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2005/6/13-14 [Computer/Networking] UID:38093 Activity:nil
6/12    Would a 5.4V rated power adapter be bad for a device (actually a
        dlink router) rated for using 5v input?  The current limit
        is fine and it works for the time being, but I am wondering if it
        might shorten the life of the router or blow it out all of a sudden.
        I am asking this because I am travelling to a 220v country and have a
        hard time finding an appropriate 5v adapter.
        \_ some of the guys told me the tolerance for computer electronics
           is +/-5%.  Anything deviates from that 5% is risky, especially
           \_ Yep, +/- 5%.  You worry about speed on the undervoltage side,
              heat on the overvoltage side, and bad design practices on both
              sides.  That said, an additional 3% will probably just disappear
              in the margins anyway and will not have any real effect on the
              preformance or long-term reliability of your device.
2005/6/13 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:38094 Activity:nil
6/12    NFS Question.  Does rpc.lockd/nlockmgr and rpc.statd/status only
        need to run on a linux machine that is exporting file systems
        or on clients too?
2005/6/13-15 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:38095 Activity:low
6/12    Nuclear power might be unsustainable:
        \_ Refuted:
           (search for Jan Willem)
        \_ You better be a dumb undergrad, oops, I mean, uh, learning?
           \_ What's wrong with the claims?  -- !OP
              \_ They're confusing and they have all the data in PDFs.
                 It's possible they're right, but they need to present the
                 data and analysis more cleanly, so that scientists can more
                 easily point out important true points and big mistakes.
                 The conventional wisdom in the scientific community is that
                 nuclear power is much more efficient than coal/gas/oil
                 especially in terms of environmental impact, except when you
                 have a problem you really have a problem (nuclear waste leaks,
                 nuclear meltdown, planes flying into nuclear power plants,
                 breakout into nuclear arms), and there is no pressing natural
                 resource issue at the rate we are adopting nuclear power.
                 I repeat:  They /might/ be right, but they need to be more
                 clear by:  Getting the stuff out of PDFs and have "current
                 belief" vs. "correct belief" comparisons and persuasive
                 explanations for how/why the discrepancies came to be.
                 \_ I agree with most of your points, except it's really
                    hard to store nuclear waste, and you have to do it for
                    50,000 years.
                    \_ It's a whole heck fo a lot easier to store than the
                       waste from burning coal.
                       \_ How, exactly, do you figure?
2005/6/13-14 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:38096 Activity:nil
6/13    Someone e-mailed me an Excel Spreadsheet. I can't see rows 1-7
        unless I choose "Full Screen". There is no scroll bar and Page
        Up/Down don't work. Is there a way to pull the spreadsheet down
        lower on my screen by dragging it? It seems I can make it bigger
        or smaller, but not move it around. I want to be able to view
        the top of the sheet w/o being in Full Screen mode. --dim
        \_ just go into a cell and use up arrow key tillu get to the top
           \_ This doesn't work. The cursor heads up to the top of the
              worksheet, but I can't see it (it disappears off-screen). I
              need the sheet to scroll up with the cursor.
        \_ hmm... did you try unfreezing panes? maybe someone froze
           them offscreen. also try scroll lock... maybe that will do
           what you want. can you put the sheet in /csua/tmp so i can
           take a look? i'm curious.
           \_ They are not frozen. Scroll lock does nothing. It is as if the
              sheet is too large for the pane that Excel chooses. I can't
              let you see the data, unfortunately.
              \_ View->Full Screen
                 \_ I mentioned that this works, but the idea is that I
                    want to view the top of the sheet in "normal" mode w/o
                    choosing "Full Screen".
                    \_ Window->Arrange...Tiled (or whatever).  -tom
                       \_ Voila! This worked. Thanks!
2005/6/13-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:38097 Activity:nil
6/13    Sometimes I accidentally type Ctrl-X in vim and am consigned to some
        sort of vim purgatory where the program no longer responds to input,
        not even the ctrl commands that it "helpfully" lists at the bottom
        of the screen for "Ctrl-X mode."  Can anyone tell me how to escape from
        this?  And no, "use emacs" is not a helpful response.
        \_ Let me guess: you enter this mode by typing C-x C-s to save. The
           problem is the C-s, not the C-x; C-s suspends terminal output. Hit
           C-q to resume it. You can just hit escape (or, I think, any other
           key) to get out of Ctrl-X mode. -gm
           \_ Thanks, you rule.
2005/6/13-15 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Security] UID:38098 Activity:nil
6/13    Any recommendations for a free webmail service that doesn't charge for
        POP3 download, SMTP?  I want to be able to access it using VersaMail
        on Treo 650.  Using GMail right now, but I'm not a big fan of their
        privacy practices.  So the requirements are: free, respects privacy, a
        viable company.
        \_ I think you're just going to have to suck it up and use Gmail.
           \_ Agreed.  No company is gonna offer free popS service for free
              besides google.  At least not right now.
2005/6/13-15 [Uncategorized] UID:38099 Activity:nil
6/13    A gift for you, williamc. It totally describes you:
        \_ How about you sign your posts and we can have this
           out in the open? I'd like to include your name/picture
           in my next submission to the Oxford English Dictionary
           for examples of both "idiot" and "coward". Thanks!
        \_ Wow, anonymous flames are so cool.
2005/6/13-15 [Transportation/Car] UID:38100 Activity:nil
        "A study released in 1999 by the Insurance Institute for Highway
        Safety estimated an increase in deaths on interstates and freeways of
        about 15 percent in the 24 states that had raised their speed limit in
        late 1995 and 1996."
        \_ And what happened to the rate on the other states that didn't raise
           speed limit?  And what was the increase in number of cars in those
           states?  Stats Shmats.
2005/6/13-15 [Reference/Tax] UID:38101 Activity:kinda low
6/13    Not that I agree with all Krugman said, but this commentary
        explains why dynasties fell:
        \_ Like I said, Reagan's super tax break for the super wealthy
           (60% tax for the richest before Reagan) really contributed to the
           wealth gap.
        \_ Not exactly related, but is anyone else concerned that whomever
           takes over in 2008, R or D, is going to have to raise taxes a LOT
           in order to get us out of this huge hole we are digging for
           ourselves?  One way or another it's going to have to happen,
           whether through "regressive" or "progressive" means.
           \_ Like the "by 2040 we won't be able to afford anything but debt
              financing" hole.  Yeah.  If people don't wake the fuck up, this
              country's going to be in pain.
           \_ Of course I am concerned. Can you imagine your tax bill
              going up, say, 10%? That's a lot of cash you suddenly won't
              have. The ultra-rich and the poor won't care, but it is
              really going to screw the people in the $75-200K brackets.
              \_ On a national level, yes things are screwed.  On a personal
                 level, save more, and learn to live on < 80% of your
                 income, but I guess everyone knows that but only some
                 do it.
                 \_ When taxes have to be raised, you'll bet your ass it's
                    a personal issue.  Tax cuts + huge spending increases
                    are a tax on future generations.
                    \_ STARVE THE BEAST!%@@666!#
            \_ Yeah, I am kind of worried that taxes on my 401k are going
               to be huge when I try and withdraw them. I don't really
               know what to do about it though. Start an offshore account?
               \_ they are thinking about doing a Roth 401K.
2005/6/13-15 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:38102 Activity:nil
6/13    I have a lame windows problem.  On one of my PCs running XP Pro it's
        often the case where clicking on the taskbar or start menu will just
        hang there for several (2-30) seconds without responding.  In this
        time all other apps work fine, and the CPU usage is 1-2%.  Eventually
        whatever it was waiting for happens and it belatedly responds to my
        click(s).  Do you know what could be causing this?  FWIW this is a
        laptop using windows domains.
        \_ Is it waiting for your hard disk to spin up again after it was
           powered down after certain idle minutes?  Check your settings in
           Power Options Propertis.
           \_ It is not hard-disk spindown.  Restarting makes the 'Closing
              network connections' take a looong time.  Once restarted it's
              fine, but gets slower.
              \_ Could be a bad network driver...quick fix is to try
                 unchecking the "automatically search for network folders
                 and printers" from your folder options/view tab.
        \_ Check taskmgr.exe to make sure explorer.exe isn't going nuts.  It
           could be that it's looking for a network resource it can't find.
           Try turning off all Windows file & print/smb/whatever services
           in your network config.  Try opening 'network neighborhood' and see
           if that takes as long too.  -John
           \_ Task manager shows it using almost no CPU, and it's 'Running'.
              \_ Run a sniffer (ethereal), on loopback, on local interface,
                 and on a hub next to the box.  Check event log.  It really
                 sounds like it's looking for a share or printer or having
                 a domain-related problem.
2005/6/13-15 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:38103 Activity:nil
6/13    "Microsoft joins efforts to censor Web in China" (Yahoo! News)
        Commie Gates!
        \_ The Chinese govt used to be anti-MS.  Guess they'll change their
           position now.
        \_CommieIE 1.0 (builtin censorship into the OS)
2005/6/13-15 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:38104 Activity:nil
6/13    When is treason not treason? When you are selling out your
        country to AIPAC, I guess:
        \_ Moonie Times Op-Ed link above.
2005/6/13-15 [Uncategorized] UID:38105 Activity:low
6/13    Does anyone find Pamela Anderson-like lips attractive?  Just
        \_ In general, or in her BJ video?
        \_ You mean the infected-looking puffed-up lips like Angelina Jolie?
           They're hideous.
           \_ But they might feel good in a BJ.
              \_ On a related note, does anyone want to speculate as to whether
                 the geeks who decided to call Digital Subscriber Lines DSL
                 knew the other meaning of DSL?
                 \_ Is it the phenominally obvious meaning given the context
                    of this thread?
                 \_ I don't get it.
                    \_ My guess: Dick Sucking Lips
              \_ exactly.
2005/6/13-15 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:38106 Activity:nil
6/13    This is pretty great.  "How to marry a man and a horse."
        (Handfasting is the wiccan word for wedding)
        \_ I thought it's about a woman marrying both a man and a horse, so
        \_ I thought it's about a woman marrying to both a man and a horse, so
           that the man can feed her kids and the horse can feed her.
2005/6/13-15 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:38107 Activity:kinda low
6/13    "The more accurate way to approach this right now is to concede that
        ... the terrorists and the terrorism in Iraq is not going to be
        settled, through military options or military operations,"
        Brig. Gen. Donald Alston, the chief U.S. military spokesman in Iraq,
        said last week ... Gen. George W. Casey, the top U.S. commander in
        Iraq, ... calling the military's efforts "the Pillsbury Doughboy idea"
        ... "We push in Baghdad -- they're down to about less than a car bomb
        a day in Baghdad over the last week -- but in north-center [Iraq] ...
        they've gone up... The political process will be the decisive element."
        (Houston Chronicle)
        "The level of activity that we see today from a military standpoint,
        I think, will clearly decline. I think they're in the last throes, if
        you will, of the insurgency." -VP Cheney (May 31 2005)
        [Another article] Lt. Col. Frederick Wellman ... referred to tribal
        members joining the insurgency to seek revenge for relatives killed in
        fighting. "We can't kill them all," Wellman said.
        "When I kill one, I create three."
        \_ This is selective picking and choosing of quotes and events.
           Tribal politics is fairly complex business, but generally the foreign
           insurgency has been pissing the tribes off more often than not.
           Terrorist events in Baghdad are down 90% from 2 months ago.
           Al Zarqawi is either dead or seriously wounded and recovering in
           Syria, with a lot of his subordinates captured.  Perhaps most
           importantly, though, security functions are mostly an Iraqi affair
           now, with some US help.  I think the appropriate way to handle
           the insurgency is to make it the Iraqis vs the insurgents fight, which
           is what has been happening. -- ilyas
           the insurgency is to make it the Iraqis vs the insurgents fight,
           which is what has been happening. -- ilyas
           \_ I think you are much more highly educated than I am, but
              do you really think the insurgent forces are led by one guy?
              Al Zarqawi might be a creation of US intelligence.  I find it
              hard to believe that a leading terrorist group in Iraq would
              put out a press release when their alleged leader is
              wounded. - danh
              \_ No, I don't think the insurgents are 'led' by one guy, because
                 the insurgency has a very decentralized structure.  Having
                 said that, I don't think Al Zarqawi is a fantasy, or something
                 other than a very dangerous lunatic.  That American psyops
                 might be putting out fakeouts of various sorts is a good
                 point.  I have heard of some sort of letter to Al Zarqawi
                 that was 'intercepted' by US forces that was complaining about
                 how the insurgency wasn't going so well, the locals are turning
                 against us, etc.  Smelled like a psyops thing to me. -- ilyas
           \_ Um..  Where do you get "Terrorist events in Baghdad are down
              90% from 2 months ago"?  In fact, I couldn't even guess where
              you got any of these "facts".
              \_ I got the 90% thing from  They pontificate
                 quite a lot there (probably for fun), but editorializing is
                 clearly marked as such, and they ARE military analysts for hire,
                 and not the press, so I trust them more than I would trust
                 pretty much any publication.  -- ilyas
                 \_ Where's their data?  I see them quoting a "Baghdad bombing
                    index", but they don't give their methodology or data.
                 \_ Hey guys, don't doubt that insurgent activities in Baghdad
                    are much reduced with a 1-2 week-old effort to concentrate
                    on securing the city.
                    Casey talking about Pillsbury Doughboy, explained:
                    You poke in Fallujah, they appear elsewhere.
                    You poke in Baghdad, they appear elsewhere.
                    You don't have enough U.S. soldiers or have trained up
                    enough Iraqi police / army (yet) so you can't cover the
                    whole doughboy, figuratively speaking.
              \_ I think that was the bit where incidents are down but total
                 deaths have doubled or tripled.  Lies, damned lies, and
                 military PR.
              you got any of these "facts".
                    (month/avg. daily casualty)
                    jun05/2.77          nov04/4.70
                    may05/2.84          oct04/2.16
                    apr05/1.73          sep04/2.90
                    mar05/1.29          aug04/2.42
                    feb05/2.14          jul04/1.87
                    jan05/4.10          jun04/1.67
                    dec04/2.48          may04/2.71
                    \_ He probably meant "total deaths including civilians",
                       but yes, I do think he needed to be clear since it
                       could easily be judged as misleading otherwise.
                       \_ Civilians are much softer targets than the military,
                          and you can't compare the intensity of attacks on
                          the military with the intensity of attacks on
                          civilians by looking at the casualty count.  It
                          is possible for the intensity of attacks to drop
                          while simultaneously for the civilian casualty to
                          increase (if the focus of the attacks switch from
                          the military to the civilians).
              \_ Both you and ilyas need to re-evaluate what the
                 "Pillsbury Doughboy idea" is in the context above.
                 This has actually been going on for at least half a year in
                 \_ Try "for two years.."  Ever since we "won".
                    \_ Well, I didn't want to overreach with ilyas here, in
                       all seriousness.
                       \_ Please don't sign for me.  It was ilyas' right to
                          sign his name to his replies, as well as it should
                          be mine not to sign.
                          Yes, I know kchang's tool makes it easy. -op
                          \_ I am amused that you ask for people's indulgence
                             in this matter, while not noticing your own
                             indulgence may be required in the matter of posting
                             with civility.
                             \_ Am I not posting with civility?  Please note
                                that I originally didn't include "in all
                                seriousness".  I put it in there because I
                                didn't want to sound sarcastic. -jctwu
           \_ Wow.  Based on the two posts here, it's either, "Oh my god
              we're so screwed and the administration is totally lying or
              clueless"  or  "Hooray!  We're winning and things are totally
              swinging in our favor and the administration is *wonderful*
              and goddamn that liberal media bias..."  I suspect you're

              both probably full of it.  *shrug*
              \_ Actually, no.  ilyas just has a strong opinion that the
                 quotes are not representative of what's truly going on in
                 Iraq, whereas I just posted recent quotes from extremely
                 senior U.S. commanders on the ground (non-civilian), a
                 lieutenant colonel, and one from VP Cheney. -op
           \_ Really, "picking and choosing quotes"?  The title of the article
              is:  "Military can't stop insurgency, officers say -
              They believe the way to end the fighting is through Iraqi
              politics".  If you have a complaint, it's that the article is not
              representative of the military's true beliefs on Iraq.
              I do agree that the LTC's statement is the weakest, but it does
              remain his opinion.
              Also, Casey's statement directly addresses your Baghdad
              statistic.  Please read carefully next time. -op
              \_ I actually don't disagree.  The military _can't_ stop the
                 insurgency, by the very nature of insurgency.  This isn't
                 an Iraq-specific problem at all.  The US is slowly learning
                 appropriate imperialist techniques from their friends, the
                 British -- make it an arab vs arab fight.  Setting 'natives'
                 against each other was the only way to run a world-wide empire
                 for a relatively small and unpopulous island nation.  I also
                 think stating that the insurgency is not a military problem
                 is not the same as stating 'we are so screwed!'  I think it's
                 just the brass talking sense.  The winning condition for the
                 US is for the insurgency to become an internal Iraqi government
                 problem, perhaps managed with some outside, international
                 help. -- ilyas
                 \_ I...err...that's actually pretty insightful.
                    \_ Don't forget that the Iraq government can't fall apart.
                       The means can vary but the result should be success.
                       I would hesitate to say it would be victory if we made
                       it the Iraqi government's problem and they imploded, but
                       I shouldn't need to point that out, right ... we're all
                 \_ Please note that I never used the phrase "we are so
                    screwed!" in any of the posts in this thread, nor
                    intended this as a meaning.  My meaning was in the
                    quotes and URL I presented, which was that we now have
                    extremely senior U.S. commanders on the ground saying
                    themselves what I quoted.  VP Cheney's quote was also
                    listed as one from an extremely senior civilian leader.
2005/6/13-15 [Uncategorized] UID:38108 Activity:nil
6/13   Computerized voting ballots?
        dans, didnt you do a research paper on this?
        Too bad your not sited. -mrauser
        \_ I did write a paper on this (more like a treatise at its final
           length), but never managed to publish due to academic politics.
           Basically, one of the researchers I cited extensively has a fairly
           draconian policy on his/her website regarding the use/reference of
           his/her work.  I inquired with the individual and initially
           received a very positive response, but s/he then dropped off of the
           face of the earth.  I suspect the policy is aimed toward
           journalists, not academics, but since I'm not very familiar with
           the academic publishing world, I didn't want to ruffle any
           feathers.  Perhaps more importantly, my paper was fairly specific
           to web based voting systems, with an emphasis on Berkeley's
           implementation at the time.  I also get the sense that this was a
           hot issue in 2004, and thus, many more well known and reputed
           researchers were publishing on the topic at the time so being some
           random undergrad (even from Berkeley) probably didn't help much.
           Not publishing was unfortunate.  That said, I really don't regret
           it.  I had fun writing the paper, and received some credits I
           needed toward graduation. -dans
2005/6/13-15 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:38109 Activity:nil
6/13    So MJ is not guilty on all counts.  Pedophiles rejoice!
        \_ Idiot.  Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt was not proved.  The
           verdict was correct.  This is how the justice system works in
           this country, if you can afford a decent lawyer that is.
           \_ Hey, just remember if you're going to get kids drunk and yank
              their wang, be sure to make sure there aren't any (well, very
              many) witnesses!
              \_ And if you're a witness, remember to go to the police instead
                 of the tabloids!  Oh wait, they all went to the tabloids
                 \_ Um, no they went to the police first.
                        \_ Actually I think they all sued him first for various
                           bogus reasons.
                           \_ No, that was the particularly interesting thing.
                              They DIDN'T try to sue him first.
                                \_ Wrong, almost every witness against him is
                                   /was involved in some lawsuit, unrelated
                                   to molestation (pay dispute, etc.) against
           \_ More so if you can afford a decent laywer *and* you're black,
              like OJ Simpson.  (Doesn't apply if you only are black but
              can't afford a decent laywer.)
              \_ Yeah, Black people get off way too easy in this
                 \_ No.  Rich black people get off too easy by using poor
                    black people's misfortne in this country.
                    \_ Wow.  +5 Idiot/troll.
                    \_ I think a more accurate statement would be that
                       "Rich people get off too easy", regardless of
                        \_ An entirely different way to look at it is that
                           our justice system is just broken for poor people.
                                \_ Gee just like everything else in life!
              \_ MJ is white, you moron.
                 \_ This just goes to show that white women always get off
                    \_ I thought they are lucky to get off at all.
        \_ Hooray for Cal grads
2005/6/13-15 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:38110 Activity:moderate
6/13    Which Linux distro you find most user-friendly?  e.g. toward the
        goal of allowing your gradma to use it without much problem?
        Anyone tried Ubunto before?
        \_ Mac OS X Tiger on an iMac G5.
           \_ i would agree OS X is good, but it's not Linux.
                \_ I know, but grandma and linux seems like a bad idea.
                        \_ Unless your grandma is Dilmom
        \_ Why would you want to force your grandma to use linux? What
           could it possibly offer her that she can't accomplish with
           much more ease with windows or OS X? If there are things
           that linux can offer her, she would probably be the type
           that wouldn't need help installing it.
           that already has linux.
           \_ i am just use "grandma" to illustrate my point of being
              "user friendly."  I just wondering is there any linux
              distro that is tightly integrated and address some of
              the usability issue.  I heard of Ubunto, and hoping someone
              has experiences other than Redhat/SuSE/Mantrake/Debian.
                \_ oh, understood. -pp
        \_ Ubunto is the latest in a line of '1337 linux distros.
           There is nothing special about it except perhaps that
           they have better i18n than other distros.
           If you don't want to use OS X, then your best bet for
           a well integrated linux distro is probably SuSE.
           \_ SUSE has i18n issues for those who use East Asian locale.
        \_  You know, I found the latest version of Debian, Sarge, to be
            really easy to install and use when I tried it in testing.
            (about 6 months ago.)  I can't say it's the best, but it was
            better than Fedora, and the Synaptec package manager makes it
            REALLY easy to install new programs.
            \_ Thanks, I will give it a try.            --op
        \_ RedHat Pro Workstation. Easier to install than Win2k. You may
           need to hold her hand initially, but then it's gravy.
        \_ Thanks for all the response...               --op
2005/6/13-15 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:38111 Activity:nil
6/13    What is the cheapest way to get 3 or 4 arguably legal
        copies of winXP, preferable with SP2 ?  Also, how much
        do extra terminal licenses cost? tnx.
        \_ OEM licenses are cheaper but you can't move them to a different
           machine once you activate it.  (OEM licenses are what you get when
           you buy a new Dell, etc.)
           Standard licenses (non-OEM) are more expensive but you can move them
           to different computers.
           There's also subscription-based licensing, but I don't think those
           pay off until you reach x number of computers (not sure what x is).
           See prices on
           \_ How about subscribing to MSDN and use the XP CD included?
        \_ You can also get an Academic Upgrade version from for
           $85.  Technically you're using it for sk00l, but all you need
           is a Win2K or perhaps Win98/WinME CD-ROM to insert during the
           install process.  At the end you get a bona-fide (Academic) CD key
           registered in the MS database.  I don't recommend that if you're
           buying for a real business.
        \_ talk to someone that works at microsoft. win xp pro is $30
           at the company store.
           \_ Didn't an MS employee end up drinking anti-freeze for getting
              caught doing too much of that?
              \_ decades ago, my friend who work in M$ told me that they
                 have quota of one software title per employee per year, 90%
                 off market price.  Having said that, no one buys it
                 because they end up burn them from the archive anyway.
                 \_ my friend worked there 3-4 years ago and could buy stuff
                    with a limit of maybe $150 or $200 on how much he could
                    spend per year. After he left he was part of a 'microsoft
                    alumni' program that let him do basically the same thing
                    even though he wasn't working there anymore. I got two
                    copies of xp home through him for $10 each. I would have
                    bought more but he blew the rest of his "allowance" on
                    xbox games.
2005/6/13-15 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:38112 Activity:high
6/13    To the person or people who have been so kind in their continued
        expression of distate for me, I wish to thank you. There is nothing
        like the ability to have gained the ire of morons, it merely
        reinforces one's belief that the world is indeed filled
        with stupidity. However, I suggest that instead of utilizing your time
        in this manner, you should seek more constructive application of
        your efforts, like getting rid of your virginity, obtaining a
        so-called "life", or exercising. Thank you and good night. -williamc
        \_ Sign your name moron.
           \_ Oh, it's just poor little williamc.
        \_ Can I have your stuff? -geordan
        \_ I will not stop until you ADMIT that the Iraq war is STUPID and
           only fucking idiots like you support our stupid war. ADMIT IT
           \_ Dude, this is pretty fucked up right here.   -POC
           \_ I believe the Iraq war was a good idea, and even though I think
              williamc is usually misguided and abrasive, you're being a
              childish craven piece of shit.  Where's my insult (I'm a honkey,
              and grew up in SF, if that'll help you compose something
              appropriate.  Don't forget all caps, please.)  It's nice to see
              motd following its usual bouncing from mobbing target to mobbing
              target pattern.  -John
              \_ Oh dear, what happened to your troll sensors? Ouch. -- ulysses
                 \_ That wasn't troll, that was just asshole.  -John
           \_ Jesus H Christ, what is your issue??
              \_ Jesus has a middle name? What is H? Herbert? Hughes? Howard?
                 \_ Humphrey...and that's MISTER Humphrey to you.  Punk.
                 \_ Herman.
                 \_ You probably don't realize you've used Jesus' middle name
                    before.  It's "Holy".
                    \_ I thought it was "Fucking". "Tapdancing" seems to be
                       fairly common also. But that's probably just a nickname.
           \_ Let me guess, you are really the Anonymous Freeper, trying
              to make anti-war folks look bad. Guess how I know?
        \_ Sorry, I got a 760 on my SAT V but I don't know what distate
           means. You must be smarter than me.
           \_ Well, he also used...err..utilized some pretty big words.  He
              _must_ be smarter than you!
2005/6/13-15 [Consumer/Audio] UID:38115 Activity:kinda low
6/13    Where can I get a good deal on a new iPod 20G? The best I can
        get on the web is $180. Don't they have student discount or
        something?                                      -student
        \_ I was eyeing that $180 ipod. :)
        \_ Where did you see this? Is it 3g or 4g?
        \_ I don't know this was deleted, but I could get a 4G Mini with a
           student discount for $180. Where did you find the 20G for $180?
           \_ I made a mistake, I was looking at 5G but wanted 20G. They're
              still ~280. Sorry, my bad.
              \_ Consider updating your motd-editing script to check with
                 motdedit before merging. You blew my changes away and
                 made it look like I wrote your comment. --erikred
        \_ Students get a 10% discount; but if you know an apple employee
           the friends and family discount is 15%.  If money's a serious
           issue, consider the Shuffle- they're light enough that you
           can just hang it from the earbuds.  I love mine.
2005/6/13-15 [Computer/Networking] UID:38116 Activity:nil
6/13    I'd like to add some link redundancy to my home network.  Is it
        possible to use Comcast cable and a dsl connection to do this?
        How could I configure this network?  Ideally I would like it to
        balance traffic across both when both are available.
        \_ you could set up a bsd or linux box with three nic's
           as a firewall in front of your router.  not sure how
           complicated the load balancing would be, though.
        \_ Running BGP on two Soekris or PCEngines boxes might do it.
           Depending on how much redundancy you need, you might want to make
           two firewalls failover with CARP or something similar.  -John
           \_ Don't you need BGP support from your ISP?
              \_ I'm not 100% sure on this--I thought you could set up
                 interior BGP to provide some cockamamy load balancing
                 and failover semblance, although I may be mistaken.  I will
                 check it out, though.  I have heard from people who've done
                 just what op proposed, I just don't remember how they
                 accomplished it.  -John
        \_ You could do this with a Linksys RV042 VPN router (just ignore the
           VPN functionality)
           \_ This is a pricey router.  Can I do the same thing with a modified
              WRT54G?  I think what I need is multipath routing.
2005/6/13-15 [Transportation/Car] UID:38117 Activity:nil
6/13    I'm flying to Vancouver for my friend's wedding. I've already booked
        the flight and rented a car for a whole week. The wedding is only
        two days and I plan to use the remaining time to drive to Seattle and
        also visit Victoria, BC. What are your suggestions on hotel
        accomodations and the method of transportation to/from Victoria? I
        might take the ferry service that transports your car for only
        $38.00 one way, but is it even necessary to have a car in Victoria?
        Also, is it worth staying a night or two in Victoria, or should
        I do that in one day, and spend the remaining amount of time in
        Seattle and Vancouver?
        \_ The island is not so tiny that you can walk everywhere (depending
           on where you take the ferry from, it may drop you off in Sidney
           rather than in downtown Victoria, which is about a 15 minute
           drive away) and I usually don't like dealing with public
           transportation while on vacation. Driving around on the coast
           is nice and scenic so that's another reason I would recommend
           transportation while on vacation. Driving around the coast of the
           island is pretty scenic so that's another reason I would recommend
           a car. As for how long to spend there, it really depends on your
           preferences. If you like scenery / relaxation I would spend more
           time there (or if you're travelling with a lady friend - chicks
           dig Victoria) but if you're more of a nightlife / culture person
           maybe opt for more time in the bigger cities. If you decide to
           stay overnight and like B&B's check out
           \- While I wouldnt go there to see the Butchart Gardens, if I was
              there, I'd stop by. I agree what to do there sort of depends
              if you are solo, with the guys or with a chick. It would be
              weird to go to high tea at the Empress Hotel as a lark with
              the guys. I thought Victoria was a touristy ... there is
              the guys. I thought Victoria was a touristy ... like there was
              a Fisherman's Wharf factor. BTW, you know Vancouver Island is
              like +300mi long, right ... I'm not sure "not so tiny that you
              can walk" fully captures how big it is. I thought the boat trip
              there was also pretty cool. If you are an outdoor person, I'd
              head north or north east instead of Victoria.
           maybe opt for more time in the bigger cities. btw, if you're
           driving up the coast, Portland is a pretty cool city too.
2019/03/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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