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2005/5/25-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Editors/IDE] UID:37829 Activity:nil
5/25    Any Eclipse users out there?  Is there a plugin or anything to get
        pop-up tips for Java keywords the same way it does for properly
        JavaDoc-supported variables/methods/classes?
2005/5/25-27 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:37830 Activity:moderate
5/25    Help rebuild the Gaza home that Rachel Corrie gave her life to defend.
        Our special guests:
        Cindy and Craig Corrie - Rachel's parents
        Samah and Khaled Nasrallah - The Palestinian family whose home
        Rachel was trying to protect
        Friday, June 10
        7:30 p.m.
        First Presbyterian Church
        1140 Cowper Street, Palo Alto
        $10 - $20 sliding scale - Wheelchair accessible
        A portion of the proceeds from this event will be used to rebuild the
        Nasrallah Family's home, then the next home and the next in Gaza,
        where 3100 Palestinian homes have been demolished.
                                \_ The report also states that the army had\
                                   not, in fact, intended to demolish a house,
                                   but was searching for explosives in the
                                   border area designated a security zone or
                                   "no man's land" by Israel. No houses were
                                   demolished on the day of Corrie's death,
                                   but one of the houses she believed she was
                                   protecting the home of pharmacist Dr.
                                   Samid Nasrallah was damaged six months
                                   later when the IDF knocked a hole in
                                   one of its walls. The IDF eventually
                                   demolished the house in January 2004,
                                   according to the charity Rebuilding
                                   Alliance, because it stood in the security
                                   No tunnel. It was simply in the "security
                                   zone." The whole tunnel defence is merely
                                   a lie the apologists made up after the fact.
        \_ Minor language point: I'd say she "lost" her life. She didn't
           really intend to give it up.
        \_ Why would anyone want to donate to a people who actively resent
           the U.S.? I don't get it. If they want to get the U.S. out of
           the Mid-East, why would they take our money? That's like giving
           a quarter to a bum and having him spit in your face in return.
           \_ "I" am not "the U.S". So the analogy does not hold.
              \_ So you are not part of the U.S.? What else are you not part
                 of, the species Homo Sapiens? What the hell...
                 \_ I live in the U.S., but I'm not responsible for U.S.
                    middle east policy and in many cases I disagree with it
                    and understand some of the resentment. I don't apply
                    judgement based only on set membership. I don't judge
                    all Palestinians the same either as you appear to do.
           \_ When I visited there, people seemed pretty nice to me and
              a couple of complete strangers invited me into their homes
              to eat after just a few minutes of conversation. "They" might
              not like the U.S. but they liked me just fine. The U.S.
              does a pretty piss poor job of representing me throughout
              the world, to tell you the truth, especially these last
              five years.
        \_ Will it include a tunnel for smuggling weapons?  You know, just to
           be accurate.
           \_ No tunnel was ever found under Nasrallah's home or ever even
              accused of being there:
              \_ Yeah, a few blogs really prove anything.  Checking for stories
                 in the past, I can't find anything reliable which states there
                 was a tunnel or not.
                 \_ is a link to an editorial in the
                    Jerusalem post that claims there were no tunnels found
                    under the home that was about to be bulldozed.  I find it
                    interesting that the IDF didn't finish bulldozing the house
                    until 6 months after Corrie's death (according to the
                    article). - danh
                    \_ Learn to format to 80 cols danh.
                    \_ "Today, March 16, marks the one-year anniversary of the
                       killing of our friend and colleague Rachel Corrie."
                       That sounds like a real unbiased source.
                        \_ hey i did hunt around a lot, and I couldn't find
                           anything authoritative that claimed that
                           there was a nest of palestinian weapon smuggling
                           tunnels under the house, I also think the IDF's
                           policy of bulldozing orchards and houses just
                           creates more problems later. - danh
                       \_ You're the one who claimed they would need a
                          smuggling tunnel to be accurate.  How 'bout you put
                          up some evidence that that's true.  Or how 'bout you
                          just fuck off.
                          \_ Yeah, this is pretty funny, they are trying
                             to get you to prove a negative.
                             \_ The IDF said there was a tunnel.  There has
                                been no credible rebuttal.
                                \_ Because they're SO unbiased...
                                   \_ Didn't say they were unbiased, but
                                      they're the ones who would say why they
                                      were performing the operation.  If
                                      someone's going to say there's no tunnel,
                                      it'd be nice if they'd say how they know
                                      \_ Do you have a like for the IDF
                                      \_ Do you have a link for the IDF
                                         \_ Yeah, their penis is so big and
                                            foreskin free.
                                \_ No, the IDF never said that. You are just
                                   making shit up to try and make yourself
                                   feel better.
                 \_ "Don't believe the news, it's controlled by Jews!"
                    -Berkeley protesters. (no joke)
        \_ did she get a Darwin award for this one?
        \_ Person vs. Bulldozer.
           \_ Cf. Person vs. Tank, Tiananman Square, 6/4/89.
                                   \_ If you stfw for "corrie +idf +tunnel"
                                      you'll be hard-pressed to find anything
                                      that even remotely purports to not be
                                      a propaganda site (pro- or anti-Israeli)
                                      albeit one that isn't really worthwhile
                                      claims the Israeli consul to SF said
                                      the IDF were engaged in clearing bushes
                                      used to cover tunnels.  Whatever;
                                      running people over with bulldozers is
                                      bad, standing in front of bulldozers is
                                      stupid.  -John
                                      \_ it worked for Arthur Dent!
                 \_ "Don't believe the news, it's controlled by Jews!"
                    -Berkeley protesters. (no joke)
        \_ did she get a Darwin award for this one?
        \_ Person vs. Bulldozer.
           \_ Cf. Person vs. Tank, Tiananman Square, 6/4/89.
                                         \_ Actually, his house didn't make it
                                         \_ If not for froody Ford Prefect
                                            Arthur would have been flattened.
                                            \_ He would have been vaporized
                                               before he got a chance to be
                                      \_ Some people have tried to claim
                                         that the building demolishment was
                                         part of an IDF tunnel clearing
                                         program. Perhaps that is true,
                                         in any case, no tunnel was ever
                                         found underneath or near the house
                                         she was trying to protect.
        \_ I can't believe no one has tried to troll this post.
           \_ I can't believe you weren't awake yesterday. This post
              had a big followup to it yesterday. I guess the MOTD censor
              trimmed it all. FYI, contributing to middle east causes may
              be dangerous to your potential status as a U.S. citizen. If
              you are a green card holder be careful about what you donate
              \_ Just give cash.
        \_ Why would you give money to people who hate America? Only George
           Bush is allowed to do that.
2005/5/25 [Uncategorized] UID:37831 Activity:high
5/25    What's the difference between a Centrist and a Moderate?   -dumb
        \_ What's the difference between sex and love-making? -l0s3r
           \_ Extremism in the defense of vice is no vice! -obscure
           \_ Whether or not yermom is charging
        \_ They are synonyms, at least in American politics.
        \_ that sounds like the beginning of a joke.
        \_ My guess:
           Centrist: Everything should be done in moderation.
           Moderate: Everything should be done in moderation, including
2005/5/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:37832 Activity:nil
5/25    RIP Ismail Merchant:
2005/5/25-26 [Computer/Theory] UID:37833 Activity:nil
5/25    The latest on efforts to decipher the Archimedes palimpsest:
        \_ So if we discover that Archimedes discovers something before
           someone else, are we obligated to rename theorems? Like instead
           of the Turing Theorem (or stick in whatever name), we'll have
           to call it the Archimedes Theorem?
           \_ Probably not.  However, Archimedes seems to have alternate
              (some would say better) derivations of many modern theorems
              so maybe these will be taught in schools. It is also possible
              that the palimpsest contains theorems that are completely
              unknown to modern mathematics (considering Archimedes seems
              to have known about integral calculus ~ 2000 yrs before Newton
              and Liebniz).
           \_ Probably not.  We still celebrate Columbus Day after we discover
              that Columbus wasn't the first (nor the second) to discover the
              New World.
2005/5/25-26 [Health/Disease/General] UID:37834 Activity:kinda low
5/25    "Experts estimate a fifth of the world's population could be affected,
        with 30m needing hospital treatment and around 7.5m dying. It is
        estimated that up to 60% of humans infected by the [bird] virus have
        \_ "I have here some very scary numbers that I made up.  I really
           think you should give me some money."
        \_ "Scientists are working to develop a vaccine against bird flu,
           but are hampered by not knowing what form it would take, should
           it spread amongst humans." Yes, I can see where there might be
           some issues to creating a vaccine for a disease that doesn't
           \_ Just because the big one (earthquake) hasn't happened for
              almost 100 years doesn't mean it'll never happen. What are
              you, stupid?
              \_ Did you mean to respond to a different post?
                 \_ No, I mean you, Mr. Mormon.
                    \_ Ummm... right.  I didn't say it couldn't mutate, I
                       just thought what the article said was amusing.
                       Actually trying to develop a vaccine in advance
                       is probably pretty good research.  I'm just saying
                       your post would've made more sense as a reply to
                       the previous post.
           \_ 1918
              \_ The 1918 flu pandemic was caused by that H5N1 flu virus?
                 Dang, I didn't know that.
                 \_ obviously you know very little about flu virus.
                 \_ Did you ever take biology at Cal? Do you believe in
                    evolution? The scientific concensus is that while the
                    bird virus is harder to transmit than common cold,
                    history and evidence show that virus often mutate to
                    be more transmittable in the future while still keeping
                    the same virulence. Now if you don't believe in evolution
                    or think that praying to Joseph Smith cures all, then,
                    that's fine too.
                    \_ Ha!  You're funny.  This post is just a really lame
                       ad hominem attack.  I was mocking your statement
                       that that seemed to imply that this was the same
                       virus as the one in 1918.
                       \_ One definition of a troll is an information amplfier.
                          The better the troll, the higher the gain, where
                          gain is defined as the ratio of characters of flameage
                          to characters in the original troll.  Generating all
                          this noise from "1918" is pretty fucking impressive.
                          \_ it seems like the person who wrote 1918
                             remained actively involved in the followup
                             discussion, so I don't think it can be
                             considered a troll.
                             \_ So a troll is an amplifier with feedback.  You
                                sacrafice gain for stability, with the potential
                                for massive oscillations if you screw up the
                                phase of your feedback.
                             \_ actually, I didn't intend for it to be a
                                troll, just a few sentences on the 1918
                                pandemic and why H5N1 has people scared. I
                                didn't have time to write all that this AM
                                so I quit out meaning to post something
                                later (now).  Looks like I did end up leaving
                                1918 in my rush this morning.  Anyway, This
                                is the first anything I've posted since that
                                aborted post this morning. --Jon
        \_ don't worry, crucell will save the day.  buy crxl stock, buy
           buy buy.
2005/5/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:37835 Activity:nil
5/25    Haha, it's about time:
        \_ It's about time people stopped caring about bullshit non-news items
           that are none of their business.
                \_ True, but with the big deal ALL the news sources made about
                   that bitch, it was hard not to get suckered into showing
                   some interest.
                   \_ Not really.  Do you also consider the Michael Jackson
                      trial to be important news?
                        \_ Right now, no. I'll probably show some interest
                           once a verdict is reached though. Same thing
                           with that runaway bride. I didn't care about the
                           updates, but once she was caught and no charges
                           were filed against her, then I started caring some.
                   \_ You're really that flaccid?
        \_ It's about time people stop posting un-descriptive URLs without a
           brief description of what the page is about.
        \_ Hey stop it, she seems like a very nice typical all American girl.
           \_ A very typical all American Bush voter from Georgia.
2005/5/25-26 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:37836 Activity:kinda low
5/25    I recorded some family reel to reel onto my computer so that I could
        archive it digitally.  Unfortunately it was recorded at 1 7/8 in/min and
        I could only play it back at 3 1/4 in/min.  The AIFF file I have is
        therefore at double time.  Can't I just change the sampling rate and
        it will run normally?  If so, how would I do this in OS X?  -scottyg
        \_ Audacity has what I'm looking for.  Thanks -Scottyg
        \_ Most sample-rate converter programs are careful to preserve the
           pitch and duration and work by interpolation.  You could use
           an audio-editing package which offers speed and pitch control, or
           there may be some simple flags in AIFF you can change, but I
           wouldn't know about that.
           \_Yes, I'd like to just change the sampling rate, as recorded on the
             file itself.
             \_ Looking at
                It looks like starting at the 17th byte (data[16]) of the
                Common Chunk "COMM" there is
                an 80-bit, big-endian IEEE 754 floating-point number for the
                sample rate.  Good luck
                (As a hint, floating-point numbers can be divided by 2 by
                 subtracting 1 from the exponent)
        \_ Just curious.  What media records at 1 7/8 inch/minute?  That seems
           very slow mechanically to me.
           \_ Uhh...reel to reel, that's the slowest speed.
              \_ ITYM in/sec.
                \ bad. -scottyg
        \_ I think that 'Amazing Slow Downer' will probably do what you want:
2005/5/25-31 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:37837 Activity:nil
5/25    Does anybody in CA have experience with a wrongful termination
        suit?  Somebody I know who was working with a bank for 26 years
        was sort of fired on the spot and even though this is an "at will"
        work state, it seems like she has a claim.  She has won a lot
        of awards but was fired after making a mistake but it seems like
        people are entited to a few mistakes and they cant be used as an
        excuse to fire somebody a single manager doesnt like.  Thanks.
        \_ Go seek an attorney.
        \_ Not answering your question, but:
           Doesn't "at will" mean you that you can quit for any reason, just
           like you can be fired for any reason (for firing, as long as it
           isn't related to race/gender/age/sexual orientation as long as you
           can prove it).
           E.g., you can be fired because you made a mistake, or because you
           refuse to remove a Kerry bumper sticker from your car, which you
           park on the company lot.
           \_ "At will" means you can get fired for legal reasons.  So it's
              ok to fire someone for sporting a Kerry bumper sticker but not
              ok for refusing to suck your dick.
              \_ At will also means that there doesn't have to be a reason.
                 The bar is really high in establishing grounds for a wrongful
                 termination suit.
        \_ it is pretty unlikely she has a claim unless she thinks she was
           fired for whistleblowing or because she was black or whatever.  -tom
            \_ (fuck off)
           \- I think there are probably different presumptions in the case
              of an employee of a quarter century standing [think "jury trial"
              and it will probably be expensive to respond to age discrim type
              claims]. I'm not sure "at will" entitles the employer to not be
              consistent ... if you fire one person for sneezing on the
              salad bar but you dont fire the 20 other people, that looks bad.
              Anyway, I'm just speculating. Labor law involves detail and not
              just broad principles.
        \_ If she is over 40, she is in a protected class and her chances
           of a win or settlement are much higher.
        \_ it is pretty unlikely she has a claim unless she thinks she was
           fired for whistleblowing or because she was black or whatever.  -tom
           \- dont you think the fact pattern would have included either of
              these elements had they been relevant? i think what the OP
              is really looking for is "what are the grounds of the rebuttable
              presumption of at will employment in CA" ... not these canards
              about dick sucking and whistleblowing. i have to say i found the
              kerry bumper sticker case pretty shocking ... or course that
              wasnt an USSC decision ...
              \_ that's amusing, getting lectured by the master of irrelevancy
                 for my answer not being relevant enough.  -tom
                 \- presumably you are trying to offer a relevant answer
                    rather than a random "interesting" factoid.
           \_ Ah!  You used the B word!
        \_ The short answer is that at-will agreements are a bunch of
           hooey (in CA). Seek a lawyer and thou shall see the light.
           \_ The short answer is that you don't have a case unless you have
              persuasive evidence.  Seek a lawyer and thou shalt see the light.
2005/5/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:37838 Activity:nil
5/25    Hey kchang--what's the difference between larger grey names with
        question marks and smaller (and lighter) grey names with question
        \_ one has a slightly higher probability than the other. Both
           are extremely low probability.
2005/5/25-7/12 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:37839 Activity:nil
5/25    Various insecure services have been disabled, including FTP, per
        departmental policy and/or request. You should be using sftp. =)
        \_ This should be in officia
        \_ When sftp shows this:
           s/key 98 so37989
           What am I supposed to type?
           \_ You get an s/key program, enter it, enter your soda password,
              and paste the result into the window, as per
              \_ no offense, this is about the most confusing document ever
        \_ You should also be getting a life, but the department does not yet
           enforce that one... - jvarga
2005/5/25-26 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW/IO] UID:37842 Activity:nil
5/25    Does anyone have a PS2 -> DIN AT Keyboard adapter?
        Like this?
        Or perhaps even a DIN keyboard they don't use anymore? I want
        to buy it.  Or have it bequeathed to me please.  --maxmcc
        \_ you can get that at Fry's for $4.99
           \_ I'll let you know when the cops find my stolen truck.
              Until then, please see above!  --maxmcc
2018/12/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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