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2005/7/17 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:38663 Activity:nil
7/16    Iraq will be a cakewalk (blast from the past):
2005/7/17-19 [Computer/Networking] UID:38664 Activity:nil
7/17    Got any recommendations for the WiFi service(s) in the South Bay?  My
        main concerns are security (I am a WiFi idiot.  Just want to make sure
        that my WiFi transmittions are secure.  Is this possible?), stable
        connections once I am connected, and widely available.  Some of the
        Starbucks branches have been referring me to T-Mobile, but the T-Mobile
        does not seem to have a full list of the available WiFi spots it
        seviced in it's map

        A simple search of
          hotspot "south bay"
        at Yahoo! reveals quite a bit of hotspot locations provided by T-Mobile
        and other providers and also places with free WiFi access.
        \_ No wifi connection is ever 100% secure.  You should rely on SSL,
           IPSEC, SMTP+TLS, SSH, imaps/spop and a decent personal firewall or
           packet filter if you are concerned about security.  If you're
           paranoid, consider a small firewall+VPN device at home that you
           connect through.  -John
2005/7/17-19 [Finance/Banking] UID:38665 Activity:moderate
7/16    Why is it that everytime I call Citibank I get this guy with a
        heavy Indian accent that I can barely understand? I'm fed up with
        having to call 3-4 times before I get someone who can speak
        decent English. In fact I've been getting used to hanging up
        immediately when I hear someone with a heavy accent. It's totally
        annoying. The other thing is they're really persistent, like
        "Would you like to transfer balance from another account? Are you
        SURE? How about our other offers? But they're great, are you SURE?
        Ok, wait, before you go, we have another offer..." JESUS FUCKING
        CHRIST. I hate Citibank.
        \_ You fucking guy, your sister kick my dog.  -John
        \_ I dunno. But has anyone noticed getting less telemarketing calls
           in general these days? Maybe that do not call list actually worked.
           Now I just wish there was a "do not mail" list. I feel bad dumping
           large piles of neighborhood junk mail in the trash every week.
           And taxpayers subsidize that crap.
           \_ No, it's not as good (evironmentally, etc.) as not having these
              junk snail mails, coupons, mailed to us, but there's something
              called recycling.  I hope you are at least doing that.
           \_ There is indeed a do-not-mail list, although it is not enforced
              by law.  It doesn't stop coupons from neighborhood grocery
              stores, but it reduced my other junk mail by a lot.  See
        \_ I've decided to cancel my CitiBank (former CalFed of 9 years)
           account and AmEx (also of about 9 years) precisely for this reasons.
           I am now banking with WellsFargo.  Thus far, I've not encountered
           this problem.  If I do, I'll just take my business else where.
           \_ Wells Fargo sucks too.  Once upon a time, they created conditions
              that led to a bench warrant for my arrest.  Having to yell at
              them for 4 hours to get this fixed was a high point of my young
              life.  Speaking English doesn't predicate competence. --scotsman
              \_ I agree, especially when you [scotman] are an all white
                 American and your grammar sucks more so than FOBs. Ha ha ha
                 \_ Are you retarded?
           \_ Hooray for you--don't forget to write them an email/letter
              saying "I'm leaving because of xyz."  The worst that can happen
              is that they don't respond, and you may get some apologetic
              goodies form them.  -John
              goodies from them.  -John
        \_ Because God hates you and ONLY you.
           \_ I am fairly sure God also hates geordan and I. -- ilyas
              \_ "and me"
                 \_ Pfffft, I will not bow to the articial rules of your
                    capitalist pig-dog language. -- ilyas
                    \_ And that is why God hates you.
2005/7/17-19 [Transportation/Car] UID:38666 Activity:low
7/16    When I rent a car, does my existing insurance (AAA) cover collision
        and liability, and if so, how much is it usually? I've also heard
        that some credit card used for the rental may also have some coverage
        as well. Does anyone know? Thanks.
        \_ pretty much any platinum visa/mastercard includes coverage.
        \_ Your current liability and collision covers rentals, unless
           you leave the country or break the law or do something really
           strange, like use the car for hire. You still have to pay
           your normal deductible, but if you use a platinum or gold
           card, even that is usually covered.
           you leave the country or break the rental agreement. You still
           have to pay your normal deductible, but if you use a platinum or
           gold card, even that is usually covered.
           \_ Speaking of gold and platinum, what is the credit limit for them?
              Someone told me gold is +$5000, platinum is +$7500, etc etc.
              I've also heard from someone that they have titanium cards too.
              I wonder what the limit for that is           -credit card hater
              \_ Usually your car insurance will cover liability, but
                 *not* collision. Liability covers the driver (you) no
                 matter what you drive, but collision covers a specific
                 vehicle. As for credit card limits, there are no hard rules.
                 The Amex Centurion (black card) is the most prestigious
                 card in the world, giving perks like free upgrades to
                 first class when flying. It is by invitation only.
                 \_ Shrug.  Upgrades with CO, DL, and NW: nice.  Hotel
                    privileges: moderately nice, and sometimes random upgrades
                    at unaffiliated hotels are cool.  Other services (travel
                    agent, concierge, world cell, etc.): fairly useless,
                    though good for urban legend fodder.  Pissing off my MIL:
                 \_ You are wrong. I don't know why people on the motd always
                    claim to be experts on things they are wrong about:
                    Your collision insurance follows you to a car you borrow
                    or rent.
        \_ The one time I forgot to check the rejecting CDW/LDW box when
           renting a car, I had my rental car keys stolen at gunpoint, and
           the rental company replaced everything.
2005/7/17-19 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:38667 Activity:nil
7/17    Speaking of T-Mobile, is anybody else experiencing a phone outage?
        \_ No, but I've noticed that the quality of Verizon has been sucking
           a lot lately. My 2 year old contract is up and I thought about
           getting something cheaper since Verizon has always been more
           expensive. However, it seems like ALL the plans nowadays START
           at $40, and with a 8-9 dollar tax, it is just... sad.
2005/7/17-18 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:38669 Activity:nil
7/16    Rove: "I've already said too much." (Yahoo! news)
        \_ Yeah? So? The President has been doing whatever he pleases and
           nothing touches him or his staff. What's the point for fighting...
2005/7/17-19 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Interesting] UID:38670 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
7/16    Beautiful little flash game
        \_ How do i play this game??
          \_ Figure it out.
          \_ as the above poster said, figuring out how to play the game is
             part of the game.
        \_ keywords: fun flash game samorost samorost2 samrost samrost2
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