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2005/6/8-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38029 Activity:moderate
6/7     Other than Miami Vice for men and Flashdance for women, what
        are things you can go as to an 80s Party?  Low effort is better,
        so not Michael Jackson.
        \_ Hello.  Christian Zombie Vampires?  Duh.
        \_ MacGyver, Face or Murdock (aka Lt. Barkley) from the A-Team
           \_ Is there anything distinctive about their dress?
              \_ Murdock always wore a baseball cap, a bomber jacket
                 and converse high tops.
                 MacGyver and Face dressed pretty normally - you said
                 low effort.
                 You could for Mr. T who always wore overalls and gold
                 Another possibility - McFly from Back To the Future.
        \_ Gordon Gecko
           \_ Is a punk rocker 80s?  Torn black t-shirt, ripped jeans,
           \_ Hi Paolo!
        \_ Is a punk rocker 80s?  Torn black t-shirt, ripped jeans, boots?
                \_ heavy-metal ... think GnR, Iron Maiden, etc.
        \_ Just buy a skinny tie and you are all set.
        \_ Big-suit David Byrne (Stop Making Sense)
           Madonna if she's got the bust for it (Like a Virgin)
        \_ not low effort, but fun: teenage mutant ninja turtle
        \_ You could get a blue sheet and a white cloth marker and go as
           the C-64 bootup screen.
        \_ Just make sure you have huge piles of blow.
        \_ Billy Idol
        \_ Air Jodans, ripped stone washed jeans and a leather jacket.
        \_ Air Jodans, ripped stone washed jeans and a leather bomber jacket.
        \_ Michael Douglass, greedy wallstreet businessman
           \_ see Gordon Gecko above.
        \_ Reagan, Thatcher, or Gorby
        \_ No one mentioned Boy George or Cindy Lauper!
        \_ Greased back hair, pastel polo shirt with collar turned up,
           acid washed jeans, loafers, gay aviator shades.  -John
2005/6/8-9 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:38030 Activity:nil
6/7     Has anybody been to Cafe Jacqueline in SF? Is it a reasonable
        first date restaurant or is it a little over the top for a 1D?
        Also does the menu work with 2 people or best with more? OK TNX.
        \_ It's reasonable.  But it's pretty expensive.  It is best for
           2 people since some souffles are two-person serving.  I ended
           up paying over $60 per person for two meal souffles and one
           dessert souffle (no wine, no appetizers).  I didn't think it
           was worth the price.  The restaurant itself didn't look fancy,
           but something too fancy could be intimidating for a 1st date.
2005/6/8-9 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:38031 Activity:high
6/7     Someone asked this question a while ago on the motd.
        The longest lasting republic in history was the city-state of
        Venice (at around 1000 years).  At the height of its power it
        waged successful wars vs its rival Genoa, and the Ottoman Turks,
        and was the premier maritime Mediterranean power.  It ceased to
        exist as an independent entity around Napoleonic times. -- ilyas
        \_ The Italian city-states weren't exactly known for their love of
           freedom and goodwill towards man, were they?  I'm asking this
           seriously.  I seem to recall that's where the infamous Machiavelli
           came from (not Venice though, correct?).  Not to mention how
           involved they all were in the machinations and degredations of
           the Rennaissance Popes (c.f., e.g. Ballet of Chestnuts).
           \- A large question since the days of the renaissance itself
              has been "how to explain florentine exceptionalism" and
              the "meaning" and causes of the renaissance write large.
              the "meaning" and causes of the renaissance writ large.
              I'm too busy to give motd summaries any more but you can
              read J. BURCKHARDT: Civ Renaissance in Italy, which is the
              classic work. There are some important scholars in this area
              from UCB as well, e.g. Old Professor Bouwsma (dead) and
              G. BRUCKER (emeritus).
              G. BRUCKER (emeritus). according to pope gregory xi, florentine
              exceptionalism consisted of their love of high interest rates
              and assmastery.
           \_ Neither was Athens.  According to some people neither is the
              United States.  I think it is reasonable to call all 3
              republics though, just due to the 'shape' of their government.
              (Well ok, Athens was more of a direct democracy).  -- ilyas
              Italian city-states WERE quite progressive for their day.  If
              I were to venture an amateur guess I would say this has something
              to do with them embracing more aspects of capitalism than their
              neighbors. -- ilyas
              \_ Wasn't Athens a pure democracy rather than a republic?
2005/6/8 [Health] UID:38032 Activity:high 80%like:37993
6/6     Hello, my name is Dick Dickless ( I never
        get any pain on my fingers while typing and a web site I found
        supports my position. Therefore, it is impossible to get CTS or RSI
        from IO. Also, everyone who disagrees with me is an idiot, and
        should get the fuck out of my mother country USA.       -dickless
        \_ Error 404.  Still Not Funny.  Troll Harder. -dans
2005/6/8 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:38033 Activity:nil
6/8     Houses too expensive? Now you can buy condos converted from hotel
        rooms. For only $700,000 you can a 1100 sq room! Get them while
        they're still hot and affordable with 0% down!
2005/6/8-9 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38034 Activity:low
6/8     "A White House official who once led the oil industry's fight against
        limits on greenhouse gases has repeatedly edited government climate
        reports in ways that play down links between such emissions and global
        warming, according to internal documents. In handwritten notes on
        drafts of several reports issued in 2002 and 2003, the official, Philip
        A. Cooney, removed or adjusted descriptions of climate research that
        government scientists and their supervisors, including some senior
        Bush administration officials, had already approved." (
        \_ Thanks anon. W/o I would believe the Bush administration
           is filled with honest, non-partisan ex-industry officials
           here for our own good and not out to make money in life.
           \_ Kind of sad that we're so jaded that this kind of Orwellian
              document editing isn't even surprising or worth mentioning any
                \_ "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth
                    becomes a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell
                    \- "The quality of many who people our public
                       life--that is not democracy, it is disarray, it
                       is free-fall."  ...  "Governance", [Arun
                       Shourie] argues, "is not golf: that we are a
                       democracy does not entitle us to a handicap."
                    \_ "In a room where people unanimously maintain a
                        conspiracy of silence, a single
                        word of truth sounds like a pistol shot."
                                -- Czeslaw  Milosz
        \_ was this written by Jayson Blair?
           \_ Mmm, straw man.  You can get this particular piece of news
              from whichever source you like.  It's pretty cut and dried.
2005/6/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:38035 Activity:nil
6/8     Revenge of the Smith:
2005/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:38036 Activity:low
6/8     Some nice plugins for Firefox:
        Spelling Checker for text boxes:
        Bookmark Synchronizer:
                \_ unfortunately, it doesn't yet support SFTP, so setting it
                   up reasonably is a pain in the butt.  -tom
        BugMeNot password lookup:
        \_ also,
           Session Saver: (save all open tabs when you want or on crash)
           \_ This one caused no end of crashes for me which made it sort of
              a net loss.
              \_ This plugin is concerned with its job security.
2005/6/8-9 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:38037 Activity:low
6/8     Did anyone end up buying a dell after the discussion on noise
        level last month?  How did it turn out? (my company is getting
        some, and I'd prefer them to be quiet)
        \_ Buy a Dell and you support Michael Bolton, Christians, the War
           in Iraq, more borrowing and Deficit, more oil drilling, more
           Corporate power (Enron), and the end of diversity.
           \_ I'm Michael Bolton's biggest fan. I own his entire collection!
              His cover of "Sitting On the Dock the Bay" was the best ever!
           \_ I bought a Dell and I support a nice, reliable server with
              marginally acceptable Eastern European support but a good
              raid controller.  -John
2005/6/8 [Reference/Religion, Recreation/Media] UID:38038 Activity:high
6/8     Dear Motd Mormons and Christians, have you stopped boycotting
        Disney? Disneyland, Disney World, and Disney products in general?
        Why and why not?
        \_ Have you stopped beating your wife? -emarkp
           [For those who don't understand, I'll put it plainer: "what
           \_ Are you going to cry?  Please don't report out hate speech!
           \_ I don't think Mormons ever got the edict to boycott from AFA
              because most Xtians do not consider Mormons as real Xtians.
           \_ there are some groups that boycott disney for being
              in their eyes gay friendly, i don't think they post to the motd.
              \_ This was the Southern Baptist Convention, IIRC. I'd wager
                 we have at least one person from a church in the SBC on soda.
                 I don't recall the SBC trying to make common cause with
                 the CoJCoLDS. -- ulysses
           \_ Disney offers employee benefits for gays and lesbians and
              AFA gets pissed and asks all Christians to boycott Disney:
              A Christian group boycotts Ford and Disney:
              Maybe they should boycott Microsoft as well because M$ offers
              equal benefits to domestic partners.
              \_ They should boycott the Internet because many of the
                 founders were gays or lesbians or at least gay or
                 lesbian tolerant. Then they should boycott electricity
                 because Edison never spoke out against gay people. Next
                 they should boycott modern plumbing because Mr. Crapper
                 was a pervert. Also, they should boycott using the
                 English langauge because it can be used to convey
                 impure thoughts.
                 \_ They should boycott food because food sustains
                    gays and lesbians.
                    \_ Not to mention oxygen and water.
                 \_ Edison invented electricity?  I thought it was Franklin.
                    \_ Someone invented electricity?
                 \_ Edison invented electricity?
2005/6/8-10 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:38039 Activity:nil
6/8     Hey Taiwanese people. How important is it nowadays to speak
        Taiwanese? Do people treat you better if you speak Taiwanese?
        Do they treat you like a Mainlander dirt if you use Mandarin?
                        -someone who understands but can't speak well
        \_ Depends where you are in Taiwan.  If you're in Taipei it
           doesn't matter.  But if you go to the South area you will find some
           people won't even be able to talk to you in Mandarin.  Also you'll
           have more friendly encounters if you speak Taiwanese there.
           \_ so how worthwhile is it to learn it fluently? I only know basics
              \_ depends on where you live, and how you plan to use
                 it of course.  When I was at Berkeley they offered a
                 student initiated and organized Taiwanese class
                 for credit.
        \_ It depends upon you.  If you have elders who don't speak
           Mandarin, then, you should learn to speak with them.  If
           you are the type who treat this "Taiwanese" (which is, strictly
           speaking, a dialect of Southern Fujian province) as an important
           identity thing, then, stop asking questions and just learn it.
           I speak Mandarin Chinese with a Beijing accent (which is
           still in many ways considered proper, eventhough not necessarily
           politically correct).  Despite decade of racial campaign against
           those who either identify with China and/or parents are born
           in China by DPP, people in Taiwan generally pretty tolerant and
           friendly.  Most people treat me as a Mainlander, and I no longer
           bother to explain it.
           and why do you care if they treat you as a Mainlander dirt? are
           you saying that you are embracing this kind of racial prejudice?
2005/6/8 [Uncategorized] UID:38040 Activity:nil
6/8     Heh, If nothing else, I like the picture of Castro.
        \_ Ah, the scribblings of mad children on the urinals of the
2005/6/8 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:38041 Activity:low
6/8     How about this for Apple:  switch kernel to Linux?
        this will instantly resolve device driver issues for them, and
        send a shockwave through the PC world at the same time....
                                - in fantacy mode
        \_ And then all of Apple's products would get automatic Linux
           releases, and Apple would quickly disappear into obscurity!
        \_ The device driver issues are not a significant problem for Apple;
           they say they are not going to try to support commodity PC hardware,
           so they can limit the number of chipsets to about the same number
           they're currently supporting.  -tom
        \_ Why in GOD's name would Apple want to switch from Mach/FreeBSD
           to a festering piece of shit like linux?
           It is a fallacy to think that just b/c linux supports X random
           PCI/ISA card that driver support on linux is "good". I have to
           deal w/ linux drivers on a regular basis (esp. nics/raid contr-
           ollers) and linux causes me no end of problems.  The one thing
           that can be said for linux is that, unlike Slowlaris, at least
           *some* things have working drivers.
2005/6/8 [Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:38042 Activity:nil
6/8     I just had a closer look at the Rona.A trojan.  For anyone interested
        in this stuff, it's pretty cool:
        I recommend running it in a vmware session if you can get hold of
        a copy and sniffing outbound connections.  -John
2005/6/8 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign] UID:38043 Activity:moderate
6/8     In the Natalee Holloway case, why is the FBI investigating a crime in
        foreign soil?
        \_ What do you mean?  The FBI investigates crimes performed against
           American citizens where ever they occur.  I remember they had a
           big operation in Yemen when the USS Cole was blown up.
        \_ Isn't Aruba a state?
           \_ Yeah, after Canada.
              \_ on the topic of states, something I've always wondered -
                 is there any incentive/possibility for Puerto Rico to
                 become a state? (from a quick google search, looks like
                 their area is just over 1/2 of hawaii, and under 3x of RI,
                 not that area is the only criteria, of course).
                 \_ It would have power in the Senate equal to, say, California.
                    \_ Are the Puerto Ricans not interested, or is someone /
                       something preventing that from happening?
                       \_ Puerto Ricans are about equally split between
                          those who like it the way it is (or are apathetic),
                          those who think they should be a U.S. state, and
                          those who think they should be an independent
                 \_ I've wondered about the same questions for D.C.
                    \_ several bills have been submitted to at least
                       give DC congressional representation, but never
                    \_ iirc from elementary school, DC is not a state purpose-
                       fully so that the capital of the nation doesn't reside in
                       any one state. congressional representation, however, is
                       a different issue from statehood.
        \_ She is young blonde white from alabama
           \_ And let's not forget, possibly seen in the company of BLACK MEN!
2005/6/8-9 [Reference/Religion] UID:38044 Activity:high 76%like:38055
6/8     motd demographic/political poll, d-dem, r-repub, i-independent:
        white & christian:
        non-white OR non-christian: d
        \_ Actively christian? raised christian?
           \_ active (you self-identify as christian, now)
        non-white OR non-christian: d
        non-white OR non-christian: ddr
        \_ I'm torn.  I'd love to be I, but then I'd lose my ability to vote in
           primaries.  I see little value left in R (at least here in CA).
           \_ What's so special about CA?
              \_ Entirely dominated by D. -emarkp
                 \_ Have you ever considered moving to R friendly states, like
                    say... Utah? Everyone there looks happy, unlike pissed off
                    protesting satanic Liberal here.
                    \_ Hi anonymous troll! -emarkp
2005/6/8-10 [Uncategorized] UID:38045 Activity:nil
6/8     Any pointers on where to look for standard business logic for doing
        name search?  Eg. search by "John Smith", "J Smith", "Smith, J T",
        "JT Smith", "M O'Faolin", "M. O. Faolin", etc. I'm looking for any
        type of basic primer on how this is typically done.  Doesn't need to
        be specialized.
2005/6/8-10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:38046 Activity:high
6/8     Janice Brown: Liberalism --> Slavery (
        \_ WAR IS PEACE
        \_ GOP is brilliant. By hiring minorities who align with their agenda
           they attract other minorities who are ignorant of Republican agendas
           \_ Would you care to enlighten us poor benighted savages about
              the real Republican agenda?
              \_ In my opinion... in theory, their ideology is good for the
                 society. But in practice, it is flawed. That is not to say
                 that Dem ideologies are in practice flawed as well. However,
                 it's not hard to see that in the past decade or two that
                 the Rep ideology is being abused much more, by the religious
                 right, the homophobes, big Corporate sponsors, and the
                 NeoCons. Lastly I simply have a lot of problems with Rep's
                 fundamental idea of using personal responsibility to solve
                 most of life's problems. In many cases, people are not born
                 with the ability to solve their own problems, but would be
                 ok if given a second or third chance. We talk about
                 equality, but in reality the world is not equal. Regardless
                 of abilities and merits, the rich still get better education
                 and the minorities are still getting a shorter end of the
                 stick. Personal responsibility-- great in theory, unfair in
                 practice. That is why I am opposed to Rep agendas: tax
                 reduction, flat tax, completely personal responsible social
                 security, reduction of welfare, reduction of public
                 education, reduction of public/gov owned entities. A more
                 balanced approach is personal responsibility AND social
                 responsiblity.                         -pp, a Moderate
                 \_ You realize that poor == minorities is a false
                    equality, right?
                    \_ There's a remarkable correlation.  one of the sins
                       of our society.
                       Do your homework.
                       \_ correlation != causality && correlation !=
                          equality.  Do your homework.
                          \_ I didn't say it was equality, but just to throw
                             that statement out was disingenuous of you.  To
                             speak of poverty and try to gloss over ethnic
                             disparity is dishonest. And who said anything
                             about causality?
                             \_ I just threw it out because "-pp, a
                                Moderate" seemed to be implying it.  I
                                didn't think it really warrented
                                discussion.  I figured causality in
                                because I figured that was what you
                                must be thinking, since you brought up
                                the numbers.  ie, from these numbers it
                                seems that being a minority causes one to
                                be poor.  Furthermore, why is glossing
                                over the ethnic disparity dishonest?
                                Including the figures is often used to
                                suggest that the disparity is caused by
                                racism, which I think it dishonest.  Any
                                culture that discourages education will
                                produce more poor, on average, than one
                                that encourages it.  It doesn't matter if
                                you're white, black, brown, or any other
                                race.  Many poor families in the
                                states exhibit this characteristic.
                 \_ All ideologies are open to manipulation, not just
                    Republican ones. However, I disagree that Republican
                    ideas unfair in practice.
                    ideas are unfair in practice.
                    In my experience the Liberal Democrat pov is one that
                    emphasizes the importance of the elites and what they
                    think is best for us "masses."  They decide the agenda
                    and tell us what it important and we have to go along
                    and tell us what is important and we have to go along
                    with it. It doesn't not allow us to think and decide
                    what is best for ourselves.  In the guise of "fairness"
                    they suppresses creativity and ingenuity and rob people
                    of the incentive to work hard and make their lives
                    The Republican pov is that there should be a minimum
                    level of restrictions on the activities of people and
                    that people ought to be left along to decide how they
                    that people ought to be left alone to decide how they
                    want to live their lives.  (Some GOP administrations
                    are worse at this than others, but one the whole they
                    are much better than Democratic administrations).
                    are worse at this than others, but on the whole they
                    are better than Democratic administrations).
                    Re: Education - I completely disagree that the rich
                    get or have access to a better education than the
                    "poor."  My family came to this country w/ ~ $10.
                    My mom managed to put both of her sons through
                    engineering at Cal, one of the finest institutions of
                    education in the whole world. In no way would I
                    characterize my education as lesser than what some
                    rich guy who went to Yale and couldn't even manage A's
                    in humanities classes got.
                    rich guy got at Yale (he got 5 D's and not even one
                    A in a humanities major, give me a break).
                    A in a humanities major, give me a break). -scotsman
                    \_ Is that why the Republicans keep trying to outlaw
                       sodomy and marijuana and stuff the prisons full?
                       Republicans are in favor of big government just
                       as much as Democrats, they just prefer the kind
                       that wields a truncheon.
                       that wields a truncheon instead of a welfare check.
                       \_ I don't really care about sodomy laws but as
                          far as pot (and other drugs) are concerned,
                          they are a legitimate arena for government
                          control b/c drug abuse leads to costs for
                          all of society.  When you smoke out and
                          crash your car into mine, I'm stuck having
                          to deal w/ it and I shouldn't have to.
                          Anyway, at least the GOP *tries* to get
                          rid of gov controls in many aspects (esp.
                          economic) vs. the Democrats who want to
                          control everything from Washington.
                          I wouldn't characterize Bush II as the
                          best GOP administration but they are
                          better than any Democratic administration
                          would have been.
                          \_ I don't see evidence that the GOP tries to do
                             this at all. I see lip service, but no action.
                             Name one action that the current administration
                             has done that has either diminished federal power
                             or devolved any to the states. I follow the news
                             pretty closely and I cannot think of anything.
                             Incarceration rates in the US are ten *times*
                             what they are in Western European countries,
                             but there does not seem to be an abundance
                             of drug fueled crime in Europe. It is all
                             about fear and control, and using government
                             to enforce these values, not public safety.
                    \_ Anecdotal evidence it not proof. Study after study
                       has shown that children in wealthier neighborhoods
                       get a better education. Do you honestly believe that
                       Oakland schools are as good as the ones in Orinda?
                    \_ scotsman, you are smart and special. But you are simply
                       ONE data point, which does not accurately represent
                       poor people as a whole. Put it another way, if the
                       criteria to get into Ivy League schools were based on
                       nothing but merits, by throwing out external factors
                       such as connection and money, do you think the mostly
                       [Caucasian] student demographic representation would
                       still be the same?
                       \_ Wow.  Someone signed my name to someone else's post.
                          cute. --scotsman  (to future forgers, I use 2 -'s)
                          Btw, I was fortunate enough to be born to a 3rd/4th
                          generation family, with highly educated parents.
                          And I agree with you.
                          Oh, and even cuter, you're the one who signed my
                       \_ So what if a big name gets you into a Ivy League
                          school? It doesn't matter - there are plenty of
                          equal or better opportunities in this country.
                          There is a proven path to the middle class in
                          this country - it involves frugality, education
                          and hardwork.  Yes you can't buy all the things
                          that rich people have, yes you have to study
                          harder than the rich kids and yes you have to
                          go to work early and stay late and put up w/
                          crazy bosses, but that is the price you have
                          to pay. If you aren't willing to do that, why
                          should the gov fix it all up for you?
           \_ Appointing minorities with conservative opinions exposes the true
              Democrat belief:  only minorities that toe the Dem. line are
              acceptable.  The others aren't "real" minorities.
              \_ Democrats want minorities and they want liberals.  Given a
                 choice between a conservative minority and a liberal white,
                 idealogical correctness trumps political correctness.
                 The only people I ever hear say conservative minorities aren't
                 "real" minorities are conservatives attempting to impugn
2005/6/8-10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:38047 Activity:nil
6/8     George Bush's approval rating is now twenty points lower than that
        of Bill Clinton's on the day that he was impeached.
        "Your work sucks and everyone hates you, but I'd hire you all over
        again if given the chance."
        \_ I must have been asleep for a while...when was Clinton
           \_ iirc, the house voted to impeach Clinton but the senate
              didn't agree.
              \_ Uhm, no. The House impeaches the president. The Senate
                 has the trial. Clinton is the 2nd president to be impeached
                 after Johnson in the history of the U.S..
                 \_ You are correct, but pp's error is in terminology.
                    The House did vote to Impeach. The Senate vote on
                    the first article of impeachment (perjury) was 45-55;
                    on the second (obstruction) it was 50-50. Clinton
                    was acquitted of both articles of impeachment.
                    \_ To impeach is basically to indict.
                       \_ Correct. The House votes to impeach/indict;
                          the Senate convicts or acquites. This time,
                          they acquitted.
2005/6/8-10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:38048 Activity:nil
        Story of the Iraq war from a native Iraqi.
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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