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2005/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38427 Activity:high
7/6     Bush nominates Judge Vandelay to replace O'Connor.
        \_ url?
           \_ it's a Seinfeld reference
              \_ duh. thx.
2005/7/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:38428 Activity:nil
7/6     Jesus can cure inmates! If only they do the same with gays:
2005/7/6-8 [Science, Politics, Science/Electric] UID:38429 Activity:nil
7/5     When I unplug my Uninterruptible Power Supply to simulate power
        outage, it makes this light buzzing sound. Is this normal with UPS?
        \_ it sure is.  UPS is letting you know normal power flow has
           been interrupted, please fix!
        \_ I'd guess this is the result of DC power being converted to AC.
2005/7/6-7 [Science/GlobalWarming, Health/Women] UID:38430 Activity:low
7/5     punky brewster way pregnant
        \_ Cute little Punky Brewster... the good 'ol 80s when I grew up.
           2 decades later, she got fat, ugly, and too busy endulging
           herself with latte fratte & capuccino that she doesn't care about
           anything else except with things concerning herself. In a way,
           that is like many of us, a typical apathetic and lazy Gen-X that
           our media accurately stereotype us to be. Gen-X is one the most
           pathetic generation out there. You heard me right. Whereas our
           parents were in-tune with the environment, were sensitive to
           social inequalities, and were filled with a sense of honor to
           change the world for a better place, the Gen-X were too busy
           buying the latest Yuppie toys, drinking Starbucks and obsessed
           with making money without doing hard honest work to earn it.
           Shame on Gen-X. It's TIME FOR INTROSPECTION.
           \_ You need to take off those rose colored glasses about the Baby
              Boomers and stop listening to what your parents told you about the
              \_ Our parents protested against war, bombed institutions,
                 dropped out of school, and did drugs. They made big news and
                 caused our politicians to think twice. Maybe the effects
                 were not always what they intended, but the fact of the
                 matter was that they had guts and passion. Fast forward to
                 us Gen-X. We were too busy with ourselves and our Atari,
                 Colleco, Nintendo, and Sega. We don't give a damn about
                 anything but ourselves. They say that there's always a
                 bit of truth in stereotypes, and the media is right on
                 P.S. The fact that there are many GenX on motd and only 1
                 addressed or came to their defense says a lot about the
                 so called apathetic GenX.
                 \_ Just out of curiousity, did YOUR parents do those
                    things?  Also, most of that crap was in response to
                    the draft.  You see a draft these days?  Also, most
                    hippies became yuppies.  Big protest.
           \_ I read on this liberal blog the other day that women
              often gain weight during pregnancy.
           \_ Go see the movie, Wallstreet.  That is your parents' generation.
              Thankfully, I was born after the Boomers but before their kids,
              the so-called Gen-X kids so whatever you and your horrible
              parents do to the world is not my fault.  There aren't enough
              of us "in-betweeners" to even get a catchy media created label.
              \_ Just curious, what year where you born? I was born in 1965
                 and I consider myself part of the first Gen-Xers.
                 \_ Go find a chart showing how many new borns there were for
                    each year from 1945 to now.  1965 is the very tail end of
                    the baby boomers.  Between 1966 and about 1972 or so births
                    were way down (comparitively), then they shot up again as
                    the post-WWII boomers started having kids.  From ~67 to
                    maybe 71 or 72 you're neither boomer nor "gen-x".
                 \_ My impression is:
                    1950: Boomers
                    1960: In-Betweener
                    1970: Gen-X (video game generation)
                    1980: Gen-Y
                    Correct me if I'm wrong
                    \_ I thought: Gen-75, Gen-Y: '80+, also the kids of the
                       boomers are Gen-Y, not Gen-X. I was born in '76,
                       and consider myself young for Gen-X, but too old for
                    \_ You are wrong .. j/k.
                       I think t is:
                       boomers: 45-65
                       Gen-X: 65-80
                       Gex-Y: 80+
                       I qualify as a Gen-Xer mostly because I went to college
                       late, so all my friends are born in 1970 or so, but I
                       really think 1965 is right on the cusp.
2005/7/6-8 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:38431 Activity:nil
7/6     For OS X users, TextWrangler 2.1 is out:
2005/7/6-8 [Computer/SW/Unix, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:38432 Activity:nil
7/6     Woohoo!  Otherwise clueless Euros nuke software patents!   -John
2005/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:38433 Activity:high
7/6     Every year, Americans vacationers disappear in foreign land like
        Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, etc. Why is the Holloway case
        so much more visible on news? Why is Natalie Holloway so special?
        \_ Timing.  It's the "Where the White Women at?" network news.
           DeLay's in trouble!  Find me a kidnapping!
           \_ Its not a conspiracy.  Just a good ol' American mix of racism
              and prurience.
              \_ It isn't journalism, and it's putting their ratings in the
                 toilet.  There has to be some sort of impetus for it.
                 \_ Are you talking about Fox?  In their case, they just don't
                    want to cover Iraq anymore.  Can't imagine why.
                    \_ It's all of them.  They spend more time on MJ and the
                       latest missing woman than on our federal government,
                       foreign affairs, local affairs, even sports...
        \_ i don't think that many disappear, non english grammar
        \_ Cute white blonde chick kidnapped by black guys.  You figure it out.
        \_ Same for the Laci Peterson case -- husbands kill wifes in America
              \_ NSFW, duh.
        \_ Same for the Laci Peterson case -- husbands kill wives in America
           all the time, but this one got the media's and people's attention.
           \_ The Peterson case got a lot of attention because of the
              "prosecuting him for the death of the unborn" angle.  That
              set an interesting precedent.
              \_ The Peterson case didn't set any precedent; the treatment of
                 murderers of pregnant women is well-established.
                 \_ I am pretty sure this is the first conviction in
                    California for killing an unborn fetus.
              \_ And it was an 8-mo. pregnant woman who went missing on
                 Christmas Eve, etc.
        \_ wow. I've self-filtered my news-sources pretty well. I've never
           heard of her until this. -nivra
2005/7/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:38434 Activity:low 66%like:38459
        London Upsets Paris to Win 2012 Olympics. War pays, peace doesn't.
        \_ What the fuck does your second sentence have to do with the first?
           Oh shit, I have been trolled.
           \_ Every decision made in the world has had some influences from
              personal fetish, personal vendetta, and global politics.
              \_ That's a nice Super Bowl ring you got there!
        \_ Most of my English colleagues didn't care about the olympics, they
           just wanted to piss off the French.  Chirac making disparaging
           comments about Finnish food when the difference was 4 votes, 2 of
           them Finnish, also was pretty smart.  -John
2005/7/6-7 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Recreation/Dating] UID:38435 Activity:nil
7/6     oral sex instructions
        \_ Even better - the "ass fuck conspiracy":
2005/7/6-8 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:38436 Activity:nil
7/6     "And in the days and weeks that followed, racial skirmishes on this and
        other Southern California campuses unmasked a current of racial tension
        that has alarmed law enforcement and school officials",0,6512314.story
        \_ ""Race riot! Brown on black!" and several of his students
        \_ ""Race riot — brown on black!" and several of his students
           bolted. Outside, Bachrach saw half a dozen kids scaling the
           school's chain-link fence, desperately trying to escape from
           campus." Smart kids.
2005/7/6 [Uncategorized] UID:38437 Activity:moderate 66%like:38440
7/6     Most of the time you:
          Eat Out
          Eat your parents food: .
          Eat your parents out
          Eat your in-laws' food: .
          Cook for yourself: .
          Eat wife's cooking: .
          Cook for self and wife: .
          Cook for self and whatever you are dating at the time: .
                            \_ damn. you got low standards. I thought only
                               Republicans fucked mules.
2005/7/6-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38438 Activity:kinda low
7/6     Dear motd. My married friend listens to his wife all the time. She
        controls the entire family finances. She inspects every single bit
        of credit card and bank transactions, and questions him. He wants to
        change his job, but his wife forbids him. She tells him to clean up
        the bathroom, throw out trash, and take a bath with the baby, and he
        does it. He has to drive his [yuck] INLAWS a few times a week, and
        dines with them every other day. The way I see it is that he is more
        like a slave to his wife, children, and mortgage. However, he
        disagrees and tells me that he's happy. Here's a question for you
        married men. Is this normal, and can you possibly be happy with that
        kind of totalitarian lifestyle?
        \_ How old is your friend and his wife?  This sounds like people far
           to immature to handle marriage.
           too immature to handle marriage.
        \_ Don't know if it's normal.  It sure isn't necessary.  I've been
           married for 5 years, and we have totally seperate finances and no
           one tells anyone what to do.  We trust eachother, but joining
           finances always just seemed like a waste of time.  If one of us
           wants to give the other money for some reason, the giver will write
           a check.  Your friend's shitty life has nothing to do with
           fundamental problems in the institution of marriage.
        \_ Assuming you're not a troll, /any/ relationship which has compulsion
           is in serious trouble.
        \_ some people like being whipped.
        \_ are you the same guy from a couple weeks ago complaining that you
           never got to hang out with your guy friend anymore?
           \_ yes that's me. His wife tells him who he can get to hang out
              with. Everytime I call, she would answer, and lately it's
              more and more like an inquisition or a friendship interview
              from her. She seems like a controlling freak, and he seems
              like a brainwashed spineless octopus.                     -op
              \_ gee, if you're going to ask for advice from the motd, at the
                 very fucking least don't stomp over people's replies to your
                 own damn post.
                 \_ I'm sorry, I'm just trying to be anonymous in case he
                    checks the web motd
                    \_ You don't think he'll recognize his story?
              \_ Sounds like you're a jealous friend.  Get over it.  Your
                 account of his life is hardly unbiased.
        \_ Maybe his wife is so very hot that he's willing to put up with all
           this shit and still be happy.  Seriously, I've been going through
           similar shit, and if my wife were hot enough I'd still be happy too.
           Now I'm still putting up with it, but I'm just not happy.
           \_ Looks fade and even great sex gets stale. This guy is in a
              lot of trouble. It's normal for a husband to be a slave to
              his wife/kids/mortgage. It's not normal when one's wife
              decides where you are going to work and what you are going
              to do. I wonder if the wife works in this instance or if
              she's just a housewife.
              \_ It's not insane to ask hubbie to have a job lined
                 up that doesn't require moving before quitting.
                 My buddy's wife convinced him to talk to a headhunter, where
                 he ended up with much higher-paying job with much lower hours
                 at a more well known company and much closer to home.
                 \_ It's insane when his "wife forbids him" from getting
                    another job. It's his life, too. Sure, there are
                    circumstances where one's wife might not want one to
                    take that job in Alaska, but "forbids" sounds
                    take that job in Idaho, but "forbids" sounds
                    unhealthy. Granted, the OP is probably not unbiased
                    and maybe doesn't know the whole story.
                    \_ Yeah, I think op is biased.  Remember the story you
                       read here has been through 2 filters.  Him and his
                       friend.  Sometimes people over state things to
                       increase effect, etc.
                    \_ Yeah, "biased" means "forbid" might actually be "don't
                       quit if you don't have something lined up, you dumb
                       web designer!"
                       quit if you don't have something lined up in this
                       \_ Sure, but not necessarily.
                          \_ That's what "might" means.
                             \_ No shit. However, the composition of your
                                sentence makes it seem likely. It could
                                just as easily be "might not".
                                \_ The context of the discussion is that "might
                                   not" had already been put forth, and that
                                   "might" was newly introduced -- not that
                                   "might" was more likely (this is left up to
                                   the reader).
                                   I don't blame you:  Many CS people have
                                   contextual problems.
        \_ Dude, he says he's happy. Believe and leave him alone. Lend an
           ear if and when you can, but stop trying to mess with his life.
           \_ He's concerned for his friend.  Maybe it's selfishness, maybe
              it's justified.  But to watch a friend who feels trapped without
              saying anything is to not be a friend.
              \_ have you ever seen shallow hal?
                 \_ Saving Silverman is a better example. And Amanda Peet is
              \_ What are you going to do?  Break up his marriage?
                 \_ Did I say that?  Did he say that?  God you people are too
                    stupid to live.
        \_ It's called FAMILY responsibilities.
           \- OP: while your friend probably has problems, based what your
              description says about you, you have some problems yourself.
              You should seek professional help.
              \_ maybe if he just got a girlfriend, he wouldn't have to
                 obsess about how his friend doesn't have time for him anymore.
                 \- M-x psychonanalize-motd
                    well look at details like this: it's one thing to say
                    the wife makes him to all the household chores while she
                    does none but "take a bath with the baby" [instead of
                    "give the baby a bath"]? or to say he is the slave of not
                    just his wife but also his children? This is even more
                    clear in his posting of 6/30. I think it is kind of an
                    interesting subject-object reversal. OP: instead of
                    listing specific things your friend does, why dont you
                    take a stab at stating in simple language what you
                    think is wrong ... dont use meaningless words like
                    "totalitarian" and "enslavement". Are you an Asian?
                    \_ Heh. psb imploring the use of 'simple language.'--ilyas
        \_ Are you gay?
        \_ You have way too much time to think about your friend's problems.  Maybe
           you can help him out by doing some of his chores.
           \_ OP might be a straight woman.
        \_ You have way too much time to think about your friend's problems.
           Maybe you can help him out by doing some of his chores.
        \_ If you think he has it bad now, just wait till she gets him into
           divorce ct on some bogus claim. Then the true pain starts, the
           eternal fires of hell will be a welcome change after he endures
           the living nightmare that she will turn his life into.
           The reason she is driving you away is that you might be able to
           give him the advice he needs to put his life in order (think
           irrevocable trust) before she plunges in the knife.
           \_ W00t!  Welcome back to the motd, BDG! -BDG #1 fan
2005/7/6-8 [Uncategorized] UID:38439 Activity:nil
7/6     Does anyone work with MQ Series? (A WebSphere product) Any
        guidelines or advice? How much do
        you like, appreciate the products features, capabilities?
        \_ I dont use it directly, but I now several applications groups in
           my company do and are quite happy with it.  So much so that they
           plan on increasing their usage of it. --ERic
        \_ I've dealt with it before, but mainly the "getting it to work in
           weird network environments" part.  Drop me a mail at my other
           address if you want me to put you in touch with some really hard-
           core MQ guys.  -John
2005/7/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:38440 Activity:low 66%like:38437
7/6     Most of the time you:
        Serious Answers:
          Cook food yourself: .
          Eat out: .
          Eat what parents' cook: .
          Eat what in-laws cook: .
          Married, you cook: .
          Married, wife cooks: .
        Not Serious:
          Eat wife out: .
          Eat yourself:
          Eat parents:
          Eat in-laws: .*****
          \_ Mrs. Robinson
          Eat wife: .
          Cook self and wife: .
          Cook self and whatever you are dating at the time: .
2005/7/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:38441 Activity:high
7/6     Why isn't the public motd on the csua website?
        \_ Because "The uncensored messages below this line may not
           reflect opinions of the CSUA."
           \_ but, butbutbut, we could put the warning too.
        \_ After 9/11 and what paolo did, there has been a reluctance
           from politburo to confirm or deny the existence of motd.
           \_ These axes, they grind them forever and ever...
2005/7/6-7 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:38442 Activity:low
7/6     This is a response to the Fedex Ground guy, a response to KAIS
        38390, 38366, and 38302:
        I can't say much about Fedex Ground, but I have a friend who has a
        another friend who works at UPS. He is a UPS delivery man based at
        Oakland. I played golf with them one time, and he bragged about this
        one time where he opened up this long box with Titleist printed on the
        box. He opened it up, took the clubs, demo'ed them  (which were used
        so you can't tell who made scratches) for about a week, then finally
        delivered them. From what he says, there isn't a lot of security
        measures for these things. Pretty much everything's based on the
        honor system.
        \_ Your friend's friend is scum.
           \_ I agree, and actually from what he describes, it happens ALL
              THE TIME. They have this mentality where they think their
              company will just cover up losses anyways, and at any rate
              that's what insurance is for. Scums are everywhere, the
              question is what can management do about it? Put a camera
              in the warehouse and have someone monitor it 24x7? It's
              a difficult problem.
              \_ Criminals always rationalize their behaviour by claiming
                 that "everyone does it." Everyone does not do it. Most
                 FedEx and UPS guys are honest. How do I know? I have
                 shipped at least hundred things via them and never had
                 a problem. If they had major problems with losses, they
                 would go out of business quickly.
                 \_ I've heard stories that imply that theft prevetion at
                    UPS is a pretty major effort.  Fake packages/tons of
                    cameras/stings/etc.  I suspect FedEx non ground is the
                    same way.
                    \_ Part of the problem with RPS (now FedEx Ground) is
                       that their drivers are independent contractors who
                       are paid as long as the package moves from point A
                       to point B (which might both be regional shipping
                       centers) and leaves their truck.
        \_ FedEx Air is not that reliable either.  I once sent out a
           time-senstive document using 2nd day air, it took them 30+
           days to deliver it.  I applied for a refund which they never
           gave me. -tien
2005/7/6-8 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:38443 Activity:nil
7/6     Anybody know of an easy way to resize images using mozilla
        thunderbird during the process of attaching the imagess to an email?
        \_ in WinXP, go to the folder and select the images that you want
           to attach. Then right click on them and say "send to email
           \_ And this will resize automagically?
              \_ oh yes, it's magically delicious.
              \_ It gives you the option to do that.
2005/7/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38444 Activity:moderate
7/6     After doing some research on hotels and B&B and I finally decided to
        call this Tudor-styled 3-bdrm B&B mansion. From there, somehow,
        I had a 20 min chit-chat with the owner on where I'm from, what
        I'm doing, etc. She's German and said would cook a hearty meal for
        my gf and I (which she kept refering as "my wife"). She somehow
        convinced me to book a room. Now I'm a bit worried. Am I expected
        to entertain them with my lifestory or something at the dining table
        for many hours?
        \_ I personally think you're a freak. Have you ever *been* to a
           B&B before?
           \_ No. Tell us about your experience.
              \_ No one is going to hunt you down and make you do anything.
                 It's probably polite to make conversation during meals,
                 but if you just explain that you and your gf would like
                 some time alone they'll get that. It's okay to interact
                 with people, even if just to tell them you want to be
                 left alone. Plenty of honeymooners and the like go to
                 B&Bs and just want to keep to themselves. It shouldn't
                 be anything new and rude to the owners.
2005/7/6-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:38445 Activity:nil
7/6     My group at Apple (iTunes music store engineering) has several open
        reqs for developers and a build engineer.  Cool people, fair amount
        of Cal alumni too.  See /csua/pub/jobs/apple_itms       - mjm
        \_ obAppleDRMSucks.
           \_ obAppleDRMCanBeRemovedByAnyIdiotWithHalfABrain,YouThinkMaybeThey
        \_ obITunesScrewedUpMyMusicLibrary
2021/06/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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