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2005/7/22-25 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:38763 Activity:nil
7/22    Say I have a database with two rows, one is name (VARCHAR) and the
                                       \_ you mean cols
        other one is date. Let's say the entries look like this:
        joe 5-10-2005
        joe 5-11-2005
        mike 1-1-2002
        How do I make one single SELECT statement that'll sum up all the
        entries for unique names? I want it to return joe=2, mike=1
        without having to write 2 separate SELECT count(*)... Thanks.
        \_ select name, count(*) group by name
2005/7/22-23 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:38764 Activity:kinda low
7/21    I'd like to buy 10-20 heat sinks in arbitrary shapes. CPU heat sinks
        are OK, but they always sell them with a crappy fan. Anyone know
        where I can get custom sized heat sinks, or CPU heat sinks without
        fans? ok thx.
        \_ There's a store called Wierd Stuff in Cupertino or Santa Clara or
           somesuch which sells all kinds of old/salvaged/strange computer
           and electronics parts.  You can probably get a bunch of random
           heatsinks for cheap.
           \_ It's "weird."  Of course, they knew people can't spell worth
              %(*#& to save their lives, so they used to own,
              too.  I don't know if they still do.  Anyway, also try
    , another surplus store.  They have all kinds of
              heatsinks, or stuff with heatsinks on it that you can break
              %(*#& to save their lives, so they also bought
              I don't know if it's sad or funny.
              Anyway, also try, another surplus store.  They have
              all kinds of heatsinks, or stuff with heatsinks on it that you
              can break apart.
              \_ Yeah, I knew about them too but couldn't think of the name -pp
2005/7/22-25 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:38765 Activity:moderate
7/22    Plain-clothes police shoot bombing suspect dead at Tube station:
        Hey, I'm for stopping terrorists as much as the next guy, but
        plain-clothes cops putting five in the guy at close range? I mean,
        way to get your man and all that, but... plain-clothes cops?
        \_ "Another passenger on the train, Anthony Larkin, told BBC News
            the man had been wearing a 'bomb belt with wires coming out'."
            Please give your preferred method for dealing with terrorists
            wearing bomb belts running into crowds of people.  Also, what
            does it matter what the cops were wearing?  They gave warning.
            \_ Peace. I don't know what the solution is, and I'm sure the
               cops acted within reason. Still, plain-clothes cops creep
               me out, especially since I was searched by one in Tijuana
               once. I mean, how the hell do you know they are who they say
               they are.
               \_ Probably the poster before you is worried as he is a tall
                  Asian guy who wears a backpack to school/work and takes
                  BART and is anti-establishment - but doesn't wear bomb belts
               \_ Probably op is worried as he is a tall Asian guy who wears
                  a backpack to school/work and takes BART and is
                  anti-establishment - but doesn't wear bomb belts.
                  op probably doesn't need to worry, though.  If the guy
                  was innocent and just didn't understand English, this will
                  come out eventually - but it sounds like he wasn't innocent.
                  I'm not ignoring that it could be a 'spiracy and they had
                  one "passenger" say he had a bomb belt and the other
                  "passenger" say he was wearing a thick jacket.
        \_ Haven't you played Max Payne? Sometimes plain clothes cops
           armed w/ dual Desert Eagles or Ingrams are the only ones
           who can properly deal with the situation.
           \_ PAYNE!!!
           \_ You can't wield dual "desert eagles" in the game, it's duel
              berrettas (sp?).  I have eaten the flesh of fallen angels!
           \_ You can't wield dual "desert eagles" in the game, it's dual
              berettas (sp?).  I have eaten the flesh of fallen angels!
              \_ In Fall of Max Payne, I thought they fixed it so you
                 could. What would have been really k3wl is dual shotguns
                 reloaded Terminator style a la Marathon 2!
        \_ I think we've been underreacting.  Time for some overreacting.
        \_ I'm kind of amazed at the fact that every time something like
           this happens, we hear about mass fear of repraisal attacks.  It
           kinda comes across as "I'm cool with Muslim terrorists blowing
           up 50 people on a subway, what worries me is that some redneck
           will throw an egg at my house." I hope these are the words of a
           few idiots and not the general feeling.
           \_ They've got a point, and it needs to addressed, if only by
              the police issuing a reassuring statement. We can support
              tracking down terrorists AND be worried about overreactions
              at the same time.
        \_ How many times have we heard about a suicide bomber blowing up
           a bus or train or whatever full of innocent people and everyone
           thinks "Why couldn't the cops do something to protect us?".  Now
           we have a story about cops blowing away one of these bastards,
           probably saving at least a dozen lives, and people are UPSET? WTF?
           It will be *really* obvious if the guy was a suicide bomber or
           not ... If not, then it's a tragic mistake.  If yes, then the cops
           are heroes!
           are heroes!  Besides, it's a win-win situation ... The suicide
           bomber gets to become a martyr with his 72 virgins and the
           people who actually want to live don't die in the process.
           \_ They've got a point, and it needs to addressed, if only by
              the police issuing a reassuring statement. We can support
              tracking down terrorists AND be worried about overreactions
              at the same time.
           \_ Don't you know who it works? When the cops kill an innocent
              it is overreacting and police brutality - not an honest
              mistake during the performance of what must be one of the
              most difficult civilian jobs.  When the cops kill a terrorist
              it is overreacting and police burtality - obviously the
              cops let their bitter hateful anti-muslim retribution rage
              overwhelm them and were blinded to the fact that maybe this
              was just a misguided youth how could be brought around to
              the love peace dope lifestyle with enough love peace and
              \_ You're an idiot and you overwrote my post.
2005/7/22-25 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:38766 Activity:high
7/22    When did police in Britain start carrying guns?  Thx.
        \_ a long while ago
           \_ About how long?  10yrs?  20yrs?  Because I remember that when I
              was a kid I heard that police in Britain didn't carry guns.
              \_ Except for the Hercules team in NYPD, some police in London
                 carry MP-5s out in the open.
              \_ Some police, some definition of carry, since the 70's at
                 \_ "In the UK there are about, 100 firearms deaths a year in
                    the recorded crime statistics, about double that number in
                    Canada and, under 50 in Japan.  The figure in the United
                    States is more than 10,000. Even adjusting for population,
                    this is a huge difference."
                    Firearms deaths a year per million people, and population:
                    UK:           1.7    60,441,457
                    Canada:       6.1    32,805,041
                    Japan:      < 0.4   127,417,244
                    US:         >33.8   295,734,134
                    What a great country we're in.
                    \_ it is difficult to compace just on the basis of deaths
                       per capita.  there are way too many confouding factors
                       at work here.  Try comparing areas based on pre/port
                       at work here.  Try comparing areas based on pre/post
                       gun law changes.
                       \_ True.  It's like apples and oranges.
                          I do seem to recall a study that showed that crime
                          went up in Austrailia after they banned guns.
                          Either way most studies on this sort of thing are
                          highly biased anyways.  I believe that the right to own
                          guns is a crucial freedom and just because some people
                          abuse it doesn't mean you take that away from everyone.
                          If you really want to reduce crime, actually enforce the
                          laws we have now.  For starters, take guns away from
                          known criminals.  This is something the NRA has been
                          pushing for for a while now.
                    \_ That is nice you chose to omit how many people's lives
                       are saved by gun ownership per year. Just ask any
                       criminal what they think about gun-control. Also,
                       have you ever questioned just what majority of those
                       people who die are? Gang members.
                    \_ We need guns to protect ourselves from the government.
                       When did Japan or Canada revolt? Canada still swears
                       by the Queen for God's sake. Guns make this country
                       what it is, for better and worse.
                       \_ Canada is a completely independent country from the
                          UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1982.
                          \_ "Canada is a ... Commonwealth Realm with
                              Queen Elizabeth II as its reigning monarch."
                              (from Wikipedia "Monarchy in Canada")
                             \_ Yeah.  QE II reigns UK, and QE II reigns
                                Canada.  But UK and Canada are separate
                                independent countries.  It just happens that
                                their monarchs are the same monarch.
                             \_ From the Wikipedia "Monarchy in Canada" page
                                you're referring to:
                                "Although Queen Elizabeth II is also monarch of
                                the United Kingdom and several other
                                Commonwealth countries, each nation - including
                                Canada - is sovereign and independent of the
                                \_ Yes, and they swear to the Queen as I
                                   said. They are still ruled by the Queen
                                   of England, even though they are not
                                   \_ Well, you also said "When did ... Canada
                                      revolt?".  Canada already revolted in
                                      1982 without guns.  And if you are to say
                                      Canada is ruled by the Queen of UK, then
                                      it's also valid to say UK is ruled by the
                                      Canada is ruled by the Queen of UK, it's
                                      equivalent to saying UK is ruled by the
                                      Queen of Canada.
                                      \_ This is funny because the Queen
                                         of the UK is also the Queen of
                                         Canada.  Ha!
                                      \_ The two are not equivalent. Canada
                                         was a colony under the King. It
                                         still is. At no point was England
                                         subject to Canada, nor did Canada
                                         have their own King. You know this.
                       \_ That must be why when England invaded Iraq, Canada
                          had to go too, they had no choice.
                          \_ Are you talking about the Anglo-Iraqi war in 1941
                             or Op. Iraqi Freedom?
                             \_ The latter
                                \_ Then the UK had no control over Canada,
                                   since Canada was completely independent by
                                   \_ Sigh
                       "Although similar to Seattle in many ways, Vancouver has
                       adopted a more restrictive approach to the regulation of
                       handguns... [T]he relative risk of death from homicide,
                       adjusted for age and sex, was significantly higher in
                       Seattle than in Vancouver."
                        \_ Yup and I'm sure you can choose another Canadian
                           city, match it up with a different US city and get
                           the opposite results.  In fact, if those numbers are
                           accurate above (6.1 vs 33.8) it has to be true.
                           \_ Why do you believe that? Tell me the Canadian
                              city where the risk of homicide approaches
                           \_ They chose Vancouver and Seattle because they
                              seem so similar culturally, financially, etc.
                              \_  Yes, they seem, but they are quite different
                                  culturally.  Canadians think quite differently
                                  than Americans about many things, guns included.
                                  They also seem to not mind having less freedom.
                                  Just look at their health care system.  What a mess.
2005/7/22-25 [Recreation/Food] UID:38767 Activity:nil
7/22    Does anyone know of a program for optimizing pizza topping selection?
        I'm thinking of the situation where you have N people who each have
        some number of preferred and shunned toppings, and you want to pick P
        pizzas such that everyone can find a pizza without a shunned topping
        and you maximize the number of prefered toppings people get.  This
        seems like the sort of thing geeks would have worked out already...
        \- potential arrow impossibility theorem problem
        \_ Can you clarify the "maximize the number of prefered toppings people
           get" part?
2005/7/22-25 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:38768 Activity:kinda low
7/22    Rep. Tancredo (R-CO) says that we shouldn't rule out bombing
        Mecca if the terrorists nuke us:,1299,DRMN_21_3937059,00.html
        [ Go Crazy! ]
        \_ Wow, they like to make 'em crazy up in Colorado.  It's just too bad
           Hunter Thompson was never elected sheriff of Aspen.
        \_ If I was a Muslim who believed that there was nothing more important
           than Mecca, then I would be working hard to make sure my country
           was building up a big arsenal of nukes.
        \_ Paul Harvey said something similar a week ago.
  - danh
           - danh
           \_ Yes but Harvey is not an elected representative of the people of CO
              (or anywhere else AFAIK).
        \_ The reason this is stupid is nuking Mecca is not a terrorist
           deterrent.  Terrorists couldn't give a shit about Mecca.  If
           anything, the destruction of Mecca will help them.  Actual Muslim
           states might care, but it's unclear how much extra pressure this
           kind of rhetoric puts on them. -- ilyas
           \_ If nuking xyz _was_ a terrorist deterrent, would you do it?
              \_ Would I nuke something as a deterrent?  Do you know what a
                 deterrent is? -- ilyas
2005/7/22-25 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:38769 Activity:nil
7/22    Eco Friendly Bling-Bling Rides:
2005/7/22-25 [Transportation/Airplane, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:38770 Activity:nil
7/22    In case you haven't heard, Longhorn is called Windows Vista:
        \_ And like the flying car, it's always just around the corner...
           \_ I would like to preemptively proclaim my hatred of flying cars.
              The same fucking retards who drive around in 5000 pound SUV's
              while talking on cell phones, blast through crosswalks at 55
              mph without looking and park on sidewalks (i.e. the American
              public) should NOT EVER be alowed to fly.  They WILL park
              in trees over sidewalks, which will break causing even more
              pedestrian slaughter.  They will park on roofs where it is
              unsafe, run into power lines causing outages, crash into office
              buildings (out of sheer stupidity at first, then the terrorists
              will start using them as bombs), get stuck in trees and have to
              be choppered out,  and break down over crowded areas and
              crash like stones.  FUCK FLYING CARS!!!
              \_ so trolled.
              \_ This is for you (mp3). -- ulysses
                 \_ Go ahead and laugh.  We'll see how funny you think it is
                    when some fucker crashes their flying SUV into the side of
                    YOUR house, or after a flying car parked in a tree falls
                    and kills YOUR dog.
2005/7/22-25 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:38771 Activity:nil
7/22    "Indian Muslims wear scarves printed with the national flags of Britain
        and the U.S. during Friday prayers in a mosque in the northern Indian
        city of Lucknow ..."
        That's weird.
        \_ Weird?
2005/7/22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38772 Activity:insanely high
7/22    Best 2 articles describing Plame Rove treason I've read so far, since
        it is a confusing story.  One political, one from inside ... One from
        a Democrat, one from a Republican.
        \_ This falls to pieces with: "Another false claim is that Valerie sent
           her husband on the mission to Niger."  No one is claiming that Plame
           sent him.  The claim is that she **RECOMMENDED** him.  The Senate
           Intelligence Committee has a memo in her handwriting proving this.
           And of course this: "The President has flip flopped and backed away
           from his promise to fire anyone at the White House implicated in a
           leak."  What a putz.
           \_   From above URL:
              "The Senate Intelligence Report is frequently cited by
              Republican partisans as 'proof' that Valerie sent her husband to
              Niger because she sent a memo describing her husband's
              qualifications to the Deputy Division Chief. Several news
              personalities, such as Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly continue
                                     \_ Neither of which are R's AFAIK (but I
                                        don't watch either of them).  Show me
                                        the quotes from R partisans.
                                        \_ To paraphrase someone else on the
                                           motd, you've provided a great
                                           demonstration of "being obtuse."
                                           \_ Nah, it's just hard to read
                                              something which sounds
                                              intelligent yet disputes a key
                                              point which you thought was
                                              100% true.
                                        \_ Read carefully, dude, it's ALL
                                           THERE:  The addendum in the Senate
                                           report was Republican, the
                                           spinmeisters (not necessarily
                                           Republican) quote the addendum.
                                           \_ I DON'T BELIEVE THIS.  Is that
                                              too hard to understand?  I think
                                              this guy is spinning, and I want
                                              to see what he claims to be
                                              quoting.  This whole issue has
                                              been more heat than light and
                                              everytime I get claims like this
                                              I ask for source documents.
                                              EVERY FUCKING TIME THE RESPONSE
                                              HAS BEEN SILENCE.  So if he can't
                                              back up his claim, or you can't,
                                              then SHUT THE FUCK UP.
                                              \_ Is "SHUT THE FUCK UP",
                                                 "EVERY FUCKING TIME", and
                                                 "I DON'T BELIEVE THIS"
                                                 supposed to be more light
                                                 than heat?
                                                 Besides, your post, "Neither
                                                 of which are R's AFAIK ...
                                                 Show me the quotes from R
                                                 partisans" was completely
                                                 answered by the the
                                                 "Read carefully, dude"
                                                 Your emotional response seems
                                                 to be on another topic
                                                 \_ Repeating what's in the
                                                    quote sure isn't.  If you
                                                    have a source, let us know.
                                              \_ All caps boy deleted my
                                                 question, but I'll ask him
                                                 again.  Do you think typing
                                                 in all caps helps your case?
                                                 \_ No, I didn't delete your
              to repeat this nonsense as proof. What the Senate Intelligence
              Committee does not include in the report is the fact that
              Valerie's boss had asked her to write a memo outlining her
              husband's qualifications for the job. She did what any good
              employee does; she gave her boss what he asked for."
              \_ Show me the statement from Plame's boss that confirms this.
                From danh's link:
              Seven months after the appointment of the special counsel, in
              July 2004, the Republican-dominated Senate Select Committee on
              Intelligence issued its report on flawed intelligence leading to
              the Iraq war. The blame for failure was squarely put on the CIA
              for "groupthink." (The Republicans quashed a promised second
              report on political pressure on the intelligence process.) The
              three-page addendum by the ranking Republicans followed the now
              well-worn attack lines: "The plan to send the former ambassador
              to Niger was suggested by the former ambassador's wife, a CIA
              employee." The CIA subsequently issued a statement, as reported
              by New York Newsday and CNN, that the Republican senators'
              conclusion about Plame's role was wholly inaccurate. But the
              Washington Post's Susan Schmidt reported only the Republican
              senators' version, writing that Wilson was "specifically
              recommended for the mission by his wife, a CIA employee,
              contrary to what he has said publicly," in a memo she wrote.
              Schmidt quoted a CIA official in the senators' account saying
              that Plame had "offered up" Wilson's name. Plame's memo, in
              fact, was written at the express directive of her superiors two
              days before Wilson was to come to Langley for his meeting to
              describe his qualifications in a standard protocol to receive
              "country clearance." Unfortunately, Schmidt's article did not
              reflect this understanding of routine CIA procedure. The CIA
              officer who wrote the memo that originally recommended Wilson
              for the mission--who was cited anonymously by the senators as
              the only source who said that Plame was responsible--was deeply
              upset at the twisting of his testimony, which was not public,
              and told Plame he had said no such thing. CIA spokesman Bill
              Harlow told Wilson that the Republican Senate staff never
              contacted him for the agency's information on the matter.
                Key words:
              (partisan) "addendum by the ranking Republicans",
              "CIA subsequently issued a statement ... Republican senators'
              conclusion about Plame's role was wholly inaccurate", "CIA
              officer ... that originally recommended Wilson for the mission
              ... was deeply upset at the twisting of his testimony ... told
              Plame he had said no such thing"
              \_ Show me the statement from Plame's boss that confirms this.
                 \_ Show me the statement from Plame's boss that disputes this.
                    \_ He makes the claim about Plame's boss.  Show me the
                       claim or SHUT THE FUCK UP.
                       \_ Why so angry?
                 \_ Unfortunately, her boss is probably covert as well.
                    How CONVENIIEENT ... I know ... but we do have:
                    "A senior intelligence official ... said [Plame] did not
                    recommend her husband to undertake the Niger assignment."
                    LA Times (7/15/04, article archived):
                    "A senior intelligence official said the CIA supports
                    Wilson's version: 'Her bosses say she did not initiate the
                    idea of her husband going. They asked her if he'd be
                    willing to go, and she said yes,' the official said."
                    "CIA officials have challenged the accuracy of the INR
                    document [used to claim that Plame suggested Joe Wilson's
                    name], the official said, because the [CIA] agency officer
                    identified as talking about Plame's alleged role in
                    arranging Wilson's trip could not have attended the
           \_ And the White House has flip flopped on whether they would
              fire anyone who leaked Plame's name to a reporter. First they
              said they would, now Bush says only if they have broken
              the law.
              \_ fyi, an old friend of mine who's a loyal Republican voter
                 wrote in his blog that, after the flip-flop on Rove, he
                 has decided that his vote for Dubya in 2004 was a mistake.
           \_ The article falls apart? Try reading it again!
        \_ I really like the first story, where the author also says that he
           voted for Dubya in 2000.
        \_ Countdown to someone mentioning Clinton in 5, 4, 3...
           \_ Author of first story also said he voted for Dubya because he
              understood what the meaning of "is" was
              \_ Obviously you've never served.
                 \_ Are you a troll? Do you have any understanding of the
                    effect of the methamphetamine trade on southern Michigan?
                 \_ obviously you think your trolls aren't that stupid
                    \_ I bet BUD DAY makes _excellent_ trolls.
                    \_ BUD DAY!
2005/7/22-25 [Uncategorized] UID:38773 Activity:nil 75%like:36248
7/22    Do they still call them Freedom Fries?
        \_ Why was this posted?
2005/7/22-25 [Uncategorized] UID:38774 Activity:nil
7/22    What happened to /ftp?  It's empty.
2005/7/22-25 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:38775 Activity:high
7/22    If the military is having such a horrible time finding new recruits,
        why don't they just raise salaries/benefits?  I think this was the
        tact that the Clinton admin. took with the college scholarships
        after military service.  Also, I'm sure it would have helped
        recruiting if the Bush administration hadn't pushed reservists
                                     I meant "national guard"_/
        into service in Iraq or extended the enlistment of soldiers
        who were supposed to return home so that they would be forced to
        stay in Iraq longer.  I think you reap what you sow. -mrauser
        \_ Where does the money come from?  Also, do you raise salary/benefits
           across the board, or just for the new recruits?  The former costs a
           lot, the latter (or in the form of sign-on bonus) pisses off people
           already in the service.
        \_ They are.  In the form of signing bonuses, for new recruits and
           re-enlistment.  Variable bonuses depending on MOS and experience,
           just like in real life.
        \_ In my home country, the best and the brightest work in or around
           the government sector, and the really good people who don't,
           already applied to those government positions. I hate to insult
           military men on motd but it seems to me that this country is
           run completely reversed. Perhaps to compete with the powerful
           industry of America, the US military branches should offer stock
           options (ticker: ARMY, NAVY, USAF). For every unit of resource we
           pillage from another country, the military stock price goes up.
           \_ I'm glad you think we still went into Iraq to pillage their oil.
              Oil prices sure are at an all-time low. I bet you even think
              Vietnam was a military action for pillaging. I'm glad you
              disparage one of the fundamental engines of capitalism, the stock
              market, and compare that with a constitutionally-required service.
              Your grasps of these facts surely make you the best candidate to
              advise the military on recruitment, and what the heck, run the country.
              advise the military on recruitment, and what the heck, run the
              \_ ohh, I'm sorry.  we are there for WMDs... I forgot about that.
                 Wait... was this about WMDs?
           \_ USMC.
        \_ I do not think tha this will help because I think that the problem
           w/ recruitment is indicative of larger societal problems - (1) most
           people don't feel that it is their job to defend america, thus
           they see no need to volunteer for service and (2) most people see
           no personal benefit from miltary service.
           Additionally with the success of technology in the battlefield
           the historical perception that a large standing army (navy, &c.)
           is not needed during peace-time has been reinforced.
           I would contend that this is not peacetime, its just that most
           people haven't realized that (in no small part b/c of TPTB).
           Sadly, unless something happens that affects the direct survival
           of each and every person in this country, there will likely be
           no change in present attitudes. One prays that by then it will
           not be too late for the republic.
           \_ By "something happens" perhaps you mean "a real threat happens"?
              My guess is people aren't signing up because they know damn
              well they would not be contributing to the safety of the US,
              or of the world. That they're just there as a policing force
              to contain a massive fuckup.
              \_ It is certainly plausible to think of 9/11 a one time
                 occurance, but I see it more as the latest in a series
                 of calculated strikes against the West and Democracy
                 in general by radical Islam (do not forget the orig. WTC
                 bombing, USS Cole bombing and the US Embassy bombings).
                 Also, I think that by focusing on WMDs and Iraq the
                 real threat that Iraq under Saddam posed is being missed.
                 IMO, after the fall of Afganistan, the only countries in
                 the region w/ any infrastructure to support AQ were Iraq
                 and Libya w/ Iraq being the more logical choice for AQ
                 to run to b/c it could be reached quickly by land routes.
                 To "liberate" Iraq was essential in order to prevent AQ
                 from regrouping and rearming.
                 Under normal wartime circumstances, there would be no
                 dispute that the CinC could authorize an invasion to halt
                 the enemy. The problem here is that the traditional
                 notions of war are built on the assumption that the enemy
                 is a nation-state, not an organization - which is why the
                 invasion of Iraq is not seen by many as a separate action
                 rather than a new "front" in the war.
                 I also do not see Iraq as a massive screw up. I did not
                 think that in my lifetime I would see any hope of a demo-
                 cratic Iraq. Now there is some hope. Yes it is not perfect,
                 yes it might have been better managed, BUT it is still
                 a TREMENDOUS accomplishment. Rome wasn't built in a day.
                 \_ If they hadn't stolen Florida 2000 and then followed up
                    by robbing Ohio 2004, none of this ever would've happened.
                    \_ I fail to see how the current administration had
                       anything to do w/ either the original WTC attack,
                       the USS Cole bombing or the Embassy bombings. 9/11
                       would have likely have happened under Gore's watch
                       as well.
                       The difference, I think, is that Gore's response
                       would have been akin to "peace in our time."
                       While I would hardly characterize the current
                       administrations handling of the war as stellar,
                       at least they recognize that we are at war and
                       are trying to fight it rather than deny it all
2005/7/22-25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38776 Activity:nil
7/22    Profile of Victor Hanson, a popular conservitive essayist:
        \_ "...Hanson doesn't play so well with others. At a recent meeting
           at Hoover, he strained to remain polite..." This sounds just
           like a Conservative Bush lover in my lab. He is somewhat shy,
           stubborn, and rude most of the time and doesn't get along with
           anyone else. Fucking Neocons.
2005/7/22-25 [Recreation/Celebrity, Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:38777 Activity:nil
7/22    A bunch of grannies tried to enlist in the armed forces and
        got arrested. This is not good media exposure. Why can't the armed
        forces just ask them to fill out an application and hold their
        files as "pending" forever, instead of arresting them and creating
        this media debacle? Secondly, why doesn't the armed forces just send
        them to Iraq and have them cook, or clean up barracks and toilets?
        \_ "The group has protested every week for the last three years outside
           the recruitment center."
        \_ "This was not a performance, a joke or civil disobedience," she
           said. "This was an enlistment attempt."  That is total BS.
2005/7/22-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack] UID:38778 Activity:nil
7/22    I'm bored and depressed and I need my dosage of idiocy on motd to
        cheer me up. jblack, please come back and post something stupid, I
        promise to not make fun of you this time. Thanks.
        \_ Why don't you just go to freerepublic?
2005/7/22-25 [Computer/Companies/Google, Industry/Jobs] UID:38779 Activity:moderate
7/22    I've found Google to be a good company.  If you want a full-time job or
        internship and I happen to know you on a first-name basis, contact me via
        phone or email and I'll see what I can do to get you in.
        darin @ csua, 314-283-1234.
        \_ Can you get them to stop calling me?
        \_ Don't bother applying if you're conservative.
           \_ Let me guess.  You blew the interview due to poor social skills,
              and now you want to blame it on the liberal conspiracy to keep
              the white man down?
              \_ No, just following news reports.  Have never interviewed with
                 \_ Which news reports?
                       \_ From that you assume that they "discriminate against
                          conservative hires?"  You are really really stupid,
                          and you have likely never dealt with IT hiring.
                          \_ Is it "jump to conclusions" day?  I said don't
                             bother applying.  I didn't say they were
                             discriminating, I just got the impression that
                             they're raging lefties and you wouldn't want to be
                             around them.  And you'd have to work with aaron.
                             \_ Ooh, anonymous personal attacks.  You are a
                                bright one.
                GOOD. Kudos to Google for rejecting religious -/
                and conservative ads. We're fed up, and it's
                about time us liberals stand up to the bullying
                of religious fuck heads.
                \_ Don't compound "news reports" guy's stupidity with your own.
                \_ I think it's probably fair to say the Google workplace is
                   fairly apolitical, but I do think the founders have a
                   left-wing bias, and this does reflect in some company
                   policies I find objectionable.  Are you afraid to hang
                   out with liberals because you think they might contaminate
                   your precious bodily fluids? -- ilyas
                   \_ I'd hate to be in a work environment where the political
                      opinions of the people there affect policy at work.  I'd
                      be afraid to give a conservative opinion without
                      retribution.  ilyas, you work at Google?  That raises my
                      opinion of the company.
                      \_ No, I do not.  I interviewed at Google before I went
                         to UCLA, but did not get the job.  They recently
                         contacted me again, I guess they ran out of all the
                         good people to hire.  I think Google deserves a lot of
                         credit for enlightened things they do as a company.
                         I hope to see their good example followed.  Having
                         said that, I disagree with many of their corporate
                         decisions. -- ilyas
                         \_ Well, I'm a liberal, and gay, and whatever Google
                            does I support them because they respect and
                            embrace diversity. I wish the Religious
                            dictators would just fuck off. GO GOOGLE. And
                            fuck you ilyas.
                            \_ You on the other hand don't seem to.
                            \_ Want to work at PlanetOut? Email me. -ausman
                               \_ He's a troll.  Nobody is this dumb. -- ilyas
2005/7/22-25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38780 Activity:nil
7/22    Did the "moderate" delete the main Plame thread again, or was it the
        guy who was yelling a lot?
        \_ Yelling guy is probably freaking out about this:
           and probably this:
           and most likely this:
           But I'm sure more yelling will make him feel better.
           \_ I was yelling about people quoting secondary sources to prove
              their point.  The URL's above don't bother me in the slightest.
              -yelling guy
              \_ Why did the post get deleted when three much better, more
                 relevant URLs were posted?
2005/7/22-25 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:38781 Activity:nil
7/22    "Each time the political machine made up of prime-time patriots
        and partisan ninnies display their ignorance by deriding Valerie
        Plame as a mere paper pusher or belittling the varying degrees of
        cover used to protect our officers or continuing to play partisan
        politics with our national security, it's a disservice to this
        country," -retired CIA case officer Jim Marcinkowski
        \_ SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!1!!1!1!!!! --!jblack
           \_ No one forces you to read the motd.
2005/7/22-25 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:38782 Activity:low
7/22    Not bombers or insurgents, they're terrorists.
        \_ Total garbage. Don't waste your time reading this shit.
           \_ I don't know, it is one opinion from someone actually there
              in Iraq. I don't agree, but I don't think it is garbage.
2005/7/22-25 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:38783 Activity:kinda low
7/22    When I do SELECT AVG(col) FROM table, where col is integer, it takes
        2 minutes and returns a float type. I'm suspecting part of the
        problem is that it's doing floating point add? How do I make it
        faster? Thanks.
        \_ How many rows it is querying over?
           \_ about ~2,000,000
        \_ Try adding an index to col.  (When in doubt, add more indexes):
           ALTER TABLE table ADD INDEX (col)
           \_ This won't help at all; he's doing a full table scan with no
              where clause.  You can test your theory by using SUM instead
              of AVG; does it still take a long time?  You also have to
              consider that these very likely are floating point numbers
              if you defined the column as NUMBER.
              \_ I've seen MySQL run faster with indexes on lots of things
                 that really shouldn't have run any faster.
              \_ Indexes may cause the db to do fewer reads, depending on
                 his schema.
           \_ Actually I found out my problem isn't with the AVG but with
              "join" process. For example, I have a lot of the followings
             like SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE AND
    I've made sure that id, id2, and
             id3 are all indexed, but for 2 million rows it's still
             pretty slow. I wish MySQL would tell you why things are
             slow so that you can fine tune it. ARGG!! -op
2005/7/22-25 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:38784 Activity:nil
7/22    I never took a formal DB theory class, excuse me for asking SQL
        questions. When I create a table, I can choose PRIMARY KEY to be
        based on a single or n-tuple column. When I do that, are indices
        created automatically? Second question is, if the indices are
        created for n-tuple, does that mean all the column have fast
        index, or they are all based on previous columns? For example, if
        I do "PRIMARY KEY(col1, col2, col3)" and I do a search on just
        col3, is that going to be really fast?
        \_ While I don't have the SQL standard committed to memory, I suspect
           that automatic creation of indices in response to primary key
           specification is implementation dependent.  Look in the docs for
           your particular database vendor. -dans
           \_ this is correct.
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