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2005/7/1 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:38387 Activity:moderate
6/30    ausman why do you work at a gay company? You seem like a normal
        straight guy in real life, are you gay?
        \_ Would it bother you nearly as much if he worked at
        \_ Would it bother you nearly as much if he worked at
        \_ Why wouldn't I want to work at a gay company? If you are
           really that interested in my sex life, email me.
        \_ Are you saying that this company wants to have sex with
           other male companies?
        \_ What's the big deal?  Isn't gay company money still green?
        \_ Are you afraid of gay people?
2005/7/1-5 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38388 Activity:moderate
        "Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman on the Supreme Court, announced
        her retirement Friday."
        \_ Ok, someone had this scoop on the motd days ago.  How did that
           \- Judicious Branch Prediction (SDO apparently let it slip before
              ALGOR v BUSH was decided). ok tnx.
              \_ Does the psb understand that jokes are supposed to be funny?
        \_ Will Bush appoint Torquemada to replace her?
                \- I spoke to my contacts in the Invisible Empire
                   of Legal Homosexuals.
                \- I spoke to my contacts in the invisible empire
                   of legal homosexuals.
           \_ My money is on Ashcroft.
                 \- i would like to bet you that it
                    will NOT be Ashcroft. can you
                    get in touch with me. tnx. --psb
                        \- BTW, i dont think the first BUSHCO appointee
                           will be alberto "torture memo" gonzalez. i
                           assume for the first one he is also not going
                           to do something odd like nominate R GUILLALNANAI.
                    \_ I'm hoping that Bush picks Posner.
              \- i would like to bet you that it will not be Ashcroft.
                 can you get in touch with me. tnx. --psb
                       \- POSNER would have been a great choice for CHIEF
                          but i think he's pissed off a lot of people.
                          i think the only way he would get in is if MCCAIN
                          had somehow captured the BALLS of BUSHCO and for
                          some reason decided to push POSNER. rmember POSNER
                          said things like the 9-11 commission proposals
                          on centralizing intelligence was dumb and i doubt
                          on centralizing intelligence were dumb and i doubt
                          he believes in wacky social conservative ideas.
                          \_ It's Partha the Pinhead!
                             \- ZIPPY would have capitalized words like
                                "wacky" above.
                             \_ M-x psychoanalyze-pinhead
        \_ Wow, she's retiring before Renquist?  My theory was they will
           retire together, which makes getting replacements in easier for
           whatever administration is in power (more room for compromise with
           2 seats). -- ilyas
           \_ A blogger surmised that Rehnquist wants to wait till Sept. to
              retire so that the current set of justices will set the record
              for continuous service time.  O'Conner will stay on past Sept.
              since she's waiting for a successor to be appointed.
              \_ Constitutionally can she do this?  Can an appointment begin
                 while the justice is still on the court?  I doubt it.
                 \_ You're an idiot.
2005/7/1-3 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX, Computer/HW/Display] UID:38389 Activity:low
7/1     Need recommendations on a graphics cards for new G5 PowerMacs.  Ideally,
        the video card would support 3+ monitors, and be able to support one
        monitor @ 10-bit resolution.  If no card does both, recommendations
        for good cards that do either is also appreciated. -nivra
        \_ All the mac video cards I've seen only support dual displays.
           I have a 9600 and it can handle 2 20" or 23" displays w/o any
           problems. If you want to drive a bigger display I think you
           need to go w/ either a X850 XT or a GeForce 6800.
           For the additional monitors you'll need to get a PCI video
           card. I think the Radeon 9200 is the only one you can still
           buy new (~ $130).  I think it supports dual displays but I'm
           not 100% sure.  --ranga
           \_ you mean in addition to the 9600/X850... essentially running
              two graphics cards, with support for up to 4 monitors? -nivra
              \_ Yes. You would have to run 2 monitors from the AGP card
                 (9600, x850 or 6800) and 2 monitors from the PCI card.
                 Re the 10-bit DAC, according to ATI's release notes
                 in the latest release, everything newer than a 7000
                 should have support enabled in the driver.
                 \_ woo... for mac? do you have a url for this? thx. -nivra
                    \_ Maybe I'm wrong but take a look at:
                       Supposedly the 9200 has dual 10bit Dacs as well:
                \_ yes, this confirms the 10-bit DAC, and gives me hope that
                   the driver support is also there.  The princeton link
                   confirms 10bit ATI driver support for Windows.  My under-
                   standing(somewhat confirmed by princeton url) is that OS 9
                   had 10-bit driver support under certain configs, but I've
                   yet to confirm that in OS X.  Also, I've seen conflicting
                   sources say that there's 10-bit support, but only 8-bit
                   input per channel of the CLUT, which is somewhat confusing
                   to me.  I presume it refers to 10-bit display capability,
                   but only 8-bit color configuration at a time without
                   setting a new CLUT; ie. display allows 10bits in each color,
                   but there are only 256(8-bit) colors available to show
                   at any one time without updating the CLUT. Although that
                   but there are only 256(8-bit) color differentiation within
                   at any one frame (8 bit CLUT, 1 CLUT/frame). Although that
                   makes even less sense since there are more than 256 colors
                   in any one picture(maybe it's just continuous CLUT updating?)
          (yahoo groups) -nivra
        \_ I've done a bit more research re: 10-bit cards.  It seems ATI 9800
           supports 10-bit DAC, and X850 _should_ (not confirmed).  However,
           driver support for 10-bit input into the graphical card is sketchy.
           Additionally, OpenGL on OS X 10-bit specification into the driver
           (via the CLUT?) may also be in question.  Thus, despite a 10-bit
           DAC on the hardware, the software side may limit the effective
           pixel resolution to 8 bits per channel. Any thoughts, urls, further
           explanations into how the whole CLUT/driver/OpenGL/graphics card
           system works would be appreciated.  -nivra
2005/7/1-4 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:38390 Activity:kinda low
6/30    What kind of shipper do you use? I've been using USPS for packages
        but lately noticed that vendors usually use UPS which is cheaper.
        However, I also noticed that when I (non-vendor) use UPS, I get
        charged 20-50% more than vendor rates, so the savings isn't all
        that great. What do you use and why?
        \_ I generally use USPS b/c it is the cheapest for small pkgs.
           I have a personal FedEx account that I use for larger pkgs
           b/c FedEx generally has better rates and faster service for
           larger pkgs. When I got my personal acct they had this promo
           that gave you 10% off all on-line shipping (print out the
           way bill from
           \_ FedEx Express is good.  FedEx Ground should be avoided at all
              costs.  --lye
              \_ Why? Bad experience(s)?
                 \_ Consult Kai's MOTD, I'm not going to bore everyone with the
                    details again.  --lye
                    \_ It's spelled as KAIS MOTD. Kevin's Archived, Indexed,
                       and Searcheable MOTD.                    -kchang
                       \_ But it really should be Kai's Archived, Indexed,
                          and Searchable MotD.
                          \_ Yeah, don't you know that apostrophe means,
                             "Warning! 'S' coming!" ?!?!
                          \_ Gnu's not UNIX!
                 \_ Several people in the earlier thread mentined that
                    they had a problem w/ FedEx ground service. I used
                    FedEx ground once and it worked perfectly for me.
                    YMMV. I wouldn't ship anything very valuable via
                    FedEx ground.
2005/7/1 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:38391 Activity:moderate
7/1     Is there some way for a non-root person to figure out when
        someone's account was created?
        \_ How would a root person figure this out?
           \_ The adduser script used to keep a log file.  -tom
           \_ You're an idiot.
2005/7/1-4 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:38392 Activity:nil
07/01   Hi, is there free software for windows that will create a network
        drive that uses sftp to connect to the network? Windows only support
        ftp as a network drive.  And I can't use "web folders" because my
        unix accounts online doesn't support them.  thanks.
        \_ Does it have to be a network drive, or will you settle for an
           application that talks sftp?  If it's the latter, take a look at
           FileZilla. -dans
           \_ You're an idiot.
        \_ You're an idiot.
2005/7/1 [Uncategorized] UID:38393 Activity:high
6/30    What is this? A mirror? Who is this guy?
        \_ at a guess, mail to ask.  -tom
           \_ You're an idiot.
        \_ Both are CNAMEs to not mirrors.  --dbushong
2005/7/1-2 [Science, Recreation/Dating] UID:38394 Activity:kinda low
7/1     Luther Vandross, RIP
        \_ (
2005/7/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:38395 Activity:nil
7/1     Toilet themed restaurant in Taiwan: (
        \_ Already mentioned:
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