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2005/5/26-31 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:37840 Activity:nil
        Are you bored? Want to download cool game demos? Here are top 50
        games to try. Make sure you have a nice PC (Athlon 64, +1G RAM,
        vid card).
        \_ Umm, are you saying if it's not a P4, it's not a "nice PC?"
           I take you on any day with my three Athlon 64 machines on games.
           \_ It's just a rough guideline, chill.
2005/5/26 [Computer/SW/OS/VM, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:37841 Activity:very high
5/26    Is it possible to create an image file from 5.25" or 3.5" drive?
        I'd like to create images of all of my 80s/90s diskettes, with
        games like Star Control II, King's Quest, etc and see if they
        play on VMWare or some emulator.
        \_ I remember playing old 8088 (4.77Mhz) games on a 80386 (33Mhz)
           computer and the difference was amazing. Some old games didn't
           have speed controls built in and were actually unplayable. I
           just can't imagine playing them on a 4Ghz (4000Mhz) computer.
           \- Yes, you had to have jedi reflexes to play things like
              8088 defender or stargate on the machines that were
              .5-1 order of mag faster. It was good training.
           \_ DOSBox lets you slow things down.  There also are TSRs that
              would insert a lot of no-ops everywhere.
              \_ Whoa! Archon (1984) is supported!!! Now if only they'd tell
                 you how to rip from protected Archon disk to DOSBox...
                 \_ Just go download it.
                    \_ Image or EXE?
           Create an image from a floppy, mount a virtual floppy (now that
           they're going away), etc.
        \_ Yes:   dd if=/dev/fd0 of=./floppy.image
        \_ IBM used to have a utility called DSKIMAGE around 1986-87.  I just
           searched the web and saw that Win Server 2003 has a utility with the
           same name.
2005/5/26 [Consumer/Camera, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:37843 Activity:nil
5/26    Workarounds for problems on Canon DSLR w/ Lexar 80x CF cards:
2005/5/26-27 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:37844 Activity:high
5/26    Hybrid Gas Savings Calculator:
        \_ I think it's off.  Toyota representative in Japan (Toyota City)
           told my brother that realistically, one couldn't really recover
           the initial cost differences with fuel savings within the life
           span of the car... for now.
        \_ Wow!  I guess my next car will be a hybrid.
           \_ DUMB. The best way to save money is to USE LESS ENERGY. What
              is it with you SUV loving Liberals trying to spend an enormous
              amount of time and money trying to extract cheaper forms of
              energy? The best way to save economically and ecologically is
              to simply USE LESS ENERGY. Drive less, bike more, move closer to
              work.                                          -Bike Liberal
              \_ Yes, this makes absolute sense. In fact, the best way to
                 utilize less energy is to just stop producing electricity.
                 That way all of society uses less energy. I think that's a
                 really great solution. Or we can just depopulate the earth.
                 The less people there are the less energy we will use. Of
                 course, depopulating the earth may cost a bit of energy
                 up front, but I'm sure we can find efficient ways to do
              \_ And what exactly do you think a hybrid does?  it USES LESS
                 ENERGY.  it uses energy more efficiently than others.  For
                 some people a bike is not an option.  Try carrying two kids
                 to day care safely on your bike.
              \_ I'm not the above poster, and I own no car and never will, but
                 I've been wondering about something.  What is the gas mileage
                 of a bike, really?  It took a certain amount of energy to make
                 my bike, and a certain amount to transport it from the factory
                 where it was assembled, to transport the various parts, etc.
                 I try to take decent care of my bike, but it certainly has
                 a finite lifetime in terms of total miles ridden over the
                 lifetime of the bike.  Divide energy in gas
                 equivalent by miles, and you get a gas mileage.  What is
                 that number?  Does anyone here know?
                 lifetime of the bike.  Divide energy in gas equivalent by
                 miles, and you get a gas mileage.  What is that number?
                 Does anyone here know?
                 Does anyone here know? -lafe
                 \_ I can safely tell you that the best way to save energy
                    is to reproduce less people, and to die earlier. If you
                    don't exist, you don't consume, and if you don't consume,
                    there's more energy for other people, hence less shortage.
                    So please die. And PS your question is STUPID.
                 \_ it's not a number; it's amortized by the number of miles
                    you put in on your bike.  It is fair to say that it is
                    well down in the noise, in any case; a truck that used
                    a gallon of gas delivering 20 bikes to a bike store
                    would contribute (number of miles ridden over the
                    lifetime of 20 bikes) per gallon.  You can also talk
                    about long-haul trucks, trains, and ships, but there
                    the concentration of bikes is even greater.  You could
                    probably fit several hundred bikes in a shipping container.
                    \_  Not a number?  You are truly a jackass.  -lafe
                       \_ Calling tom a jackass when you disagree? You are
                          the real jackass. I mean seriously, wtf. You ask a
                          pretty stupid question and then get all pissy when
                          tom actually attempts to answer it. "Does anyone here
                          know?" Ha ha! No really you're stupid.
                       \_ thank you, anonymous coward.  The point is that
                          there is no one number for MPG for "a bike."  It
                          depends how much you ride it.  Shithead.  -tom
                          \_ Apparently you didn't bother to read my post,
                             asshole.  No bike has an infinite lifetime.  After
                             a certain number of miles it's either going to
                             become scrap metal or need spare parts to be added
                             all of which have a finite energy cost.  Given
                             that the bike has a finite lifetime in miles, one
                             can divide energy cost by miles and that is in
                             fact a number.  Is it going to be remotely
                             comparable to a car?  Of course not, but it seems
                             interesting anyway.  -lafe
                             \_ Obviously it's non-zero, but it's so small as
                                to be negligible.  And the way you asked the
                                question is meaningless; you would, at least,
                                have to tell us how much you ride.  -tom
                                \_ That's where the "miles" come in, tom.
                                   \_ Bikes don't expire after a certain
                                      number of miles. Depending on the care
                                      taken etc. one can replace parts... and
                                      then it depends on what parts you choose.
                                      But why are you asking this about bikes
                                      and not trying to apply this "MPG"
                                      reasoning to cars, which obviously have
                                      a much much higher production, xport,
                                      maintenance, and disposal cost?
                                      \_ I'm not original poster, but yes, I
                                         would compare total energy cost of
                                         both systems.
                                \_ Fuck off, tom, really.  -lafe
                                \_ the fact that you sign your posts does not
                                   change the fact that you are an asshole.
                                   if you're going to sign other peoples posts,
                                   at least bother to be consistent about it.
                                    -anonymous coward(lafe)
                                \_ Yeah, but what about all the fossil fuel
                                   that goes into producing the food that
                                   you eat to power the bike? Did you consider
                                   that? And what about transportation costs
                                   to bring that food to market? I bet if you
                                   eat beef, the total energy cost of moving
                                   a bike is higher than a car.
                                   \_ Hint: The person driving the car eats too
                                      \_ Yeah, but the cyclist burns extra
                                         \_ But the cyclist also gets
                                            exercise; how many "MPG" do you
                                            get in spinning class?  -tom
                                            \_ Yes, but we are talking about
                                               energy efficiency here.
                                               \_ Yes, the point is that it
                                                  is more efficient to get
                                                  exercise while also getting
                                                  somewhere than to sit on
                                                  your ass in your car, and
                                                  then go to spinning class.
                                                  \_ Riding bike to work is
                                                     great if you don't wear
                                                     a suit, work on multiple
                                                     customer projects, have
                                                     a lot of meetings, or
                                                     have to transport lots of
                                                     equipment  Otherwise, I
                                                     agree with the guy who
                                                     advocates walking to look
                                                     at girls :-)  -John
                                                  \_ Spinning class is indeed
                                                     a very inefficient method
                                                     of transportation.
                                         \_ How many kCal in a gallon of gas?
                        \_ Who is this lafe guy? He's a hoot. I'm laughing
                           my ass off on how funny this thread is. BTW,
                           if you really want to save the environment don't
                           even ride a bike, just walk. You'll have to walk
                           barefoot because the manufacture and transportation
                           of shoe products utilizes fossil fuels. So do the
                           clothes you wear. Guess you'll just have to walk
                           around naked and barefoot. I advocate this for
                           all the hot cute chicks out there.
              \_ Plus public transit and carpool.
              \_ Using less energy isn't the answer. The answer is to
                 use energy more efficiently and to use renewable srcs.
2005/5/26-27 [Science/Physics] UID:37845 Activity:low
5/26    LED capable of emitting exactly one photon each time:
        \_ Two questions: 1) The idea is that the receiver will know that a
           message is intercepted because a photon can only be received by
           either the interceptor or the receiver, not both.  But what if the
           intercepter then injects a different photon with the same wavelength
           back to the stream right away?  Then the receiver won't notice,
           right?  2) Regardless of #1, isn't it more important to prevent a
           message from being intercepted, than to know that the message has
           been intercepted after it happens?  It doesn't help much to find out
           that someone has intercepted your SSN when it is transmitted this
           \_For quantum criptography you need a PAIR  of coupled particles,
             one for the sender and one for the reciever.  Then both
             sides make spin measurements on either the x & z axis randomly.  By\
             comparing a subset of those measurements you can determine if some-\
             one was listening in.  The rest is used for a key.   -scottyg
           \_ You don't send your SSN that way, you send a random string of
              bits over the quantum channel, throw away the ones that get
              read by the evesdropper, and use the remaining bits as the key
              to a one time pad that you use to send the SSN over a classical
              \_ This answers #2, thanks.  What about #1?
           \_ Not an expert, but wouldn't there be a machine-perceptible
              delay as the intercepting device receives the photon and stores
              its identifying info, then recalibrates and sends a different
              photon with the same wavelength to the originally designated
              receiving end?
2005/5/26-31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37846 Activity:nil
5/26    Is it true that if you grow up on a farm, you have
        sex with animals?
        \_ only if you vote republican.
        \_ Is it work safe?
           \_ There are no pictures, if that is what you are asking.
              It includes some Hannity and Colmes quotes though,
              which is pretty offensive to humanity.
        \_ Wow, those user comments are as stupid as free republic's.
2005/5/26-31 [Recreation/Media] UID:37847 Activity:nil
5/26    Star Wars related Darwin award nominees:
        \_ You're a few days late, dupe-master.
           \_ That's Darth Dupemaster to YOU.
        \_ Clearly you don't understand what the Darwin award is.  Train
           harder, grasshopper.
           \_ It could still work if they burned their private bits off.
              \_ *shrug*  Article said nothing about that; if it had, I
                 wouldn't have posted my original comment.
2005/5/26-31 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:37848 Activity:nil
5/26    How hard is the Mac OS X Support Essentials exam?
        Is a $1500 class really necessary to learn the stuff, or is
        there a book somewhere that covers the same info.
        \ you mean $150
          \_ No, I mean $1500. The class is $1500, the test is $150.
             \_ I haven't taken it, but I know some good people who've
                failed it.  It's not a rubber-stamp certification like
                you'd get from Dell.  -tom
                \_ Cool. Thanks for the info. -op
2005/5/26-27 [Recreation/Humor] UID:37849 Activity:moderate Cat_by:auto
5/26    This old ad is great.
        \_ This is sick.
           \_ Am I right assuming the above is NWS?
              \_ Not in particular really.
                 \_ Oh ffs, it's fine.  Do you work for the moonies?  "Oh
                    dear! She showed an ankle!"  Sigh.  -John
                    \_ It's not risque or anything, but it came on without
                       a prompt when I looked at it and I would suggest having
                       the volume turned down. (I hadn't noticed that my wife
                       had the volume up before watching and got a bit of a
                       shock.) BTW, it's not all that. -- ulysses
2005/5/26 [Transportation/Car] UID:37850 Activity:high
5/26    Car Insurance question: If an insured car is damanaged beyond what
        they claim is the value of the car and they want to pay you off
        for the car value instead of repair cost, do you always have the
        option to settle for a lesser cash amount but keep the car?  Like if
        the damage is cosmetic and expensive to fix but the car is drivable
        and you dont mind getting it fixed on the cheap or leaving some
        cosmetic damage?
        \_ What you can do is allow them to pay off the car as if it
           were totalled and then offer to buy it back from them. They
           will usually sell it back to you for something like $500.
           \_ Yes, but the car will have a salvage title. This is OK if
              you aren't going to sell it, though.
2005/5/26 [Uncategorized] UID:37851 Activity:nil
5/26    lafe, you're an idiot.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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