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2005/6/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack] UID:38350 Activity:moderate
6/30    WTF is the fucking motd politics censor doing back? Get a life.
        \_ I'm deleting ALL of jblack's stuff because he is such an ass,
           first masquerading freeper sites with IP, then trolling anti
           anti-Bush trolls with his trolls, then ignoring questions
           I ask him. I will deny EVERY single one of jblack's posts,
           regardless of the content. Fuck you Justin Black, you are now
           on the Black List.
           \_ I second that, fuck you jblack, FUCK OFF.
           \_ No, fuck YOU! The reason I hate jblack, and the reason I feel the
              need to keep argueing against the ideas posed by his kind is that
              I think that if people like that are not fought our country will
              fall into tyranny--the kind of tyranny where a bunch of cal
              alums can't just get together on the motd and bitch about
              politics for fear of censorship.  But now it is YOU who has turned
              this into the University of PyongYang CSUA motd.
              politics for fear of censorship.  But now it is YOU who has
              turned this into the University of PyongYang CSUA motd.
              \_ Seconded. All the censors need to fuck off. As far as I can
                 tell, jblack's posts are limited in quantity and only annoy
                 you by their content. The ip thing I don't think is an issue
                 (it's obvious from the "f-news/posts" or whatever), I'd be
                 surprised if it's actually meant to hide anything (tinyurl
                 would work better). So basically you're just being an idiot.
           \_ damn. at least sign if you're so vitriolic.
           \_ You also deleted my post, and nothing in that thread was posted
              by jblack.  Am I hated too?  Please, pretty please? -- ilyas
              \_ If so, it's by strange people, as you're one of the more
                 lucid (although often mistaken) posters here. :)  -John
                 \_ Oh yeah!?  Well a sub still can't torch a carrier group!
                    There, I said it. -- ilyas
                    \_ OK, that lacked both lucidity and correctness.  Sorry
                       to keep harping on Soviet tech, but as far as I recall
                       the entire point of the Antyey/Type 949 series was
                       to waste CBGs.  Look up SS-N-19 or SS-N-22 for details
                       (hint: large explosions).  -John
                        \_ You mean CVBGs
                       \_ I'll just throw this out, because I have
                          evidence to back it up, but my understanding is
                          that Chinese Nuke sub tech isn't very good, and
                          we know where all of them are.
           \_ Oh let jblack have his fun. Do you really think posting
              Freeper links helps bring people around to his side? -ausman
              \_ I made a point of donating to the Kerry campaign whenever he
                 posted his fucking lies about Kerry on the motd (or at least
                 every fifth time or so)
2005/6/29-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38351 Activity:kinda low
6/30    A really good friend of mine got married 2 years ago. I was his
        best man. At first, we still contacted each other, but gradually,
        he got busier with his wife and more and more involved with his
        wife's [retiring] parents' business. His wife's parents also live
        with them every weekend. I mean it is cool and all, but I find
        him to be a lot more flaky than ever. It was getting harder and
        harder to reach him because he was always busy doing something
        outside of work, for his wife's parents' properties like
        receiving/cashing rent from tenants, fixing up pipes, calling
        for electricans, etc. Last year he also had a baby, and according
        to him he doesn't even see the baby 4 out of 7 days because he's
        so busy, so he leaves the baby with his wife's parents on week days.
        This year I have an extremely difficult time just to say helo to
        him. I can't even get past the phone-- his wife ALWAYS picks up the
        phone, and we'd have to go through 1/2 hour of small talk before
        I can reach him. Even his wife knows more about what I've been
        doing in the past few months than him because of this. And just 3
        weeks ago I left his wife a message but he just never responded.
        I wrote him an email and a week later he gave me this lame excuse
        that his SIM card broke and lost my number so he couldn't call back.
        I gave him my phone # via email but he never responded or call back.
        All I wanted was to say hi to him and see what he has been up to
        in the past few months without hearing it from his wife. It's like,
        after you get married, you're better than everyone else because
        you're too in love or something so you don't have to talk to
        anyone else. Is this common with married people?
        \_ I'm the op. Let me add that she controls all of his
           actions, from who he gets to hang out with to who he can talk
           to on the phone. I get especially annoyed when she sits by him
           whenever we talk so that she can hear what he's talking about and
           butt in our private conversation. She controls the entire family
           budget and has the final say on every purchase. He has a high
           paying job but hates it. Early this year he reached a new low in
           his career but his wife somehow convinced him that he should
           be safe and stick to it to pay for the house they could barely
           afford, and for the sake of his new kid. The thing I can never
           forget, is that his wife refused to let him have any bachelor's
           party. I may as well add at this point that while he's a liberal,
           she's one of the most stubborn Bush supporters and he would not
           bring up any political discussion at the dinner table because he
           may end up sleeping on the couch that night. The weirdest thing
           is that he actually tells me that he enjoys his wife giving him
           directions. I've never heard "Yes dear" so willingly, and so
           frequently from a big grown man, without any objection or
           opinions. He used to be outgoing and outspoken, and now I don't
           know who he is. I no longer consider him a friend. Life goes on -op
           \_ I think the phenomenon of some guys getting completely pwn3d
              by their significant other is fairly common. They're so grateful
              for the nookie or whatever.
        \_ yes. - married & isolated.
           \_ Is this what you highly desire or just a consequence of
              being married? Do you or your wife want to know or share
              every bit of privacy you used to have? How do you feel?
              \_ more like, this is just what happens... life gets busy.
                 I can't imagine how much worse it would get w/a baby.
        \_ Dude, people drift apart.  It happens.  -John
        \_ You can't expect a married man to have the free time any more,
           especially when he has a baby/kid.  - a married man with baby
        \_ My wife went back to Japan for a month last summer to help out
           her parents. I was amazed at how much socializing time I suddenly
           had. After she came back, I was amazed at how little I missed
           having socializing time. Time is indeed relative. Your best bet
           is to keep making the effort and just remember that he has a lot
           more on his schedule these days. --erikred
           \_ My wife and I are now working on maintaining one social dinner
              a week with friends. Just doing that has required ridiculous
              effort and forward-planning and we don't even have a kid. Well,
              might not. We haven't checked in a couple weeks. -- ulysses
        \_ I remember reading an article where it says that men tend to
           stop socializing and keeping and making new friends after
           getting married, and becomes more and more isolated, whereas
           it isn't true for women.  So married men tend to have fewer and
           fewer people whom they can talk to and confide in as they
           get older.  The article thinks it's unhealthy.
           \_ If I were the bdg I'd say something to the effect that the
              article says marriage is bad for men, PERIOD.
           \_ Did the article take into account online friends?
           \_ I think this is pretty true for me.  My wife stays home to
              take care of the baby, and I go sit in front of a computer
              all day.  Having a baby actually encourages one to get out
              of the house because the baby likes to go out, and friends
              can entertain and help watch the kid. Computers are
              isolating, and when I get home, she wants together time.
              So, yeah, I don't really socialize anymore.
           \_ But they say married men live longer than single men.
              \_ perhaps the comparison is with married women and
                 with married men at their earlier pre-marital stage of life.
                 basically the gist of the article is that for men, most
                 of their closest friends were made before they got married,
                 then there is a sharp dropoff.  it wasn't comparing
                 married and unmarried men.
              \_ You missed the second half of the sentence: "...... but
                 married men are a lot more willing to die."  Google for it.
        \_ Wow, I just posted a long and thoughtful answer but some dickwad
           deleted it. Thanks asshole.
           \- what exactly are you complaining about? your friend becoming
              a ball-less bitch to his in-laws? the wife having some ulter-
              ior motives? your friend changing preferences in how to spend
              his time? it sure seems weird to "complain" the wife enjoys
              speaking to you on the phone. based on the language you use
              above, you seem to have some issues. i have close friends
              i hardly see any more (due to kids, wife etc) but when we do
              the depth of the friendship is still there. the only thing that
              has caused tension is my radicalization due to Greater BUSHCOs
              cockroach like activities. oh and he may have an inkling that
              i dont like his wife (she wont make small talk. she spends all
              her time making petty complaints or braggings about how
              wonderful and cool her life is).
2005/6/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:38352 Activity:nil
6/28    Solaris 9/10 local root exploit:
2005/6/29-30 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:38353 Activity:nil
6/28    How do I clean a laptop or LCD screen?  I read somewhere that
        using alcohol can yellow the screen eventually. - danh
        \_ lick it up and down, slowly. make sure you don't miss a spot.
           \_ oh and since you mentioned it, don't do this if you're an
              alcoholic. it might yellow the screen eventually.
              \_ do you write for SNL ? - danh
        \_ distilled water
        \_ I use iKlear for my iBook/Apple LCDs:
           They have other cleaning kits on their main page:
        \_ CostCo has a $5 lens cleaning kit that works great.  It seems to
           have outlasted my last laptop.
2005/6/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38354 Activity:low
6/30    I missed Bush's speech last night. Did he say anything convincing?
        (not a troll) --erikred
        \_  There's not reason to "miss" a tv speech
           anymore.  They all get archived at the above url.
           \_ Touche', Moriarty.
        \_ It was very good, very moving. We should all support our troops,
           and there's no higher calling than joining our noble fighting
           force that preserve our peace and freedom. God Bless Bush.
2005/6/29-30 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:38355 Activity:nil
6/30    Good, it's about freakin' time.  (ITER site decided: France)
        \_ Damn they move slowly:
           "Officials involved in the reactor project said they hoped the
           agreement would be signed by the end of the year, allowing work on
           the reactor to begin next year and ground to be broken at the
           Cadarache site in 2008. Current plans foresee the reactor
           operating in 2015. Construction of the reactor is expected to
           cost $5 billion ..."
           \_ Seriously.  We should just build our own after NIF
              construction is completed.  I think Sphereomak!
2005/6/29-30 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:38356 Activity:nil
6/29    Am in PST, still Wednesday over here ... quick follow-up to post re:
        anonymizer.  Looked into TOR, it seems to only protect the transport.
        Privoxy or JAP would be alternatives to <DEAD><DEAD>.  Actually
        bought anonymizer at Fry's, and it seems to work pretty well.  Now if
        I can only disavow ever writing this message ... How do you people
        figure out who wrote a post anyways??
2005/6/29-30 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:38357 Activity:nil
        \_ I applied for the PayPal settlement and today I got my
           paycheck. $13.59. It's about time big corporations pay
           for their incompetent and inconvenience to us little
           guy. It is my pleasure to cash in $13.59. Fuck you Paypal.
2005/6/29-30 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:38358 Activity:nil
6/30    I have an old Apple SCSI HDD and I want to make an image of the
        entire disk. What's the easiest way (in linux) to mount particular
        partitions from the image without modifying the image file?
        \_ I'm not aware of mounting a specific partition within a disk
           image in linux.  It'd be much easier to just make the image of
           each partition to begin with.
2005/6/29-30 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/Networking] UID:38359 Activity:low
6/30    I don't want to crack WEP, but I'd like to learn more about it.
        For example, is it a link layer encryption or is it tied to the
        physical layer? If it is link layer encryption (something built
        on top of link layer), then is it possible to "sniff" sequences
        of packets on a regular computer then brute force crack it? Does it
        take a super computer to do it or can anyone with a regular
        laptop do it?
        \_ go read - danh
        \_ Looking at how some of the crackers work is a great way of
           learning how WEP works.  Have a look at Auditor at
  for good tools and docs.  -John
           \- This may be more relevant to people with a greater interest
              in wireless security than the OP but i looked at draft of
              a book on wireless sec by william arbaugh of university of
              maryland [i forgot the other authors, see AMAZONG] which
              is going to be more indepth and theoretical than random
              "how to" web pages, but is more practical than a berkeley-type
              textbook. oh it looks like the book is out now:
     anyway, if that is what you are
              lookig for, the book is decent (looks like it is 2yrs old
              an unrevised, so may be lean on some recent things and
              cover some things that died on the vine). ok tnx.
2005/6/29-30 [Consumer/Camera, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:38360 Activity:nil
6/29    I just upgraded to Tiger, and to I simply copied all my photos
        and albums into iPhoto from saved versions (from the previous OS).
        iPhoto has all the albums listed with their photos, but the
        "Photo Library" at the very top doesn't contain anything. How can
        I get all the photos from the subalbums to appear in Photo Library
        too? Thanks.
2005/6/29-30 [Computer/Networking] UID:38361 Activity:nil
6/29    To the person that has recommended m0n0wall before: I just ordered a
        WRAP to play around.  Have you tried out pfsense?  It's based on
        m0n0wall, but uses FBSD 6 with pf and ALTQ among other features.
        Doesn't necessarily focus on imbeded platform(although they do support
        it to a degree.)  Just want your basic opinion on it if you're exposed
        to it.
        \_ (That was me)  I had a peek at pfsense, as we were evaluating
           m0n0 and equivalent for a project.  I get the feeling that pfsense
           is neat, but very very immature.  Most environments I know have no
           need for altq, and we are talking with Manuel (m0n0 "author) about
           implementing CARP and a few other toys on it.  I also had the
           impression that pfsense was more meant towards bigger, buffer
           hardware--if you have the possibility of running a gnarly multi-
           function network security box, you probably want more functionality
           than m0n0 can deliver.  We were also looking into things like
           snort-inline and clamav on the m0n0, but came to the conclusion
           that it would be pretty unstable.  -John
2005/6/29-30 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:38362 Activity:moderate
6/29    Anyone have experience with monarch computer?  They arn't shipping my
        stuff when they said they would, and I'm starting to get concerned.
        \_ used them once, no problems. but now i just use newegg.
        \_ ordered an athlon x2 did you?  anyway, only lists when
           they have stock, or they'll put an auto-notify link.
           \_ No, I ordered an Athlon64 3700.  Nothing special, and they say
              it is in stock.  At the moment I consider it poor customer
              service, but if they keep this up I will consider it fraud.
              It's a shame too they seemed to have a good reputation, but
              they are just lying to me.
           \_ No, I ordered an Athlon64 3700.  They have now promised to get
              it out tomorrow with expedited shipping which would be great if
              it happens.
2005/6/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:38363 Activity:very high
6/29    Bush administration cancelled a border survey after the results weren't
        I'm pretty much ready to sell my vote to whoever will actually control
        the border. -emarkp
        \_ who cares?
        \_ So in other words, controlling our border is the most important
           issue of all the issues facing America, to you?  Wow.
           \_ It's high on the list.  You have a problem with that?  Discuss
              rather than dismiss. -emarkp
              \_ War in Iraq, War on Terror (the former has become part of the
                 latter), Social Security, Global Warming, Health Care, and
                 southern state border crossings top all those?  Note, you
                 went from "sell my vote to..." to "high on the list".  "sell
                 my vote" sounds like "top", not "high".
                 \_ I said "pretty much".  I'm pissed about how nearly no
                    elected official will deal with the border.  I consider
                    border security as part of the WoT.  Iraq is slightly
                    higher on my list, SS won't ever change, I couldn't care
                    less about Global Warming--I'd prefer to get off oil
                    dependence because of economic and security reasons.
                    Health Care?  Burn it down and start over--but no one will
                    do that. -emarkp
                    \_ I've said it before, and I'll say it again: visa policy
                       that makes it hard for the good guys to get in is a
                       greater threat to America's longterm security than
                       keeping the bad guys out.  I don't mean to trivialize
                       the importance of keeping the bad guys out, but
                       America is in serious danger of losing our global
                       scientific dominance if we continue to have a visa
                       system based on mindless xenophobia and bureaucratic
                       \_ Ooookay.  How do you define "good guys"?  The
                          equivalent of H1Bs? -emarkp
                          \_ Post docs, professors at research universities,
                             phd scientists in top industrial R&D labs,
                             entrepreneurs.  American science relies on the
                             constant brain drain from everywhere in the
                             world.  Kill that, and you kill our dominance.
                             I don't want to live in a world where Communist
                             China is the dominant force in science.
                             \_ Sounds good to me. -emarkp
                       \_ Yes, and our current system is stupid because it
                          gets BOTH wrong.
                          \_ Hey, you'll get no no arguements from me on that
                             one.  The border needs to be a transistor, not
                             a resistor.
        \_ So why not punish companies that hire undocumented immigrants?
           Now there are no jobs for them, the grapevine stops convincing them
           to come here.  Starve demand rather than trying to head off supply.
           With lower volume of traffic at the borders, it would be easier
           to police.
           \_ There's no reason not to do both:  punish employers who hire
              illegal immigrants, and deport illegal immigrants.  -emarkp
              \_ why do you care so much?   -tom
                 \_ Coming from the guy to takes it on himself to share with
                    the MOTD what he does/doesn't fine funny?
                 \_ Why do you ask? -emarkp
                    \_ Because it seems petty and foolish.
                       Oh, I forgot, it's emarkp.  -tom
                           \- and tom knows petty and foolish. --psb
                       \_ Whereas you just show up for the purpose of urinating
                          on other threads.  Do you have a problem with
                          enforcing immigration laws? -emarkp
                          \_ It's funny because it's true. -- ilyas
                       \_ How about the millions that is spent on healthcare
                          for illegal immigrants, when it is not provided
                          for taxpayers.  That, and the ridiculous notion
                          that we _should_ have control over immigration
                          are some of the reasons I care.  -mrauser
                              \- I am not taking a stand on the "entitlements
                                 for illegal immigrants" issue [although i
                                 think maybe you can consider sending a bill
                                 to their employers], but what do you think
                                 about the state playing for medical care for
                                 CRIMINALS? --psb
                          \_ What is the cost of trying to guard 10,000
                             miles of border?  -tom
                             \_ Our beloved tom seems to have gotten into his
                                head that the only way to stop illegal
                                immigration is to guard the border directly.
                                What's wrong with going after employers that
                                give illegal immigrants jobs?  (Note: I am
                                myself undecided on the illegal immigration
                                issue given the current state of the US.)
                                  -- ilyas
                                \_ Why should we?  The benefit is quite
                                   unclear.  -tom
                                   \- the real security issue, the CYA
                                      security issue, the economic issue and
                                      the political pandering w.r.t. to
                                      both legal and illegal immigration are
                                      different matters. benefits, employment
                                      etc dont have any relevance to the
                                      "terrorisits infiltration" issue.
                                      of course plent of terrorists may be in
                                      via legal channels.
                                      \_ I would be interested to see any data
                                         on how terrorists enter the US.
                                          -- ilyas
2005/6/29-30 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:38364 Activity:moderate
6/29    Does anyone have a well-reasoned essay on why it's a bad idea to force
        your users to change their passwords regularly?  I have a strong
        password and changing it frequently means I have to keep it on a
        piece of paper or use dictionary words.
        \_ I'm sure there's something obvious I'm missing here, but why can't\
           computers just have either a rfid reader, a barcode scanner or a
        \_ I'm sure there's something obvious I'm missing here, but why can't
           computers just have either a rfid reader, a barcode scanner or a
           magnetic strip reader, and just let users swipe a card?  If carrying
           an artifact on your keychain is good enough security for your car
           and home, it's good enough for your computer.  I think passwords
           are fundamentally flawed for normal people (and I have *worse* than
           normal ability to remember passwords.)
           \_ Because optimally you want two-factor auth (remember, a combo
              of what you have, are and know.)  If you can only do one-factor
              auth, you'd rather limit yourself to the last than the first
              which can be more easily, well, swiped.  -John
              \_ I'm not sure I see the problem.  I use a key I carry in my
                 pocket as the only form of security for my car (sure, people
                 may have some electronic thing, but they always have it
                 on their keychain also).  So why does some office email
                 system have to have better than that? If the physical
                 security of the building is based on a key it seems that
                 should be fine for the computers in most offices.  I'm
                 a totaly neophyte about computer security, but I've always
                 found passwords to be impossible to remember and I think I'm
                 not alone.  Isn't a physical key better than a password that's
                 written on a post-it note right over the terminal?
                 not alone.  Isn't a physical key better than a password
                 that's written on a post-it note right over the terminal?
        \_ Why do you need well-reasoned?  Everyone I know who has to change
           passwords regularly switches between two passwords.
           \_ That's nice, because lots of software remembers the old
              passwords and this won't work. Personally, I have a good
              memory and changing my password often isn't a problem. For
              people who have trouble, simply store your passwords in a PDA
              in encrypted format.
              \_ At Intel, it remembered the last 8 passwords.  Most people I
                 knew cycled through pass1, pass2, ... pass8, and then set
                 whatever they wanted. -emarkp
        \_ is a start.  If you
           drop me a mail (other address in my .plan) I will gladly find you
           some very strongly worded essays on the topic--there were a few
           good ones written on this area in the last year.  Constant
           password change policies and restrictive password histories are
           a solution for weak-minded security managers.  -John
        \_ If you have an ACM account, I suggest looking up "Users are not
           the enemy" by Adams and Sasse. Excerpt (from Firewalls and Internet
           Security) in /csua/tmp/uante. -gm
        \_  --jameslin
2005/6/29-30 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:38365 Activity:low
6/29    Anyone tried using PATA and SATA drives in the same linux box?
        I've tried it twice, once with fedora core 2 and once with debian
        (both times with a 2.6 kernel) and in both cases the PATA drive(s)
        were REALLY slow (like 3 MB/sec read time).  Any ideas what I should
        do?  (other than "don't mix and match") -crebbs
        \_ Have you verified that it's the mixing in SATA that causes the
           slowdown?  Have you tried running it w/o the SATA?
           \_ indeed. On one box I installed just with the PATA drive, ran
              an hdparm got something like 56 MB/Sec read time, shutdown
              plugged in a SATA drive, booted back up and got 3 MB/Sec on hda
              the new sda drive was plenty fast though.
              all (u)dma settings stayed the same (as one would expect)
              on hda, but it just was WAY slower. -crebbs
                \_ funny, though, if i install with the sata in, it sees all
                   drives as sdx devices and seems to be o.k.  -crebbs
              \_ Are the SATA and PATA controllers sharing an IRQ?  Maybe
                 the SATA controller is sending an interrupt too aggresively?
2005/6/29-30 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:38366 Activity:moderate
6/29    Brief update on the missing G5 - it turned up on my doorstep without a
        word of explanation this afternoon.  No note from FedEx, no signature
        asked for, no evidence that the package was actually delivered in their
        tracking system.  The box seemed a bit battered and the packing list
        was missing, but otherwise everything seems totally ok.  Bizarre.
        \_ Pretend you didn't get it.
        \_ Someone stole it from your doorstep and returned it.
        \_ Someone stole it at your doorstep and returned it.
           \_ I believe lye never got a "Delivered" description for his
              tracking number.
        \_ So how do you know it wasn't damaged?
        \_ Maybe a FedEx employee stole it, found out they're investigating
           its whereabouts, and dropped it off.
        \_ Sorry lye, it's just me messing with you.
        \_ Still bug FedEx every day asking them what is the status
           Find out what they end up saying.
           I'd still ask Apple for a copy of the packing slip, check
           serial numbers, but careful when you do this so as not to
           let them know you actually received it.
2019/05/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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