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2005/6/12-14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:38089 Activity:nil
6/12    Does this mean I can stop calling them Freedom Fries?
        \_ I think we can now call them "freedom waffles".
        \_ He just wants votes.  What do we call people who swing according to
           the direction of the wind?
           \_ French?  Cheese eating surrender monkeys?
2005/6/12-14 [Uncategorized] UID:38090 Activity:nil
6/12    Waters re-uniting with Floyd for Live 8.
        \_ How can one get tickets for this? I've been waiting for
           them to reunite for years. Unfortunately, since it's
           an event with madonna and Paul McCartney, I can't imagine
           tickets being less than $100 or so.
2005/6/12-14 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:38091 Activity:nil
6/12    Save the planet. RIDE NEKKID BIKE!
2005/6/12-14 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:38092 Activity:moderate
6/12    Why don't I hear any leftists whining about US imperial
        oppression of Mugabe these days?
        Mugabe's L1m Party As Millions Face Starvation
        \_ Nothing to do with leftists or rightists--the man's a shitbag,
           deserving of government-sanctioned assassination, and it'd be nice
           to hear from _anyone_ (including the US govt., see AIUSA thread
           below) that "something" should be done about him.  -John
           \_ it has everything to do with leftists.  He is a leftist, he
              is adored by leftists.
              \_ Either I'm being (badly) trolled or you're an idiot.  I
                 suspect both.  -John
                 \_ is this projection??? even the left leaning
                    wikipedia acknowledges hes a Marxist
                    \_ You've come from "you leftists are stupid, ha ha,
                       you adore Mugabe" to "wikipedia calls Mugabe a
                       Marxist."  He's a shitbag, decent people of all
                       political stripes loathe him.  Did you have a point?
                       No?  Next then.  -John
                       \_ I don't understand your vitrol.  Mugabe is
                          a Marxist and, though you may have missed the
                          news reporting it, was cheered by the left during
                          his ascendence to power.  This same Marxist
                          scenario has played itself countless times and
                          yet there are always people like yourself
                          pretending he is something he is not.  Strange.
                          \_ Whatever pretenses he had to Marxism were
                             in line with his leadership role in the Rhodesian
                             civil war against the Smith regime, which was a
                             reasonably noble undertaking.  Overthrow of
                             bad governments is as laudable if they are white,
                             oppressive and racist as if they are black,
                             oppressive and racist.  Mugabe has given up any
                             "revolutionary credibility" by being a vicious
                             shit.  I'm defending neither marxists nor thugs;
                             I do, however, make allowance for people of any
                             political persuasion to change their view of a
                             tyrant once his true colors show.  Would you say
                             that anyone calling himself politically xyz is
                             automatically xyz?  Was Joe Stalin a communist?
                             What would Marx have said?  You tell me.  -John
        \_ Why don't you hear any? Probably becuase you don't bother to
           read anytyhing outside your carefully circumscribed circle.
           Slate and The Nation have been griping about this guy for
           almost a decade. Glad you finally noticed he was a bastard.
           The Right used to love him, because he was anti-Soviet.
           \_ The fact that Trotsky disliked Stalin and Mao disliked
              Ho-Chi Minh does not preclude them all from being Marxists.
              But you are right Mugabe is really more a Maoist, having
              received the most support from China.
              \_ Oh, that's all right then.  I got a newspaper in Berkeley
                 that talks all about how great Mao was.
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