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2005/6/15-17 [Health, Health/Women] UID:38131 Activity:low
6/15    I know there was a discussion a couple of weeks ago about RSI and
        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but I wasn't paying attention. Now my SO has
        developed wrist pain after using the computer for a couple of hours
        (we're guessing it's RSI not CTS but we're not sure) and I'd like to
        know: a) is this something people go to see a doctor about and if so
        does anyone have any recommendations for a good doctor (preferably
        in the south bay)? b) any specific advice besides "take breaks every
        10 minutes" etc, especially about setting up an ergonomically healthy
        computer desk setup?
        \_ You need to approach this problem from all sides. I had RSI and
           the pain was so severe that after an hour typing I'd have so much
           pain that I'd have to stop. I took frequent mini vacations but
           after a while they no longer worked. I finally filed for worker's
           comp through HR and they'd set me up with 2 chiropractor
           appointments a week. By the way, despite what you hear, worker's
           comp for RSI is very very common in Silicon Valley and in many
           cases the HR shields this information from your peers and boss.
           Anyways, here is the 411 from my doctors and chiropractors. As
           you get older, the ability for your body to regenerate muscles,
           cartilage, etc diminish. Many short distance runners have to quit
           because they can no longer regenerate some parts at a rate they
           used to, and eventually their body parts wear out that it hits
           the nerves. Same with typing. You're getting older. You'll never
           feel as good as flexible and agile as when you were 18, but you
           can do a few things. First, increase the rate at which your body
           regenerates-- EXERCISE! Cardio is the best. Do this twice a week,
           you'll notice dramatic differences in a few months. You should
           also STRETCH your hands once every 30 min when you type. Make
           this mandatory! Lastly, as a temporarry but immediate relief, use
           Kinesis-Ergo keyboard. I did something drastic and even used
           Dvorak layout on top of my Kinesis, but there is a lot of
           commitment involved. Finally, do all of the above and do it
           CONSISTENTLY. It's been 3-4 years since I started my therapy
           and according to my doctors and chiros I'm 80-90% healed.
        \_ I'd email you exactly how I got rid of my RSI but you're anonymous
           \_ I'd email you and tell you my login so you can e-mail me your
              advice but you're anonymous... oh wait.
              \_ you're the one asking for help, dude.
           \_ email me please.  !op             kngharv
        \_ maybe you should email because he says
           there is no correlation between RSI and typing. Maybe he can give
           you advice on what he does that prevents him from getting RSI, like
           proper diet or just having fewer neurons that dulls your sensation.
        \_ I found that not resting my wrists below the level of (or for
           laptops, on) the keyboard, trying to work in not-too-cold
           temperatures, using a wrist pad, using a low-impact keyboard (easy
           to push keys, not too clicky) and just doing wrist/hand/forearm
           stretching exercises every few minutes helped a lot.  -John
           \_ I think John's suggestions are all good. I use the Soft
              Splints from to keep my wrists
              at the proper level and keep my hands warm while typing.
              You may end up looking like a Hobo or Glenn Gould or something
              wearing them, but I prefer them to wrist pads, especially for
              laptops.  - ciyer
        \_ I find this mouse very helpful, eventhough it may look like an
           obscene sex toy:  or, if you can't find it
           anywhere, try amazon and look for:
           \_ That looks good. I might get one of those. It's funny that it
              looks a lot like a good ole fashioned joystick. Incidentally, I
              bought a rollerball mouse. It's good in that I can actually do
              CAD work for more than an hour at a time now, but I still get
              pain when I have long projects. -- ulysses
        \_ I got one of those bowl keyboards.
  and yes they are
           espensive and yes it took several weeks before I could really type
           and over a month before I type well but I was having serious pain
           in my right hand before I switched and as long as I use that
           keyboard the pain is totally gone now.  -aspolito
        \_ You can find utilities that remind you to take rest breaks, or just
           set a kitchen timer.  Learn about stretches specific for
  has a
           downloadable .pdf with examples of stretches.  I also find that a
           split keyboard helps.  I switched to vim for editing so I don't use
           ctrl-alt chording as much as I did with emacs.  I also started
           mousing with my left hand (I can play FPS's now, though it took a
           while to adjust).  Finally, strength exercises for back and
           shoulders help your posture and force your body into a position
           that's better for your arms.
        \_ I went to the Stanford hand clinic when I had a problem with my
           ulnar nerve.  Had physical therapy, which was almost all just hot
           paraffin wraps of my forearms.  They also had me do exercises
           with silly putty and elastic bands to strengthen my wrists, and
           I use softcasts whenever I type for extended periods.  All that
           seemed to work, and I've been pain free for years now.  The paraffin
           wraps helped calm down my inflamed ulnar, and I think my longer
           term nerve-healthiness is due to the softcasts.  I am not sure the
           exercises helped a whole lot, but I wasn't terribly diligent in
           doing the exercises in the first place.  BTW, I had a grand old
           time talking the clinic resident into ordering all kinds of
           expensive nerve induction tests, all of which were paid for by my
           insurance.  There's probably some kind of insurance-reform parable
           in there somewhere.
        \_ Try these busty mousepads:
        \_ I haven't tried the Kinesis kb's, but I personally use a normal
           MS ergo split key with the 3M ergo mouse.  The mouse made a
           huge difference for me.  One of my coworkers with more extreme
           RSI uses something called a touchstream keyboard.  It's pretty
           nice since it requires near zero force to type and mouse.
           Make sure you get your desk ergonomically evaluated and do wrist
           stretches ever day.
2005/6/15-17 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:38132 Activity:high
6/14    If money is not a concern, where would you settle down for retirement?
        And why? I'll start:
        \_ Florida: .
           \_ Because it's old people friendly. And people speak English. And
              there are lots of places built for ACTIVE and healthy old people.
              Weather is nice. And you won't get lonely because there are
              lots of other old people just like you.
           \_ *shudder* everything I know about Florida says that it is hell
              on earth.  There's a *little* bit of hyperbole there.  A little.
              \_ Not sure about all parts of FL, but Orlando seems to be okay.
                 \_ No, all of Florida sucks. Weather is bad. People are
                    conservative. If I had to choose, the keys or Gulf
                    Coast are the best. Orlando is a swamp, man!
                    \_ Isn't the keys in the state of FL?
                       \_ if he had to choose somewhere in FL
        \_ Bay Area: ...
           \_ Uh, how about Bay Area minus Berkeley?
           \_ Great weather, good transit system, reasonable culture,
              amazing restaurants, can walk everywhere I want to go,
              tolerant social climate, diverse mix of people, safe,
              beautiful, top notch research hospitals.
              \_ the transit system sucks, but other than that the Bay Area
                 is hard to beat.  -tom
                 \_ It certainly has one of the best mass transit systems in
                    the nation. There are far better ones in Europe, granted,
                    but for the US, it is above average. You cannot even get
                    around without a car in most of the US.
                    \_ Speaking as someone who gets around without a car,
                       you're wrong.  The combined Bay Area transit miasma
                       is one of the most expensive and least effective
                       systems in the country, and it shows no signs of
                       abating as the biggest, most expensive, and least
                       effective part of it (BART) keeps sucking up
                       all the mind share and funding.  Woo hoo, a billion
                       dollars for an extension to Warm Springs, that'll
                       help!  -tom
                       \_ Uh, compared to Los Angeles, BA transportation is
                          like, totally and utterly superior. Have you ever
                          been to Los Angeles?
                          \_ Yes, Los Angeles transit sucks.  There is a world
                             outside California, you know.  NYC, Chicago,
                             Boston, DC, and Atlanta spring to mind as US
                             cities with better transit than SF.  -tom
                       \_ Hi Tom, just curious, where do you live?
                          \_ near Piedmont Ave in Oakland.
                       \_ sheesh, buy a car already
                          \_ yeah, there's a great solution to a shitty
                             transit system.  -tom
                       \_ I don't have a car, I get around just fine without
                          one and I think BART is great. Have you ever tried
                          to get around LA or Las Vegas or Phoenix without a
                          car? The Bay Area is much better. In fact, outside
                          of NYC, no place that I have ever visited in the US
                          has a better mass transit system. BART won an award
                          as the best transit system in the country, so your
                          opinion is obviously in the minority.
                          car? In the Bay Area it is much easier. In fact,
                          outside of NYC, no place that I have ever visited
                          has a better mass transit system. And BART won an
                          award as the best transit system in the country, so
                          your opinion is obviously in the minority.
                          \_ so why is BART great, eh?  Is it because it's
                             expensive, loud, and slow?  Is it because they
                             offer no monthly passes, and they don't have
                             any agreement to share tickets with any of the
                             other transit agencies?  Is it because the
                             elevators never work?  -tom
                             \_ During rush hour, the BART goes from Glen
                                Park BART to downtown every two or three
                                minutes. And the ride is 12 minutes, much
                                faster than even taking my motorcycle. It
                                is also faster than taking a car to Berkeley.
                                And my Fas Pass works on both Muni and BART
                                And my Fast Pass works on both Muni and BART
                                in The City. It is too bad that AC Transit
                                and BART don't have such an agreement.
                                \- i think BART is ok if by coincidence
                                   your route coincides with the end points.
                                   but to have to bus/fight to park at one
                                   end and then take another bus at the other
                                   end is nuts. If you live off T'graph
                                   and are trying to get to the Ho Theater
                                   in the 'Loin, BART works. If you live
                                   near the Moron Temple in OAK and want to
                                   visit your associate in the Richmond (SF)
                                   BART is insane.
                                   \_ BART doesn't pretend to go everywhere.
                                      Isn't a Oakland -> Richmond trip the
                                      job of AC Transit?
                       \_ BART named #1 Transit System in U.S. by APTA
        \_ Australia: .
        \_ New Zealand: .
                        \_ The fact that there are so few people in NZ is
                           very attractive to me, but if I had to restrict
                           myself to the US, I'd go w/ the Bay Area or
                           \_ I hope you're not Oriental.  I've been told that
                              NZ is terribly biased against them.  My
                              information might be skewed since a (former)
                              relative is currently married to a NZ nationalist
        \_ Surprised no one chose the Central Coast. It would be my
           choice and is the choice of many super-wealthy (like Oprah).
           Large tracts of land, beaches, nice weather, close to LA when
           you have to be but far enough away to make you forget about it.
           There's a reason the area from Santa Barbara to Monterey is
           laden with multi-million dollar homes.
           \_ Why didn't you choose it?
              \_ "It would be my choice"
                 \_ The go like this: California Central Coast: .
        \_ Oh, it would have to be somewhere that is relatively inexpensive,
           has favorable weather, safe, and (recently added) politically
           stable.  Morocco: Bay Area-like weather, inexpensive, politically
           stable (until recent terrorist attacks).  Bali: ditto, plus
           unpleasant rainy season.  Perhaps Phuket or somewhere else Thai-ish,
           except the rainy season is also unpleasant.  Shanghai, but the air
           quality is awful.  Buenos Aires: considered it quite seriously a
           few years ago, still a contender if I decide to cash it in.  Since
           I am Chinese, that opens up some options and removes others.
           \_ When you're all old and wrinkled up, it's hard to tell what
              your ethnicity is, assuming you have a perfect English accent.
              \_ Alas, I expect to retire years (decades) before I become old
                 and wrinkled up.  And while it may not be obvious from
                 physical inspection, I assume my racial information would
                 still be in a local government data base somewhere.  This
                 would be suboptimal in places where discrimination is
                 sponsored by the government.
           \_ Oh, and I forgot the requirement for world-class medical care.
              That removes all my options except Shanghai (the American-run
              clinics are very good, if expensive) and possibly Buenos Aires.
              Perhaps Vancouver, so long as I can winter somewhere favorable.
              In fact, picking 2 or 3 places that, in aggregate, provide a
              good year-round retirement experience might be much easier, and
              certainly much less expensive, than picking 1 overall winner.
           \_ Northern and central Thailand are gorgeous, with good
              infrastructure, a stable economy, nice people and you can live
              like a king.  The highlands aren't as hot as Bangkok.  -John
        \_ I'd definitely go to Hawaii. Island girls are exotic and the
           legal age is only 14. What more could you ask for?
                \_ Try 16, they changed the law.  Pervert.
        \_ The Playboy Mansion.  I might die of heart attack but I'd die very
           \_ Speaking as someone who has met Hef and some of his
              bunnies... yuck.
              \_ Really?  Care to elaborate?  Thx.
2005/6/15-17 [ERROR, uid:38133, category id '18005#30.115' has no name! , , Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:38133 Activity:nil
        Pro-Democrat, somewhat Republican bashing article on Fox News.
        It appears that Fox News is leaning left for one reason or another.
           You don't need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
        \_ An article here or there hardly makes up for what appears on Fox's
           cable channel live, 24/7. I don't see a significant shift here.
            -- ulysses
        \_ Or maybe your assessment of FN is just wrong.
           \_ Or maybe neither of you know who Martin Frost is.
2005/6/15 [Science/Disaster] UID:38134 Activity:nil
6/14    Magnitude 7.0 earthquake off the CA coast:
        Did anyone feel it?
        \_ No, but I'm also 350 miles away.
        \_ My parents live about 20 miles North West of Sacramento and
           the water in their pool was sloshing back and forth.
        \_ There was a tsunami warning.  Anyone actually saw the sea water
           acting strangely?
           \_ I'm not near the coast, but I heard on the news that it
              turned out to not be the sort of earth quake that causes
2005/6/15-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:38135 Activity:nil
6/15    I've been hearing a lot about XHTML and I was wondering if there
        were any disadvantages to converting my personal html pages
        (currently in HTML 3.2) to XHTML w/ either an embedded or external
        (not sure which is better) style sheet. As anyone done something
        similar? Any issues?
        \_ We're now doing all development in XHTML.  It's not really
           that different, just a little more formalized.  If done right,
           it should reduce maintenance issues, as you can remove your
           formatting information from the pages and stick them in
           external style sheets instead, reducing the sloppiness of your
           HTML code.  -tom
2005/6/15-17 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:38136 Activity:low
6/15    I downloaded an AVI that requires AC3 audio. I installed AC3 and
        successfully played the video. However, the sound is too
        quiet even though I've turned up the software controlled volume.
        Does anyone know how to adjust the volume when playing other
        codecs? ok thx.
        \_ If you installed ac3filter, its configuration dialog lets
           you increase the gain. --jameslin
           \_ Got it, thanks. I hate how you have so many codecs to download
              and they don't even play on my DVD/AVI box.
              \_ There aren't that many codecs commonly used in practice.
                 Usually all you need is ffdshow and ac3filter. --jameslin
                 \_ I've seen a ton of fairly odd ones (mainly on DVD rips.)
           is a great resource for codec info.  -John
2005/6/15-17 [Uncategorized] UID:38137 Activity:nil
6/15    Do any sodans use CentOS? What do you think about it? We have a
        whole bunch of RHEL WS desktops that I am thinking of switching
        to CentOS (the academic price for RHEL is like $25/box, so it's not
        too bad).
        \_ It's not worth 2 cents.  haha.
           \- it is running on some linux clusters here at the lab. i dislike
              linux in general but i have not special hate for centos. i dont
              know enough to write a general pro/con list but if you have a
              specific question i may be able to give you some feedback. --psb
              \_ I am fine with RHEL. I just wonder if CentoOS has any
                 additional issues compared to it.
2005/6/15-16 [Health/Dental, Health/Eyes] UID:38138 Activity:high
6/15    So the Schiavo autopsy shows her brain was hopelessly deteriorated
        and damaged beyond all hope of any recovery.  What you want to bet
        this isn't going to change anyone's mind?
        \_ The below "debate" just goes to show that my last sentence was
           entirely correct.  --op
        \_ What say we all stop feeding dgies' fanaticism right now, and save
           us all the pain?
           \_ I wrote one post, smartypants (excluding this). -dgies
              \_ Oops.  Indeed.  My bad.  It's sooper-anonymous troll
                 (emarkp? reiffin? jblack?)
                 \_ Still your bad.  Why are you naming people when you *know*
                    it can't possibly be all 3 and likely isn't any of them?
                    How about you just get over it or go talk to kchang about
                    his tracker.  You could have easily checked login times to
                    shorten that list, too.  Sheesh, so lazy.  So presumptive.
        \_ The question wasn't whether her brain was undamaged.  It was how she
           could respond given the condition of her brain.
           \_ midichlorians.
           \_ But a lot of the BS right wingers were claiming, such as the
              "alleged MD" Dr. Bill Frist and her being able to follow a
              balloon is clearly false since according to the autopsy she was
              blind, which I assume is because her vision center was not there
                \_ Seriously. I think frist is a disgrace to harvard medical
                   school for his completely dumbass and uninformed opinions
                   in this schiavo situation. I think every neurologist in
                   the country was disgusted and offended by his comments.
                   \_ Heh.  You should hear what surgeons (Frist is one) say
                      about neurologists.  Actually, you should hear what most
                      doctors say in private about neurologists.
                      \_ What do they say? My neighbor is a neurologist,
                         so I hear what neurologists say about "most
                         \_ Neurology is for people who really aren't
                            interested in being a doctor, in the sense that
                            neurologists rarely save lives or make real impact.
                            Neurologists tend to have cush residencies and
                            careers.  When is the last time one has to be
                            called in to handle a neurological emergency?
                            Despite its cushness, neurology tends to be one of
                            the easiest residency programs to get into, mostly
                            because of low pay and lack of respect from doctors
                            in other specialties, and end up attracting the
                            least talented and/or ambitious med school grads.
                            That's just what my brother (UCD surgery prof.),
                            his wife (anesthesiologist), and their colleagues
                            say (when I asked the question at one Xmas party).
                            \_ Um, I think it has more to do with the fact that
                               they have to interact with crazy people. I mean
                               really batshit violent fucking CRAZY people.
                               \_ Uh, ok, if you say so, 'cuz the people I
                                  polled didn't.  Of course, I only polled,
                                  oh, 10-ish doctors at the party, and you're
                                  not a doctor at all.
                                  \_ heh, there were neurologists there saying
                                     how disrespected neurologists are?
                                     \_ Thinking back (this was a couple of
                                        years ago), I think there were 1
                                        radiologist and 1 cardiologist at the
                                        party.  The rest were surgeons and
                               Frankly your doctor friends sound pretty
                               arrogant and laughable. "make real impact"
                               indeed. --not a doctor
                               \_ Arrogant?  I thought I already said they're
                                  mostly surgeons or people who have had 1 or
                                  more years of surgical training as part of
                                  their residency.
                                  \_ sounds like they think only surgeons are
                                     really worthwhile. i dunno, the whole
                                     thing about being worried about prestige
                                     and all that seems distasteful to me.
                                     \_ I think prestige from some ignorant
                                        public is silly.  I think respect and
                                        acknowledgement from your peers reflect
                                        underlying reality about the nature of
                                        your job.
                                        \_ Look, everyone knows surgeons
                                           are assholes. My neighbor is
                                           very bright (Stanford) and overall
                                           it seems many neurologists are. He
                                           works with paraplegics and such,
                                           getting called to the hospital
                                           constantly. I don't know how
                                           well neurologists are respected, but
                                           - like I said - surgeons are
                                           assholes and your friends don't
                                           seem to be exceptions. FWIW, some of
                                           the best and smartest doctors I know
                                           who do all kinds of cool things
                                           (outside of medicine) like build
                                           telescopes are pediatricians.
                                           Surgeons are valuable and make a lot
                                           of money, but it gives many of them
                                           egos they don't deserve.
                                           \_ Odd you mention pediatricians.
                                              My brother's ex- is a pediatrics
                                              prof at Stanford, and she's a
                                              generally nice person.  She also
                                              confirmed the unflattering
                                              characterization of neurologists.
                                              Her agreement was what led me to
                                              ask the question at the Xmas
                                        \_ For surgeons to pass this judgement
                                           on non-surgeons doesn't fit this
                                           criteria in my opinion.
                                           \_ And how relevant is it for non-
                                              doctors to pass judgement...
              \_ I'm not confident enough in any doctor that I'd believe such
                 an assertion.  We really can't know for sure because she was
                 killed without investigation.
                 \_ So you put more faith in Frist's (who didn't even examine
                    her) opinion than in 1) her own doctors and 2) the ME...
                    Fuck off.
                    \_ Fuck off yourself.  I don't put any stock in Frist's
                       comments.  I've seen the video of her tracking things
                       with her eyes.
                       \_ So did Frist.  That was a few moments from hours of
                          tape.  What's Hecuba to him...
                       \_ You know they filmed her for something like 20 hours
                          and then edited it down to the one or two times
                          where her random movements made it appear that
                          she was looking at something, right?
                          \_ if she can track once every 20 hours,
                             she has more clue than you twink
                             |_ even a stopped clock tells the right time
                                twice a day.
                                \_ok , a broken clock has more clue than
                                you twinky boy
                             \_ Perhaps you should look up 'random',
                               'coincidence' and 'probabilistic'....
                          \_ I know that critics *claimed* this.  It's obvious
                             the tape is edited.  However I don't know of any
                             facts that show it was "20 hours" or something
                             like that.
                             \_ You haven't even done the least bit of
                                research into it then. Try Google.
                                Here's a clue, take two and call me
                                in the morning:
        \_ Autopsy showed no evidence of bulemia.  Which was Michael's stated
           reason for her collapse.
                \_ big deal.
                   \_ Why did she collapse then?
           \_ She had a heart attack for some unknown reason 15 years ago.
              Her parents remained on very good terms with her husband, and
              only after he tries to pull the plug there are allegations that
              he had been abusing her.  Someone without medical training
              guessed the cause of the heart attack wrong.  And your point is?
              \_ Her blood had no trace of enzymes released during a heart
                 attack.  What is your proof that she had a heart attack?
                        \_ um, enzymes don't hang around for 15 years.
                           \_ They took her blood when she was admitted to the
                              hospital.  It showed depressed potassium (leading
                              people to speculate about bulemia but the autopsy
                              report today says it was consistent with fluids
                              she received by IV before the blood was drawn).
                              There were no cardiac enzymes found in heart
                              attack victims.
                           \_ Did they exist 15 years ago?
                                \_ I meant that a heart attack 15 years
                                   ago might have released some enzymes
                                   at that time, but there's no way they'd
                                   still linger around till now (15 years
                              \_ God, this is sounding more and more like
                                 the old .9999... == 1 free-for-alls..
2005/6/15-17 [Computer/SW/Security, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:38139 Activity:nil
6/15    Attempting to sftp to Got password from key.
        Entered password and got back:
        Received message too long 1701996907
        \_ password from key.  since sftp uses ssh, shouldn't you just
           use your normal password?
        \_ Trying to do anonymous motd?
           \_ No, trying to send files from my PC to my CSUA account.
              \_ Just use scp.
        \_ I just tried ssh from SunOS 5 and it worked.
           \_ I'm trying sftp from CSUA. I'm running
              tcsh as my shell.
        \_ tunneling ftp through ssh for sftp is a total lost cause.
           just use scp.  google for winscp
           \_ he's not tunnelling ftp through ssh, he's using sftp.
                \_ he's doomed, it's not going to work.  USE WINSCP
                   \_ I use putty's psftp all the time.  As well as FileZilla
                      for xfering files to and from soda.  Why is he doomed?
        \_ Update: so scp seems to do the trick (on soda and from my Mac).
           Purely for curiosity's sake, any idea why sftp isn't working?
           \_ It works for me on windows.
           \_ sftp seems to be working fine too from freebsd machine
           \_ A ssh1/ssh2 mismatch? Just a guess, I have never used
              sftp. scp works fine for all my needs.
2005/6/15 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38140 Activity:nil
6/15    If I buy or rent movies like Control Room, Outfoxed, Bush Family
        Fortunes, Fahrenheit 911, The Corporation, Rebels With a Cause, and
        other similar DVDs from Amazon or Netflix will I eventually get on
        the Republican black list database that they use so successfully
        against their enemies from the Nixon "dirty tricks" era?
2005/6/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:38141 Activity:nil
6/15    What does M. O. in cop dramas stands for?  Thx.
        \_ modus operandi
2005/6/15-17 [Reference/BayArea] UID:38142 Activity:low
6/15    How's traffic going from 280/Saratoga Ave to Hayward in the
        mornings? How about the reverse in the evening?
        \_ Where in Hayward?  It's a reverse commute on peninsula side, but
           Hayward has pretty fucked up traffic in a lot of directions.
        \_ moved?  Job change?
           \_ almost in escrow
              \_ Congrats!
                 \_ Thanks! I'm hoping closing goes smoothly!
              \_ That's great! How big is the house and how much?
                 \_ It's a 3/1.5/1 1300sqft 2-story TH in West SJ 95129
                    for $528k. Potential to add a master bath.
        \_ Expect lots of traffic if taking 880, especially around 280/880 &
           \_ What?
        \_ 880N through north Fremont, Union City, and south Hayward is bad in
           the morning.  It becomes very good from before the 92 interchange to
           A Street.  After that I don't know.
           \_ I guess I can take 680N and cut back over to 880N through Auto
        \_ ObHousingBubble talk.
           \_ When you notice yourself thinking, simply label it "thinking,"
              and go back to your breath.  He likens it to a "feather touching
              a bubble."
2005/6/15-17 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:38143 Activity:low
6/15    Wanna have WiFi access on transbay buses, free for you and free for AC
        Transit?  Voice your support by taking the survey:
        \_ If they combine it with GPS so I know where the buses are...
           \_ I put GPS and a coffee service in the suggestions box.
              \_ It sure will get your responses ignored.
           \_ Said the suicide bomber...
              \_ I hope this is facetious, and if not, I hope you never ever
                 get your hands on a top secret DHS triple grade red
                 classified bus schedule.
        \_ I already get this using my PDA GPRS/EDGE/UTMS cell with laptop
           You are wasting money.
           \_ Didn't I mention it'd be free?
2005/6/15-17 [Transportation/Car] UID:38144 Activity:low
6/15    Would you drive 8 miles street traffic (lots of stop lights)
        or 18 miles on the freeway?
        \_ What's the traffic like?  If the freeway is stop and go, then
           I'd take the surface street unless it was a parking lot.
           Otherwise, I'd probably favor the freeway.
           \- is this in Fleemont?
              \_ Uhm, I dunno.  Maybe should ask the OP.   -!op
              \_ not fremont.
        \_ Drove 8 miles on freeway instead of 4 miles on streets; mpg
           was much better, paradoxically....
           \_ paradoxically?  how are there so many profoundly uninformed
              people on soda?
              \_ Yes, take williamc and emarkp for example.
                 \_ Don't lump me in with williamc.  I've got RSI from keyboard
                    use. -emarkp
2005/6/15-17 [Health/Disease/General] UID:38145 Activity:low
6/15    Condom technology has reached a new thinness. Hooray for people
        who hate typical thick latex condoms:
        \_ I think that would be everyone. Do you know anyone who
           actually *likes* thick latex condoms???
           \_ How about "Do you know anyone who actually *likes* condoms?
              \_ Depends how you define *likes*.  Sure sensation of sex
                 without condom >> sensation of sex with condom, but I have to
                 give props to the condom for cutting down on the risks of
                 disease and/or pregnancy while fucking around.  I'd say it's
                 a tossup.
              \_ People who have premature ejaculation problem may last longer
                 with thick condoms.
2005/6/15-17 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:38146 Activity:kinda low
6/15    A friend of mine who is in a hardware business trying to implement
        a relatively common feature in laptop: be able to play DVD, play
        mp3 without ever get into Windows.  How do people usually do that?
        Do they have an embedded Linux somewhere where one will boot up and
        perform these functions?  If that is teh case, where is the embedded
        OS?  is it in BIOS?  How come these things tend to have almost
        instant start-up time compare with desktop Linux which takes 1 minute
        to boot up?  thx
        \_ Many embedded systems put the boot system on flash.  I think the
           boot speed has less to do with the boot media and more to do with
           the limited kernel size/number of drivers embedded systems load.
           Google for Soekris.  This is the hardware company many of the
           community wi-fi projects are using. -dans
           \_ WRAP >>> Soekris.  -John
        \_ thanks all.  It seems that it is Intervideo's InstantOn that
           is behind couple of the mainstream OEM's solution.    --OP
        \_ Check out ROM-DOS by Datalight.
2005/6/15-17 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38149 Activity:nil
6/15    George Bush bust/sculpture on eBay for only $4300. "...the artist
        commenced sculpting on September 14, 2001 in order to capture the
        strength and determination that are required to lead our nation.":
2005/6/15-17 [Recreation/Media] UID:38150 Activity:nil
6/15    My girlfriend made me go so Batman Begins tonight.  I have to admit, I
        enjoyed the whole movie, which I can't say of any of the others.  Worth
        the $7.50 -scottyg
        \_ Where'd you find a $7.50 ticket?
        \_ You thought the movie where Batman voluntarily drives an SUV was
           better than the one Jack playing the Joker? -- ilyas
           better than the one where Jack plays the Joker? -- ilyas
           \_ I read somewhere Nicholson made 90 million off of that movie.
           \_ Because clearly, the presence or absence of Jack Nicholson, and
              Batman's choice of wheels are the only deciding factors in the
              overall quality of a Batman film. -dans (haven't seen it yet)
           \_Nothing strikes fear into my criminal heart like a SUV...although
             it's more of a cadillac of tanks. Jack was good, but he always
             plays a crazy guy, so of course he got the part right. -scottyg
        \_ Is Bruce Wayne a Democrat or a Republican?
           \_ Neither. He's more of a Teddy Roosevelt Progressive.
2018/11/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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