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2005/7/14-8/4 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:38609 Activity:nil
7/13    Scotch will be coming down tonight.  Expect disruption in CSUA service
        between 7pm and wheneverweactuallyfinish.  We don't intend on bringing
        soda down for more than a few minutes to rotate it in the rack (so
        that it cooks evenly).  Probability of list disruption will be high.
        Office accounts will be unavailable.  Njh will be piss drunk. - jvarga
        \_ 7/14 Soda is back up, scotch is back up, lists are down, office
                accounts are down.  We're working on things, but I have to be
                up at 6am for work. - jvarga
        \_ 7/15 Office accounts are working again after much mudwrestling with
                all systems involved.  Debian mirror and other services on
                screwdriver are back up.  Send booze to root. - jvarga
        \_ 7/24 Just realized that soda's FTP was being mounted off of scotch
                (wtf?) and that's the cause of people's complaining.  Am
                looking at possible solutions.  Please be patient. - jvarga
        \_ 7/24 Lounge machines should be working again for the most part.
                Still screwing with xterm logins.  Send booze.  Now. - jvarga
July 12, 2005

Root is planning to swap out scotch.CSUA for a newer machine in the next few
days as part of planned server upgrades.  Scotch serves DNS, NIS for the
office, mailing lists, and is soda's backup mail server.  During the
downtime, some or all of these services will be unavailable.  The length of
the outage depends on our luck, but we hope to have everything back
available within a few hours with as little disruption as possible.  Note
that the soda motd will continue to be as troll-filled as usual.

Additionally, the scotch replacement will bring in phase 1 of the new soda
upgrade.  We will be unifying soda logins and office logins (but not home
directories), which means that I will be pulling the password database off
of soda to serve as the master list for office logins.  This means that if
you have an office account, your office password will be the same as your
soda password. If you did not have an office account before, this change
will not grant you an office account.

The exact date and time of this switchover will be announced soon.  Please
direct all questions/comments/concerns to root.

2005/7/14-15 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:38610 Activity:nil
7/13    Dear German John, I'm learning German and it's a lot of fun. Grammar
        is very similar, and some words are similar. However, I have problem
        pronouncing certain words, like (how you spell in English)
        "IcHHHH SpriHHHHHen NicHHHHt English" probably cuz I don't normally
        use the throat often. In fact, I find that after only 20 mins of
        practicing, my throat gets really dry. Is this normal, or am I
        using my throat the wrong way? Danke Deutche John.
        \_ Drink a lot of hefeweizen and smoke some stinky eurofag cigarettes,
           the next morning you'll get that special born & bred in der
           teutonic vunderland hockaloogie sound.  -John
           \_ Are you serious this works? I tried it but my throat
              sound is still weak. I want to sound very throaty like those
              speakers on my language CD
              \_ You don't have to sound throaty. My german relatives never
                 had that deep throat thing. It varies by region too. They were
                 from Bavaria.
           \_ So is it better to use lots of throat or little throat? Just
              as I don't want to learn Ebonics English, I also don't want
              to learn German that sounds low-class. I do like the idea of
              using a lot of throat. It sounds aggressive, persuasive,
              somewhat charming, and really gets your attention. In
              another word I really like the way Hitler talks even though
              I disagree with his methods.
              \_ He was Austrian.  They've got more of a jolly rolling vowel
                 thing than an "ACHTUNG, ZE PANZERS ARE ROLLING" accent.  Same
                 with Bavarians, but they have sort of an edge to it--like they
                 can get the entire Hofbrauhaus to jump up and go invade
                 Poland.  Scotch & Sodas, Los!  -John
2005/7/14-15 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:38611 Activity:moderate
7/13    Soda is back up, and the rest of the servers are slowly being brought
        back.  We're fixing lots of errors on all machines.  We'll keep you
        all posted.  - jvarga
        \_ DikuMUD doesn't work anymore. Can you please restore it, or if
           you can't find it at least install a new version? I'd like to
           start as level 29, one level before immortal. Thanks jvarga!
        \_ Office accounts are going to be dead until I can figure out why the
           *(#)&^*)#$ debian doesn't like netgroups.  Anyone with insight on
           this, please email me/root.  Thanks.  - jvarga
           \_ Looks like I've fixed office accounts on everything but martini.
              Problems to root.  Moving on to the next stupid issues that came
              out of this move... - jvarga (needs a life, and a raise)
        \_ Great work. Thanks.
        \_ Thanks for the time and effort you've put into this.
        \_ Many thanks for seeing this through.
           \_ Come now, all this nicey nice is unbecoming.  Where's the
              obligatory alumni bitchfest?
              \_ Err, I still remember what it was like being a ugrad in cs.
                 I appreciate the work being put in for little reward.  -mice
              \_ Perhaps most of us are used to the trials and tribs of this
                 sort of thing.
        \_ Awesome, thanks.  But when do we get new soda?
           \_ This is the first step to getting new soda online.  But in the
              interim, new soda needs to stop doing things like playing the
              "OS not found" game on boot, and tell me why sshd is dead.
              - jvarga
2005/7/14-16 [Uncategorized] UID:38612 Activity:low 60%like:38656
7/14    The ultimate rice mod: (
        \_ Throw in an afterburner, and you can be sure no other drive dare to
           tailgate you even if he has enough horsepower to keep up.
        \_ Is this real?  Where can you find jet engines so small?
           \_ Helicopter or a UCAV?
        \_ "I think its street legal" - ha ha ha!
2005/7/14-15 [Transportation/Car, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:38613 Activity:low
7/14    Cost Guard building a bio-diesel boat:
        \_ Something's wrong, the whole point of biodiesel is that it
           works as a replacement for petroleum diesel without any
           modifications.  This seems like PR spin.
           \_ Isn't biodiesel a lot cruddier?
              \_ I believe it has a little bit less energy per unit volume,
                 but has better lubricating properties.
                 \_ ObYermom
2005/7/14-15 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:38614 Activity:nil
7/14    Follow up re Gravity Wave lecture - mostly intended for a lay
        person, though the answers to the technical questions re objects
        that could generate gravity waves did have some info I didn't
        know about (apparently gravity waves have been detected indirectly
        by observing the rate of change of the orbits of a binary puslar
        and seeing that the change is exactly the amount that would be
        caused by radiating energy in the form of gravity waves).
2005/7/14-15 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:38615 Activity:kinda low
7/14    Does anyone know of a solution allowing s/key for Windows logons?
        \_ You mean other than this?
           \_ Logons _to_ Windows boxes.  Interested in whether there are
              any similar OTP solutions not requiring one-time pads, exact
              time or communication between the target host and the one
              generating the response to auth challenge.  -John
              \_ You should have specified that.  I've never heard of such an
                 \_ Sorry--thought "Windows logons" was pretty clear.  -John
2005/7/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:38616 Activity:nil
7/14    Happy Bastille Day
        \_ obFrenchBashing.
        \_ Vive la revolution.
2005/7/14-15 [Reference/RealEstate, Finance/CC, Recreation/Dating] UID:38617 Activity:low
7/14 - more Denise!
        \_ so what?  fake tits and a vacant stare?  there's no shortage
           of that in Hollywood.
        \_ Here's a more interesting pic:
           \_ Hot chicks sorted by ...
        \_ Is there some significance to this particular cheesecake?
        \_ Looks like a chick I met in a Reno stripclub who came to visit
           me in the Bay Area, but this was before the boob job.
2005/7/14-15 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:38618 Activity:high
7/14    "A suicide car bomb exploded next to US troops handing out candy and
        toys yesterday, killing 27 people, including 18 children and
        teenagers.  A suicide car bomb exploded next to US troops handing out
        candy and toys yesterday, killing 27 people, including 18 children and
        teenagers." (
        \_ It's odd that they didn't include "1 US soldier" in the "including"
        \_ Yeah, I saw that, just in case you thought for a millisecond that
           these suicide bombers weren't total human slime.
           \_ Just read an interesting article reinforcing the point that
              (a) the "western world"'s response to "terrorism" (no you can't
              fight terrorism, it's neither a group nor an ideology, just a
              method) is self-defeating, as it undermines what sets "us" apart
              from "them", and more significantly, that (b) it's being seen
              as fighting criminal incidents while "they" are seeing this as no
              less than a global war.  Now if someone can come up exactly with
              who "they" are, we win.  -John
        \_ It's just upsetting beyond words.
        \_ There's probably a surat that says somewhere that innocent
           children killed in jihad, go directly to heaven.  I'm not
           saying it's cool, but it's the justification their dark overlords
        \_ My acquaintance serving in Iraq said that there were always many
           threats directed against kids that accepted gifts from American
        \_ The main thing I'm concerned about is whoever was stupid enough not
           to think suicide bombers would kill children too.  Duh.  Everyone
           manning those two humvees that wasn't guarding an angle is
           partially responsible.  Yes, you don't have to tell me that the
           suicide bomber is ultimately responsible.
           \_ You're an idiot.
              \_ You're the idiot, idiot.
                 \_ "Everyone manning those two humvees that wasn't guarding
                     an angle is partially responsible." That's quite
                     possibly the dumbest thing ever written on the motd
                     and that's saying a lot.
                     \_ Your new post still doesn't suggest to me that you're
                        not an idiot.  Give it a rest.  You think I'm saying
                        something that I'm actually not saying.
                        Let me spoon feed it to you.  Remember that story a
                        couple days ago about how a lot of recruits got blown
                        up by a suicide bomber while waiting in line?
                        Those recruits were protected by tall concrete
                        barriers.  The suicide bomber was dropped off at a
                        gap in the barriers, where he squeezed through and
                        blew up.  In the same vein, whoever was responsible
                        for setting up that barrier system is partially
                        responsible for those deaths.  And ... you don't need
                        to tell me the suicide bomber is ultimately
                        \_ Your utter ignorance of military tactics and
                           situations combined with your uniquely retarded
                           method of assigning blame labels you a complete
                           and total idiot.
                           \_ Like I said, you still think I'm saying something
                              that I'm not saying.  I still haven't quite spoon
                              fed it entirely to you, yet, though.
                              Has it occurred to you that, "Everyone manning
                              those two humvees that wasn't guarding an angle",
                              might actually equal 0 individuals, especially
                              in the context of the sentence preceding that
                              \_ Seriously, man -- you need to do a little
                                 more research before you can sound off in a
                                 convincing manner.  You really are showing
                                 a lack of knowledge about the situation on
                                 the ground.  The other guy is being kind of
                                 abrasive (to put it mildly), but he does
                                 have a point in there somewhere.
                              \_ Dude, you're a putz and not worth my
                                 time. Reread what you wrote and not what
                                 you think you wrote.
                                 \_ I already did, and you obviously haven't
                                    gotten the point yet or are trolling.
                                    Thanks for nothing, buddy.
                                    If you really want to be serious you could
                                    take a poll on whether the ideas I put
                                    forward are "possibly the dumbest thing
                                    ever written on the motd", but I think you
                                    already have doubts about what the results
                                    would be, and would just say, "You're a
                                    putz and you're not worth my time".
                                    putz and not worth my time".
                                    \_ You're both fucking putzes.
                                       \_ Not sure about that, but you've added
                                          yourself to the list, although you
                                          should be credited for being succinct
                        \_ Why don't we go right to where the real fault lies?
                           To the parents of the people who got blown up.  If
                           they hadn't procreated in the first place, then
                           there wouldn't even be someone to get blown up!
2005/7/14-16 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:38619 Activity:moderate
7/14    Anybody upgrade to PGP desktop 9.0?  I'm wondering how the
        "Whole Disk" encryption is working out.  Comments would be
        appreciated.  Thanks.
        \_ I would also appreciate if anyone could give any feedback
           on this.  We are thinking about using it as an encryption
           system where multiple users need access to the files.
           \_ Go to class, mrauser. - jvarga
        \_ Why? Are you hiding porn from Cisco's tough anti-porn initiatives?
           \_ I consider it the ultimate crime to hide porn on any server I
              administer.  If you have pr0n on soda, you must make it publicly
              accessible or face my wrath.  Pr0n is a glorious resource that
              should be shared freely with all who seek it.  To summarize: no
              hiding porn! - jvarga
              \_ Addenum: if I have to su to get to it, you're making me do
                 too much work. - jvarga
              \_ I vote jvarga as the most humorous admin EVER!!!
              \_ I may have a backup of the j-pr0n archive lying around (from
                 around the same time as safari, I think.)  Let me know if you
                 want this magnificent piece of CSUA history.  -John
        \_ upgrading to 9.0 broke a lot of stuff. we downgraded back to
2005/7/14-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:38620 Activity:nil
7/14    What is a good package to use (Perl) to draw simple lines and
        circles in GIF or JPG? I'd like to do something that draws
        lines for a CGI or PHP, thanks.
        \_ ImageMagik?
        \_ GD?
        \_ GD, but it'll (by default) do PNG.  (Which is just as good).
           \_ Uh, ok. So I'm trying to install, which requires
              gd (c files) to be compiles, which requires libpng, which
              requires zlib. I keep going down the dependency list and
              keep hacking, isn't there an easier way? BTW I don't have
              root on the machine so RPM whatever is out of the question.
2005/7/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:38621 Activity:moderate
7/14    Why do politicians I want to like keep trying to alienate me? (c|net)
        \_ A) Because you're part of a block the doesn't vote much.
           B) Hillary has been trying to pretend she has religious right
           C) Because politicians rarely know what they're talking about.
           D) All of the Above
        \_ The party of social liberalism, eh? -- ilyas
           \_ as a libertarian, wouldn't you agree with op in this case?
              \_ What, that Hillary is being venal and betraying the
              \_ What, that Hillary is being unprincipled by betraying the
                 'principles' of her party and trying to
                 appeal to religious conservatives in a calculated attempt
                 which also involved Rvt. Graham?  You don't need to be a
                 libertarian to agree. -- ilyas
                 \_ forget the politics.  I was asking about policy.  That
                    less legislation of business and markets the better. In
                    this case, the legislation is targetting morality.
                    \_ Of course I agree.  I rarely agree with the democrats,
                       this is just one of the first times I disagreed on
                       social issues. -- ilyas
                       \_ huh? I can't parse that.  You rarely agree, yet
                          this is one of the first times you've disagreed?
                          \_ Well, it could conceivably make sense as a claim
                             that social issues don't come up much, but that
                             would also be an odd assertion.
                             \_ It makes sense because economic issues are more
                                important to me than social issues. -- ilyas
                       \_ First times?  Ilyas, you need to google Tipper Gore
                          and the PMRC.  Democrats are definitely not new to
                          playing the morality-police game.
        \_ "Rockstar, like many video game developers, usually encourages
            so-called mod amateur programmers who create modifications for
            popular games, which often give players access to special areas,
            missions or abilities."  Like many?  Say what?
2005/7/14-15 [Health/Men] UID:38622 Activity:moderate
7/14    Since the penis is erected by the pressure of one's blood, do people
        with high blood pressure have harder penes when erect?  Do drugs
        treating high blood pressure make the erece penis less hard?
        \_ no
        \_ Why don't you ask yermom?
        \_ No, especially since lots of people with high BP have poor
           circulation in their extremities, including their member,
           making it harder to have an erection.
           \_ Thanks.  So high blook pressure is not "high throughout all
              blood vessels".  I thought since blood is just a liquid, the
              pressure had to be the same everywhere within the same liquid
              body since the body is not that big and bloodflow is not very
              \_ Remember that the body is, at best, trying to create a
                 state of equlibrium (in this case, getting oxygenated blood
                 to the various cells); high blood pressure results when
                 there's something preventing the blood from effectively
                 reaching the cells (arterial clogging, a large wound, etc.).
                 In other words, the fact that you have high BP means that
                 you are almost certainly NOT getting enough blood in your
                 extremities (including your penis). As my EMT instructor
                 put it, it's all about pump (heart), pipes (arteries), and
                 fluid (blood).
2005/7/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38623 Activity:high
7/14    ok conservative pigfuckers, why does it matter whether valerie
        plame authorized her husband going to Niger to report
        selling yellowcake?  How does this affect whether Rove should
        be punished for revealing she has been a deep undercover
        agent for the last 20 years?
        \_ Because everything is politics.  There is no right and wrong.
           If you make everyone look equally sleazy, you can get away with
        \_ there's an article on Salon I think today from sid blumenthal
           saying that Wilson's wife never authorized the trip, and in any
           case was not in a position to even authorize it.  also I agree
           that who cares who authorized the trip?  Does anyone remember
           Ed "pig biting mad" Anger? - danh
           \_ They don't care if anyone actually believes. They're just trying
              to spread FUD.  Don't buy into it.
        \_ I'm not a pigfucker, but I'll give it a go.  No one is saying that
           Plame authorized the trip.  My understanding is that Rove was
           saying to Cooper, "don't pay attention to this Wilson guy, because
           he only got the trip because his wife's in the CIA".  We now know
           that Plame *did* recommend her husband.  I've never seen his report
           (which Wilson claims showed that Iraq had not been looking for U in
           Niger).  The point is, Wilson has already been shown to be a lying
           sleezeball.  It doesn't look like Rove really did anything wrong.
           \_ Who cares about Wilson.  No matter what happened (And I think
              your whole Wilson was lieing is full of shit.) Rove LEAKED
              a covert CIA agent's cover.  A covert CIA agent who was working
              with preventing WMD proliferation.  Rove leaked the name for
              no reason other than to get back at someone.  In the process he
              also leaked a CIA cover company and destroyed other agent's
              covers.  Why are you trying to defend this?
           \_ read . The article says "
              wilson's wife did not authorize the trip."  but like i said,
              who cares who authorized the trip?  - danh
              \_ dan, use motdedit. you stomped on me.
           \_ How often does it have to be said.  Repeating it doesn't make
              it true.  What did he lie about?  How does it feel to defend
              someone who single-handedly demolished a CIA front company?
              \_ You know what's really sad?  Both you and pp are both just
                 regurgitating talking points drafted by someone else.
                 The Republicans are much better at this sort of Pravdaesque
                 manipulation, so I expect them to survive this quite nicely.
                 \_ you got me, I read the same stuff everyone else does.
                    It infuriates me when someone prints in the media the
                    exact polar opposite of what actually occured.  For example
                    read in the Chronicle:
                    I am pretty sure Wilson's report said that Niger was not
                    selling yellowcake to Iraq.  It's like the officers
                    beating Rodney King claiming they were beating the
                    crap out of him to help out his skin complexion.  - danh
        \_ Wilson, through his Congressional testimony that
           contradicts his newspaper articles and quotes, has
           already been proven a fraud.  Even Kerry, who initially
           appointed Wilson an advisor, backed away from him during
           the election.  What you likely have here is an attempt by the
           Democrats and their media abettors to create a scandal
           during an election season that has subsequently blown
           up in their face.  Of course time will tell.
           Since Wilson had extensive business interests in Africa and
           Middle East, including Niger, his wife's role in
           his selection is very pertinent.
           \_ did you read danh's link?
           \_ What's most important though, is that each of these claims is
              irrelevant to the subject at hand.  Rove outed a CIA agent.
              It wouldn't matter if Joe Wilson was the seven-headed beast of
              the apocalypse.
           \_ Point out a lie. Please. Still waiting.
        \_ So, I haven't been following this too closely, but everything
           I've read seems to indicate that Rove did not actually leak
           classified info.  Saying 'X' works at the CIA, especially when
           such fact is already known, is not a leak.  It only became a
           'leak' when it turned out that she was actually undercover at
           the time, which apparently Rove didn't know.  How can someone
           leak info they don't know?  Rove's actions in trying to
           discredit Wilson, while not pure, are at least reasonable in
           that Wilson is actually not very credible.  I think that's the
           only reason anyone cares about Wilson.  I think danh's link was
           the most balanced thing I've read though... -jrleek
           \_ Did you actually read danh's link?  Quote:
              No, Rove didn't "reveal the name." But the law doesn't cite
              that as a felony; it only specifies revealing the "identity" as
              a crime. It says nothing about a "name."  Rove revealed "Joe
              Wilson's wife." That qualifies as an "identity."  By the way,
              Plame did not go by the name of Plame, but Wilson -- in other
              words, Mrs. Wilson, or "Joe Wilson's wife." Rove seemed to know
              that much -- her identity."
              Also, what do you mean by "especially when such fact is
              already known"?  Are you saying it was widely known that
              Plame was a NOC working in weapons of mass destruction for CIA?
              I mean, it certainly became widely known she was a CIA agent
              working WMDs after Novak's article.
              \_ The law also requires you to have learned the identity and/or
                 status from classified sources, and have the intent to expose
                 the agent.  It appears now that Rove learned that Wilson's
                 wife was in the CIA from Novak (not a classified source) and
                 that his purpose was to warn Cooper away from trusting Wilson
                 as a source because he got the Niger job not because of
                 qualifications but because of family ties.  No, Plame didn't
                 /approve/ the job (she didn' thave the authority), but she
                 /did/ present Wilson's name as a candidate (which Wilson
                 denies but which has been proven in a memo found by the Senate
                 Intelligence Committee). -emarkp
                \_ I think you're chewing on RNC talking points this morning.
                   What would make Wilson more qualified?  He served as a
                   diplomat in Niger, Togo, Burundi, South Africa,
                   Gabon, and Sao Tome, plus Iraq.  The CIA claims that
                   Wilson was chosen based on his experiences, not because
                   of who his wife is. - danh
                   \_ Well, the CIA _did_ screw up the pre-war intel, so
                      we know how reliable they are....
                   \_ I don't think he was unqualified.  But that's what Rove
                      was trying to say.  I find it odd that Wilson denies that
                      his wife recommended him.  At any rate, I haven't read
                      any "RNC talking points" this morning. -emarkp
2005/7/14-15 [Recreation/Media] UID:38624 Activity:high
7/14    Transformers: The Movie directed by Michael Bay, coming in 2007.
        Possible new entry in Worst Movie Ever contest?
        \_ Michael "Pearl Harbor" Bay?  What a fucking putz.
           \_ Don't worry, you'll get an earlier chance to see one by him.
              The Island (Logan 5 re-make) opens next week.
           \_ He also directed "The Rock" which was a pretty good action
              thriller movie.  He also has some decent commercials to
              his name:
              \_ If you think "The Rock" was a good movie, you have even
                 worse taste than Star Trek Movie Guy.
                 \_ the WRATH OF KHAN is one of the best geek movies
                    ever, what are you talking about?
                 \_ The Rock was a fucking entertaining movie. -someone else
              \_ I like the Ferrari vs. Hummer car chase scene.
2005/7/14-15 [Consumer/TV] UID:38625 Activity:nil
7/14    For those who don't have TV.  Here's a biased snapshot of TV screens
        re: the rove scandal.
        \_ Is that a fake Newsweek cover?
           Is all that TV coverage real?  I don't watch TV anymore.
2005/7/14-15 [Reference/Religion] UID:38626 Activity:very high
7/14    Support for bin Laden falls in Muslim countries - Yahoo! News:
        BTW, it says: "In Lebanon, 100 percent of Muslims and 99 percent of
        Christians said they had a very unfavorable view of Jews, while 99
        percent of Jordanians also viewed Jews very unfavorably."
        \_ Still waiting for a single fatwa against Bin Laden, al Zawahiri,
           Abu Hamsa, Zarkawi or similar, from any muslim cleric with
           recognized spiritual, temporal or popular authority.  Pls. correct
           me if I've been living in a media cave.  -John
        \_ Re bin Laden support falling:  Except Jordan (55% -> 60% support),
           and Pakistan (45 -> 51%)
        \_ What the hell? Are Lebanese and Jordinians stupid? Jews are the
           best race in the world. They are smart, well educated, for the
           most part liberal, and funny and are best suited to run the
           country. The Jewish community preaches education and compassion
           for their own community, and if they were to run the country the
           country would be liberated from self-righteous religious fanatic
           red necks controlling our lives and screwing up the country.
           Fuck religious right fanatics, fuck them all. GO JEWS.
                -not a Jew (but totally worship them and would vote for any
                            Jews candidate in a heart beat)
           \_ You need a new angle, troll.
           \_ You know, I am told a lot of neocons are Jewish. -- ilyas
              \_ What are you saying, that people of similar ethnic/religious
                 background may not share the same core beliefs? How shocking!
           \_ I have not doubt that they have compassion for their own
              community.  One question is that how do they treat the other
2005/7/14-15 [Computer/Blog] UID:38627 Activity:nil
7/14    Someone mentioned a free (no upload limit) alternative to flickr.
        What was it?
2018/12/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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