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2005/7/16-18 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:38654 Activity:moderate
7/16    What in the FUCKING WORLD is wrong with the ppl in tw?  They report
        Harry Potter plot spoilers as news events... Headline in bold on
        news sites printing so and so was killed in book 6.  WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?
        \_ I know a little Chinese, but never read taiwanese news sites.  I
           definitely appreciate the warning.  Thanks.  BTW, I propose a 1
           week potter book 6 blackout on the motd, if not longer.
           \_ Damn, and I wanted to tell the world that Harry finds out
              that James Potter isn't really dead but is masquerading
              as the Dread Pirate Sith Lord LeChuck.
        \_ Geez, it took you this long to understand why the heroic PRC wants
           to invade the place and put paid to this outrage?  -John
           \_ believe me or not, there are plenty of denizens in TW are
              looking forward for this day. and the number is growing.
        \_ Too bad. It's a good thing I can't read Chinese.
        \_ Maybe there is no real news to report?
        \_ You're saying someone was killed in book 6!?!?  Oh no, a spoiler!!
2005/7/16-19 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Consumer/Audio] UID:38655 Activity:nil
7/16    I have a lot of problems with iTunes. Occassionally, when I record
        a CD, the CDDB imports data that is all messed up with wrong
        category names, song names, etc. I end up having to name them
        one by one. I have to do this or else it's impossible to search
        for a song I want on my iPod. What do you guys do to make this
        easier? ok thx.
        \_ Submit your track lists to CDDB when you're finished, and maybe
           you will keep other people from the same headache.
        \- You call this an "iTunes" problem? Can you list your name so I
           can add you to the "I am a Moron Contest" watch list?
           \_ Can you name yourself so I can add you to the
              "I am a moron contest" watchlist?
              "I've got a stick up my ass and I'm gonna get a heart
               attack at age 35 because I'm a type A personality"
               list? I assume that OP's problem is with CDDB being
               somehow corrupt (I don't do ITunes and I haven't done
               CDDB in years, so I'm guessing) vs. it being an
               Itunes problem, which is fine. But it's no reason to
               get all fucking persnickity about it.
            \_ How does the OP know the song data are messed up?  Did he
               arrive at that conclusion the same way he decided he has
               a lot of problems with iTunes?
        \_ I rip everything with EAC which uses freedb, never have a problem
           with messed up song titles.
2005/7/16 [Uncategorized] UID:38656 Activity:nil 60%like:38612
7/16    I was wrong - this is the ULTIMATE rice mod:
2005/7/16-19 [Computer/Blog] UID:38657 Activity:nil
7/16    When putting a link on your blog to another blog, can you just
        hardwire it in, or is there some service or something to use
        (one that keeps track of blog-blog links)? I know this doesn't
        make too much sense, but I keep seeing "Blogroll" on people's
        blogs and I'm wondering what this is. Thanks.
        \_ wouldn't "blogroll" in google save us all the time? -nonblogger
2005/7/16-19 [Computer/Theory, Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:38658 Activity:nil
7/16    Cellular Squirrel:
        \_ What a waste of funding. It's no wonder some people are
           are skeptical of the "hi-tech" work that comes out of
           media labs.
           \_ C'mon, this is cool.  I'd much rather have some dancing stuffed
              rodent than most of the obnoxious headwound-worthy ringtones
              you get on cell phones.  -John
        \_ the japanese are way ahead of us on this.
2005/7/16-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:38659 Activity:kinda low
7/16    This guy will make John Kerry proud:
        \_ Son, the election's been over for some time now.  Move on, already.
        \_ Why?  Did the bullet just graze the guy's skin?
        \_ Hm, given that he already spent time in both Iraq and Indonesia, I
           can only assume that he would do a lot of other people proud
           as well.  -John
2005/7/16-18 [Health, Health/Women] UID:38660 Activity:nil
7/16    Morning-After Pill May Be Banned From Wisconsin University Campuses.
        Is this a sign of things to come where everything is moving
        more and more to the right?,2933,162694,00.html
        \_ so let em.  what're you worried about?  government infringing on
2005/7/16-18 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:38661 Activity:kinda low
7/16    Why must suicide bombers commit suicide? Don't they know that
        after they blow themselves up, they're gone cannot do any more
        harm? Don't they know for each suicide, there's one less
        bomber left to make a statement? I don't understand. If I were
        a pissed off occupyee, say a German or Japanese in WW2, I'd
        do all that I can to create havoc short of blowing myself up.
        \_ there's a norm macdonald show sketch where the suicide bomber
           employee is asking about health benefits
        \_ for
           a summary.
        \_ Because they're thug cunts and should have body parts mailed to
           their family wrapped in bacon.  -John
2005/7/16-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack] UID:38662 Activity:nil
7/16    I hate to say this but if troll is defined as the ratio between
        how much you post and how much response you get, then jblack is
        the MASTER OF TROLLER. For every line of pro-Bush troll he posts,
        there are literally hundreds of responses. I salute to you,
        jblack. You are the MASTER OF TROLLER. You rule.
        \_ I call bullshit on that.  He's been posting his freeper trash and
           lies about John Kerry for ages, and the vast majority of it is
           ignored.  The flame-froth generator in this case is whatever liberal
           has recently got a bug up his ass about jblack's trash and is
           actually starting to post rants in response.
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