a social event to score, bring someone who is not as
              attractive as you are so that he will boost your
              attractiveness. You are the wing commander, and he is the
              supporting wingman.
              \_ Was this an Asian church or White?
              \_ I think this is a big problem in churches. They're
                 indiscriminantly open to everyone and you open doors
                 doors to sexual predators. Churches should have a stringent
                 initiation process to make sure that the place that you
                 worship at are all real Jesus lovers
                 worship at are all real cock lovers
        \_ Move overseas. Mail-order brides.  You said women in America.
        \_ There are no good solutions. The only way the situation
           will improve is when the society as large realizes the problem
           with the imbalance and how 'precious' girls have become.
           Someone have to pay for the ignorance, too bad it's not the
           retard parents that made the decision, it's the "boy" that
           will suffer. Maybe the man should move to Brazil.
           \_ picking up hot chicks at church seems like a lot of work.
              you have to go to church several times so you don't look
              you're there just to pick up hot chicks, plus you have to
              dress nicely.
              \_ Maybe it's the "dress nicely" part that gets you laid, ya think?
              \_ Maybe it's the "dress nicely" part that gets you laid, ya
        \_ I'd become a Jedi Knight. Its not like I'd have to give up
           anything and I'd be getting k3wl force powers and a light
           saber in the process. Once I level'ed up enough to get
           force persuade/dominate all teh ch1x are belong to me.
        \_ How about us bi guys, can we answer?
           \_ Doesn't count, you can always suck dick if you can't get any
              boobies.  Duh.
        \_ 30 year old soda virgin ... So we're talking EXTREMELY hypothetical?
2005/7/25-28 [Reference/Religion] UID:38811 Activity:nil
7/25    Back off Muslims, imam warns Ottawa:
2005/7/25-27 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:38812 Activity:nil
7/25    Commute with public transit for free tomorrow (7/26) morning (4-9am)!
        \_ not entirely free, as it is a one-way free ride, and you still
           have to pay to get back!
           \_ I said morning.
2005/7/25-27 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:38813 Activity:kinda low
        China suicide rate climbing. This is going to solve their
        high men/women ratio, a cause for major frustration.
        \_ Man, that must be depressing for the parents.  They can only
           have one kid, so they go to a lot of trouble to produce a boy
           to carry on the family line.  Then he kills himself.  Oops.
           \_ Well if you're a gay Chinaman it's a really good thing.
              \_ Maybe if you're a necropiliac gay Chinaman...
                 \_ No, I mean this trend is good because straight men kill
                    themselves out of frustration, so most of the men left
                    are either straight&married, or gay, which makes them
                    easier to find.
              \_ It's funny how you use "gay" so you don't offend
                 homosexuals, and yet you don't care about offending us
                 "Chinamen".  Thanks.
           \_ iirc, the new policy is that if both you and your wife
              are the only child of your family, you can have 2 kids.
        \_ There are a lot of innovative solutions China should embrace
           to prevent this societal epidemic caused by sexual frustrations.
           1) Implement rent-a-girlfriend service. If your parents visit
           you and nag about it you can rent a girlfriend to shut them
           up. 2) Allow more brothels. A man can't jackoff all his life,
           he has to release his sexual urges somehow or else he'll
           go crazy and kill himself, and in some cases (like the Iraqi
           loners) kill others with them. 3) Allow more economic
           incentives for having girls. 4) Discourage marriage between
           pretty native Chinese women and extremely wealthy, old, and ugly
           Hong Kong and Taiwanese lords who already have 3rd and 4th wives.
           This has been going on for a while and is really really causing
           a lot of resentments and pissing off a lot of natives whos lives
           are changed drastically [for the worse] by these foreigners.
           \_ yea, but they can just go to vietnam, like what many taiwanese
              are doing.
              \_ So are Koreans.  There were tons of billboards saying
                 "Marry Vietnamese!  We'll set you up!"  Word on the
                 street was that Vietnamese ladies work harder. -jrleek
                 Addendum:  Oddly, I watched a sort of Korean Hard Copy
                 with my wife tonight, and it had a segment on Koreans
                 mail ordering Vietnamese brides.  It was mostly about a
                 37-year old lower-middle class Korean batchelor who
                 scored himself a pretty good-looking 22 year old
                 Vietnamese bride.  Still, she didn't really speak much
                 Korean, and nobody in the family liked Vietnamese food.
                 \_ Let me get this right, YOU [white American] understand
                    Korean? How? Why?
                    \_ maybe cuz he...married a korean?
                       \_ Is he sky?
                    \_ I spent 2 years in Korea as a missionary, which is
                       some pretty intense language training. Then I
                       married a Korean, we speak a lot of Korean around
                       the house.
                       \_ So dorky white guy takes Korean women, forcing
                          Korean man to take Vietnamese women...
           \_ #1 already exists.  Someone posted a link about this on the MOTD
              a year or so ago.  #3 is quite doable in China.
           \_ #2 is pretty much a free market (or free-for-all market) already.
              there are an estimated 5 million prostitutes in the PRC.
           \_ #3 is easy.  just learn from singapore.  prc already
              followed singapore's model on its new yuan exchange rate
              policy - pegging to a basket of foreign currencies based
              on trade with those countries.
        \_ Maybe china could provide a economic incentive for sex change
           operations. That way chinese guys wouldn't have kill themselves
           and they could make some white guy w/ yellow fever happy.
           \_ If thats the goal, sex change isn't necessary.  Lots of gay
              white guys have yellow fever as well.
                \_ So you might need a sexual orientation change operation
                   \_ sigh ... why you worry so much?  just go import some
                        women from russia lah.  or just offer your own
                        pasty arse, maybe there will be some takers.
2005/7/25-27 [Consumer/Camera] UID:38814 Activity:nil
7/25    Time to send out a pre-boycott message. Mel Gibson to film another
        conservative film. Boycott all Gibson crap, and send this
        message to 10 of your friends now!
        \_ And while we're at it, we'll piss into the wind as a protest!
2005/7/25-27 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:38815 Activity:nil
7/25    If I try to make a SATA hardware RAID-5 computer, and keep it
        relatively quiet, is that just a bad idea?  I'm thinking of a file
        server that can do light duty as a home theater PC, so it can't be too
        loud.  I also haven't tried any SATA RAID-5 controllers so I'm curious
        about their quality.
        \_ I have an Adaptec 7810 8-port controller in an Antec P160 case
           with an Arctic 120mm fan and a mid-range Arctic PSU.  It's not too
           noisy; with a bit of insulation and some more investment in fans
           I could probably get the noise level down even further.  The only
           thing that kind of weirds me out about it is FreeBSD bitching about
           an incorrect array geometry on install, without me really having any
           way to find out the correct geometry from the controller bios, but
           it's been running without a hitch for 2-3 weeks now.  You might
           consider getting a separate VIA-based box from something like
  as your theater system, or depending on your budget,
           invest in a Zalman TN1500 case.  I'm booting from the array, btw
           (no space for internal boot device.)  -John
2005/7/25-27 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:38816 Activity:low
7/25    Tour De France: What is the role of the biking team?  Is it really
        better to bike directly behind other bikers?
        \_ Less air resistance, I guess.  I don't ride street bikes.
        \_ Yes.  Less air resistance.  This shows up commonly in other
           races as well, not to mention birds flying in formation.
        \_ "slipstream." Now why they don't use a fairing to increase
           their performance by 30%, I don't know.
           \_ I saw a video once comparing team riding around a track to a
              bike with a fairing on a track.  This was more than 10 years
              ago, but the fairing bike had a much higher top speed.
              It's possible that fairings are illegal in the Tour De
              France, or that the terrain makes the wieght not worth the
              gains in areodynamics.  Anyone know?
              \_ Isn't there anyone on soda that can reply to this thread in
                 snooty French?
                 \_ Eet ees so you STEWPEED americans heve to look et more
                    edvertizing on ze jerseys of se bicycleestes.  -John (I
                    tried to get a glimpse of the TdF in Paris on Sunday, but
                    was mainly foiled by STEWPEED 6'4" 500lbs. US tourists
                    who'd been camping out at the barriers since 9 a.m. and
                    refused to let even short little girls in front, so we told
                    'em to shove it and went for a big lunch, no I'm not
                    bitter, because it rained, and I hope all the fat fucks get
                    Pneumonia and get sent to Iraq and die coughing infected
                    blood in the desert.)
              \_ Fairings are illegal in the tour.  as are recumbents
                 there are some restrictions on frame construction.
                 for a while (dont know if it still the case), anything
                 that was added onto a bike that resulted in aerodynamic
                 advantage was not allowed, which led to some situations
                 where say one piece aerodynamic handle bars were legal
                 but adding on something to standard handlebars that let
                 take a more aerodynamic posture were not legal.  Ditto
                 for wheel covers versus one piece wheels where the 'cover'
                 was an integral part of the load bearing design.
                 \_ Sheesh, they should just give everyone stock bikes.
                    \_ Cars in NASCAR were supposed to be stock too.  Look how
                       it turned uot.
                       \- hello you may wish to see the immense differences
                          in the HOUR CYCLING RECORDS to evaluate the impact
                          of fairings, recumbents, wheel technolog, EGG,
                          SUPERMAN etc.
                    \_ A bike must fit the body of an individual cyclist.
        \_ "How Do Cycling Teams Work?"
           \_ interesting
2005/7/25-27 [Science/Space] UID:38817 Activity:nil
7/25    It's been pretty hot lately and I had this crazy idea to make a
        living quarter cooler without using a lot of electricity. Some
        properties have fountains or swimming pools. How about repiping them
        with a pump so that they'd flow from the roof (like a building
        that is always being rained on) to cool the entire building?
        It'll use some water, but I'm sure it's a lot cheaper than AC.
        \_ A good idea, and not a new one.
           \_ URL please?
              \_ Google for "swamp cooler"
              \_ Google^H^H^H^H^H^HYahoo! for "swamp cooler"
                 \_ How the hell do you feel cool when you're swamped with
                    high humidity? It's just oxymoron.
        \_ The best system is probably very good insulation, reflective/white
           buildings with control of indoor sunshine, opening up to cool
           at night, and possibly some floor-based cooling.
           \_ Most ordinary houses have windows that can be opened to cool at
              night before you go to sleep.  I do that to keep my house not
              as hot during daytime for my parent.
        \_ I have another idea.  Buy a lot of blue ice, or fill up a lot of
           used bottles with water or whatever that has a high specific heat
           capacity.  Put them on a big cart.  Push it out to the backyard in
           the evening.  Push it back indoor in the morning and blow on it with
           a small fan.  It won't work as well as AC, but it's more
           enviromentally friendly and costs less.  If using bottles, lots of
           small bottles will work better than big 5-gallon ones.
2005/7/25-27 [Uncategorized] UID:38818 Activity:nil
7/25    Disappearing Bill of Rights Mug:
2005/7/25-27 [Consumer/Audio] UID:38819 Activity:nil
7/25    iPod Shuffle Pregnancy Test:
2005/7/25-28 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:38820 Activity:nil
7/25    Not going to investigate the leak, but the committee will be
        investigating the leak investigation! (
2005/7/25-27 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:38821 Activity:kinda low
7/25    I have a MacOS 10.3 box that cannot connect via ssh to Solaris 9
        and Solaris 10 boxes. MacOS 10.2 and MacOS 10.4 work fine.
        Connections to Solaris 8 and Linux (from 10.3) work fine. What's
        up with 10.3 such that it won't work with Solaris 9 and 10?
        \- i ssh from my 10.3 powerbook to s9 and s10 many times a day
           for many months. this is to sun and openssh daemons. so your
           problem is local config and not some inherent interop issue
           \_ Can you supply which SSH version numbers you are using? It is
              not confined to any one Mac system or any one Solaris
              system. I can try many different Macs to many different Suns
              and have the same problem, but never with Solaris 8 and
              never with MacOS 10.2 or 10.4. Error is always: "Operation
              timed out." Nothing logged. Tcpdump shows lots of acks with
              no responses.
              \- if you just do a "telnet s9machine 22" do you get a
                 version banner?
                 \_ No.
        \_ I think you are running into the infamous ipv6 dns issue w/ 10.3.
           One way to fix this is add the same nameserver as the primary
           and secondary nameserver.
           \_ I did this and also turned off IPv6 in /etc/hostconfig. No joy.
              \_ Okay, that is VERY strange. Are all the boxes on the same
                 subnet? Maybe this is a routing issue.
                 Can you ping/traceroute the S9/10 boxes from 10.3?
                 \_ Various subnets and I cannot ping or connect to,
                    say, port 25 from MacOS 10.3. I *can* do these things
                    from other OS, including MacOS 10.2 and MacOS 10.4.
                    However, to Solaris 8 from 10.3 is fine. This started
                    after upgrading to 10.3 from 10.2. So far all systems
                    I have tested (3) do this. They worked fine before the
                    upgrade (fresh install, actually) and are on 3
                    different subnets.
        \_ Firewall or tcpwrappers?  -ax
           \_ That are selective to MacOS 10.3?
2005/7/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:38822 Activity:nil
7/25    The saddest thing:
2018/11/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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