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2005/5/27-31 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:37852 Activity:nil
5/26    Kerry finally signs on (Frenchy inks 180)
        \_ And Bush never did sign his 180. I wonder why not.
2005/5/27-31 [Recreation/Humor] UID:37853 Activity:nil
        Store Wars, funny/humor site.
2005/5/27-31 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:37854 Activity:low
5/27    Spiderman will make you gay, film at 11  -John
        \_ Oooooollllllldddd.
           \_ you must be gay by now then eh?
        \_ Ohmy, he's so gay.
        \_ On a related note - dim sum girl:
2005/5/27-31 [Finance/Investment] UID:37855 Activity:nil
        "That's why it's so ominous to see signs that America's housing
         market, like the stock market at the end of the last decade, is
         approaching the final, feverish stages of a speculative bubble."
        \_ Ever read any of Krugmans' other OP-ED pieces? The guy has issues
           \_ Sour grape?
2005/5/27 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:37856 Activity:nil
5/27    Not all republicans are anti-stem-cell...
2005/5/27-31 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:37857 Activity:nil
5/27    Turn you bike into a "SUV":
        \_ It's "SUB", as cointed in the article.
        \_ It's "SUB", as coined in the article.
        \_ These are great.  I have a trailor for my bike, and a friend of mine
           has one of these, he can carry a ton more than I without much
           difficulty. -scottyg
        \_ Thx for posting this, it looks really good, more practical than
           most.  Something like this can pay for itself in a short amount of
           time if you start using it instead of a car!
2005/5/27-31 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:37858 Activity:nil
5/27    How is Intel's Dual-Core technology different from using two CPUs?
        \_ Difference is negligible. The point is costs. Obviously one dual
           core will cost less in the long run to make vs. 2 seperate CPUs.
           Savings may not be immediate, though.
           \_ Not always. If you have two chips with 50% yield each and decide
              to combine them into one larger die, your yield goes down to 25%.
              Your cost per area ends up increasing.
              \_ Uhm, what do you think "savings may not be immediate" means?
                 Initial runs will have a much lower yield vs. ramp-up
                 runs. Also, you forget the cost of packaging, which is
                 not insignificant for CPUs these days. Over the long term
                 the cost should theoretically be less. Also, a dual core
                 setup will not be 2x the area of a single core chip. It
                 will always be less than 2x.
                 will always be less than 2x. In addition, most likely
                 dual core will utilize a newer technology which will
                 shrink the overall size of each core.
                 \_ I'm not saying it will jump by 2x. I was just using 2x and %
                    50% yield as an unrealistic example to illustrate a point. I'm
                    just saying that increasing die area also increases cost per
                    area and that it's not as simple as throwing in the packaging
                    costs as a single overhead shared between two chips.
                    50% yield as an unrealistic example to illustrate a point.
                    I'm just saying that increasing die area also increases
                    cost per area and that it's not as simple as throwing in
                    the packaging costs as a single overhead shared between two
              \_ Exactly.  That's why som Celeron chips are simply Pentium
                 chips with half the cache disabled--that half had a flaw, so
                 they turn it off and sell the result as a Celeron.
        \_ Think about it.  I'll give you a hint - distance.
        \_ Probably not much difference.
2005/5/27-31 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:37859 Activity:nil
5/27    Notepad Invaders with a mouse
2005/5/27-31 [Reference/BayArea] UID:37860 Activity:moderate
5/27    To the poster who suggested on using less energy or move closer,
        it is not possible in the United States. Take San Francisco for
        example. Pretty much over 90% of the people who work there live
        outside of SF, most of whom would live closer if rent and properties
        were cheaper. The fact of the matter is, most people simply can't
        afford to buy a 500 sq. ft. property in SF. In fact I know some
        people who live in Pittsburg or somewhere ridiculously far just
        so they can buy a place. It's not that people don't want to live
        closer, but that most convenient places are not affordable, unless
        you're an FOB immigrant (who usually bring in a lot of money), did
        pretty well during the dot-coms, or inherited wealth. I say that
        living closer is impossible in the US because the government does
        not plan a city, at all. Look at Scandinavian countries. City
        planners actually plan out how, where, & when to add or modify
        commercial and residential areas, which meet stringent criteria such
        as growth demand, commute time, convenience, distance from the
        National highway, etc. They are way ahead of everyone else in terms
        of city planning and housing development. In the US, no planning.
        Let private enterprizes do it all.  Fuck United States.
        \_ So go live in Scandinavia then and pay 50% of your income in
           \_ So you're saying op's not not allowed to criticize aspects
              of US urban planning?  If you don't like it get out?  "Fuck
              United States" isn't really constructive, but do you believe
              that there's no room for improvement or to look to a good
              example of a place that does traffic planning right?  I don't
              like a lot of aspects of Scandinavian "central planning", but
              looking at traffic in the Bay Area, it might certainly be a
              good idea to think about alternatives... -John
              \_ No John, I'm telling the OP to move to Scandinavia if he
                 doesn't like the U.S. WTF is your problem? If you're going
                 to say "Fuck the U.S." then move. Stop reading more into
                 posts than what there is and leave your preconceived
                 notions at home.
                 \_ Doesn't look like I'm the one with the problem.  Your
                    comment sure sounds like "either accept what's wrong with
                    here, or go elsewhere with all their problems."  Relax.
                 \_ The "Fuck US" op has no intention of staying in the US
                    for the sake of retirement. By the way I want to ask you
                    if you've personally LIVED and EXPERIENCED places other
                    than the US. If you haven't, perhaps you're a bit
                    quick to the tong. What I observe typically with Americans
                    is that they've only eaten certain types of food (hot dogs
                    and burgers) and are quick to judge what is good and
                    what is not, and very unreceptive to criticisms. That
                    goes the same for what they believe is good or not without
                    having extensive exposure to the things they judge.
                    And yes when the time is right I'll go back to the place
                    I love, while you're stuck with a broken country  -the op
                    \_ Just out of curiosity, where is this place that you
                       love?       -mice
        \_ This is not really true. First of all, there are only 1.5M jobs in
           SF and 750M residents, so far more than 10% of the people who work
                  \_ I think you mean 750k
                     \_ Obviously. Thanks for the correction.
           here live here. I ride the J Church to work everyday into the
           financial district and it is full of commuters. And you can
           afford to live in SF, no matter how poor you are, you just
           have to reset your expectations of how much space you deserve.
           have to reset your expectations of how much space you need.
           \- yes, and some people choose to trade drive time for sq footage.
           There are even 70k subsidized housing units here for people
           who are low income. I lived like a college student for 10 years
           and saved up my down payment for a house. Sure it is small,
           but if you went to Scandanavia, you would find that people
           live in small houses there, too. Sure, not every single person
           who works here can live here, but if you want to, you can too,
           you just have to be willing to make the sacrifice. And if nothing
           else, you can live near a BART station. -ausman
        \_ "it is not possible in the United States"?  You're a moron.  It may
           mean moving to a different city and getting a different job.
           \_ Know shit.  Now if OP had said "Fuck the Bay Area" instead of
              "Fuck the USA", I would agree wholeheartedly.  America has many
              many medium sized cities, towns, and a even a few big cities where
              reasonable commutes, homeownership, a good job and a reasonable
              cost of living are all compatible.  The Bay Area just isn't one
              of them.  What amazes me about the Bay Area is that for all its
              money and all its over-educated citizens, it has the worst
              traffic, the shittiest public transit, the worst layout, the most
              bike-unfriendly streets, the biggest rippoff rentals, the biggest
              ripoff homes to buy, and some of the worst pollution of anyplace
              I've seen in the U.S.  And still Bay Areans blather on about the
              superiority of the Bay Area.  Fuck the Bay Area.
              \_ The worst traffic? What? Have you been to Los Angeles?
                 Driven on 405 at 4PM while going 2MPH? Every single day?
                 \_ Ok, fuck LA as well.  I take it for granted that LA sucks.
              \_ Shittiest public transit? Not even close by a country mile.
        \_ Business doesn't need to concentrate in one place. There's no
           reason a lot of those companies in SF couldn't be in, say,
           Stockton. The main reason they are there now, I think, is that
           people *want* to work in SF and so companies move there to
           attract quality employees. Would you rather work on the 50th
           floor with a view of the Golden Gate or in an industrial
           building in Fresno?
           \_ Well, Fresno is kinda a hell-hole, but I think I _might_
              take it over SF.  I can think of other cheap places I might
              actually like to live though, like Chico.
        \_ Four of my uncles and their families immigrated to SF 16yrs ago with
           only a few hunderd dollars in the pocket.  They worked non-tech
           jobs (restaurant cook, driver at senior home, hairdresser, janitor,
           ...), some with two jobs.  Now they own three homes and one 4-apt
           complex (with mortgages, of course) in Sunset District, two small
           restaurants, and have eight kids in high schools and colleges.  Now
           tell me again about the impossibility.  It just comes down to
           spending level.  If one "needs to" eat out everyday, go to movies
           every weekend, refresh the wardrobe every season, go on a trip every
           year, and drive a Beamer, well ...
           \_ Yeah. Well, man, life isn't that long. 16 years of your prime
              adult life working really hard etc.... I think it's admirable
              and all but on the other hand I don't look down on people who
              don't choose to go through such crap just to live in an expensive
              place when they can live pretty nice without doing all that.
              \_ Agreed.  I don't look down on those people either, as long as
                 they admit that "it is possible but I choose not to do that"
                 instead of whining about how impossible it is.  -- PP
2005/5/27-6/2 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:37861 Activity:nil
5/27    GDB quetion.  On Linux, When I use gdb to attach to a process that has
        many modules, does gdb automatically load all the symbol files for all
        the modules?  I'm trying to figure out why gdb itself is using so much
        memory (100MB+) on my system.  Thanks.
        \_ why shouldn't it?  100MB sounds pretty standard for projects these days.
        \_ why shouldn't it?  100MB sounds pretty standard for projects these
           days.  -- OP
           \_ Well, it's an embedded system with only 128MB of RAM.
           \_ Well, it's an embedded system with only 128MB of RAM.  -- OP
              \_ thank god for virtual memory then
                 \_ The problem is that it swaps too much which slows down my
                    threads and screws up the timing.  So it's hard to debug
                    problems that occurs only under certain timing condition.
                    --- OP
                    \_ You might want to look into remote debugging using gdb.
                       See the gdbserver and gdbreplay tools. -gm
                       \_ Will do.  Thanks!
2005/5/27 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/SIG] UID:37862 Activity:nil
5/27    Republicanism at work.  Rick Santorum takes political donation from
        AccuWeather, pushes bill that would prevent National Weather Service
        from offerring for free the data that AccuWeather (amongst many others)
        tries to sell to people.
        Very nice NWS site:
        Compare with, for instance:
        \_ Nice troll. If you actually read the article you would note that
           there had been an existing standard for the past 14 years that would
           not allow the NWS to compete with private weather forecasting.
           Last I heard the Dems were still in power in congress in 1991.
           In addition, this rule survived through 8 years of Clinton.
           \_ Nice troll.  There was a rule change last year that allowed
              NWS to cover areas covered by industry, making this the new
              status quo.
              Santorum's bill would again restrict NWS services.
              \_ No shit sherlock. The point isn't that the rule expired,
                 dimwit, the point is that it isn't a "Republican plot"
                 as described by OP. If the rule was changed last year,
                 then it was changed under a Republican congress with a
                 Republican president at the helm, which again is completely
                 opposite of what the OP is saying.
        \_ Not Republicanism--scumbag politician bought by special interest at
           work.  R's and D's both have them.
           \_ That's funny, because when the Republicans were the minority, we
              kept hearing about how they were going to put an end to special
              interest politics.  Now it seems they've just replaced the
              Democratic interests with their own.
              \_ No argument there, and it pisses me off just as much as
                 it does you.  Probably more.
        \_ I found what looked like santorum in hotel room once. Yuck.
        \_ If it's run by a business it must be more efficient!
           Down with the socialist National Weather Service!
2005/5/27 [Uncategorized] UID:37863 Activity:nil 54%like:37866
5/27    Who's the shit for brains that deleted the post about Rick Santorum's
        scummy weather service bill?
2005/5/27-31 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:37864 Activity:low
5/27    Protesters against the Minuteman Project get violent:
        Cracks me up.  Everyone calling the minutemen "vigilantes" and it's
        their opponents that are violent.
        \_ Do I have this straight?  Netkin drives his van into the
           parking lot.  It is surrounded and attacked by protestors.  He
           drives out of the group of protestors.  There are two things I
           don't understand.  1) The article describes him as "[driving]
           his van into a crowd of protesters."  Didn't he drive OUT? 2)
           Apparently no one was hurt, so he must have driven very slowly.
           So why do they want him prosocuted?
        "The protesters blocked the entrance and tossed soda cans and cans
        packed with marbles at police and attendees, Handfield said. They
        kicked, banged and threw rocks at cars; some wore latex gloves and
        hoods so they wouldn't be identified by police, Handfield said. Some
        attendees decided not to enter the building because they feared
        \_ I must say the Minuteman Project has been a pretty big embarassment
           for the Federal government. -- ilyas
           \_ "I'm against vigilantes in the United States of America. I'm for
              enforcing the law in a rational way.  That's why you got a
              Border Patrol, and they ought to be in charge of enforcing the
              border." -Dubya, Mar 23 2005
              \_ Dubya's immigration policies are one of the biggest problems
                 conservatives have with him.
                 \- well, it just reveals "conservatives" [dumb uneducated
                 hicks and CEOs] arent a monolithic entity. again the illegal
                 immigration problem is easy to solve by penalizing employers
                 but the hypociritical consevatives dont want to do that.
                   \_ Wow,  You start by saying the conservatives aren't
                      monolithic, and then you make 2 sweeping
                      generalizations about conservatives.  You == awesome!
                      \- in particular i was referring to the hypocritical
                         freemkt conservatives who lobby for corporate
                         welfare. ok? some simplifications miss something
                         essential, some simplifications are useful. --psb
                         \_ I've been hearing conservatives screaming for
                            enforcement of employers, not a one dissenting.
                            \_ If the majority in power in the government were
                               actually for this, don't you think it would have
                               happened?  This is more laissez faire bullshit.
                               By their actions, ye will know them.
                            \_ Who is against this? Our democracy is broken
                               when so many years go by with such an obvious
                               sidestepping around the central problem here,
                               and focussing on the immigrants themselves
                               rather than theier employers who know better.
                            \_ is it possible uneducated hicks are drowning
                               out the special access CEOs and that's why you
                               only hear screaming
                               \_ false dichotomy
                                  \_ strawman
                                     \_ non sequitur
        \_ So this dude drives his car into a crowd, hits some people
           and then cries about it when someone breaks his window.
           Do I have the sequence of events right here?
           \_ Ummm... no. " In addition to surrounding his vehicle,
              protesters broke the window of another vehicle, Handfield
2005/5/27-31 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:37865 Activity:nil
5/27    I bought a generic Atheros 802.11 a/b/g mini pci on eBay. After
        installing it, Windows XP recognized it as an Atheros card and
        it worked for a while. However, after I rebooted the machine,
        XP kept recognizing it as a generic Ethernet Controller, and
        would not install the right drivers. What's wrong?
        \_ I've seen something like this with my USB wifi adapter, and I had
           to reboot to have XP recognize it properly again.
           Did you download the latest Atheros drivers?  -rollee
        \_ I seem to recall that Atheros cards have some weird feature where
           the firmware or parts of it are stored off the card in the driver,
           and loaded by the OS at some point.  I have had some weird problems
           with mine; if you tell me the exact model type I can look into
           it.  -John
2005/5/27-31 [Recreation/Celebrity/ParisHilton] UID:37866 Activity:nil 54%like:37863
5/27    Who's the shit for brains that deleted the post about Rick Solomon's
        slutty Paris Hilton video?
2005/5/27-31 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:37867 Activity:nil
5/27    Here is something to do for fun. Guess how much the following
        Santa Monica property sells for, and what can you say about
        West Los Angeles housing vs. Bay Area housing:
        \_ I'm guessing $1.5-2 mil, and if you didn't already know, LA housing
           prices have been insane for the last few years.  One bedrooms in
           that area can go for $2k/month.  My friend lives a few blocks up
           the beach from there, and he pays $2700/month for an ocean view.
        \_ I am guessing around $1.4M, or $1k/sq ft. -ausman
        \_ Historically, LA housing prices have always been higher than
           the Bay Area. I think this is still true if you compare like
           properties to each other.
        \_ ausmas and rollee are good. I called and it's in the
           "mid millions". I thought LA is cheaper than SF, I guessed wrong.
           \_ The median in LA is a lot cheaper, but you wouldn't want to
              live in a median-priced neighborhood. There is more cheap
              housing in bad areas. In nice areas the real estate tends
              to cost more in LA.
2005/5/27-31 [Recreation/Pets] UID:37868 Activity:kinda low
5/27    Ten foot tall "LIGER" - part lion;
        part tiger; weighs half a ton and is still growing!,50
        \_ Freepers are strange.
                \_ hey free republic guy, do you get all your pop culture
                   info from free republic?  I just blew 5 minutes reading
                   all of that, I hate you.  I notice none of the responses
                   mention the real genetic reason ligers happen. - danh
                   \_ Extreme fishing: dogged noodlers who wrestle
                      catfish from the depths
                      [fuck you and your ip addresses]
2005/5/27-31 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:37869 Activity:nil
5/27    I'm the guy who was asking for software for organizing web links.
        I tried the sdidesk software somebody recommended but it's too
        complicated (I don't have time to learn wiki).  So my focus has now
        shifted to generic note-taking software.  Anybody use one?
        There are tons of those programs on the web.  If you use one, please
        let us know what you use.  Thanks.
        \_ Check out SafeSex from Nullsoft if you want something somewhat
           protected and small.  It can get a bit annoying what with having
           to give it a password all the time.  -John
2018/11/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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