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2005/7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:38628 Activity:high
7/14    Shalom ilyas ma shlom-kha ata medaber, mishehu po medaber ivrit?
        \_ ken. - !ilyas
           \_ ma sh lom cha? ma shim kha?
        \_ No I don't.  I used to know Deutsch once, does that count as Yiddish?
           \_ ani lo mevin eich omrim et ze be'ivrit? zdayen mi po ya zevel!
              \_ such language!
                 \_ Translate please, thanks.
2005/7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:38629 Activity:low
7/14    Do any grocery stores around here sell San Pellegrino Chinotto?
2005/7/15 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38630 Activity:moderate
7/14    If Rove did nothing wrong please explain why the White House isn't
        shouting out their love for him right now?  Gee, funny how waiting
        to see how the wind blows makes you look bad.
        \_ If Rove is found guilty, then the Dems would make fun of Reps
           for supporting him. So it's probably better to be quiet. However,
           if Rove is NOT found guilty, then the the silence would work
           to Reps' advantage-- they're more gentlemen like. Also it would
           just make Dems seem stupid, when he's not found guilty, which
           I think will be the most likely outcome.
           \_ So they think there is a decent chance he will be found guilty?
              \_ They probably just think there is a decent chance he'll
                 be tossed for being caught red-handed doing something
                 unscrupulous while blowing someone's wife's cover - not
                 necessarily found guilty.
                 That is, unless you believe all the talk about Rove not
                 really leaking Plame's identity but merely confirming it for
                 snoopy reporters.
        \_ It seems to be a pretty standard thing for the Bush admin to
           keep quiet in crisis.  It seems to work well for them.
           \_ Yeah, true, imagine if they'd actually made rousing passionate
              speeches instead of cowering in bunkers the morning of 9/11.
        \_ If Rove did something wrong, how come he hasn't been charged yet?
           \_ patience, grasshopper.
2005/7/15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38631 Activity:nil
7/14    Rehnquist to public: "Nah, bitch!"
        \_ Sounds to me like he might not survive to the end of Bush
           presidency though.
2005/7/15-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:38632 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto 50%like:36687
7/15    is kchang's motd script down or it it just me? does anyone else
        find this liberating?
        \_ you think kchang is the only one running identification scripts?
        \_ Eh.  If you haven't figured out by now that the 'user guessing' is
           useless, you might feel that way.
        \_ What does "down" mean? There are many features, which one is "down"?
        \_ down, or downe?
2005/7/15-18 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:38633 Activity:kinda low
7/15    OTM (Other Than Mexican) crossings have nearly doubled this year, after
        a record year in 2004. [reuters]
        \_ Great policy: "Mexicans caught by U.S. border patrols trying to
           enter the country illegally are usually immediately returned to
           their native land. Many simply wait a day and then try to sneak into
           the country again."
           Even greater policy: "If their (OTMs') names do not appear, they are
           normally released on their own recognizance and told to appear at a
           deportation hearing often months in the future. Some 85 percent fail
           to show up for the hearing and are never seen again."
           What a great country!!!
           \_ what should we do?  maim them?  rip off an arm?  "hey
              don't let that guy with 1 arm in here!"
              \_ That's cruel. How about a 1 month tattoo, or taking their
                 eyebrows out?
                 \_ I've had worse!
           \_ Why do the other 15% even bother to show up for the hearing
           \_ We should just shoot them.
           \_ Cane them!
                 \_ ... left nut?  It doesn't seem to hurt Lance!
                    \_ Oh shit--millions of really fast bicycle-riding illegal
                       immigrants?  The border patrol will never catch them
                       now.  -John
              \_ What do other countries usually do to people trying to sneak
                 in through the border?
                 \_ Plane back to Africa as that's where most of the illegal
                    ones in Europe come from (since they made most of Eastern
                    Europe part of the club.)  The Mediterranean is kind of
                    more difficult to cross 5 times than the Rio Grande.. -John
2005/7/15-18 [Reference/Military, Reference/Religion] UID:38634 Activity:nil
7/15    Okay, this is old, but good:
        Dawkins on suicide bombers.
        \_ This article contains religion-bashing.  Where o where are the
           \_ Note the date on the article.
        \_ gee, such dry wit: "How about using humans as on-board guidance
           systems, instead of pigeons? Humans are at least as numerous as
           pigeons, their brains are not significantly costlier than pigeon
           brains, and for many tasks they are actually superior."
        \_ Good essay. -- ilyas
2005/7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:38635 Activity:nil
7/15    WEAK.
2005/7/15 [Uncategorized/Jived] UID:38636 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto
7/15    OTM (Oda' Dan wet-back) crossin's gots' nearly doubled dis year, after
        a reco'd year in 2004.
        http, dig dis://csua.  Sheeeiit.o'g/u/cpu [reuters]
        \_ Great policy, dig dis: "wet-backs caught by U.S. bo'da' patrols tryin' to
           enta' de country illegally are usually immediately returned to
           deir native land. Many simply wait some day and den try t'sneak into
           de country again.  'S coo', bro."
           Even greata' policy, dig dis: "If deir (OTMs') dojiggers do not appear, dey are
           no'mally released on deir own recognizance and told t'appear at a
           depo'tashun hearin' often monds in de future.  What it is, Mama! Some 85 puh'cent fail
         t'show down fo' de hearin' and are neva' seen again.  'S coo', bro."
           What some great country.  Right On!  .  Right On!  .  Right On!
           \_ whut should we do?  maim dem?  rip off some arm?  "hey
              duzn't let dat guy wid 1 arm in here.  Right On!  "
              \_ Dat's cruel. How about some 1 mond tattoo, o' takin' deir
                 eyebrows out?
                 \_ I've had wo'se.  Right On!
              \_ What do oda' countries usually do t'sucka's tryin' t'sneak
                 in drough de bo'der?
           \_ Why do de oda' 15% even boda' to show down fo' de hearin'
           \_ We should plum shoot dem.  'S coo', bro.
           \_ Cane dem.  Right On!
2005/7/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:38638 Activity:moderate
7/15    "I consider it the ultimate crime to hide porn on any server I
         administer.  If you have pr0n on soda, you must make it publicly
         accessible or face my wrath.  Pr0n is a glorious resource that
         should be shared freely with all who seek it.  To summarize: no
         hiding porn! - jvarga"
        \_ I really like this jvarga guy. He is wise and his policy is
           sound. I'm no longer a student but can I participate in
           politburo? I'd like to vote for him to be a permanent CSUA
           President. I LIKE VARGA, I LIKE VARGA!!!
           \_ Grow up.  Were the two of you in high school drama?
2005/7/15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:38639 Activity:nil
7/15    Is there some kind of script that converts normal English to the one
        in the thread below?
2005/7/15-18 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:38640 Activity:nil
7/15    If I am forking a bunch of background jobs in a csh script, is there
        a good way to suppress the [1] 10894 [2] 10897 and "Done" type output?
        \_ Your first problem is using csh for this and caring about
        \_ will this work?:
                script.csh >& /dev/null
                \- that will throw away the output you may want to see:
                   foreach i (a b c)
                         sleep 1 &
                   echo done
                   \_ write the output you want to a file.
        \_ csh is not very good for shell scripting; it's more of an
           interactive shell. I don't know of a way to turn these notices
           off. If you'll consider moving to bourne/bash, I bet you'll be
           much happier in the long run. I'm sorry I took so long to switch.
2005/7/15-18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38641 Activity:high
7/15    Between the several Rove announcements over the last
        few days it is not looking good for the Dems.
        Who Exposed Secret Agent Plame?   -jblack
        \_ In contrast, I think things are just heating up, and I wouldn't
           say "the Dems" -- I'd say anyone who's anti-Rove-leak is pretty
        \_ Justin Black, Bush encouraged supporters of the war to hang a flag
           this weekend. I have a better idea. Why don't the Americans who
           support the war enlist in the armed services today? It's clear
           that our military is overstretched and our forces in Iraq are too
           few. It seems to me that you people would rather fight the media
           than the insurgents.
        \_ It's interesting you have linked to an article from
           clifford may, one of the guys who's claimed to have known
           for the last 50 years that valerie plame was a secret
           agent. - danh
        \_ well I guess as NR articles go, that wasn't too terrible.
        \_ Does you ever wake up in the middle of the night
           and realize that Karl Rove and his zombie army are a bunch
           of shitheads?
        \_ So was Novak just the patsy?
           AP poll, July 11-13:  42% of Americans approve of Dubya's job as
           President, 56% disapprove.  40% approve of Dubya's handling of
           Iraq, 59% disapprove.
           \_ You just don't get it. I voted for Bush because I liked his
              personal qualities. Unlike Kerry, Bush is straightforward
           \_ You just don't get it. I voted for Bush because he is a white
              Christian man. Unlike Kerry, Bush is straightforward
              and never looks down on anybody. He is not a snob. He is not
              French. Most importantly, he is pro-life, religious, and is
              tough on terrorists. There's a great sense of connection I
              have with Bush that I just can't explain, but as long as it
              exists, I trust the President to always do what is right.
              In the end, doing right thing is more important than doing
              what is popular. Darn it, I think I may have been trolled.
              \_ Are you familiar with the concept of a "cult of personality?"
                 \_ Hi.  You don't know what a cult of personality is. -- ilyas
                    \_ Explain it, then.  How is it different than pp's blind
                       hero worship?
                       \_ I am not getting into this.  Read some things on
                          existing personality cults, and think about it.
                            -- ilyas
                             "Cult of personality or personality cult is a
                             term for what is perceived to be excessive
                             adulation of a single living leader."
                             Again... how was my question to the blind Bush
                             worshipper above unwarranted?
                             \_ Listen, mental giant, since you insist, I will
                                spell it out for you.  He doesn't worship Bush.
                                He likes Bush.  Like inner city kids like
                                Michael Jordan.  Neither Bush nor Michael Jordan
                                are perfect by any means, but to say they enjoy
                                a cult of personality like Stalin or Mao is
                                beyond moronic.  Excessive adulation of Bush
                                would be like giant portraits of him hanging
                                everywhere, shrines in people's living rooms,
                                etc.  Cult of personality is not a relationship
                                between a single person and a leader, it's
                                a relationship between a people and a leader.
                                This 'liking of Bush' that you find so
                                distasteful is a similar thing to that famous
                                quote by Nina Burleigh saying she will happily
                                give Clinton a blowjob just because he kept the
                                woman's right to choose.  Is that cult of
                                personality too?  Give me a fucking break.
                                  -- ilyas
                                \_ Uhhhh, chill man... you've been trolled?
              \_ Who gave Britney Spears a soda account?
        \_ jblack, can you EVER point a url that is not of conservative
           bias? Can you post anything other than,
 ,,,, etc?
           I'd like to know. And if you don't think these are of
           conservative bias, check again: <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ For once jblack has posted a nationalreview url without
              claiming it's impartial or balanced or nice on liberals.
              I think he should be exiled to Disneyland though if he
              keeps posting worldnetdaily/newsmax urls though
        \_ Which famous conservative authored the following quote:
           'I know reporters and I know liberals, like I know every square inch
           'I know reporters and I know liberals like every square inch
            of my glorious naked body.'?  -- ilyas
           \_ That's Rush Limbaugh. I LOVE RUSH LIMBAUGH! He's funny.
              \_ He's also a druggie.  Go druggies!
           \_ I consider myself liberal and every minute NOT spent
              contemplating Rush Limbaugh's naked body is a quality minute.
2005/7/15-18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38642 Activity:nil
7/15    Rove's not Bush's brain.  I've seen Bush's brain, and Rove's not it.
        Cheney is: (antiwar blog)
        Speculation that Fitzgerald will be after Cheney's office, next, as
        the source of the leak to Rove.
        \_ Too bad--of all the evil hairy trolls in the Bush administration I
           kind of like Dick best--he's a fat evil bastard, but at least he's
           an unapologetic fat evil bastard who's reasonably honest about his
           fat evil bastardness.  You kind of have to appreciate that.  -John
2005/7/15-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:38643 Activity:nil
7/15    How do you check what Perl libraries you have on your machine?
        \_ Perldoc isn't working for me to figure out command line way right
           now, but you can always 'perl -V' and manually look in the @INC
        \_ If you just want to know if module Foo is installed, you can say:
           perl -MFoo -e ''
           If Foo is present, this will exit silently.  If it's absent, you'll
           get an error to the effect of 'Can't locate in @INC' -dans
2005/7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:38644 Activity:nil
7/15    If I am fucking a bunch of underground fobs in a street, is there
        a good way to suppress the [1] Ooh [2] Ahh and "Gimme more, hun!" type
        \_ you're obviously a clueless-virgin because as anyone experienced
           in this undertaking would know, that's not the types of exclamations
           they make.
2005/7/15-18 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:38645 Activity:nil
7/15    I am curious how various employers rate job performance for SAs,
        S/W engineers, and similar. Lines of code, bugs fixed, bugs
        introduced, speed, optimization, and so on all have various
        problems. Is it mostly by a gut feeling or are there good metrics
        that can be applied? Similarly, how does one determine how many
        SAs, S/W engineers, and such it might take to complete a given
        project? I've always relied on a combination of observation (for
        performance) and analogies to past projects but management would
        like something more formalized. I'm curious how you and your company
        do it. Projects could be large or small. If I need Widget X in
        one year how would you determine how many people I'd need to
        start as a rough estimate? --dim
2005/7/15-16 [Uncategorized/German] UID:38646 Activity:nil
7/15    wenn ich ein B├╝ndel Hintergrundauftr├Ąge in einem cshindex gabele, gibt
        a, zu unterdr├╝cken die [ 1 ] 10894 [ 2 ] 10897 und "erfolgter"
        \_ willen diese Arbeit?:
                script.csh > u./dev/null
                \-, das weg den Ausgang Sie wirft, kann sehen w├╝nschen:
                   foreach I (ein b c)
                         sleep 1 u.
                   echo getan
2005/7/15-16 [Uncategorized/German] UID:38647 Activity:nil
7/15    O.K., dieses ist alt gut, aber:
        Dawkins auf Selbstmordbombern.
        \_ dieser Artikel enth├Ąlt das Religion-Heftig schlagen. Wo O, wo
           \_anmerkung das Datum am Artikel.die ├ťberfahrten
2005/7/15-16 [Uncategorized/German] UID:38648 Activity:nil
7/15    OTM arekordjahr 2004. [ reuters ]gro├če Politik des
        \_: "Mexikaner verfing sich durch die STAATRANDPATROUILLEN, die zu
           enter das Land illegal werden normalerweise sofort zu
           their. Viele warten einfach einen Tag und versuchen dann sneak
           theland wieder.",
           Even gr├Âssere Politik: "wenn ihre (OTMs ') Namen nicht
           normally freigegeben auf ihrem eigenen recognizance und erkl├Ąrt,
           deportationh├Ârf├Ąhigkeit h├Ąufig zuk├╝nftig. Ca. 85 Prozent
           to stellen oben f├╝r die H├Ârf├Ąhigkeit dar und werden gesehen nie
           What ein gro├čes Land!!!
           \_, das was wir tun sollte? maim sie? Rip weg von einem Arm?
              don't lie├č dieses Halteseil mit 1 Arm innen hier!",
              \_, das grausam ist. Wie ein ungef├Ąhr 1-Monats-Tattoo oder
              \_ was tun, andere L├Ąnder tun normalerweise, um das Versuchen
                 in durch den Rand?
2005/7/15-16 [Uncategorized/German] UID:38649 Activity:nil
7/15    ist motd der kchangs Index unten oder es es gerade ich? tut sonst
        find dieses Befreien?
        \_ wie. Wenn Sie nicht aus jetzt dem ' dargestellt haben, der
           useless, konnten Sie so glauben.
        \_, was Mittel "niederwirft"? Es gibt viele Eigenschaften, die man
        \_ unten oder downe?
2005/7/15-16 [Uncategorized/German] UID:38650 Activity:nil
7/14    jemand Aufsteigen zu PGP-Schreibtisch 9,0? Ich wundere mich wie
        "Wholescheiben"Verschl├╝sselung arbeitet aus. Anmerkungen w├╝rden
        appreciated. Danke.
        \_ I w├╝rde auch sch├Ątzen, wenn jedermann irgendein R├╝ckgespr├Ąch
           on dieses. Wir denken an das Verwenden es als Verschl├╝sselung
           system, wo mehrere Benutzer Zugang zu den Akten ben├Âtigen.
           \_ gehen zu klassifizieren, mrauser. - jvarga
        \_ warum? Verstecken Sie porn von den haltbaren
           \_ I halten es f├╝r das entscheidende Verbrechen, porn auf jedem
              administer. Wenn Sie pr0n auf Soda haben, m├╝ssen Sie es
              accessible oder stellen Sie meinen Wrath gegen├╝ber. Pr0n ist
              should wird frei mit allen geteilt, die es suchen.
              hiding porn! - jvarga
              \_ Addenum: wenn ich das su mu├č, an es gelangen, lassen Sie
                 too viel Arbeit. - jvargaStimmejvarga des
              \_ I als der humorvollste admin ├ťBERHAUPT!!!
              \_ I kann eine Unterst├╝tzung des j-pr0narchivs haben, das
                 around die gleiche Zeit wie Safari, denke ich.),
                 want dieses ausgezeichnete St├╝ck CSUA-Geschichte. - John
2005/7/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:38651 Activity:nil
7/14    was ein gutes zu verwendendes Paket (Perl) einfache Linien zu zeichnen
        circles in GIF oder in JPG? Ich m├Âchte etwas tun, das zeichnet
        lines f├╝r ein cgi oder ein PHP, Dank.
        \_ ImageMagik?
        \_ GD?
        \_ GD, aber es werden (durch R├╝ckstellung) tun png. (das gerade
  -- dbushong
2005/7/15-16 [Uncategorized/German] UID:38652 Activity:nil
7/14    entscheidende Reisumb.: (
        \_throw in einem Nebenbrenner und in Ihnen kann kein anderes
           tailgate Sie, selbst wenn er gen├╝gende Pferdest├Ąrken zum oben
        \_ ist reales dieses? Wo k├Ânnen Sie D├╝sentriebwerke so klein
        \_ "ich denke seine Stra├če zugelassenes" - ha ha ha!
2005/7/15-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:38653 Activity:moderate
7/15    Is it possible through JNI to write a function which takes a float[]
        array and through the magic of c casts it to an int array and then
        returns the int array to Java, not modifying the actual data?
        If not, is there a good Java way to do the C equivalent of:
        int* i = (int*) f; ?
        Don't ask whether I really need to be doing this because there is a
        good (performance) reason.
        \_ You can modify your implementation of VMFloat, or create a new
           class similar to it, to provide an additional method that works
           on arrays of ints and floats, rather than just on individual 32
           bit values.  This will entail creating a new shared library, etc.
           This is probably the cleanest and most efficient way, but obviously
           will not be portable.  I am assuming you know how to write the
           C necessary to convert the array type while leaving the bit
           representation unchanged. -- ilyas
           will not be portable.  -- ilyas
           \_ Do you know of any in-Java way to convert float[] to int[]
              without using JNI or touching the underlying data? -op
              \_ If you thought about it, you should be shocked if there were.
              \_ I do not know of such a way.  I think when you are starting to
                 care about performance to the extent where you don't want to
                 just call floatToIntBits on each element of the array, you
                 should either forget platform independence, or use a better
                 language.  By the way, the previous poster is wrong, there
                 is no reason Java shouldn't provide this functionality in
                 VMFloat (it provides a function for individual 32 bit values).
                 It just doesn't because it sucks. -- ilyas
              \_ Sure:
         for(int i = 0; i < float_array.length; i++){
                int_array[i] = java.lang.Float.floatToIntBits(float_array[i]);
                If you want to avoid the overhead of a loop, or aren't
                willing to write your own shared library + class wrapper to
                do what this loop does in one swipe, or aren't willing to
                abandon Java, then you lose. -- ilyas
                \_ I'm already doing the above, but want to avoid an additional
                   O(n) step, and am too lazy to write another JNI wrapper.
                   I guess I do lose.  I also saw ByteBuffer has methods for
                   providing IntBuffer and FloatBuffer views, but I can't find
                   a low overhead way to go FloatBuffer->ByteBuffer or
                   \_ For reference, consider how a well-implemented strongly
                      typed language (ocaml) handles this:
                      let float_array = [| 1.0; 2.0; 3.0 |] in
                      let int_array : Int32.t = Obj.magic float_array in
                      Obj.magic is an unconditional type cast without promotion.
                        -- ilyas
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